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I won HoH!!!

Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap, 9/19

Good morning!  My apologies but Jeff put me to sleep last night and I missed when they came back a couple of hours after my last “Jeff” post at 11:30 p.m.  Here’s the short story – Natalie finally won HoH!!



I will do a highlights update but it will sort of be a work in progress because I have a couple of appointments today.



This was an incredibly messy comp:

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  1. NKogNeeTow


    Feed just came back on. Natalie won HOH. Vic looks pissed.

  2. NKogNeeTow

    Forgot to tell you, they are covered in paint and feathers. Haven’t said what kind of Comp it is.

  3. NKogNeeTow


    Natalie is gushing over her win. Time for me to go to bed.

    Bye bye Paul.

    • Avatar

      Nooo, I don’t want Paul to go. When is this jury buy back bull-shit happening?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think it’s Thursday or Friday, can’t remember.

      • Cindy

        Julie said last night that the 5 jury members would compete to get back into the house. With that said, the competition to get back in would have to be after the next eviction on the 25th.

      • Avatar

        Well if Paul goes this week, the silver lining is that he could actually beat Paulie in the buyback competition. I’m still hoping he or Vic will win the ACP and/or Veto this week and someone else will get evicted, but worst case scenario could actually work out in our favor (I.e. Blocking Paulie from getting back into the game).

    • Avatar

      You got to remember that the care package winner will put up one nom. What if it’s Vic and he says I’ll put James up if you put up Paul? You never know.

      • Avatar

        Lets say Vic wins ACP and nominates Corey, Nat Noms Paul. Vic and Nat don’t vote so its Nic and james vs Michelle on eviction night Paul gets Friendship in jury house.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Last night after the eviction, Nurse RATchet really did a job on Nat’s head (which wasn’t hard). She knew exactly what to do and it worked. She told Nat that TGF told them (her and Bambi) that if he leaves, to align themselves with James/Nat because Paul had been talking about them and wanted James out. Of course upon hearing the words that someone said something bad about her, her overblown paranoia kicked in and she immediately wanted to know what he said about “her”. Ratty told her, she would tell her “the whole story later” (guess she needed time to get one together). Nat went to James an told him she “wants Paul out”. She told him that RATched told her that Paul wanted him(J) out. . You know James becomes a zombie whenever Nat speaks so once she tells him what Ratty told her and that she wants him gone, James jumps right on the bandwagon without question.

        After talking to James, Nat goes to the TR and hops up on the bed and ask Bambi if Paul said he was coming after James. He says “No, I don’t remember that”. As SOON as he says it, Ratty jumps right in and says “Yes he did”. Bam looks at her a little confused then catches on and says “Oh yeahhhh”. Ratty does her usual and ask Nat not to say anything, but that Paul is so sketchy. She says she knows he is coming after her but she doesn’t know why because she’s always been nice to him and she knows a lot of stuff about him. Nat ask her if she swears she’s telling the truth about Paul. She swears. Ratty says she only wants to clarify it with Nat and James. Nat tells them they (P/V) are strong but he (V) can’t play in the next HOH. She apologizes to Ratty if she “made them feel uncomfortable”. They then start to bash Z, saying things like it all started with her and how she played the girls and made them feel sorry for her, how they trusted her and she turned them (Nat/Rat) against each other.

        Nat went back and repeated the convo to James and drilled it into his head (which doesn’t take much) that Paul has to go. . With that magical seed planted, James starts to tell Nat little things he’s noticed about Paul (which he really hasn’t but because the Venezualan (sp) Princess said so, it’s gospel). With that, BOOM! Paul’s fate is sealed.

        Later, after Nat won HOH, Ratty/Bambi are whispering in the BR and she’s telling him not to worry. That Nat isn’t going to put them up. She says Nat is an honest person and she trust her (let’s not forget she couldn’t stand her before the eviction ceremony). He says he’s not worried. With that, Ratty is off to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat. Vic and Paul are there talking and while she is fixing her food, she has a slight smirk on her face (she knows she’s got Nat in her pocket, which means she has James in her pocket…she has already gotten a promise from Nat that she won’t put her or Bam up).

        Nat is floating through the house going on and on and on about how she can’t believe she won and asking everybody if they are sure they didn’t throw it to her. James is being his same sickening self. Vic and Paul are paranoid and it’s showing in their faces. They whisper that Ratty and Bambi are trying to move in already. Vic says they “have to shut that DOWN”. Paul overheard part of a convo earlier (I think between Nat/Rat/Bam) and heard his name mentioned (James told Nat that he saw Paul standing outside of a room listening). That’s what’s got Paul a little rattled. Vic knows that Rattty/Bam are going to try to convince Nat to put he and Paul up (which she already did).

