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We have a new prankster in the house

Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/3

We have a new prankster in the house
We have a new prankster in the house

Good morning everyone! As Thursday approaches it seems that Day is finally realizing her fate. To be honest I’m shocked that she didn’t figure it out before now. How do you feel about eviction this week?

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Here are the updates:

  • 12:00am- Michelle, Z, Day, and Natalie are in the London room and they briefly celebrate making it 50 days in the house.
    • Natalie jokes that they should have gotten a party.
    • She comments that she needs James to drink some of his water and Michelle agrees and says he’s taking forever.
    • Day asks what they did to his water and they say it might taste like ocean water.
    • Apparently they put sea salt in James’ water.
    • Day starts telling them about a salt water cleanse that she does. Sounds gross.
    • Meanwhile, Victor, Paul, and Paulie are in the HOH room.
    • Victor is naturally assuming he’s going to be HOH next week.
    • He says he’s going to hang out in open areas all the time so that no one can talk to him privately.
    • Paulie is joking that if he is HOH he’s going to name his nominees and then have Victor give the speech.
    • Apparently there was some sort of conflict between Victor and Michelle. They see Michelle go into the kitchen on the TV and send Victor to go down and make things awkward.
    • Victor leaves the room while whistling the little riff from Hunger Games and Paulie loses it apparently thinking this is funniest thing in the world.Untitled
    • Z comes in the room and they are talking and Victor and Michelle.
    • Apparently Victor gave her a stuffed animal and Michelle threw it on the ground or something. And Victor at some point told her to forever rest in peace. I’m not really sure what happened…sounds dumb.
    • Meanwhile, Day is still downstairs with Natalie saying in this situation having a heart might come back to bite her because last week she was giving Bridgette a bunch of advice on how to stay in the house while she’s on the block and now she’s sitting next to her.
    • Fish come on for a few minutes and when they come back James is in the London room and has just discovered that his water had salt in it and is telling the camera all about it.Untitled
    • He says he declares war on Natalie.
    • Natalie is telling him she’s the pranking champion and James says noone comes in between him and his pranks.
    • She said he was the prankster in season 17 and this is bb18 and she’s closer to being 18 than he is. So there.
    • She leaves and James tells the camera that he’s going to stuff her into a little box.
  • 12:30am- Day goes up to the HOH room and is asking Paulie if the plan is still to vote out Bridgette.
    • He tells her it is as far as he knows. He says he’ll vote out Bridgette because that’s what Paul wants.
    • Day asks if that’s what he wants and asks why he keeps talking in circles and in riddles.
    • She says she just wants to make sure but doesn’t want to bombard people and turn into Tiffany.
    • Day points out that she has noticed a lot of friendship toward Bridgette as soon as Day went up on the block.
    • They end the conversation and Day leaves. Now Paulie is trying to take care of Z’s hand that apparently hurts.
    • Z tells Paulie she cares about him and he quickly changes the subject and says she looks pretty without makeup.
    • She asks if he heard her and he’s like yeah I said I care about you too. No you didn’t.
    • He’s trying to explain to her how crazy things get after the game and says he thinks she’s underestimating how crazy it will be.
    • Paulie says he’s been through it before so he knows what to expect but basically implies that Z might not be strong enough to handle it.Untitled
    • He is saying he cares for her but wants to make sure she can handle everything that’s going to happen after this. (It’s not me, it’s you.) I feel bad for her.
    • She says she think’s she’ll be okay but they’ll cross that bridge when they get there.
    • Paul comes in and conversation goes back to her hand hurting.
    • Meanwhile, downstairs James is plotting another prank for Natalie.
    • He talks to Nicole who is in bed in the Tokyo room and tells her to ask Natalie to bring her some yogurt when she walks by. Then James runs into the storage room.
    • After about a minute James comes into the kitchen. I guess he got tired of waiting.
    • Natalie walks away and I guess Nicole played her part because when feeds catch up with her she is saying “Nicooole!!” But Natalie didn’t fall for it.
    • Natalie yells at James for a while and then goes to the storage room to check out the yogurt and try and figure out what he did.
  • 1:00am- Victor and Day are in the kitchen talking about the attention that comes to them after the game.
    • Day wonders why they don’t offer paid tours of the big brother house.
    • I’ve wondered this myself. I would love to do that!!
    • They are saying they wish they could see what is behind the walls. Aaaand cue fish.
    • Day goes into the safari room to talk to Michelle.
    • Michelle is having a pity party because people don’t talk game to her.
    • She’s complaining (to someone that’s on the block) that she thinks people are plotting against her.
    • She is trying to figure out why Victor is mad at her and Day is trying to encourage her to talk to him about it.Untitled
  • 1:30am- Z joins the girls in the safari room and is talking about her time in the HOH room with Paulie.
    • I don’t get why she acts so chill and confident when she’s with everyone but then like a scared little girl when she’s with Paulie. Does she think its cute?
    • Paulie, James, and Corey go into the have not room and Paulie discovers his sweatshirt folded nicely on his bumper car. It was left there by Z and the guys joke that their relationship must be over.
    • Nicole joins them. Paulie says there’s only a little time before Z comes in to go to bed so they need to discuss her first.
    • They mention that she needs to go home soon and Z pops in right away.
    • She walks back out and they say again that Z needs to go after Day.
    • They start talking about Michelle and James mentions that earlier she said to him that she feels out of the loop.
    • Corey is worried that people are figuring out that they are keeping Bridgette and Paulie says he’ll convince Z that they are keeping Day and they all agree to not talk to Bridgette until after the eviction.
    • After some fish it is just Corey and Paulie and shortly after, Bridgette comes in.
    • Paulie tells her that Z, Day, and Michelle are piecing together what’s going on.
    • Bridgette asks what she can do and they say nothing and that it’s their fault because they keep getting caught talking to her.
    • Paulie starts retelling his fight with Z and here is Corey impression of her:Untitled
  • 2:00am- Paulie is still retelling the fight with Z.
    • James and Natalie are whispering in the London room.
    • Natalie is saying that Corey is like a girl with the way he gossips so much.
    • Day comes in and James asks her what’s wrong with Michelle.
    • Day doesn’t really say anything and James is telling her how Michelle was acting angry with him.
    • Day seems to be humoring him and just asking questions about what was going on with them.
    • Conversation transitions to this week’s eviction and Day is doing some light campaigning with Natalie and James.
    • James does a lot of vague responding and doesn’t give her a straight answer. He’s saying something about having to check with Paul first before he makes up his mind.
    • After that conversation is over James and Natalie go into the storage room and they are saying they should really vote with the house.
    • Meanwhile, Nicole, Z, and Michelle are in the kitchen talking about wanting Bridgette out.
    • Nicole feels like Bridgette is coming after her and Corey next week.
    • They have been told that Bridgette would put up Vic and Natalie but they don’t believe that is true at all.
    • Although they want Bridgette out they are saying they’re going to vote with the house.
    • Now they are talking about double eviction and different possibilities/scenarios.
  • 2:30am- Z, Day, and Michelle go into the safari room again.
    • Day is retelling her conversation with James and Natalie.
    • Michelle tells her she’s pretty sure she’s safe.
    • Meanwhile, Natalie and James are still talking in the storage room.
    • They’re throwing around ideas and possibilities for after eviction.
  • 3:00am- James and Z have a chat in the safari room and things Z has said.
    • Apparently James has heard that Z was saying that James was a good player and is coasting through the game and Z is telling him that she wasn’t saying it as strategy just as a compliment.
    • James says he basically just does whatever the house wants in the game and he’ll never blindside anyone.
    • Their conversation ends and things in the house are starting to wind down.
    • People are getting ready for bed or just having random conversations.

