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Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap, 8/20

Good morning, everyone!  It has been an eventful 24 hours, both in the house and out.  Thanks to all the commenters and to Brianna for wonderful info.  I fell asleep on Jeff last night (something I never thought I’d do!) and missed when the HoH ended.  Back on track and it seems there’s something afoot in the HoH with all houseguests at different times.



When I came in to start at 9 p.m., like normal, I realized they were in the middle of a conversation in the HoH, so I went back to 8 p.m.  There’s a lot of stuff flying back and forth right now.  Seriously, if you have the feeds, it would be worthwhile to watch Camera 1/2 around 11:30 p.m.  What Paul wouldn’t say in the 8 p.m. conversation, he does at 11:30 p.m.  I just can’t bring myself to actually report what Paul said because it is quite graphic and Nat actually counters with something equally distasteful Paulie said about Z.


  • 8:00 p.m. –
    • HoH: Nat, Michelle, James & Paul – Paul is doing a dance and it’s actually working because he’s got Natalie crying.  They’ve asked him to leave and just won’t go.  He’s saying they were lied to by them.  Paul is saying Corey said stuff about Natalie and they are asking him what and he will not say.  Now he’s saying its about Nat and James together.  A rude comment about her “sleeping her way” to the top.  He keeps saying he’s not a liar and not a manipulator.  “My intentions were never to lie or manipulate anyone.”  (Seriously?)  Nat says now she wants to backdoor Corey.
  • 8:30 p.m. –
    • HoH: Nat, Michelle, & James – Discussing what Paul was just saying.  Not much discussion before Corey & Nicole join them.  The tension was fairly palpable until it Nicole finally said something that seemed to settle everybody a little.  Talk turned to baskets and what Michelle got.  She simply had to have some veggie chicken strips and went downstairs to heat some.  Nice story.  As soon as she leaves, James/Nat & Corey/Nicole start talking about how it’s all working.  Then, Vic enters the HoH.  Nicole asks if he saw Michelle in the kitchen.  Sweet Vic, who is with Corey in the slow boat, sometimes, says, “She wasn’t in the kitchen” and almost immediately realizes what he’s done.
    • London: Paul & Michelle (who should be cooking veggie chicken) – She is assuring him that they are still on board and then, not sure if her “slip” was showing when she said, “we just need to get James on board” and that past winners didn’t have to win comps.  (editorial – I said this might be a slip because I’m still not sure where she fits into all of this nomination stuff.  If she’s smart, she realizes if Paul is allowed to move forward unchecked, he will win BB18.  I also think, she is smart enough to know that she needs to keep Paul & Victor happy enough to believe they aren’t the targets.  The slip comes if she is only trying to make him think they are on board but hasn’t taken time to work out the back story.  Or, she’s a total nut and is willing to allow someone to use her as a step to $500K.  I doubt she will win, regardless, but she never will if she doesn’t at least try.  I hope this thing with Paul is strategy.)
  • 9:00 p.m. –
    • Bumper Cars:  Nicole & Michelle (having just left Paul in London) – Michelle saying she trusts Corey.  She says she doesn’t throw anybody under the bus just to be doing it.  Michelle says that Natalie knew things that she has no idea how.  Michelle says she’s never had a final 3 or final 2.  Nicole saying she was never targeting Michelle.  Nicole is talking about how strong Paul & Victor are as a team.  Nicole tells her that if anyone is trying to feed her any bullcrap, just come to her and ask.  Michelle says the same.  Michelle says that Victor is really good at the comps but he has no social game.  Nicole says either one of them is fine with her and she will go however they (Michelle & Nat) want her to go.
    • London: Paul & Victor – Paul tells Victor he has talked to Michelle and “they” are on board with trying to backdoor Corey but thought he or Victor would come back with a vengeance or something.  Meeting at midnight to talk.  Paul saying he cleaned up big time.
  • 10:00 p.m. –
