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Big Brother 19 – Double Eviction Thread! Two Dummies For The Price Of One!


13 days. That’s it. Only one more Thursday night episode after tonight and only a handful of evictions left before we get to see what we expected since about day 10 – Paul winning Big Brother 19.  I’ve discussed this issue ad nauseam so I’m going to avoid that in this open. Instead, I’m going to talk about how much we will all collectively enjoy watching Alex’s face when she realizes that Kevin survives the first eviction and her spot in the final 2 isn’t nearly as secure as she thinks it is.

Why am I happy about Alex being upset?  Out of all the terrible people remaining in the house, she is far and away the worst of the bunch and watching her make fun of people for doing the same things she is doing (like throwing an HoH) makes it all the more hilarious when she gets the dose of reality. CBS doesn’t really like to show the malicious side of people unless their hand is absolutely forced, but I am definitely disappointed they continue to show the ‘fun’ side of her rather than simply not show her at all. Her ‘pranks’ are few and far between, and most of her time is spent talking bad about anyone not in the room with her. She would almost be a fun villain on the show if she wasn’t so convinced she was well liked outside of the show.

On to the episode – Barring some crazy change of plans, Jason is expected to leave the house tonight. Josh and Raven are going to vote for him to leave. Alex is going to vote for Kevin. Meanwhile, Paul is going to also vote for Kevin so he can still play all sides of the house and make Christmas and Josh look like the ‘bad guys’ when Christmas breaks the tie to send Jason out. It’s quite a brilliant move by Paul if he can get away with it, and with these dummies it appears he will. I’ve said above that I’m not going to talk much about Paul but I will say other than Kevin, I am rooting for him to win. Why? He deserves it. Yes, the cast is dumb, but he did not go easy on them. He neutralized anyone with a brain and removed them as soon as he could, and left himself with an alliance of morons while isolating the only other person with a brain remaining in the house (Kevin).


I really don’t think there are many other vets who could have done what he has done this season no matter how bad this cast has been. Derrick, Dan, and Will may be the only people charismatic and intelligent enough to pull this off. As Mell pointed out earlier today, Paul did have his 3 weeks of safety, but that has been gone a long time now and these people are still too clueless to realize that he joined Kevin as the only person yet to be nominated. Christmas said that it was just Kevin during her speech lol. It’s brilliant. Hats off to him and I hope he wins. There, I said it.

Before I begin. Seeing as the season is winding down, be sure to follow me on snapchat!  My name is stevebsfan.  I will probably be snapping some of my winter adventures driving for Uber and may even start a blog to talk about the crazy stories I hear. You’ll want to follow me to get updates on that!

Time for the double eviction updates…..

  • Julie isn’t wearing crazy sleeves this week, so that’s a plus
  • Time for them to quickly hype a chance at Kevin going home
  • First eviction….
  • Final statements
    • Jason – Congrats to Holly. Please don’t evict me
    • Kevin – Says hi to family back home. He’s proud of everyone. Julie’s been a gracious host
  • Votes –
    • Alex – Kevin
    • Raven – Jason
    • Paul – Kevin
    • Josh – Jason
    • Tiebreaker – Jason looks shocked
    • Jason is evicted. Josh is crying.
    • Paul does the fake staged fight with Josh and pretends to be mad and storms away
    • In the goodbye message, Josh admits it was Paul’s decision. May as well give him credit
  • HoH time
    • Trivia
    • Point system. 7 rounds
    • Round 1 – Everyone 1 point
    • Round 2 – Raven, Kevin, Alex 2 points
    • Round 3 – Kevin, Raven, Alex 3 points
    • Round 4 – Raven, Alex 4 points
    • Round 5 – Alex 5 points
    • Round 6 – Alex 6 points
    • Round 7 – Alex wins HoH
  • Alex nominates Kevin and Raven  hahaha she’s so stupid
  • Veto comp after break
  • Time for the veto!
    • Ball pit one. Christmas cleared to play but should lose because she’s still slow
    • Paul will likely win, or Alex
    • Drop 4 lemons into a tube found in the pit
    • Josh with 1  (sorry, lime not lemon)… nope, misses tube
    • Alex and Josh with 1 lime officially
    • Christmas with 1
    • Alex with 3
    • Paul keeps cheering on Alex
    • Raven with 3
    • Josh with 3
    • Josh wins!
  • Josh doesn’t use the PoV after some weird speech about being a misfit
  • Votes
    • Paul – Raven
    • Christmas – Raven
    • Josh – Kevin
  • Now for some unexpected announcement
  • My guess is they’re scrapping the next two weeks and just giving Paul the check  . Joke.    Winter BB?  Please!
  • Or maybe it’s a super All-Star season next year for BB20
  • Julie announces Celebrity Big Brother for this winter!!!!!!!!

