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Big Brother 19 – Double Eviction Aftermath And More


Well, that was a bombshell!   No, not the dumb double eviction, but the announcement that there will be a Celebrity Big Brother this winter.  There are virtually no details about it as of yet, so make sure you’re following Twitter and Facebook to get updates if more details are released after this season ends and you all leave the site like this was a bar and the last bottle of beer was served. I am excited about it no matter what, especially considering it will be on CBS rather than online only like BBOTT.  There will obviously be celebs that are super d-list, but I think we all expect that based on the other celebrity reality shows. I also think it will probably be a fairly short season of 4-5 weeks tops. That’s just a guess because we all know people like Screech are incredibly busy people who can’t put away that much time into a reality show. Shit, DWTS is only about 2 months long and those people still get to be no longer famous outside of the show during that time.

Let’s talk about tonight, shall we?  Where to begin?

Alex. Oh, Alex. The girl who can win mental competitions with some weird memory but makes a completely stupid move no more than 10 minutes later. Josh and Christmas were major reasons why her ‘ride or die’ just walked out the door, and Alex decided to nominate the 3rd vote from that group along with the guy she can’t stand for some reason. Shit, everyone knew Raven was going to vote out Jason because Jason is the one who split up her and Matt. Alex was blindsided by Josh and Christmas but completely left them alone?  What the hell?  In the words of the great Raven… Are you shitting me right now?


And Josh, cut it with the dramatics. You act like Paul is holding a gun to your head and making you play against your will.  While evicting Jason was something you had to do, you could have ratted out Paul rather than go along with that stupid staged fight they had after the eviction. On top of that, you won the Power of Veto and didn’t use it! Come on, bro. I understand why he didn’t use it. Paul or Christmas were the only remaining options for nomination and he didn’t want to get either of them out, and that’s fine. You want to ride Paul and Christmas to the end? Go for it. Just own it. Stop with this crying routine after slicing someone’s throat.

Anyway, the house is currently playing HoH so I am going to go back to watching my Patriots get their ass kicked worse than Kevin did in that PoV.  I’ll update this post when someone wins HoH

Update – Josh won HoH. I’m already expecting a dumb week


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  1. Avatar

    Less than two more weeks then this madness is over. Paul makes it to final two and a dazed and confused jury with a couple of bitter people can easily give the win to anybody but Paul… I sure hope it goes that way.

  2. Helen

    I am hoping the Department of Speculation stays on track……if so feeds will return with Kevin as HOH

  3. Avatar

    How long has HOH been going on ?

  4. Avatar

    I just can’t stand Paul, and the way he played Josh after the Jason eviction, ticked me off. He made himself look so great and made Josh look horrible. I just thought it was very distasteful. I think it is making me even more mad that these people did not use the double evict to get Paul out. Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!

    • feltso gudinya

      it looked to me that josh was playing paul…..

      • Avatar

        Agree feltso! As I said last night, Paul can’t control what is said in the goodbye messages so all the drama of Josh apologizing as everyone left the house was a joke to entertain Paul and keep him happy. Josh was apologizing for his vote against Cowboy but if Alex thinks about it, it wasn’t Josh who put him out, it was a tie and Xmas put him out officially. I understand that it came to that due to Josh not voting to KEEP cowboy but the dagger that put him out was thrown by Xmas, not Josh. As far as Raven going out it was Paul who ran to Alex to tell her that Raven had to go because she has finished 2nd in too many comps, so she had to go. Again, Paul’s call, no one elses.

    • Avatar

      Agree @shirleyt but Josh is an adult (sorta). He’s stated that he knows what Paul is doing is straight for his game, yet he goes along with it. Josh has stated he needs to start thinking about jury votes, yet he takes the heat and allows Paul to look innocent, despite this being his plan.

      In happier news, at least Josh said no (for now) to Paul when he told Josh to yell at Kevin and get in his face in the upcoming days. Do your own dirty work, pansy paul!

    • LindsayB

      What part of that argument being staged don’t you get? Paul, Josh, and Christmas have been planning it and laughing about it for a couple of days. Josh has been excited to do it!! Josh makes himself look like an idiot all by himself.

  5. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Raven SHUT THE F…. oh… that’s right.

    Ah, what the hell, one more time for old time’s sake…


  6. Helen

    Did I hear Julie correctly? Did she say there was an eviction this Wednesday?

  7. Avatar

    Chatter is Kevin agreed to throw it. Really?! And Paul will have it thrown it to Josh. We’ll see.