        Nat was trying to decide how to put Paul up. Whether to just do it or to backdoor him. She told James that if she backdoors him, she’d have to figure out who to put up next to him. After the HOH competition, Paul was trying to make light of the convo and jokingly told Nat “Use me if a pawn if you want. I don’t care”. .

        Nat says that the only thing she wants in her basket is makeup. She says she doesn’t even care if she doesn’t get any snacks, all she wants is makeup. She ask Ratty if they will give it to her. Ratty tells her yes, to go to DR right now and tell them. Nat skips off to DR.

        By then it was 6am and that was all I could take. I went to bed.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Forgot to add my 2 cents in:

        If Nat follows through and puts up Paul and Vic gets the ACP, he will most likely put James up in retaliation. Only 3 would vote. Ratty/Corey would vote for Paul and Mich’s vote wouldn’t be needed…Paul OUT.

        If Nat puts up Paul and Bambi gets ACP, he will most likely put up Vic (he want Mich but Vic is the stronger player and can win comps). James/Ratty would vote for Paul.. Paul OUT. If Bambi puts up Mich (which is unlikely because she can’t win anything), James/Ratty vote for Paul…..Paul OUT.

        Now this is all contingent upon the Veto. And who knows, I could be 100% wrong but as of last night, it wasn’t looking to good for “Ya Boy”.

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow i wish you would use real names, its really heard to read your posts! and your posts are super informative! help a sister out huh?

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Jenny: Sorry Jen, most people here know who I’m talking about but for you:

        Nurse RATchet (or Ratty) = Nicole
        Bambi (or Bam) = Corey
        Mich = Michelle
        Ya Boy = Paul
        TGF (or The Godfather) = Paulie


    • Avatar

      Yeah it’s not necessarily bye bye paul just yet. If he wins ACP, he’s safe. If Vic wins, he can keep Paul safe by putting up James, who would be a much bigger target than Paul (granted these houseguests can be idiotic about who’s a bigger target sometimes), or even convince Natalie that they can’t trust Corey and Nicole (as Michelle said she’s been called a snake 4 times) Plus he could easily win PoV or the Jury Battle Back. Lots of potential options.

    • Shivani33

      I’m betting that it will be impossible to nominate Paul, and he’ll be safe this week. Natalie is building her house of cards in thin air.

    • AIO_7

      NKcog; why would Mary Ann target Paul?

      • Mel

        This wasn’t addressed to me but Nicole convinced jam/nat before the comp last night that Paul said he was coming after james (nicole said that paulie told her) don’t know why nat/james want to beleive paulie but oh well. After making some progress with this, nicole convinced nat that pail made up FT nickname and that he’s said alot of stuff about nat. That’s at least short version

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Mell; when I asked that question I’d been out or the BB loop for about a day, plus BBAD wasn’t on last night. I’m pretty much caught up now, and am pissed at Mary Ann and Lames.

  4. Avatar

    Well sorry ladies but I’m glad Nat won. I wonder. Someone said that Victor was winning in the polls for the care package. I wonder if Nat will do her nominations before the package. Probably not though huh? That wouldn’t make any sense if the care package holder puts up a nom. They should do the care package today or tomorrow. Wonder how that’s going to work for the HOH room? Will they open the Paris room for the week? Got a lot of questions and no answers I guess. I would imagine that comp was some form of the wall one. Where they spray different things on them. I bet James let her have it. He said he would. Oh well I’m just rambling. I kept wanting to see who won before I went to sleep. Reckon I should do that now. Thanks NKoGeetow for the update on who won. I was going nuts.

  5. Avatar

    Why in the hell was Paulie allowed to have so much damn time to do his bull-shit ass speech? That was a waste
    of a lot of time.
    I’d be willing to bet my last dollar that Z is laying up with Paulie right now yeast infection & all.

    • Avatar

      @Ann wow you’re obsessed with Z’s vagnia. You’ve also had yeast infections before but yet so much shade towards the pretty woman Z. Smgdh

      • Avatar

        @Angel, Devil, Satan or whatever the hell your name is, you don’t know what the hell I’ve had. I’ll tell you this though, I guarantee you I sure as hell wouldn’t be on national tv announcing that shit & climbing on top of man going at it like nothing was wrong at the same time. I guess you’re probably nasty like that like Z so that’s why you’re so quick to throw your own damn shade at me.