    • Safari: Michelle, Paul, & Vic – Michelle is trying to explain the strategy of putting both of them on the block.  They are asking her if J/N on board with the plan to put them up. They go get James to come in and hit him with Paul calling Corey & Nicole.  They are putting it to James that he will definitely be on the block if Paul or Victor goes home.  James is being James, meaning just vague enough that you don’t know what he’s really thinking.  He’s letting them do all the talking.  Evidently Michelle said Paul goes from side to side during her nomination speech.  He said he was getting “boned” from one side and “boned” from the other side, etc.  Paul asks James if he trusts him.  He says Nat was upset over the comment to/about Nicole and she also had that on her mind when she made her decision.  (Remember how earlier in the week, Nicole & Corey were supposing that James had flipped and that Paulie was sticking to Corey like glue for some reason?  Look for that same behavior from Paul this week, i.e. sticking to J/N/M to make sure C/N don’t influence further.  This conversation sort of proves he plays both sides against the middle and I think that is what I have always found so disingenuous about him.  It is gameplay and he’s good at it, which is why he should win if he makes it past Thursday.  However, Paulie was right to warn Corey & Nicole.  He saw what Paul was doing, not to have blood on his hands, i.e. making the evicted houseguest feel good about themselves.  He wasn’t tossing a vote to a friend with DaVonne, he was paying for her vote on the jury.  He is a manipulator.) 
  • 10:30 p.m. –
    • Safari: Vic & Paul – Discussing how bleak the situation is and going over the plan to backdoor Corey.  Vic says he will go home if he’s up next to Paul.  Paul says he doesn’t think so and there will be huge target on Vic’s back.  Vic says if they are able to backdoor Corey and he gets sent home (provided the 5-person alliance stays true) then that will work.  Paul says they have three days to campaign and that’s what they do.  Vic says they should stick to Corey & Nicole everywhere and interrupt them and accuse them of trying to lie all the time until they are too uncomfortable to say anything.
  • 11:00 p.m. –
    • Kitchen: Paul, Vic, Corey & Nicole – Paul confronting Corey & Nicole about things that were said in the nomination ceremony about him.  As anyone who has witnessed his debate technique before will attest, his style is shouting-interrupting-cow.  I think only someone who is as bombastic as he is could ever hold their own with him.  Put him across from sweet Nicole (I know, she’s not all that sweet) and Bambi, and they don’t have a shot, even if they are innocent.  He said in that last overnight with Paulie that he had been about to go to law school when he decided to start his clothing business.  I get that.  End result of this argument – Paul is victorious, at least in his own mind.  I’ll give Nicole a smidgen of credit because she kind of held her own and there’s no arguing with a bullhorn.  Corey and Vic actually had a civilized conversation about the same things after Paul and Nicole departed the area.
  • 11:30 p.m. –
    • HoH: Nat, James, Michelle, Paul, Vic – This is the midnight meeting Paul referred to when talking to Vic in London earlier.  This is basically a rehash of the Safari meeting but with the addition of Natalie.  At this point, it’s a little hard to decipher who is lying to whom.
  • 12:00 a.m. –
    • HoH: James & Nat (Paul in shower) – The are talking about Corey and that Paul caught him in a lie about throwing comps (he said that in the jacuzzi and Nat told Paul).  She says at the end of the day, Corey lied to Nicole.  She says he also said (vulgar comment) and she doesn’t respect that.  James tells her that he will get his but at the end of the day, he will get it.  She asks about them winning and putting her and James up.  James says Nicole & Corey won’t put them up.  He says if he doesn’t have Corey, he has Nicole and vice versa and they are with each other.  James says he will pull on Nicole’s heartstrings if he has to, that her family likes him and she likes him…  (Sounds like one of the boys is going home, regardless of POV)
    • FullSizeRender
  • There was some sort of “Weather Report” about a storm.  They’ve worked out that each storm is for a houseguest whose left.  For example, the storm from the Northeast refers to Glenn.  So, heads up if you are watching the feeds because these are likely to be going all through the day and may be POV but could be the next HoH.
  • 1:00 a.m. – on
    • HoH: Vic, Paul, Nat, James, Michelle – working on memorizing the weather report(s).  I don’t think these HoHs are going to get much peace this week.




