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Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap 8/13

Morning Greetings!  For those who didn’t see my test run, I’m Pamela and I will be taking over for Amy on the overnight recaps.  She has one more post tomorrow and then it’s all on me.  I have some big shoes to fill and I know everyone, including me, will miss Amy’s posts.  My sincerest apologies for the delay but the conversation between Paulie & Michelle was incredibly long and is is taking me forever to listen to it and get all the good bits.  I promise future posts won’t be this long.  I am still processing text, so I will update again.  I know from what Steve told me that something was said about Paul.  I have put the first Paul-related conversation in bold.



I’m a literary sort and when things happen in the show, I can’t help but think in terms of characters in literature the houseguests actions seem to mimic.  This week, Icarus came to mind.  He whose hubris (excesive pride & arrogance) led him to fly too close to the sun.  This caused the wax attaching his wings to melt and he fell into the sea.  Sound familiar?  Our BB18 Icarus flew too close to the $500K and fell into a mean girl.


  • 12:00 a.m. – Michelle & Paulie talking in the bathroom (this is kind of long and it turned into a sort of loop with the same things being said)
    • Paulie starts by saying it’s nothing personal and Michelle says the same.  Paulie says he’s always thought she was hilarious.
    • He says even with her saying she was going to blow up his game, he always knew it was strategy and that anything that was coming out of his mouth was strateqy and he felt attacked.  He didn’t understand.  (Some of his comments to people since he was nominated have really been off.  In particular, how he wanted Z to stay because he cared about her and wanted her to stay because of that.  His actions in the last 2-3 weeks show he was trying to push her away.  Maybe he did care about here but she was just a pawn in his game, pure and simple.)
    • Michelle – When I said I want, I saw it, I’m not stupid. to blow up your game it was because I saw you winning five hundred thousand dollars.  I saw you playing Derrick’s game.  I saw it.  I’m not stupid.  I felt betrayed, too.
    • Paulie talking about getting crushed by a girl before he came in the game and Michelle saying she didn’t know about that.  Michelle says that she saw how he was with Z and she was afraid he was playing Z and didn’t want him winning if that was how he acted.  Paulie says he has genuine feelings for Z and his mistake was saying he was going to play emotionless and didn’t expect to make bonds with certain people and that was his downfall.
    • image
    • Michelle tells Paulie that it didn’t make sense because Paulie had deals with so many people and she thought he was doing what Frank was doing and what DaVonne was doing.
    • Paulie telling Michelle he was going on things that were being said from everyone else.  He was trying to protect people close to him.  He thought Michelle was a threat because of her brain.
    • Paulie says he already went to the people he thought he trusted the most, that he thought betrayed him and told them they got worked by someone really good at doing what they did by putting the doubt in there and it worked.  He says he can’t not respect that and she says if he’s talking about her and he says yes.
    • They are talking about all the strategy throughout the season.  He’s says he’s not going to share specifics about any individual people.
    • Michelle says his downfall was trying to get everyone to trust him, like Derrick, and Paulie didn’t think information would get cross-referenced.  Paulie says it was really the doubt she planted and that nothing got cross-referenced.
    • Paulie says everyone came to him and he never expected them to break.  Paulie says that all the deals she heard about, he had nothing to do with those.  How everybody came to him and the whole plan was they control everything.  He said if the whole house wasn’t asking for Victor’s head, he wouldn’t have been there.  He wanted to be like his brother’s season with a strong group to the end.  He was trying to make that happen.
    • Michelle wants credit for blowing up his game and he gives it to her.
    • They talk about random gameplay
    • Paulie says, “Even if I won HOH, like, who knows at that point, if I would even want you gone because you were…good enough to f’ing call me out on my shit, you know, but I think it’s pretty obvious that the way that I did things was never gave any information but just kind of threw hints out there, a suggestion of something”
    • Michelle – “Like Derrick”
    • They talk a little about Derrick and Michelle says he made it to final two with (alliances with) a lot of people and Paulie says he didn’t do that until it got down to five.  That he had everyone in a way that when it went to jury, they were fighting for him.
    • Paulie says he was good at what he did and he didn’t make official ones with people, just kind of made them feel like a certain way before they left.
    • Paulie says, “If there’s one person that makes people feel good before they leave, I think you know who it is.”
    • Michelle says she doesn’t.
    • Paulie says, “You made a comment to somebody that he would have a good potential of winning the game, also.”
    • Michelle says, “Oh, Paul, yeah”
    • Paulie says, “So, if there’s anybody that does it somewhat similar to me.”
    • Michelle says, “Right. I’ll keep that in mind.”
    • Paulie says, “He’s the one that has come with all the deals.  Me…I made my pick.  Same way Derrick made his pick.”
    • Michelle says, “Right”
    • Michelle wants to know the alliance name.  Paulie says she’s going to laugh because they said it multiple times to everybody.  She makes several guesses – advancemen, allsman, crocodile hunters. Paulie tells her the executives.  Michelle does laugh and says she is going get a t-shirt with that
    • Paulie – If it wasn’t for my own people freaking betraying methere’s nothing that anyone coulda did…
    • Michelle – Why would they want to be a part of five strong guys?
    • Paulie – ’cause that’s literally what they all said, especially the one that just put me up
    • Michelle – Interesting that’s good to know
    • They talk random strategy moves
    • Michelle – I really wanted to work with you…I believed the whole like he’s a loyal person, Cody was….but I kinda knew it was a red flag just from week 1 or 2 when you were saying you observed things, you read body language, you’re very smart, very very smart…
    • Paulie – Appreciate it
    • Michelle – Very smart

