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Big Brother 19 – Boring Friday

These people are far too friendly to be final 3

Good evening, everyone!


As we sit and wait for Josh to beat Christmas in round 2 of the HoH competition, the oddly over aggressive house continues this season. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard “stop that” and “safety first” more times this season than in all the years combined. Between Raven beating on Matt, Paul and Josh wrestling, Jason and Alex wrestling, Josh and Christmas, etc, etc it has been a house full of sexual tension where you almost just want to say ‘go screw already and calm down’… although Raven and Matt were screwing and they were still feisty so maybe that wouldn’t help.

Tonight, Christmas and Josh were throwing chairs around the kitchen – either that or the chair decided this house is too dull and decided to just die on spot


Yup, that’s this house. Less entertaining than a chair.

Since I have nothing to write about, I saw a comment about a question that probably won’t get answered now that I’m starting a new thread, but it was a good question so I wanted to answer it.

The person asked how the people keep track of days in the house. They wondered if there was some notes or anything they took to remember the specifics of each day and the answer to that is they simply remember it.  Every season they know there is going to be a comp where days are asked, so there are always people to keep track of what happened on what days.  Some people remember specifics, while people like Paul go the trick route to remembering stuff. For example, Jillian was evicted on day 16 which was easy to remember since it was so early in the season. After that, they memorize another week for Cody (23), Dominique (30), Ramses (37). Once they have that, they can easily remember the Veto comp (Cody + 2 days, Dom + 2 days – unless it happened on a day other than Saturday you know all the PoV days).

Once you have the HoH, PoV, Noms, and PoV meeting days all memorized (which is easy because there really is nothing else to do but study) you can figure out things on the fly. Asking what day zing bot came in, they just have to remember who won PoV that day. For Jessica’s Hex, it’s the one week that was skipped. Jillian Timeshare was the most recent PoV comp.


How do I know this?  I listen to them study. A lot. A lot, a lot, and then even more. Some don’t study as much and it shows (Kevin, Christmas) while Paul and Josh studied quite a bit – Paul especially.

That is also why I think Paul doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves this season. I will always add the disclaimer that this is a terrible group, but just being a bad player doesn’t guarantee anything. The 3-week advantage was nice, but Paul took that opportunity to study everyone in the house. Other vets may have just relaxed and waited their time, but Paul kept going. He identified the really weak minded people (Raven and Matt) while identifying the stronger minded people (Cody and Jessica). He identified his puppet (Josh) and someone who clearly had a crush on him from the early days but tried to hide it (Christmas). He identified the girl who thinks she’s smarter than she is (Alex) and allowed her sidekick who does whatever she says to stay for awhile (Jason).

He didn’t stumble into this group of people. The second you showed an ounce of intelligence, you were gone. Elena was one of the first to go post-jury because she was the biggest mental threat. By far the second smartest person remaining in the house and Paul knew it (not many people realize it because she didn’t get a good edit, but she was definitely above average intelligence).  He also knew Kevin was smart but weak so he kept him in his back pocket and turned the house on him before Kevin could infect people with logic. Elena could win comps, Kevin couldn’t.

Again, not a popular opinion to think Paul deserves to win. It’s certainly not popular on Twitter to think he’s one of the better players in the history of the game – but, he is.  Sorry. Not as smart as Ian, and not as cunning and Dan or Will, and not as physical as Rachel, but he has enough of all three aspects to make him a super player.  I think Paul would have made it very far had he been cast in any other recent season and given 3 weeks to study the group.  I think Paul would have won or been in top 2 in BB15 and BB17. He would also be in the top 5 in BB14, 16, and probably 13.


What do you think? Ramblings of someone who still doesn’t really know what he watched this summer


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  1. Rita

    If Paul was in a house with 15 other players who had 80+ days of experience, MAYBE. How many HGs would have loved to have a second chance at some of the comps knowing they would do better the second time around? Paul looked like a better player because of his recent experience and stupid HGs.

    No way he deserves a title of “One of the better players of all time”.

