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Big Brother 19 Late Night PoV And Drama


So last night I decided to take a break around 1am my time and randomly checked twitter to see that the house was doing a surprise PoV competition.  I went to my computer to double check it wasn’t a prank on twitter, but it was real.  I guess because of the Battle Back this week, production needs as much backyard time as they can so the house had to do the PoV asap, and that asap was last night around 10pm (their time).

I waited as long as I could, but passed out during the competition. No big deal, anyway. They were going to come back on feeds all tired and go right to sleep… right?  Wrong.

Before I forget, Jason won the PoV.


Anyway, this morning I turn on the feeds to see Alex, Paul, Josh, and Elena still in the HoH room talking about the drama that unfolded last night.   So much for going right to sleep!  I found a good time to flashback and will begin blogging that period…

  • 5:45 am – Dom is called to the HOH room where Paul makes a bunch of references about him being a snake. I guess she called someone a snake and he thought it was him
    • Dom is defending herself and saying she told two people (Paul and Elena) some information that got back to her
    • Paul says it wasn’t him. Then they ask Elena about it and she said she heard it from Alex.
    • Paul jumps in and mentions how this is the season of temptations and the only reason he’s in the house right now is because someone pushed that button (but let’s be real, he was going to be in somehow)
    • He also claims he is playing an honest game and tells her to pull everyone in the room for proof.
    • Dom asks how she got blamed for not voting for Cody… hinky votes are coming back to cause drama. I love it
    • Dom continues and insists she never called Paul a snake.
    • She is annoyed how she has been a target for some reason
  • 6:00 am – Paul and Dom are going on about how Dom is getting spoilers from god.  I guess she thinks god is rooting for her to win and slipping her private information
    • Paul says it’s silly to bring religion into this
    • Dom says Paul is going home sooner rather than later. Paul says that’s real smart coming from the person on the block
    • Paul keeps saying how America has his back. Very confident
  • They call Christmas and Jason into the room for no reason
    • Dom keeps saying she didn’t specifically call Paul a snake but he says she implied it.
    • Paul says she is causing discomfort in this house.
    • Josh jumps in to say he is in the room because nobody talks to him and that’s why he’s in the room not wanting to be involved.  Bro, just stay quiet and let the house blow up around you.  Jesus, Josh.
  • 6:15 am – This is going back and forth
    • Paul gives Christmas a long recap about it really hammering home the point that he is great at controlling the house (not his words, mine)
    • This entire thing is because Dom implied Paul is a snake and he is having none of that
  • 6:30 am – Raven and Matt join the conversation
    • And now a long recap to Matt and Raven.  Nothing is really moving forward right now

Note – I am going away for a few days.  Amy is a bit busy this weekend, so you guys are going to have to comment on this thread for a few hours until I can do another recap tonight.  Don’t worry, you’ll still get info in the house but I just won’t be able to live blog for a few days.

  • Drinking game for this conversation.  Take a shot when the term ‘One team, one fight’ is said.  Enjoy alcohol poisoning

Ok I need to get ready.  I’m not sure what’s on tap today. I’d guess they would have the veto ceremony tomorrow because they typically wait a day, and it’s really no rush at this point.  They only rushed the veto comp because they need the backyard, so the ceremony may be today, tomorrow, or Monday really.  Again, I will post later to recap the day. Hopefully it is exciting as it was last night.  You can always join the feeds for free and watch along while I’m away!


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  1. Good Morning Stevebeans!
    If you go to around the 6:45 -7:00 a.m. mark it gets CRAZZZZZZY!!!
    Dom looks and sounds possessed!
    Paul to Dom: “You F#$*D with the WRONG person!

  2. Painter1

    I knew it was something since BBAD reshowed Cbs last episode. Dom and her take the info and be sneaky just blew up in her face, to bad I liked her. Paul’s withering himself out of ANOTHER tight spot.

    • ElaineB

      I hadn’t seen much of Dom, so I relied on reports about her actions from the other folks here. I did watch the confrontation with Paul. That didn’t go well, for her. Paul had her beat in this war of words, and she probably sealed her fate this week. When Paul said Dom causes discomfort among the HGs and she asked the others in the room….crickets. This has been good BB to watch. Glad they stayed up for the show.

  3. LindsayB

    I love when the house implodes. I’m curious to see if production is going to enforce the no napping thing. We will have a bunch of zombies walking around today.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Lind, at exactly 8:38 this morning (BB time), they finally went to bed. They carried on so badly last night/this morning, that Production kept calling various people into the DR almost constantly.

      The way Dom got into the HOH was, as she was going to bed, she saw Alex downstairs and she told Alex that since this is the season of temptation, there was a snake in the house and she was going to expose him. Alex asked her who, she insinuated it was Paul, but said she wanted to get in front of the group to say it. She then went to bed. Alex went upstairs and told Paul/Cowpie/Elena and Mark what she said. Paul got pissed and said he was going to get her and bring her upstairs so they can clear it up. He goes downstairs and hisses at her and ask her to come upstairs. Paul ask her if she called him a snake. She never directly admits it (she finally does just before leaving the room a few hours later). She and Paul do a dance of words and innuendos for quite a while. She accuses Paul of being..well, I don’t know what she was accusing Paul of being. She says she never called nor implied that Paul was a snake (she denies it more than once). Alex corrects her (more than once) and says she did.

      For those that missed a lot of it, I tried to report/recap it in the last half of the comment section on Steve’s last blog (Saturday Night Feeds and Nom Results). It was a WILD night!

  4. ElaineB

    Enjoy your time away this weekend Steve.

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Steve, I think Alex said the ceremony is going to be today.

    We’ll hold down the fort. Have a GREAT time!!!

  6. Alda

    Does anyone of these houseguests really believe God is watching Big Brother and giving Dom insight to the houseguests? I don’t think so!

    • Mel

      God told me he’s rooting for Kevin.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Alda, Paul asked her almost the same question….LOL

      • AIO_7

        BB should have let Miss Cleo bring her Ouija Board.

      • LindsayB

        Here’s what I don’t understand about HGs that go all in with the god stuff on BB. I don’t do god stuff but am trying to not have that bias when asking this question. This also isn’t an argument about anyone’s beliefs.
        Why is it that the token super religious person each season assumes god is only on their side? He’s only working for them to win? Does this mean said person doesn’t think god loves the other HGs like he does her? What makes them the chosen one?

      • AIO_7

        “Why is it that the token super religious person each season assumes god is only on their side? He’s only working for them to win?”

        This question has been asked down through the ages.

      • Mel

        I honestly thinks it’s Dom’s way of trying to convince people to beleive her because “God said it so it must be true.” I’m not judging her faith, only her manipulation of it for game purposes. Let’s also not forget she’s on the show because she does religious inspirational videos and wants to increase her following. She needs to make her faith and relationship with God the storyline of her character in order to benefit her after the show. It’s the same reason Christmas wanted to get everyone healthy and have conversations with Mark about fitness and training. They’re on there to promote their brand and we forget that sometimes because we like to think we’re watching a social experiment. This is the new BB where a few are there to play a game but most are there to further their careers. This isn’t an opinion- this is fact.

      • LindsayB

        Mell, furthering careers has definitely become a trend in BB and the god stuff with Dim definitely falls in line when that. With that being said, the idea of god only looking out for the token religious person each season is also a theme. I hate it. No matter what the rest of Dim’s game play is, I can’t stand her righteousness so will never root for her.

      • Alda

        Great minds think alike! Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Linds, have you ever wondered why if they are truly pure at heart and God is on their side, why haven’t any of them ever won the game? Most of them don’t even make it to the end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice Catholic girl, but I don’t use it as a weapon or a shield against anyone. To me, Dim is just as bad whacking them over the head with religion as Not-So-Raven is with cramming her diseases down their throats. This game is no place for it. All of them who CLAIM to have seen this game before, know how cutthroat it is. They all know or should have known that no one is going to cut them any slack because of this or that. Even though most people in the house feel sorry for Raven, there are a few in there that would cut her quicker than hurry up (Kevin being first in line, Cowpie being second).

        All those who cry they are here to just play a good, honest game, I cry BULLSH!T! As much as I’d LOVE to see it, this game is just not played that way. If you want good clean fun, watch Family Feud. If you want to see what the promise of money will make you do, then BB is the game for you.

      • Ann

        That’s my girl,,,, NK you hit the nail on the head. Well said. Big Brother is cut throat & is not the place for good clean fun.

    • ElaineB

      Oh and it was God’s plan for Christmas and Jason to be involved in the breaking of her foot.

      • AIO_7

        “I can’t stand her [self]righteousness so will never root for her.”


      • Ann

        Again, I said from the beginning I didn’t like Miss Cleo & I promise you all it does not have a damn thing to do with her being black. I could just see through her bull-shit.

  7. Mel

    I just wrote a novel on the last thread without realizing we had moved on! Lol It’s probably for the best because it was pretty long winded anyway. Haha

    This has nothing to do with the drama but honestly my favorite moment came when Josh announced that he was only at the meeting because no one talked to him and told him anything. I guess he’s realized if he wants to know what’s going on he damn sure better witness it himself.

    • ElaineB

      And he ended by saying the meeting is very informative for him. Squirrel the info away Josh.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sad part about it Elaine is he’ll probably forget everything he just heard when he has a new conversation with someone else.

      • AIO_7

        Let’s bring this forward, I want to read it myself.

        July 15, 2017 at 11:39 am
        Comments (2185)

        This is lengthy but Steve wanted filler while he’s away so I thought I would share my opinions on recent topics.

