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Big Brother 19 – Feed Updates After Unnecessary Break


Good evening, everyone!

I’m sure by now you watched the riveting, edge-0f-your-seat episode tonight featuring Derrick coming into the house and pretend to talk about old clips that I’m sure wasn’t scripted at all *wink*.  That was without a doubt one of the most pointless feed downtimes I’ve seen since running this blog and I’m going to guess that it had something to do with earlier plans that got scrapped maybe due to Megan leaving and throwing everything off.  I’m going to go with that as that is the only possible reason I can see having this ridiculous episode tonight.  I don’t know CBS’s typical Friday night schedule, but I’d assume even in there was a hole in programming, they could have filled it with a repeat of Big Bang Theory so nobody can watch.

Ok, just a little bitter. On the bright side, we did get about 5 minutes of footage from post-Elena when Paul finally grew a pair and confronted Mark by himself as opposed to having a minion do it.  It’s pretty frustrating to watch the house pick on the guy who clearly can’t form a valid counterpoint to save his life. There was about 10 different replies Mark could have given to Paul when he cornered him about doing the awful thing of strategizing behind his back.  For one, how about own up to it and tell the truth. Nobody is going to win that game with Paul in the house and those dummies need to open their eyes and see it.  Did Mark say that? Nope. Paul himself was shocked he has been skating by this season without even being a target other than from Cody, and completely survived the double eviction without breaking a sweat.


So that’s where we stand. And now the new HoH – Christmas. Oh, joy (no pun.. her middle name really is Joye). As if last week wasn’t annoying enough with Alex, now we have Christmas to get some HoHitis all while just doing whatever the hell Paul wants. As I posted earlier, this is her week to make a fool out of me and show me that she really is trying to win this season. Going after Mark is the safe, easy, and boring move that she most certainly will end up making.

Enough rambling, here are some updates…

  • Shout out to Elaine S-T for the downtime donation! That lifted my spirits after that episode tonight lol
  • 8:20 pm – Feeds should be back up in 40 minutes
  • 9:00 pm – Feeds are back. Christmas is sitting in the HoH room to possibly confirm
    • Also, the real HoH (Paul) is sleeping in the bed of course
    • Matt and Jason may be on the block as pawns
    • I’m almost positive Mark will be the backdoor plan. Fun.  Maybe she’ll surprise us and do Paul
    • Wow… so we waited 30 hours for … this.  Kevin, Jason, Josh, and Alex sitting in a room quietly while Raven is talking to Christmas in the HoH room and Paul is sleeping on that bed
    • Changing to HoH cam. Raven is talking about her issues. Gastrowhatever
    • Raven mentions how severe her case is of course
    • The disease Raven that hasn’t been named yet so she suggests they name it Raven’s Disease.  Fuck my life. This is going to be tough to watch
    • Raven mentions how her GP is hereditary (it’s not).  This girl apparently has the most severe version of her disease that doesn’t even have a name yet but doesn’t even know what a simple google search will bring up?  The underlying disease that could cause GP can be hereditary.
    • And now it’s time for Christmas to talk about her broken foot. I can’t
    • Christmas says she is going to nap. Spares us listening to this boring conversation.  I am salty tonight!
  • 9:30 pm – Josh talks about how peaceful the house is
    • He says the energy was so tense in the house with Cody.
    • Kevin says he’s a fake. He’s not a military guy
    • Josh is telling the group how Elena didn’t say bye to him or hug him. Kevin tells him that he voted her out
    • This guy is really crazy. He had this crazy love-hate relationship with Elena where he told her over and over how much he likes her but kept trying to get her out. What is wrong with these people?
    • Ok I’ll let the night shift cover this in the comments.  This is way too boring right now


Check back for updates


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  1. LindsayB

    I didn’t mind tonight’s episode. Yes, the interaction between Derrick and the HGs was a bit scripted and forced but I didn’t mind the trip down memory lane. I was able to pass a couple candy crush levels when it was stuff I had already seen in the feeds but there were also some things that I hadn’t seen yet that were entertaining. The whole hymen conversation was hilarious and it was nice to just be able to enjoy some of the lighter interactions like that. I’m sure most of you hated it because you hate every single thing about BB right now and are already trying to figure out a way for tonight’s episode to somehow be production helping Paul out.

