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Big Brother 19 – Friday Feeds


It’s Friday in the Big Brother house and it’s a pretty important day to see the direction of the week. With the Temptation Comp going on today and everyone playing, it could completely shake the week up – or do nothing at all. If Cody wins then we will see a house in panic, but if not it is back to the grind. A week full of Josh talking about Jessica even though he said he’s done talking about her, a week of Paul controlling the HoH from the passenger’s seat, and a week of Raven making everything about her.

After Jessica was evicted, the house spent a majority of the night talking about her and her speech. In the history of Big Brother, her speech was pretty damn tame compared to some we’ve seen, but the house was acting like she went around and shit on each and every person. In a way, she kind of did because she put the target on Paul and considering 90% of the house is up Paul’s ass, they took the shot personally.  At one point, Paul was mocking Jessica to Raven, Matt, Elena and a few others for calling the house dumb (didn’t she only say they’re dumb if they don’t get out Paul?).  They are referring to how Jessica ‘put herself on the block’ and ended up going home because of it. Paul knows this, but I’m not sure the rest of the house can understand it, but putting herself on the block was surprisingly smart and not something I’d think they would have done.  With Cody winning safety, there was 100% chance of Jessica as the target, so she prevented the backdoor option by getting nominated before PoV. Had she won the PoV, that would have been a ballsy game move.

In other news, there is a division forming in the house between the Kevin faction and the Raven faction as Kevin has just about had it with her.  He spent a good part of the night talking about how she and Matt are very shady (they are), how they laugh at Paul’s stuff even the stuff that isn’t funny, and how they have to go after Cody.  It’s becoming clear that Kevin and Jason are going to be the first to break away from the pack, but the problem is they are still clinging on to Paul in the process. By bashing Raven kissing Paul’s ass and then including Paul in future alliances, they just look like jealous alliance members rather than independent thinkers.  Do these people really think they can beat Paul in the finals?  He called a jury member a c*nt last season and still got her vote. He only lost because the loyalty of veterans and Natalie’s dumb “I want to see a girl win” excuse. To top that off, he is playing even better this season by implementing parts of Derrick’s strategy of letting everyone else do the dirty work (unless he has to step in and do it himself).


The whole thing makes me want to go through the house and pick apart the good and bad from each player. Like Christmas’ victim syndrome where she is still upset because Cody “blindsided her” while ignoring the fact he nominated 1/3rd of the house and was merely running out of people. He didn’t even have time to think much about that nomination, but she’s holding it against him. Ugh.

Alright, that was a long into for a live feed thread, but most of the day will be them playing the Temptation Comp, so I figured I’d give you something to read while we wait.


  • 8:00 am – House is still sleeping
    • While we wait, here is some puppymonkeybaby because I love this picture
  • 10:15 am – House is awake and a few are studying for what they think will be a trivia comp tonight (they played random sounds over the speaker during the week)
    • Paul is looking on at Josh very impressed his minion can remember the sounds!
    • Christmas is complaining because she can’t play in all the competitions and she feels useless. If only CBS gave her the option of leaving when she broke her foot, but she chose to stay and collect $1k/week to get carried through the game.
    • Christmas thinks Matt doesn’t care about the game but Kevin thinks he is just playing it off
    • She thinks she would have had clearance to play in the temptation challenges.  She may have competed but she easily would have lost the haunted house. I’m not sure why she’s complaining
    • The group (Kevin, Christmas, Paul, and Jason) start talking about how Raven scraped her finger last night and played it up.
    • Kevin – “The DR must be so sick of these people”.  We are too, Kevin. We are too.
  • 10:35 am – Feeds go down
  • 12:15 pm – Feeds are back up and the house is just talking about who is going to throw what competition, etc.  Preparing real hard to get Cody out
  • 12:30 pm – Feeds down probably for a few hours now
  • 2:oo pm – Feeds are still down
  • 3:00 pm –  Feeds are back!
    • Mark won safety, Matt lost and is the 3rd nominee.
    • They’re almost certain to back door Cody now so expect two pawns to go up on the block
    • Alex is talking with Jason about potential noms. They want to make sure whoever is on the block can beat Cody if he’s picked to play.  Alex suggests Elena and Jason to look ‘fair’.  I guess they’re all forgetting how they picked Paul to play vs Cody because he’s the best competitor out of all of them. lol
    • Paul enters the room and asks ‘why not Josh??’ and they tell him because he won’t win the PoV
    • Paul is talking about how obvious Kevin makes it when he talks game. I’m sure he’s going to get a lecture soon (see: 3:45 lol)
    • Paul tells Jason if they get houseguests choice to pick him to play lol.
  • 3:30 pm – The group is gathering in the bedroom to plan who is getting nominated
    • They tell Elena and she asks if she can be taken off with the veto
    • Paul keeps telling everyone to pick him if it’s houseguests choice. So he’s so confident about his skills (and rightfully so), but doesn’t offer to guaranteed play by getting nominated lol
    • These newbies are so bad
  • 3:45 pm – Paul is giving Kevin the lecture about game talk
    • He keeps telling Kevin they all have to chill on the talk a bit
    • Jason comes in and talks about how he wants to play veto.
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  • 3:58 pm – Elena is in the apple room with a bunch of people. Josh comes in and tells her he has a crush on her but he’s not going to flirt with her out of respect for Mark
    • Elena jokes that she liked him but he put her on the block last week so nothing is going to happen. She was going to have sex with him but not now
    • Josh jokes that he’s breaking up with Mark so he’s no longer Mosh.  He said Mark can be Posh with Paul and Mark keeps asking how they can be ‘Posh’.  Josh doesn’t understand at first lol
  • 4:15 pm – Josh is now upstairs talking to Alex
    • He is worried because Raven was trying to get him to throw the temptation comp (rather than Matt throw it like he did). Obviously, Raven would be concerned about Matt but Josh thinks it’s all about him being close with Alex
    • Alex is telling Josh about noms while hinting. I forgot how annoying she is as HoH. She is like the only HoH in years to strictly follow the ‘don’t say who you’re nominating’ rule
  • 4:45 pm – Mark is telling the house about Raven’s thought which makes sense to him
    • She thinks they’ll do the double eviction next week so it will bring the house down to the halfway point in people (wtf??)
    • It doesn’t make more sense to her that they’ll put two people in jury together?
  • 5:00 pm – Condescending Christmas is at it again. Tonight it’s time to give Mark a lecture about ‘talking game’ with Cody
    • Christmas is upset because she heard Mark ask Cody if he threw the competition.  Really.
    • Mark explains how he’s still friends with Cody and he’s still going to talk to him. Christmas replies “So you initiated the game talk”
    • This is because Mark saw Christmas whisper something to Alex about him so he asked her about it
    • Mark asks if she’s aligned with Alex and she calls him a ‘bully’
    • They go on for a bit then Christmas brings up evictions.  She asks about his votes. He says “you think I voted to evict you??”  she says “No, I’m asking why you voted to keep me”  (wtfff)
    • Mark’s reaction to that
    • She keeps asking him and he says “because I’m an idiot and voted with my feelings instead of game. I should have voted your ass out in week 1”
    • She tells him he wouldn’t have had the votes. I can’t believe I’m listening to her argue about this
    • Mark mentions he acted like a man and talked to someone he liked. She takes a jab and mocks that comment but then says not to make it personal
  • 5:20 pm – And Josh tags in to jump on Mark
    • Meanwhile, Cody is at the HN door listening in
    • Josh gives all types of random examples of Mark flipping on people including tossing Jason’s name out there during competitions
    • Josh is giving Mark shit for apologizing
    • Now Josh wants to bring Cody into it so he heads into the HN room and says “look we hate each other but this is game and not personal” (side note – I am sick of these people pretending there is a big difference)
    • Cody tells Josh that when Jessica left, it’s personal and he’s no longer involved in that shit.  Josh asks him if he can hear him out, Cody says no
    • Josh continues anyway and tells Cody that Mark flipped on him and he’s not a good friend. Cody tells him he has no friends in this house so he doesn’t care
    • Kevin comes in and asks if Cody wants to come straighten this out. Cody is more polite to him and says he hasn’t talked game since Jess left
    • Josh keeps rambling to Cody who wants nothing to do with any of it
    • Now Paul is going to try to get Cody out
    • Nope, Paul just asks Cody “before you got evicted, we had a conversation. Were you lying to me?”  Cody says no
    • This was about Mark knowing that Paul was going to be backdoored.  Cody said he told Mark but then backed off the idea
    • So Paul takes this as Mark knowing
  • 5:30 pm – Paul is back in the kitchen
    • Mark leaves and Paul whispers to Christmas “I was hard that entire fight”… ahh yea, making his pawns do his dirty work
  • 6:00 pm – Things have calmed down. Mark is in the apple room and Christmas comes in and says she wants to have a calm talk with him later on. Okaayyy
    • Meanwhile, Paul is having small talk with Cody in the kitchen. Glad someone is allowed to talk to him
  • 7:12 pm – Feeds are back (feeds were down, btw)
    • Jason and Elena were nominated like expected

