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Big Brother 19 – Live Eviction Discussion!


There isn’t a whole lot to talk about that hasn’t been discussed except for last night’s PoV episode.  Oh, and the popularity poll has been updated but the stats haven’t been submitted yet

Alright, it’s been almost 24 hours since I watched it, so I need to dig into my crappy memory to think of the episode….

  • Jessica is so done with Josh.  It’s hilarious to hear the way she reacts every time he tries to talk to her.  Yea she’s being petty and a shitty gamer for not trying to strike a deal, but after watching the feeds I almost have the same reaction every time Josh acts dumb
  • The Paul logic on Jess/Cody being in jury is good, but is he not concerned about Raven/Matt and Elena/Mark?  You’d think he would have gone after those couples as well?
  • Josh wanting Elena out so bad was just weird.
  • Christmas standing up doing her ring thing was so cringeworthy.  The “my turn” was brutal.  Although the look of life being sucked out of Cody was pretty funny
  • That said, it would have been more entertaining to watch Cody in OTEV

Overall, pretty weak episode. It should be interesting to see how they cover the fight this week. Who gets the good edit?

  • Here we go!
  • Quick recap of the past few episodes….
    • Highlights of Kevin trying to steal Cody for his side
    • Kevin is going to be the next bad guy for not getting Paul’s full approval
  • Now it’s time for the edit of the fight. Let’s see how this plays out
    • Of course they left out Josh calling Cody ugly
    • So far they left out Paul randomly putting the spotlight on Mark
  • Alright, time for the real stuff
    • Live vote time!
    • Raven speech – She thanks everyone for making her feel normal
    • Elena – She has a nice little poem and then thanks everyone
    • Jessica – She thanks CBS and thanks Cody. She puts the spotlight on Paul and then says ‘bring me home, Julie’
  • Votes
    • Alex – Jessica
    • Christmas – Jessica
    • Cody – Raven
    • Kevin – Jessica
    • Paul – Jessica
    • Mark – Jessica
    • Matt – Jessica
    • Jason – Jessica
    • Jessica has been evicted!
  • Jessica and Cody are staring at each other before eviction. Creepy. I won’t miss that
    • Interview – Julie asks why Jessica didn’t even bother campaigning and why she picked a fight with the HoH
    • Jessica says the final straw with Josh was the HoH she won when he stood on the sidelines yelling at her (which was the anniversary of her father’s death)
    • Goodbye messages, Alex thanks Jessica for hating her for no reason and she’ll take care of Cody while she’s gone. Ouch
  • HoH competition
    • Another trivia competition
    • Round 1 – Nobody out
    • Round 2 – Mark, Kevin, Paul, Jason out
    • Round 3 – Nobody out
    • Round 4 – Christmas out
    • Round 5 – Cody, Elena, Matt out
    • Round 6 – Alex wins HoH  (aka Paul)

Ok, check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    Not really much to discuss we all know who is going home and no matter how they edit things no one came out looking good in that stupid fight.

  2. Avatar

    I got really excited this week when I saw Cody discussing a deal with Jason and Kevin (well Kevin was doing most of the talking). It made me excited because despite being an ass at times, I actually like Cody (way more than Jess) and I would prefer to see the house start taking out the floaters/showmances rather than the Paul vs. Cody show continuing. Now at this point, I like Paul and think he is one of few who deserve to win because he is playing his ass off BUT I actually don’t want to see him win. Yes he was probably robbed last year and played way better than Nicole but he won his $50,000 then and has continued to ride that wave and I would just prefer to see someone else win this year. After seeing Cody discuss a “deal” with Kevin and Jason I was really hoping he would win HOH tonight since he made it seem like he was going to target Raven and Matt and I NEED them out of the house because they seriously get under my skin so bad. However when I saw later that Cody does not plan to stick to that deal and plans to continue after Paul, I don’t want him to get it. I don’t know who I want to win now but please let it be someone that will make this week fun!! I know few will agree with me but right now I’m pulling for Kevin or Jason to win. I admit that neither are playing some fancy strategic game or anything, but I find them both super likeable and HILARIOUS! Maybe America’s player at the least?!?

  3. Mello_One

    Question Here…Wasn’t one of the requirements of Christmas Hex that She Halt one Veto Player, & Replace them with herself as the Veto Competitor???

    But During the Veto Comp Christmas was Disqualified due to her disability. So therefore shouldn’t her Hex had been Nil, & Void? And Cody been Allowed to Play in the Veto Competition??? I’m not the only one asking this, some of the Veteran Players from the past have said the same.

