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Big Brother 19 – Last Live Show Before The Finale!


I had to use a Shelby picture because she made the best faces

Good everyone, everyone! I can’t believe it. It’s the last live eviction show before Paul is crowned winner of Big Brother 19… oops, I mean until someone is crowned winner *wink wink*

Conspiracy theorists, relax. It’s a joke. Paul could actually lose this and I’ll tell you why. While he was playing chess and his opponents were playing checkers, he now has to convince at least 5 jury members who don’t understand chess that he was playing the smarter game. Weird analogy, I know, but hear me out. In all his strategic moves, he managed to look like an ass to a good portion of the jury. The way he betrayed Alex and Jason who really thought (for some reason) they had a final 3 with him will be a tough sell. Now let’s assume he takes Josh like he is currently planning, that means the girl who went on a very expensive date with him (Christmas) will look like an idiot on national TV and may be a bit bitter that night (similar to Jason’s reaction). Especially considering she was cheering him on when he won HoH and was one of the key people to mock Cody for “throwing his game away” for Jessica.


We then have the Mark and Elena situation which is a tough one for Paul. He never really connected with either of them while Josh actually did. Sure, Mark and Josh have their history of fighting, but there is also a mutual respect between the two. The same goes for Elena who was closer with Josh even through the fighting and bullshit.  I would put money on Mark and maybe even Elena voting for Josh based on their personalities and connections this season.  On the flip side, you have Cody who has the same mutual respect thing with Paul as Mark does with Josh and Cody absolutely cannot stand Josh no matter how pissed he is at Paul. I just cannot see Cody ever casting a vote for Josh because there is some deep hatred there. Then comes tweedle dee and tweedle dumb (Matt/Raven) who are likely locks for Paul because they’re still too clueless to be bitter.

That means I’m looking at…

For Paul – Cody, Matt, Raven
For Josh – Mark, Elena

Leaning Josh – Christmas
Leaning Paul – Alex, Jason, Kevin

Ok, I guess he likely won’t lose no matter what. The numbers are just not adding up for Josh with Matt and Raven as locks for Paul. Reality is, Paul will probably end up winning 7-2 or maybe even 9-0.  Fun? Sorry, but I tried to give you guys some hope. I want to be wrong, but I did this last year and actually predicted Nicole winning 5-4 (check the bottom of this page). The only votes I got wrong were James and Zakiyah.  #humblebrag

Time for updates….

  • Still 2 more hours for the show but I decided to write this early to make sure site is stable tonight
  • Ok, here we go!  Site still having issues because of course it is, but I’m going to just deal with it tonight because it’s live.
    • Alex – “Top two… top two… top two!!”  hahaha
    • Looks like we’re going to see the jury house tonight!
    • Of course during the highlights they show a cackle from Christmas ugh
  • Jury house time!
    • Cody says he doesn’t enjoy jury and wants out lol
    • Mark asks who he thinks is running the BB house and Cody says he doesn’t care
    • Cody says he thinks Matt is just a big pussy
    • Matt tells the house on the plan to backdoor Kevin and Mark asks why because Kevin can’t win anything
    • Mark tries to involve Cody in the conversation and he walks away
    • The jury house laughs that Christmas won the running comp
    • Second eviction in a row, they laugh that Kevin was supposed to be backdoored
    • Cody approves of Jason’s exit
  • Commercial break
    • I like the four person to jury segment in one night because it ties things together
    • Raven tells the group that Alex has no idea that Paul was in on the plan
    • Raven says she wants Paul to go to the end because they were in an alliance
    • The house laughs at her and Elena laughs really hard
    • Now Alex enters the jury
    • Time to give Alex another good edit
    • Jason tells Alex that they can’t vote for Paul in the end
    • He continues that Raven claims to be the puppet master allied with Paul
  • Commercial break!
  • Time for Paul to win the veto comp. I just wonder if the other three try
    • I remember last year they had hands and feet for this comp. Just sayin….
    • Paul wins veto comp easily
  • Time for Paul to not use veto and Christmas evict Kevin
    • Paul doesn’t use veto
    • Christmas evicts Kevin

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    As has been stated by others most of the jury is to dumb to realize how bad they played this season and how easilt Paul controlled he could just hey guys vote for me and they probably would.

    • Jannie

      Yep, April Fool is so mesmerized by Roamin Gnome that I don’t think she’ll care about getting voted out…if Gnomy gives her a fake sob story. “I just can’t beat you in the end, baby!” Hell, she’ll even vote for him to win the money.
      Just when I thought Bride of Chuckie couldn’t look any dumber…we see her claiming to be the puppet master.
      And Matt, my god is he just a waste of space.
      Glad to see Cody has lightened up since going to jury…not. Jess is going to have her hands full with that one. I give it 30 days.
      Ok, let’s all admit it. Even though we all were rooting for Kevin and he went out with class, it was his time to go. Watching his interview with Julie, did he even pay attention to what was going on all summer? Sadly, he’ll give the money to the Gnome.