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  1. Avatar

    Life outside the house is so much better. My drougt is over! Back to meeting my clients

  2. AIO_7

    I checked out of the feeds @ 1 am Eastern; did Scooter sleep with Uncle Papa in his bed?

  3. Seattle Kari


    ROFLMAO! Great way to start a Friday. Have a great weekend everyone!!

  4. AIO_7

    Cody, alone, up bright and early. He gazes at Jess’s picture.


    • LindsayB

      I’m very curious to see if he will start trying to play some kind of social game or if he’s just gonna stick to the lone soldier tactic.

      • AIO_7

        With the showmance broken up, I wouldn’t mind seeing him reintegrate. I doubt that Paul will allow it, though.

      • Avatar

        Cody better not talk to any other girls!

      • Ann

        @Jessica, Alex told you not to worry about Cody because she’ll take care of him for you & don’t forget Elena the blow-up skank is still in the house with him too. He’ll be in good hands, he won’t even have to use his hands. No worries, the house skanks will take very good care of Cody for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • NKogNeeTow

        He tried a little last night in the HOH Room. Because of that stupid rule, he had to go up to see Alex’s room. For the most part he was quiet, but every so often he would say something…very small talk. For once, he was more talkative than DMW. She sat there face all twisted to match those panties that were in a bunch, because Alex won. She and Alex barely spoke a word the entire time up there. Cody (still can’t stand him but since he’s all alone, I’ll cut him some slack and now address him by his real name) was a little bit more social but once he’d had all he could take, he left and went to bed.

  5. Mel

    I agree Steve. This is a completely different jury, there are no other vets in the house for Paul to compete against and I don’t think any of these women care at all about a girl winning. I disagree a little bit about Cody only putting Xmas up because he was running out of options. He had said his next choice would be Christmas if he couldn’t get Paul since she was close to Paul. He he had already thought about it. Although, I do think he’s been paid back for it plenty.

    You can always tell when Paul is paranoid and knows he’s wrong but trying to sway everyone. He’s becoming increasingly obsessed over the bully comment heard over the wall and the insinuations being thrown around. He’s protesting way too much! I also think it’s ridiculous when I hear him talking about how he’s being edited since he’s been there and knows better. There is no edit for the live feeds and he knows it. That’s part of his paranoia. It’s ironic that viewers has spent so much time debating whether or not the personal attacks are good game or bad game when Pauls giving us his own opinion on it if you’re really listening. You can tell by listening to him talk that he knows he’s playing an impressive game except in one area and he’s aware that’s what he may get slammed for. When he’s talking to Kevin and the others, he’s really doing the job of a defense attorney making an argument for why we’re wrong and justifying his own contradictions. Kevin sees it too.

    Whatever he’s doing, it’s still working as we saw last night. Alex had a plan in mind and Paul shut it down so now we’re back to Pauls plan. It was also annoying listening to Josh and Xmas talk about how they’re only defending themselves and Josh saying they don’t run and cry in other rooms and play victim. Yes, Josh said that! Forget all the personal insults, I wonder if any of the people in the house realize that the most hypocritical insult they’ve thrown is about how Jessica threw away her game and 500k for a man. What’s the difference in them and Jessica other than she was doing it for Cody and they’re doing it for Paul.

    They’re also still very obsessed with Jessica even tho she’s gone. That consumed quite a bit of conversation last night. Paul sounded like he deserved an award for not saying things to Jessica and taking it to the level she did. It’s almost as if he doesn’t understand that he didn’t have a speaking role last night so there was nothing for him to say. Raven was also over the top (even for her) by getting so offended that Cody voted against her. She probably won’t say anything to him like she’s claiming she will but if she does, I sincerely hope he has another “hold that thought” moment or maybe just looks at her and says “woof, woof, m*therf*cking woof.” She still wouldn’t get it!!

    • Seattle Kari

      ” Alex had a plan but Paul shut it down.”


    • Avatar

      Yes, yes, yes. The part of them throwing the $500K away for Paul. All Jessica really threw away was a weekly stipend of $1K and if she’s good at her job, she earns more than that a week. And if she’s smart (and they stay together), she knows that she and Cody can earn appearance fees and do other shows and earn more money down the road. I mean they all can but as far as her throwing money away, that really isn’t the case. It’s amazing to me how much they continued to talk about her all night. Especially Paul. I mean she’s not a vote so she really is a non-factor at this point so they are all giving her the screen time they wanted to tell her she wouldn’t get anymore now that she was E-V-I-C-T-E-D. I still don’t have anyone I’m routing for at this point. I guess I’m routing for the show to be good and it just isn’t.

      • Renee

        You’re right Hilary. $1K may sound like a lot, but that would be comparing it to a full time 40 hour work week – equivalent of $25/hour. When you consider that it is actually 24/7 it breaks down to about $5.95/hour. Paul is supposedly making 2xs that, so basically $11/hour (24 hours a day for 7 days = 168 hours). Every season they talk about being famous and making appearance money, but how many of them do we actually hear about after the fact. I believe that is why we hear so much about making it to the jury house. Most of them know they don’t have a snow balls chance in hell at the $500K, so why not get an extended paid vacation in luxury accommodations.

      • Avatar

        I can earn that $1k in a hour sometimes

      • LindsayB

        Jessica does that require TP or just DP?

      • Avatar

        $2k for DP, $3k for TP

      • NKogNeeTow

        “All Jessica really threw away was a weekly stipend of $1K and if she’s good at her job, she earns more than that a week.”

