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Big Brother 19 Favorite Player Poll Week 3


Ok guys, it’s that time of the week where you make your picks for your favorite player!  It can be any criteria you want from most likable to best player.

I have been keeping track of the past results and will be posting them soon so you can see the progress week by week.  I have removed eliminated houseguests from the poll as they no longer exist in my world (kidding, sort of)

Get your votes in!


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  1. Mimi Ryan

    Ah the polarizing force that is BB. I’m a lot frustrated with Paul’s presence in the house. Although Kevin seems to be a very dark horse, whom I like a lot. Paul wants to win BB something terrible and yet there are those in the house who are playing up to him (for the moment). I can only hope Paul gets out of the house before choices are too thin. Looking forward to the Battle Back, praying Cody doesn’t come back, only because he is the worst BB Player Ever, barring Josh. If Cody does come back, I’m not so sure he’d last all that long because he’s a doofis.

  2. Painter1

    I think while most of them are playing suck face or just ” trying to make jury” Paul is really working. He knows he’s a vet and that puts a huge Target on him so he needs to deflect that to survive in the house. Time will tell now that his immunity will be gone.

  3. Avatar

    Paul, Alex, and Jason appear to be the only ones playing.

    • Jenny

      Kevin is playing in his own weird way. He had me believing for a while that he barely knew what game he was in but I know better now. I hope he sticks around because he’s entertaining.

      • Ann

        Jenny, I’ve been saying that for the longest. Kevin is just waiting to sneak right on in there & grab that $500k check, homeboy is not stupid & he knows exactly what he’s doing. Kevin is playing the hell out of the other houseguests. I just hope he don’t get caught. I hope he wins the whole damn thing.

      • AIO_7

        Ann: I remember when you didn’t like Kevin too much.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I know this won’t be the general concensus(sp), but I wouldn’t count Josh out. He’s emotional as hell, but if you listen when he’s talking to Alex, he has a better grasp of the game than a lot of people give him credit for.

      • Mel

        I agree about Josh Nk. He may have too big of a target to get far but he does know whats going on in this game.

      • Ann

        @AIO7,You’re right, I didn’t like him until I saw that he really does know the game & he kinda just grew on me. Lol
        Remember last season when nobody liked Paul but then he ended up being most everybody’s favorite?

    • LindsayB

      I don’t see jason as a player yet. Don’t get me wrong, he has some good insight but so far he’s all talk and he’s all over the place. He changes his mind more than a girl on prom night. Now, should he figure out how to get people to listen to him and turn his talk into action I would quickly change my opinion on him.

      • danmtruth

        change your mind on prom night A view into your past ? Jason and Alex are falling into Were comp beast We will switch over the hoh between each other Both also are a bit emotional in there game play

      • Mel

        I think so too Dan. Except for wanting Xmas out NOW, Jason has good game thoughts. His reasons for that make sense emotionally but a stupid game move right now. Alex constantly shoots him down and says they have to stick with Paul. She shot down his Xmas idea but Xmas was one of Alexs’ targets 5 days ago too. She’s the gamer but I think he would play a better game without her imo.

      • LindsayB

        Haha. No both proms I went to were disasters. No decisions to be made. Lol

    • Yael Sara

      Alex isn’t playing, she is being played

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Alex doesn’t seem to have a solid strategy. Jason has better strategy than her.

  4. Jenny

    I’m tired of Paul. I remember last season I hated him, hated Victor… then they grew on me until I was rooting for them to win. I don’t think it’s fair to bring vets back in the game, and I’m sick of hearing Paul talk. And looking at his eyebrows. And his beard. And that headband. And that tattoo. I know there are a lot of Paul fans and that’s cool, life is more fun when we don’t agree on everything, but I have had enough of Paul, thank you! I’m team Kevin now!

    • LindsayB

      I heart Paul. Paul annoys me but I love him and there’s a method to his madness. I was also a huge Evel Dick fan and I see a lot of parallels to their tactics.
      I like Kevin a lot too. More for comedic value than game play.

      • Jenny

        no doubt his game play is great, I just don’t want to watch him play again this summer.

      • Mel

        I think Paul takes the comedy too far and it gets in the way of his game sometimes. He may not have paid for it yet but there is alot of BB to be played. I felt like everything Evel Dick did was for a game purpose. (The good and the ugly stuff)

      • Avatar

        Agreed, Paul drives me nutso, but I still like him and he is playing a great game. I also love Kevin, dude cracks me up and I think he is more aware and playing cards right than he is given credit for. I go back and forth on Alex, and Dom lost me on the speaking in tongues. She is pissed about sneaky moves (uh, welcome to BB), but she is pulling the same crap just trying to pin it on getting messages from God. Believe what you want, speak in tongues, get info from the dude upstairs, but don’t play the my beliefs make me better than you.