    • Mel

      No, Derrick doesn’t care for Paul so I don’t think anyone can stretch production help that far. Lol

      • LindsayB

        Mell, I’m sure somebody has read your comment and thought “challenge accepted”. Somebody’s rocking the tinfoil hat somewhere trying to figure out something.

      • Colby

        Challenge accepted! I can make one up for you. Let me put on my tin foil hat……………OK. Let’s see……

        ‘Somebody said that Paul got 1 on 1 advice from Derrick in the diary room.’

        Let’s see if anyone takes that and runs with it. LOL

      • LindsayB

        Ah jeez Colby!!! Is that all you got? Come on!! Get more creative than that. Lol

      • Mel

        Lindsay, You probably have a point. Someone is hurting their brain trying to piece it together. Lol

    • Patrick

      I hate it when they show us stuff in the recap episode that has already been shown in the show. There is so much more that could have been shown.
      I do wonder if they did the hymen thing because Jessica has been actively doing live streams and podcasts blasting Paul. For the same reason I wonder if they aren’t giving Raven the time of day because she is a fake and CBS wants no part of it.

  2. Shivani33

    The Friday show was more amusing than the same time-slot show from Season 18. And at least we didn’t have to watch the Outback dinner guests try to figure out how to eat a blooming onion again. It would be rude of me to mention what kind of an animal Derrick resembles. Although it’s also his Chinese zodiac sign, and he has pit on some pounds, it would be poor manners to make any porcine references. Sow what.

    Harbingers of a pleasant surprise came out of Christmas when she talked about what she would like to do if she were to win HoH. Let it not be hot air. Just DO it, oh multisexual one.

  3. Mel

    The Friday show will be worth it, they said….don’t miss it, they said…it will be worth the feeds being down, they said…suck it!

    • LindsayB

      Definitely don’t understand the need for feeds to be down for this episode even tho I enjoyed some of it. We were spoiled with OTT. Now the feeds are down so much there’s almost no point in paying for them.

  4. hogwild

    Nothing better to make your Friday night memorable than overhyped clip show.

  5. Shivani33

    Also, for those who didn’t watch, Derrick said houseguests will have to remember this Season well to win the comp he’s hosting.

  6. Seattle Kari

    I really enjoyed tonight’s episode with Derek. I hadn’t seen the part about how Jessica didn’t know what her hymen was. That was just mind-boggling to me. Also I liked how they showed Cory joking around. He wasn’t just a stagnant face guy the entire time.

    • Avatar

      Ok guys soooo… am I the only one who immediately googled that bc I had no clue either?????? Facepalm.

    • Avatar

      I had seen the hymen thing play out live, it was very funny. I guess if I had not watched that silliness previously the episode would have been more entertaining.
      One of the other funny things I have seen in after dark is hg’s talking about sex in the house. Cody telling Mark how Jessica walked into dark room and came across Maven having sex. That she said the loudness of their bodies hitting each other was bizarre and Cody was laughing. And Jessica telling Elena how she and Cody were having sex when baby crying noises started. And that Codys reaction was so funny, guess it softened things immediately.

  7. Avatar

    Christmas grow a set and kick Raven out of HOH. Also I promise you my vote for AFP if you put her up as a replacement nom and vote her out…

  8. Avatar

    I didn’t mind tonight’s show, but watching it was not the best use of my time. I couldn’t help but wonder if the point of tonight’s show was to paint the HGs in a better/different light because people are so up in arms about this season’s players and there is still a lot of season to go. The vast majority of America does not watch the feeds or go on sites like this. I don’t watch the feeds, but I do read the recaps online. Of my friends and family who watch the show, only 1 person watches the feeds. So, the folks who only eat the show can be swayed …. ratings.

    Alex – make her look like a happy-go-lucky fun girl instead of the shrill, nasty harpy she is when edited. Check.

    Jessica – show that she was an idiot (which that was dumb, but I don’t think she’s stupid and I was shocked that Mark and Kevin also had no idea what a hymen is) while simultaneously showing how much lighthearted fun the group (including Cody and Jess) had this summer. Check.

