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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/12

I hope you didn’t bother cleaning out the HOH room.

Good morning everyone! Last night sure was interesting. I was surprisingly sad to see Bridgette go. I couldn’t stand her for a while but she’s been growing on me since Frank left. On another note, it’s nice to see that the plan to get out Paulie seems to be on the right track so far. Fingers crossed!


Here are the updates:

  • 12:00am- Victor, Corey, Paulie, and Nicole in the kitchen hanging out and talking.
    • Victor is talking about Donny being a comp beast.
    • Paulie- “I wonder if Michelle’s gonna call you out now”
    • Paulie’s ranting again about how she’s crazy and called him out.
    • Side note: has anyone been having issues with their feeds where the different cam views across the top go black and you can’t see what’s happening on different cams? This starting happening with mine a few days ago and it’s really annoying.
    • Now Paulie is fuming over Michelle’s eviction speech.
    • Michelle and Paul are in the London room talking about how they’re going to get out Paulie
    • Paul is pointing out how Paulie changes his attitude and loyalties depending on the vibes in the house at any given moment.
    • Paul says they have to wait for the care package first before they form any solid plans.
    • They talk for a while about going against Paulie.
    • Back in the kitchen Paulie is still bitching about being confronted.
    • Victor is backing him up and stroking his ego for the moment.
    • Paul walks by to go to the bathroom and wonders when they’re going to do HOH room.
    • Paul comes back and hangs in the kitchen. He’s talking about his favorite memory of Corey where he apparently sleep walked into the HOH room and got in bed with Paul and was saying there was going to be a lock down.
    • Victor is saying he can never remember conversations he’s had in the house and when he goes to DR they have to describe what the conversation was about to trigger his memory.
  • 12:30am- Paul has gone back to the London room with Michelle.
    • Michelle is wondering if Paulie and Z really had sex.
    • Nicole walks in briefly to put a shirt in a drawer and after she leaves Paul comments how that was really stupid and she was clearly trying to spy.
    • Victor and Paulie come in and Paul makes a comment about how gross the room is (it is quite messy)Untitled
    • Meanwhile, Corey and Nicole are in bed and Corey is talking about how he was confident he was going to win the veto.
    • Nicole is complimenting herself for being a snake and never being on the block.
    • She says she came here to play and she’s definitely playing…she knows she’s not on the bachelor right?
    • Nicole is talking about the difference between her and Natalie. That Natalie would have latched onto a guy regardless but Nicole just happened to fall for Corey and had no intentions of it.
  • 1:00am- Natalie and James join the crew in the London room where they are talking about South Park.
    • After a few minutes of that topic we hear Corey get called to the storage room. (for his HOH basket) 
      "Who wants to see my HOH basket?"
      “Who wants to see my HOH basket?”
    • Everyone goes in the living to check out Corey’s HOH stuff.
    • They talk about how adorable his pictures are and he’s excited over his snacks (including Reeses Puffs which I’m about to go eat now myself…)
    • Letter Time! Letter is from his Dad, Mom, and sister. They talk about how they are keeping his house that he shares  with some guys clean and that they are teaching his dog tricks.
    • Corey got a mango body scrub in his basket and is really confused about it but says he’ll use it lol
    • And of course he got a Christmas hat:Untitled
    • Everyone is hanging out and talking for a while.
    • Fish came on briefly and it looks like Victor has been called to the DR. We’ll probably see his HOH room soon.
    • Everyone is talking about Cheesecake Factory (I was there yesterday!)
    • The house is just sitting around waiting for Victor with many fish interruptions.
    • Paul is having a wise moment and talking about how no one ever does good just for the sake of doing good. There’s always some self interest involved.
    • Conversation about the military for a while and James is giving them his knowledge of his own experiences.
  • 2:05am- HOH room time!Untitled
    • Everyone goes through the process again of checking out pictures and basket items.
    • Victor reads his letter from his sister.
    • They hang out for a while talking about home.
