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What happened to all the friendship guys?

Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/11

What happened to all the friendship guys?
What happened to all the friendship guys?

Good morning everyone! Things in the big brother house are heating up and it has definitely increased the interesting factor lately but is it enough to give us the live show we want? Let’s see what happened last night and where things stand now.

  • 1:00am- Natalie and Michelle are in the London room and Natalie is talking about how Paulie told her she’s going home right after Michelle.
    • Michelle wants to call him out for it but Natalie says not to.
    • Natalie- “I got a care package from America, why do I care?”
    • Fish come on and when feeds return Paul is with them.
    • They are laughing about how Z is all cuddly with Paulie yet she’s going home.
    • Natalie reassures them that they have nothing to worry about with James.
    • Z walks in and they change the conversation.
    • Michelle talks to the camera and tells Paulie’s parents that she hopes they’re proud of their son.
    • Natalie keeps repeating things that Paulie said to her (that she’s as fake as the things on her chest) but says she doesn’t care.
    • Z is just sitting them listening to them and then says her heart is doing weird things and doesn’t feel right.
    • Natalie goes on a rant about how she worked hard for her tits and she even got a discount and no one else can get them as cheap as she did. Z high fives her.Untitled
    • Meanwhile, Paulie is in the Tokyo room talking to Nicole saying that if he does leave and someone outmoved and outstrategized him then he’ll acknowledge them as a good player and accept his defeat.
    • He is talking about how James came to him and confronted him about everything he was told and Nicole says that he was set straight by Corey and doesn’t believe it all anymore.
    • Paul comes out of the London room and tells Paulie how she kept talking about her fake tits.
    • Paul goes up to the HOH room and tells Victor about the fake tits comment and that Z walked in when he said that and was pissed.
    • He’s telling Victor that all the girls are in the London room shitting on him.
    • They’re talking about how he’s fucking his game up but to just joke about Natalie’s tits whenever they are with him.
    • Paulie comes up and is saying that the only one he’s not going to tell that he’s on to their shit is Bridgette.
    • He tells Victor about how he called out Natalie and that he “sliced and diced her”.
    • Victor just keeps laughing a lot.
  • 1:30am- Paul, James, Natalie, and Bridgette are in the bathroom now and Natalie is retelling her encounter with Paulie.
    • Bridgette is shocked to hear what he said to Natalie.Untitled 
    • Paul is retelling how Paulie said they should have just sent Bridgette home but Bridgette just thinks it’s funny.
    • James says to Natalie that he’s cool as long as she’s not upset by what was said.
    • James is telling Bridgette and Paul that Paulie told him that the two of them were conspiring against him.
    • Paul- “What the FUCK?!” Bridgette- “Woooow.”
    • James is nervous about Victor because he seems to be in Paulie’s pocket and Paul tells him that it’s an act and he is with the plan against Paulie.
    • Paul goes up to the HOH room and joins Victor, Corey and Paulie.
    • Paulie is talking about steam rolling the girls starting with Bridgette.
    • He says he’s not worried about Z and the only reason she’s hanging out with the girls is because she said she wants to be nosy.
    • Paulie is regretting not taking down Z and replacing her with Bridgette.
    • He’s making jokes about telling Michelle she won’t be here for double eviction and thinks he’s funny:Untitled
    • Z comes in and warns them that there’s about to be a stampede of people.
    • Paul tries to say he’s gonna go to bed but they tell him to stay.
    • James and Bridgette come in and James ask Paulie what happened downstairs.
    • Paulie tells him what he said about her chest.
    • Paulie- “You ain’t gotta look at me like that” (to James) “You wanna throw my name under the bus I’m gonna call you out for it”
    • Bridgette- “It seems like a personal attack”
    • Paulie- “It seems like a personal attack on her part to two people. On me, she had no reason to say my name at all.” “I feel like we’re all doing James a favor to let him know about her and all the games she’s been playing since day one”Untitled
    • Bridgette- “Nat’s not playing any games.”
    • Paulie- “Then she should keep her mouth shut. If you’re a floater you should keep your mouth shut.”
    • James- “All stuff aside, I think personal we should realize that this is a game.” “We got caught up with our emotions and we should keep it on a game level. I’m not coming up here to bash anybody.”
    • Paulie- “She shouldn’t be trying to hit on every single guy in the house and then try to flip it the other way around.” “Has she hit on anyone else in this room?”
    • Bridgette- “She has a flirty personality”
    • Bridgette goes on to say she’s offended that he would talk about her fake boobs and he says it was a metaphor.
    • She says she’s hurt by that comment and he gives her a fake apology.
    • James wants to know what Natalie can do to keep the peace and break the tension.
    • Paulie said she can apologize for starters.
    • This whole time Paulie is talking with a holier than thou kind of attitude. Makes me want to punch him in the face.
    • Paul tries to break the tension by saying that he’s trying to not to be loud chewing on his cheetos.
    • Paulie wants to know what they are going to do to come to a conclusion. Z volunteers to leave the room and exits.
    • Paulie keeps talking in circles trying to justify his action and Bridgette is just sitting there shaking her head.
    • He is pointing out that Bridgette and Michelle are rallying behind Natalie now because it’s convenient.
    • Natalie joins the room and ask Paulie why he spoke to her the way he did.
    • Paulie tells her that she’s making a pass at everyone in the house but she’s trying to single him out.
    • Natalie says he’s the only one that has said anything like that to her.