    Josh – he’s just a big silly goofball, not an overly emotional bully. The whole condiment battle just looked like two guys messing around because none of the nasty yelling was shown. Check.

    Matt – he is just quirky and lovable. Bless his heart with all that cereal eating. Look America, notice him. He’s a hoot. Check.

    Cody and Jess – make sure anyone who thinks they truly had feelings for each other now questions if Jessica really loves Cody. Poor Cody because he really loves her and doesn’t know he was being played. Trash that relationship so any fans no longer favor either one of them and hate the Paul cult for coming between them. They won’t be on to draw viewers anymore. Let’s not detract from the awesomeness that remains in the game. Check.

    Mark and Elena – poor Mark. Elena was not that into him and what a cold hearted bitch. Mark is still in the house, feel sorry for him. Watch to see if he can play thru the pain. Elena was cruel to play him. Good thing she’s gone. Check.

    Matt and Raven – oh wait, they are both still in the house. No one to make look bad in this pair yet, so let’s not address them at all. Check. (But too funny that there was nothing about Raven … at all.)

    Ramses – poor guy got screwed over by Paul and his minions … but, wait, a diversion for the homophobic fans, so what Paul and the gang did wasn’t so bad. Bonus points: we’ll show what good sports Matt and Mark are. Check.

    Jason and Alex – so endearing and funny together. Gotta love em. Root for them to go all the way in the game. Check.

    Kevin – such a sweet, funny guy (which I believe). But he could be gone soon and we don’t want people to turn against the remaining cast that evicts him, so let’s hedge our bets and show a clip that could be taken out of context if people don’t listen to the entire exchange. (Because it’s not like there weren’t plenty of other clips to choose from.) Check.

    Paul – don’t show him at all so people forget he’s running the house …. because we don’t really have any footage to refute that he’s the Pied Piper of the moron army. Check.

    Christmas – not quite polarizing enough to waste air time on to rebuild her image. Check.

    See how much fun everyone in the house is? What a great season with a great cast! Check.

    But, just in case people don’t fall for it, let’s bring Derrick in because people love and trust him. Check.

  9. Avatar

    Just read that Christmas nominated Matt and Jason. Shocked that they are going for the backdoor with Mark. Unexpected moves left and right.

      • Avatar

        Actually, if Mark wins and uses the veto, they (notice I didn’t say Christmas) might renom Kevin and he could go before Matt. Putting Raven up as the renom won’t happen because then the message is clear that they are targets. Matt getting sent home because “whoops, Mark won veto” would make them mad at Mark for being selfish and wining veto to protect himself. AKA …. Operation protect jury votes. So, I think I’m down with Mark not using the veto if he wins it.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        You think Matt would get evicted over Jason if the noms stay the same? I’m sure Alex, Kevin, and Mark would want to save Jason, but I’m pretty sure Paul would talk Josh into voting with him and Raven to save Matt. That would leave Ash Wednesday as the tie breaker, and I think she would vote out Jason.

      • Avatar

        It could go that way, but I don’t think so for 2 reasons. First, that group has been focused on breaking up showmances like it’s their job. Second, Alex wins comps. I think it is too early for Paul to piss her off and sending Jason home would piss her off. He needs other strong players to play for HOH at least until Mark is out. Matt is too full to do well in comps. Jason has come close a couple times and won once. Can’t pick off people who will win to keep you safe until the comp beast that is targeting you is gone. Plus, if Paul and Christmas go against the plan they have all laid out already, it may not go over well with the others. Matt is the safer bet.

      • Avatar

        Well, it makes some logical sense, so they probably won”t do it. Lol

      • Avatar

        THIS! YES…..oh please!!
        I don’t understand why everyone is so worried about upsetting Matt & Raven!
        I mean I DO understand the logistics of the game, but as much as the viewers can’t stand to watch or listen to her, neither can the houseguests!

        Maybe some of @stevebeans “saltiness” is rubbing off on me..haha..but I just can’t take Raven anymore

      • WhereisPablo

        I have never posted here before but really enjoy the comments. I had to say that Gerardo’s names for Christmas LITERALLY make me LOL every time! Please don’t run out before the finale. Thanks!

