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Big Brother 19 – Let’s Talk About Paul For A Minute


A few weeks ago, I compared Paul’s early game to that of Boston Rob from Survivor during the season he won (Redemption Island?).  It’s no secret that Paul was in full control over the house back then, and still is to this day.  Not a lot has changed since my original post other than him scooping up the loyalty of two more women in the house (Raven and Elena) which once again fits with the Rob strategy where he had about 3-4 loyal female soldiers around him.  Paul is sticking to that blueprint, and it’s working really well for him.

The reason I post this today is because of what I watched during the fighting between Jessica/Cody and Josh yesterday afternoon.  Lost in a lot of it was the way Paul handled the entire situation.  Let’s look at it from his perspective to see what I mean.  Sometime in the afternoon, Paul was sitting outside doing his thing when Josh came out to vent about Jess taking the spelling shot at him. As he was venting, Paul subtly suggested that Josh go in and return the favor by asking her to spell ‘evicted’ to which Josh happily obliged and ran in to keep the fight going. While some may look at it as Paul just jumping into the fray, to me it looked like he quickly took control over that so he could use it to his advantage.  He knew Josh would run back in and continue fighting which does nothing but make potential jury members look down on the people fighting (Josh, Jess, and Cody).

He is building Josh up to be the punching bag while he comes out looking like a puppet master if they’re both sitting in the final 2 together (which I believe is Paul’s ultimate goal – sitting with Josh).


Now, I’m not here to talk about the obvious of Paul using Josh as a puppet. We all knew that last week when he told Josh to ‘crank it up to a 30’ and encouraged the pots and pans. He is having Josh do the dirty work for the sole reason of making everyone hate the guy so he gets less jury votes.

Paul with his girls

The big move from Paul came yesterday when Josh was finished fighting and went up into his HoH room to break down. Paul immediately went up there and pumped him right back up by saying Josh did nothing wrong and the other two look like complete assholes. He said he was proud of Josh for standing up for himself and thinks Josh should be proud as well. This wasn’t encouragement to make his friend feel better. It was to keep Josh fired up and not scared to retaliate to any form of drama.  In addition to keeping Josh fired up, he also set the narrative that Josh was upset because Cody called him fat during the argument. While Josh insists he was crying because Cody confirmed that he talks shit about Josh in the DR which must be killing his parents, Paul stuck to the ‘fat shaming’ aspect of the argument and pushed that narrative to where everyone ignored Josh and listened to Paul.

When that narrative was set, Paul decided to shift some focus off of Cody (who is dead in the water already) and put some on his target after Cody – Mark. He blamed Mark for not going in there and defending Josh for being fat shamed. Why he did that may seem random, but this is because Mark has been very open about being anti-bullying – especially against weight. Mark was bullied as a kid for his weight and that is his most sensitive issue. Despite Mark looking on from across the house and not being involved at all, Paul said it was a shitty thing for Mark to remain quiet.  This attack proved to be a success minutes later as Mark tried to come into the room to check on Josh and was immediately kicked out like he was part of the problem.

If that wasn’t enough, Paul wanted to put the exclamation point on the Mark focus later on as a large group was hanging out in the apple room discussing the incident. Paul took that opportunity to once again call Mark out for not stepping in, and a large group got to watch this weird confrontation. Once again, Mark remained confused, but Paul continued to hammer home the point that Mark was bullied and should have stopped the fighting.  After the room cleared, Paul and Mark “cleared things up”, but the damage was done. Paul took the fight between Josh and Jessica/Cody and managed to make Mark look bad.


I’ve seen the question asked numerous times whether or not Paul is playing a great game or the cast is just bad. Watching Paul yesterday showed he is, and always has been, multiple moves ahead of anyone else in this game. To answer that question, I compare it to a Chessmaster who sits in a park beating up on anyone who comes along that day. Most of his opponents are bad, and some may give him a challenge, but in the end, the person is still a Chessmaster. Paul may have some weak competition this season, but he is playing exactly like a Chessmaster would play against a novice opponent.  He is multiple moves ahead and just waiting for the right time to win.

In summary – whether you like the guy or not. Whether you like his game or not. Paul is having a fantastic season and controlling the house far better than many other veterans could do.  Look at some of the recent winners.  Who do you think could control this bunch of bad players as well as Paul has been?

