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Big Brother 18- Road Kill Results



Hey everyone! I’m filling in for Steve tonight to give you all updates on the road kill competition and nomination.

Feeds went down around 12:30 BBT for the road kill comp. I’ll let you know who won when they return!

  • 4:00pm- Feeds still down
  • 4:30pm- Feeds still down
  • 5:30pm- Feeds still down
  • 6:30pm- Feeds still down….this comp takes a long ass time….
  • 7:00pm- Feeds are back! Tiffany is the road kill winner.
  • 7:20pm- Feeds down again for road kill nomination.
  • 7:42pm- Looks like they didn’t do the nom ceremony yet. She just went to the DR and selected her nomination.
    • She told Zakiyah it’s none of the girls.
    • I’m predicting Corey.
  • 8:05pm- Feeds back down. Has to be noms this time.
  • 8:27pm- Feeds have returned and Corey is nominated.

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  1. Avatar
    Linda (43 comments)

    Has anyone else had trouble viewing after dark on Pop? The last few nights the ion channel has bled through on the after Dark programming and the Law & Order episodes were recorded. Last night it said it recorded two hours on my DVR but was unable to playback this morning

  2. Avatar

    Mine did the same thing but last night was the first time.

  3. Avatar
    kristine (207 comments)

    Interesting that Tiffany won Roadkill now hopefully she’ll use the power wisely to get out someone strong like maybe James or even Nicole or even Dayvonne.

  4. Avatar

    Did she tell everyone??? Tiffany is such a wild card, she could literally put anyone up. So, yay! DRAMA!

  5. JD

    Haha funny she won. Now if she wins veto takes herself down watch them all start scrambling , pointing fingers and changing aliances again. Will be interesting to see if Tiff uses it wisely.

    • Avatar
      kristine (207 comments)

      I hope she maybe nominates a vet or if she does nominate a newbie maybe target Paul since most of his minions are going to the battleback comp it would be hilarious if Paul exits and one of his minions comes back in and then the rest of the house can gang up on them and revote them out

  6. Avatar
    kristine (207 comments)

    Interesting her saying it’s not going to be a girl but then again Vanessa was always famous for saying it won’t be something and then turning around and doing the opposite.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2602 comments)

      Tiff told Z “I am not my sister” lol.

      • Avatar
        nachomamma (179 comments)

        No she is not Van …just a copy of her ….looks, voice , hats, shades and crybaby why me drama ….whatever Tiff ….

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1403 comments)

        I love how she whines about how it’s not fair that everyone compares her to her sister. Really? She’s only in this game because she’s Vanessa’s sister.

  7. Elaine
    Elaine (2602 comments)

    Corey is a fine choice to go on the block. He will be out of his mind and we will see shot after shot of deer-in-headlights.

  8. danmtruth

    Well everyone who wanted action buckle up As the lady said It’s going to be a bumpy ride This will be alliances changing daily Maybe hourly My bet is Corey Nichole are targets. Dont be surprise to see Day vote with Frank and Bridget It could even end up with a 4-3-1 vote

    This week will be a test on how well Paulie can keep his teammates on tract and trusting each other

    • Avatar
      kristine (207 comments)

      There will be a lot of action between who Tiffany nominates especially since Natalie is on the block if I was her I would take the opportunity to nominate and evict James or even target Zakiah(Paulie’s showmance partner) see if he truly is playing Cody’s game because if he does strive hard to win POV he can pull her off and then Tiffany can put someone else like James to seperate a couple.

  9. Elaine
    Elaine (2602 comments)

    Tiff is still a mess. She gets spared from eviction and goes on a boo-hoo tour in one of the rooms. She wins RK and she is angry while talking to Z. Gee Tiff, at least let a little of the good things soak in….eeesh!

  10. Avatar

    Corey is an interesting choice. Surprised the vets have lasted this long without being nominated. If Tiff or Frank can win veto and pull her off, Paulie is put in a tough spot. The big alliance that voted to save Tiff will be fractured, and it will because they saved her! Lol. I don’t even like Tiff, but I LOVE when contestants pay dearly for mistakes they make!

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  12. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    Personally I think tiff e would have had a better chance staying of she nominated James.
    Bye bye tiff

    • Avatar
      Kristine (207 comments)

      May not be too late for her to nominate James especially if Nicole pulls Corey off. Corey could be a place holder and either her or Nicole can pull him off to nominate James next to his showmance partner Natalie and argue it’s better to split the couple instead of evicting her

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