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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/24



Good morning everyone! Michelle finally won something and I’m sure it’s going straight to her head. She’s so eager to please that I wouldn’t be surprised if Frank convinced her to use the veto on him but hopefully her dislike of the two of them is strong enough to keep noms the same! Here are the updates from last night:

  • 12:30am- Frank is talking to Bridgette and Corey and acknowledging that he knows he’s the target. He says he’d rather go home this week then sit in the jury house all summer.
    • Bridgette says she thinks if Frank stayed he’d have a better chance to win and he agrees.
    • She says she wants to go home because everyone hates her.
    • They mention that Z is making mac n cheese and Frank tells Bridgette he thinks she should help Z make the bread crumbs because she’s so good at it.
    • She says “Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be helping her with that…”
    • Nicole comes by and they all start laughing about how they still have green behind their ears from the comp.
    • Meanwhile, Day, James, and Natalie are in the HOH room talking about how they can’t believe OTEV happened already.
    • Natalie tells Day to tell her all of the “secrets” that Julie mentioned.
    • They are wondering if people are related.
    • Natalie asks if she and James are still a secret and Day says no because they kissed at the last comp.
    • Day is convinced that James is going to get a Pandora’s Box because she’s heard drilling and hammering near the HOH room.
    • Natalie asks what that means.
    • Day is begging James not to hit the reset button if that’s what it is and James says but you have to hit the button!
    • Day is explaining that it could be a reward for James and a punishment for the rest of the house and Natalie is basically saying she’ll get rewarded anyway because she can have whatever he gets.
    • James says it could be the opposite where the house gets a reward and he has to sit up in the room for an hour listening to Jozea talk about makeup.
    • He is now explaining the diamond power of veto to Natalie. How can they let people on the show that know sooo little about the game?!! It drives me nuts.
    • James is speculating that Pandora’s box may have already happened and Paulie could have something.
    • Feeds switch to Paul and Paulie eating Z’s mac and cheese.
    • Bridgette, Frank, Corey, and Nicole are still hanging out in the Tokyo room talking about Old Spice.
    • After a few minutes it’s just the love birds in bed (Nicole/Corey) and he is talking about how he didn’t sleep well last night because he was “hurting” and Nicole tells him he has to do “that one thing” to relieve the pain.
  • 1:10am- Frank and Paulie are in the safari room talking.
    • Paulie tells him that he’d rather him stay than Bridgette.
    • Frank is saying he’s not going to campaign against Bridgette and is going to try and get people on board to backdoor Day.
    • Frank asks that if he goes they don’t leave Bridgette out to dry and put her up as a pawn every single week.
    • Victor and Bridgette are now in the room and conversation dies down.
    • They start talking about the veto comp. Apparently Michelle’s strategy was that she had a pile of things  ready to go so every round she just had to look through her pile.
    • Paul comes in and they are now talking about putting icy hot in very uncomfortable places.
    • Meanwhile, James and Natalie are upstairs talking about Shelly and Clay from last year.
    • James tells her that he thinks she’ll be the last target in the house.
    • She says people think she’s dumb and she’s starting to feel dumb.
    • James says that’s fine and to keep playing dumb.
    • She is talking about everyone she’s cool with and mentions Frank and James tells her not to spend too much time with him because that would be bad for her game.
    • She says she doesn’t want to isolate Bridgette because she’s already alone and people are being mean to her.
    • James asks who has been mean to her and this is Natalie’s Face:
      “Really James?”
  • 1:45am- Paulie is in the Tokyo room talking to Nicole and Corey.
    • Nicole is saying she feels really bad for Bridgette and is distancing herself from the mean girls because she doesn’t like to be around the mean talk.
    • Apparently the mean girls were talking about throwing away Bridgette’s cookies after she makes them.
    • Paulie mentions how Day wants to target showmances and apparently Nicole had no idea.
    • Nicole said she wants to get Day out fast.
    • Michelle comes in and she is still carrying around her veto. She says she’s going to sleep with it.Untitled
    • They tell her that Frank is going to come talk to her about using the veto.
    • Her dreams have come true. She’s finally the topic of conversation.
    • She says in the diary room she said “Oh! Look what I found around my neck! It’s the golden power of veto! Frank, Bridgette you’re staying on the block!!” And apparently she screamed it all.
    • She says she’d rather have Bridgette go home because she doesn’t want to sit in jury with her.
