Happy Friday, everyone! It’s the first full day of watching the Big Brother 19 feeds. Due to the abrupt exit of Megan at some point yesterday, I was not able to really discuss what else has been going on in the house, so I’ll do that real quick.

  • Josh is still a bit crazy. Apparently he was acting real weird all week and then tried to play it off like nothing when the cameras went live. The house spent a good time making fun of him behind his back because that’s what they do in this house.
  • The season is quickly becoming the showmances versus the nomances.  We already have three potential flings all with the biggest dudes in the house.  You have:
    • Cody and Jessica because why not?
    • Silver Fox Matt and That’s So Raven
    • Teddy Bear Mark and Elana
  • That is an extremely powerful 6 pack and if the rest of the house doesn’t catch on and start splitting them up, they have potential to be final 6.
  • The ‘oddballs’ are also getting close despite losing two in the past week. Jillian, Ramses, Alex, Christmas, and Jason have been together a bit. I’ll keep an eye on this alliance.
  • Kevin, Dominique, Paul, and Josh appear to be floating right now but I will get a better indication where they stand today.

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  • 10:30am – Most of the house is up and hanging around.
    • Paul goes into the apple room to have some one-on-one time with the camera. Let’s hear what he has to say.
    • The camera jumps in late while he was talking about alliances. Damn.
    • He says Dominique and he guesses he is part of some group that he was describing before the camera went to the room
    • Then he says the other side of the house is Alex, Jason, Ramses, Jillian, Josh. Pretty much what I said above.
    • He feels he is a sense of comfort for the group. He has been trying to keep them all grounded and that helps his position.
    • Paul’s strategy this season is to sit back and do a lot of nothing.  He will help feed paranoia if it’s there, but he’s not going to get involved.
    • Paul won the first temptation – 3 weeks of safety!
    • He wants to hide it from the house so they don’t realize the fans are rooting for him.
  • 10:40am – Paul says that Josh, Jason, and Ramses are destroying themselves right now. They’re a neurotic mess.
    • He wants to give good advice to build trust then eventually start giving bad advice.
    • Says girls are ruthless this season. Very intelligent and will blow up.  The guys don’t seem as mentally strong
    • Paul helped blow Megan up. He overhead Megan say that Jessica dropped a racist comment about Alex. So he casually dropped it to Jessica that he heard she was being a little racist.  This pissed her off and she went straight to Alex and Megan. Caused a fiasco. Megan left the game because of it.
  • 10:55am – The talk is over
  • 11:30am – Christmas is spreading her Christmas joy throughout the house (I won’t use many puns this season)

    • If you’re wondering, she’s grinding on Elana and Raven
  • 12:00pm – Everyone is up and getting ready for veto.  While a slow period, be sure to vote for this week’s favorite!

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