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Big Brother 19 – Eviction And Endurance HoH


Good evening, everyone!  Tonight is the big night in the Big Brother house where Christmas gets to officially finish off her huge move of getting out the guy who is completely alone in the house.

Sure, most people would have possibly used Mark to help get rid of the power couples and the complete power player (Paul), but Christmas doesn’t need Mark! Her broken foot and Josh’s complete inability to win competitions makes them a very formidable duo heading into the final stretch of the season. Oh wait, that’s right. They have Paul – just like everyone else in the house. Sure, what they do have is an incredibly weak pairing that will likely be dragged to the finals because Paul knows he can beat them, but being beaten in the finals is always a good thing… right?  Especially 3rd place.  Who doesn’t want to spend their entire summer inside a smelly house full of awful people only to earn the same exact amount someone like Cody is going to earn for spending his next month getting paid to vacation in a mansion. Sure, there is cash for second place, so maybe Christmas has a plan to talk Paul or Jason into taking them because she sure as shit isn’t winning her way in.  If it’s anything like recent years, she’ll sit out both round 1 and 2 which means Paul or Josh will square off in round 3. Paul will easily win and decide if he wants to take the most hated person in the house with him to the final 2, or someone who can be seen as a fighter.

Yes, this was a long and sarcastic paragraph just to laugh at the lack of foresight Christmas has with her alliance to Josh and Paul. Josh? He’s not winning $500k, but he is easily the favorite to take home the second place prize which is pretty damn good for the guy who took the golden apple because he was scared of going home in week 1.


I’m not sure how much there will be to blog about during the episode. Mark is going to jury. That means this will probably also turn into the HoH competition thread as it is endurance based tonight. Any guesses on the comp?  My guess is the chicken coop which will require a ton of dexterity giving Paul, Jason, and Alex an advantage.

HoH Results –   (detailed updates below)

You can also watch the competition play out here

  • Remaining…..
    • Raven
    • Alex
    • Jason
    • Josh
    • Paul
    • Kevin
    • Matt


  • Julie is still pretending Matt may be leaving
  • Highlights of the week
    • Showing Paul with his 3 alliances that are too stupid to talk to each other
    • They keep hyping the potential of getting Matt out because they have no material this week
    • They show highlights of the veto comp. Mark casually says ‘that was a bad final comp for me’. I guess the Matt hype is already gone
  • Votes
  • Well, speeches first
    • Matt says some stuff about zzzzzzzzz
    • Mark talks like he knows he’s going home. He pretends he’s going to throw people under the bus but calls Jason a good guy
  • Votes for real
    • Raven – Mark
    • Josh – Mark
    • Kevin – Mark
    • Jason – Matt
    • Alex – Matt
    • Paul – Mark
  • Raven and Matt seem surprised about the 2 votes but don’t say anything yet
  • The peak of the endurance comp and they have to hang on to giant hotdog buns. Guess they’re not ready for the eggs.
  • So this competition will be good for Alex, Raven, and maybe Jason.  I’ll be shocked if anyone else wins
    • Pretty simple endurance comp. It may go on awhile – but then again it may not with this crew.  A crew like the BBOTT cast would make this one last like 4 hours
  • 7:10 pm – Feeds finally back. All still hanging
    • Kevin down
  • 7:14 pm – Matt down. Unreal.  Only 5 people remaining 15 minutes into the competition.
    • Here is a random Raven
    • 7:40 pm Josh has fallen down at some point
    • 7:47 pm – Paul fell
      • Ravel fell
  • 7:50 pm – Jason and Alex are working on some dumb deal before they go in
    • Alex asks for safety and a jury vote if she jumps.
    • Alex jumps, Jason wins HoH



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  1. Mel

    I’m guessing the comp where they swing on the rope.