  2. Avatar

    If I was Josh, I would straight up tell Paul that if he is not taken to F2, he is a vote for anyone who is sitting next to Paul and will will make sure everyone in jury knows about the F3 plan with Xmas. Tell him he will do and say whatever is needed to make sure Paul doesn’t get the votes…

    Paul is counting on everyone to vote for him because he will spin his final speech like a pro.

    If I was Xmas, I would say the same thing during F3.

    If I was Kevin, I’d run out of the house and never look back. Tell everyone in jury they were duped by a pro and they all are idiots and they should vote for Josh…

    I think that Xmas will be default 3rd place and offered a spot in BB20… That’s unless she becomes a junkie again on the pain meds she’s been chewing like tic tacs…

  3. Mel

    Josh will be in F2 unless Xmas wins the final hoh. Paul wants to take Josh. Josh wants to take Xmas. Xmas wants to take Paul.

    Kevin is realizing he’s going home and has already told Paul he’s got his back in jury if it happens. He’s leaving Ritchie s shirt for Paul to wear in case he’s evicted. I knew Kevin wouldn’t win but I had hoped he saw through the BS. I was hoping that Kevin could see what was going on but knew he couldn’t do anything about it because he didn’t have backing and he can’t win a comp. He’s older and was our last hope for any common sense. Nope, he bought it hook, line and sinker too, just like the others.

  4. Mel

    I wanted more jury clips. Think we’ll get one tonight?

    • Mel

      They don’t usually show 4 people going to jury in one segment do they?

    • LO1004

      Everything they showed at the jury house was wonderful. Raven was as delusional as ever. Mark was all sulky when he couldn’t articulate how to tell Raven to shut it. Matt realized he’s an idiot and was the puppet. Elena laughed in ravens face when she said she was the puppet master. And then Cody. He just sat there cracking up watching mayhem unfold. Possibly one of my fondest jury house footage. Yes.

  5. Alda

    Steve,thanks for the memories.Just remembered how much I enjoyed BB18 over this season!

  6. Mel

    Has anyone thought that a vote for Cody is a ring for Jessica more than it’s a FU to Paul?

    • hogwild

      My voting for Cody is because he was seemingly the only one who saw what a threat Paul was and tried to take him out and that he played the game. As I have said before Cody didn’t play very well but at least he played very few others can say that this season.

      • Tinkerbell

        This is probably incorrect, but it seemed that last year there was a place on CBS where we could view how the AFP votes were going each day.

      • Tinkerbell

        I think this has already been posted. I apologize. I have live feeds. CBS only allows me to vote 20 times each day.

      • Mel

        I’m not knocking voting for him at all. Jessica’s just been very annoying on social media since she was evicted. Having past players praise her for seeing Paul’s BS has gone to her head. She’s acting as if she and Cody are entitled to the money. I was a little torn over voting myself and Cody was my second choice. I didn’t want to reward Kevin for following Paul but everyone played badly even the ones who didn’t follow Paul. That left me with just voting for the person I enjoyed the most as a person instead of a player. That was Kevin.

      • Tinkerbell

        @addy08. Mel, I would be very happy for Kevin to win too. I was so surprised how he bowed to Paul all season, very disappointing. However, he is a good person and fun stories. I wish we could see the AFP daily polls. IF it’s a close race between Kevin and Cody, I would definitely throw my votes to the projected winner. What, is this November 2016 again?! Please nooooooo. Ha

      • hogwild

        For me it was the exact opposite Kevin was my second choice I have been split on Kevin. Kevin the person I like he brought some class and dignity to season that really didn’t have any outside of him but Kevin the player reminded me to much of Matt not because he hooked up with some disgusting nutjob but because a lot of the time he like Matt was the invisible man you never saw or heard from him and it was to forget he was even in the house that said if Cody had not made jury I would be voting Kevin AFP.

      • Avatar

        @addy08 that’s how the vote should go anyway. Its America’s “favorite” player so it could be anyone but if it was based on gameplay the choices are very slim. I think only Paul or Jody deserve it for playing an awesome strategic game and for attempting to play a good game and make big moves. It’s really sad we didn’t have very many “players” this year.

      • Ann

        @HobieGirl, I am about to reach through this damn television & slap the shit out of Raven. She pulled strings, her & Matt were closest to Paul? What planet is that delusional, clown faced, scab eating, lying, scamming skank from? Oh, that’s right, she’s from planet Mensa with a GPA in dance!!!

