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Christmas and the HoH talk

Big Brother 19 – Friday Night Overnight Report

Christmas and the HoH talk

Alex and Jason are nominated and the entire house seemed happy after the ceremony. Alex is sure Kevin will be going otb as a replacement after veto. Here’s what happened last night:

  • Xmas said something in her speech about needing to get out a strong male competitor.
  • Paul was acting nervous and (faking) wondering if he would be backdoored to Alex and Jason.
  • Kevin told Jason to wake up and see that Xmas wouldn’t put them both up as pawns. He said that no one had told him a plan but he could see what was happening. (True)
  • Jason realized what was going on and thought Paul and Alex must be in on it because they’ve been with Xmas so much. (Half right)
  • Jason questioned Josh and he played dumb.
  • After 1 conversation with Alex, Jason is back to thinking he’s a pawn.
  • Paul talked more about being a back door plan. Jason assured him that if that was going on, he and Alex would know.
  • Paul told Jason if he used the veto, he worried he would go otb.
  • Jason said he may look like a jerk if he won veto and used it on himself. He said he may have to use it on Alex.
  • The hg except for Kevin made a steak dinner, ate in front of Kevin and talked A LOT about how great it was. (This was planned in advance) Kevin said he found bugs in the unprepared slop so he’s only been having the protein shakes.
  • The hg’s made a plan to go to bed before midnight so Kevin would have to eat alone and cook for himself. (They didn’t follow thru)
  • At midnight, Jason helped make Kevin eggs and bacon (against Alex’s orders) and when Kevin started to eat, he got called into the DR. While he was gone,  Jason ate a piece of his bacon. Everyone laughed at how pathetic his dinner was.
  • Kevin came out of the DR, they asked why he had got called in and Kevin said it was because he was 1 minute and 20 seconds too early. (After Matt’s crap? Ridiculous!)
  • Jason keeps digging himself a hole and made some comments about Josh’s mom’s breasts.
  • Paul’s decided he wants to tie the vote and have Xmas break it so they can keep Alex on their side or whichever one stays.

Paul, Xmas and Josh were mad at Kevin for the stuff he said to Jason. Kevin didn’t give away a plan because he was never told one. He was told not to ask questions.  Kevin was only telling someone who he sees as a friend that he better wake up. I beleive Kevin thinks Alex is the target (base on what Paul told him last week) and was trying to warn Jason that he better save himself with the veto.  Kevin does have a big mouth but if they included him, they could probably avoid Kevin talking.

I’m helping my son move into his first apartment today so I’ll have to check in with Steve and all of you guys later this afternoon


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  1. Avatar

    Just registered, but love this page and thank you for doing it! I love big brother but really hat most of the people on this year a d can’t believe how weak and dumb they are to Paul run them. I can’t believe BB is letting so much bullying go on smh! I can’t wait till these people get out of the house and see how much they are all criticized for their bad games! I feel bad for Kevin ☹ Since Mark is gone I really hope Kevin whens.

  2. Avatar

    The mob mentality of this season disgusts me. They’re acting like wild animals isolating and picking off the weakest in the herd. I’d love if Alex went home this week I’ve had enough of her and thinking she’s queen petty. Petty and total ass hole aren’t the same thing sweetheart

  3. LindsayB

    Yeah…. so a steak was made for Kevin to heat up once his HN time was over. Alex’s vendetta with Kevin is acknowledged and supported when she’s in the room but then behind the scenes people do talk to him. They do make food for him to have when he’s not a have not anymore. Don’t get me wrong, Kevin isn’t having a good time right now but he’s not alone and starving 24/7.

      • LindsayB

        Thanks dmc.

        It should also be noted that while Raven was in the shower, the rest of them (except for Kevin who was downstairs and still a HN) made a point to drink all the beer before she came back so she couldn’t have any. They had to chug it. It’s funny that I haven’t seen anyone point out how wrong it is to make fun of her and exclude her from something. I guess it’s because we all hate her so that behavior is only unacceptable if it’s going against someone we like???

      • Avatar

        Yeah, you are right.

        You pointed that out the other day, and I said I’d be guilty of that too.

        But it made me think, and I realized how lousy of me to think that.

        It was a good eye opener, and although not your specific intention, I appreciate you making me take a look in the mirror.

        So for that, I must say Thanks Linds !

      • LindsayB

        Dmc, I truly appreciate you.

