Jillian Parker

Jillian Parker
Season(s) Big Brother 19
Age 24
Current City Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Timeshare sales rep
Hoh Wins
Pov Wins
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I’m going to say it right now if Jillian gets into the final 3, she’d better hope the jury is as bitter as Nicole’s was. Her initial strategy is a terrible one that typically results in a 4th-6th place finish which is one of the worst places to finish. If I’m going to lose, I want to be the first in jury and have a nice few week paid vacation. She is gearing up for a summer of stress only to be backstabbed by the guys she plans on being a snitch for.

As I’ve said multiple times that gameplans always change when people enter the house, but I don’t understand why anyone would choose this strategy from the beginning. It’s more of a desperation strat people should resort to when you’re almost kicked from the house and willing to say/do anything to stay in. As someone who goes to Vegas casinos a lot, she should know the term that she’s already showing her hand and it’s very weak.

Official CBS Bio:

Three adjectives that describe you: Bubbly, funny, and truthful.

Favorite activities: Currently, I love to go to this place called the Glowzone by my house, which is full of rock climbing, ropes courses, and an American Ninja Warrior course.

I live in Las Vegas, so I do go to the casino from time to time, and I’ve won a couple thousand dollars on many occasions. Every time I break my phone, I win over a thousand dollars when I go to the casino.

It’s a weird gift.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
The most difficult thing for me will be watching what I say because I’m on TV 24/7! I have a lot of opinions and I’m very expressive, so I’ll want to try and make sure I don’t say the wrong things in front of millions of people!

If I do slip, oh well. It is what it is.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most:
Daniele Donato from Seasons 8 and 13 because she’s a bad b*tch, beautiful, and speaks her mind, which is a lot like me!

Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
My strategy is to come in, play it nice and innocent, and get in with the girls and the guys at the same time.

I plan on making my main alliance with the guys, which no one will expect. Then, I’d give them information from the girls.

I plan on flying under the radar and, later on, revealing myself as a big villain towards the end of the game making a few BIG moves.

I’m gonna win this. Just wait and see.

My life’s motto is… Keep it classy, get rid of the trashy. Get money or die trying.

What would you take into the house, and why?
– I want to take my pillow for comfort and good luck
– Some kind of game to play so I’m not bored
– Straightener/curling iron

Fun facts about yourself:
– I have swum in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico
– I met Aaron Carter.
– I come from Orlando, Florida, the land of the mouse.
– My first car was a Nissan Cube. Every time I tell people what I drove, they always responded, ‘Oh, I hate those boxy cars’. Thanks, guys.
– My bucket list dream trip is to go to Thailand. I like it. I like it a “baht.”

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