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Big Brother 19 Feeds Return! Update On The House


Welcome back, everyone!  It’s been a long 24+ hours without any feeds, and all we really know for sure is that Cody has won the Battle Back competition and is back in the house.

Before I begin catching up on the house, I want to go over a few things from the episode…

  • Jillian never had a chance at this game. She was clearly terrible at comps and needed an A+ social game to make it far. Her social game was around a D
  • Poor Cameron spent about as much time out in the backyard than inside the actual Big Brother house this season.  In fact, it’s quite possible he was doing comps around 80% of his Big Brother history
  • Having Cody pick the competition was hugely unfair, but let’s be real, the winner vs houseguest was more of a token battle Cody was supposed to win.  It was for entertainment only because it would have been really weird to have a special episode for four people to get back in the house only to have one walk. Adding Paul to the mix was just there for drama, and it worked. It was good TV
  • As far as the comps being geared for Cody to win them both – meh. I think he’s just naturally good at these type of competitions and it wouldn’t have mattered what they had. He’s like Victor where he is strong and intelligent and was facing three very weak players.  (He’s unlike Victor in the personality department though)

Overall it was a fun episode to watch, and seeing as the original leaked spoiler was right (even though everyone knew Cody was going to win), it’s possible we already know who won the HoH competition as well. The feeds should be up in 30~ mins for us to confirm that and anything else that has gone on.

  • 9:00 pm – Feeds are up!
    • Oh, Cody and Jessica are in the HoH bed together. Looks like they’ll be there all week
    • Paul and Jason conveniently talked about what was going on in the house soon as the feeds came back
    • Jessica won HoH
    • Ramses and Josh are noms, probably not targets
  • 9:15 pm – Sounds like noms happened fairly recently
    • Paul goes up to the HoH room and talks with the duo
    • He tells them that the noms were good and the house is still calm… except for Josh who is in the room crying.
  • 9:20 pm – Some Josh cam going on
    • He is in the HN room alone, and … happy?
    • Josh says this is the definition of being loyal
    • Loyalty will take you real far in life (like to the block?)
    • He is going through ripping Cody and Mark.  He says Mark switched up as soon as Cody walked back through the door
    • He doesn’t understand how people aren’t calling him the best competitor
    • They can call him weak, a floater, a pawn… that’s all a plus
    • Now he realizes he looks like the crazy guy on the block talking to the camera
    • He thinks he is secure because Ramses is a floater, and it doesn’t matter anyway because he (Josh) is winning the veto tomorrow
  • 9:30 pm – Moved to the bedroom cam with a bunch of people (Jason, Alex, Christmas, etc)
    • Paul comes in to pull Kevin away for ‘friendship chat’  ugh
    • Alex tells Christmas that Jess/Cody are going to be salty in jury and pick someone like Ramses
    • Paul comes back for a quick talk and sounds like they plan on keeping Josh but pretending not to
    • Alex says Jessica was certain there was going to be a battle back
  • 10:00 pm – I switched to the friendship chat, and luckily Kevin is there carrying the chat. The dude is hilarious

Alright, while this is funny, I’m tired.  Big PoV tomorrow!


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  1. Avatar

    I feel like they want to take off ramses and backdoor Alex/jason/*paul* but with josh being the backup plan, I think they should have just put 2 of the trio up there and keep third as a replacement, but then again jess was all “save me ” and crap with Jason so maybe she feels something, but still

    • Avatar

      Totally agree. I would have put up jessica and Paul. One of them would get to packaging. Loving where the house is right now. Make them all sweat, Jessica!

    • Avatar

      *Alex and Paul should have been put on the block.

      • Avatar

        yeah thats the best combo, then like I mentioned below, put like raven/elena up since they’re the “sweethearts of the house” I think Kevin said that sometime maybe?