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  1. danmtruth

    Is James hanging Nat out ? It is crazy that Nat and Meeck were swayed by Nichole and Corey . After Meech calls Nichole a snake Meech wants to be a friend of a past BB player she is so desperate to be Nicholes friend she buys into
    This game brings out the crazy in people Now is when people start over thinking
    Funny how Nichole is complain that that other people are saying she and Paulie had a final 2 deal . Corey just sits their not telling her thats crazy that he and Paulie had a f2 deal . Nichole is most worried that Nat will dind out Her and Corey made jokes about her behind her back

  2. Shivani33

    The plan to backdoor Corey or Nicole is back in full effect after hours of talk between the other five. Nicole has figured this out, but it isn’t exactly a secret. Corey is in denial or perhaps hibernating with his eyes open in a state of perpetual subliminal sleep. Nicole, ever ready to take responsibility for her actions and inactions, said to Corey, “Paulie really screwed us over…and the crap’s still falling.” Though no one has been directly confrontative, the air has been crackling. There’s a storm inside and outside the house. Especially Natalie, Nicole and Paul have been nervous wrecks much of the night. Natalie has gone from weeping to giggling and back to crying many times over. Paul pacing and gesticulating with manic animation, talk, talk talking. Nicole whining, victimized and aggrieved, has been behaving strangely. She went into the storage room and came out with a box and a knife, planning to write something on the box. Okaaay. Things are really looking up.

    • caRyn

      Thanks for the updates. I couldn’t stay up and watch BBAD last night. It starts at midnight and ends at 3 am and I have been missing out on my sleep. I have been staying up and going to work early and 3-4 hours of sleep a night wasn’t cutting it.

  3. Avatar
    Donna M (7 comments)

    Watching last nights BB after dark and Nat is crying to James , telling him how nice Vic is. Did she forget that she hated the way he treated her before he was evicted??? Why back door Corey, he doesn’t win anything. They need to get out Vic or Paul now that they have the chance . Sometimes the logic with this group is baffling.

    • caRyn

      They are playing an emotional game. Not good.

    • jimbo
      jimbo (450 comments)

      Vic and Paul started the game as royal jerks, if you recall. It still holds. And, yeah, Nat wanted to hook up with Vic but was rebuffed. Doesn’t James remember Nat moaning about that??!! Kick them to the curb while you have a shot…or game over. Paul wins BB.

      • Avatar
        DingDong (92 comments)

        Natalie was Vic’s instant crush at the start of the game but I think he got annoyed with her for being bad in the group challenges

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      The problem is that they didn’t really arrive at that conclusion on their own. They were pushed by the producers to go after Paul and Vic. If Nat had sat and carefully considered what was best in her game, then decided that going after Paul and Vic was the right option, she would probably be more confident in her decision right now. But because she was manipulated into doing it, she’s second guessing her decision. This formula CBS is currently using (picking young, attractive people who know nothing about BB and having the producers intervene and manipulate the game) isn’t working. They need to go back to casting people who actually know how to play and just let the game happen.

    • Avatar

      Natalie makes me want to vomit! She has done absolutely nothing in that game, oh yes she pops out her tits and constantly looks at herself in the mirrors…..talk about being a floater…..James’s…your being played big time…..Michele is a game player…good going girl….victor if Paul were not there you could have gone far…he will throw you under the bus big time…..does no one see that Paul is the biggest baser of all and a liar…..hope they break up that bromance soon.

  4. danmtruth

    Not too sure why people think Corey will not do well in memory comp. Did they forget on double eviction night it was a memory comp that he won ?
    This is not a game to hold a grudge .
    I question the group study. Everyone has different ways to study Some do well craming . Others do short study sleep than study more.. Nor shure having task master Paul is working for everyone in the group

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      I may be wrong, but I honestly think him winning that was dumb luck–as in, he made a guess and happened to be the only one who was right.

    • Avatar

      I got to thinking about taskmaster Paul’s study method not working for the group. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it ONLY works well for adhd-Paul. If he keeps them up studying all night and wears them out, he will have had the study method he likes best and he doesn’t need an excessive amount of sleep. It is an attempt to insure he stays by winning veto. It has the added advantage of making it look like he cares for the many when he truly only cares for the one. (Yes, old girl nerds do exist.)

  5. Avatar
    kim (1 comments)

    what was the vulgar comment said by Paulie?? I really wish blogger would have posted it rather than saying she couldn’t bring herself to say it!

  6. AIO_7

    I am so through with Mary Ann. From now on she will be called FT Nat or something else derogatory. Say goodby to AFP. And Meech,what a dummy. The two of them together concocted one of the worst moves in BB history IMHO. Even Borey was telling Ratcole that Meech blew up her game with her bonehead move. Paul and Victor slew the dragon that was mocking FT Nat and her FT’s and this is the thanks that they get. Lames is a spineless floater. I’m through with all of them except Vic. and Paul and maybe, maybe, Bridgette if she can get back in.