        I seem to remember her having a convo with Cody one night and they were talking about the stipends and how much they would make a week in the BB house and in the Jury house. She was telling him that she was actually losing money by being there. He asked her how much did she make. She said a LOT.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Well I’m sure all Jess’ fake hair, eyelashes, lips, boobs, and all the rest cost a lot. It’s expensive to be fake.

    • Avatar

      Great point about the rest of them throwing their game away to Paul. Wish she had said that in her speech, would have been perfect!

    • Avatar

      I was looking for your Raven thread to ad this to but couldn’t find it… so just thought I’d throw it in. Not sure if this has been posted on here already but I thought it was pretty funny! https://twitter.com/em__BB/status/891936227095592960

  6. g8trgirl

    I’m kinda hoping Grody wins safety just so we can see some if the pack start stepping up and turning on each other.
    Someone mentioned Alex had a plan but Paul shot it down. What was her plan?

  7. Shivani33

    Paul didn’t want this HoH win and gave lots of signs of that beforehand, and I think that he threw it. Right now, he doesn’t need to steamroll, since all intend to evict Cody. The comp seemed more or less designed for a female to win, being all about clothes and quick visual impressions. Alex so far shows no sign of insisting upon any kind of independent thought about nominations. But Paul is steering things for a Cody backdoor and states his preference for Mark and Elena to be nominated again, while Alex wanted to nominate one half of both intact showmances. She is also trying to get others to feel increased doubts about Kevin. All are waiting to see who wins and who comes in third in today’s temptation comp. Fine-tuning will start to happen then.

    Raven has come close to winning more than one comp, and she irritates most everyone. Kevin groused about her most of last night, distinctly wanting her on the block, but as yet, Paul has kept saying “why upset more than one couple and stick to Mark and Elena for noms to use as pawns and get out Cody.” Let’s see if Cody wins that temptation comp. Talk about some necessary fine-tuning! Dog eat dog, at long last (?)

    With DE coming, these players are going to be forced to be less namby-pamby, and hopefully there’ll be some strategic excitement, improvement. Christmas is in a good spot this week and would be smart to stay out of the temptation comp. She isn’t up there on the Alex list as a nominee. She has been carefully defending Kevin to the others whenever anyone gripes about him, and Josh does too. Cowboy ought to stay out of the temptation comp, too. He can coast all week. But Paul is pushing for everybody to play in it. Of course!

    • Mel

      Do you get the feeling that double eviction will go exactly as Paul wants? There will be a sense of panic and urgency as there always is so I think that will cause everyone to simply defer very quickly to what Paul says. Because of that, I don’t think Paul will be in any danger of going home during a DE.

      • LindsayB

        Assuming Cody isn’t in some kind of control or veto winner, I’m 98% sure they will defer to Paul’s “advice”. They will be too flustered. They’ve all gone so long without independent thought they won’t know what to do.

      • Shivani33

        Paul can control the DE easily, from the way it looks right now. His quick thinking can thrive on that suddenness, plus the way that the minions look to him for direction. There’s still a possibility for a surprise or two to come his way, if this week his control springs some leaks. But that would be a revolutionary situation amongst such non-revolutionary monkey butts, to see Paul begin to confront any adversity. Yawn. I mean, who is ready to throw down the gauntlet? Damn it ! Paul outsmarts them alln without expending much effort, most still KNOW that Paul is their own special bestie, lol. Who is prepared to sacrifice that hallucinate position? Who can out-guru their guru? Zen philosophy contains a koan, i.e. parable for deep ponderance. “If you meet your guru on the road, kill him!”

        It is a message that no one else can save you; you cannot be dependent to reach the end of your own road. Sooner or later, you’re on your own. The flight of the alone to the alone, as Diogenes put it, from his own time and place. That magnificent Greek!

      • AIO_7

        Diogenes; My kind of hermit.


      • AIO_7

        Alexander the Great standing in Diogenes sunlight.


      • Avatar

        @lindsayb “They’ve all gone so long without independent thought they won’t know what to do.”

        That will pretty much sum up the BB experience for most of these people. After the finale, they will look at Paul and say, “What now”. Paul will say, “You go home” and they will say, “Wait, what”. So sad.

      • Jenny

        “non-revolutionary monkey butts” – well that’s the first time I’ve heard those words put together. LOL

      • g8trgirl

        Supposedly they don’t know it’s a double eviction night.
        Bwah, ha, ha. As if.

    • Avatar

      Paul most certainly did not throw the HoH competition. He was one of the first to get knocked out. He wouldn’t have thrown it as long as Cody was still in the game (which he was).

    • Avatar

      Did Julie announce the double eviction to the house or just the audience? I agree with you that Paul didn’t want HOH. I think he had mentioned at some point that he wanted to be eligible for the next HOH.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Alex wasn’t the only one shedding doubt on Kevin. Last night in the HOH Room, Jason and Xmas were doing their fair share of informing Paul about the things Kevin was doing and saying. Xmas was just a bit more subtle about it. (*See my 2 long post at the end of the thread Post Eviction Feed Updates). The only one really defending him was Josh.

  8. Mel

    For those who were appalled at Jessica’s butt poking behavior, I wanted to point out that Jason held Josh down so Paul could poke him in the butt last night. Of course this isn’t the first time Paul, Jason and also Matt have got in on the butt poking action anyway. Sorry to disappoint for those who felt getting Jessica out of the house would get rid of the “sexual predator.” Lol

  9. AIO_7

    Cowpoke sporting a pink shirt today.


  10. danmtruth

    Mell two great post On the first Once more these HG are not listening ( listening a lost art in BB 19 -2. Paul ) in Paul’s monologue recanting Jess poor play He said if it was his mother on the block with him He would not have used the hex to save her That’s funny But what these fools fail to hear is he will not do anything to save them and jeopardize his game We talk about having a ride or die in the fame Paul is saying no to that He wants loyalty from them but sees no reason to give it back You are all disposable parts Now say that is the reason for the game One person walks away with the money Again he is selling the snake oil we work together to get to final 5-6-or4 than some how Nobel battle it out is pie in the sky
    His telling everyone that they ard on the morel high ground How they are defending the honor of the game Is just a trick to blind the fools from what low life things they have done Just as Josh gives his Draconian idea about how he always says the truth to people he trust But it’s ok to lie to others because they are not truthful WTF!! It would be laughable when he said his attacks were never personal and how he never ran and cry If it wasent so sad I have said it before I despise people who start fights Get shut down Than cry about how unfair it is that they were pick on Get comforted Stand up and claim victory Josh Xmas your enablers
    So yes HG you are idiots and fools to think you alone have some special pact with Paul He TOLD YOU he has no ride or die He has no loyalty for any of you Be happy to have made it to jury now give him the money He does not care who he is standing next to

    • KelBel

      Yes! Thank you! He has only his best interests in mind…which is how the game should be, but somehow he’s managed for his best interests to be everyone’s else’s top priority as well. He’ll tell everyone to jump off the cliff, but he doesn’t have to because the rules don’t apply to him. Mark, don’t use your veto… Josh, get me some water… Kevin, throw out a hinky vote… Raven or Matt, be the pawn… Jason, throw the competition… yet none of them seriously question why he’s incapable of following his own (shi**y) advice… HG’s, can you spell STUPID?

