There isn’t a whole lot to talk about that hasn’t been discussed except for last night’s PoV episode.  Oh, and the popularity poll has been updated but the stats haven’t been submitted yet

Alright, it’s been almost 24 hours since I watched it, so I need to dig into my crappy memory to think of the episode….

  • Jessica is so done with Josh.  It’s hilarious to hear the way she reacts every time he tries to talk to her.  Yea she’s being petty and a shitty gamer for not trying to strike a deal, but after watching the feeds I almost have the same reaction every time Josh acts dumb
  • The Paul logic on Jess/Cody being in jury is good, but is he not concerned about Raven/Matt and Elena/Mark?  You’d think he would have gone after those couples as well?
  • Josh wanting Elena out so bad was just weird.
  • Christmas standing up doing her ring thing was so cringeworthy.  The “my turn” was brutal.  Although the look of life being sucked out of Cody was pretty funny
  • That said, it would have been more entertaining to watch Cody in OTEV

Overall, pretty weak episode. It should be interesting to see how they cover the fight this week. Who gets the good edit?

  • Here we go!
  • Quick recap of the past few episodes….
    • Highlights of Kevin trying to steal Cody for his side
    • Kevin is going to be the next bad guy for not getting Paul’s full approval
  • Now it’s time for the edit of the fight. Let’s see how this plays out
    • Of course they left out Josh calling Cody ugly
    • So far they left out Paul randomly putting the spotlight on Mark
  • Alright, time for the real stuff
    • Live vote time!
    • Raven speech – She thanks everyone for making her feel normal
    • Elena – She has a nice little poem and then thanks everyone
    • Jessica – She thanks CBS and thanks Cody. She puts the spotlight on Paul and then says ‘bring me home, Julie’
  • Votes
    • Alex – Jessica
    • Christmas – Jessica
    • Cody – Raven
    • Kevin – Jessica
    • Paul – Jessica
    • Mark – Jessica
    • Matt – Jessica
    • Jason – Jessica
    • Jessica has been evicted!
  • Jessica and Cody are staring at each other before eviction. Creepy. I won’t miss that
    • Interview – Julie asks why Jessica didn’t even bother campaigning and why she picked a fight with the HoH
    • Jessica says the final straw with Josh was the HoH she won when he stood on the sidelines yelling at her (which was the anniversary of her father’s death)
    • Goodbye messages, Alex thanks Jessica for hating her for no reason and she’ll take care of Cody while she’s gone. Ouch
  • HoH competition
    • Another trivia competition
    • Round 1 – Nobody out
    • Round 2 – Mark, Kevin, Paul, Jason out
    • Round 3 – Nobody out
    • Round 4 – Christmas out
    • Round 5 – Cody, Elena, Matt out
    • Round 6 – Alex wins HoH  (aka Paul)

Ok, check back for updates