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  1. ShoeLover

    Ya killing me Steve one more app I gonna HAVE to learn!!! I am a true people watcher when I’m in Vegas and now you’ve peeked my interest in “CRAZY NIGHTS” on the road with Steve!!

    I agree, Paul for the win, dagnabbit!!

  2. danmtruth

    let the fun begin It We might get some game play by someone other than Paul
    Will Xmas realize it does her no good To be standing next to Paul in the end Standing their looking like Sissy Spacek in Carrie Drench in blood of all on jury
    Will Alex now admit that she was WRONG for not listening to Jason And now Jason will pay the price
    Josh to little to late Jason is out he has moved up the hit list

  3. danmtruth

    Is it just me or are we getting more shots of Xmas working out and in bare mid drift

    • strwar1

      I think they are giving her a promotional advertisement if they get her shots of her working out. I have been doing working out every time she works out every time! God I need a trainer.

    • ShoeLover

      Her arms and shoulders are a little too big for me, but I will take her abs, ass and legs any day!!


      • strwar1

        I will take the ass and abs any day lol

      • feltso gudinya

        betty friedan just rolled over in her grave…………

      • ShoeLover

        As a stay at home mom, I have many accomplishments that I am very proud of!! 23 years of keeping the home fires burning while wholeheartedly supporting my now Retired Navy Man, raised two fantastic boys, with one getting ready to graduate with his BSN from Baylor and the other starting his freshman year in college. Manage to make a name for myself volunteering my time helping others in various battered women’s shelters, countless hours at the school helping first graders with their reading programs. And as for myself, just staying as healthy and strong the best way I know how and that includes a tight ass, abs and legs. So I hope Betty is cheering me on!!!

        Much love, Feltso!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. strwar1

    I pray to god that when Jason is gone? Alex the idiotic pain in the ass bitch goes next. Please God!!

  5. g8trgirl

    Praying to the BB G-ds that Kevin doesn’t walk and that snarky smile is wiped from Alex’s face. Warm fuzzies to get me through the storm. Lol

  6. Avatar

    Paul is so full of shit with that fake look of shock on his face when the de was announced.

  7. g8trgirl

    Smiles, everyone, smiles.
    I hate me.

  8. Avatar

    Josh’s goodbye message, DAMN!

    • Avatar

      I am so proud of Josh for doing that and then Paul’s message of lies right after. One thing he could not plan for. Josh was a loose cannon that he could not completely control and may be his downfall

      • Avatar

        Me too, but he’s going to be on time chopping block now.

      • feltso gudinya

        y?….paul didn’t hear it…..then he voted to ditch kevin to please alex and let her know it…i’d say slosh out pauled paul tonight…tears aplenty, out maneuvering paul from getting first contact with any one…paul was able to congratulate alex first after hoh win…that was it…..jason is pissed at paul, not josh and xmas….so much for no blood on pauls hands…best move of the season yet…..many weeks ago i said that paul will always be the bridesmaid and never the bride…he worked every one in the house to death until they got nauseous from him…..he lacks the subtlety gene….his game play is great to get to the end…but all he does is set up the person next to him for the win….no matter who that person is…..as of today even alex has a better chance of winning sitting next to paul than she did yesterday…..he will always be second best, at best…..

      • Avatar

        Paul can control the jury votes all he wants in the house but he has no control over the goodbye messages. I guess that’s one thing he didn’t account for.

    • Jenny

      That moment was priceless! Jason was already stunned and then Josh outed Paul so it was clear that Paul’s a big LIAR. Hilarious.

  9. Avatar

    Pretty good goodby message from Josh !

  10. Avatar

    This is the greatest night of BB EVER

  11. Avatar

    This is twisted. Christmas and Josh letting Paul yell at Josh he is shocked. What are those 2 thinking?