    • Helen

      I saw that….it will be between Kevin,Christmas and Josh…..Paul definitely does not want this HOH. …..
      The only other option would be for Christmas to take HOH again for the current speculation……Josh eviction

    • LindsayB

      Yes. Because kevin is up Paul’s ass just like everyone else. Everyone else has shit talked on them for being up Paul’s ass so I don’t understand why kevin doesn’t. He’s as big of an idiot as the rest of them. I forgot. He’s the only “good” person in the house right? He’s so good he blabbed about Cody having a daughter when he specifically said he didn’t want people to know about her and use it against him. Stand up guy!!

  8. Avatar

    I really don’tknow how anything surprises me at this point , but when I read that ” Paul ask Kevin for his friendship bracelet back so he could give it To Raven “. Call ME CRAZY, but I was accually shocked…. Go figure. I guess for a split second I was mistaken and thought I was thinking about a decent human being .Forgive me for my laps in judgment. Well at least Raven didn’t have time to arrange for a stretcher to roll her out. So a least we wereally spared that..lol.Hope most of you are smiling :)..

    • Avatar

      @gigi Right??!! How friggin’ rude and ridiculous is that? Hey Kevin, give me your friendship bracelet because Raven needs it more. Jerk! Just trying to secure another jury vote (which he already has from her). What’s Paul gonna do when Kevin goes, give it back and say “now you’re worthy of friendship. by the way, vote for me!” Puke.

  9. Yael Sara

    How come we didn’t get to see Matt checking into the Jury House. Do they not usually do that on eviction night? Did they already have too much crammed in for the evening with DE?

  10. Jannie

    From Jokers…
    Christmas – Nobody talk to Kevin!!
    Josh – OK
    Paul – Never question your team, dog.
    Josh – I’m not questioning…

    Idiots, all of them. April Fool and Alex are so far up The Gnome’s ass that there is no hope for them to switch.
    With Jason heading to jury, any hope of BoBo(Josh) “making a big move” is gone. For all of his bravado, he’s just a big dope. And now that Gnome has an inkling that BoBo may have figured him out, you know he’s toast. Matt, Cowboy, and BoBo will be next. Gnome will drag April Fool and Kevin to the end. I actually think he would have taken Bride of Chuckie and Kevin, but that eviction got away from him and happened too fast.
    I’m hoping Kevin or maybe BoBo will win the next HOH. Any way you look at it, with only five left, Gnome gets to the F2.
    Looking forward to Celebrity BB. Just hope we’re not all disappointed with an easy going production staff letting them break the rules all over the place.
    Stay safe everyone down south!

  11. ShoeLover

    Josh has the key around his neck!!!

  12. Avatar

    It’s gotta be Alex to get punted, have a tie w Happy Skank Day and Paul’s vote, and Josh will be the decider. Then again with Paul’s shock and dismay act, and Josh crying like a bitch.

  13. Avatar

    Josh knows what he needs to do, but does he have the “meatballs” to do it? If Josh was smart, he would get Paul out because if he does and makes it to the f2, he may have a chance at winning for making the move that everyone in the jury house wishes they had made. Just my opinion.

    • Avatar

      All Josh has to do is ask the remaining people if they want to have a shot at 500K or 50K? If Paul is still there at the end, they are playing for $50,000 (AKA less $$ than Kevin will walk away with after AFP money plus money he has already won in the house). If Josh puts up Christmas as a pawn with Paul and gets Kevin’s to vote out Paul than Alex’s vote doesn’t matter. Josh (if he is the new HOH) will be the tie breaker and be able to say that HE is the one who got out Paul to the jury. Seems pretty simple unless Paul wins the veto then Alex goes up and probably out but at least Josh gave it a shot. And when he goes home next week, he can at least know he gave it a shot.

      • Avatar

        If Alex is on the block and Paul is not, Paul will not want to win that Veto. He knows if he does, Alex will expect him to use it on her and they both would be safe for the week, and Paul’s main goal is to get Alex out this week, so the only way I see Paul wanting that Veto is if he is on the block himself. I would like to see Kevin or Josh win the Veto and work together to get Paul out. If they don’t take the shot now, then Paul deserves the $500K because they are just plain stupid!

      • Avatar

        My fantasy is for Josh to go to jury house and taint all members by telling them what Paul had been doing. Then when jury get’s to ask questions he can ask Paul why he should win when he was the biggest lying asshole in the house. All I can do is dream.

      • Avatar

        Right. So all Josh has to do is put Paul up with Xmas. If Paul wins veto he pulls himself off and Alex goes up and out. Alex goes home but if Paul doesn’t win veto, Kevin votes him out and Alex votes to keep Paul but Josh (the HOH tiebreaker) knocks Paul out. Josh can’t win HOH the following time but he’ll have to compete with the other three left in the house – Xmas, Alex and Kevin for the veto to save himself. He has to take the shot now or be happy with “top 5”.