    Enjoy your make up and lipstick in the HOH room, FT Nat, because, if I have my way, you will never win AFP.

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      I have been reading the blogs and comments, but haven’t joined in. I agree about Natalie. She begs to win comps, but then annoys us with the frequent “I can’t do this.” She wins the HOH, makes a decision, then cries and apologizes for it. James slobbers all over her “Are you okay?” Yes James she is fine. Michelle has now turned the crown of water works queen to someone else, and is actually trying to find her place among the pairs. I hope there can be a backdoor of either Nicole or Corey, because I think that Vic and Paul are playing the best games.

    • Beez
      Beez (31 comments)

      Those are my sentiments exactly. Thank you so much for speaking my thoughts.

  7. Mel

    The comment I think that was referred to above was something Paul told nat. Maybe there was something else that I missed. Paul was letting natalie know that cory made a comment a while back about natalie. He was trying to make her see how the people who have talked the most crap about her are the ones she’s listening to now. Supposedly cory said “Natalies is going to just suck James’ d**k to the end and James is gonna let it happen.” Natalie say that she isn’t like Z, sucking paulies d**k. Michelle asks “did she really” and Natalie tells he no.
    I’ve heard (and maybe said) worse on here so I don’t have a problem saying it. Got your back Pamela.

    • Avatar

      Thanks! Because I don’t know who reads just the updates and because I couldn’t recall reading anything quite that graphic before, I was afraid to post it. I figured if I said where, folks would look for themselves or someone would post it in comments. Not everyone who follows the feed updates reads the comments. I definitely appreciate the backup.

  8. Mel

    I was bothered more by natalies accidental confession about her DR than her nom’s honestly. We know it’s done, as there have been other major slip up over the years (we always hear minor ones) but hearing it out of her own mouth last night that production wants nat/james to work with nic/cory left me feeling very deflated. I didn’t know why it seemed to anger me more this year than other times. I woke up with my answer. (Don’t judge me for going to bed and then waking up thinking about BB- I’m aware therapy is probably in my future)
    The more acquainted I got with this cast, I didn’t have anyone to get behind. Being optimistic, I thought this can work. Maybe I can enjoy the game this year with more of a laid-back approach since I’m probably not going to carel as much about who wins. That’s not what happened. I realize now I’ve invested more this season than some of the others because I had to spend so much time tryiing to find someone to like as a player. It’s taken more energy than the seasons where you watch the first few weeks and think “I like what this one is doing.”
    Sorry, this wasn’t exactly game talk. I guess I just needed to get that out and regroup so I can go back to watching these dumbasses.

  9. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    I am so over Paulie’s winner’s edit. Totally omitting 90% of his douchebaggery. Did production forget we can see what happens in the house 24/7 or just not care?
    Hey CBS – stop trying to make Paulie happen. He’s not gonna happen.

  10. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    I so wish this season was over.I have invested so much time in it that I can’t walk away this late in the game.I have been a fan of James from his season but not too happy with the drifting aspect of his game.He is the veteran here not Natalie.Victor and Paul are here to play the game not have showmances.I hope one of them gets POV and they put up Corey or Nicole and send one of them packing this coming week.If Paulie comes back,they will be a threesome again and pick the others off one by one.Nat and Meech would have no one to blame but themselves.

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  12. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Thank you Mell for clarifying what was said. I was getting confused with the vague recap.

  13. Avatar
    Susan B (27 comments)

    I don’t get the feeds but hang on every word I’ve been reading over the years. I rarely comment but…..I have to know. Did Nat and Meech know they were putting the power of the vote in Nic/Corey’s hands when they put Vic and Paul OTB?

    • Mel

      Sort of. That’s what was wierd. Nat was saying it without it registering if that makes any sense. When Michelle went along to put up p/v in order to get Paul out ( so Vic couldn’t use veto on paul), nat actually said a couple times that if Vic and Paul were otb, they would probably vote out vic. She said this to michelle. They just went right back to talking about how this was the plan so they could get Paul out. I’m still scratching my head.

      • Avatar
        Susan B (27 comments)

        I hope they backdoor Corey or Nicole but I believe Nicole is the one that really has to go.

