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Big Brother 19 – Live Eviction Episode! Ramses v Josh


It’s Thursday night, and it’s time for another to go!  This week it is Ramses vs Josh in a battle of the wasted HoH.

I still can’t believe Ramses is going home tonight.  When I heard the rumor that Jess won HoH, the last person I expected to be walking out the door tonight would be Ramses.  I didn’t even think of Josh despite him acting crazy towards Cody/Jess… but here we are. With their backs against the wall, Jessica and Cody decided to just turn and shoot the innocent bystander rather than the people attacking them. It’s typically not the strategy I’d go for, but I’m not them.

To be fair, Ramses wasn’t supposed to be their target, but that’s not going to matter when he walks out the door and Josh is still there yelling ‘meatball’ during HoH competitions.  At this point, I don’t know who had the bigger failure of an HoH between the couple. Cody managed to get Jillian out, and Jess got Ramses. Power moves left and right!  Jessica had an entire house full of targets, HoH, and PoV.. and Ramses will be the one to go.  You can’t make this stuff up.


Even the fun part of the week which was the surprise flip got watered down last night when Kevin ratted out his alliance to Jessica in private. He told her he thinks they’re flipping the vote which sent Jessica into full blown panic mode.  Now, assuming this doesn’t blow up on Kevin (it probably will), that’s not a bad move on his part to stay neutral, but it certainly took a lot of steam out of the upcoming eviction reaction.  Oh well.

The HoH competition tonight should be a true/false style trivia game as the house was given an image to study as that’s what they’ve been mostly doing the past day.  This means everyone will be competing (Christmas) and pretty much everyone has a shot to win. This could be a week of Cody making (probably dumb) moves, or Raven boring us.  We’ll find out soon!


  • Some highlights of post veto when Jessica screwed her game further
  • It’s becoming more and more clear that Josh is just playing everything up for airtime on CBS.  It’s not funny if it’s intentional.
  • More highlights of Paul playing the house for the fools they are
  • Julie says she’ll reveal the punishment for the house this hour (at least to us)
  • Highlights of the week continue
    • Jason acts all tough to the DR after the Cody interaction
    • A highlight from that is Kevin pulled Jess into the private bathroom to tell her about the flip. This makes me think that he is paranoid about production spilling secrets because he was asking a lot of questions about the camera. He was a bit surprised to hear there was one in there watching all day.
  • Time for the vote
    • Ramses’ statement – he doesn’t deserve to be in that spot and plays the ‘I’m a floater and I’ll help you’ card
    • Josh’s statement – Says he loves the house except two meatballs (camera goes on Jess/Cody)
  • Votes
    • Cody – Josh
    • Jason – Ramses
    • Alex – Ramses
    • Mark – Josh
    • Elena – Josh
    • Kevin – Ramses
    • Matt – Ramses
    • Raven – Ramses
    • Christmas – Ramses
    • Paul – Ramses
    • Ramses is eliminated
  • Commercial then Julie will announce eviction
    • Josh plays along and pretends he’s ready to go. He’s really trying for that emmy
    • Pretty boring eviction overall.  Kevin really sucked the fun out of this week. Boo.
    • Ramses starts breaking down with Kevin’s goodbye message saying he’s a good kid and he’s still coming up for Thanksgiving
  • HoH time
    • It’s knockout trivia where you get an answer wrong and you’re out.
    • Round 1 – Elena out
    • Round 2 – Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, Josh out
    • Round 3 – Nobody
    • Round 4 – Nobody
    • Round 5 – Christmas, Jason out
    • Round 6 – Paul wins HoH
  • Looks like they’re going to flush out that Hexing Halt from Jessica this week
  • Temptation competition
    • Next 3 weeks there will be a competition before noms.
    • Winner gets safety for the week, last place is auto nominated
    • Players can choose to participate or sit out
  • Note – Jessica revealed to the house that she and Cody have safety for the next 3 weeks as part of the temptation. You’re probably wondering why. This is because she is bluffing. She only has safety for one week and said 3 to prevent being nominated during that time.

Check back for updates



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  1. Avatar

    I just thought of something wild…….the other night Jessica and Cody were talking in the HOH about her temptation…..the way she was describing it sounded like she thinks it means she can stop 1 eviction for 4 weeks……so what if she thinks she can stop just Ramses eviction this week and that she will still have her temptation for another 2 weeks? OMG. That would be FUNNY!!!!!!