  • 2:15am- Day joins them and is talking about how Bridgette is looking forward to the backyard opening so she can have some space from the rest of them.
    • Day said she’s going to have a conversation with her because she doesn’t like her throwing around the word bully.
    • If they don’t like it then maybe they shouldn’t be bullying her…(although I know Bridgette has said and done things equally mean).
    • Day is saying she doesn’t understand how the 8-pack just suddenly fell apart.
    • Nicole says it’s when the butt slap drama went down.
    • After some retelling of the butt slap/slut drama Paul and Michelle are in the London room.
    • Michelle was complaining about back pain so Paul starts to give her his weird skin pulling massage and she freaks out and makes him stop.
    • Then she realizes she doesn’t know where the veto is and frantically starts looking for it.
    • Paul’s like It’s not like someone else is going to pick it up and magically have veto.
    • Day is with them and talking about how Bridgette was targeting Nicole when she was HOH.
    • Michelle says Nicole doesn’t even do anything to her. Me and Z are the ones who throw away her cookies.
    • Michelle and Day are talking about the pending conversation between Bridgette and Day.
    • Day is going to confront her about the eyebrow comment.
  • 3:00am- Day, Paul, and Michelle are talking about the glory of Michelle’s veto win. Michelle has to be in heaven right now.
    • Nicole is in the Tokyo room with Paulie, Corey, and Victor telling them about a patient she had who is allergic to beer but keeps drinking it.
    • Feeds switch to Natalie and James in the HOH room and she is asking him if he’d get a hairless cat because she loves them and he says they can shave Gizmo.
    • Apparently James bathes and blow drys his cat every week.
    • Back downstairs Michelle is saying she felt bad for Frank because he said this is the second time he goes home on an OTEV.
    • They start yelling at her that she better not use the veto.
    • Michelle starts saying that someone smells like BO and says maybe it’s the blanket that smells because Tiffany never showered.
  • 3:30am- Bridgette, Paulie, and Victor are in the bathroom and Victor is saying he doesn’t understand why people hold grudges after the show.
    • Paulie said he’s not going to watch the feeds and won’t watch the season until like two years from now when he can just laugh at everything.
    • Frank joins them and again says how he’d rather go now then go to jury.
    • Michelle walks by and Frank says he just got done talking about her in the DR.
    • Michelle: “Really? What’d you say?” Frank: “Fuckin Michelle beat me.”Untitled
    • He says he also had to talk about her falling during the OTEV comp. Wasn’t there a bad fall during this comp last year too?
    • Aaaand guess who’s back in bed together fooling around again.
    • I guess Nicole feels bad about him being in pain and needs to fix it.
  • 3:50am- Frank and Michelle are talking in the safari room.
    • Frank is trying to defend Bridgette to her regarding the Season 4/June situation from last week.
    • Frank is trying to get Michelle to flip the house and backdoor someone.
    • Michelle: “So you want both of you to stay are you kidding me?”
    • She makes it clear that she really wants Bridgette out.
    • Frank is trying to tell her that he’s always wanted to work with her to the end of the game and she tells him she’s her lots of different things about him.
    • She confronts him for making final 2 deals with almost everyone and he says that’s bullshit.
    • He keeps asking for her source and she just keeps saying she doesn’t remember.
    • He says he wants Day to go this week and Michelle asks him where Nicole stands. He tells her that Nicole said she’d consider it.
    • Michelle says that she’ll consider that but honestly she just wants to keep the noms the same but have Bridgette go home.
    • Frank tells her she’s being immature and she’ll get farther in the game if she works with Frank and Bridgette.
    • She admits she is but she just can’t stand her.
    • He’s saying Category 4 should still stay together because they have the strongest team in the house.
    • She says she likes that idea and he mentions they can also work with Nicole and Corey.
    • He says wouldn’t you rather be in a group that can win shit.
    • Michelle suggests getting out Victor and Frank points out that he’s going to be a floater for a little while.
    • Frank is now retelling the Day/Tiffany drama so he can prove the Day is the reason the 8-pack split up.
    • Michelle is saying she’s glad Tiffany is gone.
    • Meanwhile James and Day are in the storage room. James is saying they need to pull Michelle out of the safari room with Frank because they are worried he will sway her because she’s an emotional player.
    • Paul comes in a asks if they can break up the Michelle/Frank situation right now and they said that’s what they were just talking about.
    • Day says she will go get Michelle.
    • Paul says that Paulie said he thinks Bridgette is a bigger threat than Frank is but they have to votes to get Frank out so it shouldn’t matter.
