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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/5



Good morning everyone! We finally have our three nominees locked in for the week but will Victor start to realize he’s the target? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to hope for more drama in the house. Let’s see how last night played out:

  • 12:00am- Michelle and Tiffany are in the london room talking about IQ tests. Then the conversation switches to this week’s road kill comp and how stupid it made them feel.
    • Michelle wonders if Natalie threw the last two comps but Tiffany says she didn’t.
    • Then they start discussing their Dr’s and get in trouble.
    • Meanwhile, just about everyone else is in the bathroom talking about whether or not you should drink with someone if you are in a relationship.
    • Sounds like they are asking each other different opinion questions.
    • Now Bridgette is reading everyone’s palms and then Michelle starts reading Natalie’s in the kitchen. Who knew the big brother cast was psychic.Untitled
    • Okay I think I need help. I’m sitting here looking at my own palm now.
  • 12:30am- Random conversations in the kitchen and living room.
    • James and Paul just scared Natalie as she was coming out of the storage room by screaming at her. She said they scared the shit out of her and they asked her where the shit was. Hilarious…
    • Now Tiff, Nat, Paul, and James are playing two truths and a lie.
    • Natalie just now realized she’s on a TV show.
    • Cam switches to Nicole talking to Corey in the dark in the Tokyo room. I wish I could tell you they were making out or something but they’re just talking about how hydrated they are.
    • Nicole is talking about how she was crying the first three days in the house and apparently production called her mom to let her know.
  • 1:00am- Bronte and Bridgette are talking about who they would put up if they win HOH. I feel like Bronte has this conversation every day…
    • Bronte is wondering if the guys are going to need Paul anymore after they get Vic out.
    • They are saying that they like Tiffany but she gets frazzled and they are afraid she would throw them under the bus in a moment of weakness.
    • Bronte is pointing out that the vets are all on different teams and they can decide among themselves who will throw comps to control the HOH’s.
    • Bridgette thinks there is a good chance Corey will take HOH next week and is scared of what he’ll do with it.
      Bronte explaining that they need to pee but can’t because everyone is hanging out in the bathroom. #firstworldproblems
  • 1:30am– Steve was right. There are quite a lot of fish tonight. It’s really annoying.
    • There’s really not a lot going on right now.
    • Z is in the bathroom talking to Day about how she doesn’t want a showmance.
    • Michelle is in the living room telling Vic about her 10 piercings.
    • Nicole is telling Corey that he is the perfect guy for her friend.
      Here's a cute pic of James and Natalie cuddling awww
      Here’s a cute pic of James and Natalie cuddling awww
  • 2:40am- That didn’t last long. James and Nat are now in the bathroom reading warning labels on deodorant.
    • I’m sorry, I’m trying really hard to find something interesting for you to read but failing.
    • At 3:17 the camera zoomed in super close to Paul’s beard so there’s that.
    • A group in the bathroom is talking about what animal each of the house guests look like.
    • And to end this morning I will leave you with this picture of Day realizing you don’t pour boiling hot water into glass.
      "oh shit!"
      “oh shit!”

Stay tuned for afternoon updates!


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  1. AIO_7

    “Z is in the bathroom talking to Day about how she doesn’t want a showmance.”

    All the while trying to get into Paulie’s pants. I hope he doesn’t fall for it, I’d be eyeballing Natalie were I him….which I still think will happen.

    P.S. i think Nat. looks like Mary Ann from Gilligan fame.

  2. Avatar

    Wow…this season is starting off a little slow with the exception of the twist. Which, might I add, have been pretty good so far. Not sure I like the 3 nominees, though! I guess something unpredictable might happen one week that makes the twist more exciting. Otherwise, just a small distraction from the real target. Can’t believe Vic doesn’t realize he is going. Wasn’t he there last week when Jozea was evicted. Oh these Newbies! SMH I really like the game Frank is playing right now. Maybe playing both sides a little hard, but still has a good game going at this moment.
    Battle back should be interesting. I hope Glenn beats Jozea just to put an end to that! Then, maybe Glenn can stay strong and beat Vic. But Vic coming back is SOOOO much better than Jozea. So, fingers crossed it just ISN’T Jozea.
    Ok, well those are my thoughts for the day!
    Thanks for the updates Steve,

  3. Alda

    I love Nicole,but her hair looks like a birds nest.I wish she would do something with it.

  4. Elaine

    James is so funny how he just gravitates to a gaggle of gals and just blends in. It was funny on the feeds in a previous week when Paul walked into the room and James said something to the effect of “girl time”. Paul was livid! (Also because he was told to get out).

  5. NKogNeeTow

    No need to apologize for trying to find something for us to read Amy. You’re working with what you have a doing a fine job I might add. During the BB season I’ve always looked forward to reading Steve’s reports and updates everyday, now I enjoy yours and Melinda’s as well. I tried to help out a little last year with BBAD, but this year Steve has got it all in hand. Keep up the good work, we love all 3 of you 🙂

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