      • Avatar
        Ella (78 comments)

        Corey has had game play because of Nicole. She yammers in his ear constantly and he just nods. When he won the HOH he looked rattled and asked the four guys what they wanted him to do. Course all of them acted like they had never talked game in their lives, and didn’t want to commit to anything lol. Funny boys.

      • caRyn

        Agree, Ella. When it is a live show the hg are totally different people.

  14. Mel

    I’ve had a little cream, sugar and frustration with my coffee so I’m back to game talk. I want Vic and Paul both to stay but below comments may not reflect that so I’m saying it here.
    I usually have random tidbits of conversation but these are more things I observed yesterday/last night mixed in for anyone who didn’t see it.
    *Michelle told vic/Paul she felt trapped a little and had to do it (may be some truth to that) she said she wasn’t gonna have the votes to get out nic/cory since nat wanted Paul out and james was voting (true) she knew if she didn’t go along, she would be an outsider next week.
    *Michelle didn’t fight at all imo. Nat said a couple times, they could put up one from each side and Michelle never jumped on it (maybe cuz of votes or she’s stupid-not sure)
    *Michelle was clear she did NOT want vic to go home
    *nat mentioned to michelle that nic/cory would probably vote out Vic but then right back to the plan to nom paul/vic in order to get Paul out ?????
    * Paul made clear he is not an atheist, he is an agnostic (very different)
    *Michelle upset and wants bb to let her redo nom speech.
    *Paul let everyone know that even if he stays otb that no one in his family is dying
    *michelle feels a little better about going on stage since she got acp
    *during paul/nicole/cory arguement- nicole denys everything. Cory says paul/vic are strong couple. Paul says he doesn’t see them as a pair since they don’t cuddle
    *I am honestly confused about the plan. It seems as if nat/james are ready to bd cory but private convos with james/nat at other times have james saying that Cory’s time will come.
    *James told nat he would go after nic/cory next week. I really don’t know if this is true or not.
    *Nat said many time that she f****d up her nom’s last night.
    *they were up all night studio for a memory comp for veto. They know thats what it will be now.

    • Shivani33

      James and Michelle are the two who act the least solid about last night’s big changes. James has the strongest sense of loyal emotion about Nicole/Corey of anyone who is left in the game. I don’t think that he feels that attachment to Corey, except by association. He has a hard time about going against Nicole. Also, James sees the practical side of getting Victor out the door and is obviously somewhat jealous of him, too. However, he’s mainly into supporting Natalie, wherever that little Rollercoaster takes them. He’s just fascinated.

      Michelle is willing to flip from one power spot to any other and to add, truthfully or not so honestly to whatever is happening. It serves her well to hear and to influence things, but she’s the loner. James and Michelle kept themselves subtly open to switching their plans. Paul was the major source of will and energy to change the dynamics back to his and Victor’s advantage, totally the engine that would and could. The group study was partly initiated because he was buzzing and couldn’t calm down, and they all needed to direct their excitement somewhere once they’d exhausted their powwow details.

      • AIO_7

        “James and Michelle are the two who act the least solid about last night’s”….

        Lames and Leech, feckless floaters.

  15. Avatar

    I gave up yesterday when those two brainless idiots put Paul & Vic on the block or rather when they handed Ratcole & Bambi the majority of the power because now they choose who to evict. I really hope Paul or Vic wins the veto & saves himself & whicn ever one gets evicted comes dack in with both guns blazing hot & heavy & gives it all back to her ass.

  16. Avatar
    nana10 (6 comments)

    This site is so far behind BB Canada Spoiler , and so little info, don’t know why anyone uses it???

    • Mel

      You’re on here now

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        I think different BB sites cater to different needs. I like Junkies because it sort of “summarizes” all the important info I need to know. It’s like a site for the busy or casual BB fan who just needs to know the meat and potatoes. Also, Junkies by far has the best comment section of any BB site. The posters here are HILARIOUS and they fill in any gaps from the summaries the bloggers post.

        I don’t always have time to read every single line that’s been uttered in the BB house, but if you want to know that there are several sites like Jokers that do that. I personally appreciate them all for different reasons, but Junkies serves my needs the best.

    • caRyn

      If you are on this site and you feel we are missing out on info then fill us in with what you know. We realize that this isn’t the only BB site on the Internet, but this is the one we prefer.