    • hogwild

      Very good catch Mello I had not even thought about that sounds like Big Brother might have dropped the ball on that.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      How is that different than Jessica refusing to play a comp forfeiting herself?

      • Avatar

        I would say thats different in the case that she they showed her just freaking out( which she did) but she threw it until she ran out of time(which many people have done), but Christmas was ineligible to play that was what she was referring to, so the situations were very different

      • Avatar

        Helen, I am not recalling Jess refusing to play a comp. When was that?

      • Mello_One

        Hi Helen!
        The person who comes in Last during the Temptation Comp automatically sits on the Block….So therefore the Back Door Option could not be put into play, Jess didn’t want to be Back Doored. Cody & Jessica used that as a Strategy for her to win the Power of Veto.

        But of Course Christmas used her Halting Hex, which makes for the Question, “If Christmas was required to play in the Veto Comp, & didn’t, why was Cody Sat down for???”

    • Avatar

      I was wondering the same thing. Seems to me it should’ve been disallowed since she couldn’t live up to her end of the terms.

      • Avatar

        it was because jody planned for Cody to win and jess to lose so that way they were ineligible for noms and one was guaranteed a veto(possibly) with the other a possible pick. so jess did throw it to lose

      • Avatar

        Thank you, Ike. I guess I looked at that as a strategic decision on a comp that people can choose to play or not to play. Plus, even though Jessica tried to throw it purposely, there was no guarantee that none of the other players would purposely try to throw it too … and do worse than she did. So, it was a strategy that had an element of risk attached to it. I viewed what Christmas did differently because while it was strategic use of the ring (I think she’ll regret using it later), she couldn’t fulfill the terms of substituting herself in and there was no risk to her or anyone on her team.

    • ChiKelz

      @Mello One; I had the same debate with my mother. If Christmas could not play, her “ring thing” should have been dismissed or she would have to try again on a veto she could play. My mom hates Cody so she felt he shouldn’t have been able to play. I disagree! LOL

  4. g8trgirl

    Someone tell those girls to dress like hookers tonight? Holy crap!

  5. danmtruth

    CBS is trying to stretch the non drama out We all know what is going to happen Just how much of an [email protected]@hat will Raven look like after her speech

  6. g8trgirl

    How cool would it be if Julie said some something like, “Jessica, would you be surprised to know Josh tried to save you this week?”.

  7. ElaineB

    Wheeeeeee Jessica is gone! The ‘Bedbugs’ have been exterminated. This is a great moment!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Not quite Lainie. We’ve still got “The Bed Bug Jrs”. left…or rather “The BJ Masters” as well as that other couple” Dry Humps and HJ Duo”.

      • ElaineB

        I thought of you NK when I typed that. You have other names (see above) for the other duos, so for me, that was the name given to Cody/Jessica. Well done girl!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I gave them those names after their on screen “performances” night before last…lol. The BJ Masters were in the Rose Room getting it on while Messi and Grody were asleep in the adjacent bed. And The Dry Hump and HJ Team were getting it on in the HN Room. Their parents must be so proud.

  8. danmtruth

    Didn’t Raven say when the first got in the house back in June That it was GP month Than again in July Now that it’s Aug 9 it is ONCE AGAIN GP month Does she understand how that works #RavenSTFU
    Elena’s speech was dumb and rambling
    All said I did like Jess FU speech Stayed with her poor game play
    Josh poor forum on the singing Why does he think it’s honorable
    what petty people with those goodbye message First we have seen and this is what we get

  9. danmtruth

    hohum here comes two pawns Elena & Mark backdoor Cody

    • Avatar

      Cody will compete in the temptation to try and stay safe. Between that and the veto, I would bet he wins 1 of them.

      • Avatar

        I doubt he’ll have a chance to compete in the veto. He won’t be a nominee because they don’t want to give Cody the chance to be compete. Paul and his minions will throw the temptation come to ensure Cody doesn’t get the third spot on the block so he can’t compete in the veto. The way I see it, he either wins the temptation comp or he’s gone. Makes me sad that we will only be left with Paul and his band of weenies.

    • Avatar

      Cody is a none entity now…. He’s a floating vote now…. I hope he does win safety… It’s time to start playing the game for the others… Alex can make a big move now because she’s starting to see through Kevin. I’d put up Kevin and Paul with Raven as a backdoor. Cody wins Veto, one of them goes home, Kevin or Paul win Veto, Raven goes home. This should be a very fun week of maneuvering by everyone.

      • Avatar

        ” but Paul and I are secretly working together, I could never betray Paul” *begins kicking Jason since someone said something against Paul*

  10. Avatar

    well shit now we have the rat as HOH again, with Paul leading it again

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  12. Avatar

    I’m hoping there might be a shake up this week with Alex in power. Maybe?? One can hope..

