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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/25



Good morning! I want to give you all a heads up, I will not be able to post an overnight on Tuesday or Friday this week as I will be travelling to and from Massachusetts where I will be vacationing in Cape Cod for a few days. I am told the vacation house has WiFi so I should be able to update you guys on Wednesday and Thursday! On to the feeds:

  • 12:00am- We have Paul, Frank, and Victor snacking in the kitchen and Z, Nicole and Day hanging out by the hot tub.
    • Nicole is talking about how funny it was to be around Devin on her season.
    • Z is brushing Nicole’s hair and wishing she could call her mom.
    • After a little while of nothing happening, Frank and Bridgette come outside to talk about their differing levels of energy.
    • Frank wants to go to bed but is staying up in case of a window of opportunity to get off the block.
    • Bridgette is now asking him what his oddities are.
    • Natalie and James are in the kitchen checking out the memory wall.
  • 12:30am- Still more of the same….Bridgette and Frank talking about random thing, people snacking in the kitchen.
    • Paul goes over to the hot tub with Z and Day and is talking about his conversation with Frank last night.
    • Day just laughs at everything he says.
    • Bridgette goes into the have not room with Natalie.
    • She asks Natalie if she knows any information from James. Natalie says all she knows is that no one is voting for her.
    • Natalie thinks Frank is throwing her name around and Bridgette said that’s a lie.
    • Bridgette is complaining about Michelle winning the veto.
    • Bridgette tells her that they have a plan to get Day out but she needs Nat’s help to make it happen.
    • She makes Bridgette promise that she won’t tell any of this to James.
    • Natalie is trying to point out that Frank put up her and Bronte when he won roadkill and Bridgette is defending him.
    • Bridgette says they are waiting for Day or Z to get called to DR so they can have a house meeting (minus Z or Day) to talk about the plan to get out Day.
    • Bridgette wants Natalie to distract Z or Day so the rest of the house can have a meeting.
      Look how sweet I am. How can you possibly say no to me
    • Natalie promises she will never vote against her on the block.
    • Natalie is saying she’s safe even with Frank on the block but Bridgette is still trying to get this house meeting plan to happen.
    • She says she thinks Bridgette should try talking to Michelle and Bridgette just keeps saying Michelle doesn’t want to talk to her.
    • Natalie points out that Bridgette has pull with Michelle because Michelle will be scared of Bridgette winning and putting her up.
    • Bridgette says she just wants to go home because the whole house is against them.
    • Natalie said it’s only because of Frank and people didn’t bring her name up until she started working with him.
    • Bridgette said she is willing to work with James but to give her some time.
    • They start cleaning up the have not room and then leave.
  • 1:00am- Nicole, Paul, Paulie, Victor, and Natalie are talking about bats.
    • Frank, James, and Bridgette are in the kitchen also talking about bats. Apparently there was a bat in the backyard.
    • People have broken up conversations and now we have Vic and Z brushing their teeth and Natalie running in the backyard. Fun stuff guys.
    • James comes outside and Natalie is telling him bits and pieces of her conversation with Bridgette.
    • She’s mostly just telling him that she’s trying to make sure Bridgette doesn’t go after him.
  • 1:30am- Natalie and James are sitting by the hot tub now. James is saying that if he gets on the block he’s going to have to do some dirty stuff to get off the block.
    • Then she jokingly says very loudly Day is going home she just doesn’t know it yet. (Day is across the yard)
    • She tells James she’s going to lock him out of his HOH room and then says it’s her room now.
    • James starts to put Raffi in the hot tub and Z yells at him.Untitled
    • Natalie tells him that she isn’t voting against Bridgette.
    • James thinks it’s cute that Natalie is finally getting into the game.
    • She said it’s because she understands the game now.
    • Frank, Victor, Day, Paulie, and Paul are talking about past competitions.
    • Feeds switch to Corey and Nicole in bed which I’m thoroughly tired of watching.