    • Paul says he’s surprised they have only had one punishment costume this season. Interesting timing for him to say that.
    • After a couple minutes Michelle says she’s going to bed and Natalie goes with her.
    • They go down to the bathroom and start whispering about Paulie and how the blow up cause him to lose his focus during the first HOH comp last night.
    • Paul comes down and mentions that Nicole is full of shit.
    • He says that they have to win again next week.
    • Paul goes to the London room. Victor is in there packing up his clothes to take upstairs and Michelle is talking about how quiet Paulie is right now.
    • Paul says he was told to go to Victor and tell him that he’d be an idiot if he put up Nicole or Corey.
    • Victor says he’s not dealing with Paulie’s drama this week and if he tries to blow up on him after he puts him up he’s walking away from him.
    • Natalie and James come in while Paul and Victor leave.
    • Natalie tells Michelle that Paulie plans to put her up but points out that it’s not up to him and they are not a threat to Victor.
    • Paul and Victor have gone up to the HOH room where Paulie is sitting on the couch not saying much.
    • They are debating whether or not they want to shower tonight.
    • Paulie is wondering if Meech will get the care package tomorrow.
    • They’re speculating about what the care package will be.
    • Paulie thinks it will be a diamond power of veto but Paul doubts they’d send that in a care package.
    • Paulie says he’s going to try and win HOH next week and make sure “no shady shit goes down”.
  • 2:45am- Back downstairs Michelle is saying she’s still in shock that she stayed in the house.
    • She can’t believe that she said all of those things in her speech and they still voted to keep her.
    • James is telling her that people were whispering about who to vote for beforehand.
    • Natalie admits that she voted against her and said she was so sorry during her vote.
    • They’re laughing about Julie calling out Michelle and telling her to take a breath.
    • Michelle is wondering what America thinks of her and they tell her America thinks she’s funny. Personally I think she’s annoying but useful at the moment.Untitled
    • They’re talking about previous weeks and regretting voting out Frank because he could have helped them get Paulie out.
    • Michelle starts talking about how she heard Paulie and Z fooling around last night.
    • Meanwhile, Paul has gone to the Tokyo room and is talking to Nicole.
    • Nicole is asking him how he feels about this week and he’s telling her he has no idea right now after all that drama.
    • Paul says he’s frustrated that he gets shit on just because he sleeps on the London room with “the other side of the house”.
    • Paul goes back into the London room and Paulie comes in too.
    • They are all talking about go to the bar together when they get out.
    • James and Natalie go into the have not room and are telling the cameras how Natalie flipped the house.
    • They start talking to each other about how disrespectful Paulie is. Natalie says she needed to take control of her game and that’s what she did and James says he’s proud of her.
    • James is making a point that there’s no difference between fake boobs and a tattoo because tattoos aren’t natural either.
  • 3:30am- Nicole, Michelle, Paulie, and Paul are still in the London room talking about Z.
    • Paulie is saying after a certain point he stopped giving her information because she was getting so paranoid.
    • Michelle and Nicole are saying that didn’t like that she would tell them she was going to talk to different people just to be nosy.
    • Victor and Paul have left and gone to the HOH room and soon after the cam switches to them.
    • Paul is saying that earlier in the night Paulie was talking shit about him to James. James apparently came and told Paul this earlier and Michelle said she wanted to call him out on it.
    • Paul is telling Victor that he told her no and to wait until noms and then they can call him out on all his shit.
    • Feeds switch back to Paulie and Michelle still talking about Z.
    • Paul goes back to the London room and soon after Paulie leaves.
    • After he leaves Paul calls him a D-Hay and tells Michelle that Paulie is still trying to pit him and James against each other.
    • Meanwhile, Corey and James are talking in the have not room.
    • They are trying to guess what the next HOH comp will be.
    • Pretty soon after Corey goes to bed with Nicole.
    • Everyone else stays up and talks crap on people for a while and then they all go to bed.