    • Avatar

      I’m with Rita. Even in Kevin’s interview w Julie last night he came across as quite content that he helped Paul along in his game. It just seems like the season was set up for him to cruise to a victory. Put him in w other veterans, give them all a level playing field, then make the decision whether you can consider him one of the greats. Or base it on last year’s performance which I can’t attest to bc I stopped watching 3 shows in bc he was so obnoxious and I found too irritating to watch. This year I have watched most wo the wife so they’ve been about 6-8 min episodes thanks to Sir DVR.

      • Avatar

        My viewing habits were very parallel as well. I often did some skipping just because you knew the edits were b.s. and not always reflective of the real happenings in the house. BB went out of their way to accomodate Paul with so many one-sided advantages, its just unreal.

    • kneeless

      I think the fact that he was a veteran gave him a leg up. But not only a vet, but a vet who played back-to-back seasons. I am sure that had to help because he never got out of BB mode. I would think, for Paul who loves playing BB, that has to be a contributing factor. Other vets who aren’t playing back-to-back go on about their lives & BB isn’t as prominent. Maybe not, just my thought.

    • Avatar

      I was going to add but there is no need, well said indeed!

  2. Jay H

    Dog will take care of any bullies in the house!

  3. Tinkerbell

    I’m sooooo happpy. I just had my first real laugh of this BB summer. Just watched tonight’s show. The crying portion of the diary room is my favorite of all of this season. So funny. Now excuse me while I go watch it again.

    • Avatar

      Mark and Cody were killing me from the jury house footage last night, they were hilarious. The jury house has been the best part of the season.

      • Tinkerbell

        Agreed. I want live feeds so bad in the jury house….especially when they access their social media.

      • LindsayB

        The jury segment was great but it was almost as scripted as the flashback conversations with Paul, Josh, and xmas tonight.

      • LO1004

        I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cody laugh at the fools around him. But yes, Lindsay – my ears were gonna bleed if I had to hear Elena say ‘so who do you think is our new roommate?’ One more time. I should be honest w myself and just admit that Elena makes my skin crawl. With the exception of ‘so even though Christmas was really direct in her nom speech, you still thought Kevin was the target?’ Haha

      • Gerardo for AFP

        I usually find Elena pretty annoying but I did enjoy her laughing at and openly mocking Raven. That will always score you some points in my book!


    • LO1004

      Hahahaha yes! “This is going on tv, isn’t it?” (said through snot and tears). I’m definitely watching it again.

      • Tinkerbell

        I seriously cannot stop laughing. Have watched it six times. Even scared my two kitties. I also loved Kevin’s. I don’t like Matt. I don’t like any of these people, I just want to leave. Give us more diary room…the best.

      • LO1004

        Everyone is crying and you have Paul double pissed or laughing. Just shows how he’s light years ahead of these fools.

  4. Shivani33

    Paul has set at least 3 new records as a BB player so far. He has surpassed Janelle’s two records, one for having spent the most days in the Big Brother house and even moreso, now Paul beat Janelle’s record for the most comp wins. She had 13 comp wins; Paul has 14.
    Also, Janelle was in the house for 3 Seasons, and Paul did it in 2 Seasons. During BB 18, Paul was the most nominated player ever, and this time, he hasn’t been on the block at all.

    • LindsayB

      You’re a trivia master.

      • Shivani33

        One boo-boo. Paul TIED in BB18 for most times ever on the block. However, his 9 comp wins this Season has broken another record. I don’t know if he’s done yet. There’s something about his 3 straight weeks of HoH dominance on the horizon, and he might add to that by winning the final upcoming comp. (?) Paul studies the game. I’ve enjoyed studying Paul!

    • Jay H

      Such incredible players the past 2 seasons too!

    • Avatar

      Wasn’t Paul only nominated like 6 times on bb18? While that is an abnormally large amount, I’m pretty sure spencer from bb15 was nominated nine different times. Paul definetly should be admired for surviving through that many nominations though!

      • Jay H

        That’s true, Spencer is known for his great gameplay and talking about kiddie porn.

      • Avatar

        Also, if you include the coaches comp wins, janelle has won 15 comps in total. Normally I wouldn’t count this, but you have to remember that in BB18 Paul got the chance to compete in the roadkill comps, none of which he won. Because he also got to compete in a twist competition, I think that when you compare the two you should include those comp wins for janelle. On top of that, she wasn’t allowed to compete in HOH or VETO for
        the first like 3 weeks of the game or something like that, while Paul did.