    • She admits that she had crushes on people but she never made them uncomfortable.
    • Paulie just keeps shooting questions at Natalie and she asks why he’s attacking her.
    • He says if she’s going to come up there then she better be ready to back up what she’s saying.
    • Bridgette mediates and asks them to take turns talking because Paulie keeps talking over her.
    • They go back and forth for a while with Paulie grilling her on what she means by uncomfortable and asking her about her relationship with every guy in the house.
    • Natalie tells him that she thinks he’s a great guy but doesn’t like the way he’s been treating Z.
    • She says that no one but him has made her feel uncomfortable. He asks her who has been regularly grabbing the inside of her thighs. She looks confused and says no one. He responds with “Now you’re fucking lying!”Untitled
    • Everyone is a little taken aback and telling him to calm down.
    • She says that everyone knows that she is flirtatious and that he should have said something if it made him uncomfortable.
    • Paulie- “Don’t try and play the victim sweetheart. Everybody knows your game”
    • Paulie just keeps yelling at her and shooting questions at her.
    • Natalie says she’s going to exit the conversation and apologizes for causing drama and wishes everyone a good night.
    • While she is saying this Paulie is still yelling over her telling her to stop fucking lying and being fake.
    • She and James leave.
    • She goes to Nicole and apologizes for calling her and Corey cute and had no idea that it bothered her. (This is one of the things Paulie was yelling at her during his attack.)
    • Nicole accepts her apology and says she’s staying downstairs because she doesn’t want to get involved in the drama upstairs.
    • Natalie is in bed now talking to Michelle about what happened.
  • 2:10am- Paulie is still upstairs yelling and cursing while Bridgette is trying to calmly talk to him.
    • They are arguing over who Paulie’s original target was this week.
    • Victor mentions that he was disrespected on national TV and never made a ruckus about it.
    • He doesn’t understand why Natalie is making a big deal out of this whole situation.
    • Paulie says that nobody talks fucking game to that girl (Natalie) and thinks it’s ridiculous that she’s trying to come after him.
    • Fish for a few minutes and when feeds come back James is in the room and Bridgette is leaving.
    • Paulie is bitching about Natalie using the words uncomfortable and disrespectful because where he comes from those words mean something.
    • James is saying he had no idea what was going on and that he came out of the DR and just heard the retell of the boob comment.
    • Paulie is ranting about how fake Natalie is.
    • James says that this situation really puts him in a tough spot and Paulie said he can thank Natalie for that.
    • Paulie admits that he doesn’t even think that information came from Natalie and he thinks Bridgette enticed her to do it.
    • Paulie is mad that Natalie is allowed to joke around and flirt with no consequences but when he does it is disrespectful.
    • James thinks it’s wrong for people to be flirting with Natalie in the first place because she’s “taken” and points out that he never touches or flirts with Z or Corey.
    • Paul says he just hashes out what gets hashed to him but that he does it to all the girls and sees them as older sisters.
    • He points out that he always tells the girls to let him know if his jokes get to be too much.
    • Paul and Z leave while Corey is talking about how Natalie came straight to him after Victor and Nat broke up.
  • 2:30am- Downstairs in the London room Nicole, Michelle, Bridgette, Z, and Paul are talking.
    • Paul is upset because he slept through all of this drama and now he’s involved and doesn’t want to be.
    • The girls are all reassuring him that they’ve never felt uncomfortable by him.
    • Paul asks if Natalie is okay (she’s in the DR) and they say she’s fine and just frustrated that she couldn’t get a word in.
    • Z comments that she’s really stressed.
    • Bridgette says that she’s glad that she saw Paulie’s colors.
    • Bridgette, Z, and Michelle leave the room and they are still retelling the whole thing to Michelle.
    • Michelle wants to go call out Paulie and Bridgette tells her to wait.
    • Victor comes down and says he wants to clear things up with Natalie before he goes to sleep.
    • Victor and Michelle go in the London room to talk to Paul.
    • Paul is saying he hopes Victor saw what he sees in that Paulie is a dick head.
    • He says now they just need to play along.
    • Victor leaves and Natalie comes back from the DR shortly after that.
    • The girls are making sure Natalie is okay and she says she’s fine.
    • Michelle is still saying she wants to call out Paulie and they are telling her not to.
    • Bridgette tells her to do it during the live show when he has to shut up and listen to her.
  • 2:55am- Victor comes and pulls Natalie into the Tokyo room to clear the air about her goodbye message to him.
    • She explains her side of that situation and says that she was hurt when she started liking him and then he suddenly ended things between them.
    • He feels that for her to say he disrespects woman was to straight forward and too much.
    • She sincerely apologizes and says she doesn’t think that about him at all.
    • They have cleared things up and are all good now.
    • Victor is explaining that he has to act like he is on Paulie’s side but is not.
    • Natalie keeps apologizing for her comments against him and saying she feels bad.
    • Victor says it’s really fine and just wanted to know that she didn’t really feel that way.Untitled
  • 3:10am- Nat is in bed cuddling with James and he is trying to comfort her and reassure her that no one is mad at her for what happened.
    • Z and Paulie are alone in the HOH room and Paulie is trying to make sure they are okay.
    • Z just keeps saying I don’t know.
    • He tells her she’s not going home and if he had wanted her to go home she would be.
    • She sits on his lap and hugs him for a while and then leaves.