  2. danmtruth

    Strap it down it might be a bumpy flight

  3. ElaineB

    Am ready Steve! I read your thread before I watch the episode in my time zone an hour from now. Hey, I am okay with spoilers…keeps my BP down. Lol.

  4. strwar1

    Here’s my prediction I think Ramese is going home(i think and I hope he does)and the person who wins HOH is Josh and he puts up Jessica and Cody or Jessica and Mark. I hope that happens

  5. Avatar

    I had such high hopes for this week but once again it was a giant failure. Jessica was so stupid, she has so much POWER this week and she wasted it. Granted I get what she was trying to do by not ruffling feathers but seriously Ramses and the part that makes me the most mad about that is that on the feeds I have been thinking she was clueless but after watching last night’s episode and knowing that she even suspected it and did nothing about it was ridiculous. I really thought she was going to pull a Rachel with some incredible come from behind but that dream lasted all of 24 hours. This has to be the most gullible and downright stupid cast that big brother has ever assembled. Everyone keep giving credit to Paul for being so good but I think it’s just that a house guest are so terrible. This season has been like a wreck that you just can’t look away from.

  6. g8trgirl

    CBS is letting everyone believe it’s still a blindside. Tsk, tsk.

  7. danmtruth

    if Josh wins than production is involved big time He has done ZERO studying sorry for him

  8. Avatar

    Kevin was instructing him and studying with him early this am….1:1

  9. danmtruth

    That Cody is such a smooth talker and negotiator Once more what is his love for Alex he has protected her and she dumps on him lol He is as pathetic as Mark when it comes to Alex

  10. g8trgirl

    Paul is such a rascal. He keeps you on your toes for sure. He ratted out the blindside, yet still voted to evict Ramses.

  11. danmtruth

    @g8trgirl yes Kevin is that rascal lol
    not sure if it was said but first out of HOH goes on the block

  12. ShoeLover

    Ughhh tugging on my heart strings!! Kevin voted with the house, glad to see that, but man o man, that good bye speech to his little guy with the glasses… all verklempt up in here!!

  13. Avatar

    What is the consequence!!!!! Why do we have to wait until AFTER the hoh? What is the secret? I promise we won’t change the channel or tell the hg’s!!!!

  14. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    LOL Elena, you need to work on those acting skills sweetie.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    How devastated did WRECK-IT-RALPH look when Paul won!?! Me thinks he knows his ass is grass!

  16. Avatar

    Paul was moving the whole time in that comp. As if the tell the people next to him what to abswer. And the two dopes on either side of him answered with him on every question, until he moved in the “true” direction and they both slid true all along he knew it was false. His logo for that event should have been the CBS logo. I’m done!

  17. danmtruth

    Funny thing is will Paul know about Grosica being safe if he puts either one up How will he play it

  18. g8trgirl

    Um, Julie was going to announce that consequence to the house. Jessica blew it for her?

    • g8trgirl

      Didn’t Julie say before the last commercial break she was going to tell the house pets what the consequence was? And then it seemed Ms. Liar, liar, pants (what little is there) on fire stopped her in her tracks with her announcement?

  19. Zach

    Is a houseguest allowed to lie about a temptation they received? Jessica just lied on live TV. They aren’t safe for 2more weeks. They’re safe until they are forced to use the hex. And I like the curse, should be real interesting.

  20. danmtruth

    well that was a nice twist Jess true out their
    now Paul is trying to spin it wasn’t a slap at groscia Throwing out the lie that Ramses had the 25k All the time knowing it’s Kevin My guess it’s Mark and Elena OTB

  21. Zach

    Paul will put up Mark and Cody, then if/when Cody wins the POV, Elena will join Mark. Mark is getting evicted, unless Jessica is stupid enough to use it to save Mark instead of waiting to see if they will need it for themselves.

  22. Avatar

    As much as I would like to feel sorry for Ramses, I don’t. As a self proclaimed super fan and nerd, that classic BB veto was his to win. Also as a super fan he should know the fate of a pawn without a strong alliance. He did absolutely nothing to pull on the heart strings of the ppl he had sided with the whole game. Alex, Jason and Kevin were originally a part of the other side. As a super fan he should have been able to secure their vote or a lest try. Jessica gave him three votes Cody, Mark and Elena. Finally what super fan goes in the house with goal of being a floater and says it out loud. Ramses deserves to go home because as a super fan he did not fight like hell to win and earn his right to stay and play.

  23. Alda

    Jessica is lying.She said her and Cody were safe.Since when is Cody also safe?Why didn’t Julie clarify this to the houseguests?