  • Nicole – Not a chance
  • Steve – No way
  • Derrick – Close, but people know his game
  • Andy – Nope
  • Ian – His game is exposed. People wouldn’t underestimate him
  • Rachel – She has the closest chance because of her complete star power and ability to beast competitions when needed

What are your thoughts on it?  Is Paul overrated, or is he playing exactly like a great player would play against a bunch of terrible players?


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  1. AIO_7

    Why aren’t these dummies questioning Paul as to why he didn’t jump in and stop JODY calling Josh fat? Paul was right there and the people Josh put on the block were in the other room (and Slosh has harassed Mark and lied about Elana). Garbage like that turns me against Paul and I hope the minions rise up soon.

  2. Painter1

    Paul was outside I thought because post said Josh went outside to vent to Paul. I still think everyone knows Paul has to go but at this time there is bigger fish to fry that the whole house agrees on.

  3. Avatar

    Paul is being genius this season, yes it puts that adjective in a suspect position that he is dealing with a house full of horrid players. You nailed it however, just because the people he is playing with are awful at the game, it does not make Paul any less genius for how he is playing the game this season. While I would like someone/ANYONE to rise up and give him a challenge, I think he would still reign.

  4. danmtruth

    in your chess analogy It should also be pointed out that Paul gives little thought to how his other competitors are playing He knows after a few moves they will be back to playing the game as he needs it to be played That is what happen with Jess temptation It was just a small bump in the road He changed the narrative to them being selfish and coasting someone a chance at jury This made no sense
    Mark should have made his points when the other people were in the room Where was the house outrage about bulling when Josh was doing it to him The fact that he admits to being in the wrong about the juice throw . Yet no one else is held accountable for there actions
    As for returning vets I still believe Derrick could handle this crew as well if not better even Will from Pauls season might have been just as good Paul had no real challenger on his game level Yet without that early safety Where he built so much power from who knows If he could have survived He has till now We will see how his game evolves He has set two targets in Mark & Elena but I think he would like to keep Elena & Raven around a bit longer as shields

  5. Avatar

    I believe if Derrick was given the same immunity and perks similar to Paul, he would do very well. His game was extremely adaptable, and he would have the Vet stigma which actually works for you if you can survive early weeks. Minus BB all stars, at least one returning vet has made final two every time.

    • Avatar

      I think if many of the returning vets had the first partial HOH privileges given to them (with the friendship bracelets) and then 3 weeks where no one could touch them, they would get pretty far in the game. Even without that fortunate luxury, two vets got to the final 3 last year. This group is so clueless, they still acts as if Paul has some official power in the house so they are sticking with him. If they are hoping to get friendship from Paul they should realize that Paul plans on staying in the house and never seeing the jury house. That will be a long distance friendship I guess.

      • Sassy

        He holds the power of fear. They see what happens to those that cross Paul. They are isolated and mentally tortured for a week. No one wants to be that person.

      • Mello_One

        That is what I am most Disappointed in with Jessica & Cody about, both of them “Isolating” themselves!!! BB is ALL about being Social, even IF you are on the Block , you Keep your Cool. Jessica, & Cody were Not capable of doing that, & blew their Game Up.

        Jody, along with Josh, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, are Gawd Awful Players…Jason, Kevin, Alex, & Christmas are Paul’s Minions, & will go further. Although I believe that Josh will sit next to Paul in a F2

      • NKogNeeTow

        If the 2 isolated are the ones you are talking about, Paul didn’t isolate them. They chose to isolate themselves, which made the house easier to control. Paul took advantage of the situation and stirred the pot enough to turn it in his favor. You can’t break off from the herd then cry foul that someone created a divide and conquer situation.

  6. strwar1

    Paul is a great player and he is up against the worst players in Big Brother history.His chances are already good in my eyes where he is going to win Big Brother.He has learn his mistakes last year and as a GREAT game inside the house and he has been practicing what has to be done and what needs to be done and the entire house has failed to see his plans. He has a alliance that will definitely vote for him when they are in the jury house.