      • jimbo

        Yes, I dont get Josh and Ramses…even if they want to backdoor someone it makes no sense. The house (Paul owns this house) wants Ramses out anyway. And even if they take Ramses off by veto and put up someone like Alex or Paul, they will just do Paul’s will and vote out Josh, and Paul and crew aren’t going to cry over losing Josh.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I am sooooo over the backdoor plans every damn week. There are still 13 people in the house, just nominate your freaking targets!!!

      • Avatar

        besides bb16 “twist” thing, they should just nominate them, and have backdoor as an option unless it’s late game or HUGE target, like I think when they tried to backdoor Paul originally, it was a great move, but otherwise, there’s no reason to do it otherwise

      • Avatar

        Right!! I guess people are uncertain because you never know how the POV may turn out. I’m sure the mental comps are coming up soon.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Exactly Ike, sometimes backdooring makes sense. But it’s not an every week strategy. These people are exhausting.

      • Mel

        Guys, I have to disagree. We may get sick of it but it’s more strategic to do it when there are a lot of people in the house. The more people in the house, the lower the odds of the person you want out playing for Veto. It’s just math which…is usually boring just like a backdoor plan every week. It is also the best odds for controlling a situation that you have very little control over as the hoh.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        That’s true Mell, but I think what really annoys me is the whole “pawn” situation. I’m assuming that Grossica’s plan this week was to make Ramses the “pawn”, with the hopes that someone will come off the block and Paul will be the replacement and target. And if for some reason that doesn’t happen, Josh would be Plan B. But it could easily be the case that the noms stay the same, and Paul rallies his side of the house to vote out Ramses the pawn instead (and it sounds like that’s exactly Paul’s plan). If that happens, Jessica just wasted a very valuable HOH.

        My point was that with 13 people still in the house, you still have plenty of targets to choose from and you need to get someone out who is threatening to your game. If they were concerned about nominating Paul off the bat, I think a better strategy would’ve been to nominate Josh and another actual target, and if someone comes down then nominate Paul. If not, then at least you’re sure to get one of your actual targets out.

      • NKogNeeTow

        How many times have I said that Gerardo. That backdoor crap drives me NUTZ! I’m the “rip the bandaid off” kind of girl. I can’t stand long and drawn out….No patience for it.

    • Avatar

      Right now, I am feeling that Paul wont be going home this week. I dont know if Ramses or Josh can get the votes to beat out Paul. Can someone reassure me?

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I think your feeling is right Aiden. Unless something major happens between now and next Thursday, I don’t think Paul is going anywhere, even if he ends up on the block. Of course, there’s still plenty of time left for Grossica to start planting seeds and try to turn Paul’s allies against him. However, they seem much more concerned with rekindling their grossmance than anything. And I haven’t heard Paul’s name come up at all in any game conversation tonight. As things currently stand, I think Ramses is on track to meet Julie next week (unless he wins veto).

      • Avatar

        I agree, Aiden. Even if Paul is put up, I don’t think he’s going anywhere. He has rallied his troops and they all love him. I knew they were gonna plan to keep Josh and just pretend to be on board with voting him out before I read that. Paul has done a good job with his group. Jessica and Cody aren’t good enuf to turn it all around! When I turned the feeds on, it looked like flashbacks from the first HOH! Them 2 piled in the room! Jessica locking up the HOH, wearing that key around everywhere just like Monte did. They didn’t learn a thing!

  2. Avatar

    I still agree (I forget who said it) but putting anyone up against someone like raven(we all hate her but the house seems to mostly like her besides Matt who’s cereal>raven) and they’d most likely be leaving the house

    • NKogNeeTow

      Exactly Ike. Kevin and Cowpoke have already expressed wanting DMW to go home, but they said they didn’t want to be known as the one who kicked out the dead girl. That mentality might keep her safe right on up until the end of the game (think Victoria). I say drop kick he now. If it upsets her, she has a chance of getting better medical care outside the house.