  • 4:30am- James and Paulie are in the HOH room and Paulie suggests if he wins HOH next week he’s going to put up Day and try to get her out before double eviction.
    • James says if he supports his HOH he’ll support Paulie’s HOH.
    • Day and Z join them.
    • Day is saying Bridgette said she’d rather go home to be with her guy then spend the summer in jury with them.
    • She says as a viewer it makes sense for Frank to stay but as a player he needs to go.
    • They bring Paul up to the HOH room because they want to prevent him from going off on Frank.
    • Paul is pissed because he went into the safari room and Frank asked him to leave.
    • Paul wants to call out Frank on his shit and is really worried that now Michelle will use the veto.
    • He says he’s tired of smiling and nodding.
    • Paulie and Victor pull him into the London room to try and calm Paul down but he keeps saying he just wants to pleasure of calling him out.
    • They are trying to find out what exactly he wants to call him out on.
    • Nicole comes in and says she talked to Michelle and she wasn’t manipulated and they’re all good.
    • Michelle comes in and Paul is asking her what Frank said to her and she says she doesn’t want to say because Paul will blow up.
    • Paul leaves the room to go call out Frank and everyone prepares for an explosion.
  • 4:51am- Paul walks out into the kitchen where Frank is and asks him what the end game is now
    • Paul asks whats gonna happen now if he gets pulled off the block and Frank says that’s his strategy and that he won’t go up.
    • Paul says he’s worried now and he’s been on the block multiple times and twice it was because of him.
    • Bridgette makes an excuse to leave the room (she needs to get more chocolate)
    • Frank says he’s not throwing his name under the block and Paul says he has before like when he was on the block Frank said to him that friendship will get him evicted.
    • Frank says he was just joking and he doesn’t want him out.
    • Paul is asking how he can trust him when he trusted him before and found out he was lied to.
    • (Day and James are upstairs on the other cam listening to the conversation)
    • Paul says he’s pissed because that Frank asked him to leave the room earlier and Frank starts yelling that he asked everyone else to leave to.
    • Paul says Frank shouldn’t get mad when he can’t trust him because he feels paranoid when he gets told to leave a room.
    • Frank says when you assume things you make an ass out of you and me.
    • Frank asks Paul if he wants to go in the other room and have a private conversation and Paul says yes.
  • 4:57am- They go in the safari room and close the door and Frank says he wants Day to replace him on the block.
    • Paul replies: But you went in the HOH room and had private conversations with her so I don’t know!
    • Frank explains that his conversation with Day was to try to get her to throw HOH to James so he wouldn’t go on the block (even though he did anyway)
    • Frank also explains a deal they made on the wall for her to drop her arm if she told him who she heard some information from.
      Two pissed Pauls in two nights. Who woulda thunk it?
    • Victor comes in to monitor the situation and Frank asks him to give them a second then changes his mind and says he can stay and Victor says “Yeah, I’ll sit”
    • Frank is again retelling the reasoning behind going after Tiffany.
    • Victor is just casually sitting in the corner watching their conversation.Untitled
    • Frank explains why he wants Day on the block this week but says if that can’t happen he’d rather go home than Bridgette because that’s how loyal he is.
    • He says he never through his name under the bus and just wants Day and Z out of the house. He says he’s not going to stab people in the back and be disloyal.
    • Paul points out that he lied to him week 1 and Frank said the only reason he went up is because he was close with Jozea.
    • Paul says he only wanted to come after him because Frank never gave him solid answers. Frank asks if he has them now and Paul says he has a few.
    • Frank restates that he just wants Day to go home.
    • Conversation starts to die down and they just keep restating things they’ve already said.
    • Paulie comes in saying “The fuck is up fellas?” and they all start laughing.
    • Frank explains what went down.
    • They wrap things up and leave the room.
  • 5:20am- Paul starts to head up to the HOH room and on his way up yells at Bridgette that he didn’t even bring her up or something.
    • Paul is now talking to James, Day, and Natalie and says he wanted to say a lot more to Frank but couldn’t because Michelle was upset about him talking to Frank.
    • Paul is now retelling the conversation to them.
    • He says they are boys again now so he’ll continue to get information for them.
    • Feeds switch to Michelle in bed dangling the veto in her face.
    • Paul is telling Nicole and Corey about the conversation.
    • That seems to be the end of the drama for the night so I’m gonna end things here.

