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Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap 8/15

Greetings!  By the time most of you read this, Steve will be off on vacation.  Safe travels!  The feeds have been strange so far tonight.  We’ll see what we get.  If it looks like I’ve stopped mid-sentence, it’s probably because the feed jumped from a conversation somewhere to sleeping feeds.


And I’m back on the flashback and it’s a bit crazy, too.  The times may not be accurate but the information will be good.

  • 8:45 p.m. –
    • Corey & Paulie in the kitchen
    • Corey talking tough to him and saying that he needs to stop being so emotional.  Paulie saying he just needed his couple of days.  Corey telling him to go in a room by himself, get it out and when that’s over, come out and get back to being Paulie.
    • They both agree it’s not about the money but about pride.
  • 9:00 p.m. –
    • Everybody seems to want to talk about their DR and we get the fish
    • Nicole and Michelle are camped out on the big lounge chair.  Paul is with them at the moment.
    • Paul is saying he talked to Paulie, trying to be uplifting.  He says Paulie has had a rough week.  Paul says he told Paulie it is just a game and that he needs to get over it.
  • 9:15 p.m. –
    • Paulie, Michelle, Corey & Paul in Tokyo room discussing politics
    • Michelle saying she voted Democrat for Bernie and that Twitter funds the Clinton campaign
    • Paulie asks if she registered Democrat and she said she had never registered but just voted
    • Paulie says he doesn’t vote in the primary
  • 9:30 p.m. –
    • James goes inside and Paulie joins the girls in the backyard.
    • Paulie tells them that “Vic didn’t go for the putting Natalie up thing.” He says he hopes they can trust each other after all the stuff that went on because they are definitely going to need it.
    • Paulie says he is contemplating going to Vic and telling him to put James up.  He says if James was so quick betray Paulie, he will be quick to betray Vic.  He says he will point out that Vic won’t be able to play in the HoH and he (Paulie) will guarantee that Vic won’t be on the block.
    • He asks the girls what they think and they say go for it.
  • 10:00 p.m. –
    • CIA agent Paul is a hoot!  This was my first time seeing it and I kept rooting for the “suspects” so he would have to keep going…
    • image image
    • Paul gets the place secure and all of a sudden another one goes off
  • 10:45 p.m. –
    • The characters are inside, waiting to be able to be able to swim
    • image
    • Vic & Paulie playing pool
    • image
    • Paulie tells Vic he never expected to feel anything about anyone.
    • Vic says when you watch the show you think f*ck him but when you are in the house it’s totally different.
    • Paulie tells Vic that he and Paul are is homies and he at least wants to protect them for one more week.  He said Vic was the new competition beast after he leaves the house and he wants to protect the HoH for Vic and then “get the hell outta here and put my feet up”.  Paulie says that he’s ready to leave the house this week but he won’t stay in the jury house.  He says he’s claustrophobic and he will ask Big Brother to put him on a plane home.
    • He says he wants to redeem his name and protect Vic & Paul.  He says he is in this situation because of James and Corey is in a predicament because of him (Paulie).  Paulie says if he can stay one more week, he will make sure the guys stay safe.
  • 11:00 p.m. –
    • James & Nat in bed.  Nat saying it was a hard day for her.  James tells her he has stronger feelings for her and Nat said she did, too, but hearing his earlier conversation broke her heart.
    • Corey, Nicole, Michelle & Paul in the Tokyo room.  Corey & Nicole saying that Bridgette was going back and forth between the sides.  Michelle seems to agree with some things.
    • Paul agrees but then he goes into his bedroom and tells James about what Nicole & Corey are telling Michelle.  He tells James he needs to go out there and make sure Michelle doesn’t believe what they are saying.



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  1. Avatar
    belledaisy (55 comments) guys are missing so much..jokers gives minute by minute updates and all sorts of drama going down

  2. Shivani33

    Tonight Victor and Paul caught Corey lying while trying to switch sides and get out from under the dead meat of his Master, Paulie. Nicole has kept trying to switch horses in midstream, too. Paul and Victor can see that Corey needs to go next and then Nicole. Neither of them has bothered to bust Corey. Paul watched him try to maneuver his way out of admitting some obvious plans that he had with Paulie while Nicole sat beside Corey, looking down at her hands in her lap and keeping quiet. It’s too late for this pair, especially since people have to keep being evicted. For now, they’re simply outnumbered. A return ticket for Paulie won’t change the numbers, and a returning jury member probably won’t either, especially since Victor is such a comp beast.