    • Mel

      Agree, agree and agree.

    • Seattle Kari

      I have never liked Paul and I wish to God he would just keep his shirt on. That gigantic ink splot on his chest is so unattractive..

      Don’t get me wrong I like a decent tattoo but that is just I don’t know what it is, a huge cover up?

  5. Avatar

    Can someone please tell me the appeal of Kevin? The only thing he has hoing for him is he is the resident elder of the house. Other than that he seems boring and kind of mean. Maybe there is something that im just not seeing.

    • Jenny

      I’ve seen him playing Dad to a lot of the HG’s. I think he likes to kid them but also cares about them, or at least pretends to. I just find him funny and sweet – although he does have a potty mouth! Maybe I like him because he’s so different from everyone else.

      • Ann

        I like him because there’s more to Kevin than he’s showing right now gamewise & nobody knows it.

    • Mel

      He’s hilarious for atarters. He tells great stories that people half his age actually want to hear. Unlike some token elders, he has found a way to be in the group and not stick out as the old guy. Everyone in the house loves him, he has made more than one alliance and so far hasn’t gotten busted. He knows way more about the game than he let’s on and most 55 year old men I know would kill for his stomach. This is an example of a fantastic social game:
      (From a couple days ago and it isn’t word for word)

      Alex- We many have to eventually target kevin.
      Alex-Maybe, He lied about how he voted.
      Jason- I don’t care. I love that son of a bitch. He’s f*cking funny!

    • Avatar

      Kevins fathering has some appeal. I honestly do believe we haven’t seen full on game Kevin yet. He knows it is still early and he can coast for now. I have noticed though that he is on to the fact that game time is coming.

    • ChiKelz

      @Aiden THANK YOU! I can’t stand him! I don’t find him funny at all! Quite annoying to be honest! Whatever you missed; I missed it too!

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        I like Kevin but probably not as much as most other viewers like him. I will admit that I do find him annoying at times (usually due to his illogical game decisions). However, I try to cut him some slack because I really appreciate the fact that we finally have an “older” HG who is actually a viable competitor and strategist and not just the “token old guy”.

  6. Colby

    I don’t like any of them enough to name a favorite.
    Now, LEAST favorite would be easy………..

  7. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Anyone heard who got the temptation?

    • Mel

      Still waiting for someone to camera talk

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        If Jessica got it I’m going to throw up……I voted for Kevin from the gate….Alex and Kevin were the top two until 2 days ago then Jessica starting getting votes and had almost caught up to Kevin. Not quite but almost

      • Mel

        I didn’t vote but I was hoping Alex would get it when voting started. That’s before she pissed me off. I also didn’t know it was the last one and was hoping Kevin would get one later when he would really need it. I found out it was the last and the voting time was longer so I completely changed my mind about what I was wishing for. I would LOVE for Kevin to get it but I’m afraid that’s a long shot.

  8. danmtruth

    The HG always look at these temptation as like Americas fav votes

  9. Shivani33

    Perhaps the temptation was given with a stipulation to tell no one or the winner will forfeit it. If it has a big effect on the Battle Back, production might want the temptation winner to keep it zipped until later. The only player who appears more cheerful than usual is Jessica, but maybe it’s her way of charming away eviction votes. I saw her ask Dom if she won the temptation and Dom said no and laughed. Jessica teased her and said that Dom’s laugh had her worried. Paul asked one of his groupies how come Jessica is on the block and acting so happy. Just saying – Jessica gave the camera a thumb’s up today and is looking like a pussycat who scored caviar.

  10. Ann

    Will someone please please please tell me why Miss Cleo is trying to make Alex believe that Elena is jealous of her & Mark? He just said he likes her as a sister to him but she wants him to be more than that MUCH MORE.

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  12. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I think Jessica got the temptation…..the black widow strikes again…..now we are going to get a summer of the worst grossman e ever!!!
    I could have handled Cody coming back if Jessica was gone but no way no how am I gonna keep feeds if both are in the game!! I will stick to weekly shows and steves blog .

  13. Colby

    Evidently Dom is in a room talking to herself about who she will put up, or winning veto and snakes and stuff.
    Please tell me that she is just crazy and she couldn’t have gotten the temptation.
    If she did, nobody will ever convince me it wasn’t rigged.