    • Avatar

      That’s the one reason why I sort of get why Cody is willing to Lone Wolf it and Jessica pretty much said they were gonna live or die on their own terms. There could have been some middle ground but she really didn’t have any reason to trust any of them so just not engaging sort of keeps that line clear. Cody also has said that he can’t trust them to keep their promises so he would rather just go out guns a blazing. While it may not be best for his/their BB stay, I do think it benefits them once they are back outside the house because they can parlay that into appearance fees if they are so inclined (which for him it is questionable but for sure she will want to).

      • Jenny

        Interesting point about public appearances. I can’t see Cody posing for pictures or signing autographs. If someone did get a pic with him he’d have that stone faced grimace staring dead-eyed at the camera.

      • Avatar

        They would probably insist on that face. I would be curious to see if she can get him to lighten up. When his back isn’t up against the wall 24/7 he may not be so intense.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I can’t really see them doing anything after the show. We have what, another 30-40 days left in the BB season. That’s a l-o-n-g time to be completely separated from someone you didn’t know that well in the first place. Cody will be sequestered either in the HOH house or the Jury house, while Messi will be running around out and about and settled back into her former life, which she clearly adores. This could cause a real problem for him. He appears to be a person who values his solitude, with the exception of certain people. Once he leaves the house, he’ll want to immediately be with her and her alone. Her current lifestyle doesn’t match up with that (based purely on what I’ve heard and they type of Instagram pictures posted). Being lovey dovey in a limited space is one thing, but once back in the real world things can start to look a little different.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Did you also hear him say that if someone broke into the house tomorrow with a gun and threatening their lives, then they would all be dead, because as much as he likes them, he’s not risking his life for someone he’s only known for 50 days. A family member maybe, but not people he just met. MattRess and DMW were “laughing” so hard, they were rolling all over the wave sofa. I’ll admit, it was pretty funny the way he was saying it, but there was NO doubt in my mind that he didn’t mean it. But I can’t say that I’m mad at him for that either. If I were in the same situation, I wouldn’t do it either. I’m glad that DMW and MattRess were amused though.

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  12. Avatar

    With Megan self-evicting will there be a double eviction?

  13. AIO_7

    Scooter in her favorite spot….next to Uncle Papa.


  14. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Just a friendly reminder:
    Paul and Alex have been in an alliance since week 2…..they call it AMF (stands for Asian/Armenian Motherf’kers
    Prior to the actual formation of their alliance Paul,Alex and Cowboy were loosely working together….Paul and the intent at the time was to break up the strong 7/8 person alliance of Jody,Maven,Marlena and Dominque/Christmas….
    Paul “joined” in on that alliance (CMMDC) with the intent on breaking them up….What he didn’t count on was Cody going rogue and aiding him (unknown to Cody) in his mission….

    If you ask me Paul has done exactly what he told Alex and us (through his camera chats) what he was going to do…
    Alex and Paul will continue AMF strong this week……not a bad thing for them at all

  15. Avatar

    I know I just started posting this year, unlike years past when I was posting from rhe beginning BUT I’m having a hard time understanding who some of you are talking about because of all the nicknames you folks have given the HGs. I just haven’t kept up with this blog as much this year.
    Can some of my buddies from the past help me understand what all the nicknames and capital letters stand for?? I’m confused by some of the posts cuz I’m not sure who you’re talking about.

    I see that Jessica is commenting on here now. Do you guys think it’s really her?? Just saying………

    To all of you who welcomed me back a big THANK YOU!!! I’ve missed all of you, you’ve been very kind to me in the past.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      First. No. That is not really Jessica…my guess. It is Feltso…(a very much missed (by some) of our little family here

      Maven…Matt and Raven

    • Jenny

      WIR = Wreck It Ralph = Mark

    • Renee

      Great to see you back Franko! Hope you are doing well! As always, I only get to post from work and only when my boss is out of the office, lol! So even though I’ve been on the site for years, my post count is low. It is sometimes difficult for me, as well, to keep up with the nicknames that our friends come up with. Maybe we can convince NK or Mello to put a cheat sheet on the side of the home page that we can add to as the season progresses.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Renee!! I’m hanging in there but not doing great. Guess I’m just too stubborn to die! lol
        Just wish I could get my strength back, least little thing I do wears me out.
        At least I’m not posting from a hospital room, so far, as I have in past years. )l)l)

      • NKogNeeTow

        LOL, sorry about that Renee. It’s just something we’ve always done for fun (nickname the HG) and sometimes as the season progresses, their names evolve or morph into something else. Because of that reason alone, we can’t put a cheat sheet up. Also, it’s not official. I’ll try to remember to add their real names in 🙂

  16. Avatar

    I like Jessica and Cody but they did not play a good game. They both had a turn at HoH and the only people they managed to get evicted were Jillian and Ramses. They made no effort to form an alliance with other houseguests. IMO, there were many possibilities for alliance members: Mark, Elena, Ramses, Kevin. The constant fighting with Josh just kept the target on their backs.

  17. Mel

    Paul continues to order Josh around. He orders himm to go get water and leave the room…again. Josh told Paul that he was his friends, not his bitch and Paul told Josh that he was both. Paul haters can add it to their list of reasons they hate him and Paul lovers will just add it to the list of how adorably funny he is.

    I guess Raven couldn’t get the DR to take her scratch seriously last night so she ended up bandaging and wrapping it herself. Old people saying that someone was “crazier than a shithouse rat” comes to mind every time I see her on screen.

  18. Russell James Yost

    Steve, I agree with you about Jessica. As much as I think she played a piss poor game I do think the best move her and Cody made so far was her putting herself on the block and preventing the third nominee. However, I just wish she and Cody knew how to work with others. They had an opportunity with Elena, Mark, Kevin, Jason, and to some extent Josh (just for this week), but they mailed it in.

    Ironically, Cody and Jess talk about how everyone lies to them and that they can’t trust anyone, but their prejudice towards Josh (they have not liked him because of his personality/looks since the beginning of the game) blinded them to the fact Josh can’t lie.

    Cody should actively campaign against Paul. Don’t threaten him and don’t get in his face, but just make a point to blow up his game completely. Cody knows enough with Kevin’s bungle last week that Paul has multiple alliances. Start trying to turn them against each other, but do it openly. Try and create a new freaking target for God’s sake! If you head out of the game, then at least you have planted seeds of doubt.

    My last takeaway from watching the live feeds last night is that I am slowly losing hope that anyone can step up to the level of Paul. It is a credit to him for playing such a great game and sniffing out potential threats before they can get power i.e. Dominique and Ramses. From what I watched last night I don’t think Kevin can do it. For him to actually mention to Cody to keep Paul safe made me almost fall off my seat.

    The only person with enough balls to backdoor Paul at this point is Christmas and I think Paul will knock her out of the game shortly after Cody. Anything is possible, but Paul is pretty entrenched right now.

    • kneeless

      I agree that Cody should campaign against Paul. Unfortunately, Cody will never be able to swallow his pride & his social game lacks finesse so I don’t think he will do anything other than keep to himself this week. He needs to crawl out of his bed and do some campaigning.

  19. JadedMage

    Puppymonkeybaby is totally creepy but I love that commercial LOL

    however its not as creepy as Codys murder look…seriously I hear the sound from psycho shower scene every time I look at him.