  12. Avatar

    Wellllll, I’ll be surprised if Jason votes for Paul to win.

  13. Avatar

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you JOSH for exposing Paul’s plan!!! And thank you Jason for FINALLY realizing that Paul’s friendship shit is anything BUT! Paul’s goodbye message showed how huge of a snake he is! The least he could have done was have the decency to say “you’re too much competition for me so I had to get you out” but no, he tries to lie to keep a jury vote. BUSTED!

  14. danmtruth

    Paul nice act Way to throw Josh under the bus Paul goodbye is pure BS Love that Jason hates Paul now The only question is will Alex wake the Fu#k up Paul does not know Josh has turned Jason into a nuke for him in the jury house

  15. ShoeLover

    I’d like to run straight for a REALLY long time!!!!


    Now that’s some country right there!! Hahahaha

  16. Avatar

    Josh annoys the stuffing out of me, but I am SO GLAD that he outed Paul to Jason!

  17. hogwild

    One more shocker in a season of them.

  18. Avatar

    Paul yelling at Josh was just petty AF!

    I also hope Jason can see this for the game move that it is and not vote for a winner in spite. I also don’t feel sorry for Jason at all; he’s the most vile, vulgar player in BB history and should have been removed from the game by CBS.

    • LindsayB

      The fight was planned. Josh knew it was going to happen.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, it still pisses me off & was so unnecessary.

      • LindsayB

        It keeps Alex from thinking that the three of them are working together which keeps her from trying to break them up. Her focus is kept on her vendetta with kevin. It’s all part of Paul’s plan. He’s always thinking many steps ahead.

      • Avatar

        Obviously planned, but the fact that Josh lets it happen and makes himself look bad but Paul look good is pathetic on his part. Again, with a cast just a tiny bit smarter than these idiots Paul doesn’t last this long. He capitalized on a shitload of help from production and a cast that are too stupid to think for themselves

  19. Avatar

    Alex is going to nom Josh and Christmas!

  20. Avatar

    Weak noms on Alex’s part!

  21. Avatar

    Why would she nominate them after Christmas just evicted your partner

  22. g8trgirl

    BB G-ds are crafty. They allow Jason to be evicted but have Alex become HOH on DR night. Boo, hiss.

  23. Avatar

    Aaaaaaaand Alex just made this HOH the dumbest ever…worse than Jessica’s that flipped and evicted Ramses. Alex threw those two up there for personal reasons – they are the LEAST threats left in the house. NOT a move win this game. Apparently she still believes in the evil troll puppet.

  24. danmtruth

    Morgana I thought the same thing Come on back door Paul She must be thinking of a back door how does that get revenge for Jason

  25. hogwild

    Can they just give Paul the money already and end this farce?

  26. LynnD

    Can I just tell you how happy I am to check my BB recording to see that Im actually getting it! But please keep updates coming bc they keep interupting the episode for storm updates. I am so sick of this storm and it hasnt even gotten here yet.

  27. ingodog

    Why???? Would she put those 2 up Why????

  28. Ann

    Please look at Raven laying on that damn belly box hanging over the rail.

  29. Avatar

    Josh proving now why the backdoor is not a good option at this point in the game.

  30. Avatar

    I don’t know if yelling ‘go Alex, is such a good idea. She can’t be HOH next week.

  31. hogwild

    Ok Josh you always talk about making a move here is the chance and it’s likely to be the last one you have,. I hope you don’t waste it but I suspect you will.

  32. Cindy

    Please pull Kevin off and put Paul on the block!! That would make this season totally woth it for me

  33. danmtruth

    Game girl listen to the rules while josh was celebrating she could have ran back and hit her buzzer for the win It’s a shame she is so blinded by Paul Save Kevin Josh

  34. Avatar

    Come on Josh & remove one of them!

  35. Avatar

    Weak ass Josh! Damn!

  36. hogwild

    And Josh waste it no surprise another idiot decision from a houseful of them.

  37. Avatar

    I hope Raven walks out that door.

  38. Avatar

    I was hoping he would get to tell Alex that Paul was behind Jason leaving and then she would agree to put up Paul!!! How awesome would that have been!!

  39. LindsayB

    Yay!!! Another double eviction and Paul is still in it to win it!!

