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Big Brother 19 – Friday Feeds

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It’s Friday in the Big Brother house and it’s a pretty important day to see the direction of the week. With the Temptation Comp going on today and everyone playing, it could completely shake the week up – or do nothing at all. If Cody wins then we will see a house in panic, but if not it is back to the grind. A week full of Josh talking about Jessica even though he said he’s done talking about her, a week of Paul controlling the HoH from the passenger’s seat, and a week of Raven making everything about her.

After Jessica was evicted, the house spent a majority of the night talking about her and her speech. In the history of Big Brother, her speech was pretty damn tame compared to some we’ve seen, but the house was acting like she went around and shit on each and every person. In a way, she kind of did because she put the target on Paul and considering 90% of the house is up Paul’s ass, they took the shot personally.  At one point, Paul was mocking Jessica to Raven, Matt, Elena and a few others for calling the house dumb (didn’t she only say they’re dumb if they don’t get out Paul?).  They are referring to how Jessica ‘put herself on the block’ and ended up going home because of it. Paul knows this, but I’m not sure the rest of the house can understand it, but putting herself on the block was surprisingly smart and not something I’d think they would have done.  With Cody winning safety, there was 100% chance of Jessica as the target, so she prevented the backdoor option by getting nominated before PoV. Had she won the PoV, that would have been a ballsy game move.

In other news, there is a division forming in the house between the Kevin faction and the Raven faction as Kevin has just about had it with her.  He spent a good part of the night talking about how she and Matt are very shady (they are), how they laugh at Paul’s stuff even the stuff that isn’t funny, and how they have to go after Cody.  It’s becoming clear that Kevin and Jason are going to be the first to break away from the pack, but the problem is they are still clinging on to Paul in the process. By bashing Raven kissing Paul’s ass and then including Paul in future alliances, they just look like jealous alliance members rather than independent thinkers.  Do these people really think they can beat Paul in the finals?  He called a jury member a c*nt last season and still got her vote. He only lost because the loyalty of veterans and Natalie’s dumb “I want to see a girl win” excuse. To top that off, he is playing even better this season by implementing parts of Derrick’s strategy of letting everyone else do the dirty work (unless he has to step in and do it himself).

The whole thing makes me want to go through the house and pick apart the good and bad from each player. Like Christmas’ victim syndrome where she is still upset because Cody “blindsided her” while ignoring the fact he nominated 1/3rd of the house and was merely running out of people. He didn’t even have time to think much about that nomination, but she’s holding it against him. Ugh.

Alright, that was a long into for a live feed thread, but most of the day will be them playing the Temptation Comp, so I figured I’d give you something to read while we wait.