      • Avatar

        I’m not saying spencer was good at the game or a good person at all, but technically Paul did not break a record

  5. hogwild

    The only way to determine the best BB player is to do what survivor did and have a BB allstars season if Paul could do what he did this season in a house full of veteran players that would be impressive.

  6. Avatar

    It would have been fair, oops, that is a 4 letter word, to have shown Alex, Raven and Xmas to be the psychos they truly were in the house. Clearly, they couldn’t have aired the disturbing comments made by Jason, but, come on! AFP voting should not have begun until these sickening behaviours were made public.

    • LindsayB

      Their behavior is public. We all know about it. Anyone who watches the show has the ability to look at any blog or social media to learn more about it. There are some things that just can’t be shown in that time slot on network tv.

    • Avatar

      I think it would be hard not to be aware of Jason’s joke if you watched big brother. I don’t get the feeds so I didn’t see it, but read about it here and other places. Actually, I have to say, I didn’t find it that offending. From what I could tell, he was clearly making a joke and was in no way serious. I didn’t think there was anything funny about it, but it really didn’t seem like that big a deal to me. I found the things Andy the rat, and spencer said in their season much more offending. There was discussion about spencer maybe losing his job, and Andy who was school teacher, sub I think. And the year of Derrick, Frankie etc, there was a time horrible,stuff was said and acted out about Victoria and having sex with her. If I remember, it brought out comments from her parents. And, also, Andys year, obscene stuff was said about Elissa and also about her son and husband. To me, all that was much worse and much more offending than Jason’s joke. The joke was in bad taste, but from what I could tell, was in no way meant seriously at all. I don’t think he meant it the way most of you took it. I think he really liked Kevin and really plans to spend time with him in Boston. Jason did go against Paul and others, when they wanted him to use veto to put Kevin up, and he refused. I cheered when that happened. That was probably second biggest move in game after codys. The problem with this season, is that Paul had no one go against him all season except Cody and Jessica. I don’t think that’s ever happened. All these people were blind followers. That’s why I don’t think Paul should get that much credit for this season. It’s a lot easier to win and manipulate when you have no opposition at all. Many People knew what Derrick was doing and they would try and get people to join them to go against him, but could never get enough people. But they did fight to stay in and sway others. None of that happened this year except with Cody and Jessica some. Elena and mark knew what was going on, if they had all gotten together they might have gotten a good struggle going for control. But that never happened. So this year there was just no opposition against Paul, so it was easy for him to completely run the game. Once Cody was gone, there was no opposition. Even had Cody been able to play in pov that time and then manage to get hoh, unless he got Paul out that time, the game would not have changed. If he is successful in getting Paul out, we have completely different game.

  7. Jay H

    Great in theory, but the game is just way too consuming.

  8. Mel

    I’m out you guys. Going to. 5 yr olds soccer game early tomorrow. I’ll have a BB flashback while watching since it will be a bunch of little childish people running around confused trying to figure out what to do. Night!

  9. LO1004

    This might be a dumb question, but do we think CBS and Production knows how people feel about this cast? Is the ridiculous editing bc of that? Do you think they care? Do they read blogs and twitter or are they not allowed to?

    • Jay H

      Of course they know, but the most important thing to them are ratings. That’s it. They would have allowed the house guests to throw lighter fluid on Kevin and catch him on fire if it meant more ratings.

    • LindsayB

      I’m sure there’s people who’s sole responsibility is to see what’s trending and keep up with stuff. What the haters don’t realize is that all the bitching and complaining actually make the show intriguing to people. They wonder what show could possibly create so much craziness and passion. Then they start watching. Just look at how many people have threatened to stop watching yet they are still here commenting and keeping up on things. As a society, we love drama. We love watching it. Yes, it’s polarizing but we all keep coming back for more.

      • LO1004

        Yeah, I just wonder at what point they stop trying to prtotect someone bc they do tend to give good edits where we feel they aren’t deserved. Like Raven for instance. In the edited tv version, she’s obnoxious but none of the inconsistencies or crazy fights were aired. But now they let it go and highlight her delusional behavior. Even Julie called her out in her exit interview when she asked why she thought she played a good game when she didn’t win anything hahaha

      • LindsayB

        They’ve got to edit the show to make it entertaining for the masses. There’s live feeds, you tube, and blogs to get more info.