  40. Renee

    The misfit meatball just sealed the deal for Paul

  41. Avatar

    Well! Josh didn’t use veto and Paul just shit his pants. He needed Alex on the block. Oops. Good game move josh.

  42. Avatar

    If Kevin isn’t evicted tonight, Josh is officially my guy.

  43. Avatar

    Well at least Alex can’t play in the next HOH.

  44. Avatar

    Yeah! Bye bye Raven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Avatar

    The look on Alex’s face….she knows she is doomed.

    • strwar1

      LOL!!! Yeah,I’m loving her face!! She Is Doomed!! I LOVE IT!!!! I hope you get evicted Alex next!!

      • Painter1

        Alex sitting at the table just realized EVEYTHING cowboy told her just came true. Now she knows Paul is NOT with her but himself, and she’s next on his list not Kevin.

      • Avatar

        That is right, but she can’t compete for hoh. And Kevin sucks at comps.

        She is going to have to work Xmas & Josh – Josh would be easier. Not because he lacks loyalty, but because he sees the end game. Xmas wont be easy to sway. She will repeat it to Paul.

        It could turn out to be an Alex, Josh, Kevin alliance to get out Paul. Then, after Paul goes, get rid of Alex.

        Josh and Christmas final 2.
        Kevin AFP

  46. Avatar

    OMG- Finally #RavenSTFU

  47. Avatar

    Heck yes!!!! Raven is out!!! This is a treat I wasn’t expecting!!!!!

  48. danmtruth

    Paul said Raven so why go on Josh throws a hinky vote So she can think Paul voted for her

  49. Yael Sara

    damn it Josh, why didn’t you use the pov on kevin?! on west coast, gonna still not know how to react to all of this when I actually watch the episode

  50. Avatar

    Holy crap. Look at all the lipstick caked in her front teeth. OMG!


  51. Avatar

    HOW, H.O.W!!! can Raven accuse Kevin of doing nothing? What did she win? How much slop did she eat? Idiot. I feel sorry for the jury house, but am thrilled to see her go!

  52. strwar1

    Raven is GONE!!!! Thank The Almighty BB Gods!! Kevin Is Safe!! But,I hope Alex goes next!!!

  53. Edsel

    Raven threw some shade on Kevin!

  54. Avatar

    Yay I git to fill up unuther condom drawer! says #STFURaven

  55. Avatar

    *raises beer to Kevin and throws remote at television*

    I’m glad to see Raven go, but damn…what a missed opportunity.

  56. g8trgirl

    Diseased and delusional.
    Big news….online big brother this fall?

  57. hogwild

    Well the last chance of anything interesting happening is over there is nothing left to see this season just marking time till paul wins we know kevin is next and he is the only person left I so I think I’m going to go ahead check on out for the remainder of the season it’s been fun sharing views and opinions about the season with you guys see you next summer same time same site.

  58. Tinkerbell

    @Dead Girl Walking. I’m so sorry jury house. Bwahahaha. Stock up on the condoms.

  59. Avatar

    Maybe now Alex will figure out that they are not with her! Knowing how much she hates Kevin, whom she nominated against Raven just knowing it would send him packing…..yet they kept him over Raven. Well, at least she might think about it. But this is the dumbest group of players so probably not.

    • Avatar

      I thought the same thing…then they show Paul talking to her, explaining how Raven is such a “threat” because she’s came in second a few times. Whatever. Oh well, bad day for Alex. Lol… Call it karma for being #petty

  60. Avatar

    Paul needs to win HOH. It’s time for F5. There’s three votes against Paul waiting to be cast. Kevin, Josh and Alex.

  61. Yael Sara

    Oh thank goodness.

    haha, well one hypothesis I had was maybe the intent to just make this season so miserable so that whatever they decide to do for the big bb20 will just seem OMG-Mazing

  62. Alda

    Paramedics! Paramedics! Go to the jury house ASAP! Raven is waiting!!!

  63. Avatar

    Paul is doing serious damage control.

  64. Yael Sara

    Watching AHS while I wait for BB to air on the west coast. Excited for this season, SO NOT excited to watch Lena Dunham, not a fan

  65. g8trgirl

    WE GET TO SPEND THE WINTER TOGETHER! Nk, you didn’t want to sleep, did you????

  66. Avatar

    Alex, that was a spit in Jason’s eye!!!! you won HOH and gave the “that was for you Jason”. And then you did the dumbest move in BB history. You nominated 2 nobodies!!! What a waste and most important, an insult to your so called backbone in the game.

