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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/14

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The look of defeat

The look of defeat

Good morning everyone! Today is my last post and then I have to return to life as a color guard instructor and preschool teacher. Although I love what I do very much I will definitely miss being here providing you with your daily updates! Of course I’ll still be reading the blog, commenting, and posting an occasional screenshot on the BBJ facebook page so you’ll still hear from me! On to the updates:

  • 12:00am- Corey, Nicole, and Paulie are in the Tokyo room talking. Nicole is telling them about how previous buybacks have worked and that you either get a chance to play in the HOH comp or you get a week of safety.
    • Paulie is worrying himself over all of the turmoil that went down and Nicole is telling him there is nothing he can do it about it now and it’s best to not think about.
    • Nicole is talking about how hard it is to go into the big brother house and be under surveillance every second of the day and given the circumstances he’s handled himself well. She points out that America will judge everything that they do but that they have no idea what the house guests are dealing with. (Fair point.)
    • Nicole says it’s hard to make it far in this game and Paulie asks if this is considered far. She said she thinks it is.
    • Paulie says he just admired things so much he never thought that the strong players would be targeted.
    • Nicole points out that this season is completely different game play than when she played because with battle of the block they were forced to put up weak players or they would be dethroned.
    • Paulie says she knew this was coming from certain people in the house but never expected this from James.
    • Paulie tells Nicole he sees now why his brother liked her so much and says she’s just like family and like a little sister.Untitled
    • Nicole leaves to go to the bathroom and says “Peace out home skillets!”
    • Meanwhile, James, Natalie, and Paul are in the London room reviewing the days that people were nominated.
    • After a a few minutes Natalie says something about her medicine and cam switches to Tokyo room.
    • Michelle in hanging out with Paulie and Corey now complaining about there not being any cake.
  • 12:30am- Paulie, Michelle, and Paul are talking and Corey is asleep next to them.
    • Paulie is saying that people that don’t do their jobs well get fired and doesn’t know why government officials aren’t held to the same standard.
    • Michelle is saying that Ted Cruz looks like the Zodiac Killer.
    • Meanwhile, James and Natalie are whispering in the London room.
    • Natalie says that once Corey is out, Nicole will be really cool but that right now she’s being catty and never talks to Natalie.
    • Natalie says she confronted her about it and Nicole apologized for being standoffish and said that’s just the way she is.
    • James says he’s proud of her for standing up for herself.
    • Fish come on and then Paul is in the room and Natalie is telling America that they got zinged today.
    • She’s starting her talk show thing back up.

      "Live feeders are watching now so over and out"

      “Live feeders are watching now so over and out”

    • Apparently Natalie got zinged about her hairy armpits and she is explaining to everyone that she has to grow out the hair so she can wax them.
    • Paul tells America that when he’s in the pool he has to wear a tie and suit shorts.
    • Natalie says that she’s going to win an HOH and to just wait and see.
    • Jame’s zing: He’s been going around scaring the house guests but the only thing he’s scaring is Natalie’s parents.
    • Cam switches to the Tokyo room where Michelle is telling Paulie she wants to see former house guests but thinks it would distract her from the comp.
    • Cam switches back to London room and they are trying to figure out what episode they are on right now. They decide the next episode is 24. Close, it’s 25.
    • Now they are talking about how many people from each team are left in the house.
    • Natalie is campaigning for her side of the house to win the care package this week.
    • She wants either Victor, Paul, or Michelle to get the care package (she and James are no longer eligible.)
    • Natalie has Paul tell America why he wants to get it and he says “For sole purposes of friendship”
    • She tells America that she’s proud of James because he cleaned the London room and did the dishes today.
  • 1:00am- James asks Natalie to go make food with her and she says yeah but she wants him to rub her neck first.
    • Meanwhile, Michelle and Paulie are in the safari room.
    • He is saying if he’s sitting next to Corey he wants all the votes against him (Paulie)
    • Paulie wants to come to a mutual respect between the two of them and admits that he betrayed her.
    • He tells her that Nicole never disrespected her and she shouldn’t be mad at her.
    • He is explaining what happened with Day’s eviction.
    • Paulie says that he had no chance in this veto because it was based on luck and Michelle said she actually really felt bad for him during it.
    • Paulie is basically admitting defeat and Michelle said it sounds like he’s about to self evict.
    • Paulie says his only move is to plead to Victor to pull Corey down and put up Natalie. (Funny how when he was talking to someone else about this earlier his idea of a replacement was Michelle.)Untitled
    • Paulie said he’s okay with going home and Michelle says she wants him to fight.
    • Paulie says he has trouble separating his emotions from the game. He said when he would plan out his moves he’d be fine but then when they would actually happen he’d get upset.
    • He said his brother was the same way and the hardest thing he had to do was look Donny and Caleb in the face and send them home.
    • Michelle is laughing over the coincidence of the 5 girl alliance and the 5 guy alliance and Paulie points out that they both betrayed each other.
    • Conversation goes back to Paulie’s situation and Michelle tells him that if Natalie is on the block she really doesn’t think she could vote against her.
    • Paulie says if for some reason Michelle ends up being the replacement nom he wants her to campaign against him and he expects to still go home.
    • He said after this week Nicole and Corey are sitting ducks. Michelle says so are her and Natalie and he says eventually yes.
    • Michelle says she hopes he has the RT ticket.
    • Paulie says the only reason he thinks he might is because apparently all of the numbered cards were mixed up in order but his card (# 10) was actually in the 10th spot.
    • Paulie is talking about how he is legitimately crushed and said between the two of them he has appointments with…and then points behind the glass. Fish come on. I wonder if he talks to a psychologist or something.
    • When feeds come back they are talking about Z.
    • Paulie then says if he did stay he could at least have her back in getting Victor out. He tells her that he doesn’t think anyone but her could get him out because of her particular skills. (Nice try Paulie)
    • Michelle asks him why he took the veto from Corey in the comp. Paulie says Victor would have taken it anyway and Michelle says she doesn’t understand the point of that if Paulie was just going to try and get Corey pulled down anyway…
    • He says it was just because it was a competition and Michelle points out that this whole game is a competition.
    • Paulie switches the conversation and says that he needs Michelle to stay in the house the same way he needs Corey and Nicole if he were to stay and she could be the mole on the other side of the house and secretly work with him.
    • He says he’s going to keep her in the loop with everything so she doesn’t blow up his game again.
    • Paulie tells her that the only reason he was worried about keeping her around is because the comps that are coming up are the types that she can easily win. (Mental comps)
    • Now they are talking about what day everything happened in the first couple of weeks and Paulie is quizzing her.
  • 2:00am- Paulie and Michelle still talking but I’m going to check on the rest of the house real quick.
    • Natalie and James are in the bathroom and she is teaching him how to put on some sort of facial cream.
    • They go to bed after a couple of minutes and by that time Michelle and Paulie have left the safari room.
    • Paulie goes into the London room and says to Natalie and James that he’s almost positive an alarm is going to go off soon for Paul to pat everyone down.
    • We have a couple minutes of people talking in dark rooms and then the alarm goes off at 2:12.
    • Natalie screams and Paul sits up and says fuck.
    • Natalie tells him he knew it was coming because the camera just turned to Paul.
    • Paul gets himself ready and goes around patting everyone down.Untitled
    • Michelle throws a pillow at him and he talks into his wrist saying “Suspect 2 is combative”
    • James gets patted down and says “Big Brother! This is not supposed to be our punishment too dammit!”
    • Paul is getting pissed because he still has to pat down Victor and can’t find him.
    • Finally he has finally patted down everyone and then makes a third trip up the stairs to clear the first checkpoint.
    • He clears all the checkpoints after making his fourth trip up the stairs to clear checkpoint 5. I would have been so exhausted after all that running around lmao.