    • Avatar

      I would like to say Marks exit interview was so telling….blaming Cody for screwing his game when in fact it was his inability to be loyal to anyone other that Elena that killed his game…..If he would have stepped up and draw. A line in the sand and stood with Cody and Jessica it would have been possible to get someone else to join their team….instead it was one big group vs two groups of two and one of those groups was actually two individuals Elena and Mark….so that made it easy 8 vs 2 vs 1 vs 1…..and it’s not even gonna be fun to watch the final 8 the pecking order is already set Alex will push Kevin into the crosshairs when they should target josh/Christmas or matt/raven…..or actually I mean Paul…..but instead Jaso Neil throw his HOH away and get out Kevin and then won’t be HOH next week when Alex and Jason are top targets

    • Avatar

      And Mell….I absolutely love your editorials!! Even in this crappy season….I’m back to watching season 2 right now and working up…..forgot all these season so funny seeing Mike Boogie of 17 years ago!!

  2. LindsayB

    I guessing the comp will be can stay bowed down to Paul the longest. It’s gonna be a long one.

  3. Helen

    I say it’s dizzyland or a variation of that comp

  4. hogwild

    Don’t know what the HOH comp will be but I was watching some of the after dark stuff on youtube when they showed Matt and Raven talking my dog started barking and howling and ran out of the room.

  5. danmtruth

    So 5 – 0 bye – bye Mark Next game is how early does Paul wait to drop out No need to be the HOH Is there anyone he needs to outlast ?

  6. hogwild

    Whats so funny and pathetic is you have the three couples trying to figure out which other couple to target if one of them wins HOH or if they should go after Kevin but not a single one of them thinks to target Paul this is no longer surprising but god it’s sad.

  7. Avatar

    Only possible twist this week is if Cody and Elena got drunk and hooked up during their week alone.

  8. Tinkerbell

    @stevebeans So funny! Thank you for a good evening laugh.

  9. strwar1

    S I said before and I will say it again Paul is going to win Big Brother and he is just going to sit back relax and watch both these power couples go at it.

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  11. danmtruth

    bad math 6-0
    Ann I hope your safe along with anyone in the path of the storm in Florida
    Bad thing Mark thinks he has a chance to flip the house This way he will not sound off on anyone The only person he might trash will be Matt The only problem is it’s just not in his nature Mark made good points but these people are blind So Mark you will go out with a wimpier

  12. Tinkerbell

    My burning question – where will the two Squatters hang out tonight? They’ve had posession of the HOH except for when Cody and the Escort were there. Where will Munhausen dance, steal things, eat everything in sight, etc. Where will Lazy No Mind take 25 daily showers in peace, and lay all over the couch like a bloated toad.

  13. danmtruth

    next two weeks the POV will be as important as the HoH

  14. ingodog

    What the hell does Raven do with her hair???

  15. hogwild

    In a season filled with big epic moves the biggest one yet takes place with Mark being voted out I’m not sure if my heart can continue to handle this level of excitment.

  16. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Mark and Josh were my favorite showmance this summer…

  17. Helen

    Paul might want to think twice about throwing comps……proud of Alex and Jason!!!!

  18. kneeless

    I am team Jason, but I am afraid if he or Alex don’t win HOH he will be the next casualty.

  19. Wendy

    Well, I’m gonna cheer Jason and Kevin on. Really can’t stand anyone else in the house. But, must admit Paul for the win will not suprise me.

  20. danmtruth

    ok I was surprised It only manage to draw the line in the sand Cowpoke & Ms. Petty against Mattrest
    Paul must be sooo happy This week he just sit backs and watches

  21. Helen

    Anyone but Matt or Raven. Please BB gods. Don’t do that to us!!!

  22. LynnD

    I am literally sitting here screaming at my TV. “Why can’t you idiots use your own brain!” At least 2 of them did. I expected a vote out of Kevin. Another huge disappointment. And then Paul has the nerve to ask him to put a good word in for the jury. I seriously just don’t even know if I can finish this season!

  23. Avatar

    Deathbed Barbie had an oh shit moment with the vote results.