    From Jokers:
    Abt 345pm BBT (cam time error is 1212pm). Domq alone in Gr/Bl rm. CAM SWITCH, MID-CONV DOMQ SOLO: “Mmmhmm. I can do Paul or I can –
    win veto and at least one other person goes home (brief fish). Mark will be easy.

    Says I am sure the moment that I put him on that block, the true snake is gonna come out. Cool thing is that not only do I walk on cobras, I step on snakes.

    She wonders what that translates to be & gets her bible. She reads “trample”. Domq says “I trample, you trample something, its little to zero return in life, yep”. Domq says she wont gibe him the luxury of being considered a cobra, he’s a snake and will trample all over you.

    • LindsayB

      She is certifiable.

      • AIO_7

        Lind.. Are you saying that the tongues session in the HOH shower didn’t impress you?

      • LindsayB

        Dude. It made me feel dirty. And weird. I didn’t like it at all. That shit is just weird.

      • Mel

        People do speak in tongues. It’s real. I don’t know if it happens in the BB house but I guess wherever the spirit moves you so to speak.

      • Avatar

        I had a friend who got into a church when she was younger where they spoke in “tongues” she called BS on it all, said everyone fakes it so they don’t look like the one not being spoken through

      • Mel

        I did that too once. I went to church with one of my friends when we were around 12 or so. It was a pentocostal church (the mild ones, they weren’t killing chickens or anything it was just like a regular church service) people did get up at random times and just kind of start singing or mumbling a little bit. They danced a lot but right there in the pews. For a preteen who thought church was pretty boring (early Baptist years) it was kind of fun, upbeat music, kinda cool especially for church. Things were doing well for me until it came time for a bunch of random people to leave their seats and wander aimlessly around the church all speaking in tongues and slapping each other on the forehead and bunch of other stuff. They didn’t do anything bad but I remember I almost peed my pants and I was pretty anxious for the service to be over around that point. I was 12 and vacation bible school is kind of what I had known so it freaked me out a little. I even went back with her again just to see if my first impression could have been worse nope they were pretty nutty the second time too.

      • Avatar

        @Mell I about spit out my drink at the killing chickens hahahaha

    • Avatar

      Please do remember that if Dom goes she can get back in. She showed some fight in the veto. Don’t count the girl out production can throw a comp that will give her an advantage. Right now with the drama they may just do it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      What the hell was she saying when she was in the bathroom? Was she talking in tongue?

      • Mel

        I think so but it isn’t one of the languages I hear often so I can’t be positive. I hear alot of German, Italian and Spanish but not nearly as much tongues.

    • Shivani33

      Survivor Phillipines player Roxy (2012) spoke in tongues. She was voted out fast, if I remember correctly, she was the second evictee. Her eviction had little or nothing to do with her religious expression. She just didn’t play well with others.

      I don’t think Dominique is any fun or has much of a sense of humor. Frankly, her smile is more of a grimace. To me, she acts like someone who has been programmed by a cult and has received a command to look down on and to avoid everyone who doesn’t share her beliefs, even when she’s in her preaching and teaching mode. Superiority usually is a cover up for low self-esteem.

      She retreated and spoke in ineffectual riddles in response to being nominated on a gameshow, when a direct, honest approach and interaction with the others could have helped her try turning the tides. To me, there’s a lot of difference between Dominique’s spiritual claims and how she acts. It’s not so much that she’s a hypocrite but more like she doesn’t have a mind of her own. I worry some that she has been and is being spiritually abused.

  14. Mel

    We’re more likely to know who got the temp if it’s somebody who is a cam tslker. Jessica isn’t so much. The camera has followed her around this evening alot just like they did with Xmas after she got hers. I think Jessica got it.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      I heard Dom talking. It made no sense…the temptation wasn’t to make her or anyone HOH to where she would be in a position to put anyone on the block……she would be able to stop the eviction but she would still have to win HOH …..I think the cheese has slipped all the way off her cracker…..maybe wishful thinking of what if ………

      • Mel

        She’s giving herself a pep talk to win hoh. I think she’s using that “what you talk about, you bring about” psychology.