  10. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Raven is asking Matt what Zingbot is going to zing her about (she thinks he may tease her about how much she hurts herself). Matt says it’s going to be tough because Zingbot really won’t have anything to zing her on…



  11. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Update: Raven and Matt are now getting ready to go to “sleep”. You know what that means… get your barf buckets ready!!!

  12. Avatar

    Raven’s Disease, Raven’s Disease…. Seriously #TeamRavenSTFU

  13. Avatar

    Paul should not be there – I am so tired of watching the same players play again and again – get new blood – and this BB cast seem to be gutless – Jessica should have put Paul and Josh on the block – Paul tells Josh to act stupid and Josh does – sad – pitiful person that he is. Paul is a hateful person – to act like a bully and to allow that type of bullying to go on and encourage it – I don’t want either of those two to win.

    • Avatar

      I think it’s possible production might have intended for Paul to be the winner last season and, for some reason, decided to pair him with all these gutless wonders. Oh, they tossed in a few players with true spunk, (i.e. Cody, Jessica,) hoping they could out perform Paul and make it interesting. Well, they did that, but Paul’s manipulative personality won that bet. I agree – past players should be just that. P.A.S.T.

  14. Shivani33

    I’m hearing that the players already used the LED tree “temptation.” Mark got and used the Save a Friend, and it looks like he used it on Paul. Apparently Cowboy either selected nothing or didn’t get to choose part of the tree. As far as Christmas nominating Jason and Matt, listening tonight, it does sound like the players think that Mark will be backdoored if possible. Paul and Christmas had a gripe session about Kevin after Christmas said that Kevin is trying to change her agenda. It didn’t sound as if either Christmas or Paul want him gone yet, but there’s time for that to change.

    If Mark saves himself, I wonder if Cowpoke will be evicted instead of Matt? Christmas might have to vote as the tiebreaker. Matt has been a floater, and Cowpoke isn’t seen that way. Plus, Christmas used to talk about being uncomfortable around the guy who helped break her foot. Ideally, I’d much rather see Matt leave the game, but some people might want to keep a floater around instead of a tougher opponent. There’s not really that many players left, and Matt could be seen as somebody who can be gotten out anytime. Also, who can tell yet whether Christmas is going to keep being a minion or if she has ideas of her own and isn’t telling anyone?

  15. Shivani33

    Cowboy’s wife is pregnant, and it looks like he found out in his HoH letter.

  16. Shivani33

    No doubt we’ll find out on Sunday’s episode, but it’s sounding like not everybody got a piece of the tree sign yet. Paul said he got “fudged,” whatever that means. He sounded grumpy about it. Gotta say, when he was snoozing in the HoH bed tonight with Christmas before she was called to DR, his beard looked HUGE, and his hat cast big black shadows beneath his eyes. I thought he got a punishment and had to wear a big old fake beard over his and had football player streaks on his face. Only after he came downstairs after he awoke did I realize that he still looked normal. It must’ve been some kind of high-def illusion.

  17. Shivani33

    Raven has given herself a new job tonight asskissing Christmas, her new BFF. Matt and Raven want to win HoH and to evict Alex. She’s their #1 target, probably because they think that Alex is in the way of their impenetrable F3 with Paul. So far, this is Maven’s little secret, but Josh is starting to feel a war coming on with Alex and Cowboy. He’s concluded that they’re shady because of things revealed by Mark which really came from Cody.

  18. Tinkerbell

    I canceled my feeds yesterday, but it’s good for a few days. I turned it on at ariund 3:40 a.m. I’m Im so glad I did! In this ridiculous season of the worst players, I just got to see one of the funniest thing I have ever seen. Christmas is HOH. Josh, Paul, and Christmas have been awake all night strategizing…..three of the nine stooges left. Anyhow, all of a sudden they think they see someone in the kitchen. It’s a giant rat walking across the counter. It is big enough for them to see it from the HOH tv screen. They said it is about the size of one of big juice bottles in the frig. Terrifying for them, but so hilarious to watch. Josh and Paul went down to the kitchen. Christmas is rolling on the bed laughing hysterically. Paul and Josh look like Rat Busters. This is so flippin’ funny. I cannot stop laughing. They have to show this on regular TV. Hopefully it will be on You Tube. Now Paul and Josh are setting up a trap with a big spaghetti pan, and wooden spoon. I keep hoping the mouse will come out and run right through their legs. Oh my gosh hahahahahahahaha. Man this is funny. Josh says this is probably why he has allergies and bites. . I can’t stand any of them, but this is the best comedy act. Oh crap, went to fish. Come on production, finally something entertaining. Bunch of kill joys. Probably bringing in the real rat busters in. Oh well. It will be funny to hear them talking about it. They will probably all want to go home now. I would! That.Was.Hilarious!!!