Everyone is rehashing everything that has happened tonight and throughout this week. Paulie’s pissed. Victor and Paul are playing along. Corey is pretending to have information to contribute. James and Natalie are cuddling and taking care of each other. Shortly after everyone goes to bed.

Stay tuned for an eviction prediction thread and a (hopefully) exciting double eviction show!


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  1. Avatar
    Amy (29 comments)

    These overnight updates are way too long.

  2. Kari B.
    Kari B. (779 comments)

    Is Paulie just a complete jackass or did Natalie actually do something? Both?

    Kinda hoping Paulie gets backdoored with the second eviction tonight, but I think we know that backbone seemed to be non-existent in the house this summer.

  3. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the updates!!!

  4. Jannie

    Holy Moly!
    So, are Corey and Zzzz the only friends the Godfather has left in the house?
    Well, and who knows about Nicole, she’ll wait and see if she needs to jump sides after Thursday. I wonder if she will be able to pry her “boyfriend” away from his man crush.
    C’mon James, this your last chance to impress me…now use those vote cancellations wisely and send Zzzz to jury.
    Watching Paulie’s world crumble is the best thing that has happened all season!!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      Amen Jannie! I’ve enjoyed every second of Paulie losing his grip on the house. Can’t stand that arrogant douchebag.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Right!!! He was so tight and uncomfortable!! Omg it was written all over his face! I can only imagine how he would have really spoken to her if the cameras weren’t watching.

