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Big Brother 19 – Friday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone! We are officially in the stage of the show where there are no more open targets left in the house so Paul has to find a way to convince small mobs to turn on even smaller mobs without him getting his hands dirty in the process.  I guess this is where we see how good he actually is?

Mell already covered a lot of last night, but I wanted to add a few comments….

  • Seriously, screw Matt. What kind of weird anti-Dr. Will speech was that?  Keep me because I’m a loser?  Sorry, they are already dragging along someone else who can’t win at comps (Christmas). At least she isn’t proud of it.
  • I absolutely love how Julie didn’t ask Raven anything. That had to have killed her inside. It’s bad enough she was holding hands with Matt (Jessica style) to get the most attention possible out of the night, but to be stiffed a question?  The only thing better would have been had they not shown any clips of Raven falling.
  • Part of me wonders if Paul actually isn’t going to win this season because this cast is too stupid to notice he is pulling all the strings, what makes us think they’ll suddenly give him credit for it when they’re in the jury house?  Well, I’m sure Dr. Will would have reminded them during his interview thing but I’m not 100% sure he’s a fan of Paul so maybe he’ll let these dopes try to figure it out on their own.
  • Speaking of – Now Paul is asking for votes in his goodbye messages? Pathetic, bro

Alright, I’m going to spotty with updates today but I’ll do my best…

  • 1:15 pm – A few people are in the HoH room talking about various things
    • Kevin, Alex, and Josh are talking about the competition last night
    • Josh – the official ‘personal vs game’ judge has declared that Raven asking for people to drop because she wants a letter is personal.  Is it, though? Yes she may have been pretending it was a personal reason as a strategy to get sympathy, but if that were the case, wouldn’t that be a game move?   Or a better question is – who gives a shit if something is game or personal?
    • Meanwhile, Alex is telling Josh about all the jobs she’s had.  She tells him not to be an extra because that goes nowhere
  • 1:40 pm – Alex, Josh, Paul, and Maven are downstairs talking
    • Alex is pretending that they want Kevin out
    • It’s time for a shit talk session of Kevin.  I hate listening to this
    • Raven starts walking out and Matt trips her a little. She turns around and lunges at him giving real punches.  I wonder if her ‘play fighting’ will get her evicted if she carries it too far
  • 1:45 pm – Feeds are down maybe for the stupid apple twist
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds back, houseguests just sitting around chatting casually
  • 4:00 pm – Big Brother made an announcement that the tree is out of play for the week.  I am not 100% sure if anyone took an apple or not.
    • Doesn’t seem like it which doesn’t surprise me because they’re probably all terrified to do that
  • I’m heading out driving for a few hours. I’ll post the big surprising nominations when I return (spoiler alert – It will almost certainly be Matt and Raven)


Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    have been out of feeds for a bit,alex and jason voting for matt was a strategy for getting them mad or what???

    • HappyHippo

      I did hear cowboy on live feeds say he voted that way cuz he was so sick of everything being all one vote, I saw a glimmer of hope but Alex will quickly shut it down. She even tried to tell cowboy she doesn’t remember who she voted for wtf?! So over her!

      • AIO_7

        Here is the way that I saw Alex’s hinky vote. She didn’t expect Jason to vote that way, but she did it to throw shade on Kevin. Paul has led a hate Kevin charge lately and the Deputy and Christmas have fallen in line.

    • Mel

      Alex and Jason decided together that they would both vote Matt out. I think it was partly to blame Kevin but they also had a couple of nice conversations with Mark before he left and Mark was saying how he would vote for them if they got to the end. Mark also told Julie that they had told him it wouldn’t be unanimous so I think they were trying to gain marks favor for a jury vote too.

    • Avatar

      Please tell me that Matt is not in love with this dingbat…

  2. Avatar

    Well said Steve, Paul looked like such a tool begging for votes. Production needs to edit that kind of crap right outta there!

  3. AIO_7

    “Alex is pretending that they want Kevin out”

    Huh? The Deputy does want Kevin out.

  4. AIO_7

    Judas is cam talking FRIENDSHIP….too late, Chump.