      • Avatar

        Oh Ann I am soo with you on this one!

      • Avatar

        Tonight for first time, I was only allowed my 20 votes so they got the glitch fixed. But I got in about 1600 votes before they fixed it

    • Tinkerbell

      Yes. Exactly why she has been campaigning since the day her hot-to-trot vutt butt was voted out. I hope Cody has a person he will listen to, and someone he trusts. Hopefully one of his Marine buddies was able to watch BB, has seen her twitter/instagram, and figured out exactly who she is, and what she is all about.

      • Tinkerbell

        Cody still gets my vote……for not cowering to Fidel, and to throw it in all of their bitchy faces.

      • Tinkerbell

        @ann Your Raven post cracks me up!!

      • Avatar

        Did you know that one of the Twins from BB 17 Liz, or Julia works at the same Club that Jessica Graf works at??? I forget which Twin it is, but when Season 19 of BB started, one of the Twins said….”I know her from WORK!”

        I 100% Love Kevin, he & his personality were an Asset to that Awful, Awful house! I just wish Kevin would have been more Independent in his thinking, instead of following & doing everything Paul told him to do. But Kevin was Recruited, & really didn’t know how to play the Game, so he became yet another Minion for Paul. JMO…Kevin is already $25,000 ahead in the Game of BB, & with his Stipend he will walk out the BB doors with at least $40,000, or more Dollars in his Pockets. Along with his Wife, who is a Registered RN, that is a Good sum of Money!

        I am choosing to give my vote for AFH to a Player who First Played who Recognized the Huge Threat in the House, & who Focused on getting him out. My vote is also going to a person who could really use the Money…Cody

      • Ann

        Raven had better keep her mouth shut before her scamming ass gets called out on all of her lies. She needs to sit her ass down somewhere or go lay up with that pea brain boyfriend of hers & stay out of sight.
        I wonder if they have to listen to her gastromentalitis in the jury house.


      • Jay H

        I would’t be surprised if she has gotten called out on her lies, just not showing it.
        As far as that episode, l have to say seeing that woodwork wacko(Raven) got me more worked up than anything else I saw.
        Maybe Raven voting for Paul ain’t that bad. If I was sitting on the fence in that jury house, her actions/thoughts/delusions of grandeur would cause me to vote the exact opposite of her.

    • LO1004

      Yes. It hadn’t crossed my mind before I started seeing how hard she’s been campaigning for this title. Then I remembered a conversation they had before she left and how she wanted ”a big ring’. Sure, maybe she wants to give a big FU to Paul and his followers, but I’m positive the thought of him winning $25k makes her mouth water a bit more for that ring.

      • Avatar

        Jessica makes WAY more $$$$$ than Cody makes, LOL?! If anything Jessica would become his Sugar Mama?!

      • LO1004

        That’s not really the point I’m making. She can be his sugar mama for all I know. What I do know, is a girl like that is NOT going to want to buy her own engagement ring.

      • Avatar

        “What I do know, is a girl like that is NOT going to buy her own engagement ring.” Can you clarify your comment, What kind of Girl is she???

        As I mentioned before, on of the Twins from BB 17, Liz or Julia Nolan work were she works at. And I remember that a lot of us said the same thing about Rachel Reilly, she was a Las Vegas Party Girl…Now She is Married with a Baby. It just goes to show that People can, & do change.

    • Jannie

      Ugh, she’ll pick out a big bauble and then dump him a week later. Seriously, he seems like a really bad boyfriend. And I mean the psycho kind. That stare just creeps me out. No way he would tolerate her job. He would start hanging out there, stalking her, etc…
      Then all that will be left is the restraining orders and Lifetime movie.

      Again…Cameron for AFP. Let them all know they sucked.

      • Avatar

        Have you been to where Jessica works? Do you know what her job entails? I just wondered as you seem to know all about it. I would be interested in knowing. You are also talking about someone who served our country for many years. Some psychos might get in rarely, but when they do, they are found out pretty quickly. Cody has fought for us and you should at least give him that respect. He’s a no nonesense person and bit off more than he could chew ending up in that house with those people. What about him makes you think he would stalk her? He was never anything but a gentleman with her that I saw. He could park his boots under my bed anytime!! Of course my dad was career army and I married a marine. They take life much more seriously than other people. If they don’t they end up dead. They don’t go for the silly immature stuff and they are more prone to keep their life private. They are taught to make fast decisions because it could mean life or death, theirs or their buddies. They are much more serious.

