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Big Brother 19 – Friday Updates. Will Paul Continue To Control The House?


Answer to the title question – Yes. Paul will indeed continue to control the house

Look, I’ve been defending Paul and saying he’s playing a great game – and he is – but this house is really just making it too damn easy for him. It is embarrassing to watch these guys continue to ‘play’ this game on a daily basis because they’re all so bad at it. I am still in shock how Christmas stood up there in front of the house and evicted Jason, Alex turned around and won HoH, then nominated Raven and Kevin. In what crazy world does that move make any sense whatsoever? Alex really has to be the worst player to actually play the game. Right? I’m excluding people who just float through the seasons like Victoria, Adam, etc, etc. They’re terrible players but they never even really tried to play. Alex is trying to play but continues to make stupid move after stupid move while being convinced she’s having a great season.

She has won HoH 3 times this season. In her first HoH, she decided to target Dominique for no real reason at all. In the second one, she got Cody out despite Cody being one of two people who were actually loyal to her for some reason. In her final HoH, she got Raven out after other people evicted her last ally in the house. How can someone hold so much power in one season yet accomplish so little?  It is mind blowing.


As far as today goes, don’t expect much. Kevin is going to be nominated next to Alex. One of those two are the next to leave the house and the other will probably follow next Thursday. The only slight wrinkle in the plan may be if Alex or Kevin win PoV. It’s still a super tiny wrinkle because they’re all still puppets to Paul.  If Alex wins, Christmas or Paul go on the block. The other votes for Kevin and Josh breaks the tie if Alex decides to rebel.  The same goes for Kevin winning PoV.  It really doesn’t matter who wins PoV or if it’s used because the lock Paul has on the house is real.

The only way anything exciting happens this week is if someone with a megaphone tells Josh that Paul is working against him. Alex then has to win PoV and get Paul on the block. At that point, Josh has to convince either Christmas or Alex to vote for Paul to leave which is almost an insane proposal. Only then would Josh be able to be the tiebreaker and get Paul out.  To summarize, the only way we’ll see excitement this week is if Josh and Alex suddenly get a brain.  No chance.

I’m going to do updates but don’t expect a ton because this house is dull

  • 12:15 pm – Kevin is sitting alone while Alex is in another room talking to Christmas
  • 3:30 pm – Josh and Christmas sleeping, Paul sitting alone in apple room.  Still no noms
  • Shout out to Alisha W for the donation!  Sorry it took so long to get the shout out in. 
  • 4:10 pm – Paul is trying once again to get Josh to blow up on Kevin because they need to get in his head before next week. Paul, YOU DO IT!
    • Paul is telling Josh that Raven wanted to clip Josh soon so he shouldn’t feel bad.  I wonder if Josh would actually be a decent person without Paul’s shitty influence?
  • 4:30 pm – Stepping out, will update when noms are in

Check back for updates


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  1. Mimi Ryan

    Ok my Fellow BBJ. I believe Garden Nome Paul, had a plan for this season & was coached by someone prior to coming into BB19. His game play has ramped up. Example: That BS when Jason & Josh were in the storage room, & GN Paul, said “I’m going to be backdoored.” Clearly a deflection a way to derail whatever was happening. Then that BS after Jadon was evicted, seriously to well executed, even if it was planned, it was contrived & well thought out in advance. Paul has played & played hard. This season is awful.

    • Avatar

      I was saying something similar yesterday. I definitely feel like a lot of work went into his plan before entering the house. I mean, truth be told, we should be seeing that level of dedication from everyone in the house. It would have been more fun if even one other person was playing that hard and smart. Out of all of those other people, no else did.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think you give Paul enough credit.

      He played an amazing game last season, and was screwed by a bitter jury who gave the win to Nicole.

      Paul then had all winter to think about how to win if he were invited back.

      All his little looks of surprise, shock; and acting were preconceived. How to divide the house, and pick off weekly victims too.

      His strategizing; egging on an emotional Josh or Alex are on the fly adjusting to what is presently happening in the house week to week and is Paul thinking on the fly.

      There isn’t any reason why this can’t be Paul thinking for himself.

      Paul pisses me off though because he has played so well ( with a little help from BB at the beginning) , that it has made what otherwise may or may not have been an exciting season full of shock, back-dooring, better stressfilul drama; a divided house; and an unpredictable winner.

      • LindsayB

        Careful dmc. You just said positive things about Paul. You just opened the door for everyone to tell you why their opinion is more valid than yours.