  20. danmtruth

    Stop that crazy talk Everyone who is saying Cody needs to drag himself out of bed and socialize Have you been watching this season ? Did you see last night as he ate Kevin had the nerve to talk to him HG treated Kevin like he was an ax murder
    Mark and Elena are marked for eviction for talking to him So says Paul Nothing Paul says is ever question So no one has a problem that Paul will sell any body out That team work means nothing

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Jason did not help any when he threw Kevin under the bus and said he “overheard” Cody talking to Kevin about getting Paul out
      Jason failed to mention that his BFF Mark,had brought the work with Cody and get Paul out script over a game of chess a few days ago to him….

  21. Avatar

    So if Cody and Matt cannot be evicted due to temptation and POV wins who will Paul have evicted? My guess would be Christmas or Kevin as they show a few non-sheep traits.

  22. Avatar

    I meant Cody and Mark.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      If Cody and Mark are unavailable it will be Matt and elana with elana as primary target…
      But that is just the preliminary line up….a lot will depend on who is third nom and who wins veto
      Elana is pretty high on the Alex hit list right now after cody

    • AIO_7

      Then probably Matt or Raven. At this point I think Paul has Elena’s back.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Rumour circulating in The Department of Speculation is that Alex and Paul would prefer to keep Matt and Raven on ice for now. Antagonizing both couples could push them back towards the Cyborg…and they certainly don’t want that!! Right now Matt and Raven seem to be more keepable (is that even a word? Where’s Feltso when I need him!!??).

      • Shivani33

        Oh yeah, I agree. Paul wants Elena around for awhile.

  23. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    It did my heart good to see Matt have to ask to use HOH shower today!!
    He and Raven have been living up there for two weeks!!

  24. Avatar

    I didn’t like Josh in the beginning of season, then he grew on me and now I am back to not liking him. His behavior during live show last night was stupid and also boring because it was same old stuff. He has bragged about is being a savy business owner many times, maybe he was promoting his jackass farm.

  25. Shivani33

    It sounds like everyone in the house is playing the temptation comp except Christmas and, obviously, Alex. Paul convinced Alex to nominate Mark and Elena as long as both lose temptation comp’s first place immunity. If either wins that immunity, it sounds like MattRess is the next choice as a nom. That is, unless Alex wants to argue with Paul (or someone pisses Foghorn Leghorn off.) Yes, Paul reminds me of a rooster, ruling the chicken house. Strut! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Watch out for that Cody Coyote.

  26. Avatar

    I think Mark won the comp?!?

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  28. hogwild

    Mark won saftey Matt came in last Cody will get backdoored I don’t think Cody really even cares if he stays or goes at this point. In any event the remainder of the season will be the minions talking about making a move and then doing whatever Paul tells them to.

    • Shivani33

      Alex said that Jason volunteered to be nominated and Elena is her other nom. Elena asked, Alex told. Why always the indirect approach to the real target? I’m just saying. It sure didn’t used to be that way every time. Good for Wreck it Ralph for scoring another win.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        I can not stand mark!! He is one of the biggest ass kissers in the game..whoever has HOH you can be sure WIR will be first one knocking at the door

      • NKogNeeTow

        You mean all 4 of them tied together at the waist (WIR, Lips, DMW, MattRess). They practically fall over each other trying to be the first in line to kiss the ass of the new HOH.

  29. Avatar

    If Cody goes home this week there really is no reason to watch the show anymore.

    • Avatar

      I don’t know, Paul has been using houses dislike of Jessica and Cody for awhile. Who will this crew be without an enemy to obsess over? Elena and Mark get along well w some of them. With Cody gone there is a slight chance for things to finally get shaken up.

    • hogwild

      So true Deniese I really wonder when they put Cody on the block if he might not just pack it in and quit the game then I can’t imganie him wanting to have to spend time in the jury house with any of the people left.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I can’t blame him if he does. The rest of the people in the house are just ignorant. I have a hard time watching them for an hr let alone being in the same house with them

    • Avatar

      I somewhat agree (and I was/am totally team Jody – pretty much can’t stand the rest (dislike Paul and Raven the most!) BUT with Cody gone they will need to go after each other (well, after Elena and Mark) and THAT would be so fun to watch. I can’t even bring myself to watch the actual shows on TV because it’s so edited it’s sickening lol

      • hogwild

        What amazes me is none of them seem to realize Cody would be a great person to take to the final two with Jessica gone he would probably get zero votes from the jury sitting next to him would be as close to a guaranteed win as one could get and they don’t seem to see it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      How about for the love of the game. See, no matter how much we bitch and moan EACH year, we STILL keep watching. Last year we said that was the worst season/cast we’ve ever seen. This year we said the same thing. Guess what we’re going to say next year?…..BINGO! I don’t know about you, but when I finish whining about this year, I’ll have 9 months to look forward to next year. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Idk I am pretty good with not watching a show when it irritates me, however if I read that Paul gets put up in the near future that will be an episode worth watching.

    • NKogNeeTow

      *That last response was for Denise’s 5:42 PM comment. Don’t know how it got way down here.

    • Avatar

      I’ve said this before on this site, if you asked the houseguests to go into the diary room and vote right now for the $500,000 winner it would be Paul. Even with the ability to vote for themselves you know a few of the Knuckleheads would actually still vote for Paul. With 11 people left in the house they understand that Paul is the winner I don’t think they care. I think these dopes actually believe that Paul’s friendship after the game and outside the house is worth millions so why worry about a measly 500K. It looks like a snoozefest the rest of the way. Let me know when Dr. Will is in the jury house trying to explain how Paul played everyone of them because they are stupid and very little skill is necessary when you are picking on the less fortunate.

      • Sassy

        You make a great point!! They probably do believe that Paul is going to guide them through the get rich quick schemes once out of the house. BUT if Paul made so much money after last season, why is he back already?? 2K is not a ton of money a week. I think he is exaggerating how lucrative life outside the house is as a BB star…

  30. Alda

    I think Alex is putting up Elena and jason with Matt.No one ever mentions using Kevin as a pawn.

    • Avatar

      I would be upset if Kevin went home. Really enjoy his commentary.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Oh for the love of god Alex PLEASE nominate Raven!!! Her boytoy is already on the block anyway, tell them you wanted to let them experience being “pawns” together!!! And then four of you can just “accidentally” vote to evict her next Thursday… Yeah, that’s it! It was an accident!!!


      • Alda

        Gerardo,didn’t you know poor Raven has been vomiting today? She ate a piece of bread and MAY recover.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Poor thing! She needs to go home immediately so she can recover!!!

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        She should put Raven up!! Please

      • Avatar

        Yes!!!!! Ugh can’t stand that scammer (although I really blame her mother for convincing her she is so sick-from what I hear, her mom is a total piece of work-I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

      • Ann

        @Alda, the hospice patient ate a hog & half & a cow & a calf just as she does every damn day. She’s just pretending to be sick hoping Alex will feel sorry for her & not put her otb with her mustache licking boyfriend.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Last night Kevin said let’s just throw Cody, MattRess and DMW up OTB together then have a triple eviction. That way you get them the f*ck out the house. He said packing should be easiest for Matt because all he brought with him was 37 pairs of underwear and 1 tee shirt. He said the airline won’t even let that motherf*cker on the plane.

        Leave it to Kevin.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Last time someone mentioned grumpy old man to go up as a pawn, he said he wasn’t doing it and that it was stupid…lol.