      • Jay H

        They won’t do it, but I wish the would have exposed Raven more than they did.
        I’m not a Paul fan, but he’s playing a game he’s trying to win. I can accept some dirty play to get to that finish line.
        Raven is a mentally disturbed dirtbag that is purposefully trying to take advantage of the public for completely fake illnesses. I don’t know this for a fact, but I have a hunch.
        I don’t respect anybody that tries to capitalize off exploitation of gullible people that want to help.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, people in general would rather see a train wreck than a quiet brook.

    • Avatar

      They know. They brought Paul in to win for whatever reason.

  10. Jay H

    I think if they showed true edits of these people, there would be casting agents and producers that have their ability/instinct called into question. They’re also protecting the mental well being of the participants as well. Imagine Jason’s, Alex’s, Raven’s, or X-mas’s life if the general population knew the shit they said or did.

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  12. LindsayB

    Goodnight guys. My flexeril is kicking in so I keep forgetting my thoughts before I get to the end of the sentence I’m typing.

  13. Tinkerbell

    One last thought before I go. Early evening on live feeds Christmas, Paul, and Josh talking about their good luck. They feel certain that the person not winning #1 and #2, will for sure be AFP. They say it only makes sense. They discussed this quite a bit the last few weeks. It will be interesting for them to see. I don’t think Paul really believes that, he knows better from past seasons. However, Christmas and Josh certainly do believe it. Makes me smile before I go to sleep.

    • Renee

      Kevin had made a statement that if he was evicted when he was he would still make only $5000 less than AFP. With the $25,000 he got at the beginning of the season and his stipend he calculated his earnings to be $45,000. He was good with that.

  14. Shivani33

    Here are some thoughts from Friday’s memory lane show. I forgot what huge boobs Mark has until he appeared bare chested in his yellow tutu to intimidate poor Joshy. Plus his crying face is a stunning shade of red. I think that Mark could make millions as the face of beef jerky. By the way, how come production has neglected to mention that they’ve had to spend most of Joshy’s stipend on XXXLarge Adult Depends since he saw that rat in the kitchen? Never mind the fumigation expense.

    I am thankful that Cameron tanked early in the Season so that no one had to keep seeing the way his upper arms are covered in long, brown hairfuzz which continues down his chubby shoulders, chest and belly. Microbiologist or not, he looked like a balding stuffed animal. It’s best if he goes on Say Yes to the Dress, for superior coverage.

    Oh, and Elena who? She was given barely 15 seconds of footage. Raven fared little better, being shown as a deranged hick loose in the kitchen, the grocery terrorist.

    We have a neighbor who is obsessed with garden statues to the point where she has no front lawn left. She had at least a dozen Paul garden gnomes amidst her angels, unicorns, frogs and flamingo creatures. Near her garage entrance was a very tall statue of a man who looked like ye Olde village idiot. He was a startling replication of Matt, even down to the beard and tattered waistcoat. Irma made her yard look like the aftermath of a Raven kitchen fight. “Matt” is now headless and sprawled on the ground. Ther’s a large birdbath embedded in the windshield of her son-in-law’s Ford Explorer, and most of the Paul gnomes either floated up the main road or pulverized into chunks of dust. You see, there can only be one Paul. So sayeth Irma.

    Even if BB memory episodes make you yawn or puke, the crying montage of Season19’s contestants was howlingly funny. However, we hit fast forward through the Christmas/Paul relationshit crush segment, suspecting that she’s more man than he can handle. Cue to Paul in the Christmas dungeon, his soul having been eaten while he is made to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie, bake muffins and endure one-sided sex. Nearby, the he/she enchantress cackles about murder & mayhem while sorting through images of his friends and family in her photo gallery. As BBOTT’s beloved Justin would say, “ya dig!?!”

    • Shivani33

      Kevin was shown not only as a gentleman and a fine raconteur but as a warrior. His battle in the backyard with Matt and Raven was featured. Kevin was aggressive, awful and marvelous, lying his ass off and taking no prisoners. It’s too bad that this Kevin disappeared from the game and left behind more of a complacent, battered shell. Nevertheless, his popularity got him attention on the memories episode, while some houseguests were close to ignored, totally eliminated or shown to be fools.