Sorry for the delayed post today! I got a late start and then as you saw a lot of stuff happened. Check back soon for updates!


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  1. Avatar
    Kris (51 comments)

    Let’s hope that they think over what was said to them and get davonne out now while they can. Then let them fight against each other. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Michelle likes to think for herself

  2. Elaine
    Elaine (2564 comments)

    I would like Bridge to go over Frank, because Frank adds something to the game. I am critical of Frank, because he has only himself to blame for the position he is in. There have been plenty of signals given to him and outright conversations with him about his behavior, and how it is insulting to others. Instead of dialing back, he continued on the same path of crude behavior. Frank has failed to realize that though his “shining” personality may work in the real world, when cooped up in a house with a bunch of strangers, his performance may not play as well.

    • Avatar
      Kris (51 comments)

      I agree with most of what you said. But people are looking at this the wrong way. For example…if someone teamed up with frank and flipped the house..he would always have a larger target because of his ‘behavior’. But let’s take a look at others in the house and their behavior:

      One refers to himself in the 3rd person all the time…several girls purposly throw out cookies made by a girl they don’t like…so I don’t believe Anyone in the house is great

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2564 comments)

        Oh I agree that it would have been wise for some of those folks to have teamed up with Frank. Unfortunately, Frank didn’t do enough to cultivate that and the others are weak, including the other vets. Has been disappointing play from many angles.

  3. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Paul’s ego is massive, when he goes home and realizes that no one ever mentioned him because they didn’t think of his as someone that could actually win, hopefully he’ll be embarrassed. He’s going to end up out of the house because of his blow ups, meanwhile he’s so under the radar if he just shut up, he’d be able to go a long way. He’s the worst kind of floater, one who actually thinks he’s a power player.

    The big problem with the house this season (and in many seasons before) is that they start focusing on “we need to get this person out because we don’t like them” rather than actually thinking about it rationally and getting out people who stand between them and winning. When doing nominations (later in the season, not in the first 2 or 3 weeks) it should come down to 2 things: 1. Does getting this person out help me win the $500,000? 2. Can/will either of these people get more votes than me if we’re sitting there in the end?

    Neither Frank or Bridgette have any support in the house right now, neither one will get votes from the people still there. So James has decided to get rid of 1 of the 2 people who will definitely not get any votes, and will keep people who are in better position to get votes, because “it’s what the house wants.” And then when the other person makes their case against you and why they should win, they will just talk about how you didn’t actual make any moves, you just followed the group. I really think James made a decision this week that all but assures him of not winning.

    If the next HOH is someone like Michelle, Paul or Z, it’ll just be more of what the house wants. The only people who will actually try to make game moves are Paulie and Da’Vonne. Both of them are probably ready to make a big move to change the dynamics. Although if Paulie has learned anything from Derrick, he’ll do it while playing it off as if he’s just doing what everyone else wants.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      I actually think Victor could end up being a key player as well, and would make moves to win the game. But having just re-entered the house, if he wins HOH next week, he might need to “do what the house wants” just to get himself back into a position to be able to make moves for himself.