    • Colby

      Technically it’s not a lie. She can use it on Cody, or anyone else for that matter.

      • Avatar

        I said that earlier. She has a power to remain safe the next two weeks. Not a lie. If she doesn’t use it this week she can use it the following week. If she is asked if she uses it this week can she use it again and she says yes then that would be a lie.She speaking around the truth but not lying. They should be asking her specific questions about it and seeing how she answers them.

    • Avatar

      Because the halting hex hasn’t been used yet so Julie is not allowed to say anything. This is actually a pretty good idea for future house guests. Just lie and tell someone that you have been given a secret power and let the rumor spread.

  24. Zach

    Another thing Paul should do if he is thinking correctly is to have Kevin convince Jessica that he was one of the 3 votes for Josh to be evicted. Cody already doesn’t trust Mark, that might put a permanent divide in the relationship if it had any chance of repair in the first place.

  25. Mel

    My recap of the show covering the useless info that I’m probably the only one who thinks is relevant. Lol

    *Hate the length of Julie’s dress. I usually hate 24 out of every 25 things she wears. Who is her stylist?
    *I’ve said it before and like him or not, Josh did a very good job this week. He kept the charade going beautifully.
    *Why is one leg of Paul’s underwear/shorts always scrunched up?
    *Shut up Raven, I don’t need to hear your badass talk in the DR that means nothing while wearing your bun and your lace trimmed Little House on the Prairie Sunday best.
    And….her air quotes are annoying too.
    *I’m sure Ramses was comforted that Cody would be pissed if he went home. That’s as good as 500k. Sure.
    *Jess gets in trouble with production for lying but then they feature it on the show??? WTF?
    *Toilet talk was kind of stupid. How you gonna explain that when Jess and Kevin come out and somebody’s standing there? Lol
    *Ramses is adorable but a public speaker, he is not.
    *I don’t mind meatball. It’s dumb but so is sketch, blood on your hands, not my first rodeo, beat mode and so many more.
    *DR dances still dumb but not nearly as bad or as much of them as last year.
    *Still too much make up but loving Elena’s lip stick color.
    *Not loving Pod Boss’ suspenders.
    *Too bad Raven couldn’t even say Ramses name right when she evicted him. Too self centered to know it or buns just too tight tonight??
    *Think they went to commercial before the vote reveal to set up some security?
    *Haha, called it, Elena’s reaction would be the best of all!!
    *I bet Kevin tries to claim Marks vote.
    *Jess retired and now Paul runs CBS? “Yo, no F bombs.”
    *Poor Ramses…loved Kevins msg.
    *That squeaky scooter cracks me up. It’s CBS, you can’t tell me they can’t afford a $4.00 can of WD-40.
    *Paul having some kind of spasm during the hoh comp?? He was jerking all over the place.
    *I’m sure Matt and Raven are actually happy they lost.
    *Funny when Alex got sooooo excited and then realized she shouldn’t do that and started fixing that ugly flower. Too late. Maybe stop calling Jason dumb…
    * Anyone have an explanation for Paul needing to flash us his tattoos and nips when he won?
    *So the curse is actually another temptation…3 to be specific. They’re always so misleading. BB production talks more in riddles than Dom does.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    WIR is in the bathroom kissing some major Grody’s ass. So much bro-love. Maybe if Elena won’t have him, Gro-Gro will marry his sad ass.

    Now Grody is telling him how much he and Messi tried to connect with the group all week. *MAJOR eye roll*

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Grody now trying to do damage control with Xmas and DMW. He says he wants to hang out with everybody and he wants everything to be good (Yeah, right! He’s already said the if Ram was evicted he was going to declare war on the house). I just hope that nobody buys his BS.

  28. Avatar

    I hope the fight between Grody and Paul is shown. I am sure there are all kinds of funny facial expressions going on there. I wish some one would run by and cut those honey buns off fake sick girls head they look so stupid. I was hollerin when Grody was out on the first round and even louder when Paul won. It should be really good this next week.

  29. g8trgirl

    I’m going to bed now. My replies aren’t lining up right, I’m having name issues, and I’m ticked that Ms. Thang cut off Julie Chen. Who does that?
    I think I need to up my dosage of ginko if I’m going to make it through the summer.
    Manyana, y’all.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Now Grody and Messi are talking to Paul. They are BSing each other.

    Should be a hot time in the old town tonight…..YEEAAAA!!