  13. NKogNeeTow

    No Jury Buy Back….YEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  14. danmtruth

    Helen YOUR DD IS HERE !!!

  15. Avatar

    it would be hilarious if Cody get safety again, that will make the whole house go to shit over who goes home

  16. Lynn

    So sick of watching the lock step. Moving on.

  17. Mel

    Julie looks nice and I won’t pick on her for once.

    I wish they had shown when Raven and Xmas were both practically competing to go otb and everyone getting mad at Mark for wanting to use the veto.

    Paul certainly got the after school special PSA edit. Shocker!!!

    Glad the week is over and Josh csn layoff of the “I was in this girl’s corner” crap. Like Jess or hate Jess, Josh did nothing to let her think he was in her corner. He asked her if she wanted to come upstairs and talk? Hes done that several times before too, only he didnt say “upstairs” the other times.Yeah, that was gonna give her a hint. Lol

    I never saw Ravens wrist get hit…did you?

    Ravens-Eell, I can’t listen to her today, not in the mood.
    Elena-Don’t like the hair tonignt.Dumb speech!
    Jessica-Looked beautiful actually which is good because her game sucked.Great speech tho.

    Cody’s diary room walk was bizarre and hilarious.

    Matt’s trying something new. It isn’t playing BB, it’s a striped print.

    I don’t care who doesn’t like Cody and Jessica including myself but “Hold that thought”and “bring me home Julie” are my favorite quotes of the season.

    I think everyone should make the perjury battle back and/or the jury battle back or….have neither…..

  18. ingodog

    So glad that Jessica is gone, Cody looks like he’s about to kill someone (watch out Josh). Josh really is a over grown child and so petty.

    • Avatar

      honestly I applaud Cody in the fact that I would’ve actually murdered josh. If he put pots and pans in my face and around me a whole bunch, I would probably snatch them and bash his skull in. But who know’s if Cody will have as much self control as he did before

      • Avatar

        Actually, you might see Cody and Josh be completely benign to each other. Watch Cody and Alex start up some side conversations. Kevin’s game is about to come apart…

      • Avatar

        no!!! Kevin was my last hope for a decent person in this season

      • Avatar

        Ike7482: I can understand your reasoning, but I see Kevin as a covert snake compared to Paul’s overt slithering. The rest of the house has really been in a fog all season and has overlooked Paul’s sneakiness. That made Kevin’s game even more devious. He’s been slowly building his game and targets right under everyone’s noses.

      • Avatar

        oh I agree, but compared to what others have said or done, I think he’s the best person left in there(I could be wrong its just my opinion), but I like how he’s very low key with his gameplay, and he’s not a vet so I live him 50000000% more than Paul

      • Avatar

        No doubt he’s the best person left in the house, He was the best person in the house since Dom was let go… Age brings wisdom, the ability to interact without being a bull in a china shop. I just have a feeling that a few of the others are starting to wake up and see it.

      • Avatar

        I hope to god they do

  19. hogwild

    It will be interesting to see if the members of the cult of Paul suddenly decide to revolt now that they know there is no jury battle back and he can’t get back in if they take him out.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    I just said on the last thread, I wonder if DMW will devour Alex’s basket like she did Josh’s.

  21. danmtruth

    One last petty catty observation ;What happen to it’s just a game don’t take it personal Any of those goodbye speeches beside Cody and Kevin not sound bitter and personal Good luck Alex with Cody Don’t see that going well
    Cody wins the last safety Goodbye Elena or Mark

    • Avatar

      Alex went from being a possible favorite to the opposite end of the spectrum with me muting the tv whenever she talks. she was probably my biggest letdown of the season so far, and yes this whole season is full of VERy personal attacks compare to other seasons

      • Mel

        She’s probably been one of the biggest disappoints for me too. It may get her far in the game and in that case it may work for her but either way, I can’t listen to her talk anymore!!!

      • Avatar

        exactly, I usually have one or two people that I can’t listen too unless I have too….but this season has more than one or two lol

      • Mello_One

        Me too!!!! Those 1st two weeks I thought ALEX was my Girl, but Boy was I wrong!!! I can not Stand her, she is a Royal BISH, aka Bitch.

    • Avatar

      If Cody gets safety Paul has already put a target on Mark.

  22. Mel

    I may take the week off since Paul’s hoh again.

  23. Avatar

    Maybe Raven will throw away Alex’s coke and steal her cat ears again.

  24. Avatar

    on twitter they talked about Elena throwing shade at dom, did I miss part of what she said? or what did she do exactly?