  24. Avatar

    Alex got hammered in that first mustard spray. Lol. More than anyone else did. Deathbitch Barbie was hardly touched.

  25. hogwild

    I know it won’t happen but I would give anything to see Kevin win HOH everyone in that house would be shitting themselves if that happened.

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  27. Mel

    Please don’t give us another Alex power trip hoh but I’ll be surprised is she doesn’t win. Raven may do well too. Yuck, I hate I just said that. I really like that they can’t see each other.

  28. Mel

    Kevin and Matt down. Kevin said Paul should do well with his little feet. Paul days he wears a 10 and Kevin asks “in womens?”

  29. Alda

    Kevin and Matt down already! They’ll be on the block,I bet

  30. Renee

    It will be a sickening week if Raven wins but I would think she has a decent chance.

  31. kneeless

    Glad Matt is out. I don’t want Josh or Raven to win. Paul doesn’t want it & while I don’t want Alex to win at least she won’t put up Jadin.

  32. kneeless

    Din’t have my feeds on Annabelle, how’s she looking, other than scary!

  33. Avatar

    I think I want Raven to win if Kevin can’t. If Raven wins will Paul sleep in HOH again or will he be too frightened? I would also like to see how Alex would handle If Paul brushed her off for week if Raven was in power. Also treats for week and letter from Mom would probably be bizarre.

  34. Helen

    Raven is going to win this one

  35. Tinkerbell

    Shut your trap Halloween!!!!

    Munch will win. She’s playing for the Honeymoon Suite.

  36. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    In that pic of DMW, it’s almost as if her make-up exploded all over her background.

  37. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Raven’s letter from home would be full of so many lies, all of which Mattress would believe, while everybody else would shake their heads in bewilderment.



  38. LindsayB

    This would be a great time for Raven to get one of bouts of explosive diarrhea.

  39. kneeless

    When Julie was talking to them during the show, I am correct that Julie asked a question or said something directly to everyone but Munchie?

  40. Zach

    Would you rather…. Be a skunk that smells like a skank or a skank that smells like a skunk. #RavenSTFU

  41. Mel

    Why in the hell is Christmas trying so hard to get them to cut a deal while half the house is still up there? If those four people make an agreement who does that leave to go otb? She’s stupid.

  42. kneeless

    Raven’s begging is as annoying as she!

    • NKogNeeTow

      IKR! Why would any of them care whether or not she got a letter from her Mom or not? When she kept saying “C’mon guys. I really need a letter from my Mom.”

      I was yelling at the TV “THEN EARN IT!”

      I hate a begging woman and a crying man.

  43. Tinkerbell

    RAVEN shut up with the letter already!!!

  44. LindsayB

    As annoying as Alex is I’m kind of enjoying her and jason as the final two. I like that neither of them have given up. Yet.

    Fight it out!!

  45. Zach

    Paul and Matt are going up on the block

    • Avatar

      I can’t see them actually going through w putting him up unless he agreed to be a pawn.

      • Zach

        Only if Jason wins. Alex won’t put him up but I think Jason is going to draw a line if he wins.

      • LindsayB

        I don’t know. Alex may legit cut off his nuts if he disobeys her.

      • Zach

        Lindsay I think Jason may be to the point where he realizes Paul needs to go. Now if Kevin and Raven vote Paul and Josh and Christmas vote Matt it will come down to Alex and I’m not totally convinced she will vote out Matt

      • LindsayB

        Maybe. Alex has herself firmly nestled up Paul’s ass and jason is up Alex’s ass. I think he’ll bring it up but that Alex will talk him off the ledge. I could be wrong. This could be the moment so many people have waited for.

      • LindsayB

        I will be impressed if jason does go after Paul tho. He lets Alex put him in his place so often I wonder if he even remembers what it feels like to have a pair of balls. We’ll see.