      • Jannie

        My husband was Air Force in the early 80’s, my Dad was In the Navy during WWII and my brother did over 20 years in the Navy before retiring in the 90’s. And a nephew in the National Guard who went to Iraq in 2009-10. Yes, I have met people in the military. And I have great respect for our vets. But this was Cody… a character on a game show. He should not be treated any differently because of his military service – one has nothing to do with the other.
        Cody could maybe have a little ptsd…an anti social personality is a red flag, as are distancing oneself from family and friends. He admitted he hasn’t had much to do with his family. Something may have happened to him on active duty that he has not sought treatment for – that is sad. Maybe we saw things differently, but Cody definitely isolated himself and Jess in the house. I saw it, maybe you didn’t.
        Jess lists her occupation as a VIP Concierge…that’s pretty much a glorified Hooters girl who sells expensive bottles of liquor to high end clients with her “charms.” So, yeah, I can imagine what her job is like.

  7. Avatar

    I just don’t get the idea of voting against the player that completely fooled everybody. So, for me, going to jury, would be my chance to award the player that beat me, not to punish them for being better than me.

    AFP….that’s going to be interesting.

    • Avatar

      Good point @dmc Vote for the person who got you out with blood on their hands. So it’s between xmas and Josh since they have the blood on their hands.

      • Avatar

        Paul: Xmas went rogue

        Josh: We had a final three tge whole time. You were OUR last target.


      • Avatar

        That was funny for sure. Kevin is too classy to make a big deal out of it. I think he will respect Paul’s game & give him the vote.

      • Avatar

        Dmc. Kevin isn’t to classy to make something out of it. I liked Kevin but he had no idea. There as no reason at the end for Paul to not tell Kevin the truth when Kevin asked him on his word or to swear on it, however it as. Kevin would have understood and been no problem, he told ales, why not be honest with Kevin?

    • Avatar

      There’s lots of different ways to beat people. Some moves are not necessary to win and some are. It just depends on how each person feels about how each person played the game. When there are only two sitting up there, jury members might think they both deserve to be there and they both beat everyone in jury. So it just depends on how each jury member thinks about the way each of the two got there. Everyone in jury is going to know that Paul telling them he had nothing to do with their evictions, is going to know that was a lie. So Paul not wanting to get blood on his hands, I believe was all for naught. They will all know Paul has all their blood on his hands. They can either respect that or go vote for the other person. Josh irritated the hell out of them but he also ended up having pretty good relationships with them in the end. I think most knew Paul instigated Josh’s attacks. I don’t see Cody voting for him but can see the rest except Raven and Matt. Was Raven not a raving idiot tonight? Puppet masters. Alex and Jason need to let them know that was Paul’s idea. It probably wouldn’t matter.

      • Avatar

        Raven was exactly the same in jury as she was in the house, clueless. To make herself feel better she has to actually believe she was as important as Paul in Paul getting this far. Her goal seemed to be coming into the house, latch onto someone equally as dumb as you, lay around and do nothing (as to not put a target on yourself or your bed buddy) and get to jury where you can guarantee Paul 2 votes. Paul was up 2 – 0 in jury as soon as the final 5 evictees were left. As far as Alex being a “gamer” she has to go by what a “gamer” would do, and that is vote for who everyone perceived as the one who played the game the best. It’s almost like being a “gamer” is her “brand”. She was big into Paul being so locked into his “friendship” brand that she is a “brand” person herself. Unless of course that whole “petty cat ear thing” takes off. Add Xmas or Josh to the mix of jury members and that is 4 votes for Paul. All they will need to do is flip one person at this point. Alex may play the sad angle with Jason (since he treated her so poorly on his way out the door) and make him do what SHE wants which would give Paul the 5 votes he needs.

  8. Avatar

    Julie Chen is a beautiful woman, but who put on her make-up tonight??? Must be taking beauty tips from Raven!

  9. hogwild

    They are showing jury stuff tonight Cody is not saying much but you can tell he is laughing his ass off on the inside.

  10. g8trgirl

    Yeah! More jury house!
    P.S. Cody keeps his lovely disposition and he will blow AFP. Butthead.

    • hogwild

      I think Cody is just enjoying sitting back and letting everyone else discover how badly they got played.

      • g8trgirl

        Totally agree. He wants to say, “I told you so.” desperately.

      • Avatar

        He was cracking me up tonight. He finds them all so intolerable and is only amused when they put each other in their place.

      • Jannie

        I thought Cody’s behavior was pretty childish. Get over yourself. You got played by Paul too, when you talked Jess out of taking Ramses off of the block and he went home over BoBo.
        Cody has said he doesn’t have much to do with his family. He seems to have a lot of issues with socializing and relationships. And sadly, I doubt Jess will stick around long after their 15 minutes is up.