      • Avatar

        I’m not worried…Morgan will bite them for me.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t see last season so I have nothing to compare this season to in terms of Paul’s game but I have said repeatedly that it is masterful how he can adjust his game to whatever happens and that he’s aligned himself with everyone so that no matter which way the vote/game goes he’s still solid.

      • Avatar

        If you get the time to watch online, Hilary, you should check out last year’s season.

        I would say the cast was better competition-wise, yet he played them as well as he has played everyone this year.

        btw my comment wasn’t meant as a personal shot at you, it was just dialogue in respose to Micheler.

      • Avatar

        thanks @dmc I wasn’t sure if it was in response to my comment but it didn’t offend me. I don’t take any of this personally.

      • caRyn

        Paul walked into the BB house the first time much louder and a bit obnoxious. I wasn’t sure what to think of him as a player. Then he started studying the game and the players and and made necessary changes. It was very cool to see the transformation. He was just physically playing the game but then he had to start mentally playing it as well. This season I think he came in mentally playing over physically playing. He was my favorite and Victor was my second favorite that season.

  2. Avatar

    Who’s got a megaphone? And lives near the house. And a long coat to conceal it before they make it to house. And a sandwich in case they get hungry. Do it for the good of the game!

  3. Helen

    Josh was in HOH talking about if he should take the Paul shot for the previous few minutes. (Cam 1/2)

  4. LindsayB

    Paul has played and played hard. It’s been amazing to watch.

  5. Tinkerbell

    Thank you, Steve. Agreed, boring and pretty predictable. Thank you for hanging in there for us.

    With only two mean prison girls left in the house….there is a race against time. Who can talk the fastest. Who can say “like” and “F***” the most times in one short sentence. Last but not least, which one can interrupt the other the most times in every conversation.

    With Dead Girl Walking gone, the HOH snacks are lasting longer, and the storage room won’t have to be replenished as often.

    Alex to Christmas – ” Oh my F**kin’ God. Like if they like bring like that like f**kin’ like Cody like back like in this MF like house, I’m like going to MF like leave like this MF like house.” Bring Cody back, today.

  6. BBBonbon62

    To all those in the great state of Florida God speed. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. I am sure most of us who may not live in the path of Irma have friends and family who do. Stay safe and God bless.

  7. Tinkerbell

    The fuse on Christmas’s time bomb is even shorter today. She is hanging on by a thread. Has said repeatedly that she is tired and in a bad mood. What else is new?! She is going to lose it sometime today/tonight. I hope it is with Alex. I want them to take each other out. Please don’t let either of them win first or second. We don’t have to worry about AFP.

    • Ann

      How do these morons think Paul can help make them stars when he’s not even a star. When the game is over so is Paul’s contact with them. He’s going to drop them all like a bad habit. Why would he want to hang out with a bunch of morons when he no longer needs them?

      Where’s Raven, that sweet innocent little cutie pie? I just miss hearing about all of her diseases & surgeries, belly box & gastromentalcase. NOT!!!

    • Avatar

      The fuse is short because she is used to being the center of her universe. That has taken a back seat all these months. She’s dealing with immature (including Paul) people and her only real connection in the house was Kevin back then and I think she has been forced to kill that off by virtue of working with Paul.

    • Tinkerbell

      Last week, Alex to Christmas……”This is how I am in real life. If I don’t like someone, I talk shit about them and ignore them” And you think you are going to get AFP?

      • feltso gudinya

        unlike alex, when i don’t like someone i always ask myself if i am seeing a part of myself that i don’t like in this person….i am turned off by gossips, pot stirrers and troublemakers…..her mean streak adds to her toxicity…..

  8. Ann

    Josh is just talking to hear his own voice, he’s weak & he’s a damn chicken & won’t go against Paul. The only reason he had balls enough to leave that goodbye message for Jason was because nobody was there to hear it so he didn’t have to be afraid of Big Bad Paul. Those fools are playing Paul’s game for him. Why are they even there?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Josh is very weak and unsure of himself, and he needs validation from someone in order to stand by his convictions. I think if Christmas weren’t so completely enamored with Team Paul and she actually showed Josh that she would possibly be receptive to targeting Paul, Josh would consider targeting him this week.

      The problem is, Christmas has already made it clear that she is playing more for Paul than for herself and that she seems to feel the need to rectify Paul getting “robbed” last year. Josh will likely never have an ally out of this group who will help him get Paul out. Not even Alex seems to be showing any signs of brain activity.