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

      This is my 4th year with junkies and while I don’t post as much as others, I still feel like family. Can’t get that from other sites. I have people here who watch my back when the trolls comes out. Steve blogs better than anyone else, and when he can’t be around, he makes sure we’re covered. As long as he continues, this will be my place to get my info on BB.

  17. Avatar
    nana10 (6 comments)

    ONLINE BIG BROTHER, best site

  18. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    I just finished watching BBAD from last night.Something I noticed was when Natalie said that production wanted her to work with Nicole/Corey Production of course told her “You are not allowed to talk about production.”Then,Nicole would get called to the DR.Then,if Natalie would talk about Nicorey she got called to the DR.Just seemed suspicious to me.Then Nat also said “If we take one of them out.they’ll be left alone.” Who cares??? Then she got called to the DR again!!

  19. Mel

    *Veto players-all except Nicole
    *nicole thinks she is going home-cory can’t imagine that happening (shocker)
    *nic thinks she must do something wrong since she’s ended up in this situation 2 seasons
    *nicole says James won’t look her in the eye and she’s getting backdoored. She says the backdoor loves her
    *nicole thinks james will vote her out – Cory says she could hurt a puppy (or something like that) and james wouldn’t vote her out -Nicole says he would
    *cory says he won’t win this comp because he doesn’t know any of the stuff.
    *have Nots -james and Vic (his 1st time)
    *james double checks with Meech that next week’s plan is to get rid of nicole if cory goes this week. Meech says yes and that she volunteered to go up as the pawn (true)

  20. Avatar

    I can’t stand Nicole, all she do is sleep, eat and whine. And her cuddling with Corey all the time…. Poor guy is probably gonna run away from her as soon as the show will end. She doesn’t bring any fun to the game!

    • Mel

      I know. Its gone on so long that it isn’t even fun to make fun of her for it anymore.

    • Shivani33

      Last night, Nicole said that she just wants to go home! She was nonstop going on to Corey about how everyone has betrayed her. She was even blaming Corey from time to time. Often he just wanted her to calm down and stop talking. Sometimes she was pretty incoherent. Mostly a lot of major complaining, harping and feeling more helpless than ever. When she realized that everyone except them was up in the HOH room fully engaged together, she took it very hard. I’ve never seen her so upset during this game. The thing is that she coildn’t bring herself to confront anyone and might have been able to sway a couple of people if she had. Maybe she’ll gather her emotions and try to convince James to help her stay, but last night was an “I give up” mood for her.

      • Mel

        That explains some stuff for me. I knew the group was flipping (maybe) but I didn’t know how Nicole caught on so fast.

  21. Mel

    I just want to say that I bounce around everywhere (bb sites, blogs, twitter) for info when I’m on the go. Some comments have been correct that recaps here have been less detailed or sometimes late recently. (The sky hasn’t fallen) Jokers, for one is always current but it’s also like reading a court transcript. Online BB has very little intelligent discussion. (Imo) I’m not knocking them. Every place offers something different. I would never go on Jokers and complain that I don’t get enough updates in a witty and conversational style. That doesn’t seem to be its purpose. I prefer to stay awake while getting my updates. I found I retain the information better that way.
    I know this has already been discussed. I just wanted to say to those who stepped up to cover the vacation time, thank you.
    This reminds me of youth sports. You remember, all those parents who constantly complain and criticize are never the ones who never volunteer to coach.

    • Mel

      One too many “nevers” but you get the point. Lol
      I really should read things before hitting send!

    • Avatar

      100% right…Tell it like it is Mell. I bounce around from site to site to visit too but I always come right back home to Junkies.

      • Mel

        Same. This has always been my favorite place to read updates. I was honest this summer and admitted that i’ve been reading here for years and this is my first season joining in. I stopped “lurking” and put my big girl panties on!

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Other sites are crowded and distracting with so much information. I like the court transcript reference, because that is what it felt like reading it. Fortunately this is not a competition and people can go to whatever sites they want. I have read the comments here for a long time and I like the format and people. So whoever is not happy here go to the sites that you do like. This is America and you have free will to do so.

  22. Avatar

    @Mell, please tell me the real plan. What are Natalie & Meech really planning to do? Who’s the real target?