    • Avatar

      As you said, “he is up against the worst (group) of players in BB history”. If Paul holds on to win this game, he will be known as the, “winner of BB 19, the year with the most clueless group of players ever”. If that is who he has to beat that’s not his fault. They are a group of people who think making an extra 5 or 10 grand in jury is better than going for the $500K prize or even the $50K runner up prize. It speaks to a lazy, take the easy way out group of people. Not to get political here, but why work for more money, if someone will give you some money for nothing. Once jury selection begins, whoever gets booted will leave the house with a smile, like they accomplished something.

      • NKogNeeTow

        What I find so ironic is most of the HG seems to have watched the show before because they are always discussing past HG and things that happened in past seasons. You would think that they would know better. With the exception of very few of them, they are being led because they choose to be led.

  7. Avatar

    For Paul to get to final two, he’s got to cut Kevin, Jason, Christmas, and Alex by using Josh as a rebel rousing shield and hitman.

    I may be crazy, but I don’t see all of those individuals just taking that kind of crap Josh throws out lying down without a fight from at least one if not all of them.

    And any antics from his other hitman (Raven) would be squashed immediately if she employed that tactic on the aforementioned players.

    The knives for Caesar are around the corner once Team Cody is completely eradicated from the house. For now, Jason, Kevin, and maybe Christmas along (potential real threats) are humoring him for now.

    Paul playing well?, yes
    Paul playing hard and often?, yes
    Paul steps ahead of most (but not all)?, yes
    A puppet master at a kids puppet show?,yes
    A chessmaster over the entire house?, no way

    • Avatar

      I half way expect them to draw straws to determine the order in which they are evicted. I agree that Josh’s antics won’t work on the others and I don’t think Josh will go there with the others. It’s going to require a new strategy by Paul.

      • Jenny

        ‘draw straws to determine the order in which they are evicted” – sounds like the way Jozea thought his game would go last year. Remember the Messiah who believed he was so charming everyone would just volunteer to go on the block?

      • Avatar

        The best way for Paul to get rid of people and keep his hands clean might be to pit his minions vs. each other one on one. If he can get, for instance Elena and Raven really mad at each other for something if one of them wins HOH they will want that other person out as a #1 priority. Maybe this will cause Matt and Mark to be against each other because their “girlfriends” are bickering. Paul doesn’t care, he wants all 4 of them gone anyway. Paul has already made it seem like the #1 rivalry in the house is Josh vs. Cody/Jess. When it’s actually Paul who wants out Cody/Jess most of all. Josh wins HOH and Jess goes out (likely). In a few weeks Paul will be left with 5 or 6 people and a jury full of people who think someone else got them out of the house. But when (if) they compare notes in jury, they will realize it was Paul the seed planter all along.

        @hilaryl If my idea doesn’t work, then straws it is.

      • Sassy

        @antsal – We have already seen what Matt will do for Raven… He volunteered her to go up in his place. I don’t think he cares if she stays or goes. And the minions are not smart enough to figure out Paul was the mastermind. I think they will stay in awe of him…

      • Mel

        Hilary, So true! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised with this group.

      • NKogNeeTow

        “It’s going to require a new strategy by Paul.”

        He does things sometimes that ticks me off, but I will give him credit, he’s adaptable when he needs to be. He thinks fast on his feet. How far it will get him, I can’t say. But its working so far.

  8. Avatar

    Paul is the funnel. Nothing happens and no information is shared that doesn’t go back to and/or through him. Every single person (other than Cody and Jess) runs to him for permission and to tell him what everyone else has said. I honestly don’t know if that’s due to his maneuvering or that they are all that stupid. I think it’s a bit of both. I do think he’s genuine when he says it’s exhausting and I don’t think he’s having as much fun as he thought he would even though he’s sitting pretty. It’s challenging and not challenging for him at the same time. I guess it is different than what he anticipated. But the bottom line is he has adapted and made it work for him and for that, he is playing a really good game. It has been hard for me to watch because 80% of the conversations (a statistic I’ve pulled out of the air) don’t make sense. I honestly have trouble following everything because so many conversations, conflicts, fights seem to come out of nowhere. Even Jessica attacking Josh yesterday. How and when she did doesn’t make any sense to me. Or Josh campaigning against Elena out of nowhere. And Xmas supporting him, not supporting him, there’s no logic (or poor logic) to it on any of their part. It is exhausting to watch which is why I believe Paul that he’s exhausted. I’m not a Paul fan but no one is giving him a run for his money at all. Kevin shows signs of life but is very passive. It remains to be seen if that turns out to be a good strategy. It is the only interesting thing to me. It’s boring for me to watch all of these people play for jury, final 6, final four or final 2. They are all hoping they are sitting next to Paul at jury but none of them seem to care. They are all content to target Paul’s biggest competition. I really hope once Jess is out of the house it gets more interesting but unless Cody wins HOH, the whole week will be how they can get him out. Then the following week it will be Mark. It’s no fun when there is only one target.