  31. Alda

    Alex is getting fed up with Kevin.I don’t blame her.He gets mad if he’s not in on everything,but contributes nothing.He told Mark to watch his back.Cuddles with Christmas.I wonder which side his loyalty really is.

    • Avatar

      you could say the same thing about Christmas, the houseguests feel the same with her that they’ll have a convo and she’ll scoot in to the discussion. but anyways, this is the beginning of the minions attacking one another

  32. Avatar

    All of you Cody friends I wish you had explained the rules to him before he started playing! The worst thing listening to feeds and someone doesn’t know the rules to a game for $500k that they are playing in… it blows my mind!
    “I told them if I get picked I’m picking Cody for veto.” -Elaina
    “Haha, that’d be great I save you, but they’d still come after me!” -Cody
    Day #52 and he STILL doesn’t know the power of veto!

  33. danmtruth

    No need to worry Helen let the Department of Speculation stand down Take the week off Paul has this in hand With Cody only chance is a blind pick in the POV Things don’t look good for him Unless he gets 1) pick for POV 2)wins the POV It is Cody on the block no mater who wins Then the only Question is which pawn comes down to be replaced by Cody Which pawn gets air time pretending to be scared but trusting the team
    Being a junior member of Helen’s happy division of Speculation Our only hope is menchild Josh wins Does not use the veto to force Paul and the house to take out HIS #1 target Elena Thus setting himself up as the next house enemy With a big thank you from Paul for giving him somebody else to distract his house pets

  34. danmtruth

    Helen thats why she has Paul to do her thinking Ever notice how Paul is the only one she does not try to talk over When will her ride or die Jason see that he is #3 in this two person alliance

  35. ElaineB

    Is Cody the only HN and did he volunteer?

  36. danmtruth

    i wish to send a request for outstanding diligence award to @nkogneetow for maintaining her post all thru last nights epic suckfest If it wasn’t Raven & Matt over laughing at every thing Paul said Josh &Xmas reassuring each other that they were victims She stood tall and reported on each vomit inducing moment From another near death moment foe Raven To Kevins utter disrespect to the whole house by daring to be civil to Cody while eating cereal ( funny the oldest person seems to be the only one capable of eating cereal with his mouth closed )Thank you @nkogneetow

    • NKogNeeTow

      You are more than welcome Dan. But tonight you’re on your own. I can only go so many days with minimal hours of sleep before it catches up with me. I think tonight is the night. I’ve been fighting sleep since 6 PM, just trying to make it to BBAD. I’m not going to make it…lol. At least it records every night so I can watch it tomorrow. Sorry to bail on you, but don’t worry, Shi is ever vigilant and will more than likely be here somewhere 🙂

      Have a good night and I’ll resume my duties tomorrow night *saluting*

  37. Mel

    This just gets more and more disappointing. Alex was all prepared to put up Elena and Paul up as pawns and JASON talked her out of it. He’s worried someone my try to flip and Paul could be in danger. Derrick even had to work for it a little because he wasn’t star struck since he wasn’t a returning player. This is pathetic.

  38. Alda

    Christmas must have taken her meds.She’s having a screaming match with Mark.Also,like predicted Cody ratted out Kevin’s suggestion that He,Jason,Paul and Alex work together.

  39. Seattle Kari

    Other than the pickle juice incident I actually really do like Mark. I don’t think he was thinking when he threw the pickle juice and Josh’s face that it would sting? I don’t know maybe I’m wrong but that aside he seems like a really good genuine person.

    I’m glad Marcus safe and I kind of hope that Alex, (AKA Paul), puts Raven and Elena on the Block. But I’m pretty sure they’ll do Cody.

    • Seattle Kari

      stupid voice to text.* I’m glad that Mark is safe

    • Avatar

      I agree kari, I’m still salty he turned his back on Dom, but he does seem to be a better person, and he’s definitely seeing more of whats going on in the house now

      • Avatar

        Agree. Mark is not one of the worst in the house. It is annoying that Mark hangs around or begs for attention from Elena. But if he separates his crush and from game moves like he did last week (he didn’t use POV on her last week) then its not so bad. It’s a long boring summer and Elena is his only option.

  40. Avatar

    I have no clue why I keep going on the big brother twitter, half of the people have no clue what they’re talking about and uses gifs in responses rather than words

  41. danmtruth

    I respected Mark when he tried to make things right with Josh I just wish when he had that talk with Paul after the last fight Mark is just cast as the big dumb punching bag First Elena walks over him He just cant stop himself
    in that fight with Paul he held his own Yet because he has done well in comp he is now a bigger target

  42. hogwild

    Got a question after Cody is evicted Thursday who do you think might try and take Paul out if anyone? The only person I can see who might try is Mark mainly because he seems to have figured he’s next on the hitlist after Cody.

    • AIO_7

      Cody might not leave Thursday.

      • hogwild

        The only way I see Cody not going Thursday is if he gets picked for the veto competition and wins it possible yes but highly unlikely. It would sure turn the house upside down if it happened though.

      • ElaineB

        Cody will have to save himself. Otherwise, the votes will be there. Wheeeee, he can go to the jury house, stare at the walls and pine for Jessica……who has probably already moved on.

  43. Shivani33

    Wreck it Mark has gummed up the works by winning 3 comps now. Always slated lately for being a contendah to be 2nd choice to go out the door, nobody has been able to keep him in that holding pattern because he’s been slipping out of the noose untouchable. Why not target some of the asskissers/ asshats who never win a thing? How about knocking off the sick oneupper, the crippled, opiated, pesky sneak and the virtually useless dish towel fetishest? What do these damn trolls under Paul’s bridge bring to the game? Oh yes, I remember. They bring obedient votes. Wreck it Ralph has an embarrassment of neediness, but at least he schemes. And now he’s not such a putz with those 3 wins. Jealous much, Christmas? Was that the real impetus for shrieking at Wreck it Ralph this evening? Because he got free once again and “you can’t touch this?” She said that she can rip out souls. I liked her okay until that came out of her mouth. Roar!!

    • AIO_7

      “Jealous much, Christmas? Was that the real impetus for shrieking at Wreck it Ralph this evening? Because he got free once again and “you can’t touch this?” She said that she can rip out souls. I liked her okay until that came out of her mouth. Roar!!”

      I’m getting so sick of that hag. Look at these drugs beside her, probably gave her the courage to hen peck Mark.


    • Avatar

      I am sick oh her saying things like ‘you see how I am stoned cold in competitions’. Well then win something. She can complete is some of them and wins nada. She didn’t even win anything in that short period before she got hurt.

      • ElaineB

        I also saw part of her confrontation with Mark. Christmas at some point said she had been on the block, when not deserving it. Does she know that she is playing a game, and ‘deserving’ the block is relative to who is in power (usually Paul).

  44. Yael Sara

    Dear Christmas,

    You are not holier than thou!