    As for Paulie, everyone strives to keep being polite to him, but their disgust has only been increasing, and it’s almost palpable. He makes a worse impression almost every time he opens his mouth, and bizarrely, he’s still trying to tell others what to do. He goes between three emotional ranges. Bossy or boo-hooing or looking like he’s about to erupt. Everybody, including him, is getting more & more Pauliephobic.

    • Avatar
      Lisa lamb (1 comments)


    • Avatar

      Shivan. I don’t know what u r talking about when u say Nicorey were caught lying by paul( which is the pot calling the kettle black) because I have not seen that. What did they lie about? Also, Nicorey have known they were next to go since the flip unless they win hoh. That’s not new news. And I haven’t seen them switch sides. They have said they think things Paulie is saying and doing are inappropriate (and have also talked to him about shaping up and playing right and to stop the stupid stuff) to me that’s what ppl do in situations like this. They know he is leaving and they are next. Nicorey just be friendly to others in house. She had been friendly with Michelle all season until the day vote out, has been friendly with Paul, and Vic and was always close to James so that really has not changed. So saying they are switching in midstream isn’t correct. They are just carrying on in the house. Everyone already knew Paulie had final deals with all the guys and that’s been in the open for sometime. Paulie has been screwing himself all week trying to get Corey off block so they were not against one another otb. Paulie had f2 with Corey but also had it with Paul so none of that’s news. And he had final 3 with two groups and f5 with guys. And they have been outnumbered since James flipped with his votes. But Nicorey winning hoh might keep them an extra week and Paulie having round trip might help also. As for Paul, he’s got to be the worst rat I’ve seen. He beats Andy by a long shot. He goes to each person and try’s to get info from them and then goes to others and tells everything plus makes up lies to tell. He acts like he has your back and then stabs you in it. And nat!! Omg what a fake she is.the real snake in the grass!! Came in house acting like sweet thing that likes everyone and got away with it because there were so many ppl in house and she wasn’t noticed that much but now she is showing her true personality and this girl has serious flaws in her personality. If I have to hear one more time how fat and ugly she looks I’m going to vomit. She looks the same as she did when she entered house. And for a girl who said over and over and over again how she didn’t talk about ppl and didn’t do drama she has certainly proved herself a liar about that. Very obvious why she has problems with relationships outside house. She’s been dropping Nicole’s name since almost day one and talks so much about her and now Corey also. It’s just plain old fashioned jealousy. The day Nicole goes will be her happiest day. I actually think she has as many deep seeded psychological problems as mesh does. Came in house and first week said she could get any man she wanted. Guess that’s why she is still unattached. Pauli got one thing right about her and that she is such a fake girl. Most girls with implants are proud of them. Most don’t go around telling everyone but if asked are proud to admit it. My god, it’s so obvious that when you lie about it ppl laugh about that. If she had just said yes nothing else would probably ever have been said about it. There have been so many girls with implants in bb. Then the other day she said she wondered if Nicole had implants!! Omg, Nicole flat as a board almost. Then she gets all bent out of shape when Corey and James talking about getting together in Texas and blames Corey for that and of course now he has to go!! Guess her male friends not allowed to have other male friends!! And this house has gotten so personal with their attacks. They go out of their wat to hurt others feelings. Just about all of them do that except Corey, Nicole maybe Vic. That’s not playing the game. Other seasons did not do that. You have heard both James and Nicole say that didn’t happen their seasons. Only one that really comes to mind bad about that was Andy/Amanda/Elissa, aaryn, season but that was only a few of them mostly Amanda. Preston pretty bad. Amazing how everyone sees same thing and comes to very different conclusions. Here is hoping Paulie gets round ticket to add more excitement to house because it’s going to be boring again with Paul having everyone’s back and Vic winning all comps

      • VMSLAZ
        VMSLAZ (48 comments)

        Trudy Trudy Trudy lol Now I know what it would be like watch BB through rose colored glasses. Look an opinion cant be wrong…. or can it? lol idk but if it could then yours definitely is. I have a feeling you either don’t get the feeds and if u do then u spend your time watching them with a bias built on supporting Nicole because u liked her on BB16, if that isn’t the case I am clueless to how u can watch the same things we all do but have such a hypocritical POV. Nicole has spent the entire season worried about personal things and hasn’t had her head in the game since week 1. Paulie is one of the biggest wimps wanna be tough guy chumps they’ve ever cast full equipped with using cancer to guilt houseguests and Corey is a follower with the IQ of a pretzel. Wake up Trudy.