        Alex is like a firework that failed to explode into pretty colors:
        Alex….cancelled! Damn it, Alex, Dom and Xmas were my best hopes to be independent thinking, strong women. Dom’s too worried about jealouy and game talk with God, Alex is a Paul puppet and unless Xmas can have one of those Forrest Gump, breaking out of the leg restraint moments and takes off running….she’s done!
        I’ve been on a bit of a downward spiral with Alex for over a week but the moment of completion came when she had no real reason to give Mark and Jason for why Dom had to go home. Mark couldn’t understand and he’s right. He pointed out that Dom is no direct threat to Alex and Jason in this game. She also had to stop using Elena as an excuse when Elena clearly told Alex she didn’t want Dom to go home. Alex ended up saying “it’s what the house wants.” I was done in that moment. I understand tha Alex can’t admit that she’s doing it because it’s what Paul wants and fishing out the 3rd vote seems a silly reason too. Paul is in her head so much, I’m not sure she even knows why at this point. I cant handle the ‘it’s what the house wants’ crap.’ As Dan Gheesling would say “you’re dead to me in this game.”

        Is Dom OTB because she’s a black woman?
        No. I read a lot of comments about this and not just on this site. My question is, what week could Dom be targeted and it not be because of her race? If she’s the first one out, is it because she’s black? If she made it to final 3 and was cut, would it be because she’s black? I’m not judging anyone with that opinion. I’m sincerely trying to figure out from people who feel this way, what distinguishes for them, between being targeted for game or race? If Dom was playing an amazing game and was very under the radar, maybe there would be something to discuss. Let’s be honest, she made herself a target by her actions and the conversations she was having. This threw up a red flag to Paul so therefore, it was time for her to go. Paul was starting to see that he couldn’t control her. No one should ever be targeted in the house because of their race just as no one should be considered off limits for that same reason. I think if there was more racial diversity in the cast, this debate might not even happen among people. When Jillian left, no one started screaming ‘of course you had to get the blonde white girl out.’ Granted, Jillian was boring so no one was going to scream anyway but there are also more white girls left in the house. Having said that, I want the most entertaining and unique personalities cast on the show regardless of race. With a few exceptions of hg’s over the years, I genuinely don’t think the people they cast think that way. If BB has a color…it’s green.

        Whistle Nut has been kicked in the head by a bull but he’s not dumb:
        We all make fun of Jason and let’s face it he gives us a lot of material to work with but he’s right quite often. It’s made him a target but I personally like that he stands up to Paul. I like when he questions Alex about her motives and I like him telling Alex that he doesn’t want to feel like Paul is running everything. I don’t like Jessica but I do like him understanding that she didn’t need to be otb. Jason may be a BB novice but what he understands is that even tho he can’t stand Jessica, it’s better for his game if she’s there. That’s a BB player people! If you remember, he’s despised Jessica from the beginning and that hasn’t changed. He’s trying to play the way I thought Alex was going to play. Unrelated to game- Jason seemed sincerely crushed when he realized the severity of Xmas’ injuries yesterday. He’s older and also has the kind of career that has a shelf life so I think he truly felt horrible about what this could do to her future. Let’s not forget that this wasn’t his fault she was riding him… not the reverse. Maybe one of the reasons I actually like Jason is because he seems like he can be genuinely remorseful for Xmas’ foot but not have a problem kicking her ass out next week.

        Big Mark may be in Big Trouble:
        Mark is too close to Dom and he’s let it be known. That’s very bad but I do like that Mark does what he wants. He was such a wishy-washy cry baby the first week, I really didn’t expect to see this out of him. He tried to stay loyal to Cody but in the end did what he thought was best and kept Xmas in the house. That was a harder decision for him than anyone else because he was the closest to Cody. It’s the reason Cody put a target on him before he left and has said if he comes back in, he’ll go after Mark. He also doesn’t have a problem calling out Xmas now in spite of her injury. I like that about him. I also liked when he told Alex to accept that he wouldn’t vote Dom out. (Unfortunely, that might land him otb beside her) It may be better for Mark’s game if Dom leaves and I hope he can see that. If he can manage to fake it with Elena, Matt and Raven a while longer, he could continue to have a connection with that side of the house. He’s also developed the type of connection with Jason that Cody was trying to develop. People usually target the big guys early but Mark is in a unique position and has genuine relationships with both sides. I wish he weren’t obsessed with the hinky votes because it’s making him a big target of Paul’s but he’s the main person who’s never wavered that Kevin has been the shady voter. He obviously needs to shut up about it but it does show that he isn’t stupid.

        Is Paul bring handed the win by CBS?
        No. I’ve stated I don’t like returning players even though I like Paul. Without trying, I’ve found myself rooting against him and I guess it’s only because he’s a returning player. If I’m honest with myself, I don’t have any other reason. He was indeed handed safety for the first 3 weeks. I don’t like it but let’s face it America could have voted for someone else and they didn’t. I also think that’s kind of a wash because three weeks of safety is an advantage but being the only returnee does put a huge target on your back and It gives him three weeks to get the target off. Any returnee had got to put in work to make that happen. I’ve read comments where people have said that Paul is being given every advantage. Whoever gets these Temptations has the option to work with Paul or not and it’s their decision-that’s not rigged. Let’s face it, Paul is playing an amazing game. He said he wanted to give good advice and then gradually start giving bad advice. He also said he wanted to turn everyone against each other and that’s exactly what he’s doing folks. BB players know there is a fear of returning players getting some groupies in the house. Is it really Paul’s responsibility to point that out? No, it’s the other players responsibility to not let it happen. Paul isn’t brainwashing them with an Armenian form of Dan mist. He’s playing a very good psychological game. I personally think some of them are going to flip when his safety is over anyway. Elena and Raven may not, that’s their fault…Paul isn’t to blame for that and neither is CBS.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Wasn’t that pitiful and funny at the same time? After everything was over, he told Alex he was with her and Cowpie. Earlier last night, he swore his allegiance to Dom. Like I said, he’s with whoever he spoke to last. Poor thing…

    • LindsayB

      Anyone who didn’t read Mell’s novel should go back and do so. It was a good one.

    • g8trgirl

      Most excellent comment, Mell.

      • Mel

        Thanks guys! Instead of a binge eater, I guess I’m like a binge commenter. I feel like I collect random thoughts throughout the day and then have to get them out in one huge comment. LOL

    • stevebeans

      Mell, if you’d like a platform to write your thoughts, you’re more than welcome to get writing access here. This way you can create your own thread and have a discussion about your thoughts. You put so much effort into it, it’s a shame to see it buried in comments.

      I may not see if you reply here because I have to get reading on the events from today but contact me directly through email, messages here, snapchat, facebook or anywhere if you’d like to do this. I think your thoughts would be a great addition to the site. Let me know

  8. I just turned on BBAD (I’m on the west coast so I’m always behind you guys) and, no BBAD on Friday night, what’s up with that?

  9. All I could think last night as I watched the crazy,buzzard and at times side splitting show unfold was:

    I wonder what visions God would have sent Dom if she was on Evil Dicks’ season?

  10. Mel

    Off topic but did anyone else notice Raven ripping her sock off as Christmas came back into the house yesterday? It’s funny and worth it if you go back and watch or find a clip of it on Twitter. Xmas is on the right side of the camera with the living room in the middle and Raven is coming from the kitchen on the far left side of the screen. She’s hobbling as she’s walking from the kitchen towards Xmas, reaches over, rips her sock off in an unbelievably rough and fast way for someone who is so injured and continues hobbling towards everyone greeting Xmas. I guess it sucks for Raven that her bare foot didn’t create a conversation and she had to force it on her own within 5 minutes of Xmas entering the house. It’s worth going back and checking out because it’s hilarious! My internet is down at my house and I’m on my phone so I don’t have a timestamp to share-I’m sorry.

    • Yes omg I saw that in a twitter video. I don’t watch the live feed but keep up with recaps and I was like wth. People have been saying Raven is overdoing the sympathy part. Apparently she limps on and off ? Don’t know if it’s true.

      • Mel

        That’s where I saw it. I had to watch it twice to catch it but I cracked up. It completely sums up what so many on here have been saying for awhile. Lol

      • Ann

        Don’t you know she needs a motorized scooter because her foot is so severely injured. Dang people, pay attention….LMAO

  11. Mel

    Again.. off topic.
    I had to watch everything this morning because like a big wimp, I went to bed when I saw the veto was being played last night. (For those of you who stayed up to keep NK company, y’all are some bad asses in my book!) Ok, I got sidetracked…
    I was having a hard time concentrating on the argument going on in the house because all I could focus on was the groundhog that Paul was wearing around his shoulders. Was that just me? Sometimes I get tunnel vision regarding some very bizarre things.

    • LindsayB

      It was amazing Mell. The best part of the groundhog best (perfect description) was that it was paired with his purple underwear. If anyone else had that on I would be ripping them to shreds. With Paul it just works. Like, of course that’s what he’s wearing.

      • LindsayB

        Vest. Not best. The damn autocorrect gods are so against me today. I should talk to Miss Cleo about it and have them calm down.

      • Mel

        You’re right! You almost think nothing of it with Paul and you sort of feel like that’s what he would wear out on a Saturday night if he wasn’t in that house. Lol

  12. ElaineB

    Cody said in a Jeff interview, that if he comes back in the house he will aim to work with Paul, until later. Boy, that is a change.

    • Mel

      Is the interview uploaded yet? I tried to find it and couldn’t. I mainly wanted to see if Jeff gave him crap about his “shomances are dumb” comment during his preshow interview.