      Especially delicious was when Alex began to sass and bitch at him too, as the Kevin/Matt fight scene progressed. She was being all snippy like a chihuahua, puffed out with indignation. Kevin told her off beautifully and let her know that she thought she was so great but that really a shoe could beat her at this game. A shoe! Truth, Kemo Sabe. Her agenda is to come back and play again, and Alex, an AFP star in her own mind, thinks it’ll be another really big shoo. Alex, STFU, take those saggy fake boobs back to Thousand Oaks or Camarillo and get a job, just not a job from Mr. Moonves. It can be duly noted that Alex got very little individualized airtime on Memory Lane. So girl, bye.

  15. Russell James Yost

    Excellent Post Steve.

    This is an issue I have been struggling over. I kept waiting for these people to turn their game on and after Cody and Elena’s eviction I just didn’t see it happen. I have tried to insert other excellent players into the same position with the same advantages that Paul had and didn’t have in the house.

  16. Avatar

    Elana definitely comes off better/more likable in the jury house than she did in the house. I think they have her “hosting” – maybe this is her new audition reel.

    @shivani33 your recap killed me. I’m dead. The part about Xmas and Paul sound eerily accurate.

    • Shivani33

      I was half-asleep while typing those observations and want to add that the backyard Kevin fight is new stuff which was cut from the feeds. It was a treat to get to see it at all. The fact that Kevin got so much time during the show hints to me that many who work behind the BB scenes would LOVE to see him take the AFP prize. He is loved.♡♡♡

      Also, it seems to me that Paul just isn’t that into Christmas for romance and that she could be disappointed. I have seen snaps of some of his gfs and she’s not a contender, more like a pal. Shelby from OTT said that she had a one-night stand with him. They didn’t vibe. He seems to be drawn to dark-haired, feminine and smaller women. Voices get to him, too, lol. Christmas is too weathered and too uncultivated. Paul has a marvelous mother, so he might be looking for a long time for someone who can “sasify” him. The whole package. He’s got the money and the time. Christmas is way too much of a mess.

  17. AIO_7

    Slosh better understand that he needs to pick who goes to F2.


  18. Avatar

    I know i am new but just a thought for a season in the future using the previous seasons of evicted hg’s who were evicted within the first 3 weeks could be more entertaining

  19. Alda

    Well,I saved BBAD to watch this morning! Three hours of them sleeping!! I paid for this? Christmas inching closer and closer to Paul in bed.I remember past seasons when the houseguests acknowledged the BBAD fans and stayed awake! Well,at least I’ll be ablr to get some things done much sooner today.Have a nice day everyone!

    • kneeless

      I had fallen asleep, with the TV on, woke up & heard snoring. Couldn’t figure it out, looked at the TV & there are all 3 zonked out, Xmas as close to Paul as she can get. Get your own bed, girl!

  20. Tinkerbell

    I hate to admit this….but I’m fessing up anyhow. I have watched the diary room portion of last night’s show again several times this morning. It cracks me up every time I watch it. Production, give us more diary room…..there’s the real entertainment.

  21. Helen

    Is Christmas really okay going out third place?

    • Tinkerbell

      I feel certain she would not be okay with third place…….which is exactly what I hope she gets. She shouldn’t even be there to begin with. From things she has said on the feeds, she is sure she will be first or second….even thinking it will be her and Josh, final two. . Such a dreamer. All three of them have agreed that the persson not in final two, WILL FOR SURE be AFP. Again, dreamers. They said – “It just makes sense.” Wow.

      • Avatar

        If 3rd person out is convinced the are being taken care of by getting AFP then might not be bitter when voting, jury management. And I HATE that picture of the three of them, gives the impression of some creepy rebirth ritual. Mommy, Daddy and Josh…eeewww

  22. Avatar

    I just read on the internet that Lindsay and Wayne are indeed the same person. It was confirmed by TMZ as well as the national enquirer and the Star. Someone was able to get a DNA sample from both parties and we are awaiting the results from the FBI crime lab in Quantico. It was also reported that Paul is the love child of Lindsay and Gimli from Lord of the Rings. When asked by the TMZ reporter, Lindsay replied, “once you go Dwarf, you never go back.” When asked about her alter ego Wayne, she replied, he’s a sissy boy who takes care of my light work.