      • Colby

        I agree Christmas is playing for Paul. I suspect maybe she doesn’t really want to win. She was looking at the camera the other day saying she would like to come back next year when she can actually ‘play’.
        Who knows! I don’t understand what any of them are thinking.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I agree Colby, I think Christmas is thinking she may be next year’s “Paul”– that is, she plans to be the runner up to Paul this year, and BB (and the fans) will feel bad for her since her injury limited her gameplay and will want to bring her back. The fact that received the second temptation from America this season probably has her thinking that she’s a fan favorite too. Unfortunately for St. Nick, her popularity has plummeted since then and BB fans will absolutely NOT want to see her in the BB house again next year or any other year for that matter.

      • AIO_7

        Yep. Nope, no more 12/25.

    • Avatar

      Josh is not a chicken, he still thinks he’s Paul’s no 2…… Even though he’s had some lucid moments, Paul has done an outstanding job of letting the leash out and then reeling it back in.

      • AIO_7

        Given the choice, Paul will take 12/25, 12/25 will take Paul to F2.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “Chicken” may not be the right word to describe Josh, but I would say he is weak and in need of external validation. In order to control Josh, all you need to do is make him believe you care about him. Once you’ve done that, he will always seek your approval for every decision and always back down even when he’s right. Josh has been MUCH more perceptive about the game this season than Christmas has, yet he lets her completely run the show. Why? Because he’s been too weak to stand on his own two feet. I do hope Josh grows a backbone soon, because he’s probably the only one left who would even think about turning the tables on Paul.

      • Ann

        Ok, he’s a scared chicken & a crybaby. He’s scared of the she-man. When she snapped on his ass for walking away from her, he sat there like a scared child saying yes & ok while she told him what he wasn’t going to do. That’s a chicken in my book.

  9. danmtruth

    When do we get to start voting for Kevin Ohhh sorry When do we start voting for Americas Favorite Player
    As fun it was to see Jason pull a Cody with his walk out Nice to see Raven out Saw a bit of her post eviction on line “chat” Strange no question about her lies No question about her fake on deaths door Shame on you CBS for shielding her
    Frankie, Nichole, De’Vone, James, Colby Well ok BB comics to be replaced with this skit/trailer/movie with question about it
    This late in the game and Paul got these people Well just Kevin To throw that comp Congrats to Paul on that Ok @lindsayb i said something nice about Paul Now can you admit he also told Josh to attack Kevin By talking about his family and is a POS

    • caRyn

      Raven didn’t have goodbye messages from the hg. I wanted to hear them.

    • LindsayB

      Who cares what Paul told Josh to do?? It’s up to Josh to decide if he wants to do it. It’s not Paul’s fault these people are willing to do and say shitty things to each other.

      • Avatar

        You still have the most logical outlook regarding that whole thought process… People don’t control people, people’s minds control themselves, unless there’s a gun or a threat involved which there is not…

      • Ann

        It makes him pretty shitty for telling someone to do it whether it’s carried out or not. Just as bad to me.

      • LindsayB

        Oh Trudy. Here we go again. You do realize that questioning my level of genius and my ability to judge character is a personal attack right? Tsk tsk. Also funny that you are so quick to criticize my opinion because it doesn’t agree with yours. I guess it’s ok if you do it? Hmmmmm….

      • Avatar

        Look, I can’t stand Paul, I disliked him last year and I dislike him this year. He has played the game the best. I don’t hear a lot of complaining lately About what Alex and josh and Cody and …. Oh screw it…… all the vile things the other HG’s have said. Name one thing that Paul has said that even compares to what Jason, Cody, Alex, Raven, Matt have said. To attack a contributor in this forum is no better than what they have done.

        Paul, again I hate him, has not even come close to dating the crap others have.

      • LindsayB

        Wayne, it’s only wrong if Paul does it.

      • Ann

        @Lindsay, it’s not only wrong if Paul does it, it’s wrong for anyone to do it. If you put someone up to it or you do it yourself, it’s wrong on both ends. I’ll be the first one to admit I was one of Paul’s biggest BB fans just like you & I loved his gameplay until he started doing things that I didn’t like or think was right.

