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Big Brother 19 – Friday Afternoon Feed Updates


Happy Friday, everyone! It’s the first full day of watching the Big Brother 19 feeds. Due to the abrupt exit of Megan at some point yesterday, I was not able to really discuss what else has been going on in the house, so I’ll do that real quick.

  • Josh is still a bit crazy. Apparently he was acting real weird all week and then tried to play it off like nothing when the cameras went live. The house spent a good time making fun of him behind his back because that’s what they do in this house.
  • The season is quickly becoming the showmances versus the nomances.  We already have three potential flings all with the biggest dudes in the house.  You have:
    • Cody and Jessica because why not?
    • Silver Fox Matt and That’s So Raven
    • Teddy Bear Mark and Elana
  • That is an extremely powerful 6 pack and if the rest of the house doesn’t catch on and start splitting them up, they have potential to be final 6.
  • The ‘oddballs’ are also getting close despite losing two in the past week. Jillian, Ramses, Alex, Christmas, and Jason have been together a bit. I’ll keep an eye on this alliance.
  • Kevin, Dominique, Paul, and Josh appear to be floating right now but I will get a better indication where they stand today.

Also, be sure to join the feeds!  Get a free week by clicking here!


  • 10:30am – Most of the house is up and hanging around.
    • Paul goes into the apple room to have some one-on-one time with the camera. Let’s hear what he has to say.
    • The camera jumps in late while he was talking about alliances. Damn.
    • He says Dominique and he guesses he is part of some group that he was describing before the camera went to the room
    • Then he says the other side of the house is Alex, Jason, Ramses, Jillian, Josh. Pretty much what I said above.
    • He feels he is a sense of comfort for the group. He has been trying to keep them all grounded and that helps his position.
    • Paul’s strategy this season is to sit back and do a lot of nothing.  He will help feed paranoia if it’s there, but he’s not going to get involved.
    • Paul won the first temptation – 3 weeks of safety!
    • He wants to hide it from the house so they don’t realize the fans are rooting for him.
  • 10:40am – Paul says that Josh, Jason, and Ramses are destroying themselves right now. They’re a neurotic mess.
    • He wants to give good advice to build trust then eventually start giving bad advice.
    • Says girls are ruthless this season. Very intelligent and will blow up.  The guys don’t seem as mentally strong
    • Paul helped blow Megan up. He overhead Megan say that Jessica dropped a racist comment about Alex. So he casually dropped it to Jessica that he heard she was being a little racist.  This pissed her off and she went straight to Alex and Megan. Caused a fiasco. Megan left the game because of it.
  • 10:55am – The talk is over
  • 11:30am – Christmas is spreading her Christmas joy throughout the house (I won’t use many puns this season)

    • If you’re wondering, she’s grinding on Elana and Raven
  • 12:00pm – Everyone is up and getting ready for veto.  While a slow period, be sure to vote for this week’s favorite!

This thread closed, check the friday night feeds 


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  1. Seattle Kari

    Just waving good morning from Seattle!! What an incredible amount of drama straight up off the bat! This is going to be an interesting summer for sure.

    I still don’t like the fact that they brought in returning player, possible players. Also I agree that they should have let the contestants have a slide on the eviction this week because of the bullshit that happened..

  2. ElaineB

    Oh crap…three weeks of safety for Paul. Am assuming this is the one America voted on…great. However, it says acceptance of a temptation comes with a consequence…hmmmm.

  3. Avatar

    Hi everyone, so happy Big Brother is back! Thanks for everyone’s hard work in keeping us informed about the live feeds, I only get to watch BBAD. So far the only thing I know for sure is I don’t like Cody. I hope Paul may be able to help the “misfit” crowd get a bit further in the game, I would hate to see the “good looking” crowd run the board.

    • ElaineB

      I wish I still had BBAD. Tried the feeds last summer, but they contributed to my nervous BB breakdown. Thought I might try them later this time, but if all we are going to see is showmances and gross-mances, than no thanks!

  4. g8trgirl

    I’m back and feeling much better. Thank you All for your get well wishes.
    That said, what the hell? The new Meech is a guy (Josh), someone has already bolted out the door, AG has assured Paul is around for another 3 weeks and the HOH has the personality of a thumb tack! I mean this guy has got to GO.
    See if I ever get sick again and leave y’all on your own. Lol

  5. LindsayB

    Omg this is nauseating. The showmances are gross so far. Jessica is constantly wrapping herself around Cody’s neck. I’m not sure they realize it’s ok to not be conjoined. It’s quite pathetic. The worst one is Raven tho. She slaps Matt and squeals like she’s in jr high. He seems to love it which drastically lowers my opinion of him. Gag.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I feel ya Lindsay. The more time Matt spends with her, the more I’m starting to dislike him almost as much as I dislike her. Cody (Monty2.0) and Jessica (Natalie2.0) are just a sickening. Mark and Elena are pulling up on them fast too.

