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Your Source For Big Brother 24 Spoilers
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Big Brother 19 Is Coming!

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If you weren’t aware, last year we had two seasons of Big Brother. One was, of course, Big Brother 18, and the other was the online-only version of Big Brother Over the Top. Doing back to back seasons pretty much drained me, but I had a nice long winter to hibernate and it’s time to dust off the blog for another summer of fun with Big Brother 19!

If you’re looking for any insight on the season, I have none. It’s still far too early to know what rules and twists they’re going to have, but I will say I hope they integrate some of the aspects from Big Brother OTT into this season.  Some of the things I hope they carry over:

  • Live feeds 24/7.  They have this now, but during regular seasons they black out competitions in order to make people tune into the CBS episodes.  I understand why they do this and there wouldn’t be a show without the CBS viewers, so anything to detract from that is unlikely to happen no matter how fun it was. Perhaps if they repeated BBOTT with less elaborate comps while having more of them, they can make up for it, but I doubt they want smaller comps.
  • Awake time. Houseguests had to be awake during certain hours last season, and I think that greatly contributed to the atmosphere of the house.  This created a situation where everyone was always awake together, and people eventually got on each other’s nerves because of this. It created a lot more real tension between the sides, and you really felt it more when big game moves happened. People couldn’t just go sleep all day (*cough* Michelle) when they were sad.
  • Some Viewer Interaction.  This is another tricky one because I originally thought the idea of allowing viewers to nominate a third person and vote for eviction was fantastic until I realized that it was extremely unfair when a former player entered the house with an established fan base. That said, despite probably being carried further than he should have, the fan favorite ended up losing which shows that through the course of a season, new players can earn ‘favorite’ status as the season progresses. If America voted for the winner of BB18, I’m almost positive that Paul would have won by a landslide.

Again, this is all speculation and suggestions on my part. I have no clue how the format will be this season, but history says it will probably be a lot similar to regular seasons than BBOTT. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing as regular seasons are also fantastic, but I’m hoping they just improve on it with what they learned last fall.

Finally, it’s also that time again to start signing up to the live feeds. I really don’t like begging people to do it, but I am certainly going to push heavier during the month of June. Why? CBS is running a contest once again where Big Brother bloggers (such as myself) have the chance to attend a live taping later in the season. Because of you guys, I was able to win during BB17 (Ironically I attended the week Jason from BB17/BBOTT got evicted), so I’m hoping you can pull together to make it happen again!

How can you help?  Click on this link here and sign up to the live feeds. It has to be through the link otherwise I won’t get credit. You know you’re going to sign up for the feeds anyway, so may as well increase the chances that I can once again give you guys a first hand experience at what it’s like to attend a show!  I did a huge write-up of my story during that season, and am ready to do it again this year!


Also, cast reveal is set for June 19th, and will happen on the live feeds first, so it is even more incentive to get them! Either way, stick around because there will be a ton more information on Big Brother 19 as it becomes available.  Let’s hope for a fun summer!



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