I’m going to wrap things up there. Nothing really pivotal happened the rest of the night. Check back later for afternoon updates!


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  1. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    Can you imagine if Johnny Mac was in the house this season?I think he would self evict to get away from the loons!I can’t name one sane player in the house this season.They could all star in a remake of “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.”

    • AIO_7

      I disagree, Johnny Mac got along with just about every one.

    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      I think Johnny Mac’s game was very similar to Jame’s. I like both guys as people and root for them but down think either played that great of a game. They are both very likeable but float by instead of using the likability as a power.

    • JD

      True except the actors in the original One Flew over the cuckoos nest could act! James gets caught in a lie and they all stare into space trying to rewind and pretend that moment didn’t happen. Day has to be in denial. She hasaid always read people. She can’t see that all these people are lying to her? James saying he hasn’t decided yet doesn’t tell her she’s going? His answer should have been Bridge what other answer would it be if the plan is for Bridge to go.

      • Avatar

        That bunch of dumbasses should have known better than to let James answer the question when Da asked them what the plan is after eviction this week. James doesn’t do well under pressure.

  2. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    James. Ugh. The ultimate floater.

  3. Avatar

    Frankly, I’m sick & tired of the whole “voting with the house” bull-shit.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      This is a good example, if HGs voted to keep the person that would help their games, the votes would be close, and Day could end up staying. I still want a tie to see Paul’s head explode. LOL He does not want that to happen.

    • Avatar

      I’m sick of the whole voting with house bullshit too but I still have hope for Bridget like I said before if wins HOH not this week(but maybe this week cause I want her safe)but the week after Nicole or Z get evicted she can make a bug move against Paulie I’m still hoping for that and I want Paulie out but she will have to play safe for right now I still think she is great and she comes close into winning comps she is the only girl in the house that might make to final 5 if she plays her cards right but she needs James,Nat and Nicole/Z and Victor to get Paulie out but I hope it happens and also I never seen a guy act like a dick to a girl in big brother like Paulie god he is soooo annoying and holy crap how can Z be soooo stupid and still be with him I don’t really get it

      • Avatar

        I agree with most of what you said except I don’t like Bridgette.