  • 2:00am- Frank and Michelle are in the safari room and Frank asks if she’s going to use the veto.
    • Michelle asks where everyone’s heads are at regarding the Day plan.
    • Frank is telling her that he can’t get a moment alone with the guys without Z or Day coming in and monitoring the conversation.
    • Their conversation breaks up and they leave.
    • Feeds switch to Natalie, Bridgette and Frank talking about the Day play.
    • Bridgette said if James can help them pull off the plan then all will be forgiven.
    • They start talking about random things and then Frank mentions that he wants to throw Raffi over the wall.
    • Bridgette tells Frank that Natalie wants her to talk to Michelle. She also mentions that she’s waiting to talk to Day.
    • She tells him that Natalie doesn’t like him and that she told her to quit playing his game.
    • Paul and Paulie are upstairs playing chess while Nicole, Day, and Michelle hang out with them.
    • Michelle is telling them that Frank is trying to form a backdoor plan for Day.
    • Michelle goes into the HOH room to bum some yogurt off of James.
    • Meanwhile, back outside Bridgette is asking Frank how she’s supposed to work with anyone else in the house when she hates hanging out with them.
    • Frank acknowledges that he knows Michelle isn’t going to use the veto on him.
    • He said even if she does use it he still wants her gone in the next couple weeks.
    • Bridgette just keeps saying “Why does she hate meeee?”
  • 2:30am- People are in the kitchen having random conversation again.
    • Paul and Paulie are still playing chess.
    • Nicole, Michelle, Victor, Natalie, and James are in the HOH room.
    • Breaking news: Victor tells them that he’s making Fang and Raffi (the stuffed alligator and giraffe) sleep outside tonight.
    • They’re talking about how Z and Day keep taking turns sitting in on conversations with Frank.
    • Natalie is saying she wants tomorrow to happen because she’s scared of getting cornered all the time about the veto.
    • Nicole is asking her what Bridgette was saying in the have not room earlier.
    • Natalie just tells her its stuff everyone already knows.
    • Victor leaves and Paul replaces him. They are joking about back dooring Victor.
    • They joke that if they evict him this week there will be another buy back and he’ll win that again.
    • They are saying that if he makes it to final two that he’ll win. I can’t say I disagree.
    • They send Nicole to go get Michelle and Corey.
    • Feeds cut to fish because they are talking aobut production.
  • 3:00am- They are starting to gather people for a house meeting
    • After a few minutes every single person in the house is in the HOH room.
      Awkward house meeting
      Awkward house meeting
    • Awkward small talk for a little bit with people randomly asking why they’re up there.
    • Finally Paul takes charge of the meeting and informs the house that there’s a veto meeting tomorrow and that they’re not stupid and everyone knows what’s going on. He suggests that they all come to a conclusion together.
    • He asks if anyone wants to start and Frank says right away that he wants the veto used and he wants Day put up on the block.
    • Paul asks Day if she knew that and she says yes.
    • Paul asks for point B and Day says the veto isn’t going to be used.
    • Michelle says who wants Day gone?
    • And Frank says no one is going to say that with her in the room.
    • Day says they should bring out their personal truths so that going into the meeting everyone is on the same page.
    • Frank says that’s not necessarily what the game is and viewers don’t want that.
    • Day said she does respect what he’s doing and that if he had just rolled over and died she’d have been pissed off.
    • …awkward silence.
    • Day says to Frank you know that I’ve been crashing all your attempts for a meeting today.
    • Frank says if she knows it’s 100% not getting used (the veto) then why is she trying to squash his meetings.
    • He says to let him know if he’s definitely going home and he’ll stop campaigning.
    • Day is basically saying the meeting is pointless and asks if she should just leave and let everyone talk and her voice is getting higher and higher as the sentence goes on.
    • She says that Frank is under the impression that everyone is playing stupid in front of her while she is under the impression that everyone is playing stupid in front of him.