      • Avatar

        @Ann you use more profanity in your comments than most people. Not only are you judgmental, you’re delusional to believe you’re a spokesperson for exemplary moral character. Please go play with yourself and find something else to bark about.

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        @Ann wow now you’re enraged at the truth. The obscenities you post further proves you’re no saint! Get off Z baby, you’re just mad your lower hemisphere is tried and dried up.

      • Avatar

        @angel-SATAN, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T F**KING READ IT. It’s obvious you’re either young & dumb or you’re NASTY LIKE ZAKIYAH.

        BYE GIRL BYE

      • Avatar

        @Raggedy-Ann Repetition is for the weak like yourself. Your continual overuse foul language shows your limited ability to construct a sound argument, articulate and express yourself on any professional level. But I’ll break it down for your SLOW ASS…you’re no better than Zakiyah., better yet you wish you were as pretty and “tight” (im sure Pauile has a small one) as she is. Keep sipping on your tall glass of “Jealousy” small minded one, I’m sure you’ll be pissing out more hater juice all afternoon!

    • Avatar

      Ann, I wondered that, too, when I watched the episode last night. I wondered why Julie didn’t interrupt him. Hadn’t previous houseguests been interrupted when they went long on speeches?

      • Avatar

        I’ve never seen any other houseguest get that much time on their eviction speech before but then again he is The Godfather. He had something to say to every single houseguest, his parents, Cody, his sister & Derrick but not one word to or about aunt-grandma.

      • AIO_7

        Ann; yep, CBS whitewashed Gallies last day,s and it’s as if Aunt Grandma never existed.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think he was slyly making a last ditch effort for them to keep him. And the real reason I don’t think he wanted to go to the Jury House is because he knows everyone there are people he put there and the ones that proceeded him knows about his BS and the ones following him knows even more. I don’t know whether Z has learned her lesson or not, but judging by the look Da gave her when she learned that he didn’t use the Veto on her and what Bridget knows about him, they have been drilling it into her that he’s not worth it. Between the 3 women that he put there, I hope they hound his sorry azz to the edge of his miserable life. When the rest of them get there, I want them to jump on the band wagon too. I want them to taunt him so bad that he’s one toe away from a mental breakdown and runs out of the JH screaming to the top of his lying lungs. Maybe we’ll see some REAL tears then. If he leaves before the last night, he will forfeit all the money that could have gone to Aunt Grandma, Uncle Daddy, Aunt Mommy and all his Cousin Brothers. The way he’s treated people, he deserves it.


  6. JD

    Well FRIENDSHIP! If Paul let Nat and James win HOH because he trusted them I am PISSED. He was playing smart and not trusting anyone. If he did I am disappointed.

  7. Mel

    Thanks for the info guys! I count hang in there last night. I’ve been wanting Nat to win an hoh but now that she has, I’m not happy with the direction it’s heading. (I want a Vic/Paul final 2).

  8. Mel

    Here’s a few tidbits for anyone who’s interested:
    I’m still not sure how the distrust came about after the live show last night with the group. (happened fast) Even before the comp started, Natalie wanted Paul on the block.
    *Nat is beleiving stuff Nicole/Cory saying about Paul talking about her. Nicole says Paul’s started FT talk. Cory tells her Paul starts alot of stuff. Nicole says he schemes.
    *Nicole telling james/Natalie that Paul was saying to go after james.
    *James telling Nat that Nicole wouldn’t throw people’s names around and be lying so he believes her.
    *Meech overhears Nicole tell James to put Meech and Paul against each other if it’s a eliminator comp.
    *The group (all but Nicole/Cory) trying to figure out who told Paulie about “the plan” before he left. It’s unclear if they are referring to getting Z out or the 5 wanting Paulie/Nicole/Cory out.
    After Natalies win:
    *Paul/Vic tell Nat they beleive in the friendship and to do whatever she wants. (Wonder how long that lasts)
    *Meech wants them to throw the next HOH so she isn’t the only person there who hasn’t won it.
    *Nicole realizing all her praying this week didn’t work and saying that God didn’t want her to win hoh. Cory agrees.
    *Nicole apparently secured a safety promise for herself from Nat if she won but not for Cory.
    *Cory says it will be bad bad bad for Nats game if she puts him up.
    Nicole/Cory discuss if Meech gets care pkg, they are screwed.
    *Cory doesn’t want to win care pkg ,but he hopes Meech gets it. ????
    *Cory really doesn’t want that care pkg. Nicole tells him to suck it up cuz they need it.
    *Nicole admits to Cory she’s been playing Dan Gheeslings game. She then says “get over it.”
    *Nicoles back hurts and she’s says that’s a sign of a heart attack. (Or a sore back ?)
    *Nicole feels like she and Natalie have gotten a lot closer in the last 12 hours. (Yes, she actually said that)