      • Avatar

        Paulie makes Paul look like little bo peep after he acted a fool last night. I’ll bet he didn’t get one minute of sleep. His wicked twisted little mind is probably racing a mile a minute.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I can’t wait for Double Eviction and king Paulie will be dethrone and I will behappy and also iI will also be happy when Bridgette (I hope she gets it)evicts Paulie Douchebag and I’m soooooo excited and I think Frank is proud of Bridgette having the guts to make a big move when she gets the HOH I hope she does an I love her and Ann I hope you give her that respect like she is up on the plate and getting ready to swing a home run also TeamBridgette

  5. Avatar
    MNMom (9 comments)

    Paulie has to be the most arrogant, self-righteous nimrod in BB history! At least there’s entertainment now, but wowzers the things he said!!

    • Avatar
      Leah (12 comments)

      I know, right?! He’s making it more and more difficult for production to make him look good

      • Mello_One

        @ Leah
        True…Thus far Paulie has got excellent Edits on the Show! They didn’t even show Paulie Verbally Abusing Zakiyah at all!! Unlike his Brother Cody, he isn’t a very likable Individual.

      • Avatar
        MNMom (9 comments)

        I can’t believe how they’re leaving out how much of a turd he is!! It is seriously so sick…I hope despite the good edits he gets Boo’d by the crowd. Here’s to hoping he’s out in DE!!! Come on house guests grow some balls!

  6. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    Last night going into early morning feeds were insane. I finally had to go to sleep around 4am PST. Natalie may have had ulterior motives for exposing Paulie but as a woman, I can understand why she wanted to inform Z with how Paulie has dogged her out, talk behind her back and has made some inappropriate comments to Natalie. But boy was Paulie tight faced all night. I hope it was uncomfortable and everyone turns on his egotistical self absorbing attitude moving forward. The way he berates women easily as if his voice, opinion should only be heard is ridiculous. He’s just salty that crap was exposed! Z, girlfriend leave him alone, please!!! But the live feeds were insane!!

    • Avatar

      So who is getting voted out? Z? I hate to see her go home bcuz of Paulie.. but 2nite is DE so he may go out the door right behind her..

      • Avatar
        nicole (43 comments)

        That’s what I’m wondering who is going home!!?

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        When I was watching the feeds. It looks like Z is going. James and Paul are pissed with Paulie because they are realizing he’s pinning couples against singles, vice versa. It’s crazy, Paulie has all his crap exposed. Z is going to jury, I feel bad for her but she really wasn’t playing the game. At least Michelle is attempting to wake people up to who may be running the house. Paulie told Michelle, “you think you blew my game up, you’re out of your mind”! Michelle, laughs, “no it’s toast!” lol I love Michelle now! She has no filter and isn’t afraid of Paulie!

    • Avatar
      Amelia (7 comments)

      Hopefully this is sinking ship and they will have to get on board with giving home more of a villian edit. They started to give him worse edit but if he does go or become target #1 they are going to have to do so to explain to those who don’t watch feeds to show how he is. I had to laugh. Brig said to him if this is all honest why are you so defensive and implied he was changing subjects and all over place. He’s such a jerk. If you just watch regular show you have no clue. Can tell on social media who’s watching on tv and doesn’t check social media. Half to laugh when look at timeline and it will say Wednesday wonder who one the POV. I hope so and so one. Don’t you look at your timelines?!?

  7. Avatar
    MB2 (59 comments)

    I’m really torn about the last few days in the house, as much as I hate Paulie and his game and knew it would catch up to him. I can not stand michelle and paul, I want to root for Nat but she is a little too cocky for me now with her new power. I really hope he wins 1 HOH and takes out 1 of M/P/N before he goes.

    I hate to see it but I am seeing Paul/Vic final 2, really unbelievable to see how far they’ve come.

    • Avatar

      Mb2. I agree with you. House guests all so bad this season. Not one of them worth a flip. Paulie was arrogant etc but I never heard or read where he said or did anything inappropriate with anyone but z. Nat making up all that stuff I have no respect at all for nat. She went after Vic first and then Corey and then Paulie!! James was her last choice and we all know how James is!! He didn’t have a chance. And Corey and Paulie were already hooked up. Nicole has not trusted her from the beginning because of how she acted with the men. She’s had her hands all over them and not the other way around. All they have done is call her ft and she had no idea what they were talking about and Paul started that. She says she is proud of them and I understand that but it made her more of a joke when she denied they were fake the entire time. That’s why they joked about it. Had she told truth that joking probably would not have happened. Omg, it was so obvious they are fake. When u lie about something small like that what else do u lie about. I think she’s all over fake. There are only two people in the house I even like or respect and they won’t be there long so in week or so I won’t give a damn. Another person will become big dog and it all starts over again!! And that band of nat, brig, mich, Paul and victor will eat one another alive. I have no respect for any of them and James won’t last long because he’s too nice for them