  5. Helen

    Jason can just not be this stupid!! If he wants Matt out why would he bother to take Raven off the block and put up a player everyone (including him) is talking shit about?
    My suggestion to CBS….donate the 500k to whatever outpatient mental health facility that you found these cast members……..

    • kneeless

      I know, I can’t figure that out. I hope that the impossible happens & Kev wins VETO.

    • hogwild

      Truer words were never written Helen.

    • Jenny

      Helen, I know you didn’t mean it that way, but please don’t joke about mental health. I have a relative w/schizophrenia and it’s not funny. Thanks for understanding. I agree though, this cast is stupid. And actually, Raven should be a mental patient, for real. So I guess you’re partly right!

      • feltso gudinya

        u want us to be sensitive to mental health issues and in the next sentence u call people stupid and say raven should be a mental patient? and if u were offended u have to lighten up a little bit…a couple of nights ago some neanderthal who posts here insinuated that he had sex with my dead mother. i am not kidding. if i can let a horrible statement like that just lay there i am sure u can let helen slide….don’t get mad but i thought it was extremely funny and i am a little nuts myself……

      • Jenny

        Sorry, wasn’t trying to start a war. I really do think Raven needs psychiatric help, not joking there. Stupid isn’t a mental illness, but I see your point. No offense meant, Helen, I respect you and hold no animosity here. Just a sensitive issue when you watch someone fight for his sanity, and his own mind betrays him, it’s hard to find mental health jokes funny.
        No hard feelings, I hope!

      • Ann

        Felts, it’s me Ann your new best friend. I’m fine & Iwant to Thank You so much for your concern, it really did mean a lot to me. Thank you to everyone so very much.

        I kind of have a question & please don’t think I’m dumb for asking but I’m dead tired & would really love to know this. The hurricane made landfall about 20 minutes from my town, does this mean we’re out of danger? I know we’re in for serious flooding, it’s still raining like crazy & the wind is unbelievable but does this mean my house won’t blow away?

      • feltso gudinya

        of course there r no hard feelings…we r not mind readers….i am sure we have all said things that have upset others, however unintentionally… the test of character is how u react when discover your faux pas…u have reacted with grace and compassion..u r a good person…

      • feltso gudinya

        ann….those located on the northeast side of the eye will get the worst of it. unfortunately the storm is slow moving so u r still not out of danger. after the storm stay out of water because live downed power lines can cause electrocution…most people r injured after the storm…..as far as the house, when the storm is over have the house checked for structural damage and dry everything out immediately because mold will be your biggest problem…also, it is never dumb to ask questions..smart people ask questions…..i will sleep better tonight because i have heard from u….after the storm i will tell u y i was bent out of shape…i’ll send u a private message…it is certainly not important now…hug your family and tell them u love them….u will also be up all night from the adrenalin rush…lol…

      • Ann

        I truly appreciate every single word you have said Felts trust me I’m telling the kids all of it. I had no idea about the wires that are down because from what I hear on the news there are wires down. My electricity keeps going off & on & it seems like the wind is stronger. I have learned so much from guys today & I will never forget it.
        Felts, whatever I did to upset you, please forgive me. You have taught me more about forgiveness & friendship in these 2 days than I ever would’ve thought about in all of my 52yrs. You jumped right in to help me with advice when I was scared out of my mind & you’re still here like a true friend. We’re not frenamies Felts, we’re friends if you will have me.
        Wayne, you jumped right in there to help me out just like Felts & I appreciate you & your kindness also. I love & appreciate you all.

      • feltso gudinya

        y r making me cry and now i’ll never get to sleep….when i was very young and very spoiled

      • Ann

        @feltso gudinya, you made me cry first so now we’re even. Lol
        I don’t why I thought the generator would do any good for central air. It’s so hot. The wind & rain is non-stop.

      • Avatar

        Ann, glad to hear you and your family are well. Hopefully there isn’t too much damage to your house and neighbourhood.

