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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/6



Good morning! Only one more day until the first of Jossiah’s followers follows him right out the door. I assume they will also play the first battle back comp which I’m pretty excited to see play out! Let’s check on last night’s feeds and see how the house is dealing with the approaching eviction.

  • 12:00am- Natalie and James are in the kitchen doing dishes and getting yelled at for talking about their DR sessions.
    • Nicole, Z, Paulie, Michelle and Tiff are in the have not room talking about absolutely nothing. We’re off to a great start here.
    • Nicole is now in the storage room with James. James is telling Nicole that Frank was telling him about all the people he wants to get out including Corey.
    • Frank also said that Corey apparently went to him to make an alliance. Nicole doesn’t believe that Corey said that.
    • Nicole is worried about looking like a liar now because she didn’t tell Paulie about the 8 pack.
    • James and Nicole are clearly frustrated with Frank.
    • Fish cut in and when feeds are back that conversation is over.
    • In the safari room, Day and Z are also talking about how annoyed with Frank they are. Frank is definitely getting himself into trouble.
    • Frank comes in and conversation quickly changes.
    • Day plays dumb and asks Frank if he talked to Paulie about the 8-pack yet. Frank says he and Corey told him together and that Paulie didn’t care.
    • Frank is again listing everyone that needs to go next. Little does he know, he’s putting himself on everyone else’s radar.
    • Frank is told to go exchange his microphone and Z immediately says how he needs to go!
  • 12:30am- In the HOH room, Paulie is talking to Michelle and Nicole about the discrepancies between what people are telling him and what he is observing.
    • Now they are having a conversation about body language.
    • Apparently Michelle read a book about body language before coming to the house.
    • Here’s Paulie’s demonstration of power stance:Untitled
    • Tiffany comes in and is acting really quiet. Michelle tells her she seems really down today. (Is this an unusual thing?
    • Paulie sings a line from Rent and no one knows what he’s talking about..come on guys.
  • 1:00am- In the kitchen, the spy girls, Frank, and Paul are talking about famous people alive or dead that they would like to meet.
    • Now they are in a debate about Jesus vs. God.
    • Nicole is talking to Z in the have not room telling her she had to leave HOH because too many people were going in there and she didn’t want Frank thinking they were plotting.
    • Natalie is prepping Corey to be on their talk show tomorrow. I’m sure he is going to spend the night thinking of a way out of it.
  • 1:30am- Day and James are in the safari room talking and getting Frank out.
    • Day says she’s not afraid to pull the trigger but they can’t swing and miss.
    • They are talking about possibly making the move next week.
    • James said they knew there would be a weak link in the 8-pack but never guessed it would be a vet.
    • James points out that taking out Frank would rattle the game. I sure hope so.
    • They are saying that the 8-pack would probably be over if Frank leaves. Day said that it would be down to her, James, Nicole and probably Z. She said she’s scared to talk to Paulie.
    • James says they have the numbers to do something about it now but if they wait too long they might miss their chance.
      This is James’ serious face. Take a good look, it doesn’t happen often.
  • 2:00am- Nicole joins the conversation and they are telling her to talk to Corey about taking out Frank.
    • James says he doesn’t feel like he can click with Corey and they have nothing in common.
    • Nicole says Corey really wants to win HOH this week and that he’d probably be on board with the Frank plan.
    • Meanwhile, in the HOH room, Frank, Paulie, and Paul are talking about Tiffany.
    • Paul is tell them that Tiffany said there is power in this house and it’s shady.
    • Paul is really weirded out by the way Tiffany was acting with him.
    • She randomly asked him if they had each other’s backs while they were playing chess.
    • Sounds like she was just acting her normal paranoid and frazzled self.
    • Z comes in and the conversation changes to oatmeal and then they start talking about the fish.
    • Frank and Paul leave the room and Paulie tells Z about the Tiff conversation.
  • 3:00am- Michelle and Day join them in the HOH room. Paulie is asking about the 8-pack and they are explaining how it formed.
    • Michelle tells him she wasn’t sure of him at the time.
    • Day tells him she quickly just thought of it as a 9 person alliance anyway and points out that in the history of big brother, early alliances don’t mean anything anyway.
    • Paulie says he doesn’t take big alliance seriously.
    • Day said she wishes they all could have talked to Paulie about it and thinks it was selfish that Frank told him on his own.
  • 3:30am- Michelle and Day are in the safari room talking about how Bridgette has been getting really close to Frank.
    • Day thinks he is trying to keep her around for a final 2.
    • They are talking about trying really hard for HOH so Frank can’t get it. Michelle says she will have to throw it (since she is on his team).
    • Day said she is banking on Corey winning HOH. If Corey gets HOH it will keep Tiffany safe since they are teammates and will prevent Frank from planting seeds to get out Tiffany.