      • Avatar

        Nat is just playing the game the way that she now sees how it needs to be played to further her game. I understand wanting to stand back & watch for a minute & observe to see how everybody was playing. She waited just long enough for Paulie to show & play a really dirty hand & she took it, latched on & ran like hell with it. ” WAY TO GO NAT, KICK ASS”

      • Avatar
        Amelia (7 comments)

        Paulie didn’t do anything inappropriate but to z….as a human how can you be ok with how he’s treated her? I realize this is a game but she is an abuse survivor. What he doing is not good. I have zero respect for how he treated Nat last night. He turned her telling Z about the actual truth that was going on into something else. If someone ever talked to me that way it would fly and shouldn’t. As brig said if you are being honest regarding Z why are you so defensive? And then to talk big how he’s going to call her out in front of everyone. Well he waits til it’s just him and Nic and says you are as fake as your chest. How is that ok? By saying it was a metaphor doesn’t make it ok. If he would open his eyes and listen and instead of just talk and talk and talk he would realize that the “schemer” is on to his crap. If not for 3 girls he would run away with this. Can you imagine another month of him? His ego has gotten so big already I can’t imagine how much worse could get

  8. danmtruth

    @jannie i can not agree more! Paulie has over played himself into being most of the house’s number one target It was sad last night to watch Corey try to defend Paulie to James All the while Paulie was in the HoH room . Trying to lock down Vic’s vote Corey was telling James how Paulie was closer to him and James Than Paulie was with Vic and Paul Once more back to JrHigh more worried that Paulie likes them Insted of what is best for there game . Give Paul credit he is the one who said to James and Vic . Every thing the Exc did was based on what Paulie wanted Get Frank out He was a threat to Paulie Get Da out she was a threat to Paulie The crazy thing is Paul’s number one target Bridget has become his allies
    One of the many things that Paulie says that disturbs me . Is when Paulie insults Bridget to his frat boy pack. He calls her a feminist Why does he think this is an insult? Is the short man afraid of a strong women Both mentally and physically intimidate him?
    Now that the Americas care package is actually going to mean something to game play Let’s give safty to someone who needs it Someone who can keep the house livly. I say that player is Bridget if she does not win the second HoH
    After tonight it will be a whole new house Even if Paulie survives the DE New alliances will be formed Perhaps now they will be week to week Alliances

  9. AIO_7

    The last day or two Paulie has had a deer in the headlight look.
    Paulie, leave Mary Ann alone. Lames, if the way Paulie is acting doesn’t cause you to use your two cancellations to get Z. out, you will go down in infamy.

  10. caRyn

    Paulie used to retain information and was logical with his game. After last night that strategy is out the door. He can’t undo what has been done now. He wasn’t able to calm himself down enough to have a decent conversation. I am sure now he wishes he had isolated himself and cooled down and stopped talking. It is good that Bridgette and the rest of the hg did see this of Paulie. Zakiyah did see and knows but she is wanting something so desperately with Paulie that she is willing to take what he dishes out. Her choice. James ask that everyone keep this on a game level but I don’t know that they can as much as some have tried to and would like to. I wish they would stick to game talk but they are confined in this house with no escape except to self evict and emotions can and do get the best of people.

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  12. JD

    What will really suck is after all this Paulie actually gets pushed out only to have the return ticket. He’ll act even more self righteous if that’s even possible. Would be interesting goose tv Z gets voted out and Paulie right behind her and both in Jury. Will she wake up or will she falls for his crap for the rest of the summer. Day, Z and Paulie in jury. Oh how I would love to watch that first week of them three together.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I’ve been trying to avoid thinking that thought for the past two days. Given Paulie’s luck, I wouldn’t be shocked if he had managed to pick the Roundtrip ticket envelope. I really really hope that’s not the case, but even if it is, at least he no longer has the house under his spell anymore.