  6. Avatar

    Well……Day 10,feeds just went live last night and I am already sick of Cody and Jessica……I really wanted to like Jessica but she is just another mean girl who spends 2 hours putting on makeup so that she can spend the rest of the day sucking face with the god emperor Cody…….gonna be a long summer!! U

  7. AIO_7

    “If you’re wondering, she’s (Christmas) grinding on Elana and Raven”

    Dude, she was dry humping Jessica up in the HOH bed earlier today. Starting to wonder about that girl. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

  8. AIO_7

    Feeds are down, Humane Society PSA’s are up. Cute kittens.

  9. Shivani33

    Jessica said in her BB cast interview that her strategy would be to attach herself to a powerful guy and that together, they’d send everyone else out the door. Nothing like being blatant about it. Yawn. So she’s proclaimed herself as a user. It will be funny if Jessica decides that Cody isn’t worthy of the job and moves in on another man. Beware of biology, Jessica. That stuff has TRICKS of its own. Hee hee!

  10. Mel

    Shomances this soon is a bummer! I wanted to give Jessica a chance but she’s going to be a mean version of Natalie. I want to like Christmas but the girl is already trying to promote her books and crap on the live feeds! Yawn.
    I love Paul but he even annoyed me on the feeds. It isn’t even his fault! He was talking about how returning vets have such an advantage in the game with fan voting and knowledge of the game itself. He was super happy about this and I want to be happy for him because I love
    Paul. Grodner probably wishes he wouldn’t go on about it since she repeatedly says it isn’t true when they put one in the game! Paul is a vet but he isn’t seasoned enough to know to stay away from the topic. I hope he doesn’t lose that quality because I hated watching Nicole start fake conversations last season and then have to explain to Cory that she was giving CBS what she knew they wanted footage of for the show.
    Mostly, I hope Cody is out soon!

    • Jenny

      so does anybody know what ever happened to Corey? Did he and Nicole date after the show at all?

      • Mel

        I didn’t follow any info on them on principal but recently stuff has popped up that I couldn’t avoid. Apparently, they have visited each other a few times, Corey told her they were just friends, then looked like they were dating, she unfollowed him on something and he’s been seen “all over” other women recently. Sometime after, there were rumors the went on a cruise together. If I had to guess, I would say Corey flirts and gives her hope when he wants a free trip or vacation but I have no real info at all. Lol

    • Shivani33

      I had a weird dream early this morning that was showing me a rather long and detailed set of personal connections between various male players who live in Texas. Corey Brooks and Clay Hunnicutt (sp?) were featured in the dream sequences, as well as players from even further back. Cody from this season 19 was the stimulus for the dream, which showed them all to be interrelated and responsible for working a system to become contestants. Since dreams are not only bizarre but symbolic, there was a men’s bathhouse involved. All of the men were shown to be of a similar mindset, politically and mentally conservative, as well as very sports-minded and sexually wishy-washy but in denial about it. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of this. Dreams are only dreams.

  11. Mel

    Did you guys catch Cody saying that if people wanted to get their wish and see action in the bedroom with Jessica that CBS had better get some f***ing air conditioning going upstairs? Is he too arrogant to know that I’d rather take a fork to the eyeball than see that?

  12. Avatar

    I know that Paul is hoping not to use his protection so that HG trust him, but I don’t think he is wise in trusting Corrrrrrr (oops sorry lol) Codddddeeee…….I think Cody is going to go for the POV and back door Paul……

  13. Mel

    I didn’t like Paul trying to take credit for Megan getting busted. (Alex did rhat) I did like when he said last year’s women weren’t very smart! Lol

    This is old news but did anyone else think about this being the 1st time Nicole left the BB house without a man?

  14. CLangley

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and glad I remembered my password to log back in!!!! Hahaha

  15. BBBonbon62

    Jessica is all butt hurt cuz apparently she feels Cody gave up at the end and Alex won.

  16. BBBonbon62

    America does not like your side of the house Jessica. These idiots have never really watched the show before or they would know that America tends to lean toward supporting the underdogs not the bullies and gross showmances.

  17. BBBonbon62

    Also just a random thought….can I cut those damn buns off Raven’s head?

  18. Avatar

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Megan situation. Just… what? Leaving after the consequences of being caught in a lie? I really thought an interrogater would have a thicker skin. And this is big brother. What did she think she was auditioning for?