Stay tuned for afternoon updates!


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  1. Shivani33

    Gossip note: Again mentioning that I have reason to think that one of Borey’s housemates back home is Clay Hunnicutt from last Season and that this is how Corey got hooked up with Big Brother. So ugh and double ugh.

  2. Avatar

    Finally people in the house are playing big brother and remembering there is 500K at stake here. I’m always surprised at how easily they forget. If James did not flip the house I would have considered him a weak player in this game. Finally Nat is playing the game. Yesterday the grown ups came to play!! Whoo hoo. Now we’ll find out what Victor is made of when he does his nominations.

    • Mell

      I’m glad it happened too but I can’t give James as much credit as you do. Yes he did use his two votes but under heavy persuasion and a lot of wavering on his end. He was ready to back out and not do it until Natalie pulled out her last card which was about all of Paulies flirting. I really do think that was strategic. She’s realized for a while James wanted to lay low. She knew this was the week to do it and when she saw she couldn’t convince him for game reasons she used the jealousy/chivalry route. I don’t blame her. I think Natalie has been playing the game mentally and figuring things out a lot longer than James has. She’s pretty much nailed every situation in the house. She just didn’t know what to do with the information and I hate thr CBS edit pretty much gave Paul and James the credit for figuring out and pulling off what Bridget and Natalie actually made it happen. Not that it’s relevant to the game but Natalie is also the only person that had a feeling Glen may be used to be a cop or fireman. James has never played like he thought he could win and if that changes, I could be a fan. I liked him last season as a person but definitely not as a BB player and feel the same this year. Actually I’ve liked him less this year because the pranks and antics have already been done so it isn’t nearly as entertaining.

      • AIO_7

        Sing it from the rooftops, Mell.

      • Avatar

        Natalie has told more lies in the house than anyone else but maybe Paul!!! She’s a manipulative itch with a B!!she would have been gone long ago had she not tagged James after unsuccessfully trying victor, then Corey and then Paulie. It was her doing all the overt flirting not Paulie!!

      • AIO_7

        I don’t watch the feeds all the time but I never saw Mary Ann flirting with Gaulie. If she would have he wouldn’t have had to settle for the sad sack Z..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hello again Mell! I agree with everything you said up to who led the flip. It wasn’t just Natalie, but also Bridget and Michelle.
        Natalie: Helped convince James to do the right thing on his use of the Care Package.
        Bridget: Called The Godfather out on his treatment of the women in the house.
        Michelle: Called him out on everything, then once under his skin, stayed there to irritate him and make him lose his cool.

        Michelle has been given the assignment this week, to stay under TGF’s skin and keep irritating him. He can’t seem to focus when he’s mad. Throws his game off. Again….I’m loving it!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Trudy: Did you read Amy’s recap today? Check out time stamp 12:30am: “Nicole is in bed with Corey complimenting herself on being a snake and not being on the block.”

        Guess we’re not the only ones who thinks she is. She even prides herself on it…lol.


      • Avatar

        @Mell…right on. Give credit where credit is due. I completely agree that that is exactly what Nat did.

  3. Shivani33

    I have heard that there’s another twist coming in the game, and the houseguests have no idea. What I’m getting is that another jury member will return to the house, with another Friday night show featuring some kind of Battle back, and it’ll be very soon. Now is the time to take a strike at the trio of Paulie, Nicole and Corey. Immediately. This is the best week to make sure that one of them is moved somewhat out of the way to start demolishing their three votes to keep saving one another. And I hope that Bridgette or Da’Vonne come back into the game, as opposed to Zakiyah or whoever goes this time. Thank goodness that there’s a chance to send Paulie, Corey or Nicole out now. The lineup on the chessboard is going to be going through some big changes. Even sending a person to jury during Victor’s HOH doesn’t guarantee that this evictee will be gone for good.

  4. AIO_7

    Great updates, Amy!

    A few observations; Paulie has, literally, looked like he swallowed something sour these past few days. I think he has to know that he has blown up his game.

    Lames, for the next few days I’m back to calling you James.

    And Mary Ann, O’ my sweet Mary Ann: she may not be just Mary Ann, but Joan of Arc too.

  5. JD

    I am really surprised to see clothes and stuff all over the floor and they just step over it. I can see beds nor being made bit really clothes and crap all over the floor? Does their own homes look like this? Maybe the next comp should be to clean the house.