  23. Tinkerbell

    Wow, these three never cease to amaze me. Right now they continue to talk about touring together…..California, Florida, Carolinas, Cuba, Canada, New York, and onto the world. Wow! Christmas has a huge “fan base”, and everyone will flock to see them wherever they are. Planning clothing and everything. I’m so excited.

    Christmas just gave her two guys a great tip….she says – never buy carnations. She’s making sure Paul won’t show up with a dozen carnations. Also, she just said….no baby’s breath either, they are too old. Also, they need to smell good, just like her. Sheesh, I need to start using my shorthand again to keep up with all of her tips to guys. B*itch!

  24. Tinkerbell

    @gerardo Hahahahahaha. I just went to the top of the thread to see if I missed anything. I love your new name. Freakin’ hilarious!

  25. Mimi Ryan

    RAVEN comment from last night flashback. “I’ve been a loyal player all year.” Now we all know Raven isn’t exactly in reality and maybe she meant: All Season. However, since there is suspected relationships to Paul in this BB Season . . . Is this yet another Rachel “OMG we feel so bad for her, we need to make it look like she actually won that season of BB.”

  26. Avatar

    Please sign & share! We need a BB reunion! Would love to see their reactions to what the BB world thinks about them! https://www.change.org/p/cbs-big-brother-reunion-show-after-the-finale

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  28. Avatar

    Thanks, Steve, I’ve been around for years, but this year, there just wasn’t much to comment about because of so many Paul-haters here. He’s playing the game, and most of the others didn’t have a clue how to play, or they got star-struck (duh!) and just lined up for the slaughter. Paul annoys the hell out of me, but he deserves the win. Thanks again for keeping me updated when I didn’t have time to watch. You make it make sense, as much as that is possible. I think this is the 5th year I’ve read your blog, I’ve become fond of you. Wishing the best to you and your family until next time.

  29. Houseguest Doug

    What BB19 House Guests would you like to see brought back for BB20?

    My choices are …. NONE! God awful cast I could not stomach any of them for another summer.

  30. Tinkerbell

    I kind of liked that cute little rat running around the kitchen. Maybe that’s a possibility.

  31. Tinkerbell

    I don’t think @nkogneetow likes us anymore. If in fact, she ever liked us. We miss you.

    @feltso-gudinya We need to know you are okay.

  32. Tinkerbell

    Production – Stop letting the leftovers in the house sleep all the time. I realize their are only three left, and only a few days left, but we are watching. They are getting paid to do nothing, and we are paying to watch them sleep. Sleep 10:00-10:00……not whenever they feel like it. They sleep all day and evening, and stay up all night, when we are sleeping. I know they are bored, but they signed up for it……..just as we had to sign and pay for live feeds. This season has been ridiculous with all of the fish, puppies, sleeping….and the list goes on, constantly cutting away from the feeds. Stop it! I cannot remember a season when we had less live feeds. We even used to be able to watch some of the comps. 24/7, pay attention production. You’ve already lost tons of subscriptions, and more each day. Unless you listen, pay attention, and make changes – next year you will probably have very few live feeders. I know…….you do not care.

    • Ann

      Who won the comp last night or do we know yet?

    • kneeless

      That’s what was nice about OTT, we got feeds & DR sessions.

      • LindsayB

        I was excited to see the DR sessions until they ended up just being a basic question/answer. Also, the care packages ruined most if not all of that cuz they were just saying what they thought we wanted to hear.
        I like the potential twists that care packages, temptations, etc add to the show it I also hate it because we lose the authenticity with cam talks and DRs. Same with AFP.
        I wish they would make americas involvement be frivolous again with things like HN food. They could make care package type stuff be competition based with a pride and a punishment. It would create more competitiveness and authenticity.

  33. Mello_One

    Josh Won Part 2 Guys…That means that Paul & Josh will go head to head next…

  34. kneeless

    Did Xmas win anything, on her own, the entire season?