  6. kneeless

    Raven was following Paul, like a good little puppy dog. She’s so hungry, she hasn’t eaten ALL day.
    She’s also having a woe is me gastroparesis party.#RavenSTFU

    • feltso gudinya

      “raven hasn’t eaten all day”….that is something i thought i would never hear……..

    • feltso gudinya

      pushed post by mistake….anyway…when i was young i had it all, good family,confidence and smart as could be…igc (intellectually gifted children) classes in elementary school, skipped 8th grade and finished high school in less than 3 years..yeah i was a fu##ing wonder….only one thing was wrong…i was a nasty condescending obnoxious prick to those i felt better than…one day my mom sat me down and read me the riot act….she told me all my accomplishments were bullshit if i had no heart…. she said people will avoid me in droves and i would wind up bitter, cynical and alone… it was a slap in the face that definitely lit a bulb over my head…working diligently to be a compassionate human being has been my priority ever since and my life has been much better for it…i miss my mom very much…she had smarts u don’t get from books….sorry to ramble on but i am feeling sentimental tonight and u r partially to blame for that….sorry that some of the cocky me pops up once in a while….now that we r friends feel free to call me out on it…

      • Ann

        To be totally & completely honest with you Felts, you made me cry when you jumped right in to help me because you were the last person I expected to have kind words for me. Your mother is very proud of you I know. By the way, you weren’t rambling, I so enjoyed reading your story. Ramble any time Felts & I’m here to read it.
        So, you hate homework? Does that mean you hate giving homework or doing homework?

      • feltso gudinya

        yes ann i do. organized schooling should end when they leave the building. after school should be for friends, family and developing the non academic side of life. a kid will learn more about life interacting with others than they will doing homework…i teach high school so i require book reading, which we discuss in class, and studying for tests. i am required to give homework so i assign assignments like…spend the time after dinner tonight spending time with your family and be prepared to discuss it in class tomorrow..or…call a friend or family member and concentrate on listening to them, really paying attention to what they r saying to u, prepare to discuss in class tomorrow…stuff like that…i follow the rules and i don’t feel like i am torturing these kids….i encourage class discussion…they learn much more from each other than they do from me…..

      • Ann

        @feltso gudinya, I believe you’re absolutely right about that except those kids are clearly learning from you because letting them learn from each other is cool but I have a feeling they learn the real lessons from their teacher.

      • feltso gudinya

        ann….you r a sweerheart…….

  7. hogwild

    We know Jason was agreeing with Mark earlier when he talked about taking Paul out if he doesn’t try and back door Paul he’s a fool. Surely he can see him and Alex and Paul are the best at comps Christmas is limited due to her injury Josh, Matt, Raven, and Kevin are bad at comps take Paul out and Jason and Alex could likely switch out as HOH for the rest of the season and ride to the final two.

  8. Avatar

    I wish this site had a live chat area. We could really have some good discussions real time.

  9. Avatar

    Who is Jason going to put up? Matt and Christmas??

  10. AIO_7

    Kevin comes into the HOH and, unaware, interrupts Paul’s subtle (like a snake) backstabbing of him.


  11. AIO_7

    I can see her having an Immaculate Conception and this douchenozzle’s (Matt) life changing forever. How in the world could Cowpoke not want one of them out of the house?


    • Helen

      He does. That’s what baffles me as to why he would even consider winning a veto and pulling Raven off to replace her with Kevin?

    • Avatar

      Raven needs to go. Granted that will dry up my inspiration for writing, but it doesn’t matter when she goes, the house will endure a weeks worth of crying and pity parties. I can only hope Capt Crunch has enough crunchy cereal to drownd out the ensesant caterwauling.

  12. Mel

    I think the first week that Raven thinks she’s truly in BB trouble will be the week her illness flares up. She’ll be vomiting, won’t be able to eat, will have to stay in bed, etc.