    • Avatar
      Kris (51 comments)

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Hate to say it but where are the players like Rachael. Its like a giant party excluding the two targets. James is in a showmance…is told that showmamces are the target and still votes the way they want…500k is flying away right into Paulie’s pocket cause he’s running the dummies

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2564 comments)

        Paulie is an ego-maniac, so he couldn’t have truly worked with Frank. Paulie has to be Top Dog and align with people who he can control, and then start eliminating. He has or will have his “Cody”. The house will be dumb to let him go on much longer.

    • Shivani33

      I think that James went with Paulie’s idea ( and thus the house majority) by nominating Frank and Bridgette, with Frank as prime target. Remember that one of the alliances in the house includes Paulie and James, along with a third person. Their third person in mind is usually Paul, but that position is flexible – according to what happens. Paulie’s next significant target in mind is Day. He’s considering whether he could absorb Bridgette into his plans for awhile, but the women, especially Michelle, are emotionally anti- Bridgette. Paulie recently said that he’s thinking of trying to get Da ‘Vonne and Zakiyah nominated next. He said that he’d like to teach Z. a lesson about “not biting the hand that feeds her,” but getting Day out is the real goal. James has been managing his HoH without getting himself noticed as a big target. I think right now James has a couple more weeks to watch as the more “out there” players try to knock each other out of the game. Then he will need to begin using more strategy, and I don’t think that James is good at that. The guys want to get Corey out when the time is right, too. The only player that I know of for now who is consciously and quietly wanting to mess with Paulie is Victor, but he has to blend in and survive awhile to manage having a go.

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        What kind of funny is that one of the reasons that they use to justify getting Frank out is that he’s got final 2 agreements with everyone, but so does Paulie. In fact I would hope that the majority of the house has final 2 deals with everyone else, if they don’t they’re just stupid.

        I don’t think Paulie cares who is there next to him in the end, it could be James, Corey, whoever, all he cares about is that he’s winning. James was useful to him this week, so he can play the final 2 or 3 card, but next week he’ll need to play it with someone else, because it’ll be someone he needs to use to get his dirty work done, if he’s not the HOH.

        Anyone who gets upset that someone has a final 2 agreement with someone else, along with themselves has never watched the show before. In order to win you’re going to need to lie a little bit, make alliances that you have no intention of keeping, and manipulate people into doing what you want. That’s the game.

        I think this was the week to get Paulie out, this was there chance, but James “did what the house wanted” meaning he did what Paulie wanted. Now next week Paulie can point to Bridgette or Da’Vonne, because you can’t trust either. Then he can point to Paul and the fact he’s always blowing up over stupid things. Then he can end things with Z and get her out. After that he can attack the other showmances. It’s laid out perfectly for him, very few people would have the guts (or brains) to see what he’s doing and go against it. He’s getting 1 of them out this week in Frank, all he needs to do is get Da’Vonne out next week, and he’s pretty much won it. Even if Frank were somehow able to manage to get himself off the block this week and have Da’Vonne go up, the only thing Paulie needs is for Frank not to win HOH next week and it’s done.

  4. Shivani33

    It’s looking to me like the in-house phone might be wired to give a clue message about the Secret Room if someone uses it the right way. That airplane up in the living room has the words “call Paris” – one word on each side of the plane model. And then there’s “Flight 211 Paris to Tokyo” on the departure board. If only someone would go to the phone and dial 211. It’s been driving me crazy that no one in the house seems to have noticed yet, butnit’s always easier to be an armchair quarterback.

  5. Shivani33

    Sorry, meant to type “but it’s” not butnit’s. Ugh.

  6. Alda
    Alda (2221 comments)

    If Paulie becomes HOH and targets Z in a week or two,I don’t see the girls voting for him to get the $$$$.They will be pissed that he broke Z’s heart.I f those girls are in the jury house together Paulie will be toast!

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