      • JD

        True except the actors in the original One Flew over the cuckoos nest could act! James gets caught in a lie and they all stare into space trying to rewind and pretend that moment didn’t happen. Day has to be in denial. She hasaid always read people. She can’t see that all these people are lying to her? James saying he hasn’t decided yet doesn’t tell her she’s going? His answer should have been Bridge what other answer would it be if the plan is for Bridge to go.

      • JD

        I think Bridge will believe Paulie’s spiel about he got out his girl to save her and get her to trust him then take her HOH to get a girl out. She wins but she has a weak will.

    • Katheryn
      Katheryn (94 comments)

      Ann, I am tired of it as well

  4. Avatar
    WTF? (21 comments)

    OMG! The scene with Paulie and Z was SO painful that I couldn’t watch. How can someone that beautiful have so little self confidence. She should be telling him to get lost. This feels like the start of an abusive relationship. Then to watch him retell it to his Bros was even more disturbing. That he could celebrate beating up on someone like that is way wrong. I can’t tolerate watching anymore.

  5. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    I lost all hope for these people. We all know how it will end.
    Paulie’s two faced, gossiping self will be victorious because no will go against him. If Da wasn’t going home she could easily team up with Michele and Z.

    • Mello_One

      @ Cyn
      If they were ALL Smart, James, Nat Nat, Day, Zaki, Meech, & maybe Victor too could all take on the other side of the house! They all know who is making the moves in the house, Paulie along with Nicole, Corey, & Paul…Now if they would just band together!

  6. AIO_7

    Paulie’s psyco. rant at Z. last night on BBAD almost had me feeling sorry for her. I think that he is just using the issue as a pretext to slough off Z. for good (duh). During and after Paulie’s rand she would not stop pulling on her teary eyelashes.

  7. danmtruth

    Wow first thanks @aeberger22 for sitting thru all that and filtering it down
    First Paulie and Zzz deserve each other Sorry to self absorbed wanabe somebody’s As another poster pointed out Zzz loved all the special treatment she got from the other HG I find it hard to believe that she saw how Pauli talk about and treated other HG but she was fine with that . Now that things are turning on her she feels all hurt. Paulie did not hide or just grow this mean streak from her it was their plain to see So now she keeps hanging on to him why because that’s all she seems to know
    Paulie is no innocent in this either. His frat boy party atmospheric he helps to promote is also what he needs to watch out for This can wear thin and his bro’s can band to clip him In talking about next week saying Vic might win or if he does Paulie will have Vic give his nomination speech. To me the implication no matter who wins HoH it is Paulie’s pick
    In my perfect fantasy world Vic wins or is ALLOWED to win HoH He puts either Zzz or Michelle Than he convinces Paulie to go on the block to better the chances of winning POV. With Paulie and Michelle on the block Vic wins POV takes Michelle down puts up Corey Ask Paulie and Corey how does it feel to be backdoored sit back and watch the fun
    I’m sure there is no chance this happens but a boy can dream

    • Avatar

      That would be awesome to watch!

    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      That would be great to watch but I don’t think Vic has it in him. I no longer think Paulie will win this season though. He might have been tutored by Dereck and he def borrows from his game but he does not have his attitude. Paulie is way to cocky and gets involved in way to much drama, dereck would have never made a speech like that to Vic or had a fight like he had with Z last night. Its only a matter of time before Paulie slips and doesn’t get up.

  8. AIO_7

    By now you all probably know that I love me my Mary Ann. But what’s up with that wooden spoon? I even saw her sleeping with it the other night.

  9. Avatar

    AIO 7, I shutter to think what you would do if it was your Mary Ann that Paulie was treating like that…
    She really is a beautiful girl.

    • AIO_7

      Ann, I think the main Executive is a little jealous that the (easily) prettiest girl in the house hardly gives him the time of day. Eventually I think Paulie might try and get rid of James so that he can bring Mary Ann under his wing.

      Keep in mind, I’m not a Mary Ann fan just because she is pretty. I think she is a genuinely nice girl, and if you watch her move she has poise, as if she is a trained gymnast of pageant contestant.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    @AmyE: The thing last night between Slick Vic and Sunburn was from the remark that she made when they were at the pool the other night. The 2 of them were sitting in the pool while The Godfather, Bunyon and Bambi were sitting on the hammock whispering. She made a remark to Vic that she hates it when people whisper. He went back and told them and one of them made some sort of passing remark to her about it. She got pissed at Vic because she knew he was the one who told them. When he was in the HOH room with them last night, they told him she was pissed at him and that he should go to talk to her. She was in bed and he came in and said he wanted to talk to her. She said not right now, she just wanted to go to sleep. He told her to “Rest in peace then”. He went back up and told them what she said and what he told her. They laughed about it and he started saying that that was the last time he was going to try to talk to her about it and when he wins HOH next week, he was going to put her on the block and his nominating speech to her will be “Rest in peace”. The 3 of them got the best laugh out of it and Paulie said if he wins HOH, whoever he puts up, he wants Vic to give his nominating speech.