  13. Ann

    Guys, I’m still here. So far it’s a LOT of rain & VERY windy. Harvey is a category 4 now. News says its supposed to make land fall by 10-10:30 tonight.
    All my kids came home to me so I’m Thankful for that. We have a generator, food & plenty of water. I’m so scared & Feltso, if you want to say “I told you so,” all I can say to that is “you were & are 100% right.” We should have gotten the hell out. A police officer stopped by & asked why were we still here because if something happens & we call them, they won’t be able to get to us.
    Guys, my reason for not leaving was because my kids wouldn’t leave & I couldn’t see myself taking off leaving my babies behind & then coming home to something horrible. My kids are all grown & make their own decisions but they’re still my babies. I know that may sound stupid to some people but I can’t help it.
    Anyway, I’ll check back with everyone later.
    Love you all

    Thank you all for your concern & well wishes.

    • Avatar

      Ann. Before it gets nasty. Make sure all your phones are completely charged. Fill the tubs, pots, pans with clean water. Put those in refrig or oven. If you have tubberwar containers with lids, fill those as well and put in freezer. And when it gets bad, trip the main breakers on your house off. Makes sure you have towels or blankets are blocking the bottoms of all outside doors. Bunker down and ride it out. Good luck. I’ve been there. Rode many out in Florida growing up.

    • Painter1

      I have family in Houston and Corpus sending prayers for everyone’s safety. Please stay safe and stay hunkered in.

    • Avatar

      I realize you have a generator. Please don’t use it unless you absolutely need electricity. Save that and the gas when you need it. Please don’t keep it running anywhere the fumes can get inside.

    • Avatar

      Ann ! So glad to see an update from you ! I was just watching a storm report and saw also that it was a category 4, and wanted to see if you had any recent posts.
      Glad you are with family. That is great. I am sure you will all be safe!
      Not to worry” nobody is going to say I told you so. We just want you to be safe.
      Please post when you can.
      Best wishes from Ontario Canada,

    • Avatar

      Glad you and your family are well, Ann! My daughter and I are here in South Padre for the week and its nice and sunny now! Everyone has been texting – telling us to get to the mainland. I already paid for this condo and did not want to pay twice! Our Saturday flight got cancelled, then our Sunday flight got cancelled, we’re now on a Monday afternoon flight and will hopefully make it home then. Lucky for us the lady we rented from doesn’t have renters this coming week and told us we could stay a few days longer if we needed. It looks like Corpus Christi will get the brunt of this hurricane.

      Thank goodness I have these feeds to read!! You guys keep me in stitches!!

      Happy Friday everyone!

    • g8trgirl

      Ann…please stay safe. Will be thinking of you and yours and hoping you get through this ok.

    • Avatar

      Ann I totally know where you are coming from. I spaced my kids pretty far apart and I think of my 21 year old just like my 9 year old. They will always be your babies. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Stay safe and ride it out, Texans are a tough bunch!We love ya Ann!

    • Avatar

      Hi! You can also fill your washing machine with ice and make another cold storage. It’ll hold for a while. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers from a Louisiana girl. I’ve ridden out a few of you need any advise.

    • HappyHippo

      Thinking of you all. Stay safe! I hope you keep power in this heat too. My family is in Houston, Conroe, and Lake Charles. My brother who is a firefighter and EMT in Odessa,TX has actually had to pack his bags and head down there to help. Hope it isn’t as bad as the weather people hope it is.

    • Apopkedave

      Keep safe and I wish you and yours good luck.

    • feltso gudinya

      i didn’t mean to be a pill but the thought of u, or anyone, being alone in a situation like this was very alarming……save the generator for hot water..it is important….taking cold showers for days is brutal… keep the faith, stay well and keep us posted….p.s. be prepared for the noise of the generator….

  14. Avatar

    Okay sports fans. Hers some BBJ writing assignments: in the flavor of what happened to them after BB19 like they do after some movies. Come up with a what happened to them snippet and post it during the next thread, not this one. Give your selves some time to come up with some really funny thought provoking paragraphs of what happened to each BB19 contestants. Post as many as you like. Maybe we can put together an epitaph Steven can post at the end of the season to wrap things up.


  15. Mel

    Random tidbits from idiots:

    Raven asks Paul’s if he wants her to make chicken.
    Christmas says she will make something else. Kevin asks her what? Christmas says literally anything else.