    • hogwild

      He got to do that earlier when Mark and Elena showed up they were talking about Christmas Cody asked Mark was I right about her Mark tells him yes Cody that’s all I wanted to hear. So I think he’s good on that front he is just having a ball as everyone else deals with their reality check.

  11. kneeless

    I have a feeling we have a #RavenSTFU moment

  12. Tinkerbell

    I can’t help it. . I apologize in advance. Quick-n-short diversion. CBS, can’t watch this.


  13. Avatar

    Had the best laugh watching BB tonight when Matt told Raven she just played house in the BB house!

  14. danmtruth

    She cannot be serious Raven is certifiably cazzzzy

  15. Avatar

    The jury house is the best! Cody’s faces! Raven the puppet master. This is the best entertainment ever. I just need some popcorn

  16. Avatar

    Well…I see Raven stole Christmas’ hi-liter makeup..lol! Could her face be ANY more bright white compared to the rest of her body?

    What a treat to see Jason and Matt calling out Raven about what she did in the housenand the icing on the cake is watching Raven hammer and stutter trying to come up with a comeback. SHE is in for SUCH a rude awakening when she gets back to the real world!

  17. ingodog

    Oh for god sake Raven………….SHUT THE F##K UP!!!

  18. Tinkerbell

    CBS, it’s never too late. Please give us the option for live feeds in the jury house. Fun! That would finally be good entertainment. I want it to include all houseguests when they access their social media and find out much they are NOT loved. Yay!

    • Avatar

      @hobie They should seriously consider having a BB Jury house show kinda like The Bachelor does with Paradise. Even for a half hour a week. Maybe on an off night like a Monday or Friday when BB isn’t on, usually. It would be interesting to see the hg’s when the chance for $500,000 is gone. Of course many of us knew the chance $500,00 was over before the last friendship bracelet was handed out but the hg’s didn’t know.

  19. Avatar

    I just got mine #RavenSTFU! Seriously she thinks she is the puppet master….She was pulling strings…? The only thing she was pulling on was Matts wang!

  20. Avatar

    I’m sorry…but Kevin has become just as delusional as Raven.

    • hogwild

      No one can be as delusional as Raven he might be able to run a close second but he can’t catch her.

      • Avatar

        You’re absolutely right @hogwild!
        No one in the entire world can top Raven!
        At the time I said that was when he was listening to Paul lie to him about voting out Christmas and seemed to believe him.
        Kevin totally redeemed himself with me with his exit so now I don’t know WHO I’m going to vote for AFP! I was 100% Cody before the show but Kevin has worked himself back into my thought process.

    • Avatar

      He was easily conned by Paul and Christmas. Terrible at playing BB and his street savvy disappeared in this house. But comparing him to Raven…no.

  21. kneeless

    No matter if you’re a Paul fan, or not, he has played a good game. But these people are certifiable this season, Paul included!

  22. kneeless

    Kevin looking very dapper tonight.

    • hogwild

      Kevin has good taste in clothes gotta give him that.

    • Avatar

      I need to take this moment to throw my thoughts in on Kevin. For all he hasn’t been able to win this season he has won gentleman of the year. I thought what he said to Julie about how the “kids” all stay up at night and talk and play and can relate to one another…he’s not clueless, just a grown up……he must be an astonishing Dad. Just saying. I am voting daily for AFP to be Kevin. No one thinks he played well but I agree with him on him having a good social game. Again, he was just a gentleman to everyone…he was very social, it’s just with those HG they don’t understand what true social civility is. And I don’t think he was every “sucking” up to anyone for Jury votes as Paul accused him of doing behind his back, I think he was just being Kevin. And again, I think Kevin is just a nice person. And in the house this season, that was a rarity which, to me, him shine out. Just saying. Now, just for fun I’ll depart this discussion on the subject of Raven. No one who picks their nose in public, in front of thousands for that matter, should be taken seriously. And I don’t believe anyone outside her germ pool, errr gene pool does, with the exception of Matt. And it may just be hopeful thinking on my part but even he started looking a little green around the gills to me there at the end of her “puppet-mastering” rant in the Jury House. Thank you all for allowing me to participate and thank you Moderator for the tough work you’ve had to do this season. It has been a rough one comparatively, I think. I almost wonder if some of the “evil” in the BBH started to seep out of there once in a while.

  23. kneeless

    Does Xmas have that damn tutu on tonight?

  24. Avatar

    Well ladies and gents it has been fun but I gotta get my butt to bed.

  25. Avatar

    They really should make the entire cast sit and watch the season together…….with live feeds on them!