      • Zach

        The new kid on the way… I saw something change in Jason after he found out. He has won both POVs since and also won this HOH. I think it snapped him outta the trance and he was just waiting on the right time. Plus I’d like to see Paul work his magic and go toe to toe with Jason and split the house to make the rest of the season fun. I’m still #TeamPaul

  46. Mel

    I don’t like Alex but her telling Jason she wants safety and a jury vote was pretty funny. However, her scolding America wanting to know why we didn’t give her the hex isn’t. Paul doesn’t need to chime in and act like we did something wrong either. Didn’t America give him the first three weeks off?

    Well, it looks like bye Matt or see you later Kevin.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      No, Paul definitely doesn’t need to chime in, but maybe Alex finally got wind that she was way ahead in the temptation that Jessica miraculous won.

      • Mel

        Past houseguest have hundreds of thousands of fans and they’re all huge Jessica supporters. I totally believe she won that temptation. I think Alex was in the running if it was the vote for the first week but by the time people were voting on the hex, people were already sick of Alex.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        You have a valid point. Alex personally annoys the stew out of me!

  47. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Alex should give this one to Jason. Alex is stronger overall, so should play next week. Jason also has the balls to try to take out Paul.

  48. LindsayB

    Jason wins. Raven looks like she just swallowed a pile of dog shit. Someone needs to post a screen shot of her.

  49. Helen

    I thought Jason was putting up Matt and the skank

  50. Wendy

    I just love everyone’s comments!! Thanks for making BB19 bearable!

  51. danmtruth

    Glad Jason won Now he gets his WEEK as HOH Instead of the 15 min letter and basket Matt was anodyne at the end Raven was pathetic trying to use the poor pitiful me No one cared that she wanted a letter from her mamma con

  52. Zach

    I wish we knew what the comps were ahead of time. That way if for some reason they decided to put up Josh and Christmas BB wouldn’t be able to manipulate the comp so that Christmas could play. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but they have given Christmas advantage after advantage this season. She should have been kicked out when she had to leave for her ankle the first time.

  53. Mel

    I think some major things will have to shift this week for Paul to go. Even if Jason suggests it, Alex will call him stupid and an idiot a few times then she’ll punch him. The conversation will die and Matt will be going unless he wins veto, in that case, Kevin may go. They can get Jason to put him up as a pawn, tell Kevin he has to contribute to the team (remember he fell first) and they could vote Kevin out regardless of what Jason wants.

    Now it’s time to deny the votes from tonight.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I agree. I’ve said all along that the best thing that could happen for Jason’s game would be for Alex to get evicted. I have a feeling that if it weren’t for Alex, Jason would be seriously considering taking a shot at Paul this week. And Jason probably couldn’t get the votes to get Paul out anyway, no matter who the pawn is.

    • Helen

      Jason already told Kevin……Jason won’t put Kevin OTB

      • Mel

        I hope not but he will if Alex makes him.

      • HappyHippo

        Waking up (on east coast time, had to go to bed before they were done) to find out cowboy won! So glad! This is the week to prove himself and make a move. Everybody’s comments are on point though, he listens to Alex way too damn much. I hope he sticks to not putting Kevin up. Kevin is completely loyal to him. Please oh please let things shift and somebody start to compare notes….like the fact that he was up next if him or Alex didn’t win. He knows in the back of his head Paul needs to go but Alex is such a stubborn person.

  54. hogwild

    So Jason won HOH does that make this Alex’s HOH or Paul’s? Jason does whatever Alex says and Alex does whatever Paul says this could get very confusing.

  55. kneeless

    Ad much of a clean freak as Matt is how can eat with that dirty ass shirt. I guess for him food wins!

  56. kneeless

    Oh, that nasty hair of Munchie’s

  57. danmtruth

    Zach can not agree enough about AprilFool she should have been pulled as soon as it happen Once more i’m sure production felt the HG would dump her quick It was unfair she pulled Cody in the OTEV comp then did not even compete One less player that could have changed the out come How many comps were change to try to let her play

  58. Avatar

    Watch Kevin the next two days. I could see Jason putting up two strong comp players and then taking Raven out. I could also see national free doughnut day get taken out as well as a replacement on the block.