    • Tinkerbell

      Update – Feeds just came back. As usual, Matt is in the kitchen eating cereal in the middle of the night. He’s in there 3-4 times when everyone is sleeping. He’s eating from his dirty bowl that was sitting on the counter, crunching away like there’s no tomorrow. Wonder if there was anything “extra” in his bowl. What a freakin’ idiot, on every level. Here comes Scooterbug. She’s telling him about the rat. Crap, fish again.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree with your opinion of the remaining house guest. Boring, mindless, immature and eager to following Paul around like puppies. Cody was the only houseguest with enough kahonies to confront Paul.

  19. Cindy

    In my opinion the only reason Paul actually found a pair with Mark and couldn’t with Cody is because he’s a scared little man. He was scared of Cody and knew Mark wouldn’t stand up to him. I could be wrong but i think we’ll see a while different Paul now that Cody is gone. I mean he will still be the puppet master and coerce the others into doing what he wants but he won’t be afraid to jump in more. Pitiful!!

    • LindsayB

      So which is it? You don’t like that Paul has everyone do his dirty work or you don’t like that he’s confronting someone now? I get so confused with the Paul bashers. You hate it when he does it and you hate it when he doesn’t. Did you stop to think that the previous things he sicked his dogs on was to confront things about them or the group? This conversation with Mark was to confront something said about specifically getting Paul out so of course Paul is going to address it himself.

      • Avatar

        ‘Paul bashers’ are simply saying we are tired of him. AND his beard.

      • Avatar

        Hi Lindsay. I gotta say sometimes, even though I disagree with you, I can see your point. But, I’m not following your argument here. Cody clearly took a shot directly at Paul. When did Paul confront Cody directly about it? Maybe I’m wrong and just forgetting something from that long ago. i do, however vividly remember Paul instructing Josh to “turn it up to a 30” and riling up the others against Cody and Jess. I agree with Cindy, Paul was afraid of Cody on multiple levels and did not have the balls to confront him. In fact, he flat out lied and told Cody and Jessica that he told Josh not to act that way and when Cody raised his voice to Paul. Sorry, but I couldn’t buy what you’re selling here even if it was on sale.

      • LindsayB

        Paul and Cody had their moment in the HOH room. It wasn’t specifically about Paul being put up but it was in response to Cody trying to play the who has a bigger dick game. Does Paul have skin in the game when he has Josh turn it up to 30? Sure. But it’s not in DIRECT retaliation to something against Paul. He waits until there’s something to trigger one of the minions. I didn’t say that Paul doesn’t benefit from orchestrating the arguments. His benefit is what drives him. The ultimate source is any threat to Paul’s game. The fact that he uses the beef with the other HGs so well is another brilliant part of his game. In this particular circumstance with Mark, he addressed something said directly against him. Either way, the dislike of Paul has yet again steered things away from the question at hand:

        Do the Paul haters want to bitch about him orchestrating the confrontations or about him having a confrontation? Or do you just want to bitch about everything Paul does cuz it’s Paul? That’s a fair answer too, just own up to it.

      • Avatar

        I have to disagree sauce….Paul did confront Cody….he told him the reason he put him on the block and why he backdoored him….codys response was a fist pump to his chest and his words to Paul was “respect”.
        When Cody came back in the house Cody and Paul sat in the wave room and Paul told him. Ok ..you backdoored me…I backdoored you…we can continue to play that game or not…it was codys choice……

      • Avatar

        The most frustrating thing about that fight was Mark. Why do they all lie when asking if they make game moves? Mark could have said yes, you are playing house Paul and unlike rest of them I would like to win 500k. Turn the tables. Point out how disappointed the hg’s families will be in them when Paul wins and they lose out in money that could have improved their lives.