Well it sounds like there are some big plans in the works. Hopefully it continues so we can see some real action in the house! Stay tuned for afternoon updates!


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  1. Sweet Bee

    I just finished watching BB14 on YouTube. It was absolutely entertaining. I loved Frank but let’s be real, the true MVP of that season was Dan. I was okay with Ian winning, he deserved it, I guess. But Dan should have won. Sorry, I know I’m only 4 years late. What was your favorite BB season? I need some suggestions please..

  2. Avatar

    If you want earlier seasons, do season 5 or 6 or 7, the game started to change a little bit then, from what I can remember. Season 1 and 2 are pretty boring compared to season 10 plus lol

  3. Elaine

    I really expected more from Frank, but he has just run his mouth too much and it is overload for so many of them.

  4. AIO_7

    Any one else getting tired of watching Z. always picking at her fake eye lashes? I mean always, she can’t seem to keep her fingers away from her eyes. If she is not fingering her eyes, she will be stroking the hair on her forehead. Sorry, but she bugs me.

    • Elaine

      Z comes across to me as just not wanting to be in that house. I don’t think I have seen her smile or interact with others with any sort of energy. It is like watching a sloth.

    • Avatar

      She bugs me too – she acts like she’s safe but I don’t see what she’s done to secure any kind of safety each week. She also needs to close her mouth when she eats, no one should make noise when they’re eating blueberries. She seems to say one thing but do another sometimes – e.g. she’s not interested in any of the guys in the house, doesn’t want a showmance, how she stays out of certain conversations or doesn’t want anything to do with whatever drama of the day they’re discussing.

  5. Avatar

    I hope it gets really good next week because I’m going to the taping of the live eviction on Thursday. I figured I’d probably end up watching Bronte walk out of the house (or one of the other annoying girls who seem to think they’re playing the game when they haven’t figured out anything) but a blindside would be better.

  6. Shivani33

    Here we go with Frank being more plotted against, though it won’t go far until the right person wins HOH. I’ve been wondering if Frank knows what’s afoot and is looking for fresh allies outside of 8pack. Nicole apparently has ditched the F2 idea that she and Frank talked about having together. I’m glad that James told her that he doesn’t vibe with Corey but wish that he’d put some details into why and been more adamant about it. Corey seems to regard James as a nonentity. If he could express this he’d be giving Nicole some real food for thought about Corey – something beyond the surface.

    Does anyone know if Paulie is being kept in the dark about the anti-Frank plans? I don’t know and think it’s an important piece of the puzzle right about now.

  7. Avatar

    I just think Z is simply aware of the cameras.

  8. Avatar

    I hope Frank pumps the brakes on his gameplay. He’s one of my faves.

  9. danmtruth

    I have seen Nichole and James in past seasons talk a big game about making a bold move . In the end neither did

    The one constant in this season has been not being able to keep a secret. This is the incest season Everyone is pledge to each othwr Tell something to one person in confidence Than they turn around and tell someone else Thats the thing with all these sub sets

  10. Avatar

    Seeing as how this is not Frank’s first time playing BB, a body would think he’d be playing a much smarter game. Hes turning into a mini Jozea.
    If Jozea is in sequester with Glen I’ll bet Glen is ready to squeeze Jozea’s throat so he doesn’t have to listen to the Messiah brag about himself & how he’s going to run the house when he gets back in.

    • Elaine

      Well at least Frank has previous BB experience that makes him able to talk about game. Jozea sermonized on a game he new little to nothing about. I do agree, Frank needs to zip it for a bit, and open his ears to listen to the “Frank should go” chatter.

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