      Oh, and I’m getting tired of watching Xmas roll around on that knee cart too, like a Walmart refugee. This is the Big Brother house, not and infirmary. *eye roll*

      • NKogNeeTow

        *knee scooter*

      • Avatar

        I totally agree! That and putting her foot up on the counter when others are eating. She says it has to be elevated and that’s fine but move it somewhere else!

      • Avatar

        I see her making it to jury, then Matt back doors her because he gets annoyed lol jk

      • Avatar

        I can’t confirm yet, but for the sword comp, she was on her scooter thingie, and I feel like thats somewhat unfair because it gives her some extra support. I know a lot of people with foot surgery can walk on it or stand on it for a couple weeks (I helped take care of my aunt’s best friend while she was at work, and she has like the same scooter). like I said, I could be wrong but still

  3. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Hmmm jokers just said Cody won HOH?

  4. Avatar

    so I wonder if jess got condoms in her hoh basket now that Cody’s back lol jk

  5. danmtruth

    Helen Jokers shows Jess as HOH with Ramses and Josh OTB

  6. Yael Sara

    Raven says she can’t eat yummy food, but she enjoys making it for others. STOP BEING THE VICTIM!! I vaguely recall her dipping tons of cookies in pounds of frosting! hmmm

  7. Avatar

    I feel like we’re going to see like 17 josh freak outs this week. is he channeling Devon from bb16? lol

  8. Avatar

    Didn’t Cody say to Jeff if he goes back he would work with Paul? If he sticks to that I think working together secretly would actually benefit both of their games in a huge way. Wasn’t a fan of Cody due to some of his comments and his creepy demeanor at times, but think it would really be interesting if they paired up. In the long run I don’t think cody could out play Paul, but would get them both farther.

    • Avatar

      he did, but when he whispered game stuff to Dom (we won’t know exactly what it was) and with jess telling him what went down, I don’t see him helping Paul very much, especially when that immunity just ran out

    • Avatar

      Nah, screw Paul. Cody alrdy mention his main target is Paul. Get rid of Paul, weaken his minions. I’m sure Dom gave Cody all the tea she possibly can. Paul is reign of power is done!

      • Avatar

        you and I both hope lol

      • Mel

        Cody acted as if he completely forgot how he played a part in Dom’s demise. He seemed so sad that she had been evicted. Maybe he thought Mark would be the only one to pay for his comments.

      • Avatar

        I think he expected mark because he looks like a physical threat, but I think he was also unsure that the plan would even work

    • NKogNeeTow

      Cody did say he would work with Paul. But Cody said a lot of things he had no belief in. He also said he’s be more social. What did he do tonight? He sat in on Friendship Chat for all of 30 minutes (which was probably way longer than he could stand), then he and Messi exiled themselves right back in the HOH room again. Remember when he was HOH, he didn’t want any of the other HG up there except Messi. He even went so far as to go to Production and ask them to keep them from coming up there. His ass is just as unfriendly as he was when he left. I don’t care what anybody thinks, one week didn’t change a thing about him.

      • Painter1

        Both of them are back on thier high horse. Hope they crash hard AGAIN.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Yes, based on what I’ve seen tonight, it doesn’t seem that their strategy has changed all that much. They’re still pretty isolated from the rest of the house, and I also noticed that Jessica locked the door to her HOH room when she went downstairs– correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Alex or Paul being so possessive over the HOH room during their reigns. And if Grossica thinks the house would vote out Josh over Ramses that further proves how out of touch they are with what’s going on in the game.

        Personally, I think Jessica might have been better off without Cody (although he gave her a major assist on his way out with the Mark/Dom controversy). But she seemed to be finding her footing the week Cody was gone, and now she seems to have once again lost her focus.