        When all of the bullying was going on, you know I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about that either. I said I can’t stand that fast talking little bully Alex, I hate the scammer Raven, I couldn’t stand Jason after his rape talk & I don’t have one good thing to say about Christmas. I have zero sympathy for Josh because he’s a grown ass man or at least he has the body of a grown ass man but acts like a damn baby.
        You’re right, nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head making them do Paul’s dirty work but some of his dirty work here lately is wrong on so many levels.
        Just my opinion…

      • LindsayB

        Ann, it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Just like it’s my opinion that everything he’s doing in there is perfect game play.

      • Avatar

        Trudy ?

        Ummmm, no, Paul’s actions aten’t like Charles Mansons’. There is no comparison.

        I must admit, I’m riding a buzz from my wine with dinner. Baked tiger shrimp with caesar salad.
        Berenger Pino Grigio – thanks for asking.
        I appologize for the spelling…it’s the wine.
        Btw…it’s pretty much an inexpensive brand, but the citrus flavor in it goes very well with seafood….But I digress…

        How can anyone compare the actions of someone manipulating some drug induced sheep to commit murder to someone getting someone else to distract other contestants in a gameshow is beyond me.

        There is no comparison. To do so, would be an insult to the family of those victims, in my humble opinion.

        Has Paul egged them on ? Yes.

        Did anyone die ? No.

        Is it enjoyable to see some players being socially outcast ? No. but it seems to be game-play within the confines of the BB house.

        Would these contestants act like this in the normal world ?

        I hope not !

        I lost my train of thought. It’s the wine, & the pom-poms.

      • LO1004

        Hahahaha ummm comparing Paul stirring the pot to Charles Manson’s murderous rampage is a far reach to put it nicely. It’s a game and he’s playing it well. Get over it Paul haters. Who would you like to win? Josh the cryer? Kevin the floater? Alex the asshat? Can’t win a competition on her own Christmas? It’s laughable. If Paul doesn’t win, this season is a bigger joke than I thought. The end.

      • feltso gudinya

        trudys comment is gone….it must have been a beaut……..lindsays blame the victim theory, despite years of psychological studies into mind control and manipulation that show how easy it is to influence vulnerable individuals, must really be pissing people off….lindsays shrill and strident defense of pauls cruel behavior is wearing pretty thin…i love u lindsay but y r u so quick to passionately defend someone totally unconnected to your life?….y have been cornered by your statements and seem to be grasping at straws to defend it….p.s. please don’t hate me just because i am beautiful…..

      • LindsayB

        Dearest Feltso, I am anything but shrill. More cool, calm, and collected. I don’t feel the need to insult someone’s character or make assumptions about them based on who they root for on a reality show. I don’t have to grasp at straws at all. I just see things differently and I refuse to conform to what others believe just to be more popular. I guess I’m not one of those who would be an easy target for mind control. I’m quick to defend him because I like and respect his game play and what I’ve seen of him outside the house after last season. If you would like to join those who would like to insult and judge me based on my opinion about a reality show go right ahead. I’ll be disappointed because I had a higher opinion of you than that but that opinion is based on what your comments on a reality show blog so maybe I don’t really know you….

      • feltso gudinya

        your response seems pretty shrill to me…lol…please don’t break up with me today because if i blow away tonight in the storm we have no chance for reconciliation….I can’t get as worked up as u about things….i make a very bad fan, a word derived from fanatic…..when someone tells me my theory is swiss cheese i go back to examine where i might be wrong…..u leave yourself no space to accept u might not be 100% spot on…..and, don’t kid yourself…we pretty much reveal most of ourselves through our writings……i didn’t insult and judge u….i disagreed with u and pointed out why…..please reread your posts…they sound defensive and shrill…….wish me luck and say u don’t want me to drown tonight so i know u still love me…….

      • LindsayB

        The tone you place on my posts is yours. To be shrill, in my opinion, requires one to be emotional. That is something I am not. I see things differently. That doesn’t make me right or wrong. It is just my opinion. I like to hear other’s viewpoints because it helps to expand my own. I just don’t agree with the rest of you. Why is that so hard to understand?

        Don’t drown.

      • caRyn

        Did Trudy comment and it was removed or am I missing something?

      • caRyn

        I see now that feltso said Trudy’s comment is gone. Sorry.

  10. Tinkerbell

    Besides being the most hateful guests ever, they are rhe most disrespectful. BB quit enabling them. They keep telling them…..no sleep. Lock the bedrooms during the day. Take away their eye covers – sunglasses, ball caps, scarves. Play loud music for 10 minutes every time they go to sleep.

    Sick of them complaining about blah, blah, blah. STFU. You are blobs, you are losers, you are getting paid to do nothing. You signed up, you know what’s its all about. Shut up!