  59. Tinkerbell

    That self-obsessed wench. Pulling the I need a letter from Mama card. Yes Munchausen, you are the only person playing this game. Fly your broom home. Poor Arkansas.

    * You are not going to die. You poor sweet Mama isn’t going to die. You are not sick with every named, and unamed, disease you can conjure up. You should have never been allowed on BB. Shame on CBS. You didnt have to eat slop, but scarfed down anything that wasn’t nailed down. Production had your back on the slop issue. No doubt whatsoever.

    *. Christmas, you should have been out after you horsed around and broke your foot. You have had a free ride all season. Unbelievable!! If cast members cannot compete in every comp, including eating crap, they should not be there. If they bring Crossfit back next year because they say she didn’t have a fair shot, that’s nothing but a pile of BS.

    • Avatar

      They could very well have kept her to see the public response. If it’s positive they bring her back. If negative they cut ties after the season. It’s not like she’s breathing air meant for another decent player.

  60. Shivani33

    Well, the playful, “aren’t we just the cutest” facade fell flat on its face tonight for MattRess and Raven. Between her comp begging and his miserable displays as the comp didn’t end in time for him to run off and eat, it was like watching a haggard witch and warlock spill their cauldron of miscast spells all over themselves. MattRess bellowing out, “I had two votes cast against me,” while only Jason and Alex were left standing was the cherry on top.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Did you notice the 2 of them in the Wave Room after the Comp. For once, silence. It was like they were trying to think of something to say to each other. Then suddenly MattRess say to her “Mark was the most useless person I’ve ever met in my life.”

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

  61. Tinkerbell

    Jason, you are becoming more of a loser. Give it up with the jokes about Josh’s Mom. I have no respect for you. That.Is.Low!! Not funny whatsoever. You did itover snd over last night, and started it now. Shut your pie hole.

    • Tinkerbell

      Excuse all of my errors. I apologize, I’m just ticked with all of these people. Time to go for now. I really can’t remember so many people in one season that are so flippin’ irritating, and stupid!

  62. Tinkerbell

    @Ann Before I leave tonight, just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers again. I hope you and your loved ones are safe.

  63. LindsayB

    I hope that Arkanslut gets the boot. I have a feeling we would all get bored here without complaining about her but I’ll take the risk.

    • kneeless

      I would love for Arkanscammy to get voted out!

    • Avatar

      You took the words right out of my mouth!
      I can’t stand her to the point that I can’t even watch the live show anymore. I have to wait so that I can fast-forward thru anything about her.

      How STUPID is she?? That slutso asking for them to throw the HoH….to HER??? Did she actually think that 4 other people were going to just drop off and say “Here you go sweetie”? And then CRIES about it afterwards?
      Puhleeeeeze! STFU RAVEN!!

      SHAME on Big Brother for not doing some basic background research on her and letting her lying, thieving disgusting self be on this show.

      Also, whyyyyyy don’t Paul and xmas (or anyone for that matter) actually SAY something to these 2 rejects – Matt for using up Paul’s shampoo and Raven for using/stealing Xmas makeup?
      Deep sigh…somebody please just shoot me.

      For the love of all that is good and right..and to prove that there is still some shroud of human decency left, PLEASE kick her ass out….ASAP!

  64. Avatar

    Jason has a nice family, and Marks personality was real cool tonight, class act!

  65. Avatar

    Each week I try to get excited for big moves, but I’m well into finale nights final 3 comps, as this week unfortunately will not be very eventful in targeting the obvious (Mavin), when the guy who continues to regulate the house goes unscathed.