      • Avatar

        im not gonna lie, I enjoy when they lock the door(not for the sex), but because it is supposed to be a privilige to be in there, but instead it’s like the ymca, and people were still up in Alex’s room, but I believe she locked the door too

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I actually agree @ike7482 but unfortunately that’s not the way the game is played anymore. The HOH usually has an “open door policy” with the HOH room now, and since Grossica are already on the outs with most of the house and are supposedly trying to be more social, going against the grain by locking the door will only further contribute to their perceived isolation.

      • Alda

        Cody is just as pompous and anti-social as he was a week ago.He doesn’t even try to make conversation with these people.He looks like he is constipated.

  9. Avatar

    Okay, I was in mourning. Dom, girl you will be missed. But it’s a new day with real competitors that aren’t afraid to take the head of the snake. Officially Team Cody. Jessica, meh! But Cody, killed the battle back, he truly persevered. He kept his girl safe during his week officially out of the house, won the battle back and his girl with her DOT advantage and now the new HOH. The house is petrified, everyone wants to be in the HOH room now. Haha I’m living for Jess and Cody’s comeback. I can say, Cody’s has been impressive, he just needs to work on the social aspect but I guess that’s what he has Jess.

    • Avatar

      I’m feeling the same vibe cyn! I’m feeling the spirit of Dom living through Cody by possibly getting Paul out soon lol, but yeah, I’m still not a fan of jess and Cody duo, but ill put up with it to get him out, then I hope Cody goes right back out. I think I’m leaning towards team Kevin since my girl is gone

      • Avatar

        Yes, I hear you with this one. Cody may have told Jeff one thing but I know Dom has filled Cody in all need to know info. Paul should be afraid…be very afraid! lol I like Kevin but he needs to start winning to remain safe, Alex has him on her radar. Alex can go whenever, I’m over her too. But I think Jason deserves to stay a little longer, hopefully he’ll team back up with Cody.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Even if Dom hadn’t said anything to Cody, just seeing Dom evicted would have been enough to let Cody know that Paul cannot be trusted. The more I think about it, the less likely I think it is that Paul and Cody would ever really work together (at least not long-term). There’s just no way for either of them to know whether they could trust the other given their history and standings in the house.

      • Avatar

        Cody will never trust Paul and vice versa. I think Paul is lowkey the backdoor option if they can get the votes.

    • monkicorn

      Cyn i so Agree- cody has some balls but no social skills, he kind of reminds me of a feral cat….and he also reminds me of a very young david caradine for some reason…he is kinda caradinish to me…. but now we must deal will jess and her huuuuuuuge ego to match her huuuuuuuuuuge vajajay….poor lil thing….and i agree with Ike too on the kevin thing….he may just slide on through for the win with his slick self! I just wish he would back off of paul… and then there is matt, i see you matt, layed back there in the cut, being everyones friends and no blood on your hands…i see you mattress….

      • Avatar

        I can’t with you. Lmao Huge vajajay!! She most likely will be dropping dem panties tonight! lol yea Matt and Kevin def have a few commonalities- avoid the drama! But something tells me, Paul may throw Kev under the bus to save himself as an last ditch effort with all the voting mishaps early on.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I LOL’ed at this entire comment @monkicorn

      • monkicorn

        Cyn i totalllllly agree, paul is on a mission with this bb game, i am dying watching this honeymoon inside the house right now with everyone being so nice to eachother and so much asskissin goin on, gawd i have the feeds on mute, i wish a situation would come up where paul MUST prove his loyalty by shaving his beard off…. hmmmmm…. i think there may be a nice lookin little elfin man under all that mess. Eff this, imma watch id channel, i just cant with this guy and his stupid purple socks anymore tonight lol…does anyone ever say, hey, paul, stfu.

      • Avatar

        It was all smooth sailing just a week ago! Ha! They all brown nosing just to get through the week. Jessica should have put up Alex and Paul considering they’re more a competitive threat. It won’t matter who really goes because Jess still has the DOT in her back pocket for safety.