    • Tinkerbell

      And……buckets of ice cold water on their lame brain heads.

    • Ann

      Yeah Hobie, what you said…Lol

    • Avatar

      Considering those are forms of mental torture, I’m not sure I agree with that. Having been placed in that environment in a training setting, it’s not fun.

      • Tinkerbell

        Wayne, Wayne, Wayne……I’m not a mean person – just blithering :)). However, I seriously believe they need to stay awake during the hours of 10:00 -10:00. They knew that coming in. What they do during the off hours are there choices/problems.
        If they want to stay up all night drinking, like last night, let them….but don’t let them sleep the day away. I swear to goodness, BB18 was one of the biggest snoozer seasons. Especially Nicole and Corey at the end…..when they weren’t playing house.

      • Tinkerbell

        Also need to add, the things I listed are not forms of of torture. Eye covers taken away, bedroom doors locked, music for 10 minutes. Those are not torture. Only my opinion. I do know military style torture/training. The things I listed do not fall into that category. Not even close. It’s a silly game, make them follow the guidelines….make them stay awake like they are supposed to be doing.

      • Avatar

        If they just enforced the rules established, that would be great… This season, it’s almost like the HGs rebelled and production didn’t know what to do…If you think about it, what could they do? cancel the season? because really, every house guest has formed a united front and pushed back against the rules.

      • Tinkerbell

        Better yet……..let’s play the game they are doing to Kevin. Put the other four aholes in separate rooms, by themselves. Do not let them talk to each other, do not allow them to sleep. Let Kevin have the HOH room by himself.

      • LindsayB

        Kevin is making the choice to follow Paul’s advice of keeping to himself. He could also choose to not do that. If he was then ignored he could choose to blow up everyone’s game. Nope. Instead he chooses to keep to himself.

      • feltso gudinya

        your doing it again….is kevin really able to do whatever he wants despite his situation?…i respectfully beg to differ…your go to argument is based on a fallacy which renders it useless…

      • LindsayB

        You calling it a fallacy doesn’t make it so. It’s your opinion.

      • feltso gudinya

        facts r not opinions…that is how we got to where we r today

  11. Tinkerbell

    Production, can you at least do one simple thing right?!?! Wake.Them.Up!!!

  12. Avatar

    Maybe I am crazy but does anyone think that maybe Mrs. Chen is ready to play the game?

  13. Tinkerbell

    How I wish they would provide them with high tech microphones. We want to hear what they are saying. It is not fun listening them crunch-n-munch.

  14. Tinkerbell

    I love the Three Bear love in the HOH. Papa Paul, Mama Christmas, Baby Josh. So heartwarming.

  15. LindsayB

    There’s a lot of negative things to say about Christmas but I think it’s pretty shitty to talk shit about her body. She has worked hard for it and it’s beautiful, not manly. The amount of discipline and dedication that’s needed to look like that is something that very few of us on here, if any of us, have. I work out regularly and would love to have results like hers. I’ve said this before, the HGs give us plenty of ammunition to talk shit about their game play. Body shaming isn’t ok. It’s not ok to shame someone for being fat just like it’s not ok to shame someone for being fit. In fact, body shaming is considered a form of bullying and if I recall correctly, that’s something that none of you would ever do.

      • LindsayB

        Thanks!! Let’s see how many people want to be mad about the idea of not body shaming. Fucking ridiculous. So much talk about how horrible Paul is. How dare he suggest things?? How dare he play the game?? So it’s ok to bodyshame someone’s fitness levels, height, and boobs when you’re not in a game for money just because you don’t like that Paul has dominated this season of BB??? Come on people. If you’re going to judge you should at least act better than those you are judging.

      • ShoeLover

        Christmas is my type of fitness. Now the size of her delts are too big for my frame but everyone has their own unique physique. And it does take a lot of discipline and dedication to maintain this type of lifestyle. As I have stated before, I will take her ass, abs and legs any day. And for women who lift, that is a compliment.

        Here, I am sure we can all get along or agree to disagree. Most of us have been coming here for several years now enjoying the game together, talking smack to one another, but mostly we all get along because it is only a game.

        Sometimes the insults are funny and then some are just as crazy and way out there that I find myself going HuH… But again it’s a game. So I just scroll on down. But here lately the thread has become nasty and I don’t know why. I haven’t been on much this year because of some scary health issues and this is my escape… so from one BBJ fan to the rest of the BBJ FAMILY….