    Please and Thank You

  45. danmtruth

    Board with the lack of original thinking by the HG So I looked at another site and saw this fan poll
    1) Kevin The yard boss, Kool PaPa who does not like him strong number one for a while
    2) Jessie sorry hatters but other people have spoken not my poll unscientific
    3) Jason people love there cowpoke sex machine
    4) Cody don’t blame me just reporting the numbers
    5) Mark good guy finish high sorry soon to be evicted will need to keep winning comps to stay
    6) Ramses out of the game still this high on the list
    7) Cameron yes was barely in the game Just shows how much people dont like this cast
    8) Alex just floating moves up and down people not sure of her
    9) Dominique still has her fans
    10) Jillan Stronger showing than game play
    11) Paul the puppet master finally shows He will blame the poor editing on his poor showing
    12) Christmas another person who won’t understand the low placement
    13) Megan self evict and still thought better of than 4 HG
    14) Elena well your above Josh
    15) Josh dont cry but who will you blame people heard you on All those camera talks
    16) Matt guilt by BJ might be the company you keep
    17)Raven holding down the last place since day 28
    Well that’s it the people have spoken At least the people on the site with this poll People who watch the live feeds mostly

  46. AIO_7

    During the Scooter/Mark argument Cody was alone until, first, Josh came in the room, left, then Paul came in and quizzed him. This is Cody’s face when he was left alone again.


  47. Lynn

    I’m not able to see ant feeds (what was the fight about)? And what the heck did Cody have to do with it?

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Mark overheard Christmas whispering something to Alex about Mark having game discussions with Cody. So Mark confronted Christmas, who insisted that Mark was in fact having game conversations with Cody and that she only whispered it to Alex so that all the other HGs didn’t hear it and start suspecting Mark of being shady. Mark insisted that he was only making small talk with Cody, and asked him only out of curiosity whether he threw the safety competition.

      They pretty much just went back and forth for several minutes on whether that conversation between Mark and Cody should be considered “game talk” and whether Christmas was wrong for discussing it with Alex instead of addressing it with Mark directly. Then at some point it escalated with Mark saying he should have voted her out when he had the chance (Christmas had kept asking about Mark’s reasoning for voting to save her during the second eviction–but I didn’t quite understand the point she was trying to make). She then said something like “you better be glad you won safety this week baby!”. They continued to argue for a bit, then somehow Josh got involved once again *rolls eyes*

      • ElaineB

        We need to start the #JoshSTFU trend. There was no reason for him to get involved in the discussion with Scooter (I like that name) and Mark. He said it was because he couldn’t deal with the drama, or some such nonsense. Fact is, Josh continues to suffer from BMOC-it is (thx AIO) and he inserts himself whenever possible to continue to feel important. Borrowing from Gerardo, *rolls eyes*

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I just can’t deal with this Josh/Mark rollercoaster any more. They’re like an annoying young couple always quarreling over the same stupid things and then having a heart-to-heart 5 minutes later and making up. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m so over it. If you don’t like Mark, fine, just stay away from him already.

      • ElaineB

        And Josh has to point out (repeatedly) that he respects Cody, who tells him to his face he doesn’t like him, but with Mark (dramatic Josh music), he is such a ‘flip-flopper’. Though I am glad (am I really?) that Josh found his voice………….I am sick of it!!

  48. AIO_7

    “I’m not able to see ant feeds”

    Ant feeds are fantastic, try an ant farm. I kid. The fight was Christmas “caught” Mark talking to Cody, and Christmas got a burr up her backside.

    • ElaineB

      May be time for Scooter to get a boot up her backside….out the door. Whatever is going on, some of her convos come out of nowhere and don’t make sense. She often says that if she ‘gets the opportunity’ to come back next season…………..hell to the ‘No”! She made the decision to stick out this BB experience. ‘One and done’….*sigh* so tired of any returning players.

      • Shivani33

        Elaine I’ve been thinking the same thing about Christmas and her convos that “come out of nowhere and don’t make sense.” I notice that it’s getting worse, too. She’s more and more off the wall. Paul just told her to be careful (with her interactions) so he’s seeing something similar. He told her this after her weird behavior towards Mark. Paul, Alex and Jason have been discussing how soon to evict her.

        They’ve been having those same talks about Kevin. Jason thinks Kevin is really, really messing himself up over Christmas and in a too personal way. Finally tonight Jason talked about this openly with Paul, who gave added confirmation. Paul and Alex want to put Kevin on the block and to see how he deals with it. They both know that Kevin acts hinky about whose side he wants to help. But Christmas seems to be closer to eviction than Kevin on the current hitlist. She pesters people, who’ve started to want to avoid her. She’s emotionally erratic and often a vainglorious know-it-all who constantly butts in, scoots in on conversations and kills the communication, sure that she’s more important in the game than others find her to be.

      • ElaineB

        Yes, Papa Kevin is getting himself in a world of hurt with Christmas. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but dang it dude, hold it together while in the BB house. I like Kevin and am enjoying his ‘game talk’ with other HGs. With both him and Scooter being erratic for different reasons, it could end up blowing up *kaboom*

      • Avatar

        Ironically, Josh hates Mark for his changing allegiances, but I think Christmas is the biggest flip flopper in the house. She acts all tough as if she would win competitions if she could compete, but she doesn’t win any of whe ones she can compete in. I only remember her coming close in the stop light comp that Jess won.

        I understand she is injured and is limited in what she can do competition-wise (I disagree that she was allowed to stay), which puts more pressure on her to have a good social game. She clearly fancies herself a leader of the HGs like Paul is, but she caves to Paul’s wishes every time while talking about him behind his back. Out of one of her faces “It’s your HOH Josh. Don’t let Paul run it. Elena is a great target. I won’t use my ring.” Out of her other face, “Paul is right. Jess needs to be the target. I’m using my ring.” She is as afraid of Paul as everyone else is and she will regret using that ring when and how she did eventually.

        She thinks she’s smart, but she’s just mean. Often, her arguments make no sense, like the one with Mark. She’s just stirring shit and loving it. She’s a bully who thinks she’s making big moves, but her moves are all Paul’s. She’s a hypocrite who gets pissed at Cody and Jess for taking the game personally and by calling them bullies while she is still whining about being on the block week 1 and eggs Josh on to bully people (and makes bullying remarks herself). I hate hypocrites and she is one of many this season. Love or hate Cody and Jess this season, but at least they were never hypocrites. Plus, she needs to stop flirting with Kevin. He’s a married man with a bunch of kids. So disrespectful! (I like Kevin, but he’s wrong too!)

        With her popularity ratings so low, she won’t be invited back. In fact, most of this cast is so despised, if they are hoping to come back as a vet, they are screwed and they only have themselves to blame.

    • Lynn

      Yes funny funny. Sorry I’m out of town and apparently need glasses lol. Ant feeds would be better entertainment at this point.

  49. danmtruth

    Kevin never heard of rock paper season ?

  50. danmtruth

    i have loss a lot of respect for Jason Going on the block instead of Paul ? What is wrong with that boy
    In the words of Mason Profit ** iIt didn’t take them long to try him in their court of law
    He was guilty then of “Thinking”, a crime much worse than all
    They sentenced him to die, so his seed of thought can’t spread
    And infect the little children, that’s what the law had said*
    That is this house one train of thought Don’t try to say or think out side of the box Christmas going crazy on Mark for no reason They get in a no where argument about what is considered game talk with Cody Paul does not even have to try any more People just march up to be next in line to be evicted That was Christmas today

  51. danmtruth

    I’m not saying I’m just saying Alex knows a LOT about the manufacturing, growing, and distributions of weed
    Than you have Elena and Josh in a contest of who is the most Nivea about smoking weed

    • Shivani33

      Josh told a funny story about getting very loaded and finding himself 2 hours from home with no idea where he was, except somewhere up in West Palm Beach. He called his mother and freaked out to her, ” Mom, I’m stoned! Come get me.” He said his mother knows that he’s tried some pot, but he told her that he doesn’t like it. Then he added that she’ll know he likes it now.