    Raven asks Matt if he wants to go upstairs. Matt tells her it’s up to her. Raven says she doesn’t know. Matt says they should ask Paul.

    Paul claims Kevin made a final to deal with Mark before they even entered the BB house.

    Raven speaks Arabic and demonstrates…

    Jesse James (Sandra Bullock ex) tried to buy Ole from Jason for 500k but Jason said he never came up with the money.

    Matt feels he can’t win unless he takes Josh to final 2. (I said the other day that Josh should take Matt, lol) Matt says Raven can win so he wants her to go far.

    Raven complains she needs food because she hasn’t had any all day. Says she needs eggs and Sprite.

    Alex is trying to pass of that she just now remembered that she voted Matt out. She announced it to Paul and Jason like it was a revelation. She said she prayed to God and he let her know that it was her.

    I’ve realized that my purpose for watching BB this summer is to enjoy Jason and Kevin trashing Raven….and the prison stories of course.

    • LindsayB

      Wtf kind of bullshit is Alex doing? She prayed to remember who she voted for? Really?? Please tell me nobody is buying that crap. That’s got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of a HG saying.

      • Avatar

        It will bite her in the ass. The room is too small not to be noticed.

      • LindsayB

        Seriously tho. All of you who are so angry about Paul controlling every thought and move in the house should be thank fol for it instead. This is what happens when these people are left to their own devices. I prayed to remember who I voted for??


      • Avatar

        But Linds, you must admit that Paul’s controlling them has gotten boring.
        Kudos to him for mastering them, & shame on them for being so clueless, but it is so dull.

      • LindsayB

        I’ve never claimed that this season isn’t boring. I like how Paul has figured out how to control each of them because it gets him further. I’ve said from early on that as much of a Paul fan as I am, I’m more of a fan of game play and would’ve loved if there was anyone besides Paul that could effectively play the game.

      • Colby

        Maybe Alex is channeling Dom. Did she speak in tongues too?
        Any messages about snakes? 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Colby I had already forgotten about that crazy, tongue speaking lunatic. Thank God we don’t have to listen to her rambling anymore.

      • Avatar

        I would say she is the worst but Raven is the worst.

      • Avatar

        There’s no question he’s so many moves ahead of them. It’s such a shame.
        After all theses years, it would be nice if the powers that be in casting would be able to find a good mix of male & female cast that can compete & make it a worthwhile season.

      • kneeless

        My take on her asking God, was that she was in the DR when she asked “God” I took it as she asked the DR person to verify who she voted for & DR confirmed it for her. Still pathetic!

    • HappyHippo

      What cracked me up is when Matt told Paul that people this season have been playing horrible games…like Mark making a final 2 with everyone in the house…..he was talking to PAUL hahaha when I watch live feeds (this season) I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

  16. Mel

    Uh oh…Alex and Raven are both cooking today. If people eat more of what Alex makes, Raven will have a new injury.

  17. Avatar

    Well hopefully the house won’t die of salmonella. (Probably misspelled forgive me)

  18. Avatar

    Idk about anyone else but I’m getting bored with these HG. I seriously think they are all clueless. If Jason is smart he will talk to Alex and actually take Marks advice on getting Paul out. Think about it if they actually want a chance of winning, sending Paul to jury is the the way to go. After he’s out him and Alex will have an easy ride all the way to final two. Yes in some light Paul is playing puppet master but it’s like he is playing a combined conscious of Dan and Derrick. It’s crazy how is has only been on the block once the entire season. He has had a hand in every eviction, nobody actually realizes what he is doing, and to top it off almost every week is a successful week of his target going out the door. Hogwild I couldn’t agree with you more. If Paul gets the final two he will win the game. Bitter jury house or not.

    • Mel

      The problem with this season is they DO know Paul’s controlling everything. They’ve even said it and don’t care because different people at different times has said something similar to “Paul knows best.” The either wants to defer to his judgment because he knows the game or they want to do it so they can ride his coattails to the final 3. Several of them have said they are happy to lose to him so it isn’t even like they think they can beat him in the final three. Craziest shit I’ve ever seen.