      • LindsayB

        Hey shoe. I’d love it if we all got along. Unfortunately, it seems like in order to do that we would all have to like and dislike the same people which is lame.
        I would LOVE to have her delts. I look soft there no matter what I do. The fact that I won’t give up bread and cheese may be working against me.
        I hope whatever it is that you’re going through has a positive outcome. Also, thank you for your kind message the other day. It meant a lot.

      • caRyn

        ShoeLover, I hope you are well or getting there. Take care. The show is entertainment and an escape for me. I call it fluff. A time-out from my day to day reality.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Christmas gets on my damn nerves but her body is amazing. I definitely admire her dedication and her tenacity.

    • Avatar

      But this is where you will always have a minority in all walks of life. We all have standards and it differs from person to person. Some didn’t see that blackface controversy as anything awful, others did. Some don’t see Paul’s gameplay as vicious and unbecoming of a person, others don’t agree and think its gameplay. Some still don’t think this season, especially when it comes to Team Paul have done any bullying whatsoever and have even gone so far as to say that the word bullying is overused and not even relevant to the game.

      We all have our differences and it sucks, but sometimes people will talk about other peoples body and make fun of it, and that’s just something we have to live with. Hell, even Zingbot made fun of Josh and his weight, and CBS didn’t get any slack for that.

      • LindsayB

        I don’t disagree with you at all Ritchie (for once, lol). The problem is the hypocrisy. The same people saying things about Paul being short, Alex’s boobs being saggy (they’re not), and Christmas being too fit are the same people who were up in arms about kevin being called old. These are the same people who think the idea of anyone in the house being mean to another HG is the most vile thing ever. These are the same people who were upset about Josh being called fat. These people would also freak the fuck out if someone in the house called a girl fat. I’m just saying that if you’re going to stand for something, actually stand for it. Don’t just stand for it if Paul and one of his minions do it. Dont exhibit bully behavior of you’re against bullying.

      • Avatar

        Thats what I call a clean kill.

    • Avatar

      Hey Linds, if you want to sdd something a little different to your fitness, check out yoga with adrienne on youtube. You would be surprised how yoga can sculpt the body even better than regular training at the gym.

      She has all kinds of videos from beginner to high intensity. She actually reminds me of my instructor, but I follow Adrienne at home when I don’t have the chance to get to the studio.

      • LindsayB

        Thank you. I’ll have to check that out. I’ve been focusing my training for a tough mudder next month. I couldn’t complete the funky monkey obstacle on my last one so it’s been all about pull ups, push ups, and farmers walks. I’ve become addicted to being strong. Yoga would definitely add to it so I need to stop thinking about it and start doing it.

    • LO1004

      Who is body shaming Christmas? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. I’d be so proud if I had her body!

  16. Avatar

    I dont see many BB production staff making their bonuses with this years show. That contract they wrote with the main “character” Paul isn’t exactly living up to expectations of an award winning season. They provided…

    – $25K/12-13 weeks of double stipend ($2K roughly) for Paul while everybody else gets $1K
    – the best god-awful game playing supporting cast they could find, there could not have been any briggs meyer quality controlled tests here.
    – friendship membership rings handed out as the solo captain of both squads.
    – awesome long term immunity from eviction and ability to play in all comps for “ya boy.”
    – slaps on the hands with blackface gate, pokebutt gate. The initial TMZ report was about Jessica, but it was later revealed that Paul on more than one occasion held a guy down when that person got poked.
    – laxed rule enforcement so the ring bearers (Team Paul) could live the privileged BB country club life (turn it up to 60, the meat grinder of humiliation and harrasment for each weeks targeted house guest).

    All they asked of Paul was to run it friendship style, but his ugliness and disdain as a human being took center stage so early in the game as the gamesmaster (pupeteer), that the blood bath CBS had to take from the national media certainly was not a part of the pre-arranged agreement.

    As if all of that wasn’t enough, now production finds itself having to spend extra time coaching the guy/Paul (natural talent is average but not stellar), as well as manipulating the remaining cast to wake the “____” up.

    The larger BB fan base is so unhappy and disgusted with the show, that they are actually rooting against the main “character” Paul to win the $500K. And as an added bonus, many would love to see him get backdoored as a nice farewell to such a crappy spirited way he played the game this season. Playing hard, playing all the time, and being consistent with his MO?; absolutely Paul. But greatness alone cannot really be synonymous with Paul’s play this season.