      • Avatar

        The speaking in tongues was a little creepy. Don’t you think God’s got better thing to do with her time than worry about a stupid tv show. And what was up with Mark crying in the DR?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Khawk, I like the way you referred to God as “She” 😉

    • AIO_7

      If Jessica won then I’d consider that evidence of Production involvement. No way Jarias would win an “award” vote over Kevin or Alex.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        I agree. According to polls Alex was winner by far. Jessica was below Kevin and that only happened in the last 2 days

      • Mel

        Helen, I’ve seen several where Jessica is leading with Dom in 2nd.

      • LindsayB

        Polls mean nothing.

      • Mel

        Lindsay, I won’t say they mean nothing. If you look on multiple sites and see where people are voting and then average it out, it’s usually pretty accurate. It could be a coincidence but I did that last year and predicted where every care pkg went. Same thing with OTT. This one was stranger because the vote lasted so long that it started to shift as some crap went down in the house this last week.

      • NKogNeeTow

        It all depends AI. If at the beginning, America didn’t know that was the last temptation, they might have thought to give it to Jess first and save Kevin and Alex for a better one on down the line.

      • Avatar

        very true, bb twitter isn’t the most accurate, but a lot show the strides of the votes, like at first Alex and Kevin then when black mask thing happened, there was an even bigger surplus of Dom votes than before(I voted for her when she was first nominated), but then people voted for Jessica because they thought it was ineligible for this weeks eviction, hence chaos. but the polls are a pretty good indicator of who’s at least in the top 3 or so

    • NKogNeeTow

      If she did get it, you can bet she won’t be telling anyone like the rest of them do.

  15. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I am hoping the battle back is to put all four evictee…Cameron..Jillian…Cody…Dom…in the HOH comp tomorrow….whichever is the last of those 4 to drop is back in the game….and also a shot at HOH……

    • Avatar

      they could do that since they have in the past, but I don’t see them doing 2 back to back endurance comps for hoh. id imagine its something like last years battle back with 1 v 1, then winner of that vs next 1, and so forth. they have a whole Friday episode for it, so it would have to be something longer like that

  16. Shivani33

    That’s not Wreck it Ralph. That’s Steroid Ralph crying through the whole show. So said our 9 year old about Mark.

  17. danmtruth

    When they showed Dominique in the bathroom speaking in tongues At first I swore she was speaking klingon
    @addy08 as you said If Dominique would just talk straight to people ! Jesus spoke in parables Something Dominique does not do as well Jason just wanted a straight answer but could not get it from Dominique

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Cowpoke: “Oh look at that black fish swimming upside down. I didn’t know they could do that.”

    Kevin: “Yeah. It’s called D-E-A-D”.

  19. Shivani33

    Paul reminds me so much of a rooster in a henhouse. He wants to be everywhere at once and front and center. He struts and rushes around working overtime not to miss any conversation, wherein he feels such an urgent need to insert himself. That is mission impossible. He has zero talent at chilling. He has gotten too much attention put on him by his overactivity during 3 weeks of safety when really, he could’ve been a nice and easy does it guy and skated. Why does he have a compulsion to act out Fearless Leader and risk everybody getting sick of it? This is one way that he seems to be setting thing up to hurt his own game. Then again, challenges to Paul could make him into that BB18 Paul who was so good at rising above being an underdog.

  20. Mel

    Some recent game thoughts from Alex:
    *She thinks Jessica threw the POV comp.
    *If Jessica didn’t throw it, she feels like Dom may have.
    *She doesn’t think there is a battle back because they wouldn’t want to bring someone back in the game.
    *She changes her mind apparently about her thoughts on battle back. She thinks they will do a double eviction first and then have a battle back.
    *She’s speculating of someone got a Golden Veto. Arn’t they all gold?
    *She doesn’t think Dom would choose to compete in the battle back.
    *She also thinks it’s a good idea to have a vet on your side.

    This is the same woman who beleives a player got stabbed on a past BB season…

    • LindsayB

      Where do they find these people??

    • AIO_7

      It’s possible that Alex is wrong on just about every one of those speculations.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      *face palm* I am so ashamed that I used to think this woman was smart.

      • Mel

        Gerardo, I thought in the beginning she would be the one I rooted for. I loved Kevin for entertainment but thought Alex would be who I may want to win. She has time to get it together…but it ain’t lookin’ too good.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Every time I hear Alex and Jason talk game, it seems like Jason (as excitable as he may be at times) is spot on and Alex is constantly trying to pull him in the wrong direction. But unfortunately they both seem to think Alex is the more logical one, so he often relents. I hope Jason can sort of “take charge” of that alliance at some point, because it seems like Alex is mostly running the show, and she may run it right into the ground.