      • Avatar

        I could get behind Matt, he just needs to show us some game going on in his head, but besides that, Alex really disappointed me with her hoh, Jason is like a 50/50 since he’s swaying away from Paul’s influence a little, but also some of his comments bother me, mark and josh should find a therapist instead of play bb, Elena would be fine if not for Paul and too much sex talk(I’m a pretty open person, but I wouldn’t talk about sex THAT much), raven also needs a therapist, ramses is ok, but he seems like he’s just there, then I kind of liked jess working alone, but hate her in Cody together, and I enjoy Christmas but she quickly became a Paul worshipper, and Paul should’ve stayed in last season

    • monkicorn

      Btw did anyone notice on last nights show when dom and cody were sitting next to eachother and cody was still in shock to see dom there and he took her hand for a moment? I thought that was very sweet and endearing and hope it was a true sincere part of his character.

      • Avatar

        Yea you can tell he was in total disbelief. I think he felt Dom was competitive and intelligent that it should not have been her up there. I think Cody will use this return to learn from his mistakes, align with a solid few and not be as arrogant.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That wasn’t endearing nor was it sincere. What it was was being sweet to her long enough to get the 4-1-1 on what was going on in the house. He needed to know what he might be walking back into. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

    • NKogNeeTow

      “Cody killed the battleback”….Meh, there really wasn’t much of a competition against the first 3 and he had the advantage with Paul because he already knew to manuver the ropes. I still don’t like him but I congratulate him on getting back into the house.

  10. Avatar

    another comment from the peanut gallery, but why is it everyone thinks they’re a comp beast when they walk in? josh didn’t say he was, but he insinuated he’s gonna get veto(but thats regular from block nominees), but normally people be like walking in and think they’re gonna win everything (like mark), but then what they’ve competed in, they don’t do well. like him or not, Cody does seem to be a beast, he threw that veto to Alex, but otherwise, he won that hoh, probably that veto, then all 3 of the battle back comps, so he’s no victor yet, but that’s still an accomplishment.

    • Avatar

      OH! beastmode cowboy is the best example! he was decent at most comps and great at others, but he didn’t win everything, I feel like donny or Johnny Mac were better at that with getting a bunch of vetos, but I could be wrong or just complaining idk

    • Avatar

      Cody has almost won everything he’s competed in with the exception of Alex in that pov that he was closely behind. Cody is a force to be reckoned with and they all know it. I’m going to enjoy watching Paul kiss a$$ all this week.

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  12. Mel

    Xmas is pushing so hard to keep Josh already and they haven’t even played the veto. People like Raven and Alex could evict him because they hate Xmas. Girl, take a pain pill, go to bed and slow the f*ck down!

    Unrelated: Now that Xmas was given a cool scooter, anyone want to place bets on how long it will be before Raven throws herself over the upstairs balcony?

    • Avatar

      Hahahaha that’s horrible. Raven needs help if she really wants to compete with an injured woman.

    • Avatar

      feeds go off for next comp, feeds onto raven in full body cast lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      Damn you Mell. I just sprayed the keyboard with ice water on that one…lol

    • ShoeLover

      LOL!!!! YASSSSSS!!!

      I think momma groomed Raven well before entering the house. I have been reading up on some of the info you passed along to us all, Mell , and WOW!!!!

      Anyhoo, bummed that Cody is back and now Jessica is HOH. Lips locked and loaded all week with those two. Sad, that maybe Jessica could have become a good player if Cody hadn’t walked back through those doors.. fixing to have my coffee and watch last night’s BBAD!!! MUCH LOVE ALL OF Y’ALL!!

  13. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    I totally picture Jessica running inside with her HoH key and yelling, “Cody, wanna see my HoH bed and shower floor?!?!?” Instead if the standard. “Who wants to see my HoH room?”

  14. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Ok housepets, I want to hear some game talk. We’ve been feed-deprived for 24 hours, I don’t wanna hear about Jessica’s family tree and all the multitudes of men Elena has had her way with.