  26. Avatar

    Kevin is the GOAT!!!! Love that guy!!!!!

  27. Helen

    LMAO. Josh did it again!!
    I saw 5 votes against Paul in jury…..they are going to roll him up and smoke him……

  28. Avatar

    As crazy as Kevin made me these past couple of weeks, hats off to what might be the classiest exit/eviction in BB history!

    Ohhh Christmas..you are just so pathetic – tutu and all!

  29. Wendy

    Tonights show was actually really nice! I enjoyed the whole show!!

  30. Alda

    kevin has more class in his little finger then this whole house of dimwitted jerks put together!

  31. Avatar

    Now comes the best part of the season. When they have to go back to reality and read their social media and find out what people REALLY think. In this instance I think Kevin will be the only winner. And I am sure that will mean more than money to him. I would suggest this year at Thanksgiving, Kevin serve crow…..I am sure most of his guests will be eating it.

  32. LO1004

    I LOVE how gracious Kevin was upon his exit. He sealed the deal for my AFP votes.

  33. Quwana

    O k just finish watching and all I can say is “What Da Hell Was Raven Smoking”???? She’s the puppet master???? but She is in the jury house…..How delusional can one b????? I mean like really???? smh any who I love LOVE Kevin!!!! He gets my A.F.P vote for sure….Now I hope Josh wins and picks Xmas to go to the final two if not I hope he lets the jury know about Paul’s game play so they won’t give Paul any votes but we all know some of them r not that bright…HORRIBLE CAST HORRIBLE SEASON….CAN’T WAIT FOR NEW SEASON OF SURVIVOR!!!!!

    • hogwild

      Survivor 9-27-17 as for Raven I’m starting to think she says this stuff just to get attention no one can be this dumb they just can’t be.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        It’s hard to believe, but I think she really is THAT out of touch with reality. In her exit interview (I didn’t watch because I couldn’t put myself through the torture of her voice again, but I read the transcript) she apparently said that she felt ALEX was running the house and Paul was in trouble because he was all alone with no allies now that she (Raven) had been evicted…

      • Avatar

        It’s obvious that Raven is a few _____short of a full _____. Fill in the blanks to any saying, they all fit. She is the reason that psychiatrist are in business. She needs help but it may be too late for her unfortunately. No one can be that clueless without having a serious medical condition. It is beyond stupidity. Stupidity is where individuals like her, unfortunately, usually get classified but if she was to be evaluated by certified professionals they would discover that she has at least one mental disorder. She is so used to telling fake stories and false self accolades that she actually believes them and if someone disproves her, then she shifts to something else to set her mind back to fantasy world. It’s usually another lie to keep the fantasy going in her head. Such as, I’m in Mensa and so is my momma so everyone else is not as smart as us and doesn’t understand what I’m saying. In her mind, when she is proven wrong, it’s because the rest of us aren’t as bright as her. So pathetic and sad.

      • Avatar

        Lets put Raven on Survivor ROFLMAO

    • Avatar

      The next one who gets kicked out doesn’t go to jury

  34. Avatar

    I think Paul might have made a big mistake by not keeping Kevin for final 2. I don’t see the jury voting for Kevin over Paul when he never won anything. I think that would have been a slam dunk for Paul. Josh and Christmas both have a shot against him. I think it will be pretty close. I am hoping Josh wins the final HOH and sends Paul packing

  35. Avatar

    So…I went to CBS to vote for AFP. Once I filled out all of my info it took me to a page for me to buy an All Access pass! WHAT??
    Are you telling me that I have to purchase something in order to cast my AFP votes??
    I am going to be so disappointed if that’s the case.

  36. Tinkerbell

    Everyone needs to know what Bitch of Frankenstein said. I think it was yesterday. ” I will murder their families.”

  37. Tinkerbell

    Matt is such a drip……a giant nothing burger.

  38. Wendy

    Once again Kevin was a class act! His exit interview was so well spoken and positive… I do think he feels like BB is portrayed him to be clueless.. he did sau many times in the interview he knew what was going on the whole time.

    • Jay H

      I truly like Kevin a lot. He’s a classy guy and truly friendly. Much more genuine than anybody in there, but I do think he was clueless. Mainly because people would rarely talk game with him. Jason was about the only one. The only other person was Paul, and he’d just tell him what to do and to shut up and hide away. He was very composed on the stage, but he looked nervous to me. He was just relaying what little he though to be true.

  39. Avatar

    I want to see the reaction on Paul’s face when he gets second place… again…!

    Ps. CODY for America’s favorite houseguest!
    ^^those 2 things are the only things that can restore this season.

  40. Wendy

    Are feeds going to return anymore?