      • Colby

        She talked game smart at first.
        If she would just get her head out of Paul’s butt, she could get it together.

    • Shivani33

      Alex keeps on truckin’ and added to the list of her mistaken notions. Ramses took that $ 25,000 and is a “rat bastard.” And she still cannot stand Jessica and called her a “prostic*nt.” That’s some word! Alex, the BB misogynist. Nobody hates women better.

    • Renee

      @addy08 I think Alex is getting her reality shows confused. I’m pretty sure she is referring to a show called Surreal Life. There was a girl removed from the game for chasing another player around the kitchen with a butter knife.

  21. Avatar

    I think that if Dom is evicted and comes right back into the house some people (Paul and minions) will crap some serious bricks. Don’t know it will happen, but here’s to wishful thinking.

  22. Mel

    They are estimating feeds will be down from 3 pm-4 pm on 7/20 until around 9 pm on 7/21 for anyone interested.

  23. ElaineB

    So I watched the episode. As I have known, Paul continues to be a jerk. Saw Jessica early in the episode. For a ‘VIP hooker’…..oops ‘VIP concierge’. she sure does have a sour attitude and expressions to match. I was impressed at Dom for saving herself that one time. Kevin was just fun to watch, for as long as he wanted to play. Spend that $27 wisely, ‘young man’. Lol, at the doc didn’t clear Christmas to compete….well duh! Ready to get all the speculation about this battle back out of the way, and get it over with. Now I don’t want any of them back in the game!

  24. LindsayB

    I love that they keep making snake sounds for Paul. I love him. Dom is a lunatic. Delusional. The way she talks around everything is exhausting and her holier than thou, I’m the chosen one attitude is just too much. She went from being a sponge sitting in the corner of the room that was so forgettable to being a rambling fool. I’ll be glad to see her leave.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      I’m right there with you Lindsay…..

    • Shivani33

      Speaking in tongues is studied by linguists, sociologists, etc. etc. It is called glossolalia and also disambiguation, but a simpler word for it is gibberish. Dominique shows that she practices it a lot by her “fluency.” It is not a specific language and varies greatly, not only within groups but individually. Usually it contains no actual words but just a variety of syllables, consonants and vowels. From what I remember ( from a semester at school) glossolalia is not the message but the means. Using it is supposed to induce a trance-like state, which opens its practioners to revelations. Dom says that she receives simple responses of one to three words from directing her attention inward via trances. She might be a Charismatic Christian. I find it very interesting, and love the word “disambiguation” as a descriptive. It’s accurate and funny as all get out. I can just hear Elena telling a guy, ” hey, baby. Let’s get down and disambiguate! Your place or mine?”

  25. Zach

    I’ve followed you all for several seasons now, so I feel like I know you all just as much as I know the BBHGs. I saw where TMZ was trying to paint Paul as a racist because he said he was going to put on a black mask. Did anyone see this? Are they taking it out of context? My first inclination was he was talking about like a mud or beauty mask but I didn’t see the clip. Anyone want to provide me some insight?

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Hi Zach, welcome to the board! Paul decided to dress up like a snake for the veto ceremony in order to mock Dom for calling him a snake (or implying that he is one). As he was discussing the costume he was planning to wear, he discussed wearing a black mask over his eyes to make him look more like a snake. But unfortunately the term “black mask” was misunderstood to be making fun of Dominique’s race (i.e. blackface), and social media and the online “news” outlets have been having a field day ever since.

      • Avatar

        LOL I think it turned out like a lot of things these days and was really just FAKE NEWS 🙂

        I also have been reading this blog for a bit and you seem like a tight close knit group, a very regular bunch. Might be because this site required a passport ID, 1 billion year contract like the Scientologists do and a blood oath to be allowed to post/reply

      • stevebeans

        I’ll be awaiting your 1 billion year contract in the mail soon!

      • Zach

        That makes a lot more sense than how the media and people on social media were portraying it. Thanks for the clarification Gerardo

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hi Zach and Welcome!

  26. danmtruth

    Did anyone notice how Paul First talk to Alex about putting Mark up Than went to Jason and told him ALEX just told him of a plan to nominate Mark When they went up to talk to Alex it seemed that Alex forgot that it was PAUL who first put Marks name out their Also when trying to get Mark to agree with Elena in the room Paul said nothing Giving the imprecision it was Alex plan Letting Paul the chance to turn Elena & Mark against Alex or Jason latter in the game

    • Alda

      Dan,I noticed that too.I couldn’t believe my ears that he pulled that off.I think Alex believed she thought of the plan herself.Paul is good,really good!