    • Sassy

      I agree. I would like to see secret deals and conspiracies from other players. They are all just comfortable with their status in the Paul cult. Even those that KNOW they are not really in the alliance (Mark and Elena), still beg to get back in. Raven and Matt aren’t even thinking, why us? Are we next? They don’t even care. If they can’t see this week is predetermining their rank on the totem pole, then I really don’t see a lot of excitement after Cody leaves. Although Kevin and Jason “talk” about eventually getting Paul out, they will never have the numbers and never make the move.

      I think Paul is the ONLY one really playing the social game (PUKE!!!). Jess and Cody are the ONLY competition beasts (Head slap). This is a disappointing year…

      Cody will go home shortly after Jess, if he doesn’t walk out with her, there is NO doubt about that. If he wants to stay a few weeks, his only chance, is to throw the HoH and win the temptation this week. If housepets really want Paul out, it has to be done on Cody’s HoH. He is the only one that will be willing to get the blood on his hands. I would love for him to make a deal with HG’s, “Let me get Paul out, and I will throw the next week and let you vote me out…”

      • Avatar

        @sassy Well said! we’ll never know the attraction I guess. I would love for Julie to begin asking the cult members as they are evicted, “why, why did you do everything Paul asked? What reward did you think you would get? When you evict people like Jess and Cody that is 2 more people who would have voted out Paul and you helped vote them out.” I think if they voted right now who should get the 500K, Paul would actually win. A few people might vote for themselves but I think Paul would have the majority votes RIGHT NOW. Forget jury just walk in the DR and cast your vote. Maybe we can get to BB20 faster if we end this sooner?

      • Avatar

        I’m not sure if this is the right time or place to mention this but I did find it interesting that after Jess had that conversation with Elena trying to tell her where to put her allegiance after Jess was gone that Elena went to Paul and said that he was her favorite and she would vote for him in Jury. That’s kind of the only half way smart thing I’ve seen her do. I still think it’s wrong that Jess won’t even make it to jury since she’s been the only one putting up a fight but her game play is so erratic that none of them respect her as a player. They just see her as a threat to Paul (!!) (which is another reason it makes sense to keep her). But she didn’t help her cause by saying that’s who she would vote for in jury.

      • Sassy

        If Paul knew Jess would vote for him in jury, he may have tried to save her for one more week.

        Elena’s confession to Paul about being a jury vote guarantees that she will be in jury soon. He needs the vote (LOL). Although, she would probably be one of the better options with him in the final 2 since no one likes or respects her.

    • Mel

      I think the fact that we don’t even have any stupid alliance names says alot. This is Paul’s alliance…that’s it.

  9. Renee

    I believe this is a weak cast. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for Paul. I do believe he is playing well and capitalizing on the others lack of understanding of how to play the game. I know that if I ever found out I was going to have the opportunity to win 500K just by participating in a social experiment, I would drop everything I’m doing and start researching everything about the history of the game. I don’t think any of the people in the house are who they portray. Most of their involvement in drama and pettiness probably stems from sheer boredom waiting for the next show night. Several people have pointed out how Raven and Matt suddenly become more loud and playful right as the after dark feeds come on. I guess they are not smart enough to realize lots of people have live feeds 24/7.

    By the way, I also see people taking about Raven’s mom on Twitter. What is her name on Twitter, I would love to catch up on that drama. #STFURaven

    • Avatar

      @renee Good Point. I always thought it was funny how the girls get all dolled up when they think they will be on tv and save an outfit for eviction. FYI (Spelled e-v-i-c-t-i-o-n). The other day, Elana said to someone that if they wanted to talk game, let her know so she could put on her eyelashes. In other words, if we are sitting here discussing our pets or our childhood “no one will see that” but if we are talking game, I have to get “tv ready” because our discussion might make it to a CBS show. Ya know where people can see them.