    You left the two people that did that to Jason alone, are you that ignorant?????

  67. Ann

    Saddle up boys & girls for Celebrity BB. I guess we’ll be back raising hell in the winter.

  68. Avatar

    Josh’s good-bye message to Jason blew Paul’s game up, now Jason goes to jury to let everyone else know Paul’s game. How many votes does Paul get now?

    • Avatar

      Everyone in Jury ( other than the social game leader Matt ) knows Paul has been pulling the strings.

    • danmtruth

      That could not have been part of Pauls Plan If he looses He will see that and want to kill Josh Now Josh better keep his mouth shut about what he said in his goodbye message He cannot tell Xmas

    • Avatar

      I thought the same thing at first. Now, in retrospect, Josh may have given Paul the win (provided he gets final 2)

      His message stated that you have to go, as I am in a 3 person alliance with xmas & Paul. It was Paul’s plan to do this.

      If it was Paul’s plan to get rid of a strong player, then that was a great game move. It should be respected, and Paul should get Jason’s vote.

  69. Avatar

    Not so fast @stevebeans, looks like we’ll need you here in the winter 🙂

    I know most of these house guests think they’re celebrities….Please please please don’t bring any of them back for BB20!

  70. Edsel

    Oh my gosh, winter BB. At least there will be a few months to regroup. Watching the feeds and reading updates preoccupies too much of my time. ☺

  71. danmtruth

    All in all not to bad of a night Does Alex understand she is next on the list Kevin will be permanent second chair

  72. Avatar

    I predicted Paul would get exposed this week and I was right. If he gets out of this one, then he deserves to win. This is the ONLY turbulence he has seen this summer. He needs to win HOH this week and then POV next week to get to the final 2.

    Josh should blow up his game…

    He won’t.

    • Avatar

      If Alex goes to Josh and asks him how it was decided to evict Jason, do you think he’ll tell her the truth?

      • Zach

        She wouldn’t believe him anyways. The fight with him and Paul after eviction sealed it. She is unequivocally with Paul now, if she wasn’t before Jason left.

      • Yael Sara

        Alex wouldn’t even ask the question, or if she did – she would immediately respons to her own question by giggling and saying just kidding

      • Avatar

        Ugh, sadly you’re correct. She has already re-pledged her loyalty to helping Paul win. Oh well, I’ll take satisfaction in her discovering how dumb she was to trust him when she gets out and can watch the episodes.

    • Helen

      The turbulence for him has not even begun….he will be in F3 with Alex and Christmas. If Alex is able she will cut him at 3 because she will take Christmas to F2 with her

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Alex will believe him. I think Paul will use the original argument he gave her which was that they are playing two different games so nobody will realize they are in a final two alliance.

        I haven’t had any confidence in Alex since she somehow thought it was her idea to nominate Dominique. Jessica made the worst move of the year by not getting Josh out when she could have, but Alex is second by not getting a single person who just took out her partner. Well, Raven who is a floater at this point, but that doesn’t count.

    • danmtruth

      Xmas will keep talking him back
      Alex is STILL talking about final 2 Drug test her
      This week only 2 votes So who does Paul want out

  73. LO1004

    Alex looked like she shat herself a little when she realized Christmas was about to vote Jason out. HA!

  74. Avatar

    When are people going to realize that you can’t constantly backdoor!

    Sometimes you have to actually put them up and then beat them so they go home.

    • Zach

      It would have been hilarious if Alex realized Josh didn’t hit the button and went and hit while he was screaming and thinking he has already won.

      • Avatar

        Sometimes you have to get blood on your hands and vote out the threat.

        At this point of the game I am throwing the backdoor option out the window and telling my noms good luck, but I am going to do my best to knock one of you out. As a competitor I would respect that. This stupid deceit game only pisses people off. Put them on the block and grab your stones and tell them why you want them home. Stop making everything so damn personal and play the damn game!

        Paul has played a magnificent game, but has played the game too hard for jury. Jason will probably not vote for him, Cody, Elena, and Mark probably won’t either. I think a person like Josh or Christmas will beat him due to their ability to get to that point despite their obvious flaws.