    My take on last night: James is probably in good shape, Paull/Vic nervous but trying to stay cool, Meech doesn’t want to be a loser, Natalie may be on a power trip soon, Nicole thinks a 12 hour friendship equals 2 months and Corey , after 2 months, still doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Natalie was bragging at some point last night about how she let TGF know that she was the reason he was leaving. She wanted him to know because he had ‘said such mean things about her’.

      I thought Michelle was insecure, but turns out that Nat is one of the most vain and insecure women I have ever seen. After the eviction last night, she was bitching to Paul about TGF calling her a princess. She ranted and raved for God knows how long about how she worked and gave her mother money as a teen, how she bought her own boobs, her own clothes, always worked. Kept saying the same thing over and over and over. Like I’ve said before, one minute she’s telling everyone she’s a strong and confident woman and she doesn’t care. The next she’s saying she doesn’t feel good about herself, or she feels fat or something hurts, or someone hurt her feelings, or someone is being mean to her or SOME kind of crap. She’s just to high maintenance. She’s sliding down my popularity poll QUICK!

  9. Mel

    Don’t forget to vote. Just a couple hours left I think.

  10. Shivani33

    The trouble with Natalie changing sides is that she’ll probably get evicted sooner as a result. I hope that she thinks this through, especially since James and Nicole can’t have the Co-HOH. Corey isn’t likely to get it either. If she and James stick with their deal with Victor, Paul and even Michelle, her HoH won’t put James in so much danger of being caught in the crosshairs. She needs to realize that James can be evicted out from under her nose if she plays this Nicole/Corey game. Waiting to see how she acts after she finds out about the Co-HoH and who it is, especially since that person is safe. It could very well be Paul. There are key elements that she doesn’t know yet. Michelle has already sniffed some of this out about Nicole and James /Natalie, so nobody is being fooled. I just voted for Paul again for the Care package.

  11. Avatar

    Been voting Vic so far. Wasn’t expecting Nat to win HOH and looks like she’s gonna go after Vic/Paul instead of Nic/Corey. soooo…what’s the best strategy for ACP to keep Vic and Paul safe? I really wanted the plan to put up Nic/Corey this week to come true.

    • Avatar

      Was voting Vic all week as a strategy since Vic wouldn’t be playing for HOH and thus double the HOH power this week to finish off Corey or Nic. ps….Nic is a cute girl but a champion floater and needs to go!

  12. Avatar

    I was just listening to some past BB after dark episodes , before I delete them. It was right after victor won the last HOH and before he put Pauline on the block. Vic was interrogating Nicole . He was so arrogant. Yuk , acting like a bully. I know she’s not innocent but all the power he has had lately is going to his head. He needs to go. I hope Natalie puts him on the block . I really didn’t like the way he was speaking to Nicole . In that episode he was threatening her. Bully

    • NKogNeeTow

      He never threatened her. He just asked her questions point blank. In fact, he told her he was not putting her on the block, he just wanted to know who came up with the idea to back door him. He knew she was lying and just wanted to see if she would tell him the truth (she didn’t), so he would know whether or not he could trust her.

    • Mel

      I saw that too. He was very direct and even reassured her he already knew the answer to what he was asking. He just wanted her to confirm it. Vic has actually really always liked nicole until early this week when he found out how she had been talking about him. (What he found out was the truth) I think Vic has kept it pretty classy to everyone this week before noms and before and after veto. Different interpretations I guess.

      • Avatar

        Exactly, not only did Vic NOT threaten Nicole, he also reassured her several times that there was nothing to worry about and he liked her and wasn’t coming after her. It’s like we’re all watching different feeds sometimes.