    • Mel

      Last I knew, her mom Stacy, put everything on private including Ravens accounts. There’s stuff floating around but it’s screensshots from stuff before she went private.

  10. AIO_7

    Since when is calling someone fat worse than banging and pans in someones face and ears?

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      Since our society became so politically correct that you can’t say anything anymore without A…being a bully B being a racist or Bigot or C homophobic

    • stevebeans

      Especially when the person being called fat isn’t even ‘fat’. That’s another reason why it was tactical of Paul to change the narrative to ‘fat shaming’ rather than everyone telling Josh that Cody was grasping at straws if the only insult they could come up with was ‘fat’.

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  12. Avatar

    I hate Paul. He is playing a good game but he is mean to Cody and me.

  13. Avatar

    Paul is playing a great game…like it or not! I am TeamPaul all the way, so I like most of what he does. Unlike Derrick (Who I LOVED) Paul is in your face…drama…yelling…controlling! All the things that make it worth watching. Yes…Derrick played a spotless game! On that season…he controlled everyone and every vote as well. But there was little drama, fewer blind sides and no eviction surprises. I think almost every vote was unanimous! What fun is that? If had been up to Derrick…he would have taken Victoria to the end and not Cody. so, let Paul take Josh. Smart choice. Taking Nicole last year lost him $500K!

    • Renee

      That was a boring season. Way too predictable. The most excitement in Derrick’s season was when one of his pictures in his HOH basket almost made it in with him in his uniform. He flipped out on production and had to come up with an excuse why there was no picture in his HOH basket.

    • Alda

      I/m with you all the way.I loved Derrick from the first episode of his season,and I feel the same about Paul.Well,really I was pulling for Victor,then Paul.Team# PAUL.He deserves it!

  14. Shivani33

    Two tidbits from a slow night on the feeds: Paul has known his romantic interest from the outside world for a relatively short time. He and she got together, he said, in April and live on opposite coasts.

    One could say that it isn’t a very established relationship. Paul is simply intelligent enough to choose to play BB singularly and without the distraction of any showmance, just as he played during his first game. This isn’t meant to imply that he doesn’t have feelings for his new girlfriend, just that he gives himself an effective shield as a player by maintaining a socially valid layer to his emotional and sexual unavailability.

    Also, last night Raven and Matt were in bed doing their thing. The very millisecond when they seemed to be cooling down, she was called to DR…and didn’t hop right up like a kangaroo. At last, she got her clothes back on and had reapplied her makeup in the bathroom, and finally she went to DR. DR did not respond when she appeared and didn’t open the door at all. Raven was somewhat puzzled, somewhat insulted and eventually went and made herself a grilled cheese sandwich. By the way, her wrist didn’t bother her at all in bed with MattRess.

    • Avatar

      I saw another comment where Paul said he didn’t know if she was watching and he hoped not. It was a very off-handed comment that made me think they weren’t very serious which fits with your first comment. I didn’t make the connection between Raven not going to DR right away and them not answering the door but that’s funny. I did wonder if it meant anything that they called her and didn’t answer and did not call Elena since they are the other two on the block.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think any of the women are attracted to Paul. Their sexual advances/teases are game play. I know that sounds ridiculous but I think they would do ANYTHING to secure their spot.

  15. Avatar

    Would love to see Paul vs Vanessa in the next BB all-stars.

  16. Lynn

    My memory may be failing me, but didn’t Paul call Elena a “fat :$$” to the other guys during guy talk? So pot meet kettle? He disgusts me. I would rather Raven win than him. Yes, it is that extreme. #anybodybutPaul.

  17. ElaineB

    Minus an ‘All Star’ season, a vet has made it to f2 each time, or at least most of them. To me, this mixing newbie and vet is getting old. Since it doesn’t seem like any group of new HGs coming in really take to heart the ‘get out the vet(s) early’ theme, the end of the game is getting so predictable (*yawn*), as well as the game play of most of the vets (*yawn*). I am disappointed in BB this summer, just as I was last summer. I am trying to hang in there, to see if eventually there will be talk of other HGs doing well, other than Paul.

