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Big Brother 18 – Let’s Get This Show Rolling!



It’s here! Big Brother 18 is here! This is rare, but I’m at a loss for words. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. I cannot believe it’s been nearly a year since I was in the audience of a live eviction (bye, Jason). I cannot believe they’re having yet another season with likely returning players. Well, the last one I can believe.


On the bright side, there are rumors of Pandora’s Box returning, but don’t get excited just yet. There is probably a 50/50 chance it will just be a fluff stunt where the HoH gets to stay in a room with like Aaryn or someone while the rest of the house goes on a shopping spree.  Note – it actually won’t be Aaryn. She just had a baby, so congrats to her! Probably Jessie – again.

As far as returning players go, there have been a ton of rumors swirling, but one that I like is the one where the four mystery guests are not simply added to the house. They’ll potentially battle it out with evicted houseguests for the first four weeks with the winners returning to the house and the losers going home. I believe my buddy at Big Brother Network has that rumor going, but I like it. I guess we’ll just wait an hour to see!


Also, I decided I’m going to blog how I feel this summer. Don’t worry, I’m still going to give you guys the updates per normal, but I’ll probably go back to rambling about random things from time to time as well. People raged about me talking about my personal life, so I toned it down a bit later year (except for the trip to the live taping), but I’m just going to be me because … why not?

Enough rambling, here are the live show updates:

(these times in est)

  • 8:00pm – Julie announces 3 twists during this 2-night event
  • 8:05pm – They’re doing the promo of the houseguests getting their keys. Julie did also announce that 4 ‘stowaways’ are already in the house.
  • 8:15pm – Promos getting boring. I want to know about the twists
    • Ok, promos are done. Julie letting people into the house now
    • Paul mentions Bronte’s voice sounds like she’s been sucking on helium
    • The house is all sitting around now introducing themselves. This is where people fall in love
  • 8:25pm – Commercial break. Julie is going to announce the 4 extra players after the break
    • The first returning player – Nicole from BB16
    • The second player – James from BB17
    • The third player – Da’Vonne from BB17 
    • The fourth player – Frank from BB14
  • 8:45pm – Julie calls the house back into the living room…
    • They have to play in teams of 4. That obviously won’t last long
  • First HoH competition is underway. Endurance comp where the teams of 4 hang on rockets.
    • But first, they select teams. The captains are the formers. They have to select members of the opposite sex.
  • Teams:
    • Frank – Michelle – Paulie – Bridgette
    • Da’Vonne – Paul – Zakiyah – Jozea
    • James – Natalie – Victor – Bronte
    • Nicole – Corey – Tiffany – Glenn (last pick)
  • HoH comp – First team to fall off gets have-not. Second gets a punishment. Third gets cash. Winner gets safety for next two evictions
  • 9:00pm – We’re about to begin the HoH competition
    • They add rain to make the rockets slippery
    • Tiffany, Glenn then Nicole all down. Just Corey left before they get HN
    • Team Da’Vonne are first off. They are havenots
    • Commercial break with Victor, Corey, and Paulie are only remaining
    • Paulie falls. Team Frank gets the punishment
    • Corey falls. Team Nicole gets cash
    • Team James has immunity first two evictions
  • 9:20pm – After the newbies discussed eliminating vets first, teams split off. They’re thinking team names.
    • Team Frank = Category4
    • Team Nicole = Freakazoids
    • Team James = TeamUnicorn
    • Team Day = BigSister
  • 9:25pm – Julie calls them all back into the living room.  TeamUnicorn doesn’t need to play in this next round.  The winner of 2 out of the other 3 teams also get safety.  The losing team has to compete against themselves and the loser will go home
  • Let me re-phrase now that commercial break. The 3 teams will compete. Round 1 winner is safe. Round 2 winner is safe, and round 2 loser will go into round 3. Round 3 will be the losing team facing off against each other and the loser of that round goes home with no vote.
  • 9:30pm – Weird pyramid building competition.
    • Round 1 – BigSister drops it all.  Then Cat4. Freakazoid still in lead
    • Team Freakazoid drops it. Anyone’s game
    • Category4 wins round 1.
    • BigSis vs Freaks in round 2
  • Round 2 – They need to work together to solve a sandcastle puzzle.
    • They go to commercial break with Nicole’s team looking like they have it, but didn’t confirm
    • As expected, team Nicole screwed up the base. They’re quickly reassembling
    • Team BigSister wins. Da’Vonne will make it to week 2

Before I forget, I may get an app for the website that does live blogging differently. Instead of refreshing the page every few minutes, it will just show the updates as they appear. I have to pay for it, and I’m cheap, but I’ll likely get it and try it out sometime this week. I have a feeling I’ll be making good use of it this season.


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  1. Avatar

    Well thanks to the storms near me I am missing a big chuck on BB18.

    I’m counting on you SteveBeans

  2. Avatar

    Working 3rds=no live watching and no after dark! Sad puppy right here! Having a hard time remembering these comeback players… I wish BB had divided them into teams based on something, instead of just blinding choosing.

    • Jenny M

      We were getting a weather report when Frank appeared and when it cut back to the show I had no idea who he was! I seem to remember I hated the guy and wanted him out and then somewhere along the line he grew on me and I ended up liking him.