    • Frank calls everyone else out for not speaking up.
    • Paulie says fuck it and that it’s not cool to do this meeting the way it’s happening. He was planning on pulling him aside privately to let him know he’s going home. But if everyone wants to have a house meeting then he’ll just tell him right now his campaigning is to no avail and one of them is going home.
    • Frank thanks him and Day for having a backbone and telling him like it is.
    • Paul asks for a least half a backbone.
    • Frank says he’s fine with it and leaves.
    • People start to walk out and Michelle asks what the point of that was and she doesn’t understand why people even told Frank that they’d send Day home when they weren’t going to.
  • 3:30am- The majority of the house is still in the HOH room not really saying much.
    • Day apologizes that she came and crashed whatever that meeting was supposed to be.
    • She thanks Michelle for saying that it was dumb for people to tell Frank they would vote Day out.
    • Bridgette says that its nice to know what’s going on because people don’t tell her anything since she’s connected to Frank.
    • Conversation seems to be over and people leave to go eat.
    • Frank, Bridgette, Paul, Z, and Natalie are in the backyard.
    • Paul is saying he was frustrated that everyone was lying to Frank because he knew no one would agree with the Day swap. He didn’t understand why people didn’t just tell Frank that.
    • He says he also felt bad for Day because her name kept getting thrown around.
    • Frank said at least he can go to sleep tonight.
    • Bridgette is crying because she doesn’t want to see Frank go. She said she’s bad at social games because she gets too attached to people.
  • 4:00am- Frank is having a heart to heart with Day in the London room.
    • He’s telling her how he kept Nicole and Corey off the block for her when Bridgette was HOH but says now that he doesn’t trust them and she should side with Bridgette.
    • She acknowledges that Bridgette is loyal and says that Michelle will come around about working with her.
    • He’s explaining that the whole butt slap situation is when he felt like he couldn’t work with her anymore he was hearing how upset she was about it.
    • He said he’s going to tell Bridgette to trust Day but if he finds out she screws her over he’s going to come find her. She said I dare you and he says he’ll send Paul after her.
    • She asks him about Bridgette making the eyebrow comment and Frank says he asked Bridgette about that and she doesn’t remember saying that.
  • 4:30am- Random conversation for a while and then Frank goes to Bridgette to tell her about his conversation with Day.
    • He tells her that he told Day to work with her.
    • He also mentions that the house is still upset about the eyebrow comment.
    • He tells her how he doesn’t trust Nicole and Corey.
    • There are lots of random conversations and little heart to hearts for a while between people.
    • A lot of people are retelling past conversations.
  • 5:50am- Day and Bridgette are talking out at the hot tub.
    • Day said she hopes the meeting was an eye opener for Bridgette.
    • Bridgette says it was and it was nice to finally know what was going on. She admits that she’s too nice and trusting and she had no idea what she was getting herself into with this game.
    • Day says playing the game and watching the game are totally different things.
    • Day confronts her about the campaigning she was doing about her and Bridgette plays innocent and says she’s not a strategist.
    • Day also confronts her about the eyebrow comment. Bridgette says she heard about the comment and that she doesn’t remember saying it.
    • Day says she heard that Bridgette was making fun of her for being sent home second and being a loose cannon.
    • Bridgette says she never understood what Day had against her and thought it was just because she was with Frank. She says she had no idea Day was hearing all these things that Bridgette had supposedly said.Untitled
    • Bridgette says that she also heard a lot of things about Michelle, Z, and Day saying stuff about her and never understood why they didn’t like her.
    • She talks for a while about all the things she’s heard about people talking about her and how confused she was.
    • Various topics are the eyebrow comment, the birthday cake thing, the June situation.
    • The conversation wraps up and feeds switch to Nicole and Corey so I’m going to end things here.