      • ElaineB

        Cody admitted he said that comment and Jeff followed up with ‘I watched that’. The quote Jeff had from Cody was related to if a showmance will make him an outsider then he wouldn’t get into one.

  13. Pauls 3 week security blanket coming to an end, Dom on the hot seat which most definitely should see her out the front door keeping Jessica safe, a possibility of Cody coming back in with a vengeance against the house especially (Paul & Josh), Christmas losing the aura of being so lovable and thus untouchable with nominations, showmances that have grinded basically to a halt (every man and woman for themselves now)…, this is shaping up to be an explosive week which makes for great tv watching, lets go BB!

    • Mel

      Ritchie, I’m thinking that too and hoping for the same!!

    • LindsayB

      If Cody comes back he actually wants to work with Paul for awhile. His initial target would be Mark. Highlights from his interview with Jeff.

    • NKogNeeTow

      And don’t forget, with the Battle Back coming and Dim going, she has a chance to come back too. Now THAT’S going to be funny! The 2 people the HG wanted to get rid of the most (Grody/Poprah) have a chance of getting back into the house. Oh to be a fly on the wall……wait a minute, I am!

      • Ann

        Please don’t tell me you’re saying they’re planning on keeping Jess. I would much rather Jess get evicted so there’s no chance of her & Cody being back in the house together. I want Miss Cleo gone just as bad but it would be hell if they (Cody & Jess) were together again. I don’t want to see that.

  14. too bad dom is going,i wanted mark out…is jason going to use POV?

  15. I officially hate that bearded midget snake (Paul). That’s his new name moving forward. I hate how people are making Dom appear crazy when she is clearly on to him. Too bad she’s surrounded by simpletons who believes every word he says. What a waste and predictable season. Sorry Dom, you just never had a chance in this social experience…just look at the past seasons!! Last season someone was too loud and aggressive and now you’re too religious, intelligent and I guess asked questions which didn’t implicate anyone but revealed how gulliable this group people are in this game. I hope Cody comes back, allign himself with Jason, I guess Alex and obviously Jessica and take out everyone one by one including the kingpin midget bearded snake!

    • LindsayB

      Something tells me that nickname isn’t going to stick. Lol. I swear I can remember you saying last week or the week before that you weren’t impressed at all with Dom. You tried to like her but just couldn’t. We all change our minds depending on what the HGs do. Just curious what changed your mind with Dom? She doesn’t seem to have changed between then and now, I think the HGs have just realized she’s more involved and aware of what’s going on than they thought.

      • @LindsayB Yea I was also team Paul too. Good thing I’m not looking for anyone to join my bandwagon with renaming him. But it’s what I will be referring to him moving forward. But I don’t like how she’s being targeting her with no valid reasons other then the house being under Paul’s manipulation. Is there no independent thinkers? I mean at this point, no one wants to even win a damn comp.

      • Sorry for the typos.

      • LindsayB

        We must be watchcing two different shows Cyn. I don’t think Dom did anything wrong as far as trying to play the game, she just happened to not be stealthy enough. She thought she was too slick to get caught playing and she was wrong. This is what gets people nominated and evicted. Why should she be exempt?

      • Again, I don’t see why she’s targeted this week. Alex could not give any valid reasons for why she’s even otb. Her group is weak, everyone running in circles about a vote that they all know stemmed from Christmas and possibly Kevin. Ramsey almost sent Alex or Josh home had he won the POV but Dom is the target?! I’m not shocked, this is typical every season someone like her is casted. Dom has not stirred any pot or created any drama within her group. It’s just easier to label her like they do every season.

      • I remember Alex stating, ” I thought Dom was going to come up here beat me up” because she looked upset. Well was she supposed to look thrilled about being OTB?? It’s like woc aren’t allowed to express any emotions before they’re stereotyped. In the end, they just put up when she’s did everything the group and remained loyal. So for them to be doing her this way this early tells me something else. And I’m not the only who feels this way with the exception of the commenters on this blog, maybe.

      • LindsayB

        So, let’s just ignore her stupid talk show which is why people turned against her. You say she was onto Paul. Paul makes friends and influences people so she’s OTB now. What does that have to do with her being black? It would be ok for her to see that Paul was onto her and for her to influence him to be OTB but it’s not ok for Paul to see that she’s into him and influence her to be OTB? She’s getting outplayed. That’s it.

      • AIO_7

        Cyn; keep in mind that Paul is a “minority” too: and having that”Arabic” look and background would place him in a way smaller, and maybe more hated, “minority” than the black population. I think Paul’s “look” was/is one of the main reasons that Cody hates Paul. It was people that look like Paul that Cody was shooting bullets at in Afghanistan.

      • I stated my feelings on the previous thread. I don’t expect you to remotely understand. It’s easy to say she got outplayed when the snake had three weeks of safety, dear!! So let’s not forget that free ride he’s been on. Dom night show is not why she’s otb. Josh has been a hot head, Kevin has been sketchy, Ramsey can’t be trusted, Christmas went against the group vote yet Dom is the target. It’s straight BS and I see it every season. You don’t have to understand because…well it’s just obvious you just wouldn’t. Without that 3 week advantage, the midget snake would have been evicted. So please spare me, “he’s been playing a phenomenal game” drill, when dude has had an advantage since the beginning.

      • Ann

        @AIO 7, WILL YOU MARRY ME??? I just love your way with words….LMAO

      • @aio_7 I’m also a fellow veteran who fought for my country. Most military people are used to working within a diverse environment so I dont see his disdain for Paul being personally related to his Armenian background. Cody stated from the beginning Paul was a threat. He watched his season and seen how Paul played the game. Cody’s social game may have been atrocious but he saw through Paul immediately and how everyone was instantaneously drawn to him. They may as well give him the 500K now

      • @aio_7 that dislike isn’t from me. lol I appreciate your comments.

      • LindsayB

        You trying to insinuate I have any lack of intelligence or the lack of ability to see what’s in front of me isn’t going to work. The difference between our opinions is that mine is based on what’s actually happening and yours is based on emotion. You’re the one bringing race into it. My being white has nothing to do with this conversation. Do not dare start that shit with me. It is not gonna work no matter how hard you try. You know nothing about me and to judge me and my thought processes based on my skin color is not acceptable. You are doing the very thing you supposedly hate.

      • @LindsayB at this time, I don’t care what you choose to assume because my opinion remains the same. The only thing factual is we both have an opinion that is our own interpretation of what we see. Nothing about your commentary is FACTUAL. I don’t need to know anything about you because I’m not here for that.

      • @LinsayB you mentioning your skin is supposed to insinuate what? Please don’t try to label me something I’m not. If you had a problem with my original comment or felt offended, dislike it and move along. I’m not here for you or anyone else to misconstrue my words.

      • LindsayB

        You make me laugh. You truly do.

      • @LindsayB I don’t want it to be like that with us honestly. I respect your opinions even if I don’t agree. If you felt like I personally attack you, I do apologize. 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Thanks. I like it better when we get along too.
        That’s a good picture of you.

      • @Cyn I appreciate your point of view. I’m glad you kept your comments based on your observation of the players in the game and not directed towards people commenting on this site. I’m a new person this year so I have to play nice because I don’t want to be offesevive to anyone. But I agree with your stance on the players typically casted for the show. Those racial undertones play a major factor in certain players eviction every year. Point blank and the period. With that, this game is about winning comps, if someone has a chance to play in the HOH and the veto and still looses, that’s on them and I’m perfectly okay with their eviction point blank and the period. That’s what makes the game fair. Only those that win deserve to stay and play another day.

      • @LindsayB thank you hon:) Again, I am sorry.

      • @angelducatikerrysundae
        Well put. If I could like your comment a thousand times I would!!! 🙂 In the end, you have to win to save yourself.

    • Mel

      I don’t think Dom is crazy. I think she’s played a game that runs very parallel to Paul’s. They have a different approach but at its core, it’s the same. They’ve each had one-on-one conversations with people, gotten into their heads, planted suggestions, led them where they wanted them to go but ultimately left it to the individual houseguests to say the words for whatever they were trying to point out. Paul can see this and is threatened by it so of course he wants her out. It’s the same reason she wants him out. Alex is closer to Paul than Dom so therefore she drew the short straw this week. I think Don is highly intelligent and I think her biggest problem is that she assumes she’s the only one who is. The irony is, I think that may end up being Paul’s downfall in the game as well.

      • The way he’s playing everyone they’re not giving him the win in the end. Dom and Paul play nothing alike. Too bad the two people who’s on to him were Cody and now Dom.

    • Ann

      @Cyn, I’m a black woman too & I am glad Miss Cleo’s ass is on the block. I see right through her bull-shit & to honest with you, I would’ve put her ass up myself from the jump when she opened her mouth with that nonsense. She’s down right embarrassing if you ask me. I’ll bet she felt right at home when she saw those voodoo dolls.

      • Ann

        She could be orange with purple spots, I would still put her OTB the first time she opened her mouth talking crazy.

      • @Ann, SMH You are not right for that one! As I said last night or this morning; all points are valid. (you, Cyn , & Nkog) “Miss Cleo” LOL that’s funny!

      • @Ann So because she has a strong relationship with God, she’s into voodoo dolls?! I can’t take your comment serious. That’s completely absurd and ignorant to insinuate that about this woman. And yes you have my thumbs down for this one!

      • Ann

        @Cyn, I’m not saying because of her love for God that makes her believe in voodoo. I was being sarcastic & I apologize if I offended you. Although I don’t like the way she uses the Lords names in vain. That having 2 dreams, trances & saying God put her there because of Mark. Come on now, be serious. The girl is not right & I don’t like her & I don’t take her serious.