      "Checkpoint 5 is cleared. Operation friendship complete"

      “Checkpoint 5 is cleared. Operation friendship complete”

    • Paul goes back to the London room and Natalie tells him that she noticed Michelle and Paulie in the safari room whispering earlier.
    • They agree not to give her anymore information until they figure out what’s going on.
    • Paul says it doesn’t really matter because they still have the votes but it’s concerning.
    • Natalie is talking about how Michelle was saying she felt bad for him earlier.
    • Paul said they just need to be careful and keep reassuring her.
    • Natalie says she’s going to make sure to hang out with them a lot so they can’t talk privately.
    • They are talking about how easily manipulated Michelle is.
    • Natalie is saying she knew they were getting boned by Paulie for a long time and that she could feel it. (lol)
    • She says she hopes Michelle doesn’t make herself a target and Paul says if she does it’s not their fault.
    • Natalie is talking about how Paulie is throwing a pity party yet they were making fun of her earlier in the season for whining that she needed to make it to jury.
    • She says she legitimately needed to get to jury for financial reasons and she almost didn’t do the show because she was worried about quitting her job and for it.
    • Paul leaves to go see what’s in the storage room and says he’ll come back.
  • 2:50am- Looks like they brought Paul some extra pieces for his suit and his Zingbot apparel.
    • He goes back to the London room and Natalie is commenting on how nice his belts are that he got.
    • She says that she’s going to use all of her outfits from comps and stuff as Halloween costumes.
    • They start some random conversation for a little while.
    • Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Victor and Paulie are talking about how lucky they are to be in the Big Brother house.
    • Victor mentions that this is the year that CBS would have to renew more seasons. It’s funny he said that because they literally just announced that they renewed two more season.
    • They’re talking about how they should do survivor because you only have to do one month and could get a million dollars.
    • They talk about how Caleb had to get evacuated from survivor and Paulie is telling him what happened to him. I have to admit, watching that happen was actually pretty scary. I read somewhere that the only reason he survived is because he was so muscular and his muscles were holding water that kept him alive.
    • After a couple minutes feeds switch to the Tokyo room sleeping and our only option is to watch Paul and Natalie talking about random stuff.
    • They’re talking about how people in the house use the R word and that it is such a wrong thing to say. As a special education teacher I have to agree with them.
    • We get a mix of random conversation and fish for a while.
  • 4:00am- Natalie is talking about how Paulie has made her feel uncomfortable a while and she’s glad that things have finally come out in the open.
    • Apparently he was also constantly telling her that she was going home because she has the never not pass.
    • Conversation switches to life after the show and who they will talk to and want to hang out with.
    • Natalie is talking about how funny it is that her persona to America is ditzy and girly and even admits that she has a learning disability but even after all of that she was the one who helped expose Paulie.
    • They go into the kitchen and James joins them.
    • Natalie is talking saying she’s confused because she heard mumbling in the have not room and went in to see who was in there and was met with silence.
    • She says she is really excited that they have a plant in the house. (There are sunflowers on the island)
    • Lots of random conversation for about an hour and then bedtime.

And that’s all from me for this season! I just want to thank everyone for being so welcoming right from the beginning and all of the nice comments throughout the past couple of months. This has really been so much fun! I’ve read this blog for years and never thought I would be writing here! I have to thank Steve too for bringing me on to the team and trusting me with his site! (Sorry…I sound like I’m accepting an award or something lmao). But seriously you guys are great!

As always, stay tuned for afternoon updates and hopefully you’ll see more from me next season!

August 14th checkpoint is cleared. Operation blog complete. Over and out.

<3 Amy


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