      • Avatar

        @lindsayb, I think the difference is the level of severity. Yes they make fun of Raven behind her back but they are ALL talking about each other behind everyones back. My problem with what they are doing to Kevin vs. Raven is they are kicking Kevin while he is already down, and in their own words are doing it on purpose. At no point in the game has Raven been “down”. Yeah she was sad Matt was leaving but she wasn’t in jeopardy of leaving and she has never been completely alone in this game like Kevin has. I don’t like Raven AT ALL, but I would have felt the same if they had been as mean to her as they are Kevin. It’s going way beyond not sharing a beer with someone. The group has never sat down as a whole and intentionally plotted how to make Raven’s life a living hell in the house. They have with Kevin. They did it to Jess and Cody (who I did not like) and they did it to Mark (who I was indifferent to) and I had a problem with it both times. You just don’t kick someone when they are down, game or not.

      • Avatar

        Thanks, Linds, Ditto !

      • LindsayB

        I guess I just think if you’re gonna stand for something you should actually do it, not pick and choose when it’s convenient.

      • Avatar

        Which is basically what I am saying. I don’t like Raven at all and think she is a con artist fraud but if they were doing to her the same things they are doing to Kevin, I would have a problem with it.

    • Cindy

      From what i saw yes a steak was made for Kevin to warm up later however while they were all eating someone mentioned that there was one steak left. Correct me if I’m wrong but while i was watching Paul and Josh went over and finished that steak and the pan the steak was made in was emptied and never did i see anyone put one away for Kevin. If i were Kevin i would have put mine away before they were cooked and make it myself.

  4. Zach

    Anyone that has the time and resources to get down to Texas, please go volunteer. They need all the help they can get. I I traveled down on Tuesday and just got back last night. People of the state of Texas have so much heart, seeing everyone band together really gave me hope for humanity. Now to the game, after spending the last 3 hours catching up on Wednesday and Thursday’s show as well as the forum here, I have to say nothing has changed, Paul continues to run things and at this point all that is standing in his way is Kevin and Jason banding together. If he can maneuver his way into those two being evicted at the double on Thursday, the 500k is all but his.

  5. hogwild

    I know Keving would never do this because he’s got some class but if I was in that house and they were treating me like that I would cause some holy freaking hell stuff would go missing food would get messed with and anything else I could think of to fuck with these people.

  6. Alda

    These housepests are really acting like the “mean girls” in high school.

  7. Avatar

    On Thursday night they showed a clip of Josh in the DR saying how he noticed that Kevin would be nice to the people targeted for eviction. He thought he was working them for a jury vote. I screamed at my TV it’s called being a decent human being!!!!! Not that he could relate.

  8. HappyHippo

    Have y’all seen mommy dead and dearest? I’m watching it now and all I can think of is Raven.

  9. AIO_7

    * “Jason said he may look like a jerk if he won veto and used it on himself. He said he may have to use it on Alex.”

    I didn’t think it was possible for Cowpoke to get any dumber.

  10. Mel

    I missed the steak Kevin had. Sorry, busy morning and can’t catch it all. For clarification, I don’t think Kevin is starving.

  11. Shivani33

    Kevin told Jason to wake up and see that it’s clear that Jason or Alex are about to be evicted. Jason ran around like a fool and babbled what Kevin told him to every other person until he became convinced that Kevin is mistaken. Jason didn’t think about anything on his own long enough to see the simple truth that Christmas is repeating exactly what Jason himself did last week: nominate Raven & MattRess and get rid of Matt. The only difference is that this time, it’s Alex & Jason who’ve been nominated. Kevin was cast in the same role last week too, as the diversionary “real target.”

    It’s pathetic (and typical) that Alex is too drunk on kool-aid to see through this sh*t. She’s whored herself out as a nominated pawn, drooling over her obsessed, insane negativity about Kevin. She keeps a true pattern of seeing every aspect of the game mistakenly. It’s appalling. Then she misguides and mentally beats down her one supposed ally, Jason. If he has even a half-minute of clarity, Alex is guaranteed to pulverize it.

    If necessary, during the next two days, Paul will stimulate Alex to turn her limitless supply of unfounded vengefulness and anger directly onto Jason himself. How fast would she drop into this next facet of her mindless Paul servitude if Paul decides to use this tactic?

    Alex: I’m so done with that rodeo clown. I’ve always said he’s an idiot. I’ve protected him from day one, but it’s over. He’s betrayed me with Kevin over and over. Now I’m gonna let him wet his pants while I put my knife in his back.

    Paul: It’s good that you’re ready to see the truth now. I’ve tried to tell you this all along. Now we’ll get him. Then you and I to F2. But first, I need you to get rid of one more person who’s in our way. I can’t risk going on the block myself by stirring up the hornet’s nest. So listen and tell no one what I’m about to tell you….