      • I guess I missed some of the feeds. Yes, I agree that some of it was weird but I can’t speculate if her dreams are real or fake. I don’t believe in ghost many people report seeing them. I apologize to you as well. I didn’t mean to attack you if you felt like I did 🙂

      • Shivani33

        Ann In the last thread I responded to Cyn when she said that Dominique is misunderstood and that Cyn can’t see why Dom is nominated. I mentioned that Dominique has lost standing in the house due to her own actions and words and gave 3 examples – her talkshow, her interactions with Mark and sniping about Elena and her boasting holier-than-thou trip. Also, at the end I mentioned ( for the first time ever on Junkies) that my own family is multi-ethnic. Cyn ignored and didn’t acknowledge any of the reasoning offered by me about how Dom has made her own bed. Just like every other player does. She ignored when I said that almost everybody gets nominated, often more than once. But Cyn handed me sarcasm about mentioning my own family being of more than one race. It was the first time that I ever posted anything about that. I only mentioned it to give her a clue that my thoughts about Dom don’t include the race card as any part of it. Today Cyn is going on the same track. All righty, then. Most of the Junkie commenters criticize and often nickname players and also make fun of individuals and their household antics. It’s a big part of the fun. I’ll keep on enjoying that and ignore the rest. I don’t down-vote comments but do use the upvote!

    • Ann

      Sorry Cyn, but Miss Cleo just outplayed herself. That I’m smarter than everyone else because I got the ext to the God hotline & he tells me what to do here in the BBHouse & I know what’s best for you just got her caught up. The race bull-shit this time is just that, BULL-SHIT. She’s not as smart as she thought.

      • AIO_7

        Ann, the down side is JessArias gets to stay….and with the possibility that Grody gets back in.

      • Too bad it’s urgent they get Dom out this week!!! She’s bat crazy per some of these comments. I guess if she wasn’t so public with her faith in God, she be more likable?

      • Mel

        Cyn, I think her faith is a beautiful thing actually. I just think she spent so much time talking about going into trances and saying that God will tell her who to target and who placed a vote that it’s opened the door for people (myself included) to make jokes about it. I would never make jokes about her faith. Many people have prayed in the house over the years but she gets so specific with game related info that she says God will tell her, it opens the door to be critical of it.

      • Mel

        Cyn, I also wanted to mention that even tho we don’t seem to agree on much of the game, I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your comments. I like hearing different perspectives on different people and their gameplay. It always amazes me how multiple people can watch something and come away with multiple viewpoints. It’s one of the things I enjoy about BB. If I were only interested in one person’s opinion of what’s happening, I’d just go back to the last thread and read my damn novel. Lol

      • @Mell as you know I have no problem being in the minority with how view certain players and/or game moves. I thoroughly enjoy your commentary too. It’s always well thought out and worded precisely to what is going on especially for those who may not have the feeds and the time. I appreciate your positive responses even with my horrible grammar. I’m usually commenting from my phone so I rarely proof read before I post it. lol

      • @Mell I always look forward to your outtake 🙂

      • Mel

        Cyn, Same here! I’m using my phone more often than not and that sure sets us up for failure a lot more often with the typos doesn’t it? Lol

    • @Cyn well said my friend…… I was initially annoyed by Cody, but he was right to attempt to behead the snake aka Paul if given the chance. 🙂

      • Yes, Cody was onto Paul. I commend him for his attempt but it just didn’t work in his favor. However, his mission to stir the pot has been accomplished. Kudos to Cody because he kept his girl from being evicted and off everyone’s radar.

      • Mel

        I agree about Cody and Dom being onto Paul. I’m not counting everyone out yet tho. Ramses, Jason and possible Kevin are on to him too. My concern is whether or not those three have enough game to do anything about it when time comes. I couldn’t stand Cody but I have to admit, I would have loved to see any returning player get evicted during the first week. It may have crushed TV only watchers but many life feeders would have had something similar to a Superbowl party.

      • @Mell lol “super bowl party” you’re right about that.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Cyn, one thing I’ll give Dim, she’s far from crazy. I think most people have problems with all her Bible thumping and visions. I know that’s what put the nail in her coffin for me. I was never that crazy about her and a few others in the house, but I always thought she was intelligent. And I think I was the first person to say she went around the house soaking up info like a sponge. The difference between her gathering info and DaVonne is that Da would get mad and tell everything she knew. Dim was much more low key about it. I think she still might have pulled off staying if she hadn’t insisted on having a meeting in front of everyone. And who knows, by the time Alex was ready to go to bed, she even insinuated to Cowpie that things just might change (as far as the POV and Noms). You an never tell with this group. They might just decide to keep her because if the house is mainly against her, that keeps a target off their backs and gives he a chance to last maybe another week. Remember, Cowpie is just ITCHING to throw Not-So-Raven up OTB.

      • @nkogneetow. You’re right about the Bible thumping but no one beats Jocasta Odom aka Ma Ma J….she made it 11th place after being on the block multiple times and never winning a comp. If I recall she even spoke in tongues on live tv….it Jesus Factor worked well for her and got her far in the game, but it’s working against Dom in the worst of ways. She should have used her intelligence or intuition tjust to lay low.

  16. danmtruth

    @addy08 thank thank you for your synopsis of this telenovela that this BB season has turned into Dom is targeted this week not so much because she is black But because she dared to Challenge Paul Being the intelligent women she is She knew using the phrase organic grown groups , and outsiders had weight and meaning This was to remind people the house is divided between us cool kids and you OTHERS This went against what Paul was trying to do in making them feel part of the group So it was all one house trying to get Cody out Dom had other priority’s This is what upset Paul Add to after he had a talk with her she went out and counterfeited people in front of other HG putting them in an uncomfortable spot
    as for her god is talking to me Paul had this same spiritual philosophical conversation last year Part of his BS detector
    as for me and religion I fall back to these words Therefore, make peace with your god,
    Whatever you perceive him to be – hairy thunderer, or cosmic muffin.
    With all its hopes, dreams, promises, and urban renewal,
    The world continues to deteriorate.
    Give up!
    once more extra credit to those who know

    • g8trgirl

      I agree. The only reason Dom is otb this week is because she showed her hand during that interview. If she had chosen her words more carefully or didn’t insinuate she knew of shady deals, she would probably be safe.

      • AIO_7

        g8; explain that to Cyn.

      • @aio_7 Cyn doesn’t need any additional explaining because I watched the feeds myself during that interview with Cody. And I still don’t feel it warranted her going on the block! They’re eliminating their own member but keeping other players that have them as targets. I mean are we not watching the same show?? That entire group is a complete joke. Dom was one of their own that possess no injuries and intelligent so she would have been an asset. So I’m missing the disconnect here, maybe I’m not.

      • ElaineB

        Cyn~ I understand your confusion about Dominique, and why she is such a big target at this time. I even had to ask for clarification about it on this thread, because I have missed all the HG angst that they have had towards her on the feeds. She has not been highest on my list to leave, by any measure. At this early morning’s meeting, she definitely did herself no favors. I prefer Jessica leave, but looks like folks will follow suit with what Paul…I mean Alex wants them to do.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cyn, just a thought. Maybe they’re eliminating her BECAUSE of her intelligence. Look at it from another way. If you’re playing for that kind of money, would you want to compete against someone who is just as intelligent as you are, if not more so? When you look at it that way, it kind of makes sense. Just throwing that out there.

      • @nkogneetow @elaineb I hear you guys but I just don’t understand the urgency to put her up this week. Granted, this is all Paul’s doing but it’s like no one is willing to question why or have Ber back even before her one on one interrogations. She’s been playing for the team but now Alex keeps saying she makes the house “uncomfortable”, huh?? And looking back at the previous seasons, it’s just seem to be on “repeat” with opposite reasons but in both cases, woc. It’s difficult enough when you’re put in the group as the only AA woman and can’t be yourself because people are ready to categorize you. Yes, that is still very prominent in our country. I remember Davonne saying that, she felt she couldn’t express herself because they were ready to label her as the “angry black woman”. Imagine if the roles were reversed, I wonder how it’d be handled. And that alone is where I think Dom was coming from, nothing more. I think Dom feelings were hurt because she trusted them and gave no reason for them not to feel otherwise and that is why she question if she “betrayed” them?

      • God Evening all, Cyn as always I’m with you girl. I am CONFUSED!!! I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened that Dom is a target over Jessica, Josh, or Ramses?!?! I don’t watch the live feeds, but I feel like I missed the punchline somewhere. SMH

        BTW: I sent you a message last night.

      • @chikelz okay hon, I’ll check it. I remember you from previous BB discussion. How are you? Hope your summer is treating you well. I wish you had the feeds. They’re literally treating her worst then Cody. To single her like that when she’s done absolutely nothing wrong. I admit, maybe she should have done some things differently but she has had the group’s back. I think she was totally blindsided that everyone has literally turned against her overnight. While the snake remains in the house hissing at his next victims or someone else to plot lies against. It’s really foul how they’re doing this woman, personally. This has surpassed the game level now.

  17. ElaineB

    Cody said that Paul didn’t get to F2 by being loyal to everyone. Right now, many of the HGs feel that they are in Paul’s inner circle. Paul knows how to manipulate his words depending on his audience. For a lot of them, at this point, they are eating up what Paul is dishing out. Only continued gameplay (or lack of it) will reveal if that will be a winning formula for Paul or not. Even if he makes it to F2, just like last summer, his fate will be in the hands of the same people he is preaching to now.