      • Avatar

        I should’ve been more specific. Paul did talk to Cody one on one about the game and both acted civil. However, Paul did not pick a fight in front of an audience with Cody about trying to backdoor him like he did with Mark the other day about what he heard Mark said. He knew Mark wouldn’t be able to form cohesive responses to garner support from any of the onlookers. On the other hand, Cody may have been able to do that, so any discussions between the two weren’t public spectacles.

        Regarding the HOH room debacle, I will concede to Lindsay that Paul did a masterful job of pulling in the others by telling them that Cody referred to them as his pets. That’s still not Paul confronting Cody directly.

      • LindsayB

        Sauce, how would Paul know what mark would say or not way when confronted? It was risky to call him out the way he did. Mark was emotional and on the defensive with nothing to lose. He could’ve easily blown up Paul’s game right there. Also, Cody showed on multiple occasions his temper rendering him unable to logically deal with arguments against him. Not all the time but sometimes. Some conversations need audiences. Some don’t. Also, Paul did turn the HOH conversation from private to public so I guess he wasn’t too scared about what Cody might say.

        So is he supposed to try to have private conversations or public? Cuz you seem to be mad about both. I know your answer is probably that you’d rather him have no conversations at all cuz you don’t want him there. Lol.

      • Avatar

        Lindsay, do you not agree that Paul is good at sizing people up and pushing their buttons? He is very skilled at that. He’s a smart guy. I have respect for him up to a point. Where I lose respect for him is when he uses it to create a mob mentality. I don’t hate Paul, but I can’t say that I respect everything about him either. Having said that, I have also posted previously that he is playing the best game this season. I just wish there was more competition, but he absolutely cannot be faulted for that.

        I think Paul is smart enough to calculate the potential of Mark blowing up his game vs Cody blowing up his game. Cody was on to Paul from the jump and while there were plenty of instances where Cody’s temper interfered with his ability to act rationally, you said yourself that didn’t happen all the time. In other words, Paul couldn’t have a reasonable degree of certainty whether Cody would blow up in general or blow up Paul’s game. On the other hand, Mark has regularly flopped to the power side and caved to people, so it was a reasonable assumption that regardless of Mark’s emotional state, he was not going to stand up to him when Mark is already the target. Mark knows it would just be another gang up session if he did fight back and Mark is too emotionally fragile to fight the whole house. So, it was a calculated risk.

      • Avatar

        P.S. Lindsay, I’m not MAD about anything. It’s a show. I’m just sharing my perspective as are you.

      • feltso gudinya

        i only hate paul when he is breathing…..

      • LindsayB

        Sauce, you and I agree on a lot. Again, the point isn’t about whether or not Paul should do it himself or sick someone else on whoever it is. My point was merely the idea of people bashing him for doing something one day and then bashing him for not doing it the next day.

    • Mel

      I agree Cindy. There’s nothing wrong with having other people do your dirty work but I wrote a thread a couple of weeks ago that included how I thought it felt more desperate than good gameplay. It’s one thing to want someone out but the way they continue to obsess over Jessica and now Cody after they were gone was telling. One of Paul’s favorite insults towards Cody is saying that Cody has little man syndrome & he’s the one who brought that into it many times.

  20. Avatar

    NO – it isn’t one way or the other – I just don’t like Paul as a person – he is always shouting through that obnoxious beard – and I think it is to make up for the fact that he is so short and needs attention. He did not win the first go round – why is he back? And Josh is just an uneducated person who doesn’t know any better then to bully his way around – Paul encourages it and this gives him permission. No class either of them.

    • LindsayB

      Sooooo…. it’s down to beard shaming and short shaming? So classy! Also, Josh is educated. He’s immature but is educated. Everyone in the house except Cody, Jess, Mark, and Elena encourages Josh’s shit but it’s all Paul’s fault? Cool story.

      • Avatar

        Beard shaming??? LOL. That’s a new one! And we ALL know why everyone else encouraged Josh… because Paul was ‘pleased’ with his minion’s behavior.