  12. AIO_7

    Speaking of Alex (the Deputy), and I know it’s not important, but has anyone here figured out how she swings?
    I’ve never heard her talk about boys or boy friends, girls or girl friends (as lovers). She has mannerisms like a boy, is a bully like a boy, sits like a boy. She blasphemes while using prayer beads. Is she some kind of mean nun who has taken chastity vows? The runt rat has me confounded.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m not sure which way she swings, but I’ve always thought that she acts like a 10 year old boy. Maybe she hasn’t reached the point of maturity (i.e. puberty) where she has any sexual attraction towards either sex yet?

    • Jenny

      In her last HOH basket she got a picture and got all excited and started jumping around “it’s my ex-boyfriend! It’s my ex-boyfriend!” I got the impression they broke up because he’s touring or something where he’s not in LA for a while, and she was going on BB, so they weren’t going to be together anyway.

    • Avatar

      She talked about dates with guys back when they were each telling stories about worst date etc.

      I think the comments on the forums have been worse than the things said in the house. Hard to read.

    • Shivani33

      Remember that Alex received an HoH letter from an ex-boyfriend? I thought that was somewhat odd, since she has plenty of family who could’ve communicated instead. It’s quite possible, since she’s nearly 29, that many in her family are done tearing their hair out over trying to deal with her. She appears to be financially supported, especially when you consider that she said that she hasn’t been employed at all in 2017. It looks like she dabbles in lots of things but doesn’t finish much, if anything…and doesn’t have to pay the piper and wants to be the star of something without resorting to work or channeling any talent.

      Also, once she said that all of her boyfriends have broken off with her and that she’s never been the one to end things. Who knows what she’s like outside of the BB house? She has said that in real life, she’s “a sweet girl.” I have a feeling that’s fiction and that IRL, she’s aggressive, blunt, doesn’t think things through clearly, has a short but manic attention span and moves through most associations and friendships quickly by wearing out her welcome. Could be wrong, but for now, that’s my read on her.

      She is distinctly masculine but probably hasn’t wrapped her head around it. Probably everyone who loves her hopes she’ll get married, have kids and STFU. Instead she bought herself a set of bigger tatas! How’s that working out for her? Now she can charge around like a short guy with a bleached haystack of hair, muscular legs and big fake boobs. Oh, and her father’s credit card.

  13. AIO_7

    Anyone else notice that if you don’t have an avatar then you got nothin’; not even a letter beside your name.

  14. AIO_7

    Not important, but I’ve noticed for years that Production must do most, if not all, their grocery shopping at Kroger. Heck, I can remember when Kroger wasn’t even west of the Mississippi.


  15. Yael Sara

    HEY! Houseguests talking about substance abuse and addiction as you are all experts and counselors in the field… STFU!

    Kevin, who has likely the most awareness and understanding from his father, etc – I am glad he has the strength to stay quiet before the house turns on him as if they all know better. I don’t know that I would be able to do that. The things that must have been going through Kevin’s head in that conversation.

  16. Yael Sara

    So had just seen this photo posted (not at all big brother related, just a drive by) in feed on facebook.
    was amused slightly 🙂 https://imgur.com/a/Kjbb3

  17. Yael Sara

    Okay, final twist! The F2 go home with nothing. Those voted out before making it to jury, vote on those who are in jury to win the $500K

  18. Jenny

    Last night’s BBAD featured a long convo about marijuana, which is fine for Alex and Paul because it’s legal in CA. HOWEVER… Cowboy started talking about wanting to try it and Paul launches into how he can send him some via Fedex or USPS, and Alex jumped in like yeah, you can just put it in an envelope, and Paul said he’d put it in a peanut butter jar, and he was going to send Jason 2 kinds to try, and label them, or maybe he’d send two packages. Um, pretty sure sending drugs across state lines is a federal crime. Not smart, Paul, not smart!

  19. AIO_7

    Holiday Inn and Paul talking, and laughing, about how dumb Jason is.


  20. Helen

    Time for veto pick….who WON’T be picked?

  21. Avatar

    Here’s some more funnies for my BB family to read! Love you guys! 🙂


  22. jimbo

    I think Kevin has fan support because, frankly, this year Big Brother has become Big Bully, which is sweetheart Cult Leader Paul’s strategy, and people hate it. Yes, you had the sly and charming Dr Will, the cunning Dan Gheesling, the smooth covert operator Derrick — and, now, you have the be-a bully-and-get-others-to-attack-a-person-each-week strategy of Paul. What a scumbag.

  23. danmtruth

    Just as Paul saved Raven Someone who will not be able to get enough votes to beat him He also feels he can beat her in a physical and mental comp He knows she will not be able to make an alliance with anyone left to challenge his leadership Or even think about mounting a revolt
    Alex is the one Paul hopes to save She will be harder threat in a physical comp There is also no chance she can or will lead a revolt

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