  41. Avatar

    Did like Paul this year or last and I hope them idiots are smart enough to not let him win. He played them so they should play him.

  42. Tinkerbell

    Seeing all of the people jury reminds me of how much I couldn’t stand any of them, except for Cody. Dislike the most in the jury right now……Cowboy the Raper, Dead Girl Walking, Vile Prison Girl, and Nothing Burger. Raven, why couldn’t you have tripped when you walked up the stairs in your hooker heels. Raven STFU!!! Delusional bitch!!

  43. Avatar

    I’m onboard with this talk about Josh getting votes to possibly win. What I love about this blog is the evolution of the mood towards the houseguests this season. Over a month ago (37+ days) I clearly offered up the idea that taking Josh to final 2 could be a major mistake. He showed resistance (wanting Elena out instead of Jody), and an open defiance by saying no to “turn it up to 60” on Jessica and Cody. He clearly showed then he had some brains and some guts.

    At that time, the two biggest reasons I offered in support of Josh being a factor was…
    a) he showed remorse by trying to apologize to the targeted house guests after the “mob” tactics were administered, where as Paul did not.
    b) Jessica’s eviction at the time was the biggest eviction to that date, and it happened on Josh’s HOH.

    Now add Alex’s eviction – a wannabe strong competitor who was a perceived threat in the eyes of the establishment, to his resume. Couple this with the growing resentment of the puppet master angering evicted houseguests because his false word of honor has been found out (too many deals of f3 and f2); tells me that Paul continuously shows that he is not playing a great game. This mediocre walk in the park with the weakest cast members along with super safety for weeks on end, is just that, mediocre game play at best.

    Paul may still have a chance, but the mood on Josh has changed considerably since the earlier stages of the game!

  44. Avatar

    The sun’ll come out, tomorrow
    Bet your bottom dollar, that tomorrow
    There’ll be sun!

    Just thinking about, tomorrow
    Clears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow
    ‘Til there’s none!

    When I’m stuck in a day
    That’s gray and lonely
    I just stick out my chin
    And grin and say

    The sun’ll come out, tomorrow
    So you gotta hang on ’til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow
    You’re always a day away

    When I’m stuck in a day
    That’s gray and lonely
    I just stick out my chin
    And grin and say

    The sun’ll come out, tomorrow
    So you gotta hang on ’til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow
    You’re always a day away

  45. Avatar

    Quoth the Raven……

    I’m a whore….. I’m a whore…..

  46. Tinkerbell

    At the beginning of this season I could never have dreamed, in a zillion years, that I would want Josh to win. As much of a stupid fruitcake as he is, he is the best………of the WORST. That’s not saying anything…….not one single kudo to Josh. All of the Three Stooges suck eggs. Paul and Christmas, go to Hades.

  47. Tinkerbell

    Hey Paul, please learn how to say “with you.” It is NOT “wichoo.” You love correcting people constantly. You are not cool. Pay attention moron. You are not boys, you are gumpy. Your new words are not going to fly on the outside like you think they are. In short, I wish I could sell you for what you think you are worth………

  48. kneeless

    . I know it was not smart, strategically speaking, for Alex to take out Raven but I sure haven’t missed Raven. Seeing/hearing her tonight was painful.

  49. Avatar

    Ever stop and ponder that if Paul and Xmas were painted blue they’d look just like Poppa Smurf and Smurfette?

  50. Avatar

    I’m baaaack …. with a vengeance!

    First, I was really sick. Then, I was really busy at work. And also, I haven’t been energized to post anything because it’s been predictable and boring AF. But the jury portion of tonight’s show has motivated me and I’m coming out swinging. Truthfully, the jury has been the most entertaining thing to watch all season.

    So many thoughts, but I’m going to focus on one …. RAVEN! A few weeks ago, I backed off joking about her because I thought she was mentally ill. After tonight, I have completely changed my assessment. Oh, she certainly does suffer from an affliction and it is SFI Syndrome (stupid f”n idiot). Sure, there are millions of sufferers. We all know some, but Raven could be the poster child. She’s so dumb, she could be convinced that SFI awareness month is in Septembruary.

    You may ask why this is suddenly hitting me. I mean, I knew she was dumb before, but holy crap! I think I didn’t fully recognize the severity of her case before. I mean, she’s been evicted and is sitting there trying to tell a roomful of people who lived with her for the past couple months that she was the puppet master … AND SHE FREAKING BELIEVES IT!! Even though when Jason called her on it, she got mad and said “what did we do to you in the house? We kept to ourselves.” How can you be a puppet master calling the shots on one hand, but admit that you did nothing to people who have been evicted on the other? Ummmm, Raven, you dunderhead, it’s the second thing, dear.