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    I’m wondering if BB is going to throw the surprise Double Eviction this week. I was just looking at the 11 HG left. If they have a 7 person Jury, they would need to get out 2 people to leave the Final 2. Wouldn’t they have to do the Double this week so they could start to send them to Jury starting next week? Just asking….

    • Colby

      Jury usually starts with a double eviction. So if it is a seven person jury, the double eviction should be week after next. Unless they do a double this week and then again next week to start jury. But I doubt it because Julie usually gives us a heads up when DE are coming.
      But this whole round trip thing has really thrown off being able to predict timing of things that ‘usually’ happen. So who knows…………….

  13. Avatar
    dani (2 comments)

    This article made me so mad! Nothing that Amy said (thanks for posting!). But if everyone voted the way that was best for their game Day would stay and Bridgette would go. But everyone is so scared to “go against the house” and therefore they’re just sheep. If everyone voted it would be 5-3 to evict Bridgette.
    Blerg. This season sucks.

  14. Shivani33

    Z. Made her way back to Paulie after all that nastiness. One thing Paulie didn’t do at all when he kept telling the guys about his encounter with her was to own up about how badly he treated her. He just made like Z. was a lying, insecure mess and that he was the above-it-all Big Man. Some people will say that Zakiyah deserves what she gets for continuing to care for him. This is one of the most frustrating patterns seen in abusive relationships. So often the bad things happen again and again, with periods of semi-smoothness until the next bad scene occurs. She isn’t ready to see the truth, is still infatuated with a guy whom she hardly knows. They already have a pattern going that spells clear pain for her. I hope that she is voted out asap just to spare her from more of the same poison. Obviously she doesn’t know how to really look out for herself. I apologize for this post not really being about the BB game and strategy.

    • NKogNeeTow

      No need to apologize Shi, you make some valid points, however, if she didn’t learn her lesson after last night, then there is no sorrow coming from me. The only hope for her now is that she goes to Jury to get away from him and as he sends them out of the house and to Jury, they tell her about how he’s acting and what he’s up to and she sees the light and really doesn’t give him her vote in the end.

      • Avatar

        I think Paulie & Z both are pathetic.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2441 comments)

        Ann~ I agree with your statement. Zzzz can move along and change the course of her BB life, if she wants that. There are other HGs to chat with, lay by the pool with, and if she realizes she is in a game, strategize with. Paulie has so much power because the other HGs have given him that power. “You teach people how to treat you.”

      • Mello_One

        @ NKogNeetow
        True, But I’m hoping & praying that Zaki has wiped the fog of being blinded by her emotions for Paulie away! I hope she is Playing Paulie now, like he is Playing her. Zaki told Meech today that here eyes were Open Now..Lets all hope for Zakiyah’s sake it’s true.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1321 comments)

      Please keep in mind that Z’s dad left before she was born, and maybe she hasn’t had a good example of a healthy relationship. I grew up with emotional abuse and it took a long time for me to learn how to set boundaries and stop letting people walk all over me. When you grow up walking on eggshells trying not to make a mistake, you learn to try to please people no matter what just to avoid making them angry. When that’s your “normal” you don’t know it isn’t okay.

  15. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    I am still waiting on some excitement where all of them have to actually play for themselves….none of this go with the house shit. smdh

  16. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    I have not been watching due to it being so boring. Reading the updates and comments here are more entertaining.

  17. Avatar
    Randy (4 comments)

    All this “voting with the house” mess would stop with one simple adjustment, and it would cause much more real drama. What is it? STOP GIVING THE ACTUAL VOTE COUNT AND SIMPLY ANNOUNCE THE EVICTED HOUSEGUEST.

  18. JD

    I don’t watch anymore as well. I come here for the awesome updates and everyone’s comments. I am in the loop without wanting to to gouge out my eyes and puncture my eardrums by watching.

  19. Avatar

    Remember Cody had Christine loyal to him just his shithead brother has that dim wit Z loyal to him. All Cody hadto do was stroke her thin hair a time or two & he had her. He was never mean to her, never treated badly or disrespected her, he just hugged her, layed up with her & stroked her ever thinning hair. Even though she was married, she fell for Cody & started crushing on him making herself look like an adulterous idiot.
    Paulie on the other hand is a total dick. He has no respect for Z although she obviously has non for herself. He is mean, abusive, arrogant & does not deserve to be called a man.

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