  • 8:00 am – House is still sleeping
    • While we wait, here is some puppymonkeybaby because I love this picture
  • 10:15 am – House is awake and a few are studying for what they think will be a trivia comp tonight (they played random sounds over the speaker during the week)
    • Paul is looking on at Josh very impressed his minion can remember the sounds!
    • Christmas is complaining because she can’t play in all the competitions and she feels useless. If only CBS gave her the option of leaving when she broke her foot, but she chose to stay and collect $1k/week to get carried through the game.
    • Christmas thinks Matt doesn’t care about the game but Kevin thinks he is just playing it off
    • She thinks she would have had clearance to play in the temptation challenges.  She may have competed but she easily would have lost the haunted house. I’m not sure why she’s complaining
    • The group (Kevin, Christmas, Paul, and Jason) start talking about how Raven scraped her finger last night and played it up.
    • Kevin – “The DR must be so sick of these people”.  We are too, Kevin. We are too.
  • 10:35 am – Feeds go down
  • 12:15 pm – Feeds are back up and the house is just talking about who is going to throw what competition, etc.  Preparing real hard to get Cody out
  • 12:30 pm – Feeds down probably for a few hours now
  • 2:oo pm – Feeds are still down
  • 3:00 pm –  Feeds are back!
    • Mark won safety, Matt lost and is the 3rd nominee.
    • They’re almost certain to back door Cody now so expect two pawns to go up on the block
    • Alex is talking with Jason about potential noms. They want to make sure whoever is on the block can beat Cody if he’s picked to play.  Alex suggests Elena and Jason to look ‘fair’.  I guess they’re all forgetting how they picked Paul to play vs Cody because he’s the best competitor out of all of them. lol
    • Paul enters the room and asks ‘why not Josh??’ and they tell him because he won’t win the PoV
    • Paul is talking about how obvious Kevin makes it when he talks game. I’m sure he’s going to get a lecture soon (see: 3:45 lol)
    • Paul tells Jason if they get houseguests choice to pick him to play lol.
  • 3:30 pm – The group is gathering in the bedroom to plan who is getting nominated
    • They tell Elena and she asks if she can be taken off with the veto
    • Paul keeps telling everyone to pick him if it’s houseguests choice. So he’s so confident about his skills (and rightfully so), but doesn’t offer to guaranteed play by getting nominated lol
    • These newbies are so bad
  • 3:45 pm – Paul is giving Kevin the lecture about game talk
    • He keeps telling Kevin they all have to chill on the talk a bit
    • Jason comes in and talks about how he wants to play veto.
  • Shoutout to Jessica for donating! I try to email everyone who donates but giving public shoutouts isn’t a bad thing either!  If you donate and don’t want a shoutout here, post it in the comments otherwise I’ll be giving all future donators a thank you here!
  • 3:58 pm – Elena is in the apple room with a bunch of people. Josh comes in and tells her he has a crush on her but he’s not going to flirt with her out of respect for Mark
    • Elena jokes that she liked him but he put her on the block last week so nothing is going to happen. She was going to have sex with him but not now
    • Josh jokes that he’s breaking up with Mark so he’s no longer Mosh.  He said Mark can be Posh with Paul and Mark keeps asking how they can be ‘Posh’.  Josh doesn’t understand at first lol
  • 4:15 pm – Josh is now upstairs talking to Alex
    • He is worried because Raven was trying to get him to throw the temptation comp (rather than Matt throw it like he did). Obviously, Raven would be concerned about Matt but Josh thinks it’s all about him being close with Alex
    • Alex is telling Josh about noms while hinting. I forgot how annoying she is as HoH. She is like the only HoH in years to strictly follow the ‘don’t say who you’re nominating’ rule
  • 4:45 pm – Mark is telling the house about Raven’s thought which makes sense to him
    • She thinks they’ll do the double eviction next week so it will bring the house down to the halfway point in people (wtf??)
    • It doesn’t make more sense to her that they’ll put two people in jury together?
  • 5:00 pm – Condescending Christmas is at it again. Tonight it’s time to give Mark a lecture about ‘talking game’ with Cody
    • Christmas is upset because she heard Mark ask Cody if he threw the competition.  Really.
    • Mark explains how he’s still friends with Cody and he’s still going to talk to him. Christmas replies “So you initiated the game talk”
    • This is because Mark saw Christmas whisper something to Alex about him so he asked her about it
    • Mark asks if she’s aligned with Alex and she calls him a ‘bully’
    • They go on for a bit then Christmas brings up evictions.  She asks about his votes. He says “you think I voted to evict you??”  she says “No, I’m asking why you voted to keep me”  (wtfff)
    • Mark’s reaction to that
    • She keeps asking him and he says “because I’m an idiot and voted with my feelings instead of game. I should have voted your ass out in week 1”
    • She tells him he wouldn’t have had the votes. I can’t believe I’m listening to her argue about this
    • Mark mentions he acted like a man and talked to someone he liked. She takes a jab and mocks that comment but then says not to make it personal
  • 5:20 pm – And Josh tags in to jump on Mark
    • Meanwhile, Cody is at the HN door listening in
    • Josh gives all types of random examples of Mark flipping on people including tossing Jason’s name out there during competitions
    • Josh is giving Mark shit for apologizing
    • Now Josh wants to bring Cody into it so he heads into the HN room and says “look we hate each other but this is game and not personal” (side note – I am sick of these people pretending there is a big difference)
    • Cody tells Josh that when Jessica left, it’s personal and he’s no longer involved in that shit.  Josh asks him if he can hear him out, Cody says no
    • Josh continues anyway and tells Cody that Mark flipped on him and he’s not a good friend. Cody tells him he has no friends in this house so he doesn’t care
    • Kevin comes in and asks if Cody wants to come straighten this out. Cody is more polite to him and says he hasn’t talked game since Jess left
    • Josh keeps rambling to Cody who wants nothing to do with any of it
    • Now Paul is going to try to get Cody out
    • Nope, Paul just asks Cody “before you got evicted, we had a conversation. Were you lying to me?”  Cody says no
    • This was about Mark knowing that Paul was going to be backdoored.  Cody said he told Mark but then backed off the idea
    • So Paul takes this as Mark knowing
  • 5:30 pm – Paul is back in the kitchen
    • Mark leaves and Paul whispers to Christmas “I was hard that entire fight”… ahh yea, making his pawns do his dirty work
  • 6:00 pm – Things have calmed down. Mark is in the apple room and Christmas comes in and says she wants to have a calm talk with him later on. Okaayyy
    • Meanwhile, Paul is having small talk with Cody in the kitchen. Glad someone is allowed to talk to him
  • 7:12 pm – Feeds are back (feeds were down, btw)
    • Jason and Elena were nominated like expected

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