    • ElaineB

      On feeds, Alex is going through a synopsis of the famous ‘meeting’ with Ramses. She made the move that Paul was making as a snake slithering through the house. Ramses says ‘He’s so funny’. Oh Ramses if you only knew what Paul is saying about you. Eventually he won’t think Paul is so funny.

  18. Ann

    I read your book Mell & you are 1000% dead on.

  19. AIO_7

    O.K., The shirt Whistle Nut is wearing right now is Orange, but I’m telling you that he has a Red one that is just like it.

  20. ElaineB

    So I need a bit of clarification. Why did Alex initially place Dom on the block?

    • LindsayB

      She wants to lessen the numbers on the other side of the house. She put Jess up to appease that side. Once there was a start of a fracture with people questioning Dom’s game she was an easy one to put up. When you take into consideration the Dim show, her talking shit about Elena, her god visions, etc she was the one her group would be willing to get rid of. Yeah, Alex is listening to Paul but it also serves her purpose of taking one from that team.

      • Mel

        I agree Lindsay. I don’t think this helps her greatly but she does decrease one of their numbers without putting too much of a bull’s-eye on herself so it dosent hurt her either. I think I just get frustrated with her because she seems as if she’s convinced herself she’s playing Paul when in reality she’s playing right into his hands. He wants that group broken up also and Dom was definitely on his list. Noe, if he want to ride with her far into the game, it’s actually a very smart move for her. The problem is, I don’t think Paul has really decided who he wants to go far with. He seems more like he’s just throwing a bowling ball trying to take out pins which early in the game isn’t a bad thing.

      • LindsayB

        Yup. I love his game play right now.

      • Mel

        I do too… but I still don’t want him to win.
        I have mentioned how I reeeealllllly hate returning players right? Lol

    • Mel

      Paul’s got in her head after the talk show disaster. He had a problem with it so she had a problem with it. She also said she was trying to fish out who the 3rd vote for Ramses was. I don’t know how that was going to do it and I really don’t know why she was so worried about it. She kept saying that someone in their group wasn’t loyal due to the vote. I found it funny because she’s not really in the group that got betrayed. Another reason for her doing it was that Xmas was her first choice but with the surgery situation, I think Alex felt like it kind of needed to be shifted somewhere else. Alex was convinced if she can get rid of Xmas, she will have control over Paul. In her defense, I know she wants to infiltrate that group but told Jason and Kevin that going after the couples was only going to get her otb next week. Since Paul already had his underwear in a knot over Dom, I think she felt like this was a way to take a person away from the large group and not put as big of a target on her back next week. She isn’t wrong but I still stand by this being a move to help Paul’s game and not hers.

    • ElaineB

      Thx Mell and Lindsay. Makes a bit more sense now.

  21. Mel

    They’re relaxed on the have not cheating this year but maybe they’ve gotten stricter about clothing and we just didn’t know it. Whistle nut wears the same things, Matt it seems only has two shirts, Jessica rarely gets out of a swimsuit and Xmas, Raven and Paul only wear underwear or clothing the resembles underwear. Perhaps there’s a clothing poundage limit and Kevin maxed it out with all his suits.

  22. Lynn

    It appears that this BB season will be entertaining for most of us! It has evoked differing opinions from us, but that makes it fun and interesting.

  23. LindsayB

    Alex and Paul discussing Kevin: Alex is letting Paul know that Kevin is sharing information with both of them trying to play them against each other. She’s sure he was a rogue vote but Kevin is sticking to his guns that he isn’t. Kevin is digging himself a hole. Alex was aware but is letting Paul talk her out of her own thoughts. Paul is aware but is putting it in his back pocket for later. It’s interesting. Paul is definitely the puppet master. Not sure if he can keep this up all season but he’s playing hard and it’s working.

    • Mel

      I am curious to see how long he can keep it going but as we know, the fewer people in the house, the harder that is to pull off. Honestly, what I want inside on the most is Pauls real intention with Kevin. We obviously can’t go off of what he says to Kevin because he says the same damn thing to everyone.

    • It’s going to catch up to him soon. I wonder who will come to Alex with the truth first. Kevin or manipulative Paul?

  24. So the criteria going forward in big brother is your sworn and legally binding oath signed in blood of your vote prior to nominations…..

  25. ElaineB

    I am glad noms stay the same. Though Alex and others are so sure that Dom is going home, if for some reason it doesn’t work out that way, at least Jessica will be walking out instead of Mark.

    • Mel

      That wouldn’t bother me a bit. She’s been such a disappointment especially since she’s a real BB fan. I’d like to see Dom stay and take on Paul. I don’t know how successful she would be but I’d love to watch her givery it a shot.

      • Whether anyone agrees with Paul’s strategy this season or not…pushing for Mark to replace Jessica is a very smart move….Dominque has had every single member of her alliance tell her…if you are OTB against Jessica….Jessica is going home…even Paul told Dominque that….

      • LindsayB

        I wish they could both leave. They both make my skin crawl but in different ways. Regardless of which one stays, I’ll be curious to see how she tries to repair relationships.

  26. The only person that would not was Christmas

  27. Dom’s group is making a bad decision. She has no injuries, possesses intelligence. She would have been an asset in the physical and mental comp’s. Good luck with Raven and Christmas. It’s clear, Elaina doesn’t want to win anything either.

    • Mel

      That’s for sure. The underdog team may take over for no other reason than the other side is being wiped out by injury. If Jason could manage to give Paul or Matt a concussion in some “innocent” way, Josh could end up running the house!

      • Hahaha that was hilarious. But you know, Jason isn’t as clueless as we may think. He’s ready to eliminate physical threats but he needs to win first and then we can see who he really wants out.

  28. danmtruth

    I go back to Paul telling Matt and Raven He is not jumping off the boat just seeping away This is just part of his game to test there loyalty to HIM In this game you need to make friends Find there weakness Than send them packing Also Paul knows his safety is ending so he needs to cement his voting block So he is counting on Matt &Raven Elena with Mark being suspect And now Alex with cowpoke
    It never helps for your ride or die alliance to come out This was another problem Dominique has Along with Mark Some how during all this it came out Elena took it well figuring she could hopefully ride it to a final 3 maybe
    Hg forget targets move How many times have we seen big targets hang around because people get caught up in the fight of the day
    Alex sharing with Paul about Kevin working both sides and being the hinky vote Is not big news to Paul as Paul has ask Kevin to do that
    For some reason I still feel Matt is planing on looking for a chance to go after Paul
    @cyn one thing I agree with you on is the big boost to Pauls game The 3 weeks of safety gave him But dont forget that was given to him by the fans A fact he keeps bringing up to the HG

    • You think Matt is onto Paul?? He doesn’t say much I guess it’s better when you don’t have the power. But if he is planning an attack, it will give me hope that these people are not readily willing to hand over that bag to Paul just yet. I haven’t heard anyone else really mention Matt doing anything gamewise.

      • Mel

        I can’t decide myself. I’ve heard Matt make a couple of comments that made me think he was just biding his time. Recently, I’ve heard him make comments to Raven that makes me think the opppsite. He seems like some guy who works for CBS remodeling the house and accidentally got stuck in there when the show started so now he’s just trying to lay low and hope no one notices he’s there so he doesn’t get in trouble and lose his job remodeling the house for BB20.

  29. Alda

    Josh,Mark and Ramses are on slop again!

  30. Mel

    This is kind of on a recent topic but veering off a little. I only bring it up because it’s already been discussed. However, that doesn’t mean I’m trying to turn this blog into a racial, political or religious debate. I’m not posting this to debate with anyone. I just want to share an opinion and my own experience because unlike some sites, we’re like a wierd little BB family. I feel like every year I learn something personal about many of the commenters that I’ve been chatting with but didn’t know before. My experiences in life and my opinions are just that. They are my own and no one else’s because another person may experience something totally different.
    I was on another site (not one I comment on, I only lurk there) They were having some of the same conversations we’ve had about Dominique and the reasons she was put OTB. I’m certainly not getting into that again because it’s been covered. I honestly just wanted to point out the difference in what I was observing. On the other site, the talk was quickly shut down and commenters were saying that it should be a taboo subject. Here, it has been discussed and debated. I personally believe most subjects in life only become taboo when they’re not allowed to be discussed or there is a fear of debating it. How can anyone learn another point of view if it isn’t shared?
    I’m lucky enough to have friends that are different races, religions and VERY different personalities from myself. We discuss these things often and share our different opinions. I live in a small town in the midwest which could easily be a prime location for narrow views on things if I wanted to stereotype the kind of town I live in. Fortunately, it also happens to surround a military base so everyone in our small town USA has spent their lives with people who are of all races, religions, etc. One week I may work with clients who are all white or all black. The next week all of my clients may have a hard time understanding me because English isn’t their first language. I’ve been taught to cuss in several languages. (don’t judge me-it’s a weird hobby) I guess my point is that I am lucky when my friends will explain something to me that I don’t understand so that I may have the privilege of learning. (don’t get nervous-this isn’t a Felts comment about education) I also find it refreshing to be on a BB site where people can debate and exchange insight in a mature way instead of running from it. After all, BB puts real people from very different walks of life into the house so real issues do arise and sometimes these issues, whatever they may be are a part of the discussion.
    I sincerely hope I didn’t offend anyone and take this comment too far away from BB talk. I’ll make sure my next comment is complaining about some stupid comment one of the house pets made and keep it about the game.