    • Mel

      It’s actually been a little confusing because there seem to be a lot of back-and-forth. The group seemed to go back to the plan to get rid of Cory or Nicole pretty shortly after the nom ceremony and there was a lot of crying and regret from Meech and nat. I got a little unsure when James and Nat spoke privately in HOH. James was saying things like Corey’s time to go is coming and I’ll go after Nicole/Cory next week. That’s why I couldn’t tell if James meant it or not. As of this morning, the group does genuinely seemed on board to try to backdoor Cory. Nicole seems very nervous and she is getting a bad vibe from James. That’s also what makes me think it’s genuine at least at this point, if that helps at all.

    • Mel

      It’s actually been a little confusing because there seem to be a lot of back-and-forth. The group seemed to go back to the plan to get rid of Cory or Nicole pretty shortly after the nom ceremony and there was a lot of crying and regret from Meech and nat. I got a little unsure when James and Nat spoke privately in HOH. James was saying things like Corey’s time to go is coming and I’ll go after Nicole/Cory next week. That’s why I couldn’t tell if James meant it or not. As of this morning, the group does genuinely seemed on board to try to backdoor Cory. Nicole seems very nervous and she is getting a bad vibe from James. That’s also what makes me think it’s genuine at least at this point, if that helps at all.. as far as nat and meech specifically their target was never Vic it was always Paul along with everyone else they’ve gone back to wanting out Corey

    • ChiKelz

      Thank you Ann! It’s not just me. I am soooo confused and watched After Dark last night. I was on Jokers and all. I still don;t know what’s going on! Thanks for explaining Mell!

  23. CLangley

    I just can’t wait to see how Paul and Vics HOH ends up. Oh I mean Nat and Meechs HOH. Dang those girls. Also when Vic was getting evicted the 1st time, Paul knew they done it as a bd plan and Paul didn’t even pick Victor to play in the veto which sealed the deal. He was mad at Paulie for sending him home but in reality everyone sent him home and Paul played the biggest role in it by not allowing him to play for the veto when he drew houseguest choice. Why isn’t anyone bringing him that info?!?!?!?!

  24. CLangley

    I just seen where Nat is mad at Paul for taking the HOH bed… well come on, you’re letting him run your HOH now so what did you think would happen??? Hahahaha

  25. Shivani33

    POV players picked. Only Nicole not playing and being the host.

  26. Shivani33

    It’s been Paul confronting Nicole and her not having much to say., while Corey was just happy to get out of his unitard. Once it became clear that Nicole isn’t playing in the Veto Comp, Paul didn’t feel the need to keep working to rattle her. Lack of sleep is affecting everybody, though. Even me, lol. Sorry if my comments have been annoying anyone.

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  28. Shivani33

    James, as I suspected is working to get Natalie to keep Paul/Victor as targets and has been praising Corey to her.

    • Alda
      Alda (1851 comments)

      I saw that too.Praising Corey after what he said about Nat.Very strange or very fixed.Boy,James sure went and confronted Paulie quick enough,but let’s it slide with Corey.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      That doesn’t surprise me at all. James actually doesn’t have a very good poker face, and I could tell last night when Paul/Vic were trying to reinforce the F5 arrangement that James wasn’t convinced. That’s why I said in my post that I couldn’t tell whether the deal was sincere or not, because although Nat and Michelle seemed at least somewhat sincere, James was putting on a pretty bad acting performance.

      The only thing I can see at this point that would send Corey packing this week is if Nat really begins to double down on her outrage at what Corey allegedly said about her. I don’t think James is convinced that sending Corey home is a good move and Nat still seems torn enough that James can persuade her that Paul and Vic are bigger targets this week.

      • Shivani33

        I agree that James prefers to get Paul and Victor out of the way and knows that he has a better chance to win with them gone. He tried to conceal it last night and waited forever for Paul to go away. Then James began convincing Natalie that she ought to ignore Paul’s campaign to save himself. James might get criticized for his stance, but he’s trying to level the odds against himself.

  29. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    Well,after Natalie’s last Dr room session she seems back on board to get out Paul.Hmmm.Haven’t heard from Meech in awhile.I have a feeling Vic will be going to jury.Hopefully he’ll beat Paulie and come back to the nut house.