  75. danmtruth

    LindsayB You must be happy It could not have worked out better for Paul Alex still clueless and cant compete for the next HOH The big thing will be POV with this few of people

    • LindsayB

      This could be a tough week for Paul. He’s going to have to work very hard this week. He’s been working hard all summer tho so he can do it. My fingers are crossed.

      • danmtruth

        Paul will throw the HOH to Josh Tell him they will take Kevin out He puts Kevin and Alex up Paul and Xmas vote out Alex Not a hard week at all Only thing that can hurt the plan is Alex winning POV worse Kevin wins HOH and Alex wins Pov Than yes he will have a BAD week

      • Avatar

        There are 5 people left, do you think they will try and backdoor Alex?

        I need to watch some damn feeds. I feel like Kevin with his Sunday’s best on ready to walk out that door and surviving two evictions, but not having a clue as to what just happened.

  76. Avatar

    Guaranteed Jason will be a bitter juror. Paul won’t get his vote. He was ready to rip off his head. I am glad Josh exposed Paul to Jason in his goodbye message.

  77. Zach

    Jason has always rubbed me the wrong way. I feel like his feel good cowpoke was just an act for the camera. You could tell at certain points in the season, that he really is just a cocksucking asshole. Josh is becoming a dark horse, you have to wonder if he somehow wins HOH if he puts Paul and Alex up and says whoever wants to stay in the house, win.. Otherwise you’re going home.

    • Avatar

      At this point I am rooting for Josh. Never thought I would say that.

      • Avatar

        I said the exact same thing tonight! I’ve disliked Josh since he blew up on whats-her-name with the blue hair who self evicted. Then with all the crying-taunting-crying-pots n pans-crying-repeat…he has made it difficult to root for him but at this point it’s the less of the remaining evils.

  78. Tinkerbell

    Have not seen it yet. Did Dead Girl Walking scream – Are you shittttnnn’ me. Ahahahahahahahaha. Cannot stop laughing. Byb bye Fake Fraulein.

    • Avatar

      What killed me was:

      The tears being evicted;

      Josh crying: ” I am so sorry Raven” ;

      Raven yelling: “No you’re not !”;

      Then the csrtwheel entrance: ” Hi Julie !!!”

      Seriously, wtf ???

  79. Tinkerbell

    Rowdy Rapin” Cowboy deserves to be stuck with her butt again.

  80. Avatar

    Hey everyone!
    Haven’t been able to watch the episode yet so thanks for the commentary!!! Agree with everyone’s comments!

    Quick question..Are they not starting the next HOH tonight??

  81. Zach

    If y’all thought regular BB was rigged by production wait til the Celebrities get in the house, it will all be scripted, so it might be entertaining similar to how wrestling was when I was a young kid growing up.

  82. Tinkerbell

    Alex is begging for them to not backdoor her. To have the COURTESY to be straight up with her. Who the Hell does she think she is? She is the first person to stab people in the heart, and kick them off the cliff. Bitch!

  83. Helen

    For those that may have missed the memos circulating in the Department of Speculation this morning:


    • Helen

      Sorry was trying to post the memos

      • Helen

        Here they are…..

        First one……I posted last thread….Jason goes in first eviction followed by Raven
        2. Alex will win the HOH that sends Raven out the door tonight
        3. The second HOH will be won (thrown to) Kevin
        4. Kevin will nom Christmas and Josh
        5. Noms will remain same because neither Alex or Paul want to be OTB
        6. Josh will be evicted

  84. Avatar

    Kevin may be very good at playing big brother but I love how he carries himself in situations like tonight.

  85. Avatar

    I hope Alex is gone next. I really, really didn’t want Jason, Raven or Alex to win this season. I can deal w anyone else.

  86. AIO_7

    Dummy Deputy tells Paul that he is the only one she can trust.


  87. Jenny

    So I watched Mommy Dead and Dearest, then had a dream about Gypsy Rose watching BB and wondering if she was going to call Raven out as a fraud since she would recognize what is happening with her. I also dreamed that they were showing all of the BB cast for the season and it included Ellen DeGeneres and David Spade, can’t remember who else but I was like huh, I don’t even remember Ellen being on the show, she must have been voted out early. I doubt Ellen or David Spade is going to be on Celebrity BB but it’s still crazy that I was just thinking about a celebrity version of the show. I’M PSYCHIC!!!!! lol

  88. Yael Sara

    Are we taking celebrity Big Brother guesses. Will they be celebrities or hasbeens?