    • I’m certainly not offended. I know certain topics can open an entire discussion that can be too controversial at times. I’ve also see this shared online and it can get ugly rather quickly. I also don’t want to ever offend anyone with my personal opinion with what I interpreted from the show, its casting, etc. I’ve always worked around many different people with various enthinc backgrounds from my military years to what I do now. I grew up in diversity. I’m a product of it as well. I respect everyone point of views on here always even if they all differ from mine. I can be opinionated and quite stubborn. In the end it’s all BB love and I keep coming back every summer for the last 3 years. I personally appreciate everyone’s perspective with their BB knowledge.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s all very true Mell. And thankfully the convo was civilized. I’d prefer that this site steer away from race, religion and politics as much as possible, only because it lessens the chance of it getting out of hand and morphing into an entirely different animal. As long as it’s within reason and doesn’t overtake the the game talk and/or create havoc then I don’t intervene.

      The one thing that makes me proud about his site is everyone here is great and we are lucky to be troll free (most of the time). I like the respect we have for each other even when we don’t agree. Heck, Cyn and I disagree most of the time, but I like that she hangs out here with me at night 😉

    • @Mell
      Thank you, your comment was very Heartfelt….As said b4, I am a person of Color, but I also have a Diversity of Friends, & Relatives! That come in all Sizes, Shapes, & Colors….lol!

  31. Mel

    *Raven said she needs to take her antibiotic so her foot doesn’t fall off. (You can’t make this shit up!)
    *Josh tried the have not boxes and lost so now he’s on it for 2 weeks.
    *Dom was whining to Jessica about being betrayed and how she thinks it was Paul. (Doubt Jess cares right now about Dom’s problems)

    • danmtruth

      Raven said she needs to take her antibiotic so her foot doesn’t fall off. (You can’t make this shit up!)

      two year old drama queen ,,,, just have Matt kiss it and make it better

      *Josh tried the have not boxes and lost so now he’s on it for 2 weeks.
      Josh just cant help putting his foot in his mouth Cowpoke tried to warn him about his mouth making bets he could not back up

      *Dom was whining to Jessica about being betrayed and how she thinks it was Paul. (Doubt Jess cares right now about Dom’s problems)
      Old school Jay-Z 99 Problems but the B#@#@ aint one
      sorry Mell for stepping on your post

  32. Mel

    Alex wants Kevin out now. This girl and her dumb cat ears that would look cute on a toddler have GOT…TO…GO!! Leave Papa Kev alone you little fast talking, crocheting, loud talking, dry split end hair, Paul puppet girl!

    • That is it. I haven’t been able to watch the feeds today. But is she catching onto Kevin? I love Kevin’s heart. That man keeps everyone laughing. But if she’s onto him, Kevin will blow Paul’s spot up to save his own game. I’m here for it!! That way, they can secretly backdoor Paul. Who knows, maybe if Cody comes back, he can be the one to send Paul bags packing! If this happens, season will indeed be a memorable one.

      • Mel

        Yes, she has been for about a week. I just thought it was about the Shady vote. I didn’t realize at the time it’s because Kevin has told a few of them about his real life.

    • @Mell; so how do you really feel about Alex?!?! LMAO!

  33. danmtruth

    it should be noted Mell the moderators do a great job of watching and letting ADULTS have a free open and civil discussion Also helps when people such as Cyn KEEP It respectful thank you all

    • Mel

      I agree. People stay pretty respectful of each other on here. Remember when Trudy used to lay into me every night over Nicole last year? I kind of miss her tho and I think she just felt VERY strongly about Nicoles innocence. I could get irritated at her while simultaneously feeling for her because she was so frustrated with all the feed tea we would tell her.

      • I got the Trudy treatment too. I wonder why she didn’t join us this season? I would totally go all in as team Paul again just to get her going. 🙂

      • I’m probably the new Trudy. lol I’ll take it! I don’t mind it at all. But then again, I switch favorites weekly. I was team Paul but now he thinks he’s untouchable and I’m over him.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cyn I change my mind about the HG almost every week. It all depends on who I’m mad at at the time 🙂

      • Mel

        I bet Trudy was a big Jillian fan if I had to take a guess so maybe that why she isn’t on this season. Cyn, you’re not even close, I promise. I believe I was called ignorant, stupid, a terrible person, someone with no morals and a liar….on a nightly basis. Mind you, this was all because I liked Victor and Paul instead of Nicole and I wouldn’t relent on the fact that Nicole and Corey did indeed make out in the house.

  34. Mel

    AIO7 and Cyn, Thank you both for your service. I said earlier, I learn something new about the commenters on here every year and I didn’t know either of you were veterans.

  35. Harken Paul’s gifted BB status to an episode of Survivor where on day one a contestant is given…
    -Fishing Gear
    -And a clue to a hidden immunity idol located at the water hole.

    As I dig where x marks the spot, low and behold there actually is two hidden immunity idols right next to each other, along with an added bonus of safe passage to and from redemption Island in the event that the contestants try and vote me out at tribal (provided I’m not wearing the immunity necklace of course).

    Would anybody at home watching or anybody on this blog realistically say that I was playing a brilliant game, if I were loud and boisterous, bossy and demanding past the point of arrogance, and walked around and talked as if I were the ultimate grand wizard on all things related to Survivor. Would the contestants on my season early on cast me aside, or would they naturally gravitate towards me because I could make any move I wanted without immediate repercussion.

    Just because some find Paul likable with his antics and such, in no way shape or form equates that he is playing such a great social and masterful BB game this season.

    • LindsayB

      Except that despite all these things you see as negative, pretty much the whole house worships the ground he walks on. The fact that he’s the puppet master despite all these things is exactly why he’s playing a great game.

      • danmtruth

        Slow your roll @lindsayb yes Paul is playing a good game But a great game? It takes two to tango and Paul is leading the band

      • LindsayB

        I stand by the word great. Does it have longevity? That remains to be seen. Right now pretty much everything that’s happening in the house is because of his influence. To get that many people to do your bidding. There isn’t one single person who’s even close to his game play right now. Again, the longevity of the situation is unknown. I can only speak to what’s happened so far.

      • The thing is, though, everyone in the house knows that he is immune for another week. It has been a little pointless for anyone to master a campaign against him, because of his safety. Let’s see how things go after the next HOH. He will be an eligible target going forward. Someone is bound to take a shot at him sooner or later.

      • LindsayB

        Someone will definitely take a shot at some point. Him being safe for three weeks doesn’t mean they need to do every thing he says. During his HOH, maybe but not before or after. They are enamored with him. Those who aren’t, aren’t strong enough to voice it and stand up to the people who are up his ass.

      • Mel

        I’m not giving him great either. That’s reserved for a select few and Paul has no subtlety about him. You need that to be great in my opinion along with the obvious. ..the safety.

      • I agree with most of what you say, Lindsay. Except thatI don’t think it would have been smart game play to mount a campaign yet.

        I think everyone feels comfortable around Paul ( his great social skills ) and they see him running the house. So it wiuld be really risky to start talking to others about getting rid of Paul, when you can be talking to one of allies.

        Again, once his safety ends Thursday, it will be easier for them to go thst route.

      • LindsayB

        I’m definitely curious to see how things change once the safety is over. People will either really step up and start playing or it’ll just be more “make it to jury” bullshit. That’s why I love this game. The dynamics are constantly changing. If I see Paul start screwing up I’ll definitely call it out. I’ve said previously that I couldn’t stand him at first last season but he changed my mind. All the HGs can change my mind.

    • Paul’s on borrowed time. He’s working too aggressively too soon. Like I stated earlier, he would’ve been gone alrdy if it hadn’t been for the safety temp. He’s been lucky nothing more. A few strategies played well but he’s not going to last!

      • ElaineB

        I hope you are right Cyn. It takes the HGs to make the decision to take on Paul and have the numbers. Paul can make a good case for anything, and if he is against you, it can be exhausting. Notice how many people are doing his bidding. The weeks of safety gave Paul cushion to build up to that level. Production rolled the dice on how America would vote, since Paul was the familiar and it was the first Temptation/Curse.

      • @elaineb I guess only time will tell how these upcoming weeks will play out. Ramsey, Josh and Jess need to get Paul out before he gets his troops against them.

      • LindsayB

        I would be shocked if that trio could make it happen. It would require them showing some gumption combined with skill that they haven’t shown yet. Keyword: yet. HGs surprise us all the time.

    • Mel

      Ritchie, I have maintained the position that Paul has been using his 3 weeks wisely and not resting on his bum. I don’t think he’s a great player but I do think he’s made the most of these three weeks. I thought your comment was hilarious and loved it but I don’t think 3 weeks of safety equates to all that other stuff. It’s because at the end of those three weeks, which is almost up, he has nothing but his game. I don’t think his biggest advantage was the safety or the stupid friendship bracelets. I think the biggest advantage for Paul was that Cody didn’t know. In fairness to not completely blow up someone else’s game the first week, I think the house should have known that Paul couldn’t be nominated.

  36. Well…..I just got my laugh of the evening.
    Christmas and Elena are chatting annndddd…..

    Christmas tells Elena that there are a lot of “Alpha” girls in the house and that they are all meshing together really well.
    And then (this is the gutbuster) Christmas tells Elena that SHE (Elena) is an ALPHA GIRL!!!!

    Elena? An Alpha? Hahahahahaha!!!

    “The Alpha Female is a strong, majestic female. She can often be intimidating to those around her and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants.”