  13. Shivani33

    The popularity polls have matched the Care package winners with 100% accuracy during this game. Paul is the most likely recipient of this Care package right now. That will certainly rattle Natalie off her current rails. James can definitely be used as leverage by telling Natalie that if she keeps going with Nicole/Corey, then James can be evicted and she can plan on being next. It doesn’t have to be true, either. But it is a potent threat. James isn’t the greatest thinker. He decided wrongly last night that no one is coming back from jury, based on what Julie said and didn’t say. Simple math ought to tell him that he’s wrong about this. His waffling and indecisive play has cost him the game before, though.

    • Mel

      Woe, it’s changed alot overnight. Probably wasn’t hard since it was close yesterday. It varies some from site to site I guess but yesterday it looked like Meech was around 10% ahead of Vic and cory (who were about tied) and Paul was about 20% below them. The beginning of the week Meech was around 40% above everyone else. I thought unless voting really changed, it was gonna be between michelle and corey. Maybe it won’t. (I’m just averaging out several polls so my guesses arnt exactly scientific.)

  14. NKogNeeTow

    I’ll try to keep checking in today to see if anything good will be going on. I probably won’t be able to watch BBAD or the feeds tonight….heading to the beach 5am in the morning, so keep me posted Guys! You know I’m going to hate missing anything…lol.

  15. Avatar

    Dammit Nat whyyyyyyyah, I thought you had better sense than that. Ratsnake is making a fool of you & you’re clearly about to mess up both your own & James chances at that $500k.
    Paul had better get with James, Nat, Meech & Vic so that they can all compare notes on what TGF has said & done. Vic of all people should want to know if TGF said anything on his way out the way that Da did to him on her way out. TGF is still ruining their games & not even in the house anymore.

    • Mel

      I don’t want vic to leave because I like him but I understand why he’s a threat for everyone else in the game and why they want him gone. I’m just confused since the houseguests seem very aware a juror is probably coming back, why they would do this before they see who comes back. If it’s Paulie, Vic is the best competition to send Paulie back out. Am I wrong here?

      • Avatar

        Nope, you’re 100% right.

      • Avatar

        Vic and Paul are VERY aware that a buyback is likely, as they’ve been talking about it all week. I’m not sure if all the other HGs are aware (or maybe they just don’t think it will happen). But I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Nicole talking to Corey about a buyback as well.

      • Colby

        Vic could also beat him in jury and keep him from coming back.

      • Mel

        Good point, you must be the “glass is half full” type. Gives me at least an optimistic way to look at it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nat doesn’t have much sense. She might be nice but she’s also vain and shallow, which is exactly what Nurse RATchet played on. Once she told her that Paul said something about her and James, she quickly took the bait and was reeled in. You would have thought that when she asked Ratty and Bambi about what Paul supposedly said, and he said he didn’t remember it, but Ratty quickly corrected him, she would have gotten the hint. But she was to busy worried about her vanity…who said what about her and who was coming after James (her dumb knight in un-shining armor). Her vision got cloudy and she drifted right into the trap.

  16. Mel

    Natalie isn’t even just taking the word of Nicole (which is stupid on its own) It started with Nicole telling Natalie something that Polly said about Paul. Hello Natalie ?? I thought you didn’t believe anything Polly said. You’re gonna start now after he’s gone!

    • AIO_7

      Mary Ann is making me nervous.

      • Avatar

        Ikr…I TOTALLY don’t understand how you can take the word of someone, (Nicole) who for their WHOLE duration in the BB House has Not liked You, and has Played the Game looking at you as someone “Inconsequential.”

        I can kind of see Nat Nat falling for Nicole’s Bull, but James??? I think Victor & Paul proved to both of them last week that they had both of their backs by helping them to get Paulie out. And as Paul said, they needed to stick together to get Corey/Nicole out, who is the last vestige of the Paulie Alliance!!! For Natalie to keep Corey/Nicole Safe in the House makes No Damn Sense, Imvho! And Reeks of having Paulie’s finger prints all over it?!

  17. Avatar

    Thank you guys for your updates. Much appreciated!!!

    • Mel

      You’re welcome. I like to update the random convos sometimes.they can become important later. I figure if I over do it or they’re too long, ya’ll can just give me enough thumbs down and I’ll take the hint. I do this mostly on my phone so the capital letters missing and typos is probably not gonna end. Sorry folks.

      • Avatar

        Really appreciate it Mell, I feel like sometimes your “random tidbits” really help fill in the gaps later when certain conversations take place. They’ll make reference to certain things that I only know about because I read them in your post. You’re definitely not overdoing it at all!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Mell: I KNOW most of post are long….lol. And I don’t mind the thumbs down. They make me feel loved 😉

      • NKogNeeTow

        *correction: I KNOW most of MY post are long.