  17. g8trgirl

    Maybe I missed it, but are nominations today and do we know for sure who Josh is going to nominate?

  18. Avatar

    @Lindsayb you and I better screenshot this moment in time, actually agreeing and on the same page haha!

  19. Yael Sara

    The way that Paul talks to Josh is absolutely disgusting, and that Josh lets him speak to him that way.

  20. Avatar

    Kevin and Alex are OTB.

    News flash!

    West Coast Customs is in the house. They are embroidering one of the OTB chairs with Kevin’s name.

  21. Alda

    Josh is crying again.I don’t know if he’s going to make it much longer.He just might snap! He cares more about how people will feel about him after the show then winning the money!

  22. Avatar

    Hey, here’s a thought:

    What if The BB house was split into condos that forced the HG’s into separate living facilities during specific times of the day. Maybe only two assigned to each living quarters. You weren’t allowed in each other’s quarters only the common areas. You were able to swap roommates through competitions. As the HG’s were evicted, those living spaces were closed down till there was no place to hide and strategize.

  23. Avatar

    I think BB alum should get a better salary. They have a fan base and CBS thought they were entertaining enough to bring back.

  24. Jenny

    I hope Kevin gets AFP to make up for how these jerks have been treating him. The guy isn’t perfect but he’s shown more character than the other 4 remaining HG’s put together.

    Josh… Josh… he has a conscience but he needs to grow the eff up and take responsibility for his actions. Blow up once and apologize, okay. ONCE. Not over and over, starting fights because someone is egging you on, you are too damn old to be acting like this!!!

    Anybody else find it interesting that 3 of the final 5 HG’s still live with their parents???

  25. Jenny

    OMG I wish someone would tell Xmas she is using the crutch on the wrong side!!!! Left foot injured, crutch goes on the right side. I’ve been on crutches. You need to put the crutch on the OPPOSITE side of the injured foot/leg.

    • LindsayB

      Maybe she’s using it in the way that feels most comfortable for her.

      • Jenny

        It’s because arm movement is opposite of leg movement. Right arm forward when left leg goes forward. It might be counter-intuitive but it works. I had a sprained left knee and they had to tell me to use the crutch on the right side when I was ready to put weight on it again. My mom borrowed one of my crutches when she had an injured foot and did the same thing, tried to use the crutch on the injured side, and when I had her switch it she was like OH, this IS better! 🙂

    • Ann

      So if you break your right foot & your using 1 crutch, shouldn’t the crutch be on the injured side? I wouldn’t want to have the crutch on the uninjured side because that would make me have to walk on the injured side.

      • Helen

        She is weight bearing now…but most of her weight thus the crutch should be on uninjured side…..

      • Jenny

        I know it seems wrong, but you want the crutch on the opposite side of the injury. Much easier to get around!

      • Ann

        @Jenny, I must be dyslexic…help understand this. If I hurt my rt leg/ft, & I have the crutch on the uninjured side, isn’t that kind of defeating the purpose of having the crutch? That would make me have to bear weight on the injured side & that crutch would be like having a an extra leg on my side that doesn’t need it. Do you understand what I mean? I’m not being silly, I’m serious.

      • Jenny

        @ann1 I know it seems wrong. I get that. If I hadn’t been on crutches I wouldn’t believe it either. I can’t explain it but I swear it’s true! 🙂 Maybe @helen can?

    • Helen

      True story…takes the load off of injured leg….using on the injured side actually tilts pelvic muscles

  26. Ann

    Why is that little ADD, delusional, little, troll blaming Kevin for Jason’s eviction? Is her head that far up Paul’s ass that her thought process is impaired? I want her ass gone so bad.
    Herman Munster can’t make a decision for himself without getting approval from someone else.
    I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if not winning any comps was Kevin’s plan all along. He was probably hoping to get carried to the end & maybe winning comps in F4 F3 & F2 & telling the jury he did not backstab, cheat, bully, manipulate or lie his way to the end. Stranger things have happened…
    I hope if the troll gets evicted Herman Munster can leave her a nice tidy little goodbye message like he left for Jason so she can see she got played. I can see her jumping around like a tasered jackrabbit.

  27. Tinkerbell

    I’m in a good mood now. Seeing Vile Prison Girl sulking, all alone in the apple room, is a very good thing….finally. It isn’t fun, is it wench. I love not hearing her talk at 1000 words per minute, and love the forelorn look on her face. Love!! She said she would NEVER let anyone on BB see her cry, fake or real. Lied again. Haha Watch your back sweetie, Karma is biting back.