  52. Avatar

    Only my second post and thank you to all who welcomed me…I gotta say Cody needs a “personality” in the beginning I actually was for him until I started to see his actions and personality in this game…he needs to get over “the bed he made” and move on, so his first plan backfired and didn’t go his way, and now his booty call is gone..dude you wanted this chance, take it and get control instead of pouting about it…I can’t stand people like that who act like omg life has ended when it hasn’t..he may have true feelings for Jessica but you have the chance to try and flip for that money and he’d rather pout about things and isolate himself, I say least leave the game and end your misory, but maybe that’s his way of making the house deal with his misory…idk I don’t have the live feeds so I maybe missing things..

    Paul giving his advice on how to deal with being in BB afterwards, kudos to him, he is going by experience, i think he’s sincere and game play..what do you all think?

    I think Paul deserves to win, he came back because come on only 500k h*ll yeah if you got a second chance go for it..the rest of them ???? I am not sure what the others are really doing or thinking.. I would have said Kevin for second option but him and Xmas I feel the same as most of you all on those two..

    As odd as this may sound if Paul don’t win I’d want Josh to win, he may get on people’s nerves but he is always willing to go up as a pawn from what I’ve seen, he is very entertaining that’s for sure! I think he’s true to heart as well…I don’t think he would win in final two against Paul comparing game play, but I’d like to see him get second over all the others…

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Cody and Jessica are both AWFUL players in my opinion. Neither of them have the ability to check their emotions and play the game logically and strategically. As Julie correctly pointed out to Jessica during her post-eviction interview, Jessica (and Cody) had multiple opportunities last week to save her game but they were so busy wallowing in self-pity (and under the sheets) and being consumed by their anger and hatred towards the other HGs to even notice those opportunities. Now Cody is moping around the house pretty much a sitting duck, not even making an attempt to build any bridges. Originally his plan was to beast his way through the comps week to week, but I’m not even sure that he’s still even on board with that plan at this point. It seems he’s all but thrown in the towel.

      As much as I dislike Cody I would like to see him TRY to make a move in the game. But based on what I’ve seen this season, I doubt it will happen. Ultimately, as his girl Jessica told Julie, they get along so well because they both see things from a similar perspective (for once, Messi Jessi and I actually agree on something). They would both rather fulfill personal vendettas and play the victim role than actually put their pride and emotions aside and play a smart game. They both signed up for the wrong show if you ask me.

      • LindsayB

        I think all of them but Paul signed up for the wrong show. I don’t even know what show Cody and Jess could do. They are both so far up each other’s asses and consumed with their pride so much that they can’t adapt when needed. Everyone else should’ve been cast on Sesame Street where they play follow the leader.

  53. Shivani33

    Tonight Pope Paul was playing humanitarian. He tried to get Kevin to open up about whatever is getting him down in the dumps. After another chat with Cowpoke about Kevin & Christmas, Paul was on a mission to get Kevin talking. But Paul yapped and yapped as a preface and Kevin didn’t broach the Christmas subject. Then Paul, feeling extra benevolent, went to visit Cody in his stalwart cave of have-not room entombment.

    Again, Paul said that he wanted to speak with Cody, not about the game, but about how Cody can feel free to talk with him if Cody feels alone or even if he wants to have nongame chatter, say about motorcycles. Paul yapped and yapped, not talking WITH Cody but at him. Even if he’d wanted to give it a try, (and he didn’t) Cody wouldn’t have been able to get a word in edgewise. Finally Paul shut up for a second, Cody politely yet emotionlessly thanked him and Paul exited like a puffed adder who mainly blew air exclusively about himself, the game vet who understands the game so well, plus has universal wisdom to give, exhaustively and free of charge, just for Cody.

    Then Paul settled down to talk about smoking weed in a roomful of more willing conversationalists. Meanwhile, Kevin found Christmas alone eating ice cream, so he was happy to be close to trouble after having avoided her most of the night. I found it odd when Christmas said that she “made ice cream” when in fact, she’d opened a container and stuck some ice cream into a mug. Oh, and Cody returned to perusing the Bible.

  54. Shivani33

    Call TMZ. The butt poking continues. Cowpoke is the aggressor, Josh the victim. Raven’s hair extensions were stuck up high on a wall as vengeful mischief by Paul. She snort-laughed her way to the SR to get the stepladder. Jessica is on Youtube, answering questions. Josh is attention starved, loud and restless, feeling withdrawal symptoms minus his reign as HoH. Some try to calm him down, while some prefer to keep poking him in the ass. He is offended by both ministrations.

    • LindsayB

      TMZ is already there with their investigative reporting. They are now talking about everyone’s butt poking tendencies. I swear I would break their hand if someone did that to me. I am glad they attempted to tell the whole story tho. When they “reported” about the idea of Paul being racist they didn’t bother getting the whole story. I guess there isn’t enough shock value in the idea that he was dressing up as a snake.


  55. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    So, what happens if Cody plays in the veto comp tomorrow and wins, then decides to take Elena off the block? That seems like a distinct possibility, as Elena is one of the few people that has consistently been friendly with Grossica throughout the season. If that were to happen, that would leave none of the original targets (Cody, Mark, and Elena) available for eviction. I know this is a bit of a longshot, but my mouth is salivating just at the thought of one of the pawns going home this week. And if Cody gets picked to play in the veto comp tomorrow, it could happen.

    • Avatar

      If Cody wins the POV and pulls Elena off can they not put him on the block? I am new to the show this season and am not understanding this aspect of the POV.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Hi Hilary! Yes, that’s correct. If you win POV and use it to remove someone from the block, the HOH cannot name you as the replacement nominee. The only way a HG can win POV and still be a nominee that week is if they were already on the block and either chose not to use the veto at all or chose to use it on the other nominee instead of himself/herself.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t realize that. In that case, this could actually be interesting.

    • LindsayB

      G- I hate getting into the speculation game cuz there’s really no point in playing the what if game. In this case tho, it is kinda fun to think about. I think Alex would want to put up another girl. Between Raven and Christmas, I think Paul would allow xmas to be the sacrificial lamb. She’s trying to be a female version of Paul and it’s just not a good look on her.
      Sidenote: I just had to scroll all the way up to remind myself who the third nom is. That’s how forgettable mattress is.

    • Avatar

      Gerardo that would be a good twist. They ( meaning Paul) should let Alex pick and keep blood off his hands as person will be in jury.

  56. danmtruth

    susan cran what a funny girl Paul let someone else make a decision Never going to happen in BB 19Paul 2.0 Gerardo you prove you are second in command behind Helen at the Department of Speculation With Cody pulling Elena off it could signal the end for Xmas Alex does not like her She is too close to Josh for Paul liking. Paul can say it’s the kind thing to do she cant compete Send her to the oasis that is jury house Get her dirty cast off your table Plus it helps Paul to focus Kevin
    It is too early in Paul’s time table to break up Matt & Raven but it is coming soon As Paul gets closer to Raven now that he has regained control over Elena He needs his hillbilly hit girl

  57. Sassy

    The ONLY way the jury will vote for whoever is standing next to Paul, would be if the jury house ended up being a small cabin in the middle of the woods with bunk beds, no pool, or extravagant accommodations.

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