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  1. AIO_7

    Good Luck, Pamela! Filling Amy’s shoes will be tough, and we appreciate your effort.

  2. Avatar

    I like your style.

  3. Shivani33

    There’s an immense difference between subjective cleverness and intelligence. One is off-kilter and imbalanced, while the other is open to to not knowing and to self-examination.

  4. Avatar

    Good job and thx for providing updates Pamela!

    Is it me or are the only people not annoying right now Corey and Vic? Paulie, James, Nat, Meech, James and Paul… its a freakin’ game… people will stab you in the back bc there’s $500k on the line! Its part of the game to lie, cheat and steal.

    James is soooooooooo annoying this season!! I swear he’s playing to win a GF rather than the $500k. That dude cannot think for himself… ever!!!!!!

  5. danmtruth

    Thank’s Pamela for a smart recap of Paulie’s & Meech conversation I must give Paulie credit for keeping on to try to work his way back in. His problem is people are now comparing notes on what he has said Add to that the fact Paulie has a very poor memories of what he said The old it’s hard to keep your lies straight

  6. Shivani33

    Nicole is beginning to have a real conversation in the HN space with Michelle. She’s seeing many points about Paulie’s gameplay and her unquestioning loyalty to him is being knocked from under her feet. This could be pivotal for both her and Corey’s game. Corey’s face has shown his doubts already during the past few days about “ride or die” with Paulie, but I think that he has felt trapped by it. Nicole can help him disencumber himself if she sincerely sees the light and moves closer to the others, blinders off. Michelle is working at it with her, practically telling Nicole to wake up and start playing for herself. She’s trying to explain that this isn’t so much about turning against Paulie as it’s about how to survive and bring her own game out from under and back to life. Paul tried to get Nicole to look at this last night, too.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m still skeptical about The Rat taking any of this into consideration. If my guess is right, she’ll run right back to Bambi and TGF and repeat everything she was just told. Then they will tell her to ignore it because they are trying to draw her on their side.

  7. Mell

    I hope that vic gets the next package. Michelle has redeemed herself the past couple of days but she still makes me very nervous. part of me could see her going back to Corey and Nicole. I was impressed last night to hear her admit to someone other than Natalie that she felt guilty about the things she had said about Nat. It gives me a little hope she means it but two months is a long time to have a Mean Streak and convince me that it’s not out of convenience. definitely still on the fence.

  8. Avatar

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!

  9. Avatar

    Paul’s attack chess moves on Paulie, by first taking his Queen, then putting him in Checkmate, you were blinded by pseudo-loyalty Paulie

  10. Avatar

    Read on Jokers …king asshat paulie said he lied on his BB app. about not having seen a shrink B4 ….
    …another lie …or a ploy?

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