  66. Shivani33

    I’d like to hear how come Santa’s NASCAR bedazzled Boot thinks that Elena stole her 2 pairs of expensive pants. Elena couldn’t begin to jam her thighs into a pair of pants which fit Christmas. Elena brought two pairs of costly pants into the house with her, designed to fit her particular figure. I remember Josh being shocked at how much Elena’s pants cost her. Her height and dimensions are very, very different from Xmas’es. Raven could fit into the missing pants quite well. Even Detective Latoya Jackson would notice that! What I don’t understand is how come Alex has the nerve not to have some waterproof mascara for Raven to steal.

  67. Mel

    What we wanted:
    Someone to do something in the game that Paul didn’t control.

    What we got:
    Step 1- Cast 2 hinky votes to blame on Kevin, oh wait, Kevin’s only 1 person, no biggee, minor details.
    Step 2- Tell the person you’re going to blame it on that you did it.
    Step 3- One person tell Paul the truth.
    Step 4- The second person lie to Paul about it immediately after first person tells the teuth.
    Step 5- Realize 2nd vote is an issue and blame it on the only person in the house who wouldn’t do it.

    Sadly, this idiotic plan will probably work like a charm in this particular house.

  68. Mel

    Alex knows Jason screwed up and talked about the votes her latest idea is to pin it on Christmas. Hahaha
    Josh is also telling Christmas that he knows the votes were Alex and Jason after Alex just swore to Christmas that she didn’t do it. We said we wanted people to play so maybe this is one of those examples of “be careful what you wish for.”

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I was just coming to type what a dumbass Alex is. How the hell are you going to pin the phantom vote on St. Patrick’s Day, when she was the HOH and couldn’t vote you f*cking genius??? There’s nothing worse than a moron who thinks they’re smart.


      • Mel

        We’ve been wishing for some game ,I guess we should have been more specific. Who knows, maybe this week won’t be so boring after all. Kevin’s paranoid, Matts paranoid, Josh is worried about bring a pawn and so far it appears that Paul didn’t know about the vote in advance.

  69. danmtruth

    Kevin is going over board on this vote Just think if they try to put him up as a pawn
    How can these fools STILL be talking trash about Cody & Jes
    Anything missing check Raven
    Paul mentally masturbating the minion on making it to “final”8
    sorry zingbot was weak

  70. kneeless

    Matt: “Mark was the most useless person in this house”
    What’s in that cereal Matt eats!

  71. Avatar

    They will just put raven and Matt up assuming they can’t win and raven will win for real…then maybe they will all begin to see the real master mind; but I really doubt any of them will…they will just work harder at winning Paul’s undying love. He is scarey the way he controls them ; I sometimes think in near future we will see a Paul cult called the friendship family.

  72. kneeless

    I was so happy that when Arkanscammy was whining about a letter from her momma you could almost hear crickets.

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  74. Mel

    Alex is complaining about the cereal that Cody ate again.

  75. Avatar

    First, Mark had a great exit. Good guy right there.

    Second, I can’t wait to hear the booooooo’s coming up in the weeks ahead when hg’s exit the house. Here’s my prediction of the audience’s reaction to each HG:

    Matt: Some boos and a light pity golf clap. No one will jump out of their chair for Matt though.
    Jason: All claps. And cheering.
    Christmas: Probably all claps except for the one or two feed watchers in the live audience who don’t like her. They might boo loud enough for us to hear it.
    Alex: probably decent claps. Unfortunately.
    Kevin: Loud cheering and claps. No boo’ers.
    Paul: this is tricky because I’m sure there’s still a number of Paul fans who’ll be in the audience. But plenty who are not. You either love or hate Paul. I’m hoping he will get loud cheers, AND loud boos just to see his reaction.
    Josh: Please let there be boos for Josh. I want to see him either cry and curl up in fetal position on the stage or call the audience meatballs.
    Raven: BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  76. danmtruth

    they keep talking about Mark, Cody, & Jess because Paul wants them all to remember how they all worked together Also how Paul was right about them How Paul defended them all
    Again would love to sit and watch there reaction when they see how much people just dont like them Sorry all the Team Paul people yes he will win the money and can care less Thats true But these are the bottom 8 in all polls I see

  77. Helen

    Alex and Paul talking in the kitchen…sounds like the plan is to put up Matt and Raven…pull Raven off in the veto and backdoor Kevin
    God I hate this season!!!