  6. Jannie

    Hey Nicole, the real difference between you and Natalie is that James actually cares about Natalie, while Corey wouldn’t give you a second look outside of the BB house.
    AmyElizabeth, you hit the nail on the head about Michelle…she is soooo annoying, but she is useful to get out Nic and the Godfather.
    And I was starting to like Gidget too, until she had to reference Frank last night in her Veto speech…and then break out into giggles…then I wanted her out.
    Bunyan is starting to grow on me. He seems to be playing a good game right now. Yikes, I think I am actually starting to root for him, maybe not to win, but to get out Nicory and Paulie the Pool Pisser.

    • AmyElizabeth

      Haha I actually told Steve the other day that my new favorite to win is Paul….I’m slightly ashamed of this but he really is playing a good game…

      • AIO_7

        I could live with Paul getting, maybe, second place, or even win. Since he has cleaned up his mouth, some, It wouldn’t kill me if he won.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Same here Amy. I started liking him more and more lately. And I’m also almost ashamed to admit it….lol

        p.s.: Another great post. I know Steve has a new crew coming in to help but I am going to miss you soooo much 🙂

    • Avatar

      You have no idea how Corey feels about Nicole or how she feels about him. We know how James feels about nat although he has been just as quick about throwing her utb and saying he’s ok with her gone. And we know nat does not give a shit about James so really what was the point you were making about them again?

      • AIO_7

        No one really cares how Corey feels about Nicole, or vice-versa. They both will be in the jury house soon. Out of sight out of mind.
        Your boy Paule will be there too, looking like he is sucking on a Lemon.

      • Mell

        Trudy, I totally disagree with you but man I love your passion! I actually think Natalie really likes James, maybe not romantically but she has stated many times to him that they would see what happened after the show, they live in different states, etc. She’s also refused to kiss or make out with him other than a couple of pecks on rare occasions. She’s not promising to have his babies when the show ends. You are also correct that we do not know how any of them feel about each other because as you said sometimes they do throw each other under the bus which is strategic (nit that it works) For me, it’s an educated guess and observance. For example, when Paulie started in on James the other night Natalie quickly came to his defense and kept insisting He leave James out of it. I’m also not aware of nat making fun of james or saying degrading things about him behind his back. However, after those same events the other night about flirting and trying to do things with other people’s girls, Cory said to Paulie (who I believe is the one person Corey is honest with) that he didn’t care what Paulie did with Nicole and he could do whatever he wanted with her. It wasn’t just his words it was also his tone. Anyone else seemed to notice how Corey seemed somewhat annoyed by Nicole until the morning they were whispering about the things they had done the night before? After that, he was always very eager to be eith her. Who knows, maybe he’s falling in love or maybe he’s getting something out of this. I think it’s great if you’re supporting the Nicole, Cory and Paulie…someone needs to. Natalie also admits to being a flirt and admitted to flirting with poly so what has she lied about other than being an NFL cheerleader which ranks about as high as Bronte loving math. I think the whole house would just say “never cared.” This has nothing to do with game but something else that annoys me about Nicole is she reminds me of those women that pride themselves on getting along with men more than women as if it makes them above all the female drama and cooler somehow but thinks they’re the only female that’s capable of that. I could be wrong about that one and it could just be part of her strategy to make the guys want to keep her.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trudy, Bambi has already said how he feels about her. He said they are just friends and that sometimes she’s good for his game and sometimes she’s not (taken from Jokers the other night).

    • NKogNeeTow

      There you are My Jannie! I was starting to like Bridget too. She just needs to let go of the Frank worship. She has it bad for him…lol

  7. Mell

    Does anyone know how Americas care package will work? I mean will Vic make his Noms and then the package arrive? if he’s already nominated whoever gets the package do they sit on the block with safety or do they come off the block and he has a replacement or does he not make them until after the package arrives. this is what I’m trying to figure out. I’m wondering the same thing about next week’s package also. will the package arrive before nom’s so that they get to pick one of them or will hoh have already made their nominations and then the package winner replaces one? I’m a little confused. I’ve been concerned Nicole may get this package today but I’m starting to think it may not be the worst thing in the world. she wouldn’t go home this week but Paulie or Corey still would and that takes her out of the running to get next week’s package. since she’s so high on popularity on polls, I really feel like she’s in the running to get one even with Paul Vic and Michelle’s popularity Rising. Does anyone know how this is going to play out with timing? I just think next week’s package is a lot more important because Paulie Corey or Nicole could win HOH and as long as they don’t control both of the nominations the other side of the house would have the votes, right? ( well I guess that depends on veto also). I really hate the idea of Nicole thinking America loves her and giving her one of these things but hey you can’t have everything the big picture is more important I suppose. I wonder if all the Natalie fans out there are realizing how badly they screwed her by giving her the Have Nots package. I apologize for the horrible writing but between typing this on a cell phone combined with autocorrect I just don’t have it in me to worry about punctuation and grammar. I really appreciate all the updates I get to read it here. this is by far my favorite site. I’ve been reading it for a long time but this is my first year commenting and after this long commrnt, I’m sure you all hope I stop soon. LOL
    I just wasted an entire week voting for Bridget and hoping for anyone else’s insights into making better choices this week.