Check back later for updates!


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  1. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    Do these people ever sleep?? Lol

  2. Avatar
    Kris (51 comments)

    This house meeting was pointless! It accomplished nothing but air all the drama we already knew about. Now was the time for Michelle and day to break off and with the help of a few others flip the house and get a big player out. Time to get over who doesn’t like who and really go after who is in the way of you winning 500k. Michelle…z…Nat…James will not win over paulie or even Paul for that matter. As much as I dislike and I mean strongly dislike day at least she’s playing. James kept this house interesting.

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      Why do you strongly dislike, Da? Really, what she done that no one isn’t doing in this game. Time to focus the hatred for Da on someone else. Every post, people Da is the problem…bla bla! These people are all lying to each other except James and Natalie.

      • Avatar
        Kris (51 comments)

        I strongly dislike DA because of her constant need of attention..her need to blow up and cause unnecessary drama and complaining/crying about things being done to her that she does to everybody. With that said before anyone jumps on my opinion everyone lies on big brother for the most part. The butt thing was blown way out of proportion so the house flips on the person she wants out. Making deals to drop her arm if she gets told who ratted her and.not doing it once.she got her answer. But like I said in many many of my comments at least she’s playing the game unlike the floaters and if you actually read the whole post at the end it says at least she playing. Lol

      • Avatar
        Kris (51 comments)

        If you read my comment i never used the word HATE. I said I dislike her but at least she’s playing…but if you want to know why I dislike her its because she greatly exaggerated events (the butt slap) and anything else to put people in circumstances that are greatly embarrassing that she played along with in the first place instead of addressing it from the start. She makes deals to take her arm down if she’s told information..gets the information and then goes back on her word. She constantly gets upset when things ate done to her that she does to everyone in the house. But like I SAID at least she’s making moves. So please read before commenting.

      • ChiKelz

        Hi Cyn! As always, I’m with you on the Da thing! I don’t get it. If she turned around an slapped the shit out of Frank for slapping her could say over-reacted! Sometimes you overlook things to keep drama from starting. And then you have that day, that moment when you have had enough. She’s human! I think he hit her on the wrong day at the wrong time and she had enough! I don’t have the feeds; I don’t have the time, but I do watch the regular shows and After Dark and I didn’t think Da was awake long enough to do all that she is and was accused. I just don’t understand the Da dislike or hatred! Let me stop…yes I do! Enough said!

    • Avatar
      curious (6 comments)

      Kris, does that mean I can slap your butt and you wouldn’t think anything of it?

      • Avatar
        Kris (51 comments)

        I never thought touching another individual was’re assuming….I don’t think anyone should touch anyone else. My point was if she had a problem with it why she didn’t say it the first time or tell production. Instead she played along and made some dumb comment about only on Tuesdays. My problem is when you play along with it and then try to use it to your advantage

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Exactly, it is totally inappropriate but people still hating on this one girl as if she exaggerates and should not feel violated. I won’t respond to ignorance because read every comment before I reply.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        @curious I meant I agree with you with my comment above.

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      @Chikelz every post they going in on her as if she is sole culprit behind all the deceiving, lying and backstabbing going on in the house. People, take disliking her personally and really looking for reasons. When people like Nicole, is just as bad, maybe worse than Da. I read every comment before replying, so that commenter can really take that ignorance somewhere else. lol

  3. AIO_7

    WOW! Great update, Amy.

    On another note; deep down I think Natalie is disappointed with James breaking his word to Bridgette. Not so much because it was Bridgette, but because it was dishonest, and public dishonesty. I feel Natalie is an honest person, and I think this will come back to haunt James. I noticed on BBAD last night that James had to keep trying to justify his decision.

    • Avatar
      Kris (51 comments)

      I agree! It will set him back

      • AIO_7

        Totally gutless capitulation to the house (Paulie). After 5 long hours of competition, he should have at least kept his word to Bridgette. What’s James word worth now?

    • Avatar
      Kris (51 comments)

      Absolutely nothing! Top game players Paulie, Paul, victor, DA, frank and Nicole(social game only). They re targeting frank only and then Bridgette? Are they crazy. That was James opportunity to put Paulie and Corey up. One would go home!!!! Then the rest of the house divides.

      • Colby

        He could have put up Paulie and Corey if he was ready to go home next. At this point that move would have pissed off everyone in the house except Frank and Bridgett.

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        @Colby, I disagree. Alliances in the house last as long as a person is there. Especially since the house is full of floaters. They wouldn’t have gone on some rampage to avenge Paulie leaving, they would have looked for the next alliance to join, if Jaems went because of that, fine, but they wouldn’t have gone after him for Paulie.

    • jimbo
      jimbo (450 comments)

      Lying twice in two seasons by ensuring safety during competitions, then reaping the benefit from his “promise” (James wins the comp), then turning around and immediately not honoring it? BAD. Why did I like James last year?!

  4. Avatar
    Shar (1 comments)

    What the heck what the eyebrow comment?

    • ChiKelz

      I have no idea! I thought I was the only one that didn’t know what the eyebrow comment was referencing!