      • Avatar

        Sorry I haven’t seen those conversations. Then they are just stupid players. I mean if you know that Paul is playing the entire house and choose to do nothing about it; then they are just sealing their fate of not winning any money. I have not been watching the live feeds constantly and honestly if I could stand to listen to Raven I would but she just makes my nerves crawl.

      • feltso gudinya

        shhhh…if lindsay hears u she’ll be out all day tomorrow looking for u under rocks…..attn: lindsay…i am being held hostage and i was forced to say that…

      • LindsayB

        I didn’t read anything that was wrong so everyone’s all free and clear. The HGs are morons for letting Paul rule the roost. The difference between me and some others is that I appreciate what Paul has done with these idiots.

  19. Apopkedave

    Just give the money to Paul and start over with all new people.

  20. Mel

    They should really stop giving people season 16 and 18 to watch for homework when they haven’t seen the show. How about seasons 3, 6 and 10. It’s no wonder we get what we get.

  21. Shivani33

    Last night Alex was wondering out loud about taxes on money won from BB. She said that she hasn’t worked at all this year and was thinking about how that might affect her prize money being taxed. I found interest in the fact that she gave herself a job title during pre-game interviews and doesn’t seem to be employed.

  22. Avatar

    Seems like she has traveled ALOT. …Maybe wealthy parents ????

    • feltso gudinya

      u don’t have to be rich to travel…my parents worked paycheck to paycheck and yet between 17 and 22 years of age i was a travelling fool……worked part time during school and spent the money all summer……..

      • Mel

        Felts, we’re you on a scholarship? Not sarcasm, real question. I ask because so many people have to use the money they make to pay for school.

      • feltso gudinya

        people here already think i’m a pompous ass but yes i had a regents scholarship and a pell grant…i loved school and excelled at it.m mother was a high school grad and my dad quit high school to serve in ww2…i offerred to give my parents some money when i turned eighteen to pay towards my car, but my pop got mad and wouldn’t take it. he said my grades were payment enough….my mothers father was loaded and i was his favorite and “the baby”……and when i started college at 16 in 1973 nyu was much more affordable….but enough about me..lol…this post must have put most of u to sleep…..

      • Ann

        Wow Felts, I knew you had to have been the smart young kid in college. I’m impressed. I think that’s pretty cool.
        Oooh, man I’ll bet you drive your neighbors nuts, at least the neighborhood kids. That’s not meant to be ugly Felts, but to be a fly on the wall. I would love to hear some of the stories.

      • feltso gudinya

        do u mean like the time the kid next door asked what my name was and i said “they call me mr. tibbs”….

  23. Helen

    Must be the final 8 celebration party going on?

  24. Lynn

    Sorry if anyone already posted this, I’ve been out for a while. Did y’all hear Kevin earlier talking about Raven getting on phis nerves? He was talking to Jason and Paul and said, “how long does it take to say Matt ? 1/8 of a second? Matt. See? Matt. But it takes her a whole minute! (Exaggerated southern drawl) Maaaaaaaaaaaattttttthhhhhhhewwwwww”. Cracked me up! Even made Paul laugh who had been in the middle of trashing Kevin just prior to him walking in. Lol

  25. Avatar

    There really isn’t any point in putting Paul on the block, the dog pound would never vote him out

  26. Mel

    No surprise….Rsven & Matt otb.
    They arn’t worried at all. They think they should choose Paul and Alex for veto if its hg choice and they should let Paul take care of things since it’s worked so far.

    Paul is already pushing Kevin to go up and take Kevin down. He still wants Matt out but that could change if Kevin gets pissed over going otb. They’ll use it against him. This is the season of not being allowed to campaign, use a veto on yourself and you should fight to be a pawn.

    Best case scenario for me is for Kevin to get picked to play, he wins veto and takes pleasure in not using it snice he cant stan them. Raven & Matt would have to go Monday – Thursday knowing one of them is leaving.