    • AIO_7

      I don’t think there is much of a chance that Nicole gets the care package: Victor, Paul or Meech would be my guess.

    • Colby

      I have been wondering the same thing about the care packages. Especially next weeks since it is co-HOH. The noms are usually done before the care package voting is even finished.
      I’m guessing the Friday show is going to speed things up somehow, and maybe the voting time for the packages will be shortened. But that doesn’t help explain how this week will work, unless they are going to deliver it this afternoon (after voting is closed) and delay the noms until later tonight.

      • Mell

        Well hopefully today’s care package is an indication of how the next week’s will go.I can’t decide which I hate more… Americans care package based on the timing of how it works, Battle of the block or Paulie.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Don’t they usually show the package being delivered on Sunday’s show? I was trying to remember.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nope Mell, don’t stop posting. I think it’s nice that the numbers here are growing. It’s good to have a diverse group. Most of us have been here for a few years and continue to come back. I hope you come back next year also. Oh, and register your account. It’s free and you can then create a profile, friend people and send personal messages 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Just checked the CBS site. Said that voting is closed and the winner will be revealed Sunday.

  8. Avatar

    Only one minority left in the house. Too bad Victor is no longer on Paulie’s side. James would be gone and it would be the white house.

  9. Avatar

    Thank the Big Brother gods the the house started playing the game, better late than never. I watch BBAD right now and if I hadn’t read this I would have thought all the guys are back on team Paulie. Paul’s starting to grow on me although I still think he’s a a foul mouth loud mouth, at least he’s playing. Who would be the best person to get the care package this week?

  10. Avatar

    My cams are also black. If I click on one of them they come back on so maybe try that! 🙂

    • AmyElizabeth

      Yeah I discovered that too but it’s so annoying to have to keep clicking back and forth just to keep an eye on the rest of the house! lol

      • Avatar

        Agreed!! Hopefully they see people are having a problem with it soon and it’s fixed!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Amy, last night I toyed with the idea of finally getting the feeds, only because I like watching The Godfather squirm. If I do get them, I might only keep them until he goes. I want to make sure I get out of there before they start playing Pot Ball. If I have to watch that another year, I might hurt myself.

      • caRyn

        I have watched every episode from every season. I haven’t tried the feeds. I was thinking about it today but I feel the addiction I have now might just be enough. Lol.

      • caRyn

        Meaning I might just stick with what I have now and possibly think about the feeds next season.

  11. AIO_7

    It was nice to see Bridgette and Meech get to know and like each other this past week or so. A shame Bridgette had to go and Nicole is still there.

  12. Avatar

    *Just gotta say racial comments are not cool or very appropriate or cool in this forum..*

    On another note:

    Paulie is too good it comps, in my opinion he should be a back door so he doesn’t see it coming.. I just hope that Victor actually follows through with a real move this week, not backing off like so many people have. This season has just been pathetic.

  13. Colby

    Don’t feed the race baiting trolls by even acknowledging their comments and they will probably go away.

  14. Alda

    Nicole got the care package!So Victor needs to put up the Godfather and Corey.

  15. Mell

    Oh crap! why did this have to be the one time I predicted something correctly on BB? I’ve been obsessing over popularity polls on all the sites and Nicole has stayed right below Natalie and James so I was using that to gauge the voting. Michelle seemed to only start climbing after last night show. They better not use a pawn now or they could all three easily be safe.

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