      • Mel

        Don’t forget about editing. Who know what order things happened when they splice it all together. I remember some of the things last year that we all knew were bs.

      • Avatar

        They will never let Paul look off balance or unsure of himself on television. Every move appears to be executed with precision, on television. He says what he is going to do and it happens, word for word. It is all too convenient that everything works out for him perfectly. Fancy editing or the stupidest bunch of people ever assembled in one place. Either/Or take a choice. Also why, for the veto comp., did each of the players on the block get to pick a name out of the hat themselves? I know that is has always been that way but when Paul was HOH didn’t he pick out all the chips for that veto?

    • monkicorn

      i noticed it too…paul was referring to it like it was their idea…but is was HIS….i hope it all blows up on him soon

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  28. Alda

    I think what makes Kevin so likeable with the houseguests is the way he acts interested in them.He’s always complementing them.If they mentioned they had a headache,he’ll ask them later if they feel any better.He truly treats each one as an individual.He seems like a sincere person.He might stick around for a long while.

  29. Yael Sara

    Recently find myself dreading watching the show and been avoiding the live feeds. I just can’t tolerate Paul, he is just a rotten person – and I don’t care if maybe it’s just game, he is absurdly obnoxious. Can someone let me know when he is out, so I can go back to watching.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    OH MY GOD! Josh has me crying right now. I had no idea he was so damn funny.

    Josh: “Matt needs to grow a pair. I haven’t seen an emotion out of him since he’s been in the house. At least I cried.”

  31. danmtruth

    @nkogneetow big talk from a guy who drops in the first few min of every comp Yes he is funny in a delusional way
    # The puppet master Paul decade no battle back
    ## Paul keeps using that lame ass friendship line
    ## where is Dom ?

    • Shivani33

      It all depends who is saying it, as far as where Dominique is. Paul visited her and said she doesn’t have to seclude herself. She said that she isn’t secluding herself but is being isolated. 6 of one and half-a- dozen of the other. I’ve heard her say the house is full of tempters. Not her kind of people. Then she blames them for isolating her. You can’t win for losing with this gal. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  32. monkicorn

    if this was already mentioned forgive me, i have been reading through the posts today and trying to catching up…. did anyone notice on the voting site that the little cameron dude is not there? it just shows cody and jillian (?) as evicted and Megan not eligable… did i miss something?

    • Mel

      I don’t know. Surely there not going to leave our Cameron.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      I think its pretty obvious the temptation was given to Jessica…..
      Oh well….at least it will free up the rest of my summer cause I won’t waste 7 bucks a month to watch elana rub herself all over Mark and Paul …..the other two feeds will be running Jessica and Cody dry humping and sucking face all day…..no thanks

  33. Avatar

    I’m I the only one that finds josh entertaining? This season has been very mediocre. I keep watching because I love the show. Josh is awesome and makes me laugh good tv lol.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Story Night: Everyone’s sitting around the bedroom, taking turns telling scary stories (Dom is in the corner playing possum).

    DMW’s (Not-So-Raven) turn.

    DMW: “When I was younger, I almost got kidnapped”.

    Paul (sarcastic): “Why the fuck would someone kidnap you”?

  35. Avatar

    Can someone give me clarification about the snake dress up that Paul did? People on twitter (not the best source I know) are saying that Paul meant it to be blackface but production made him act like he was trying to dress like a snake instead. I have trouble believing that Paul would deliberately dress in “black face” but people are hell bent on making it seem that way. Can some people who watch the feeds chime in on this?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Paul did say he was going to dress as a snake (He wore one of the girl’s snake print dress). He also said something about going with the blackface or black mask or something of that nature (look at a comment above by Gerardo). When they showed him tonight, he was wearing the dress and had the gray/black mud mask painted on his forehead and cheeks.

    • LindsayB

      Yeah, he basically just played up the snake role since Dom is beating it into the ground. Since she’s black, many people chose to freak out and call him racist.

      He. Is. Playing. The. Game. And he’s doing it better than the rest of them combined. Not only is he the puppet master, he’s showing people how horrible it is to go against him. He’s creating a level of subliminal discomfort at the idea of not being on his side. I love it because he is actually playing the game. Loud and obnoxious? Yes. Racist? No, but people are quick to jump on that train just cuz they hate that he’s outplaying everyone.