  13. Avatar

    Strwr, I have to give Bridgette credit for standing up to Paulie & being willing to make a big move. I still don’t like her but I must say the girl has got balls. She’s not backing down either.
    Nat deserves mad props for standing up to Paulie too. He can’t stand not having the upper hand & being steamrolled by girls.

  14. AIO_7

    “Nat deserves mad props for standing up to Paulie too.”

    Three cheers for Mary Ann !!!

  15. Avatar

    ‘Big Cry Baby’ Michelle wants to call-out Paulie, that’s a laugh, she falls apart if you just say boo to her

  16. Avatar

    Im trying to enjoy this small victory with the women standing up to the big bully & seeing Paulie get dethroned but Im kind of nervous to think about what’s to come tonight after eviction. 1. What if Paulie wins HOH. 2. What if he wins veto. 3. What if he gets evicted & has the round trip ticket. 4. What if by some weird random act of stupidity America gives him the next care-package. Dammit “what if”…

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

      That’s what I’ve been saying all night. What if Paulie wins HOH? What are the options?

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      @Ann, you’re ruining this moment for me. Lol

      • Avatar

        @Morgan, Sorry, what did I do?

      • Avatar
        Morgan (86 comments)

        @Ann I wanted to live in blissful denial for a few moments and pretend that nothing could stop Paulie from going home tonight, but logically, I know you’re right. I’ve thought these same “what if’s”.

      • Avatar

        @Morgan, I just hate getting my hopes up just to have them come crashing back down. It’s just nerves. I just need these people to keep their asses shifted in high gear & keep on coming with the come on. Lol

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      The girls are taking a gamble going after Paulie, that’s for sure. But that’s what it takes to win this game: having the cojones to make a big move at some point (take notes Lames…THIS is a big move). You’re right Ann, they need to be FOCUSED and go all out to win this next HOH and POV. But the most crucial part is they MUST win HOH. If they win HOH and Paulie gets the POV, that’s easy: take his secret admirer Corey out and try again next week.

      • Avatar

        Did you think things would liven up like this? I was ready to write this season off. Hopefully it’ll keep on popping.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        Not at all Ann! I was in the same boat as you, not sure how much longer I could stomach watching King Paulie coast towards $500K while Lames and crew hung out doing “what the house wants” and waiting to get evicted. I hope these houseguests are officially in game mode and ready to keep this energy going through September!

    • caRyn

      If he doesn’t have Zakiyah on his side, does he just have Corey & Nicole? Will Nicole flip sides if needed and will Corey flip sides as well or stick it out with Paulie?

  17. danmtruth

    First @caryn i agree about Paulie could not stop talking and digging himself a deep hole Along with painting a big target on his back In talking to Vic last night he was saying how hot he felt latinas are Trying to bond with Vic PATHETIC Than says how he wants to try to date Zzz outside of the house? When Zzz joined Paulie, James, and Corey in HN room. She sat their agreeing with Paulie and telling them what all the girls told her Talk about PATHETIC
    @ann Must say I like how Nat and Bridget have step up. Both can compeat in both mental and physical comp This game is picking up Now I need to split viewing time between BB and the Olympics

    • Avatar

      Just think, it took 3 little girls (Nat, Bridgette & a big ol crybaby Meech) to bring out the crazy in Big Bad Paulie & possibly have taken him DOWN…HAHAHAHAHA,,,,, Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  18. Avatar
    ole miss 25 (2 comments)

    Natalie wants to be the ruler of the house that is why she told Z about Paulie using her.Natalie is a hypocrite its ok if she flirts but its not ok when Paulie does. Nat is playing Paulie game she is using James like Paulie is using Z.Nat tried to humiliate Victor in her goodbye message to him and Michelle talked about everybody in the house but now wants to call them out she is a floater like Nat and Z. What really makes me mad is Natalie went to the DR to tell them that she is scared of Paulie after their argument all she wants is attention and Paulie tried warning James.James will regret protecting Natalie. She is all about girl power but using her looks and body to get attention what a good example Natalie for showing young girls what to do to get attention you need to go, This BB cast is like watching a show on the Disney Channel so immature