    • Jannie

      I think his “meatballs” are scared shitless of the Gnome. April Fool is ruining his game because she always steers him back to Papa Gnome.

  14. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Jason confirmed in his exit interview that he really was planning to use the veto on Alex if he had won it. Well, Jason thanks for confirming that you are, indeed, a moron and that you were getting evicted this week no matter what happened in the veto comp.

    Side note: Jason also seems convinced that Alex conspired with Paul to get him evicted this week, and he is PISSED.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think he believes Alex was part of it. The votes were 2-2

      Raven just was evicted, which would mean, Raven & Alex voted Kevin out, and Paul & Josh voted Jason out, with Christmas breaking the tie

      – the three votes against Jason confirms Josh’s goodbye message being accurate.

  15. Avatar

    Yep, Josh won the HOH Competition, & Kevin tells Paul, ” I could have won that Comp blindfolded!” But of course Paul told Everyone to throw the Competition?! This is what is so freaking Frustrating about this SEASON!!! Nobody towards the end of the Game should be throwing Comps!

    • ShoeLover

      Paul left the kitchen for a few seconds and Kevin congratulated Josh. Then Josh said he still loves Kevin and thinks he’s a good guy but they still can’t talk to each other.. kevin says its fine, but dang it.. Josh talk to Kevin!!! Tell him all that worries you about Paul and I betcha Kevin won’t tell you to stop talking that way or tell you he doesn’t want to hear any more.. IN FACT, Kevin will confirm all your feelings, insights and then then THEN maybe open your eyes to do something… it’s not too late, is it????????

      • Avatar

        Josh is the HOH he can talk to whoever he wants!!!! These people are so frustrating. Josh should have been crying last night because he agreed to be part of that embarrassing display of a fight to further Paul’s game on a live show, not because he voted Jason out who was a physical threat in comps.

  16. Yael Sara

    Josh said he’ll need therapy after this show, followed by Paul saying that he doesn’t need therapy- just hang out and travel with him with some drinks and all will be well. Oh come on don’t mess this kid up even more!?!

  17. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I had so much trouble trying to post comments and signing on and off, I finally gave up.

    *STEVE: I kept getting a “WordPress Failure Notice” and it also says that the connection on this site is not secure.

    I managed to take a few notes, since I couldn’t post them last night.

    – Someone must have scared Julie after that outfit last week. Her outfit was pretty last night.

    – The look on Jason’s face when Julie announced the tie, Jason knew what was up and looked pissed before Xmas even cast her vote.

    – Paul was some piece of work trying to make Josh feel guilty about feeling bad about Jason. It really annoyed me when Paul kept asking him “Would you rather it had been me?” *Yas Bitch, YASSS*

    – Alex truly is dumb as a bag of rocks. She only nominated Kevin out of spite, instead of putting up Josh and Xmas, the two who REALLY got rid of her so called “ride or die”. *Bitch Please*

    – Paul and Xmas acting sat to evict Raven. *Bitches Please*

    – Celebrity BB: Will these be REAL celebrities or BB celebrities? *Not the same thing.*

    BBAD & Live Feeds:

    – Josh says Raven is sweet but needs to mature. *What tha WHAT? This coming from a over 6′, 230lb crying ass baby.*

    – Alex is sitting on the sofa and Kevin walks by. Looks like she stuck her foot out. *I’m hoping I’m wrong because it happened kind of fast. You guys take a look and tell me what you think.* 9/7/17 10:57:26 PM PT Cam 1*

    – Rose Room: Paul tells Josh to blow up on Kevin and talk about his family. Josh says no, he will never do that, even if Satan himself told him to. 11:43:44 PM PT Cam 1 (?)

    – Josh says this game is making him a bad person. Paul tells him the game won’t make him a bad person. (*Right, because it was either already in him or not. 9/8/17 1:35 AM PT

    = Kitchen: Paul tells Alex, Xmas and Kevin that after the show, he has to go home and work on his winter collection because it’s almost due out. (*This is a lie because designers work on their collections almost a year to a year before the season starts. He would have to be working on his 2018 Spring/Summer or Fall collection now. 9/8/17 2:05 AM PT*)

    – HOH: Alex and Xmas are talking about paying bills. Alex tells Xmas that she almost forgot to pay a bill and had to ask Production to ask her sister to pay it. She Says she if she had known they could borrow against their stipends, she would have done that instead of asking her sister to pay her bills. 9/8/17 2:48 AM PT Cam 1*)

    – HOH: Paul, Xmas, Alex, Josh want drink (Alex and Josh got 6 beers each in their HOH baskets). They don’t want to give Kevin any, so they beg Production to call Kevin to the DR so they can start the party. (*9/8/17 3:03 AM PT Cam 1*)

    – HOH: Paul is bragging to Alex and Josh that he sleeps in a $20,000 bed. He says his father got it free and gave it to him. (*9/8/17 4:15 AM PT Cam 2*)

    – HOH: Xmas was called to the DR while Paul, Alex and Josh continued to party. The Three Stooges got quite a buzz (*If you thought Josh was stupid sober, you should see him drunk*). They had quite a good time, while Kevin lay alone in the dark downstairs. (*It was kind of sad to watch*). They stayed up until 5 AM, not knowing that Kevin was awake pretty much the entire time.

