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Big Brother 18 – A Very Twisty Beginning



The first part of the two-night season premiere for Big Brother 18 is in the books, and we have learned quite a few things already. Julie announced there would be multiple twists this season (like always), but the biggest one is also the first one, and that involved four additional cast members.

Someone in the comment section pegged the four returning guests, but if you did not see it yet, here they are:

Nicole from Big Brother 16 (America’s Favorite runner up)
James from Big Brother 17 (America’s Favorite)
Da’Vonne from Big Brother 17
Frank from Big Brother 14 (America’s Favorite)


Now, we all knew they weren’t just going to toss the players in the house like fish to sharks. That would be way too predictable for the first 4-5 weeks with the veterans likely going home (barring HoH wins). That lead us to the second twist, which was 4-person teams. However, to avoid putting all those fish in the same barrel (the vets), they were all split up and were allowed to make the first pick for their own teams. After finishing, they also each made team names:

Category4 – Frank, Michelle, Paulie, and Bridgette
BigSister – Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea
TeamUnicorn – James, Natalie, Victor, Bronte
Freakazoids – Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn
(note: The person picked was able to pick the next person, and it had to be opposite gender. For example, Paulie picked Bridgette)

Now that the teams were set, they did the traditional endurance competition to lead off the season.  This one featured each team together straddling a metal rocket with water pouring on them. Each rocket only required one person from the team to remain in the competition, so despite Nicole, Tiffany, and Glenn all falling off early, Corey was able to hang in there to carry his team. Other teams fell at a more balanced pace, but the order in which the teams were officially eliminated resulted in punishments/rewards.

Despite Freaks nearly losing it right away, Corey stuck around long enough where BigSister became the first full team off their rocket, followed by Category4, then Freaks.  Here are the outcomes:

1st off – week1 havenots = BigSister
2nd off – unknown punishment = Category4
3rd off – cash for each team member = Freakazoids
Winner, and safe for two straight eliminations = TeamUnicorn

With that out of the way, it was time for the third twist, and that was the next set of competitions will send someone home. No vote required, but no weird random pick (like when Dan picked Jody). The challenge will be played in three rounds:

Round 1 – Three teams will compete. TeamUnicorn can sit out because they’re guaranteed safety. The winner of this round also becomes safe for this week.  This prize went to Category4
Round 2 – The two remaining teams square off head to head in a castle building contest. The winning team joins the other 8 people as safe for the this. This prize went to BigSister
Round 3 – This will happen tomorrow night. It will have everyone from Freakazoids face off against each other and the loser of the competition goes home. No vote. No veto. Nothing. First out.

Overall, I give the twist a thumbs up. While it may be very similar to the mentor competition, the difference is the veterans are not all guaranteed safety for the first month or so. In addition, they don’t have to act like mentors, and that bodes well for Da’Vonne considering she barely sniffed her season.  I also like how they’re handling the first eviction. It is so much more fair than the last season of mentors where Dan’s team was the losing team, so he had to pick one person from his team to go home on the spot. People are still outraged by this, and still feel she should get a second shot (she should).

I almost forgot to mention, the siblings. Like expected, Paulie revealed he is Cody’s brother, but that did happen after he saw former houseguests in the house. He likely knew some of them and knew it would come out. Plus, he has a tattoo of his last name on his ribcage. Meanwhile, Tiffany decided to play coy about it, yet Michelle figured it out right away (it is fairly obvious), and sat down privately and got her to confess. The BB17 veterans likely also met her, so that didn’t help. Da’Vonne said right away she knew, and I expect James to put the pieces together before Day tells him. It won’t take long for that secret to get out, and she’s shooting herself in the foot by trying to keep it a secret.

There was also the standard first day crushes going on. They showed a pretty funny segment with Victor drooling over Natalie who was drooling over Corey who was complimenting Victor’s appearance. First 3way showmance? Let’s hope so.