    • Avatar

      It’s hard to get the vet out early when BB production gives the vet special powers like three weeks of safety right off the bat. That gave Paul such a huge advantage over everyone else in the game. It’s BS. If production had not done that, Paul would have been evicted in week 2.

      • Avatar

        @fordbw You are probably right. But he wouldn’t have been on big brother when HIS candy crush episode aired so they had to protect that shows premiere. It was most likely part of his deal. It’s like when a baseball stadium has a bobblehead giveaway night for a player who’s no longer on the team.

    • Avatar

      BB20 – 16 HG’S – no one is a BB vet , or a celebrity’s brother, half brother, or was on another CBS show, or used to date someone else on the show or has a twin in the house or a long lost relative. They were mostly fun twists, but they are old news. Get creative, think of a new twist, not the ones we have seen before at least once or 10 times. I’d like to see 16 “strangers with no agenda” come into the house so we can judge who we like based on what they do on the show in front of us. Not by how many videos they have on youtube or followers on social media, or how many go fund me pages they are connected to. We’ll still watch if who we are watching isn’t the next superstar to take over the entertainment industry. Ok rant over. Thanks for listening.

  18. Shivani33

    Paul might be playing chess, but his opponents are playing parcheesi.

  19. Renee

    I’m hoping the do another BBOTT. That was the best season I’ve seen in years.

  20. danmtruth

    watching Paul is like watching a sexual predator That is why those first 3 weeks were important for him He groomed the HG to come to him for game advise The first few weeks he tried to give good advise Than slowly changed it to his advantage Now most can’t even think of ever challenging him
    Funny Paul was all he understanding about Josh being bulled Now he talks about how he teases his sister just to get her mad True like many family do Yet where is the line between bully and teasing it’s just crazy

  21. Avatar

    Paul will take Kevin to final 2 then tell them all that he took the 25k for they want vote for Kevin

    • Avatar

      You sre assuming that Paul wins the last hoh for the final 3.

      If I was Kevin, and won that hoh, I would cut Paul loose. That move alone would win the season.

  22. Mel

    I think it’s a combination. Paul is doing a very good job of making everyone feel that they are his real inner circle. You also have a group where at least half the cast is there for exposure. When that’s the goal, you just want to make as many episodes as possible. If they don’t rock the boat, they get seen for more weeks. Elena even used that as part of her sales pitch several times to stay in the house and to try and avoid the block. It’s also why she had her red bandana around her neck placed just so, fresh lipstick and Jean jacket that could be removed at the right moment when she had her nomination talk with Josh. That was her moment. She was being nominated and it was time to take the stage and show future employers what she’s got. Lights, camera, action…

    CBS doesn’t want the show to get stale so I’m hoping my silver lining will be a season 20 with all newbies if Paul wins this year. I don’t think even CBS want to risk a returnee winning 3 yrs in a row.

  23. Mello_One

    Agreed Steve, I called Paul with Josh in a F2 one Thread Back, he could also take Elena also. This is the “ONLY” way Paul will come in 1st this time…If he takes Kevin, its 50/50, because everybody in the house loves Kevin.

  24. Avatar

    Hi guys! Haven’t posted in a while. The best part of this season is this blog and all the comments. Gotta admit I miss Feltso a little bit tho. Haha
    Enjoying Jessica’s comments now lol

    This season is too long. They need better HGs and 2 weeks without an eviction is dull. I think eventually Alex, Jason and Kevin are going to backdoor Paul. All others seem to be playing for Jury and not 500k.

    I don”t like anyone in the house. i do think Paul is playing the best game. But I’d love to see him in a season with Derrick (my all time favourite player), Dan, Dr Will and Evel Dick. I don’t think he would do very well against them because none of them would be intimidated by that bearded hipster.

  25. Avatar

    And another thing…..#STFURAVEN. Does Matt really, actually, like her? Yuck! I’m a girl but if I was a guy I would never be able to get it up for that girl. The liked Matt at first (thought he was best looking in the house at least) but he is so frickin’ VANILLA!!

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  27. Russell James Yost

    Nice analysis Steve. There were a couple things I didn’t see that you brought up.

    It would be cool to see an analysis of each player and what they could do to win BB19.

  28. JadedMage

    Seriously, Paul is a super genius best player since Doctor Rob!

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