      • Shivani33

        Trudy, we just have different perspectives.I didn’t down-vote your comment (rarely use that option at all) and understand that we can simply agree to disagree, as the saying goes.

      • Boo

        “They go out of their wat to hurt others feelings. Just about all of them do that except Corey, Nicole maybe Vic. That’s not playing the game. Other seasons did not do that.”

        Have you ever watched big brother? There’s been quite a few a personal attacks over the years. ‘Big Brother 6,’ Eric vs. Michael,
        ‘Big Brother 3,’ Danielle vs. Lori
        Big Brother 11,’ Chima vs. Russell
        Big Brother 9, Chelsia vs. Natalie
        Big Brother 9, Joshua vs. Amanda
        Big Brother 9, Shelia vs. Adam
        (Just about every HQ from BB9 made dirty snaps or comments to one another. Adam, the winner of bb9 won because he said he would donate the earnings to charity but was eventually arrested, along side fellow bb hq Matt, for a drug smuggling ring and admitted to spending all his winnings on drugs and never paid his taxes)
        Big Brother 12, Ragan vs. Rachel
        Big Brother 13, Rachel vs. Danielle
        Big Brother 10, Libra vs. Jessie
        Big Brother 8, EVEL DICK vs. The entire house

        Honorable mention: ‘Big Brother 5,’ Nakomis’ meltdown
        This isn’t a fight, but it does bear mentioning. At the end of “Big Brother 5,” Nakomis had quite a bit to drink and started yelling at how she screwed over all her friends in the house. It is maybe the best meltdown in the history of the show.

        Boo Bitches

      • Boo

        And who can forget Howie from bb6 and bb7, he attacked most people in his seasons, from calling April “busto”, and attacking her husband and dog pepperoni.

        Boo Bitches

      • Avatar

        Shivan. I never use the thumbs. EVER!! I have said that in the past I think it’s cowardly. If I disagree I comment – don’t need the thumbs to disagree or agree

  3. Mello_One

    What the heck?! What doesn’t Paulie get about Victor NOT using the Veto on Corey!!! Paulie is getting to the point of being Annoying, Desperate, & Psychotic.

    Question…Who Should Get the Care Package This Week??? Warning, please not Meech, I like her, but she changes her mind at the drop of a feather! I’m gonna divide my Votes up between Victor & Paul.

    • Avatar

      I gave all of my votes to Paul.

    • Avatar
      Kristine (207 comments)

      I have given all my votes for 2 days to victor since he will be outgoing HOH so to keep him potentially safe depending who wins HOH next since it’s a co HOH each HOH nominates 1 person

    • Avatar
      Fran Wills (5 comments)

      I’m voting for Victor. I want Paul to get the last care package, $5000 to bribe another house guest.

      • Avatar

        Fran Wills, is that really your last name? I know some people with the last name Wills but in our town they are very few. Im from Texas, where are you from? If you don’t mind me asking.

    • Avatar

      All 60 of ours daily go to Corey. Asking others how to vote? Isn’t that called voting with the house??

      • Boo

        Wow Trudy, I thought I was the only troll this page had to worry about. I guess not cuz there you sit, under your bridge, being the keyboard warrior troll that you are.

        Boo Bitches

    • Avatar

      Vmslaz. I don’t like Paulie and have not from beginning but would like him to get round trip to continue to liven up game. And I have admitted Nicole and Donnie were my favorites in their season. Neither of them were very good players but both winners in my mind because of the kind of ppl they are. I do look at life optimistically and root for the most honest players with integrity in this game like I do in life. Nicole not playing game very well but she aligned herself with power in house and it got her this far which is further than last year. And she has played with more integrity than most of players left. Corey has said less than anyone in house and has laid low and stayed under radar that way and aligned with power of house. He has attacked no one and we don’t know anything about his IQ which I doubt is low at all. I don’t get live feeds and this year don’t get bbad but read jokers and others that give complete recaps of everything. So I know what’s going on in house. And I’ve said several times I knew Nicole wouldn’t even get in finals. I don’t swing with the favorite at the time so I can say my favorite won. I don’t associate with liars and dishonest and nasty gossips in my life so I pick who I think has most integrity as my favorites. And everyone’s opinion is to be respected. And I don’t have to wake up. I’m not glued to live feeds of a game all day and/ or night