  18. Colby

    I think Nicole is being given too much credit (or blame) for Natalie’s decisions. Nat is a smart cookie and very observant. I don’t think Nicole could sway her just by talking to her unless Nat was already having those thoughts.
    Paul and Victor are the biggest threats to everybody else’s games at this point. And there are so few of them left that if they don’t do something about it now, they will allow Paul and Victor to walk away with the game (like Paulie was).
    Paul has been majorly playing both sides the entire game. And both of them said they would jump to which ever side had the power. Remember the scene in the storage room.
    They all want to win, so making moves to try to do so does not make any of them evil or stupid just because it may be a move against your favorite to win. It’s a game!

    • Avatar

      I think this would be a great move if there were no Jury buy back… Unfortunately that could screw James and Nat if Paulie comes back into the game. Corey and Nic will float back to him…. But who knows! No one is loyal to anyone it seems.

    • Mel

      I agree with that mostly. Paul/ Vic thought they were in the middle when JamesNat actually are because Nicole/Cory & Paul/Vic want to work with James/Nat. (At least for now) I was just surprised they seem to be jumping in with Nicole/Cory before the HOH comp even happened last night. (I’m only going off of private conversations James/Nat had where they seemed pretty set on this plan.) The reason I was giving Nicole most of the credit was because she mostly had James convinced that Paul wanted James out – Cory came into conversation – James asks Cory if it’s true that Paul wants him out – Corey says something close to “no dude I’ve never heard him say anything like that” – Corey eventually catches on and then starts agreeing with Nicole. Corey also seemed pretty hung up on the fact that he did not want to get the care package. he would rather Michelle get it even though Nicole and Cory have discussed Nicole/Cory may be in the most trouble if Michelle gets it. I’m not blaming the Nicole if Natalie is dumb enough to believe it, I’m just giving Nicole and not Cory the credit for doing the work.

      • AIO_7

        That’s the thing; I never saw or heard about Paul targeting Lames.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think he was. Paulie was really pissed at James after Z was evicted, so maybe Paul was playing along during those convos? But I think Paul and Vic had every intention of going to Final 4 with Nat and James, since they said it in their one-on-one convos multiple times.

      • caRyn

        Paulie was going after James when James used his two votes. That is the last time I heard any talk of anyone going after James.

      • Mel

        Ya, that’s the kicker of it all. Nicole told them that the info came from Paulie. Don’t know why James/Natt want to take Paulies word for something now. That comment just got the ball rolling though. NicoleCory added stuff of their own about how much smack Paul talks, that Paul started the Ft name, that he says a lot of bad stuff about Nat, etc. ( Nicole did tell Cory shortly before this that she was planning on “throwing Paul under the bus hard”)
        * Vic and Paul did have a convo about getting rid of James before Michelle once they got to 5 but it was private and Paulie didn’t know about it.

      • caRyn

        True, Mell. Thanks.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Colby: Nat is a smart cookie and very observant. But as I said before, she is also vain and shallow. She gets paranoid whenever she thinks anyone has said anything about her….always needs constant reassurance about her looks, her weight, her feelings. It’s getting kind of old now. To high maintenance. And James doesn’t help any. He caters to her every whim and she knows it. One of the biggest mistakes she could have made was the night in the HOH room when she was having that disagreement with TGF. She told him not to say anything about James….that she loved James…that he made he see what real love is at 26…that he was the only person in the world she cared about besides her family and friends. That solidified it for James. You could see it on his face. But she gave him false hope because she turned right around the other night and told Paul and Vic that she’s not sure there will be anything between her and James after the show because they lived in different places. I was kind of pissed off when she told TGF that that night because it wasn’t fair to James. But, that’s just my opinion. 🙂

      • Colby

        True, that is sad for James. But you can love a person without being ‘in love’ with a person. And bless his heart for taking it too literally.

  19. Avatar

    All I c say is WOW

  20. Avatar

    There is still hope if Paul gets the care package. It will force Natalie’s hand to nominate either victor or Michelle. Paul can nominate Nicole. My guess is nat would choose Michelle to go up. IF Vic or Paul can win POV ,Nat is left with either Corey or James to put up when Vic or Paul pull down Michelle!! Lmao

  21. Alda

    I went to bed last night feeling great.Not so much today! My two favs are Paul and Vic.Natalie and James be very careful aligning yourselves with Nicole and Corey.If Paulie comes back in the house they will drop you two so fast.I hope Vic or Paul get the care package.It seems like no one in this house stays true to their word longer than five minutes.