  37. Shivani33

    Jason has been saying that he won’t use his PoV, and gives various reasons. I had the feeling when he felt so frustrated by last night on into day house drama that Cowboy was getting frustrated and overruled enough to consider this as his best or only option. We all realize that he might change his mind again and decide to use it. Or maybe he’s saying what gets people to stop pressuring him. He said that he’s back to doubting Jessica and doesn’t feel as inclined to save her. Plus, Cowboy doesn’t want Alex to have a chance to put up Mark. Christmas was okay by him for the renom, just not Mark.

    Have-not are Josh, Mark and Ramses, plus Jason, who got unlucky and wound up with a have-not booby prize. There will be no upcoming talk show, by the way. I heard players say that this was a decision made by production.

  38. Lynn

    I’ve noticed that Elena is a legend in her own mind and spends enormous amounts of time talking about herself and how great she is at analyzing and processing. Also she seems simply fascinated by the word “clarity” and all its forms (clear). Hopefully she will process these things soon to the benefit of us all.

  39. danmtruth

    @lindsayb that was part of my point Paul has no adversaries It might have been interesting to see if Paul could had saved himself without the power of immunity If he did that YES he moves to great

  40. danmtruth

    wrecket-Ralph-Mark is perfect for Elena He is just a compliment sound tract for her Your perfect, Your beautiful She is in content need of Jack Handy Deep Thoughts
    Did I read where Cowpoke did not know what was said in the HOH room could be seen by live feeds Has he ever SEEN this show

    • Shivani33

      Cowpoke looked shocked when told that he was always camera in the HoH room. Thank goodness he made a wide-eyed goofy face and broke the tension for a minute. He’s learning while Alex hollers at him to wake up. It’s pure slapstick with an edge of Alex, the drill sergeant. They get mad at each other and are over it a second later.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep Dan. He was in the HOH last night, cursing up a storm and talking all kinds of trash. Then, I think it was either Paul or Alex, told him that everything he does and says can be seen by the Live Feeders. He said in horror “Even in the HOH?”. It was hysterical.

  41. Mel

    Apparently Kevin has told some of the hg’s about his family. I just saw a clip of Alex and Paul discussing it but it was on Twitter. Does anyone know when this conversation happened? They we’re talking about his dad getting out of prison, him being a mobster and how he made a comment regarding getting 23k overnight no questions asked. I didn’t realize Kevin had talked about it. That’s one of the reasons Alex is on to him.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I completely missed that one Mell. Maybe that was a convo he had with someone after the comp last night.

      • Mel

        I was just very surprised by it because I didn’t realize he had discussed that. The other night Alex referred to him as a mobster when he left the room and I was laughing because I thought she was accidentally figuring him out I didn’t know is because Kevin was spilling the beans. Kevin beans not Steve beans

  42. Tiare

    Does anyone wash their hands when they are cooking I saw Raven scratching her arm while cutting up steaks. Paul came from outside and immediately started to cut up the bell peppers to go inside the bag of cut up.steaks. i wouldn’t eat crap in that house.

  43. Tiare

    Hey everyone. I’ve been following for years. Just decided to sign up.

  44. danmtruth

    I was enjoying Kevins game But telling people this falls under to much information What happens to snitches get stitches Daddy would be so disappointed

    • Mel

      Hahah I died laughing earlier when Kevin told someone that he didn’t like Dom in his room because he ran that section of the prison. I may have to start calling him Pod Boss.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Did you hear him telling them tonight that if she sleeps in the room on the corner bed, he’s going to start cursing up a storm to see if she throws the Bible or Holy Water on him? He said every he walked pass the Sex Room, she was giving him the evil eye so he was going to start running past the door so she wouldn’t see him.

      • Mel

        Yes and when he said he’d just have to shoot Jason to beat him in the comp. My favorite may have been Alex explain to him that if he hit someone in the house he would be evicted Kevin asked why Alex said because you’re not allowed to hit anyone Kevin said “so you mean if I hit somebody with a frying pan they’re going to kick me out?” Alex said “yes” and then Kevin said “but why?”

  45. Alda

    Hi Tiare.Glad you joined all of us.Hope you won’t be scared off.Lol

  46. danmtruth

    Can we all agree Cowpoke has an ORANGE Whistle-Nut shirt on tonight

  47. NKogNeeTow

    What the heck are they eating and why are the girls eating out of a community bowl?

  48. These people are treating Dom worst then Cody when she’s actually done nothing wrong. They’re literally nit picking everything she does. I can’t even imagine how alone she must feels and unable to express herself freely. This literally boils my blood. I don’t care what anyone says, an interview does not warrant this treatment. Just disgusting!

    • I would just like to see some more fight in Dom. It seems like she’s just giving up. If I were in her shoes, that house would be on fire from now until eviction night.

      • @gerardo I don’t see how she can fight. She’s been told she makes me people feel uncomfortable. Her one on one discussions last night was not for fun, she was trying to get to the root of the problem. I’d call that fitghtint for her BB life especially when they starting acting shady toward her. To no avail, she’s perceived worst now then she was prior to these attempts. Sad part, this woman hasn’t betrayed anyone, stirred any pots other then her falsely assuming Elaina of jealousy. But to be honest, I think Elaina secretly was.

      • Mel

        I think you can always fight. She has several days where she could fake apologize to her main Alliance for anything she did to create tension. She can have some one-on-one convos with them and explain her side of things. She needs to work the angle of reminding them that their plan was to temporarily use Alex but that Alex wasn’t really in their group. Then she needs to remind them about Cody’s threats in case there is a battle back and how Jessica isn’t on their side but how she always has been. She needs to point out hell Alex is taking away from their numbers and with Raven and Xmas injured they’re running out of competitors for their team. She can tell them she was hurt but she’s still 100% on their team. She needs to do it in a way that doesn’t insult Paul or take digs at him because she needs to be the apologetic victim right now-let Paul be the one with the short fuse. If she did that and the group was receptive to it but Paul wasn’t, that could be something to start opening people’s eyes about how bossy Paul is. You never know. It will be a little harder because initially she needs to have these conversations when Paul’s not around and if she can get them back on board then they can go to Paul as a group and say we’ve changed our mind we want to keep Dom and it will kind of back him into a corner. It may not work but at this point what she got to lose? What she has to gain is being seen as a hardcore BB player who isn’t going to lay down and just accept the house wants to take the game away from her. There’s a reason that Alex didn’t want Jessica to stay OTB and it’s because she doesn’t think it would take much for that group to flip. Dom can’t let her hurt feelings get in the way of fighting to stay. That’s one of the things that make a good bb player imo. The decisions they make when they’re in charge aren’t as impressive as the ones they make when they’re in a mess in the game.

    • @Cyn, It doesn’t, but I’m convinced we missed something somewhere. I did see her talking to Ramses and I just get the feeling we missed something BIG! I did not see “the meeting” or anything after the Veto comp last night. The house is definitely isolating her. There is NO way she will be able to express herself at this point. Don’t let her get excited, because she will “cause problems in the house” and will be accused of starting or stirring the pot. Keep in mind all the mess that Jessica caused last week is forgotten. I wish she would stop complaining and focusing on who’s the snake and begin campaigning. When Ramses was talking to her that was a chance for her to see where his head was. It’s early in the week. Maybe she will snap out of it and start campaigning against Jessica. I’m not a fan of hers, but I’m confused or maybe I’m naive?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Chik, Paul, Kevin, Mark and a few others have said that they tried to talk to her today and tell her that nothing was personal, offered her something to eat and just tried to talk to her in general. It sounds like the only only one she responded to other than Ram, was Mark and according to him, just barely. She’s still got a long time left in the house to self isolate. Look at Messica. She’s having the time of her life right now. She’s so happy the house is pissed at Dom, she can’t see straight. She is using this time to take advantage, ease her way back in and possibly open up a chance of her staying. That alone, is even more reason Dim shouldn’t give up. If she does, Messica automatically wins by default.

      • ElaineB

        I am still confused, but I have moved to the state of acceptance that ‘they’ want Dom out. When is eviction?? *sigh*

      • I think Paul sensed Dom was not easily manipulated and ralley the troops against her. This woman took the time to talk with each of her alliance members and what did they report back to the snake and laugh at her. They have Alex speaking for the house, she makes everyone feel uncomfortable. How can you mingle with people that claim they feel uncomfortable around her. It’s total BS, what can she do when she’s being singled out? Be expressive so they can tell she scaring people next?!

      • @chikelz I meant to tag you above

      • If cowboy uses veto and pulls Jessica off I don’t see Dom staying….if he leaves Jessica and Dom up then Dom stands a chance I think….

      • AIO_7

        Helen; I hope that’s how it works out (Jess going).

    • NKogNeeTow

      Then she should stop secluding herself. She’s doing the same thing that Cody and Messica did once he was on the block. Actually they locked themselves up in the HOH room until his reign was over, then exiled themselves in the HN room once he was OTB. She’s in that purple room playing woe-is-me to Ram. If she’s as annointed(sp) as she claims she is, she should just hold her head high and walk right out of that room and not let anything they say bother her. We get it. She feels betrayed. Everyone who goes OTB feels betrayed. Well to quote Elaine “SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!” This isn’t the end of the world and I’d hate to see her go out looking like a sore loser.

      • ElaineB

        Hey I am right here. ‘Suck it up, Buttercup!’ (to quote NK, quoting Elaine…lol). I have to get back to that, and ‘Pox on them’ is my most recent one. Luv ya NK for remembering.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Who can forget Lainie. I use it all over the internet now….plagiarism don’t ‘cha know….lol

      • I could not handle being around Dom for an extended period of time….having a conversation with her would be impossible for me….I don’t speak in parable…..even her private conversations earlier in the show with mark would drive me insane,because half the time I couldn’t figure out exactly what she was trying to tell him.