I probably missed something, but that’s a basic summary of the episode and the first few weeks of the season moving forward (as far as twists go). I’m sure they’ll have smaller things like Pandora’s Box or other random junk mixed in, but for now it seems like it’s a weird fight between the vets and the noobs, but the vets and noobs need to work together. And if you’re wondering, live feeds turn on tomorrow night at 1am est, so I will be live blogging a bit then, Friday and beyond.


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  1. Elaine

    Overall I liked the way it started. I am glad the vets weren’t in the mentoring role, and had to work with newbies. Da’Vonne still gets on my nerves….a little humility might go a long way for her, considering she left so early last season. I like James, Nicole, and Frank (although the clips of him refreshed my memory). The vets have a lot of haters on them from the newbies. Should be interesting. This is the first year I am trying the feeds so hope it will be fun. For those of you in bad storm areas, stay safe!

  2. Avatar

    I’m really excited so far. I love that Mama Day came back. On the other hand, I can’t stand Paul. I hope it says pretty lively. Out of the vets, I could stand to see Nicole leave first. I like her, but her voice…ugh! Thanks Steve for all you do. A friend got me hook on your blog a few years. I never thought I would have found anyone as in love with big brother as me.

  3. Avatar

    As usual I have high hopes for the season. The vets aren’t so horrible, nor are they so good that they will steam roll the noobs. Smart idea to use fan favorites. New players are always hard to get a good read on until live feeds. Hoping Tiffany isn’t as crazy as her sister or as domineering.

  4. Avatar

    Super confused, did Julie say the last team to face off again each other, has to pick the HOH??? I know the loser goes home but she said something about the HOH but I couldn’t understand it??? ?

  5. Painter1

    Glad your back to SB last night we had severe weather and they cut into the show and pretty much stayed with the weather so in the Chicago area we didn’t get to see but 15min or so. Waiting to see on demand will put it up soon.

  6. Avatar

    This is the most excited I have been in a few seasons. I like the two twists so far. I really liked Da’Vonne last season. I thought her observation skills were keen. Hopefully she learns to stay under the radar this season. Interestingly enough, her entire team is gunning for. I love a redemption story. So right now I am on team Day.

    I loved Frank and his ability to win comps during his season. I also want to see him go far.

    I really liked James during his season but he could never seem to be on the winning side of the house. Hopefully that changes this season.

    As for Nicole, I am kinda neutral. I rooted for her for half a minute when she returned last time but only because there was a domineering group at the time and I am a sucker for an underdog.

  7. Avatar

    I liked the show last night but I think I’m going to reserve more of my thoughts for later. New seasons always seem to start off well, then within the first couple of weeks it gets tiresome. The twist go away and we’re back to the same old format of bullies against the good people of the house. Hoping it’ll be a good season but like I said, I’ll reserve those thoughts for later.

  8. danmtruth

    My daughter and i like to pick our team to win off the first nights show. This season it was hard to chose from this pool
    Frank just so laid back
    Michele observant enough to see Vanessa sister Smart enough to keep it to herself not causing any drama yet smart
    Paulie can he keep his eye on the prize. Can he make the correct strategic moves
    Bridget can she be a silent assassin ?
    Lady Day smart enough to figure out Vanessas sister is in the game even smarter to keep it to herself Feel bad that her first pick Paul is going to set her off. I just see bad things for her and it will be his fault
    Paul first rule of BB stay low the first few days Very load very rude Thinks to much of himself Is not as smart as he thinks he is First alliance to eat each other
    have thoughts on others but sure im taking too much of peoples time

  9. Avatar

    Are you going to address the disasters on your teenmomjunkies site? leaked emails, refreshing bug..you are losing people by the minute

    • stevebeans

      I no longer run that site, and completely unaffiliated with it now. I have spoken with the person who does, and he said he fixed the refresh issues. I have no idea about email issues, can you use the contact form and tell me more about that?

  10. Avatar

    Hey all, & Steve Beans…Its good to be back on BB Junkies! And its good to be back for another Season of BIG BROTHER! I think the Casing Director took some of our complaints to heart about Casting the Same People Season after Season…Because while it is STILL EARLY…I am LIKING This Cast. All seem like Smart Individuals.

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