  30. caRyn

    It is confusing because of the two that are HOH/Co-HOH – Natalie and Michelle. James will do what Natalie wants so as Natalie changes her mind, James changes his. Natalie and Michelle may go far in this game because no one mentions them as targets and need them on their side. So this emotional, confusing, rollercoaster game they are playing is working. The hg will go after James before Natalie when they want to split that couple up.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      The good thing in all of this is that I honestly have no idea who the Final 2 are going to be at this point. This is a big turnaround from a couple weeks ago when we all pretty much certain that Paulie would taking home the grand prize. As of now, there are still so many variables at play, that I could see any of the remaining HGs (plus potentially Paulie if he wins the buyback comp) making it to the end. It seems that more than strategy, it’s going to come down to who wins the comps. I just wish production would stay out of it. We don’t need them dropping hints, things are already shaping up to be quite interesting.

  31. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    I am starting to worry that production is trying to rig this for Nicole to win. They rigged it for Rachel to win when she came back as a vet. If that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t think they were doing it now – but why else would they want Nicole and Corey to stick around? Corey is a turd. He’s shown very little personality other than his “so fucking hilarious” stories about drinking where people are vomiting all over or trying to light goats on fire, or the one where the girl tricked his friend into taking her to dinner AND a movie and then having the gall to not even put out! Remember that guy? Maybe they gave him some meds to shut him up, or maybe having Nicole glued to his side has kept him quiet. Either way, it seems like Victor and Paul have won over a lot of fans and it’s pissing me off that production is pushing people to get them out.

    • Alda
      Alda (1851 comments)

      Corey and Nicole have the personalities of wet mud! At least everyone I talk to in person love Paul and Victor.They make such a funny duo.Everyone knew that Rachel won because of Production and it’s happening again! Nicole will be in the F2.But how many votes will she get?

      • Shivani33

        I don’t think that Nicole will survive and that stronger players will evict her sooner or later.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        For some reason I have a feeling that Nicole is going to caught up in the crossfire during the next Double Eviction (which must be coming since they’re allowing yet another player to return to the game). Things just seem to get a bit chaotic and I could see Nicole just being the “go-to” target for someone that evening since she’s been on the receiving end of so many people’s wrath this season.

    • Avatar
      DingDong (92 comments)

      Let’s not forget the season bb producer Allison Grodner’s bud Amanda took over the bb house and ruled from her bed like Jaba the hut with pizza boy McLazy.
      I really hate it when PTB feel like the only way a girl can win is by interfering.
      (American Idol was guilty of this too)
      It all starts at casting and hire BETTER GIRLS!
      In the meantime …hey PRODUCTION …STAY OUT OF IT!

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        I agree DingDong that they need to do a better job casting women for this show. Some of the most brilliant, strategic, diabolical players in the history of this show have been women (i.e. Danielle from BB3, Alison, Erika, and Jun from BB4, Michelle from BB11, etc). But with a few notable exceptions (such as Vanessa from BB17) we haven’t seen BB casting very many women like these in recent years. If you notice, the women I referenced were a bit older and a lot smarter and more mature than most of the women who have been cast in recent seasons. They really need to balance the casts out a little better moving forward.

  32. caRyn

    It seems that most believe the jury buyback winner will be Paulie or the current hg that gets evicted next. If it, by chance, is one of the girls it isn’t definite which side of the house they will lean toward. I don’t want Paulie to win for that fact alone. I want the unexpected.

  33. Avatar
    Gerardo (2712 comments)

    At this point, it sounds like unless Paul wins the Veto today he’ll be evicted this week. Victor’s case is a bit more interesting. Michelle really wants Vic to stay (in fact, this was part of the deal she made yesterday with James and Nat…she would only nominate Paul if they promised to keep Vic safe). James and Natalie also seem to trust Vic much more than they trust Paul. Natalie has said that she doesn’t trust Paul or Corey and that she doesn’t think she would be able go through with backstabbing Vic. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

  34. Avatar
    Missyin74 (15 comments)

    I have no idea who blogged this but this one and a couple others recently Left me–confused!!
    I mean telling about the Nicole and Paul and Corey thing being talked about but never tell who says what and interjecting your thoughts etc is VERY confusing. TYPE THE CONVOS–and when you use the letters “j”, “n” etc remember there are 2 people in the house with the letter N.
    Am i the only one figured by this blog?????!!!??

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