    Perhaps past guests; Kathy, Bobby…

  89. Avatar

    I know I am sounding a bit “needy” tonight with my questions..am working the 3-11 shift this week so can’t wait to watch as soon as I get home

    However, me and a couple of my co-workers are on our break and could anyone give a little more detail for us about Ravens exit? HALLE-FRICKING-LUJAH !!
    Mostly want to know did she seem shocked or mad? I read what she told Julie about playing to the best of her ability blah, blah puke!

    • Renee

      She was definitely shocked. It was awesome! Then she did a piss-poor cartwheel and high kick and shook Julie’s hand. Julie looked stunning in a red dress. Red is her color. Julie called her out as not playing and just laying around with Matt. Raven said she thought she played very well and wouldn’t change anything. Still delusional

  90. LindsayB

    Hmmm… curious as to why no one talks shit about kevin being up Paul’s ass just like everyone else. Yes, he’s a good person, blah blah blah but with so much shit being said about everyone else blindly believing everything Paul says why isn’t kevin a part of that? Don’t say he’s not a minion. He threw the HOH last week cuz Paul said to. He just asked Paul if he’s supposed to just sit there and keep to himself again this week. He’s up Paul’s ass just like the rest of them.

    • Avatar

      It bothers me too. He’s twice as old as Paul but defers to him like everyone else. I like Kevin and out of all of the houseguests he’s the one I would enjoy having drinks with the most but I actually wanted them to send him to jury tonight over Jason. I know it was a better game move for everyone else for Jason to go but I thought it would be more interesting.

    • LO1004

      I think he does this bc every time he speaks up, Paul shuts him down. He can’t even ask a question, and Kevin doesn’t want confrontation w people 30 years younger so he does what he’s told and keeps to himself. This part of Paul’s game pisses me off bc I was taught to respect my elders, not treat them like dogs. So, Kevin doesn’t want to be up his ass, he’s got not damn choice. The man can’t do anything w out getting yelled at. It’s heartbreaking.

      • Avatar

        Until Kevin wins a comp, he is dependent on Paul even more so than Xmas. He clearly knows Paul is the creator of all the chaos, and has even said so in DR, but his admittance tonight that he has tried hard and can’t when comps (really the two tonight because he throws the rest), dictates that for now, what else can he do. He is in final 5 with this game play, and still has a chance to win one freaking comp.

    • Painter1

      I like Kevin but come on hes a SUPER FLOATER!!

    • Avatar

      Lindsay, speaking for myself, Kevin is funny and I prefer him for entertainment.

      At this point I can not stand anyone in that house. Possibly the worst season of players I have seen, therefore since no real game is being played Kevin is a nice a distraction.

    • Summer

      Because Kevin isn’t up Paul’s ass. Kevin believes he is playing the game with Paul.

    • danmtruth

      LindsayB it is part of HIS master plan Let Paul do all the work get to Final 2 and charm his way to the win Has he not tried to clue people in on the plan to get them out True it was too late for most to do anything Paul still looks at him as being a loyal subject no threat and a vote when he needs it But look at the jury he might be able to pull some votes for a win

  91. Yael Sara

    Maybe Kevin will get his own reality show “Walk the Yard, with Kevin”

  92. Avatar

    Another vote (Jason) that wont be rolling Paul’s way. Last week they showed Paul begging for votes in jury, now they give Jason two opposing goodbye arguments, and its clear he is upset with Paul. Its almost like production is trying to influence the jury with its own splice, cuts and edits with goodbye messages. And I wonder if Jury see’s the same exact eviction BB game footage that we see, when they take us to into the Jury house.

    Matt, Raven, Elena votes for Paul
    Cody, Jason, Mark against Paul

    If Kevin goes out – vote against Paul
    Will Raven, Josh, or Alex vote against Paul if they are in jury?

  93. danmtruth

    Jason is going to be one loud voice in that jury house Along with his eviction tape Who knows maybe Raven will see the light Yet somehow I think Paul has a side outside the house deal with her Matt will be happy to see Jason blindsided Not sure how he will feel about Raven That vote by Josh for Kevin gives Paul an out that noooo he voted to keep Raven As I dont think they show the actual voting

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