      • AIO_7

        There are fake eyelashes all over that house. Z. can’t stop tugging on hers.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        @Chikelz I dying to know your thoughts on why a selective few are on the Da dislike bandwagon? I know we are thinking along the same lines. I net we are! lol

    • nkogneetow
      nkogneetow (8572 comments)

      Earlier Gidget made a comment about wanting to kill Meech then shave off one of her eyebrows. Weird.

    • Avatar
      BB Bopper (65 comments)

      @Shar:. I read on another blog that for some reason Michelle passed out and Bridgette might have thought she was exaggerating and said if she passes out again I’m going to shave her eyebrows off. I don’t know if it’s true but that’s what I read.

  5. Avatar

    Well, look guys, my 22yrold son just witnessed me havjng a seizure. I never remember anything befor, during or arter for long while. Anyway, you won’t be really getting any posts from me for a while. Gotta rest.
    Good Luck to whoever deserves it & that ain’t Zakhiya.!!!

  6. Avatar
    MB2 (59 comments)

    I was rooting for Frank the whole time but I got to say he has done himself no favors not figuring out that Paul/ie and Company did not have his back for 2 straight weeks. Sending Frank home actually does help James because the other side of the house has had Frank in their back pocket the whole time.

    I kind of think if Paulie doesn’t win BB one of the mistakes he will regret the most is not hanging on to frank longer to do some of his dirty work. IMO Paulie is going to have a tough time getting through the girls and showmances and I think he will get picked off.

    Need a new player to root for, please advise.

  7. nkogneetow
    nkogneetow (8572 comments)

    I noticed that everyone is being hard on James for going back on his word. Well who in the house hasn’t in one form or another? Every time they jump from one person to another, telling a different story or putting a new spin on an old one, they are being deceitful. It’s like that game Telephone. One person tells someone something and by the time it gets to the other side of the house, it’s a completely different story. Did he take the coward’s way out by bending to the will of the house? Yep, but since they all wanted Frank out, whoever was in the HOH would have done the same thing. Like I said in the last blog, if you fused them all together, you wouldn’t get a complete spine.

    As for Gidget and Svengali telling everyone about how everyone is mean to her and “the poor kid can’t get a break”….Well, they, along with everyone else seem to suffer from STM. If any of you remember, just a few short weeks ago when she was HOH, she held court in the HOH room, with her minions (The Bobbleheads), countless times a day. And each time she would come up with nefarious plans and gave them their assignments, disbursing them to go out into the house and gather information for her. And she would constantly make negative comments about the other house members and what she’s like to do to them, while jumping up and down on the bed and squeeling with delight at the mere thought. And also remember, sweet little butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth Nat was part of that trio.

    I get it. Sometimes you have to come out of your character to survive in that situation. I’m sure that some of the things they all have done and said in the house, are things they would never do or say in real life/outside the house. But knowing how the game is played and what’s at stake, the object is not to be ride or die or remain faithful until the end so that your best friend can win the game and you feel good about yourself. If that was the case, then this was not the game for you. When you’re on BB, you have to put on your big girl/boy pants and do what you have to do to get to the end…or as Elaine puts it “Suck it up Buttercup” (I love it!). At some point, no matter who you’re aligned with, you’ll have to try to get rid of them to get closer to that 500K. This game is cutthroat…eat or be eaten. I’ll tell you honestly, that I wouldn’t last a week in that house because I couldn’t do or say half of what they do. I’m just an armchair quarterback here, like the rest of you. And it’s easy for us to judge them and condone or condemn them for their choices because they can only see/hear one thing at a time, while we have the advantage of hearing and seeing it all. Do we criticize? Hell yes! But we know things about all of them, that they don’t know about each other. We have people we like in the game and others, not so much. But yet we still watch. And I for one, don’t intend on stopping either watching or criticizing, as will any of the rest of your. But you have to admit, as much as we bitch and moan about the game play, we love it or we wouldn’t be here. I personally am glad to have a place I can vent. I don’t know anyone who likes or watches this game, therefore I am grateful to ALL of you for being here and to Steve for giving us a place to go.

    With that boys and girls, I am climbing down off of my soapbox…..slowly walking to my chair in the corner….sitting down and smoothing out my pretty dress….and smiling sweetly. 😉

    • AIO_7

      Nat. was part of the “trio” but she has never been nefarious. I think that she is a friendly girl who just wanted to have other girls to talk to and giggle with. What got Mary Ann (Nat) off to a bad start was hanging around with the group that was hanging around with Jozea and Paul.