  36. Shivani33

    Christmas: When I get my new cast, it’s going to look like an Ugg boot.
    Raven: Really? Ugh. When I got my stitches removed, I was told that I have a new, unheard of disease. It’s called phalanx paresis.

  37. Mello_One

    According to my TV Guide there is going to be an Airing of Big Brother this coming Friday at 8:00. This is gonna be the Battle Back Episode.

    And does anyone know who got the DoT??? My gut is saying Alex got it! Now the 64 Million Question is, ‘Who will Alex Remove, & Put On the Block?” Apologies 1st to her fans, but I think Alex might be putting Xmas OTB.

    • LindsayB

      I thought the temptation was the halting hex that would just cancel an eviction. What’s this about removing someone? Alex isn’t going to remove anyone. She’s going with the flow.

      • Mello_One

        TY, Lindsay, I thought part of it was to replace also.

      • LindsayB

        It might be. At this point, the whole temptation thing is confusing to me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t bother to go read them on the website cuz I decided to not vote on them. Lol
        They may have changed the wording of it six times by now.

  38. Shivani33

    @mello_one Though somebody received the temptation Wednesday, no one is sure who got it. So far, no announcement and no leaks.

  39. Wendy

    I’m already getting upset about the feeds being off for so long tonight.

  40. Avatar

    There really should be a none of the above option. I am struggling to really find anyone interesting in the house. I think we NEED Cody or Dom to return tonight. Prefer Cody over Dom. If we have a chance to vote on anything for Cody we should. Cody will keep the house interesting. As it stands I am worried it will be the most boring season ever.

  41. Avatar

    so I just watched last nights episode(I got home last night late and didn’t feel like staying up for it since it wasn’t an eviction episode). I can say I have mixed feelings about it.
    *they didn’t portray the angry black woman aspect that they do every other year
    *they won’t show parts of the awful Paul, I can officially say I am no longer a Paul fan, you can say you don’t have to be nice to win the game, but Paul lost because he was an ass and dint even own up to it at the finale
    *he may not be racist, but the blackface thing is still offensive in the fact that it shows ignorance towards the subject, especially in today’s society. Along with the black mask, they further told Paul to change how he was dressing up to get back the backlash, which is ridiculous. they should have let it air and show him shitting on Dom for no reason, but he’s a “fan favorite” so they won’t show stuff like that until it gets worse(i.e. frank but slapping and such last year)
    *alex is really pissing me off in the fact that I thought she seemed so smart and knowledgable, and having a real idea on what to do in this game with “big moves”. but then she is so far up the vet’s butt, that she doesn’t make a big move, and all of the yelling at Jason for him being “stupid” whenever he really has an idea, if I were Jason, id cut Alex and Paul off after next week and work a duo with Kevin.
    *as I said before, being nice IS actually part of the game, evel dick was a great “villain” but his moves were mostly for game purposes, while Paul does it to just aggravate people. Like last year when he called Michelle a “c*nt”, if it wasn’t for her outside of the house hatred for Nicole, there’s no way in hell she would’ve voted for Paul. They said in one of the jury segment, even if pauline made it to final 2, he would’ve still lost because of how he treated people. You can call it a “bitter jury” or whatever you want, but jury maintenance is part of the game. Everyone wanted Nicole out game wise because she helped get them out, but personally she didn’t shit over everyone to their face daily.
    *well anyways, whether jess or Dom got the DOT, I really hope they do use it just to piss the house off and be a huge f u to Paul. and if Alex got it, I really hope she hits her head and finds her way back to WINNING THE GAME
    *oh and I feel like if they know that Christmas can’t compete in the veto, that they shouldn’t even put her chip in there. if she’s on the block, then she obviously needs to play, but its a waste of a slot if not, ik that they told her that her injury could result in things like this, but still

    • Colby

      I agree with almost everything you said, except about Christmas not being able to be picked if it’s a veto she can’t play. Her being chosen and having to sit out gives the nominees a better chance of winning.

      • Avatar

        true, I’m just saying like if she was a nominee, it would be awful to not fight for your own veto, I kind o rambled to the point I was trying to make lol

    • LindsayB

      I don’t understand why Paul’s behavior isn’t considered game tactic when ED’s is. I think they both are. You say Paul just does it to aggravate people. When people are aggravated they are off their game, they will act emotionally, they will forget to edit themselves, etc. All of those things usually end up in the rest of the house not wanting to be around that person. He called Meech that because she was one. He plays according to the mentality of the people around him. Could it blow up in his face eventually? Sure. It’s working right now though and I have a strong feeling that if the mentality of his sheep changes that he will adapt accordingly.