  27. Tinkerbell

    @Ann Thinking of you. I’m very concerned. I pray you and your family are safe. I’ve been glued to the Weather Channel. So completely terrifying !! As much as I would have wanted to leave, I understand your decision to remain with your family. I have never had to face that dilemna, but I would have stayed with my family as well. God bless and protect you, your loved ones, and everyone in the path of this horrendous hurricane. You are in the thoughts and hearts of all of your friends here. My prayers xo

    • Ann

      Thank you @hobie. I don’t have many friends like you guys in my everyday life since I got sick & can’t work anymore it seems like everybody forgot about me. I’m truly Blessed to have each & every one of you guys.
      Now, can all you friends of mine please donate to my go fund me? My belly box is about to turn off & I need a new one & my mom needs one & so does my sex offender brother. Lmao, yall better know I’m bull-shittin yall.

  28. Mel

    Kevin, Paul and Josh picked to play in veto.

  29. Shivani33

    MattRess is all about pulling a Marcellas, and that will make him even more of a guy who looks like an a**hole, especially since hardly anyone can stand Raven. He keeps saying that he’ll save her if he wins veto, and that’s a good formula for being evicted. Things are looking good for Kevin this time around. I still don’t feel that the Cowboy wants Kevin going on his HoH anyhow.

  30. Tinkerbell

    Punk mean girl in the HOH. She might as well take her bra off? She is a creep!

  31. Helen

    Wonder why they are playing veto tonight? Black box?

  32. Ann

    There goes the electricity, the air & I have never seen so much water in my neighborhood. I opened the back door & can’t see my backyard or where the ditch meets the street. That has never happened before.

  33. Avatar

    Praying for you and all of your family…Ann…Be safe God Bless

  34. feltso gudinya

    cinco de mayo is sitting and watching josh and paul play chess for hours….tune in tomorrow when groundhog day sits in the backyard and watches paint dry on a window awning……

  35. feltso gudinya

    hey everyone…sorry for all the non bb posts tonight but i was trying to keep ann company and her mind distracted from harvey swirling around her….i think she is asleep now or has no electricity so i think i am done for the night…….thank you for your patience…….

  36. Ann

    I’m tired, sleepy, pissed & I want this all over & done. There’s no electricity, no air more rain than I’ve ever seen at one time, wind so strong that somebody’s big ass tree is laying on my front step in front of my door. How much more? Oh wait, there’s somebody’s mailbox stuck by my son’s truck tire. I’ve been hearing a phone ring nonstop for an hour & can’t find the source & it’s driving me nuts.

  37. Ann

    While I’m complaining, I should have been saying Thank you God for keeping my family safe with a roof over our heads to keep us out of the wind & rain. Some people don’t have these blessings.

  38. Ann

    Thanks for making me feel guilty for babling, whining & complaining throughout the night Felts.
    Electricity is still out, rain & wind has not let up at all. I’m using my for now. I’ll check back later if we don’t float away.

  39. Ann

    Ok ok ok ok, I have to rant, vent & scream til my lungs explode this one last time until later today if I’m not in a straight jacket.
    There is a big orange dolly for moving heavy objects, a mailbox, some kid’s tricycle & a big ass tree in my front yard & non of it belongs to me. Now when this is all over I’m sure someone will claim their dolly, someone will claim their mailbox & someone will claim the tricycle. Do y’all think anyone will claim their big ass tree? Hell no.
    Right now I feel like lining my kid’s all up in a straight line & walking behind each one of them slapping them all on the back of the head & kicking them each dead square in the ass for wanting to stay & ride this thing out. I know I could’ve left but I had to be with my babies.
    Once again, it’s hot, dark, windy & wet & for the very first time my backyard is under water. I still hear that phone ringing, I’m tired & just want it all to stop.
    Thanks for letting me vent for now guys.

  40. Alda

    Ann,as long as you and your family make it out of this storm,and you have minimal damage to your property my prayers will have been answered!.Stay strong!

  41. kneeless

    Ann, I hope things don’t look terrible horrible this morning. I live in the Midwest & have never experienced a hurricane, so I can’t imagine. I had to sleep last night so I wasn’t on here. I am grateful, for you, that you had so many folks from here supporting you. Prayers for you, going forward. Continue to stay safe.

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