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (8572 comments)

        AI, I didn’t say Nat was nefarious. I was talking about Gidget. But Nat was part of every Spy Girl conversation and they were all determined to gather as much info on people that they could, then use it to get them out. She might be sweet but she’s not so innocent.

    • Avatar
      BB Bopper (65 comments)

      @Nkogneetow:. I completely agree that everyone does and needs to lie, break promises and manipulate in this game if they want to try to win this game. Where I think James will have a problem with breaking his word to Briddget is that another big game play and tactic in this game is “cutting deals”. You know…when you need something from someone else and you make a deal with them that if you give me what I want I will give you something you want in return. Such as…if you drop out of the comp and let me win I won’t put you up. This “dealing” becomes more and more critical as the game narrows down. A sort of necessary evil amoungst players. Who is going to trust him in that type of circumstance again?

  8. Avatar
    Shan Leachman (6 comments)

    Kris I agree with you about Day not nipping it in the bud when Frank first slapped her butt. I see alot of comments about she was trying not to start any problems but she could have simple turned around & said “I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t do that, I don’t want my daughter to see you do that & think that is okay.” End of story because if she would have said that then he would have looked like an ass if he had continued to do it & then so he should have been put out. But she waited until she just couldn’t deal with it & blew up. I think the house wouldn’t be as against Frank as they are if Day would have handled it differently. I think Day is better this season than last but I just don’t like how that whole situation turned everyone against Frank when it didn’t have to, if they turned against him for his playing of the game I would be fine with that but I think it isn’t right them not won’t him in the game mostly because of the situation between him and Day.

    • Avatar
      Kris (51 comments)

      Thank you! Exactly my point

    • nkogneetow
      nkogneetow (8572 comments)

      Da wasn’t the cause of everyone one wanting Frank out. He brought that on himself. They started wanting him out when they started comparing notes and found out he was making deals with everyone in the house. They realized he had been lying to all of them. Not that he was doing anything that the rest of them weren’t doing. He just got caught first. Then by the time he realized he was caught, he tried to spin his way out of it by throwing everybody else under the bus (Da, Nic, even V2). He’s where he is because of himself, no one else. And if Da doesn’t learn to control her temper, she’s going to wind up in the same boat. She dodged a bullet last week. She can’t depend on that happening every week.

  9. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    The house wants Frank out because they are intimidated by him, his social game, ability to do well under pressure especially from his season. But instead people, rather place blame on Da, yeah she is the reason he’s going home! Not! Are we all not watching the same game, here? Again, lets place blame on Da. Maybe, just maybe her reasoning for not confronting Frank Initially (about the butt slap) because she didn’t want to be known AGAIN for starting drama so she remained silent. That is the reason why she left so early on in her season. We have to keep in mind, 500K is on the line, so these people cannot be themselves, walking on eggshells amongst each other and cautious with what they say to each other. Frank is going home because he is a threat and not because an altercation with Da. Geeez!!!

    • ChiKelz

      Correct me if I am wrong. I initially thought Tiffany wanted Frank out when there was some sort of argument and she went all “Vanessa” on him and stormed out the HOH room. I also thought Paulie was on to him around the time Vick was sent out realizing Frank was talking out of any whole he had. He was saying way back when “we gotta get Frank out”. I thought this was really confirmed when everyone realized he ran Dora’s entire HOH. They stayed in the HOH room the whole week. Michelle has always had issues with him. Nicole and Cody were always flip flopping playing both sides of the house. I thought the Da situation was just the cherry on the sundae and FRANK used that situtaion to put Da under the bus stating she was magnifying it to use againt him. I could be wrong, but that’s what my tv showed! LOL

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        You nailed it on the coffin. Frank is social a beast, great in comps and can manipulation any situation in his favor. That’s the reason why I like Paulie because he was the only one seeing thru Frank’s BS. Girl, I’m not sure what everyone is watching but I agree with you 100%.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)


  10. ChiKelz

    @Cyn Thank you! I’m not crazy! LOL

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  12. Avatar
    Kris (51 comments)

    Rooting for a frank victory!

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