      • Avatar

        beech was a temperamental baby, but maybe its just me, but I would never ever call someone that, it is a way of playing the game, but I feel like its a gross way to play it (doesn’t mean he can’t pull it off in the end), but he also couldn’t pull it off in the end last season by playing this way. normally people learn from the bad they did last season. James was just a lame duck player, but Davonte didn’t win , but she made it to jury by adapting her gameplay, Nicole learned to play the game with strong competitors, then to play again strongly with Cory and then just herself. so it could work for now, but he could easily get enough people mad and find himself out of this house(especially since he automatically got into the house with that 3 week immunity, because why wouldn’t the fan favorite vet with a huge fanbase get that)

      • LindsayB

        It could totally blow up for sure. He’s manipulated everyone to the point that nobody brings anything up negatively about him. If someone does for a second, like jason, they are quickly shot down by whatever minion they are taking to. The sheep are all too scared to do or say anything him right now. As far as his choices with words go, the evil C word is my second favorite curse word. I really don’t understand the big problem with it. I know I’m in the minority on that so it doesn’t need to be debated or explained, I just am of the mindset that if you don’t want to be called something then you shouldn’t act that way.

      • Avatar

        true Lindsay, and it could all go very differently when the immunity is up, since theres no use talking about targeting him when he’s safe, but yeah its just a personal thing for me to not call people that, but its up to people personally whether or not with that word, but then again since it’s a touchy word, using it on live tv is a gamble

    • Zach

      Ike, after hearing Gerardo’s description of Paul’s snake makeup, I have to say that you are what’s wrong with America today. Everyone is so sensitive and everything anyone says or does if it doesn’t line up with exactly what you believe is offensive. This narrative is really getting old and is only hurting our society as a whole.

      • Avatar

        but that was the makeup after he was told from production about it, after bb15 arran with her racist remarks, they were very careful with whats aired on the show, so they stopped the full black mask, and he had a snake pattern

      • LindsayB

        Was this something Paul said or is it something that’s being assumed? I’m not trying to be confrontational in asking this, I’m just curious if I missed something that was actually said in the feeds or if people are just assuming that production stepped in.

      • Avatar

        it is an assumption, but soon after the spread of social media about the subject, he was in the dream room, and once back out, he seemed more cautious of what to do with the face dress thing, he still did it, but it sounded like prior to the media backlash he wanted to do a full black face mask (I believe it was Alex’s mask, but I could be wrong)

      • LindsayB

        Gotcha. So it could also be fair to say that what he ended up doing was what he planned to do the whole time.

      • Avatar

        could be, guess it’ll just have to go into the unknown abyss of the production’s influences if it was or not

      • Zach

        Far too many people make assumptions and then state it as fact because it is what they believe. Frankly we will never know if production told him to dial it down or if it was his plan all along to use the markings that he ended up with. Based off everything I have heard, read and watched, Paul is not racist. He has never even gave an inkling that he could be. Now if you want to hate on him for how he is running the house then go ahead and do so. But in my opinion, he has really changed up his game from last season and I’ve been impressed by it. Last season he played a social game but you usually knew where his alliance really was. This season, everyone thinks they are in Paul’s alliance and quite frankly I’m not sure if he has even settled on who he would take to final 2 yet. Which is pretty amazing. I do think he will need to change it up slightly once he is no longer safe from eviction, but everything he has done so far has been well thought out.

      • Avatar

        I agree about assumptions, and will in future reference try to not make any to rial people up, that wasn’t my intention. And I don’t think he’s racist at all, I just feel that people need to think more about how things can be viewed, like I=even the words “black face” will always have that negative connotation, so people need to be cautious of those terms especially in the way it seemed and could have been portrayed(like on e news etc.), thats why I don’t agree with a bunch of twitter bb fans since they do really go out of their way to try and ruin his life and company which is awful(and I heard about death threats which is crazy), but its not that he’s running the house, its just the way he talks and shits on people that irks me the wrong way, that was my conflicting opinion of him last year too because of how it was unnecessary. But I agree that it will be a change of strategy with immunity gone

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Zach: Attacks on other members of the Board isn’t allowed 🙂

    • monkicorn

      Very well said and agreed!!!

  42. Zach

    I think we may see two battle backs again this season. Obviously one this week and also one when we reach jury. I don’t think this was the original plan but with one houseguest leaving of their own volition I think it’s a real possibility. Could Cody be this years Victor?

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