    • Avatar

      I actually got sleep last night. I was caught up in my emotions over my girl leaving but with Cody’s comeback, I’m excited to see all the conspiring, concocting and scheming again.

    • Zach

      In the words a BB vet. Pissssssseeedddddd. But I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, it’s obviously what production wanted, especially since the 2nd weakest player in the house somehow won HOH right after she got the halting hex and her only ally wins the battle back. So Cody and Jessica are both here for at least 3 more weeks. If Jessica had been smart she would have put Ramses and Raven up for eviction. Then when Ramses was pulled off she could have put Paul up. I think the only way Paul goes home is if he is put up against one of 3 people (Raven, Elena, Kevin) once again I’ll end my thoughts with a big ol’ PISSSSSSSSSEEEEDDDDD.

  15. Colby

    Paul evidently thinks they are going to try to backdoor him, but I will be surprised if they do. They must know they wouldn’t get the votes right now.
    They would come closer to getting Christmas out. She and Jess have issues, and others have said they don’t think she should be there, but I don’t know if they know that.
    Has anyone heard who they may backdoor?
    I think either Ram or Josh will go(Josh, I hope) no matter who they put up. Everyone has been upset with Ram, and the only reason they keep Josh around is for the vote.
    But I’ve been wrong about a lot of stuff lately, so who knows!

  16. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Raven and Matt talking game (finally!) in the kitchen. Sounds like they’re planning to vote out Ramses over Josh. They know they’re going to piss off some people, but Raven says they’re going to piss someone off no matter what– might as well go with the numbers. They say Ramses hates Jessica, so they have no idea why she thinks he likes her. They also mention that Ramses told them that he doesn’t really have a “ride or die” (he doesn’t), and they believe him. They call him a floater (pot, meet kettle).

  17. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Raven tells Paul that people underestimate her intelligence. She went to a prestigious college and she gets her IQ from her mama: her mama is a member of MENSA and so is she…

    Paul understands where Raven is coming from: people underestimated him last year and Dominique underestimated him this year with her “nuclear science sh*t”.

    I don’t think it’s possible for someone to roll their eyes more than I’m rolling mine right now…

  18. Shivani33

    Does Paul still have a week more of safety because his HoH week didn’t count, or is he fooling houseguests when he says this? It hasn’t been mentioned that his safety is over, not even with the new HoH already in her lovenest.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      No way, he has to be fooling them. Paul clearly said that the pendant of protection kept him safe for “the next 3 evictions”, not “the next 3 evictions that I’m not the HOH”. If he’s telling the truth, then I call BS and say production rigging strikes again.

      • Shivani33

        Thanks. That’s what I remember, too. It could be that he’s using some bull hockey to fool some of the dumb-dumbs. Or maybe I misunderstood what he said. The trouble is that it wasn’t only one time that he mentioned it. That’s how come I’ve been wondering if I’d missed some announcement that he still can’t be nominated.

        Whatever the truth is, there aren’t enough potential votes against him yet. Tonight, Alex and Christmas did gripe to each other a bit about Paul’s habit of hollering, though!

  19. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Ok I have to admit–Elena just said something that cracked me up. She, Ramses, and Christmas are sitting in the bathroom area having a laid back conversation, but mostly just relaxing. Christmas mentions that she is enjoying just sitting there with them having some quiet time, as opposed to having multiple loud conversations going on all at once. Elena immediately turns to Ramses and jokes “let’s practice our screaming!”

  20. kneeless

    Just finished watching the battle back. I was so hoping there would be another twist & if the house guest lost he’d immediately be evicted. Oh well, a girl can dream!

  21. Avatar

    I need team Cody to put less emphasis on snuggling and rubbing, and to start working on getting some allies in this house. Ramses could have been one (maybe he still can be if he’s a pawn), but you didn’t lock him down.