  19. Avatar

    Let the conspiracy theories rev up for Paul’s 3 week safety ! It does kind of bite, but look at the situation: Paul isn’t stupid. He knows being a returning vet, he’ll have a Grand Canyon sized target on his beard. So he would probably want some kind of ‘make it worth my while’ clause in the contract.

    And so, CBS knowing so many of their BB viewers will want Paul to stay, set up this 3 week safety. By then, 3 weeks in, there’s bound to be all kinds of conflicts which can keep Paul safe for another few weeks.

    Damn, the more I read my comment, I see the more I look like that conspiracy theory guy !

    I hate me sometomes !!!

  20. Avatar

    I wanted to root for someone other than Paul this season, but so far these contestants are making it hard for me. Showmances drive me insane, and no one seems particularly intelligent so far. I was shocked that they kept Christmas over Cameron in the first episode. An easy way to get rid of a tough threat early on and you pass it up? I don’t watch the live feeds, so maybe I’m missing something special, and I’m sure CBS is packaging episodes to be pro-paul, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a newbie will step it up and impress me with their gameplay. I really hope we aren’t in for another season of a physically strong group of guys, supported by girls who should be on the bachelor instead of bb, dominating a bunch of underdogs who have no idea what is really going on. Paul is at least smart enough to keep himself safe, as long as he can keep his inflated ego in check.

    • ElaineB

      Though we see that Christmas is a bigger threat to a lot of the HGs games, that initial vote was more like a first impression vote, and none of them seemed to think of that or if they could work with the person or not. Unfortunately the answer was “no” for 8 of them related to Cameron. I wanted to like Christmas because it seemed like she was playing the BB game. Having read the above thread, I have my doubts now. At this point I am rooting for a do-over!

  21. Mel

    So far…along with being an a-hole, Cody is a HUGE nose picker, he says he only wanted to fight in war as a career and even tho he made Alex the replacement nom, he would like to work with her for a while. He thinks she’s a competitor and respects that.
    Meanwhile…..Jessica is NOT happy that Cody would like to work with Alex, Elana says they are the best looking cast ever and Jillian is starting to sound like Kryssie with her wounds and excuses.
    It looks like the cowboy clown may be in trouble this week since Alex has won POV.

  22. danmtruth

    Aio7 congrats on best first naming of Grody PERFECT
    Gee stron guys hookup with clingy girls Thats a stratsgy we havent seen since way back in hmmm oh yey season 18 Come on people
    Jessica was all upset about being accused of using a racial slur Than she turns around and says how she cant wait till Pao Pao / Alex is gone Cant call her Panda but can call her the name of a Panda in the zoo ?
    Not Happy that Paul has the 3 weeks of safety It would be nice if he was nominated that production says America has saved him but now that he is nominated he sits out the week Separated from the other house guest This happens any time in the next 3 weeks if he gets nominated
    if its true that Alex won POV does big man Grody have the stones to try and backdoor Paul? Doubt it That would force the reveal

  23. Mel

    Well, I know which lady I like.
    Alex says she is coming for the shomances and wants to crush them.
    Jessica said she is trying to separate feelings from game. (Already? Really?)
    These are beautiful people but you would think most of them have never had any attention from the opposite sex before! She’s supposed to be a REAL bb fan too!

  24. danmtruth

    here is the kiss of death But i’m stating to like Alex She has some fight Than again in my BB pool I took Alex,Megan,Jillan – only because it was down to her or Josh along with a few others
    But i can still find a reason to root for Alex

  25. Jenny

    So is Cowboy Bob bald and trying to hide it? He’s wearing a scarf on his head for no apparent reason. Dude, embrace it. Guys go bald. Let it happen and quit trying to hide it!

  26. ElaineB

    Alex is hanging in there with me too Mell. Has Dominique said anything yet? lol.

  27. Mel

    Megan gave an interview and said she left because of PTSD from a past sexual assault. She said when several of the guys were yelling at her, it caused a lot of anxiety. I wasn’t aware of any guy other than Josh yelling at her but we didn’t have feeds yet either. I won’t judge someone else’s trauma or what can bring it back but I do know they go through alot of pschycological testing before the show. I’ll leave it at that because I would like to be skeptical right now but even my sarcastic attitude isn’t touching the subject.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m going to call bullsh!t on that because during her DM’s, she kept bragging about also being an Interragator(sp) and how she knew how to pull info out of people and get them to talk. How she knew how to handle them. She didn’t sound very PSTDish. Me thinks that someone was trying to save face.

  28. Ann

    I must have missed something. Why did Megan quit? What lie did she get caught in?

  29. Ann

    Are the feeds up yet? I’m not getting it until I know for sure it’s on.

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