  4. Avatar

    I like Paul more & more everyday. He was terrible in the beginning & I hated him but he’s calmed way down & is playing the hell out of this game.
    Paulie pisses everybody off more & more every time he opens his stupid mouth. He said his father went through all of Cody’s emails & got rid of all of the negative ones so he wouldn’t have to deal with it. Well his father is going to have delete Paulie’s Facebook acct, twitter & any other email acct that he may have because the majority of it will all be bad. Hell, Paulie might have to become a recluse after this especially after what he said about Jersey girls.
    Nicole is still a Rat & I still don’t like her. I want her & Corey to be called out on their shit. I really hope Paul & Vic don’t fall for their crap & put them on the block together.
    Meech is a loose cannon & she’s going to have to go soon too.
    James & Nat, well, I like them but they’re game is weak & not as strong as Paul’s.
    Are they eating Paulie’s pies???

  5. danmtruth

    Paulie is so delusional as he keeps talking. Does he not see the blank look people give him as he talks not even bothering to say any thing but yeh ok For a guy who people hung on his every word .He is now the crazy co-worker your just polite to and listen too . Than just walk away shaking your head Why does Paulie keep talking how he has claustrophobia and this is is a reason to leave the jury house Am I missing something Do they lock him in a closet? Could the root of this trauma stem from Cody doing that to him as a child He does not seem to have a problem being in a small bed with Corey Maybe that will help change his mind and stay in jury when Corey joins him the next week ( this was meant to be sarcastic and not making fun of people clinically diagnosed with claustrophobia )

    • Avatar

      Clostraphobic people don’t have problems in houses. They have problems in small enclosed places like closets, elevators, caves etc. If he really has it he should have had problems going thru tunnel to Paris room. It could be true he has some Clostraphobia but if so being in jury house would not affect it just as being in bb house wouldn’t. This is game strategy which is doing him no good. Most people wouldn’t even see doctor about that. Only if it affected living their daily life. Obviously Pauli has had no problems

    • Avatar
      belledaisy (55 comments)

      He has been locked in the BB House for the entire summer!!!! The jury house should be a piece of cake…and much nicer. He just does not want to face the people he was such a dick too. I honestly think he has mental problems at this point.

  6. Avatar
    TangoTango (152 comments)

    I have actually been rooting for Paul for a couple of weeks now and I still think he should win. He is playing hard and smart. Every time he is on the screen, he makes me laugh. I can’t believe how far Vic has come after being voted out. This rarely happens. He just might make it to the final 2, which has never happened before. They should have gone after him instead of being so set on Frank when he came back in the house. Now, they will just have to sit back and watch his wrath. lol. He and Paul make a good team. Nicole, Corey, James and Paullie have run the game so far. I like seeing the switch in the house. This is when it really starts getting good. Lines are drawn, and re drawn. lol

    • caRyn

      I would have gotten Frank out when they did – ASAP, but I would have gotten rid of guys after that with this cast – even if I was a guy myself. I would always get my treat out first. And I do believe the guys, minus the first two that got clipped, were the threats this season. I would have gotten out (in this order) Frank first and then Paulie, Victor, Paul, Corey and lastly James. After the guys I would have gotten Bridgette out and then Nicole and then Da”Vonne. If I wasn’t able to get a guy out and a girl had to leave that week, it would be the stronger girl threat. It isn’t that I am for all girls or all guys going to the end. Could care less about that. There were no social skills with the girls this season with one female hg. They were and are more concerned about one another on a personal level and not BB game players – with the exception of DaVonne and she said too much and Bridgette that aligned herself poorly in the beginning and just didn’t have the numbers on her side later.

      • caRyn

        Correction -There were no social skills with the girls this season with other female hg.

      • VMSLAZ
        VMSLAZ (48 comments)

        IMO Natalie is playing one of the best social games ive seen any woman play in years. Day played too hard made a fool of herself telling james they needed to clip couples and crying over shit she knew she wasn’t that upset over. Bridgette played a good game, she let Frank be her meat shield and once he was gone she stepped it up big time. Michelle has blown up Paulies game, Tiffanys game started when she began working with Frank, showed her willingness to look past personal things. Bronte wasn’t in the house long enough for much but the only 2 female houseguests that look like they aren’t even playing was Z and now just Nicole.