    Mark is begging to be a part of something big because besides being a ball of chain for Elana, his loyalties on both sides is not in great standing.

    You may have to climb the mountain and try for Christmas or Josh (after Alex is removed from the house) as possible allies; and/or make a fake alliance with Paul for a couple of weeks with the idea of targeting Raven, Matt, and Josh. Minus HOH wins, POV wins, and the powerful Halting Hex that Jessica has, you are still 2 votes compared to many more for team Paul right now.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      I don’t see Alex going anywhere anytime soon……Cody has always been pro Alex and I don’t think Jessica would ever put her OTB because of Cody……on the flip side …..Jessica told Cody that Paul is to her what Alex is to Cody…..she was really upset with Cody when he put Paul OTB and told him she would never have done that……
      Cody would put Paul back OTB in a heartbeat but he may hold off for a few weeks ….I’m not convinced that Paul is Jessica’s target this week…..Raven and Matt and Christmas may have more to worry about with Jessica as HOH than they realize.

  22. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Has anyone heard any talk about the token that Ramses found during the HOH comp that Paul won? It had BBR on it and Alex and Kevin talked about it once right after that but I have never heard anyone say anything since then? Was it just a souvenir type thing or what?

  23. LindsayB

    I’m still team Paul but I’m glad Cody is back cuz he he and Jessica are able to pull their heads etc out of each other’s asses there could be some actual game play besides just Paul’s.
    I’m sick and tired of all this rigged talk. People voted Jessica because of the possibility of Cody coming back. Simple as that. As far as the battleback comp goes, seriously?? You’re calling that rigged? Do you honestly think if any of the other three were the final one standing that they wouldn’t have been able to pick the third comp? Honestly, is there any comp set up they could’ve done that somebody wouldn’t cry rigged because they don’t like the outcome? Let’s add to it!! Apparently the HOH comp we haven’t even seen yet is rigged too because Jessica won. Give me a break guys!!! The girl is athletic and smart. I can’t stand her because she turns into a super slooty sloot (stole that from Zach) around Cody but that doesn’t mean she’s not capable of winning a comp.
    Can we all just give credit where credit is due instead of crying foul anytime you don’t like the outcome? I love Paul. Love him. But if and when the time comes that he gets the boot you won’t see me reaching for excuses. It’ll just be that he got outplayed.
    Ok. My rant is over. For now. Bring on the haterade all you want but please take a minute to consider all this. You’ll enjoy our favorite show so much more.

    • Avatar

      I am not a fan of Paul as much this year, but I won’t ever hate on anyone who cheers on anyone. But I agree about the comps, like I’ve talked about and someone else said “advantage not rigged”, he chose to have advantage (the smart move), which isn’t cheating or ringing it for anyone. And also I agree with Jessica, like I also said above, from what we’ve seen, she does fairly well in comps, it just doesn’t seem like it since she’s only competed in 2 of them

    • Zach

      @lindsayb after my initial shock at how many things fell Jessica’s way the past week I do agree that things are about to heat up in the BB house again(no pun intended) I agree that I didn’t originally give Jessica enough credit for her game play, partly because she was more focused on Cody than the actual game. I think if she can learn from the last week, she might actually be able to make some strong moves to solidify herself in the house. She’s still a slooty sloot but she’s got some gamesmanship in her as well. The longer Paul remains in the house after his safety is over the more impressed I will be. I think he used his time wisely to build a foundation of friendship (or minions) whatever you prefer to call them and they will protect him for at least the next several weeks.

    • Painter1

      Totally agree, Paul is really plaing this game as opposed to those who are just hooking up or keeping under the radar. Cody is good for tv and Jess was starting to play the game but now her shield is back and she has become the “mean girl” again. So far I like this season but hey that’s just my opinion. Oh GO PAUL!!