  25. Alda

    Josh says he will volunteer to be a HN this week,along with Cody! They will be sleeping in the same room.Holy crap!

  26. ElaineB

    Congrats Alex/Paul on the HOH win. *Yawn*

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  28. Avatar

    At this point I’m so over this season. But I’ll still watch and see what happens. As a big brother lover I’m required to hang in to the end regardless of the wackassness and subpar players.

  29. danmtruth

    game wise it might not have been a bad move to TRY and work with Cory for a week It coast him nothing

  30. Shivani33

    An Alex HoH has one positive, in that it isn’t a Raven HoH. I enjoyed Jessica’s remark to the household that their real enemy is Paul and that “they’re idiots” if they don’t see it. Also, Paul’s goodbye speech was too emphatic, clipped and speedy and didn’t represent him well. It is the same way he comes off in DR sessions, just not at all natural. I prefer his more philosophic aspect which is calmer and more magnetic, instead of his howling tomcat with a fence spike up his hind end. Elena’s little take on Dominique’s pre-eviction speech could have seemed witty if it wasn’t Elena saying it. And Raven completely lost her inner center right before the last question was read to her and Alex. As soon as she scrunched up her face in over-eager anticipation of that question, I could tell she was a goner.

  31. Avatar

    Feel like a twit …. I think I figured out that Raven is DMW and Mark is WIR, but I can’t figure out what the nicknames mean. Any help is appreciated!!

  32. kneeless

    Where did Matt’s shirt come from? Was production sick of his shirts & get him a new one?! lol

  33. danmtruth

    Paul telling the house how Jess could have gone far if she just listen to him Once more do these people understand that means Paul was talking about cutting one of them for Jess He is giving that congratulation speech for making jury Thanking them for LETTING him stick around

    • NKogNeeTow

      And that’s what endears him to them Dan. He made them think that he is grateful for him still being there. Made them think he owes them something. I’ve stated before that it was the difference between his style and Grody/Messi’s. He controls them while still making them think they are an active part of the team. He plants ideas in their heads then makes them think it was their idea. It’s working for him so I’m not mad at him for it.

  34. kneeless

    Now Raven will be whining forever about being so close to winning HOH.

    • Avatar

      Poor thing …. she probably only lost because her wicked pan to the wrist injury from saving Alex from Cody kept her from turning her true/false thing counterclockwise. Can she apply for Workmen’s Comp? Also, so odd most of what she says is never corroborated by the 567 cameras everywhere.

  35. Avatar

    Paul is playing the folks in the house well. Been trying to figure out why I’m not impressed besides the fact that the cast is lackluster. It just dawned on me. Yes, he wants to win it, which I understand. But, it’s not impressive to beat imbeciles and goofballs. I would’ve been impressed if he actually wanted a fair fight …. competition that would keep him on his toes so that if he won, he won by outsmarting and outplaying people who actually want to play and gave him a run for his money. Instead, he is more like a kindergarten teacher with a class full of paste eaters and bedwetters. He’s taking advantage of dimwits because he’s afraid of real competition.

    • NKogNeeTow

      He’s there to win, and apparently its “by any means necessary”. Sometimes you have to do the best you can with what you have. You can’t blame him if they put him in a house full of window lickers.

    • Avatar

      Ya know me and my husband were talking and we were wondering what would have happened if nobody would have taken the first temptation. If nobody would have taken it; it could have been a completely different game. No Paul…Cameron would have had the potential to stay in the house…no minions doing Paul’s dirty work…and the whole Jody relationship would have ended that much sooner. Kind of wish there was an alternate ending from what actually happened lol.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    I wish MattRess would keep his stinkin greedy azz out of the kitchen. Kevin and Grody were just starting to talk game and in walks the blow job king recipient. *rolling eyes*

  37. NKogNeeTow

    I strongly disliked Messi. And I hated her and Grody together….HATED IT! Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m going to say something I never thought I’d hear myself say… Now that Grody’s alone (and keep in mind that I still don’t like him and am glad that he’s no longer part of a duo), I think they should leave him alone. I almost feel sorry for him…almost. But I still don’t want them to bother him…no taunting, no teasing, no pushing his buttons. Just leave him the hell alone, just like he wants. With the acception(sp) of winning Comps, he’s virtually helpless and all by himself. I still don’t want him to win, but I don’t want them hassling or torturing him either. He said he was going to turn the house upside down when Messi left, which I don’t believe he will do spit either, so just let him be and get him out of the house as soon as possible.

  38. kneeless

    Paul is really starting to freak out about how he’s being portrayed by production. If he gets too obsessed it will be his downfall.

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