    Christmas wants Playboy to contact her. Hey Hugh, are you watching? If it happens, Paul is all in. He wants to go to the Playboy activities with her.

  28. Tinkerbell

    VPG – It’s a beautiful Hurtz Donut. Hurts….Don’t it. Sorry, corny. Now she’s taking more pills. Seems like she gets in that pill bottle by her bed at least 10 times a day. Kevin laying in his bed. Looks like she escaped to the rose room. Such a little trooper. No doubt in my mind all of this is Kevin’s fault……..in her feeble brain anyhow.

  29. Tinkerbell

    Yep, VPG is in the rose room. Round bed, covered from head to toe with a blanket. Good place for her. Sorry for my constant harping. I just love, love, seeing her get a taste of what she has been serving since the first day. And, love not hearing her foul motor mouth. Not many days left in the season, and this is her very first day to not have things her way. Waa waa waa. She does not want to leave before Kevin. Please make her go.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    My new least favorite word: pivot

  31. NKogNeeTow

    With all those empty beds in the house, why does April Fools Day find it necessary to sleep with Gnomey? And she’s a bed hog too. Last night she was in the middle and he was on the edge. Just thinking out loud…

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Now why are we looking up Kevin’s nose snoring, when there is conversation going on in the Rose Room?

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Why is she running her fingers through his hair while he’s sleeping. I think he might need armed security when he gets out. She reminds me of a bunny boiler. Jus sayin….

  34. Ann

    Paul does not have anything on his mind but that $500K & aims to get it by any means necessary. He might have to put out before Halloween gets pissed off & snap & toss his little ass around.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    I’m glad she fell asleep before she rubbed a hole in the top of his head. Have him looking like a miniature Whistle-Nut.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Did you hear earlier when Josh asked her point blank if she would take him to F2 over Paul, and she told him that she couldn’t “make that decision right now”. This woman is nuts, she’s seriously playing for Paul at this point. I wish Josh had put their asses right next to each other on the block this week. See if they’d be cuddling then.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m pretty much over every numbnut in that house. I’m just coasting towards the Finale and waiting to see what F-List celebrities we get this winter…lol.

      • Ann

        Josh knows in his heart what he needs to do, his gut is telling him but he’s too afraid to make a decision on his own. He could still make a huge move by telling everyone what’s been going on & if he can get Kevin & that little tree monkey troll on board, they can get Paul out if one of them get VETO.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Look at you Annie Fannie. Hangin out all late and stuff…lol

  37. Ann

    Yeah, I couldn’t sleep. Lol

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Well it’s official. You scared me so badly with that “give her a little bit” remark, that I just signed out of the Feeds and closed the window. I don’t want to witness nuttin!…lol

    • Ann

      Well, he just might have to give it up because he’s got to keep her happy until finale night. I can see him ease away from her, mingling with everyone & then slip on out the door into a waiting vehicle. Lol

  39. NKogNeeTow

    You know what I want to see at the Finale, more than who the winner is? All the HG when they come face to face with all the families, who have been watching what we were watching. I intend to pop a giant bowl of popcorn and pour a stiff drink…and I don’t even drink….LOL

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I’m out for the night.

    Goodnight Annie and Gerardo, and all you other little sleepy heads out there.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  41. Helen

    I have been trying to mentally prepare myself for Kevin leaving this week…..if Alex gets pulled from the block he is gone….no matter which one Paul or Christmas replace her,Kevin will be voted out….the only hope would be for Kevin to win POV and I really. Don’t see that happening with BB Comics being the veto comp. Josh could possibly convince Kevin to vote out Paul if he were to be totally honest with Kevin,but again I don’t see that happening. Paul could also vote to evict Kevin forcing a tie to make Josh break the tie (as he did last week with Christmas) to secure his jury vote with Alex and make Josh the bad guy who took her out.

  42. Avatar

    Kevin has a good memory or at least seems that way. If he has a sharp eye and can take it all in with few trips he could win it.

    • Ann

      I think so too. I still say there’s something mysterious about him, I think there’s more there than we’ve been shown. I don’t know, I just can’t put my finger on it.
      Picture the look on Alex’s face if Kevin did win.

    • Renee

      Paul and Christmas were talking about Kevin possibly being color blind and if so not doing well in this comp. He apparantly always asks if something is green or blue.

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