    • AIO_7

      Lames is lovable, but a hopelessly weak and indecisive player. He always has to follow someone else’s lead.

      • Mel

        I was kind of excited because when Z left, I thought that would force him to actually play for something. Maybe he would even get excited and try to win. I’ve seen him in the house the past two seasons and seen what a sweet guy he is both times. Game…not so much.

      • Avatar

        I guess for me, a big part of me “loving” any BB houseguest is how much I enjoy their gameplay. So I don’t really find James lovable at all. He’s such a weak player that I mostly just find him annoying. I’m sure he’s a nice guy in life, but I just have absolutely no use for him whatsoever on Big Brother. I hope he gets whatever he came for this year and never returns to the BB house.

      • Mel

        Agree. He’s annoying as hell and huge disappointment in the game. I wont ever root for him even if he tried to win. Just an observation that he’s probably a really sweet guy. I’d have a beer with him but not a fan game wise. Some years I like the nice ones and sometimes I like the assholes. I like good game play.

      • NKogNeeTow

        The night that James told TGF that he was voting Z out, TGF asked him who decided that. James told him “the girls did”. TGF said “so you want to throw away the guys for what they told you?” James said “Well I’ve got to follow my girl and whatever she wants, she gets. You stand by your woman no matter what. That’s the Texas code.”. TGF ask him, so you’re going to throw the game away for some girl? James said if he loses, he loses but he’s standing behind Nat. Whatever she wants.

        The other day when TGF was on the block, he went to James and asked him if he would throw him a sympathy vote. James told him he’d (TGF) would have to talk to Nat because she makes all the decisions.

        He’s back to Jellyfish James again and I can’t honestly say I’d miss him if he was gone. Sorry.

  22. Avatar
    Ding Dong Paulie Gone

    Natalie! Nooo! I really thought she had better sense than this. So disappointed. Get out Nicole or Corey so if Paulie comes back he has less people to align with! Duh! Corey should go! Might as well write Nicole or Corey the check.

    Voted all week for Vic to get the care package…fingers crossed.

  23. Mel

    This is backtracking to yesterday afternoon but I’ve been waiting for this conversation to happen. Sorry if it’s already been covered.
    Nicole ask Vic why he was being so weird. Vic told her because he was upset over things he had heard that she said about him. For example, her claiming that he had asked her out on a date. Nicole said did you ask me out on a date? Vic told her they knew he didn’t. Nicole told him she wasn’t going to discuss things that happened at the beginning of the game. Vic said “it’s because you’re wrong.” Vixen he was told Nicole said he was being malicious and trying to get between her and Corey. Nicole denied saying that and told Vic she thought it was a huge joke and that it was hilarious.(all the time vic had been spending with them)
    * I mainly mention this because I’d like how direct Vic is without being rude.

    • AIO_7

      I’ve never seen Vic. flirting with any of the girls. I doubt the story of him asking Nicole out.

      • Avatar

        Vic didn’t ask Ratcole out on a date, he said he hopes they could be friends & hangout after the show. He wasn’t hitting her & she knew it. She just made that into something that it wasn’t trying to make Bambi jealous. That’s one of the reasons Vic doesn’t like her, he found out she lied on him.

      • Mel

        During the first week of feeds or close to then, they were chatting. He just said she was cool (getting to know you stuff) and he made a small comment about it being cool to hang out after the show. That was it. She went and told ppl he asked her on a date. She mainly wanted cory to know it. She told the girls and it got back to Natalie. Nat maybe didn’t believe it (can’t remember) bit James confirmed it to nat the week vic was pissed at james. (When they had words over the pranks)

      • NKogNeeTow

        @AI: That’s because he hasn’t. He said that he wasn’t there for a showmance. He also said showmances “muddy the waters” and that’s not what he’s there for.

  24. Avatar

    If Paul is voted out he won’t have the opportunity to compete to re-enter the house. Julie clearly said that FIVE jury house members would be in the buy back. There are five in the JH now.

  25. Avatar

    Not a wise game move on Nat’s part to so fully embrace her HOH power before the ACP delivery. I’m really surprised she didn’t keep her intentions to flip the final 5 alliance or even hint at putting up Paul and Vic. Did she think ACP was just gonna be more socks and no slop again?!