  7. Avatar
    Missyin74 (15 comments)

    They weren’t jumping THAT MUCH!? Wow…you’ve missed TONS! Paulie told Vic and two others sympathy story of how he needed the money for his dying aunt who has cancer and that’ he can’t stay in the jury for 5 or 6 wks and just to give him one more week..he told Vic all this and a couple others too. Swore in his life that he would keep whoever safe if he could just have one more week etc etc. everyone’s sick of his antics and even Corey -though they slept together is tired of it all!?
    Michelle, nat, James and everyone else seem to want Corey and Nicole out next. Vic is practically insulted that Paulie would use the dying aunt story bc like he said he still gets the same Amt of money if in jury. Paulies told several people that he will not go to hurt that he will fly home and nt finish up ..

  8. Avatar
    Peter B (2 comments)

    Paulie is worse than Cody ever was. This kid a truly a loose cannon. I am rooting for Paul. After seeing that little video about him, his family, his beliefs I started liking him more and more. James & Natalie are like America’s Sweethearts. Victor is someone to watch at this point. Corey and Nicole are back stabbers and just like Paulie, they will play anyone they can for their own gain. But hey, this is Big Brother

    VMSLAZ (48 comments)

    Paulie using his aunts cancer after spending days crying like a biatch is one of the most cringe worthy pathetic things I have ever seen on BB. The week before he was trying to kick Michelle when she was down like he did to Tiffany earlier in the season, then he says he doesn’t respect how they are doing that to him. He said he’s loyal to his boys yet burned 2 for the other 2. He said he doesn’t like emotional players… no one has cried as much as he has over the last 72 hrs not even Michelle. He is simultaneously the worst player in the house and everything he claims to hate but he refuses to accept that he hates those things because they are his weaknesses and people have exposed that. Cant forget telling Vic he should switch Corey with Natalie so he has a chance to campaign, saying he gave Vic that chance yet he leaves out how he backdoored Vic and he actually got a chance to play in the POV when Vic didn’t but he has the nerve to say well I let u campaign at least, come onnnnn haha 1st he wants Nat on the block cause he cant go against his boys no matter what, expect that plan wasn’t working so now he’s come to terms with it being okay to go against James for (backstabbing him). This kid seriously needs a punch in the face, as much as you shouldn’t assume a sibling is like their family I cant help but wonder if Paulie is just jealous of the good son Cody or if Cody also has a horrible personality and it was hidden behind Derrick and the larger than life characters like Zak, Frankie, & Beastmode Cowboy… Cody might be just as big a POS.

  10. VMSLAZ
    VMSLAZ (48 comments)

    Getting rid of Frank so early was a horrible move for more than 50% of the house. It only became a pressing issue after Day made a huge deal outta something she coulda nipped in the bud. Just a woman using her sexuality against a silly dude who was tryna be friendly. That eviction essentially ended any chance for a veteran to win this game. Don’t believe me? Wait until finale night.

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  12. Avatar

    Paulie has now taken on the survivor player Johnny Playfair (or whatever his name was) who told everyone his grandmother died so he managed to stay in the game. It worked for awhile until they found out his grandmother was alive and well. Paulie has tried to play his brother’s game and now Johnny. I am happy to see that the HG’s are not buying it.

  13. Avatar
    Sara (2 comments)

    What happened to using big pictures?!

  14. Avatar
    Mosses (2 comments)

    I don’t want to see Paulie or Corey go!! Please send that whiny ninny Meech home with NO round trip ticket ! Paulie was just honest and called out Ms. FAKE NATALIE. She is the real deal when it comes to the user girls !! She is hanging onto James, and using him to get further in the game. As much as she has flirted with ALL the guys in the house, how can she say anything about Paulie doing it ?? She is smarter than she looks and acts… better get her OUT

    • Avatar

      Mosses. Nat is the real snake in the grass. James got her where she is today because nobody really liked her and they kept her because of James. Because of nats accusations against Paulie (which were not even as bad as what day said frank did) when they were both flirting with each other, and Paul’s lies they got James to flip the house. Now her real personality is coming out because less ppl in house and we see her more now. She is so fake. So jealous!! She’s got some deep rooted problems. I don’t think she really cares about James but out of house he will learn quickly that she has some real problems Came in house saying she could get any man she wanted because she was so pretty and then was spurned by Vic, Corey and Paulie. That’s why she hates Nicole. All the men like Nicole and Nicole figured her out pretty fast. That’s why she talks crap about Nicole to everybody. Naturally Nicole has heard this and has stayed away from nat. Now all nat says is how she’s tried to be friends with Nicole but Nicole just doesn’t like her. Well duh!!