  18. Avatar

    ‘Paul is bragging to Alex and Josh that he sleeps in. 20,00 bed that his father got for free’ Not talking about gameplay but personality wise Paul comes off like a douche or spoiled brat so often. I get he may be good to family, friends and animals but so are a lot of people and they don’t brag about their possessions constantly. The night he talked non stop about how incredible his watch was and described people’s reactions to it, please STFU.

  19. Avatar

    It would be funny if Kevin got to final two and when the jury people are doing the questioning with Dr. Will they bring up the fact that no one deserves to win if they didn’t win a comp. all season…..”well except you Dr. Will, it was cool when you did it”.

    Besides, technically Kevin won a comp: he won the “fastest to press a button and win the $25,000 comp.” the first night.

  20. Avatar

    Is it just me or does Paul’s chances of winning seem to have dismissed a bit last night. I think this jury will be veryyyyyyy bitter and whoever is sitting next to him will win.

  21. Avatar

    Excited for celeb BB tho! As long as no returning players play of course 🙂

    • Helen

      I would much rather watch another BBOTT…..other than Jason Roy…….I had a lot of fun watching that…….
      Celeb BB doesn’t really thrill me much,but then celebrities don’t do much for me to start with…..

  22. Yael Sara

    Alex and Kevin on the block

    Veto is won by Alex, she takes herself of, replaced by Paul
    Veto is won by Josh, he takes down Kevin, Paul sits next to Alex
    Least blood for Josh, Veto is won my Kevin, he takes himself down, Paul sits next to Alex

  23. Avatar

    I think if Josh has the balls to go after Paul and successfully evict him he will have a great shot at winning the game.

  24. Helen

    This is totally off subject but there has been 117 ,yes,117 earthquakes in the past 24 hours!!!!!!

  25. Renee

    Strategically I would like to see him put Alex and Paul up. If Christmas won POV, she wouldn’t take either off. Chances are slim that Kevin would win the POV and he would be the only one that Paul could convince to use it and be safe. If Paul wins POV and takes himself off, let the chips fall where they may. He deserves to win. But, that would silence him bragging about never being on the block and Josh would get the pat on the back for being “brave enough” to “take that shot”.

    • Avatar

      Idk. Even when they are aware of what he is doing they continue to be attached to him. Paul did a great job of making connections in the house. We can all guess how they will feel after being in jury house but who knows.

  26. Helen

    Blows my mind….Paul told these idiots when it gets down towards the end you lose a comp..and that’s it….you’re gone….so what do they do and continue to do? Throw comps…….all I can say at this point is….It is what it is

  27. danmtruth

    Josh has shown some game play It might be to little to late His goodbye message to Jason throws a big monkey wrench in Pauls plans Combine that with Pauls over the top message to Jason That is one bitter jury member Alex is not going to have a friendly welcome to the jury house from Jason either
    Back to Josh For some reason he wants Kevin out before Alex Might just be a trick It got him the HOH as Paul did not want to chance his vote So we will see Alex and Kevin on the block All play veto
    On to @helen department of speculation junior division
    Paul or Xmas win no change Alex gone
    Kevin wins it could get interesting Paul up Kevin and Xmas vote split Paul out ?
    Alex win cant see Josh being able to get her to vote Paul out So with Alex and Xmas voting Kevin gone
    After all is said and dreamed about it will still be Alex going more than likely
    Than Josh cant play HOH Paul wins than clips Josh tells Xmas the kid was just not going with the plan WE (paul) could no longer trust him It will be easier to beat Kevin to make it to F2

  28. Jannie

    Don’t you all think(and I don’t have the feeds) that Gnome just wants to drag April Fool and Kevin to the end? C’mon, how easy would that be in the final 3 HOH comps?
    If that happened, I think the jury would give Gnome 2nd place. Sure, he was the puppet master, but I think that if he dragged the two weakest to the end he would lose. Cody, Cowboy, Alex and BoBo in the jury would compare notes and be VERY bitter…
    He would probably get votes from Matt and Clown girl – not sure about Mark and Elena(were any of them even there to play)?

    Kevin for AFP!

  29. Ann

    Has anyone heard how our friends are that are having to deal with the storms & fires? Is everyone & their families ok? Still sending love & prayers to all.

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