    • Avatar

      I am hoping the storms don’t mess up my dvr too much, so I can at least see their packages. At any rate, i would have liked to see some older vets, some vettier vets, if you will. lol. Hopefully Da’vonne will make some smarter choices because last season she seemed to know what was up, just didn’t have the best strategy.

    • Jenny M

      I agree jacks765 – wish we had more diversity agewise. I am happy to see there are more minorities this time around, but I’d rather see ALL real people who want to play rather than pretty people who are cast for their looks. Poor Glenn is kind of all by himself out there and Jozea’s catty remarks about him just made me mad. Hope Jozea’s pretty little face gets sent home soon.

    • Avatar

      I think in recent seasons they have been far too invested in pretty people and showmances. Half the casts generally don’t know how to play or haven’t seen the show. I would much rather they use the huge pool of applications instead of casting models and people they see off the street.

    • Avatar

      I thought Da’Vonne was one of the smarter ones last season. Unfortunately, she confided in Jason who ran his mouth about the twins. She had an alliance with Shelly. But Shelly and Clay’s showmance sent her packing. That pissed me off because they kept Audry in to protect Shelly/Clay. It seems she is trying to align with a group that will stab her in the back in the same way this season. Hopefully she realizes this soon and aligns with another group who can keep her in. The bearded Paul is a real douche toward her. I liked his interview with Jeff and now in the house he is a dickhead.

  3. Jenny M

    We are also getting interrupted with tornado warnings in the area… thanks for filling in the gaps. Also hope everybody in the storm areas stays safe!
    I am already tired of Bronte. That voice, the makeup, the giant features on her tiny face…I really hope she doesn’t stick around long. Nicole’s voice is actually less annoying than Bronte’s voice, which is pretty impressive.
    I had forgotten how Da’Vonne was the one who figured out the twin things first last year. Love how she spotted Vanessa’s sister immediately. I really hope she stays in the house a long time!!!

  4. Avatar

    Well, y’all, I’ve tried to get some convo going on the FB page but no one will talk there so I’m gonna post here! Who else HATES this whole teams thing? Ugh. I feel like it’s kinda unfair. Unfair may not be the right word, but I hate it! I thought I would like Paul, but he seems like such a jerk! I like Vanessa’s sister, i think her name is Tifanny and I like the girl who figured her out, Imthink,it’s Michelle. I think they would work good together! I also like Paulie and, of course, James! Whatta y’all think about the teams? Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • Avatar

      I love Da’vonne from last season, but haven’t gotten a read on the new people just yet. Hoping Paulie doesn’t disappoint me!

    • Rita

      I would reply but weather here stopped me from being able to watch at all.

      The good news is I might be able to watch it later/tomorrow
      CBS Chicago Verified account

      Due to storm coverage, we know you missed your shows. Watch (or set DVRs) to watch Big Brother at 12:37 a.m. American Gothic at 2:37 a.m.

    • Avatar

      I can’t watch live either! I am at work and have my fingers crossed that my dvr isn’t getting screwed up as we speak! if worse comes to worst, I am hoping blogs will help me fill in the blanks!

    • Elaine

      Amber- I chatted here last year and really enjoyed the regulars and the conversations! So keep coming back.

    • Avatar

      Elaine, I’ve been chatting here for a few years! Don’t worry, I’ll be here everyday! I love talking to all the regulars and seeing what everyone’s opinions are! Big Brother takes over my life for the Summer every year! Lol!

    • Colby

      I don’t like the teams either, but I think they had to do something like that so the newbies wouldn’t automatically vote the veterans out first.
      I don’t care for Paul at all. I don’t think it will take long for him to “know it all” his bossy butt right out the door.

  5. Alda

    Well,it’s great to be back for BB18!So many twists on the first night!Momma Da is hyper already.That Paul dude and her will definitely be butting heads if they last!Victor,Bridgette and Michelle seem nice.Great seeing our old seasoned players back again.This could be a very interesting season.Oh yeah,Tiffany seems a lot nicer then V.

    • Avatar

      It might be interesting if one twist was to swap out a member maybe after 4 weeks do an exchange so Mama day can possibly swap out Paul for someone else; if she lasts long enough

    • Avatar

      Colby- they could still get the captain off the losing team. Like tomorrow Nicole could lose(she wasn’t strong in comps to begin with) and there goes one veteran. Although I think Glenn is going to lose and go home.

    • Colby

      Yes Kristine, I know Nichole may go. I just meant that hopefully they wouldn’t be the first 4 to go.

  6. Avatar

    I have a love/hate relationship with the teams. I love the randomness what I hated about it was they had to pick opposite gender. Like Nicole had to pick a guy, Frank had to choose a girl, Davonne had to choose a guy, and James had to choose a girl. This carried through all the picks which didn’t help. I predict that Glenn will get eliminated tomorrow he is dead weight I was not surprised he got picked last.

  7. Avatar

    I didn’t get to see all of tonight’s show. Have it recorded. Kinda like some of the new stuff. Hoping that damn battle of the block is gone FOREVER. So glad to see James back not happy to see snotty rude mama Da’, just didn’t like her. Like the siblings of past years on the show. So, I’d give this beginning an A- as a grade.

    Have a good night folks

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