    • Mel

      No it doesn’t because unlike Cody, Dom hasn’t treated any of them poorly. They’ve drank Armenian Kool-Aid. it won’t last but unfortunately they won’t sober up in time to save Dom. As I said earlir, Dom leaving will help Alex and Paul but not the rest of that group. It’s a long time till Thursday so a lot could happen or nothing could happen because even though Paul safetys ending they may want to wait and see if he wins the HOH. Either way it’s too late for Dom unless she can convince Elena Matt Raven and Christmas she is better to have on their side then Jessica. It could be done but I don’t know if it could be done was Paul hovering over every conversation all week. Jessica will be working very hard to enter great herself back in with those same people this week as well. Should be interesting to see howit shakes out. I’m really hoping Josh wins HOH because all he talks about is putting Matt and Raven OTB.

      • @Mell spoken truth. She was nothing like Cody/Jessica and they way they’re treating her is just wrong. They made her seclude herself. This woman think she’s done something to the point they’re “uncomfortable”?! I’m just not shocked she’s getting picked off. Easy prediction every season.

      • Same with Kevin and Cowboy….they were talking about who they would put up…both are looking to put Matt and Raven OTB

    • I think it’s part of the divide and conquer mob mentality, Cyn.

      I don’t get the feeds, so I don’t see it happening. But it must be a terrible feeling.

      • I’d lose myself mentally. Hopefully she has a good speech come eviction night and point the obvious…her team losing a number, two remaining people who voted weren’t nom’d and possible battle back with Cody/Jess reunited if she is the one evicted. At this point, there’s nothing else she can do with these people.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    I swear if they get rid of Kevin I don’t know what I’ll do. He makes me laugh so hard. Best thing is he’s not even trying to be funny, he’s just naturally comical.

    • Mel

      Yes, Pod Boss Kevin has been the greatest BB find in years in my opinion. He’s so hilarious just by being himself and his catchphrases you feel are truly he is not something he said on the plane writing on napkins trying to come up with. His kids put some of his text through screenshots on Twitter showing all of the Mojo’s he uses. It was very cute. I did notice that Alex was growing the story as usualwhen talking to Paul she said something about how heavily involved he and his family were because his dad got life and was out of jail so fast, she was saying he had to have connections in order to make that happen. He actually got sentenced to 10 years and if I’m not mistaken believe he served three. he may have been let out due to his age and poor health. It’s still a short sentence for such major drug trafficking for so many years. It was never a life sentence as Alex said. Do you think it’s possible but if Kevin wins BB it could be the first time he’s ever had to pay taxes? LOL

      • NKogNeeTow

        His father’s early release could have come from a few different reasons. Maybe reduction in sentenced for time served (adding whatever time he spent in jail before being sentenced) and/or time off for good behavior.

        Can you imagine the language Kevin would use if it is his first time paying taxes…lol

      • Mel

        That’s what I was thinking. His dad was 69 when he was convicted and either got sick or they claimed he was. I don’t think he spent any time in jail prior to his conviction but it still could have been an early release. Assuming he hadn’t been convicted before and I have no idea, a first-time drug conviction even if it was Major (which his was) could get a drastic amount of time knocked off.

  50. danmtruth

    This is part of the game One thing happens than it snowballs This is what happen The talk show, her talk with Paul, Mark and Matt in the Hoh After that it just started to spiral Small things a look here A sigh there and things blow up There is no logic If as she said she just processed what Paul told her in the HOH Understand he was safe for a few more weeks just smile say thanks move on and wait till she could line up people Instead she just went on the offence

  51. ElaineB

    For my little bit of seeing Dom in action (early Sat. morning), I think she dealt a hand that she couldn’t win. Christmas kept asking her as to why they were up there (remember it was early morning and Christmas made those flight of stairs to the HOH), if not to reveal the ‘snake’. Since Paul had hammered Dom about that and contradicted her statements, she changed her story. She decided NOT to name anyone, but to reveal her reasons for the group meeting was to 1) plead her case, 2), 3), 4) which I don’t remember. I am still not sure why they chose Dom, but they (Paul) did. It is a game and unfortunately folks go home. Dom’s faith will lead her to know that this was ‘her time’.

    • The things Dom is saying are Paul’s fault are actually things Dom told to mark…not Paul…….
      She would sit up there playing “chess” with mark telling him that elana was jealous of their relationship.
      Then she implied the same thing to Alex ….

  52. danmtruth

    Paul and Kevin are very good at distracting these people With talk about after show partys and reunions Raven is such a fan girl Her 20 sec photo op with Paul over a yearago is like the high lite of her life
    New punishment the girls need to give up there hair extentions

  53. NKogNeeTow

    I can’t get over how much they’re letting them get away with singing. Last year they kept getting on Justin about the songs he even made up. They must have a new Production team. They seem to be getting away with murder this year. You hardly ever hear that announcer guy either.

  54. danmtruth

    Paul and Alex keep calling themselves AMF whats that about

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Not-So-Raven is pissed because Xmas is still there. She says since she can’t compete, she should go home.

    Let me take a moment and mention something I forgot the other night when they were doing that wall comp. Raven specifically said BEFORE the comp, that because of her stitches an doctor’s orders, she absolutely could NOT get her foot wet. She was hopping around the house (in between having Matt carry her). When the Comp started, who’s front and center on the wall? Oh and who was getting sprayed with, foot and all? Now she’s complaining about Xmas? Sounds like Little Missy doesn’t want to share the limelight.

    • Mel

      I’m still in shock that when Raven saw Xmas was upgraded to a walker that she hasn’t gone into the Dr and demanded a wheelchair. If you still haven’t seen that clip of when Xmas came back into the house yesterday, you’ve got to go back to that in Nk, it’s so funny. Raven tore her sock off with lightning speed and no regard for soreness to make her way across the room to greet Xmas.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mell, about a half hour ago, she and Matt were sitting on the pool table. Ram flung open the kitchen door and both Matt AND Raven jumped up and ran over to the door. I was tickled because Matt and Ram didn’t even seem to notice.

    • Ann

      That’s exactly what it is. Cindy Lu Whoo wants to be the sick one getting all of the attention. That girl is so childish, I guess that’s the type of woman Matt likes. She is always hanging all over the man. Too damn clingy.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Is that Dom laying in the bed in the corner while they are all sitting around talking?

  57. Question….Everybody who Believes Sir Paul will be sitting in One of the 2 Chairs on Finale Night Raise Your Hands?! Reminiscent of DAN/IAN Season, Vet v. Newbie

  58. NKogNeeTow

    What the heck is slop made out of anyway? It just looks like oatmeal.

    • LindsayB

      They had the recipe on the show site for awhile. Not sure if it’s still there. It’s a combo of oatmeal and a couple different kinds of protein powder, and maybe something else. Adding the powders to it makes it really dried out and grainy.

  59. Shivani33

    So far, it looks as though Matt’s strategy is eating. Oh, and once he made an important move. His foot fell asleep.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Poor Kev, everyone has gone to bed and he looks like he wants to talk. He slept all during that foray last night. He looks so bored though. I’m glad they all went to bed. Now so can I , lol.

    Have a good night Guys 🙂

  61. Shivani33

    Cowboy was in DR for a long time tonight. With his PoV decisions up in the air, he might have had a lot to discuss, but hopefully it wasn’t like being submerged in a production pressure cooker. Paul’s immunity has almost drained out like the sand in an hourglass from The Days of Our Lives, with 4-5 days left. He said tonight that he’ll be winning the next HoH. Volition.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    2:25 am (BB time):

    Kevin comes back from the DR and gets in bed. He told Messica he asked the DR for suntan lotion. She said she’s been asking for Super Glue for a week. He tells her that he use to tape Super Glue to his calf and sneak it into prison to his father. He said his father had false teeth and use to get into a lot of fights…..Camera cut to another room of sleeping HG.

  63. Just saw this interesting info which might explain some of Cody’s “ways”.
    His brother was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2011 while Cody was in Afghanistan.

  64. Seems a little strange that Paul became a snake to Dom when she could no longer sleep next to him in the HOH bed……
    Alex was always going to put Dom OTB….that was her plan….right after she won HOH she went into the storage room and told the camera she was going to make a “big move”……..Jessica was always going to be her pawn….she promised Cody she would keep her safe for this week….her goal was for either jess or her to win POV.when Cowboy got picked it was perfect for them.

    • Helen,
      I never understood what Dom waa doing sleeping in the HOH bed with Paul anyways.
      Did she ask him or vice versa or did she just decide that’s what she was going to do?

      Another question/comment I was wondering about is that right after Alex got her HOH room, Dom just walks in and uses the HOH shower. Just wondering is it the HOH’s personal shower for the week? Can any houseguest use it or is it up to the discretion of the current HOH?
      I know this is a weird something that was running thru my head the other day when I saw Dom just walk in (didn’t speak or ask etc.) and go straight for the shower.

  65. It has always been for the HOH….in the past people would ask the HOH if they could use the shower….i think what happened this year is that Cody had the HOH room for almost 2 weeks so his “side” of the house just got kind of used to coming and going as they please….in seasons past people actually used to knock before they went into HOH…
    I know the first night Dom stayed up in HOH with Paul it was because it was her birthday…Christmas spent the first two nights up there because of her foot but people started making “couple” comments and also it was too warm up there for Christmas to sleep… I think that’s why Dom ended up staying because Christmas slept in Doms bed that first night and found it more comfortable room temp wise…..

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