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Big Brother 19 – Boring Friday

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These people are far too friendly to be final 3

Good evening, everyone!


As we sit and wait for Josh to beat Christmas in round 2 of the HoH competition, the oddly over aggressive house continues this season. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard “stop that” and “safety first” more times this season than in all the years combined. Between Raven beating on Matt, Paul and Josh wrestling, Jason and Alex wrestling, Josh and Christmas, etc, etc it has been a house full of sexual tension where you almost just want to say ‘go screw already and calm down’… although Raven and Matt were screwing and they were still feisty so maybe that wouldn’t help.

Tonight, Christmas and Josh were throwing chairs around the kitchen – either that or the chair decided this house is too dull and decided to just die on spot

Yup, that’s this house. Less entertaining than a chair.

Since I have nothing to write about, I saw a comment about a question that probably won’t get answered now that I’m starting a new thread, but it was a good question so I wanted to answer it.

The person asked how the people keep track of days in the house. They wondered if there was some notes or anything they took to remember the specifics of each day and the answer to that is they simply remember it.  Every season they know there is going to be a comp where days are asked, so there are always people to keep track of what happened on what days.  Some people remember specifics, while people like Paul go the trick route to remembering stuff. For example, Jillian was evicted on day 16 which was easy to remember since it was so early in the season. After that, they memorize another week for Cody (23), Dominique (30), Ramses (37). Once they have that, they can easily remember the Veto comp (Cody + 2 days, Dom + 2 days – unless it happened on a day other than Saturday you know all the PoV days).


Once you have the HoH, PoV, Noms, and PoV meeting days all memorized (which is easy because there really is nothing else to do but study) you can figure out things on the fly. Asking what day zing bot came in, they just have to remember who won PoV that day. For Jessica’s Hex, it’s the one week that was skipped. Jillian Timeshare was the most recent PoV comp.

How do I know this?  I listen to them study. A lot. A lot, a lot, and then even more. Some don’t study as much and it shows (Kevin, Christmas) while Paul and Josh studied quite a bit – Paul especially.

That is also why I think Paul doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves this season. I will always add the disclaimer that this is a terrible group, but just being a bad player doesn’t guarantee anything. The 3-week advantage was nice, but Paul took that opportunity to study everyone in the house. Other vets may have just relaxed and waited their time, but Paul kept going. He identified the really weak minded people (Raven and Matt) while identifying the stronger minded people (Cody and Jessica). He identified his puppet (Josh) and someone who clearly had a crush on him from the early days but tried to hide it (Christmas). He identified the girl who thinks she’s smarter than she is (Alex) and allowed her sidekick who does whatever she says to stay for awhile (Jason).

He didn’t stumble into this group of people. The second you showed an ounce of intelligence, you were gone. Elena was one of the first to go post-jury because she was the biggest mental threat. By far the second smartest person remaining in the house and Paul knew it (not many people realize it because she didn’t get a good edit, but she was definitely above average intelligence).  He also knew Kevin was smart but weak so he kept him in his back pocket and turned the house on him before Kevin could infect people with logic. Elena could win comps, Kevin couldn’t.


Again, not a popular opinion to think Paul deserves to win. It’s certainly not popular on Twitter to think he’s one of the better players in the history of the game – but, he is.  Sorry. Not as smart as Ian, and not as cunning and Dan or Will, and not as physical as Rachel, but he has enough of all three aspects to make him a super player.  I think Paul would have made it very far had he been cast in any other recent season and given 3 weeks to study the group.  I think Paul would have won or been in top 2 in BB15 and BB17. He would also be in the top 5 in BB14, 16, and probably 13.

What do you think? Ramblings of someone who still doesn’t really know what he watched this summer


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