    While everyone is telling her that they were all in an alliance with Paul, she says “we knew about all of your alliances, but ours was the real one.” AND SHE FREAKING BELIEVES IT!! Yet, she and her lazy lay have both been evicted. Yeah, sister, you were the real VIPs in Paul’s world, ya twit. I mean, who among us wouldn’t blindly follow someone who told us outright they were working with everyone else?

    One of my favorites was when she told Mark what he won and said he never won HOH Let’s dissect that for a minute, shall we? First, the guy won 2 POVs and 2 safety comps. Did I miss a memo? Do those not count anymore? Second, neither Raven nor Matt ever won an f’n thing. The closest they came was Matt knowing all the answers in a comp, which he used to his advantage so he could throw it. Good thing he could’ve won, but opted to lose handily instead. In what world is it logical to attack someone for what you actually did yourself? Hey Raven, not sure if you know this, but eating all the food in all the HOH baskets, picking your nose on camera in the HOH room, and pretending you were invited to sleep in the HOH bed with Cody does not actually mean you were HOH, it just makes you a rude and unsanitary squatter. This woman is so intellectually stunted that should only be allowed to use safety scissors.

    She thinks she played an excellent social game and was evicted because her story was so powerful. Which story? The MENSA one? I suspect that could’ve been a hymen/Heisman/Heineken moment. Raven, MENSA and your monthly visitor are NOT the same thing. But, when one has a GPA of dance, what do we expect?

  51. Shivani33

    @caryn You are on my heart and mind. Tonight was the first time we’ve seen the news of SW Florida, having just gotten our power back after Irma. Much of our area is still flooded and very hard, if not dangerous, to navigate. A great many have no power yet, traffic lights aren’t functioning and schools will continue to be closed all of next week. Some places are covered with raw sewage, and it’s raining again and will rain most of tomorrow, too. God Almighty, I hope you’ll check in here soon but realize how hard or maybe impossible that might be. If you read this, I am sending you love. If you’re not reading it, I’m sending you love.

  52. Ann

    Has anyone heard from Felts? I hope he & his family are ok & made it through the storm ok.

  53. Jay H

    One of the biggest things that bothers me about Paul’s game and jury management, and to me seems like rule bending, is that Paul had numerous conversations with house guests pre-evictions about how to capitalize on this experience. He so much as told Raven that he was going to help her set up a business. If these people are wanting/expecting his help, do they think he’s going to do it if they don’t vote for him to win? They see Paul as a celebrity that’s going to put them in a position to become rich and famous(we all know he won’t). I see it as a promise for goods if you vote for him to win.

    • Avatar

      I don’t know how they could stop it hg’s from promising to help each other outside house. Paul could just as easily promise Christmas a relationship if he votes her out next to keep her vote. Lying and manipulating are part of BB. Just can’t offer to split end prize $ or offer cash. Think vets got in trouble for that last season.

  54. Avatar

    This entire season was a complete Snooze Fest. My bet is that the entire jury will vote for Paul as BB19 Winner, sign over all their stipend and prize money to the Paul Foundation and sacrifice their first born male child to King Paul. All this after he has burned their BB villages and extinguished it with his own peed, raped them of their BB Pride and drowned them in his pool of fake tears and subpar BS BB strategy!

  55. LindsayB

    Been busy lately… nothing has changed here. Lots of speculation about what the jury is gonna to do… nobody will know until they do it. How dare Paul pump his fist in celebration of winning an HOH comp??!!?? The nerve!! I guess the good news is not having to hear speculation anymore as to why we haven’t seen the jury house lately. All that staged conversation in the jury house was fun tho…. I guess it’s ok for production to set up those conversations. The idea of Cody for AFP for the sole reason of Paul’s reaction in place of the beloved Kevin is interesting. Does that make Paul a puppet master of people outside the house too?

    This last week will be interesting. Paul has outplayed everyone but Josh does have a solid argument. Will he be able to articulate it? Who knows? The jury seems a bit bitter right now but those conversations are set up and edited for the show. If Paul were to end up in 3rd place I’d be really interested to see who he would vote for to win. Bottom line is that we won’t know until we know. None of us get a cut of the money. This is a show for entertainment purposes that none of us are forced to watch.

  56. Avatar

    If the big cry baby was actually smart enough to follow directions and make it to F2, I think I would have to give my vote to him. Maybe the crying hysterically over every little thing was part of his strategy? Not!

    I can’t stand Paul or Christmas. I would never want to give $500,000 to either of them. They have both said nasty, awful things. Did Josh do that too and I just don’t remember?

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