  19. Avatar
    ole miss 25 (2 comments)

    This is BB u come on the show to lie and manipulate people not get in showmmances . Natalie going to DR and tell them she is afraid Paulie might harm she can dish it out but cant take it Natalie showed exactly what type of person she is imagine what she would do to a guy reputation outside the house if she felt like being played. she wants to look like the victim BB needs to make her leave the house, Pauliev warned James weeks ago about what type of person she is he will get his feeling hurt

    • Avatar

      Well that would be the pot calling the kettle black because who is Paulie to warn somebody about another person being bad. Look at how he treats women. Paulie is BAT-SHIT CRAZY & obviously has some kind of God complex. It’s ok for him to dog women out & use them & anybody that crosses his path but it’s not ok if someone else to do it while stomping Paulie’s ass? I think NOT….Just hold on for a minute while Paulie gets his ass handed to him.

  20. Avatar
    Morgan (86 comments)

    This is good. This is so, so good. I feel like I’ve been waiting all season for something like this to happen. Please, Gods of BB, make something happen tonight. I don’t want this to turn into another dud. Paulie needs to goooooo!

    All drama aside, I was really, really hoping that Nicole was just putting on some kind of facade and that she was just up Corey’s and Paulie’s asses so it would take her farther and then she’d start making big moves of her own and turn on Paulie when she had the chance. I know, I know. Serious wishful thinking. I wanted so badly for her to ramp up her game because I liked her. Now there’s an opportunity to get Paulie out and she’s still taking his side even after he’s shown he’s a huge ass. Too bad. I’m done trying to like her anymore and just have to accept she’s really a poor player and she’s on the asshole side of things.

    • Avatar

      Nicole is staying on Paulie’s side because of big goofy ass Corey. Her head is so far up Corey’s ass Nicole probably gets dizzy when his eyes start swinging & bobbing & weaving.

      • Avatar
        Morgan (86 comments)

        True that. I had a “girl can dream” moment, but it’s long gone lol. I don’t think she’s ever going to wake up and realize what she should be playing for. I was so hoping she’d get it together and be focused this season.

    • Avatar

      Morgan. Nicole is loyal. She likes Paulie and doesn’t see his bad traits. And even if she didn’t all the others in the house don’t like her because they have been jealous of her since day 1. She likes Corey but there is nothing serious there by either one of them except they both like one another and have fun together. I mean if you were in the house would u like to hang out with any of the girls in there?? That’s how Nicole feels. She tried but saw how they were

      • Avatar
        Amelia (7 comments)

        I think your wrong on 1 part. It’s obvious Nic likes Corey way more than her. She’s talking about them getting married and babies and he says they aren’t even dating while in house. Well every night/day they sure have fun. I’m not a fan but on personal note hope her heart doesn’t get broken on national TV. He and Paulie would totally put and for sure there’s no way she would EVER put up Corey based on how she talks

  21. Avatar
    Randall Roche (8 comments)

    It’s annoying how everyone think Paulie is a “bully” when it’s really all the girls, gossiping, flirting, and using there emotions to sway the house in there favor. Natalie is literally the fakest person in the house, she’s flirted with Victor, James, Corey, Paul and Paulie, she tried to humiliate Victor in a goodbye message after admitting she has a crush on him and tried to apologize for said message, she’s let Paul touch her thighs while with James but is “uncomfortable” with the way Paulie speaks to her. Not to mention that she WITHHELD ALL OF THIS INFORMATION FROM JAMES UNTIL she caught wind of being a target of Paulie. Bridgette was SAVED from the brink of extinction by PP not once but twice when EVERYONE wanted her gone, and how does she repay them? By trying to leak all the information to gain her favor with the women who by the way wanted her gone. Michelle is a floater supreme who cries everytime someone doesn’t do what she wants or when she loses comps, now all of a sudden she’s making “power moves” and Paulie is an asshole just because he took control of the game?? Z is wishywashy and she talk more about Paulie behind his back then he does. She has said numerous times she’s willing to cut off Paulie so why is he being vilified? Just because he is the best player in the house doesn’t mean anyone has a right to smear campaign against him. It’s totally disgusting when Michelle and Natalie are trying to come up with a strategy of “flirting” with Paulie just to get Z mad. If that doesn’t make you “uncomfortable” then I don’t know what does

    • AIO_7

      I’ll call for you a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)


      • Avatar
        Randall Roche (8 comments)

        Call it for “Big Meech” who cried after she blew up her own game after trying to blow up Paulies because she knew she fucked up and lied about Nicole “making a deal” and now has to deal with the consequences for an entire week

    • caRyn

      Paulie is an ass. My proof is in watching BBAD episodes. James told Natalie a number of times not to talk game with him. That isn’t Natalie WITHHOLDING information from James. What started all of this was a convo Bridgette and Michelle had in the hot tub. Then Michelle went to Natalie with it.