    • g8trgirl

      I don’t get the feeds so I get to watch the show through everyone here eyes (my second family during the summer) and what CBS graciously wants me to see. This week, everything worked out just a bit too conveniently, don’t you think? Jess wins temptation, Cody wins battle back and Jess wins HOH. Absolute ratings boost all the way around. And here I am, glued to this site all the time waiting for juicy tidbits and anticipating the next show.
      Not necessarily disagreeing with you Lindsay, just saying this is another angle to observe.

  24. ElaineB

    I think it is fine that Cody was able to choose a game he is familiar with. Paul has had advantages in BB since this season began. Paul lost that one and I am glad.

  25. Mel

    I wimped out and went to bed last night. I caught up on feeds and comments over coffee this morning. (That’s what I l usually do anyway)

    From what I’ve heard/seen/gathered:
    *Nk’s “walmart refugee” was a hilarious image.
    *Jess did lock her hoh door but seems to be mindful of wanting to stay social now that Cody’s back.
    * Alex is who started locking up her hoh so Jess isn’t the first. (No way I’d go in that room and get a shower shock without knocking!)
    *Raven has told Paul that she and her mother are members of Mensa. That’s a big fat lie, ya’ll. Paul talked about being underestimated last season and said a nuclear engineer did the same this season. As usual, Raven isn’t going to be outdone so… we get Mensa.
    *After all our talk about backdooring, it would appear that Jess didn’t do that. Josh is very much her target.
    *Jason had a teary moment about his son and wife and Josh gave him a hug.
    *Elena doesn’t like that Kevin is on to her being smarter than she let’s on. (I don’t know if she is or isn’t-she thinks it.) This could put Kevin on her radar.
    *Xmas pushed too much too fast to keep Josh considering they haven’t played veto yet. She has been close to Josh for a long while now. I don’t think Kevins buying what she’s selling but in her mind, Josh and Kevin are her 2 closest allies in the house.
    *Jess knows Elena wants to be Paul’s #1 badly. She also knew what was up last week with the mind manipulation and isolation of Dom. I have a feeling she sees a lot more than that too.
    *Matt feels safe with everyone and doesn’t want to win hoh next week either.
    *Xmas thinks Elena is starting to try and ‘work’ her.
    *Paul is showing Jason why Xmas needs to stick around a while longer so she can go after Mark.
    *Jess used the R word last night for those who track inappropriate comments.

    • LindsayB

      Matt doesn’t want HOH next week…. talk about a disappointment. I really liked him based on first impressions… I like hot dudes with tattoos so of course I liked him. That changed really quick. He is so damn passive, weak, and annoying now. I no longer see him as good looking cuz his personality is so lacking.

      You missed one observation tho Mell…. what’s with the 5 seconds of Ramses digging in his ass??!!??!! Wtf is wrong with these people?? They are being filmed 24/7. If you feel the need to dig in your ass can you at least do it under the covers??!!??!!

    • Zach

      Has anyone every considered doing a weekly power ranking of the players? Obviously it would be subjective based on how the game is being played but it would be a fun added discussion. Currently I’d put Paul, Jessica and Alex in my top 3. Bottom 3 would be Josh, Mark and Ramses. Sleeper alert would be Jason and wait for it… Matt, I’m starting to believe he is smarter than he shows. I think his passive game is all a ploy. He latched onto the abrasive jackass Cody and then to the outgoing brash Paul. I think this might be his way of floating to the top 6 and then turning his game on. Maybe not, but I’m just not buying a guy as atheletic as him with the social game he has not being a better game player. He has literally had no drama this season and I think there is a reason for that.

      • monkicorn

        YES!!! I am with you on this one….. apparently raven’s ghost hunting skills suck because Mattress may be ghosting his way right to final two!

    • monkicorn

      Very well put Mell

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      The fact the Jess & Cody think the R word is appropriate to use is disgusting, and I have zero respect for them as players or people, so I just cannot and will not support them. I get that it’s probably one of my HTDO things too, but we all have them.

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