  78. Mello_One

    Idk, I really don’t like any of the HG that are left in the House. BUT, if I had to pull for anyone it would be Jason. I really like how much Jason Loves his Wife, & Son and of course with the new Baby coming his Family could really use the Money.

  79. kneeless

    Raven ate pizza, went to bed. Later, she joins Alex & Josh in the kitchen who are discussing Jessica’s awful weave. Raven says her hair is bad because of her being sick & she has such poor nutrition. All the while she’s chomping down a bowl of cereal. Now, she just finished raiding Jason’s HOH basket. As a person with Crohn’s disease there is no way I could eat like that & I don’t have gastroparesis.

  80. kneeless

    I know it’s not nice of me, but I am enjoying everyone dogging on Raven in the HOH room (everyone, minus Matt & Raven).

  81. Avatar

    Funny how in the 1st episode where they preview each houseguest, in Raven’s segment there is not one mention of any of her numerous diseases. Plus she and her friends have their own “girls ghost hunting club” and Raven has NEVER mentioned that on the show!

  82. NKogNeeTow

    One thing that I do like that Alex told both Josh and Jason…”Assume everyone is lying in this game…including me. And no matter what, only worry about yourself because in the end, you’re playing solo.”

  83. LynnD

    When they showed highlights for the HOH comp, was I the only one who scratched their head at every time Munchausen fell on her stomach? Is that ok for whatever makeshift devise she claims she has?

    • danmtruth

      @lynndavidson / LynnD perfect point about DMW pacemaker life sustain always need replacing stomach stimulation devise Where were CBS crack medical team on that

    • NKogNeeTow

      I noticed it too. Had me scratching my head also.

    • Renee

      As much as I don’t enjoy Raven, I was concerned about her when she kept falling as well. She was landing directly on that devise. She may be very vocal about her illnesses, but she definitely has a device in her. You could see it during the one comp. I’m sure they are not made to withstand that type of abuse. They are not allowing Xmas to play in the comps; Raven should not have been playing in that one for sure.

      • LindsayB

        I’m sure she relished every single second of it. Each impact made the chances better of something drastically going wrong which would’ve resulted in a lot of attention for her.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Oh Jason/Paul/Kevin/Josh/TakeYourChildToWorkDay were having a good laugh about her and her illnesses last night in the HOH Room. At one point Jason said that at the finale they were going to find out there was nothing wrong with her and she’ll rip off a fake scar and fake stomach pacemaker and laugh. They were laughing hysterically over it.

  84. jimbo

    I’m glad I only spent 5 minutes reading this, instead of wasting an hour watching Big Bully. Thanks, stevebeans, you took a bullet for me.

  85. Avatar

    I will be interested to see what the ratings are this year for BB19. My guess is they will be staggeringly low. This has been a very lame uninteresting group of people. Too much ganging up on people, bullying and very personal and hurtful comments made by both contestants and Zingbot.

    Megan was ganged up in week 1 and the bullying and hurtful things said to her by all house guests was disgusting. Jessica will have to own the fact she called Alex Poa Poa NOT Panda in the first couple of weeks.

    Josh is not stable but I also don’t think he deserves the comments about his weight nor do I think production editing should be casting him as the dumb ass and Paul’s personal Court Jester. Paul should know all about what it is like to be bullied. For him to keep encouraging Josh to bang pots and scream and so forth is ridiculous.

    Game play has been weak this season. Never in my life have I seen so many people happy to win a consolation prize. The cheer that went up about making it to Jury and then they all just sort of sat back and relaxed and not playing the game is a mentality I simply don’t understand. Do they need the money that bad that a slightly larger pay day per week means they are no longer in it to win it?