      • Avatar

        Actually, not everyone encourages Josh’s behavior … only Christmas, Alex and Paul do it. Alex and Christmas don’t have a free thought in their heads and never would’ve come up with that strategy on their own. They followed Paul’s lead. I think Matt, Kevin and Jason have all indicated at times that they do not like the bullying tactics. Who knows what Raven thinks about it for sure. It seemed like she didn’t take issue with it and even jumped on the band wagon once or twice, but she never suggested that Josh behave that way.

        As for Paul’s beard, it definitely looks like a health hazard (there’s been food trapped in it at least once and Cody mentioned it to him). I’ll grant you that ow people feel is a matter of opinion. But, Paul is absolutely short and ran around saying that Cody had short man’s syndrome. So, his height is a fact and fair game. Nothing “unclassy” about it …. unlike speculating that Jessica is a ho.

      • Avatar

        5 foot 7 is now considered short? Ummm ok.
        Now I know why Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook…..he is the same height…..lol. Must be he needs attention
        James Huling is short …..at 5 foot 4

      • LindsayB

        Matt, Kevin, and Jason all sat around laughing at it. That is encouragement. Expressing concern after the fact means nothing. Just like Josh’s apologies mean nothing (since he keeps repeating the behavior). What people do in the moment are more indicative of their true self than the regret afterwards once they realize how their actions make them look. Raven showed that she’s on board with it all cuz mama didn’t raise no bitch. I’m not the one pointing out the level of class, just the hypocrisy of calling out classiness while short/beard shaming. Jess absolutely represents herself as a ho. Whether or not she is one isn’t my concern. Nor is someone else’s opinion on my level of class.

      • Avatar

        Average height for an American male is 5′ 10″, so 5′ 7″ is short by definition. Not sure how we went from talking about Paul to Mark Zuckerberg, but nowhere did I say that all men who are shorter than average are insecure. I do think that Paul is.

      • Avatar

        You can have a BA but still be an idiotic man child moron. Not sure that is in the same classification as uneducated. But just sayin.

      • LindsayB

        So it’s just wrong for Paul to short shame. Got it. Everything Paul does is wrong and bad. Got it.

        If Kevin has a heart attack in the house and Paul gives him life saving CPR, it will somehow be deemed wrong because it’s Paul.

      • Avatar

        C’mon, Lindsay. Just because I (and others) don’t respect the game Paul is playing doesn’t mean I wouldn’t respect him if he did something good. I will say that I would be pleasantly surprised if Paul did do CPR to save a competitor rather than either ordering someone else to do it or just stepping over a lifeless body because it meant one fewer person to take out in the game. (I’m kidding!)

      • LindsayB

        Yes sauce, my example is extreme. And notice that I used Kevin instead of Raven. The point is that so many Paul haters bitch one day cuz he’s doing something and the next day cuz he’s not doing that same thing. If you hate him, you hate him. That’s fine. Just own up to that being the source of the bitching and that nothing the man does will be acceptable.

      • feltso gudinya

        paul has little beady eyes, thin lips and carries around a science experiment on his face. he reminds me of a rodent who bathed in an ink bottle. shifty, shady,sneaky and made to star in “the merchant of venice”……..

      • LindsayB

        Feltso, I really missed you when you were gone.

    • Avatar

      Maureen, you took the words right out of my mouth! WHY did production think Paul should come back in the house? One possible reason is that they realized none of the guests they chose this season are smart enough to combat his loud-mouthed personality. He has a following last time, and I guess they wanted to make sure viewers got more. He was so afraid of Cody because Cody was the only one who saw through his manipulation.

    • Avatar

      Josh has a bachelors degree so I would say he is far from uneducated……at age 24 a bachelors degree in business management is actually quite impressive

      • Avatar

        This is true. He has an education. But, not everyone with a formal education is that bright and Josh is among them.

      • Avatar

        24 isn’t really that impressive for a bachelors if you figure all the high schoolers that go into college right away. The majority of college graduates with a bachelors are 22-23 years old. It’s the norm and very common. Not Ba in business at 24 is not screaming impressive.