  26. JD

    I think the timing of these care packages are off. If we are voting to help make strategic moves by the time voting is over it seems we probably would have voted another way. It was kind of assumed that Victor would need to have the AFP this week. A reward for getting Paulie out and keeping him safe. Now voting is over and we’ve been voting for a week and it looks like Paul needs it. Talk about wasting votes. This wasn’t the only week I felt my vote was wasted. Not liking this care package twist.

    And come on! After all this time and all this planning to get Paulie, Corey and Nicole out Nat is going to believe Nicole.?!?! Of course Nicole would lie so that her a Corey wouldn’t be put up. Paul and Victor were playing smart. Shame on them for letting their guard down and letting Nicole get in. James (sigh) really?! Nicole would never lie?! How many times do people have to catch her lies before you believe. I wrote you off this season same Boeing game/no game as last season. Then you redeemed yourself with using your votes. Once again you’re not thinking of the picture. I am back to writing you off again and definitely not getting any AFP votes from me. I will forever think of you as Mr. Bounced Checks. That’s all you are. Writing big checks and then not having the money or putting stop payments on them. You wrote a check, made a final four and then stopped payment. Cheese and rice what must you’re accounts at home look like.

  27. Avatar

    Guys, I’m sorry you have had to read the bull-shit back & forth between the troll & I. I promise I won’t respond to anymore of her crap. I come to this site because I so enjoy hanging out with you guys & our comments are all just that, comments, fun & laughter between us. This is not the place for childish ramblings & I apologize.

    Now, back to the fun stuff. What in the hell is wrong with Nat? We all know James problem, he’s love sick. Please somebody tell me she’s going to change her mind about listening to Ratsnake. I just don’t want her to win or to even be in F2. Corey is clueless & it would be a down right shame if he was in F2 or won.

  28. Avatar

    Looks like Michelle won the ACP. Wow! Definitely not looking good for Paul and Vic this week.

    • AIO_7

      Well, at the very least that will piss off Nicole. If Mary Ann could only see the light, this week could work out O.K..

    • caRyn

      Do you think since Michelle overheard her name as someone to go up on the block next to Paul that Michelle and Natalie will actually work together with the HOH nominations? Instead of Michelle picking a person and Natalie picking a person, they both agree on the two.

      • Avatar

        As of now it seems that Michelle is reluctant to go along with Nat’s plan, because she doesn’t trust Nicole (and probably with good reason, since she blasted Nicole during Double Eviction when she thought she was leaving). So things are still up in the air.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Well it is well known that there is no love lost between Nurse RATchet and Mich. With any luck, Mich will put her up.

      • Avatar

        If I were Michelle I’d take this new info right back to Paul and Vic and solidify a Final 3 deal with them.

      • Avatar

        That would be the smart thing to do Gerardo. I hope she does just that.

      • Avatar

        Definitely, Paul and Vic are the most solid duo left in the house. I don’t think Michelle can trust either of the other “couples”. Nicole would have no problem backstabbing Michelle after the way Michelle called her out during DE. And Nat and James are all over the place; the flip flop every week and I would feel they are too unstable to make a F3 deal with if I were Michelle. Plus Paul and Vic are better competitors and would therefore be more likely to help keep Michelle safe in upcoming weeks. Hopefully she thinks carefully about this before she makes her decision.

      • caRyn

        How much time do Natalie and Michelle have to deicide?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Mich is the easiest one in the house to sway. She likes Vic, so maybe he can reel her back in. And I forgot to mention that last night when Nat was telling James they need to get rid of Paul, James asked what about Vic. Nat said she trust Vic 100%, so of course James does too. Vic seems a very calm level headed player. Let’s hope Nat/James/Mich will listen to him.

  29. JD

    For those that don’t like Paul and Victor they can say karma is a bitch. I say FRIENDSHIP and PISSED. Well if one of them goes atleast it might make it a little harder for Paulie to get back. I still think the odds are being made in his favor. He got away with not doing his punishment or have anything other than good edits.

  30. CLangley

    Didn’t think I’d ever get scrolled down to the end of the comments so I could post and now that I finally made it to the bottom, I can’t remember what the heck I was gonna say!!!!! Lol

  31. caRyn

    We have an episode tonight on CBS so I am looking forward to that even if it is prerecorded. Wednesday BBAD was blacked out here so I missed it and last night BBAD was just previous episodes. Fingers crossed that I will be able to see BBAD tonight.

  32. JD

    Thank you all for the updates. Without comments here today I would be lost and blindsided when the new updates are posted.

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