      • Avatar
        Randall Roche (8 comments)

        Saying that someone is making you uncomfortable by flirting and making inappropriate comments is not “talking game” that’s a legitimate concern. Something that if she truly felt was making her uncomfortable she would have told someone immediately not when it can be used as a power play to have people turn on Paulie

      • caRyn

        This entire season Natalie was going to only talk game with James. James said no game talk until here recently – past 2-3 days. What made Natalie uncomfortable had nothing to do with game talk with James. If you believe it is her game play – that is your opinion. Not mine.

  22. Avatar
    Angel (35 comments)

    Natalie is acting as if she is on the block. Idiot! She’s fighting with one of the strongest comp winners why? All of these women are a lost cause. They are so hype and doing Michelle’s dirty work to keep her safe. But none of these dumbos have a plan to make to to the end to retrieve the 500k. Michelle’s ugly ass cry just buys her another week to help one of the guys win.

    • AIO_7

      Don’t be jealous of Mary Ann.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      You don’t have to be on the block to make a big move (Paulie’s been doing it all along). Natalie realized that Paulie was running away with the game and she needed to step in and do something to stop him while she still had a chance. That’s what this game is all about. BB winners usually have a proactive strategy, not a reactive one.

  23. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    I knew it wld catch up with Paulie, being the frontrunner so early in the game. No need to lead the charge that early it will only get you targeted. He’s def not playing Derrick’s game. Derrick displayed mannerism for women unlike Paulie. He can win all the comps, he won’t last long.

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)


    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      Exactly! Derrick was running the house all along but no one realized it until it was too late. Paulie, on the other hand, has been dominating the house all along but EVERYBODY knew it! That’s what was so frustrating for us as BB fans, because we couldn’t understand why they would all allow someone just coast through to the end and $500K. Thankfully the girls (and Paul) woke up this week and now we have a game on our hands!

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        I’ve only been watching BB since season 16 and last night was the most exciting play out I’ve seen thus far!

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        I’ve been watching since Season 2, but the past two days definitely reminded me what I love about this show. The most excitement on BB in a LONG while, that’s for sure.

      • caRyn

        Paulie has to be in control. If he didn’t think he had control he won at the comp to have it. He cannot play on the down low.

  24. Avatar

    I was just reading Joker and Pualie still telling Z that there is no way she is going home. He doesn’t believe anyone make others change his plans. He was also called to Dr and he told them Sorry, competition day, maybe later. He is losing his golden status with Dr now to.

    • Avatar
      Amelia (7 comments)

      The other day he said he was going to blow Mich up. He leans into his Michael and tells DR don’t think your going to call me into the DR 5 times to talk about this. When I do it you can call me. What?!? I don’t care if you are most famous actor in world not ok to talk to your employer that way.

  25. JD

    It ain’t over til it’s over. We well most of us want Paulie gone. Would be nice to see everyone else play the game without Paulie telling them what he wants them to do. However we have all seen how the person we want out most somehow gets back in. Paulie is CBS’s boy. He does get the good edits. People who don’t see the feeds or BBAD don’t see the unedited version of Paulie. That’s where the game is really played. Anyway don’t put the cart before the horse. When Paulie is out and if he doesn’t have the round trip and gets sent to jury THEN we can all celebrate. He can friendship and be “Pissed” in jury. We can celebrate a mini reset because the rest will be playing their own game. I am West Coast so I will be watching here to see if I am going to watch tonight. You guys are so awesome here I haven’t watched for weeks. After I read here what happens it might be worth watching tonight.

  26. JD

    @cyn You should have seen old school BB when they had real diverse people. That’s the BB us Old Time BB fans loved and miss.

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