    I hate to admit it but the best and smartest move of the game to this point was Kevin taking the $25K on hour 1. He knew there is no way he is going to win so grab the $25K and see how far you go.

    The right move this week would have been to take out Matt. You can pick off Mark anytime. You ran the risk of Matt or Raven winning an HOH. Bad moves have been made all summer.

    I’m sure production wishes they had kept Jessica instead of Cody. He just flat out gave up when she left the house. I couldn’t stand her but at least she would have gone after Paul.

    Final 3

    Paul, Jason, Alex. – Jason Wins

    Paul, Matt, Raven – Paul Wins

    Paul, Kevin, Jason – Jason Wins

    Paul, Kevin, Alex – Paul Wins

    Paul, Josh, Christmas – Paul Wins

    Paul, Kevin, Josh – Paul Wins

    Paul’s focus should be to get out Jason. Jason goes to the final he wins hands down.

    Jury Votes (Paul vs Jason)

    Cody – Jason

    Elena – Jason

    Mark – Jason

    Alex – Jason

    Josh – Jason

    Christmas – Paul

    Kevin – Jason

    Matt – Paul

    Raven – Paul

    The only person Paul cannot win against is Jason. Too nice of a person with a great backstory.

    • danmtruth

      you forget this is not america voting this is the jury house Not sure Jason will get that many votes over Paul Most of these HG are still thinking that they got as far as they did because of Paul and they owe him this Plus Paul keeps reminding them how mad “America” was that he did not win last year

  86. Renee

    Will anyone take a chance on the apple tree temptation? I haven’t heard them mention that yet. That could shake the house up if the right one gets chosen.

  87. NKogNeeTow

    I’d like to take a second to send prayers out to all who are in Texas in the line of Hurricane Harvey. My family reunion was here in MD last weekend and some of my family members just left this past Tues. and Wed. returning to Houston and Dallas. I talked to my cousin yesterday and she said that in Houston, quite a few gas stations had run out of gas already so a lot of people are pretty much stuck. Food supplies are running low in stores too.

    To anyone on the board who resides in TX or has family/friends there, please be safe. Our prayers are with you.

    • Renee

      Definitely joining you in this prayer NK. I know how powerful water is and it is nothing to play with. My family was in two floods within 3 months in MD in the ’96. I still get very anxious when we get days of rain or heavy snow that has nowhere to melt off. Prayers to all in the line of the hurricane!

  88. Avatar

    Players this season have had chances to make “Major Moves” and besides Paul, they have failed miserably to do so and deserve to go jury. Jason will be no exception, this is his 2nd HOH, and he shows no sign of making the correct $500K decision which is to either target Paul, or be very wary of Alex and her plans to not include him in F2.

    Weeks ago, Alex told Jason that
    – I cannot guarantee that I will take you to final 2.
    – I’m okay if Paul wins BB19 this season and I come in second.
    – She dismisses his intel as yesterdays news at times, by confirming that Paul is already in the know on most matters of the house.

    Just yesterday, Alex adds even more to her unloyalty to Jason during the HOH comp by telling him that
    – she wants to be safe,
    – she wants a jury vote from him if she makes it to the end and
    – she wants to be picked to play in Veto if he gets HGs Choice.

    The deal of course was made, and Alex jumps to give Jason the win.
    Since when does a ride or die make these types of requests in a game? Deals like last night isn’t so much a Paul effect for me, its sheer ease of comfort, the path of least resistance, and relying on your ability to win comps to further your game.

    I would love to see some good gameplay this week, but it doesn’t look its gonna happen in the Month of August.

    • Avatar

      @Richie Good points. Alex’s comments are made by someone when they feel threatened by the person they are “giving” the hoh to. He should have asked her why do you think I might put you up? Ride or die, remember? I would have picked you for veto anyway? It’s like she’s in a final 2 with Paul, in her mind and Jason is expendable.He should put her up and say, well you wanted to play for veto, here ya go.

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