  15. JD

    Paulie would have been better on Survivor. After seeing him here is wouldn’t want to see him on that show now. Got the bad taste in my mouth. I think his personality and competitiveness would have fit better. Although there are some STRONG mental men and women personalities. Maybe he wouldn’t have lasted. Just a thought. He wasn’t bred for this show after all.

  16. Shivani33

    While things can change since this is Big Brother, Paul and Victor have a sincere final four agreement with James and Natalie, agreed upon to their faces and behind their backs. The four of them acknowledge that their friend, Michelle, will be cut after Paulie, Corey and Nicole. While luck and circumstances can demolish the best laid plans, this is it for now. Since Natalie has managed to help keep James on track with her observations during their conversations, I hope that she lasts longer than James and ideally, is part of the final three with Paul and Victor. My favorite to win has been unchanged since the houseguests walked through the door. It has been an unpopular choice, but that person is still in the house. My brilliant, adaptable and very funny philosopher has really managed to hang in there.

    • JD

      @Shivani33 Your choice may have been unpopular but Paul and Victor are winning us over. Right now I am torn between the two. They both have had their a $$hole moments and still think that sucks but they are playing WITHOUT telling people what they are to do like Paulie did.

      Paulie’s whole thing about not wanting to go to jury is his ego not wanting to face up to defeat and face three women who would laugh in his face when he walked in the door.

    • caRyn

      I know that is the conversations they are having now, but I believe Paul will make moves against that F4.

      • Shivani33

        I guess that each person is going to make moves somewhat against each other to get to the end, since somebody has to come out on top! I mean, who wants to be a noble loser like Cody C.? Derrick, you’re the best, man. Here, take the $500,000.

      • caRyn

        I meant he will make moves and probably clip Victor before clipping Nicole or maybe even James. If Paul can figure out a way he can do it, he will. Paul knew it was the perfect opportunity for Victor to get Paulie out this week and Paul pointed that out to Victor. Victor was going to put two girls on the block. Paul may even go after Victor next week which is his next major threat in the house. Victor doesn’t think the same way Paul does and Victor will ride it to the end with Paul and not turn on him. Paul clips them with a quickness. Never cared.

  17. caRyn

    Paulie will leave the game saying this was all strategy. He will say he was playing Derrick’s game, Dan’s game, Boogies’s game, etc.. He will say when one previous hg plan failed he had to switch to another strategy in the hopes that something worked.

  18. Avatar
    Sammie (91 comments)

    They should keep Paulie as a goat and get rid of Corey. Paulie has no one. Corey and Nicole have each other. Smarter to break up the showmance.

  19. Avatar
    Leah (12 comments)

    Will somebody please tell me what happened with Natalie last night that she was “heartbroken” over?

    • Avatar

      Because she’s so fat and ugly!! Also because James was talking to Corey about getting together in Texas and having some fun and she got really really jealous about that. Now of course Corey has to go for that!! Talk about someone with problems. This is stalker obsessive type girl!!

    • Mel

      She is prone to pouting and hanging on to an issue way past its expiration date. James and Corey had a conversation early in the day about partying in Texas when the show ends. Na got her feelings hurt over it and they spoke about it that afternoon- everything was fine and then later that night she was upset over it again. I like her for the most part but she definitely has some annoying habits.

      • Avatar
        Leah (12 comments)

        Wow! See I read about that convo, but assumed something worse must’ve happened. Are you kidding me? I kind of liked Nat, but RUN JAMES RUN!!!

      • caRyn

        Earlier – Corey invited James to visit and said something about…there will be a lot of pretty girls. It was the last part of the invite that upset Natalie. Later – Natalie needed alone time and was laying in bed. She cried and mentioned that she has gained weight since being in the BB house.

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