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Elena is kind of pissed that she was left out of the loop. Wants to know where she stands in the house. *She must be as heartbroken at Paul as she made WIR feel last night*

  32. Mel

    Mark: What have I ever done to you?
    Josh: You threw a drink in my face. My family watched you disrespect me on National Television.

    Sounds like a reasonable answer to me…

    • Zach

      Exactly. If you wanted to be funny dump it on his head in a joking manner. Personally if he had did that to me, I would have punched him. I wouldn’t have even been thinking straight after that. #WakeTheBeast

      • Avatar

        Josh doesn’t have the balls, he has probably gotten by with running his mouth because he is selective who he “attacks”, he knows the others won’t touch him in the house because of the rules. I guarantee that the boxing match between Josh and Mark won’t happen because all he can do is run his mouth!

  33. Mel

    Jessica: I should have trusted my gut. I should have taken control of the situation.

    *This equals victim noises

  34. danmtruth

    Ok homers just because you dont like Jess get the knot out of your undies Jes said i’m glad america gave me the final temptation and i have the power to keep cody and me safe for a few weeks — This was not a lie But if you want to talk about lies Paul said Ramses won the 25 k he knew that Than said this vote was not a slap at you
    All i’m saying as you call for production to step in to stop the travesty of Jess lying Don’t forget they need to CORRECT all of Paul’s alternative facts No thats part of the game
    I’m hard on Josh but I’m glad he did not go stupid meatball after the vote He kept it classy
    Still think Mark and Elena are on the block this week Question does Paul feel Elena is the bigger threat and target her
    That will teach her for tanking the HOH She miss the first question The only one

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hey Meatball! I like Paul’s alternative facts 😛

    • Zach

      Dan there is a difference in the two. I would be just as disappointed if they allowed Paul to lie and say his temptation was safety all season not just 3 weeks.

      • danmtruth

        do not see the difference You are reading or hearing things She said America gave her the last temptation —-true just to let the HG think America is pulling for her so do you want attack Americas fav Not true but still paranoia is always fun —- it gave cody and i the power to be safe for a few weeks —- true just did not say it was a one time thing
        production should not get in the middle Let the HG figure it out Paul gave the FACT Ramses won the 25K as a reason to evict him despite that he knows Kevin has it Same thing Sorry part of the game

    • Mel

      Dan, I can’t speak for everyone else but I was referring to what she told Kevin. She told him she couldn’t be put on the block, could take people off the block, eluded that she could replace noms, said the hoh who tried to put her on rhe block got the curse and then decided that she decides who gets the curse. That’s when she got called into the Dr and told she couldn’t do that. I don’t think she gave enough details on the couch tonight to make it much of a lie. I don’t think tonight was that big of a deal.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Ms.Hot Pants is LIT!…..Fuming!….She’s bitching to Messi and WIR. She’d better watch that attitude with Paul or he might find herself on the block sooner than expected. Paul only needs an excuse to put her up. Messi is wasting NO time trying to reel her in (WIR already has the hook in his mouth).

    So far I see the house split as:



    Kevin is a wildcard.


  36. Zach

    I know it’s been forever, but I wonder if Christmas can use her temptation to replace someone who is on the block in the POV comp? I know she has the power to replace someone but it didn’t specifically say if it could only be a random nomination or if it could be someone on the block as well. If that’s the case she could use it after Jess uses the hex to keep Cody from competing in the veto comp.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Hot Lips has decided she’s going to be a nasty to people this week. How wise is that?

    WIR running scared.

    Messi and Grody gloating because they pulled a fast one on the house.

  38. Colby

    FYI. There is a new thread open.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Hot Lips says she’s going to be a c*nt this week. The change?

    Messi lies to WIR about the curse. She tells him that she’s not allowed to tell anyone what it is. *She doesn’t know.*

    Paul/Kevin in the Wave Room:
    Kevin: “do you think she has the temptation and it last that long”
    Paul:”I don’t know but I’m going to put them up and call their bluff. If they aren’t then it’s Mark and Elena.”
    Kevin: “If it’s what she says it is, then they wouldn’t even have to play for the next couple of weeks.”
    Paul: “That makes no sense. I don’t buy it.”


  40. JadedMage

    Halting Hex

    i thought something was wrong with Jess’s statement about it being good for 4 weeks, also, wasn’t this past eviction 1 of the 4 weeks she could have used it?

    So that leaves 3 left and she can only use it once.

    So if they put 1 of the two up, she takes the one down, then that would be the end of that?

    Am I getting this right?

    Also, didnt Christmas get a hex that she has NOT used yet? what was it?

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