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Is anyone else having trouble with the feeds? Mine now has my time zone at the bottom of the feed screen. And every so often, the feeds cut off and goes black, with a message saying something like “The video you have requested is no longer available.” I have to keep reloading the page.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    I’m going to put in some highlights. The feed screen is in my time but I am 3 hours ahead of Cali time, so I’ll put in what their time should be, in case you want to do a flashback. I don’t have much, but here goes…

    Sat. 11:37 PM PT: Paul/Josh

    Paul and Josh say they are going to “ball out” after the show. Paul says they get paid about 5 days after the show.

    They are trying to figure out what to tell X (about taking each other to F2?).

    *Wouldn’t it be funny if Josh chooses Xmas and Paul gets so mad, he rushes him on stage and tries to choke him out on live tv?*

    Paul is still telling Josh that the Jury hates him (*Possibly a ploy to get Josh to pick him, just in case Josh gets the chance to pick*)

    Sun. 12:53 AM PT: Paul/Josh

    Paul tells Josh “Xmas wraps around me like a f*cking snake at night”.

    Josh says he doesn’t like cuddling like that. Paul agree.

    Sun. 12:55 AM PT: Paul/Josh

    Josh gets in bed with Paul and whispers something (about Xmas), but it’s not loud enough for us to hear.

    Paul say “Nah, she’s 32. The oldest girl I’ve been with is 24”. He says he loves X but not like that, she’s 11 years older than him.

    Josh is trying to get Paul to admit something. They start to laugh then Paul says “Dude, I have a f*cking diamond waiting for me”. They laugh again.

    Josh whispers something else in Paul’s ear. Paul tells him that whispers can be heard. Josh says no.

    Paul says “You would, 100%” (they are still talking about whatever it was that Josh whispered).

    Paul says the 2 of them (he and Josh) are the same age. Josh says yes, but Paul is more mature (*I think they are talking about “boning Xmas”*)

    Josh keeps teasing Paul. Paul keeps saying “No way!”.

    NO Time Stamp…(my computer keeps freezing and my feed keeps doing that thing I told you about above 🙁

    Josh and Paul say Xmas and Elena were the most attractive girls in the house. They talk about how Elena use to walk around the house half naked on purpose.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry, feed went out again. When it came back (4:38 AM, my time), it had the message “The video you have requested is unavailable or may have expired”. By the time I had finally got it reloaded, Paul and Josh were in the bed with the lights. out.

    1:42 AM PT

    Paul says “Wouldn’t it be funny if when we woke up in the morning, Xmas is gone”? They both laugh. (Xmas has been in the DR for over 2 hours). The boys are having a good time talking without her there. They have been whispering behind her back all night, whenever she wasn’t around.

    On another screen, they show her limping from the DR. She went into the bathroom.

    In the bedroom, they are laughing at Mark and talking about tennis shoes.

    Josh gets called to the DR and screams “OH F*CK, WHYYYYYYY”.

    Paul say Xmas is going to come and put her cold ass feet on him now. He tells Josh to tell her to keep that cold shit to herself. They laugh and Josh leaves repeating it.

    Josh tells Paul not to go to sleep and to wait for him. (*I doubt that will happen because X was in the DR over 2 hours*)

    Paul rolls over and tries to go to sleep.

    Xmas is in the bathroom “freshening up”. (*Won’t help, but hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying*)

    He has his back to her and she comes in and he makes a noise and she laughs.

    She gets into bed and puts her feet on him and he says “Get your fucking cold feet off of me”.

    She laughs and continues to do it. He keeps saying stop (*she thinks he’s joking*). She keeps laughing.

    She says “But you’re so warm”. He say “But you’re a corpse”. She laughs.

    They start to talk about her DR. She ask how long was she in there. She says she went in at 10:30 and it’s almost 2.

    She ask what they’ve been talking about. He says the outside world. (*If she only knew*)

    She ask him if she pushed him to the edge of the bed. She crams herself so far behind him that he couldn’t turn over if his life depended on it.

    They start talking about toys. He says he lost interest in them when he was very young.

    She has her arm around him. He looks like he’s trying to go to sleep. Her eyes are open (*waiting?*)

    She starts talking about the show flying the families out. (*Clearly trying to keep him awake*)

    He gets quiet again (trying to sleep). She’s still laying there awake, then finally closes her eyes.

    I’m going to do the same..

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

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