      • Colby

        Today’s education system mainstreams and modifies requirement for those with special needs.
        While I am not qualified to diagnose anything, be it autism, Asperger’s, a brain injury, or whatever, Josh seems to clearly have a bigger issue than just immaturity.
        But kudos to him for what he has accomplished.
        Does anyone know what kind of business he supposedly owns?

      • LindsayB

        “He supposedly owns”….. so it’s ok to doubt Josh’s life outside the house but not Cody’s. Got it.

      • Colby

        Wow! Aggressive much?
        I guess that was a bad choice of words on my part.
        I am just curious about the type business and if he individually owns it, or if it is actually a family business that his name is just part of. Wow!

    • Mel

      5 foot 7 is most definitely considered short. Neither Paul nor Cody are tall men. My son is 5 foot 10 and play college basketball, believe me he WAS considered short so I probably grade on a curve. Lol

    • LindsayB

      I think it would be very hard to find someone here who doesn’t agree that Josh is an idiot. The point is that he’s not uneducated.

      • Avatar

        If youve been to college before, you’ll know it’s not hard to get a bachelors degree. Plus, a person can be uneducated in other ways aside from “a college education”. A degree is just a title you get for passing a bunch of classes at a minimum of a 2.0 grade. Anyone can do it.

        Josh is uneducated in many other ways. Uneducated in social awareness, communication, age appropriate actions… just because he has a bachelors degree does not mean he’s anything. I wouldn’t consider Josh “educated” for those reasons.

      • LindsayB

        Actually plenty of people can’t do it. The areas where Josh is lacking, of which there are many, aren’t in his level of education. It’s his personality, upbringing, and level of maturity.

      • Avatar

        But plenty of people CAN get a degree without much effort.

        Point being, a bachelors in business is not impressive IMO. And Josh is still an idiot.

        Agree to disagree Lindsay.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sorry for the late post (just got in a few hours ago and trying to catch up of the board). I see there has been a “lively” exchange.

        Let try to end it this way. There is a difference between book smart and common sense. Let’s just say that since Josh graduated with a degree, he is book smart but hasn’t much common sense. 🙂

  21. Avatar

    I have to confess, now that Cody is ousted, I’m bored with BB19. There isn’t anyone left with sense enough to take the Paul out of the house. He will finish, at least, in the final two and the rest of the jury will still be infatuated with him and his ‘social game play’, so he will be chosen as winner. Plus, Kevin annoys the crapola out of me by pretending to be a nice guy. Why befriend someone to talk garbage about them when they’ve been evicted? Production can try and spice it up all they want, but the truth is, in my humble opinion, losing Cody means ‘boring’ outcome.

    • Avatar

      Cody is also short and h may very well also have short man’s syndrome. I don’t disagree. What’s your point? We were talking about Paul, Helen. Are you going to continue to name sort people because I said Paul is short? So far, you have names Cody, Mark Zuckerberg and James Huling. Agreed. They are all short. Never said all short men have short man’s complex. None of those people act like Paul either.

      Other short people who don’t act like Paul: Bruno Mars, Kevin Hart, Gandhi, Mickey Rooney, Prince, any professional jockey, Tyrion Lannister

      Other short people who did act like Paul: Napoleon

      See the difference?

    • Edsel

      Jessica is likely wearing 4-6″ heels in that picture, so it’s not a good one for comparison purposes. I’m not saying Cody isn’t short, just that that particular picture isn’t full length to see what shoes she’s wearing.

  22. LindsayB

    Donny’s disgusting beard was ok. Paul’s disgusting beard is not. Got it.

  23. Avatar

    I didn’t watch the Duck people – they all looked like they needed to bath – and the other bearded wounder on BB was no different – did not improve his appearance BUT that is his choice to look gross and my choice to not look at it or watch. IF Josh has any type of degree – he needs to get his money back.

  24. Avatar

    Josh is not a business owner – he sells hair care products.

  25. Avatar

    Someone must have spiked the koolaid, wow, just frikin wow. Lol!

  26. Avatar

    Matt thinks Cody was the worse player ever???? How about all those spineless people Paul has been walking around the park like a poodle …. like MATT! The worse of the worse are still in the house. Josh is not ‘book smart’ and he has no common sense either. Josh and Paul exemplify everything I would not want my child to grow up to be like. No class.

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