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Big Brother 19 – Live Eviction Episode! Ramses v Josh

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It’s Thursday night, and it’s time for another to go!  This week it is Ramses vs Josh in a battle of the wasted HoH.

I still can’t believe Ramses is going home tonight.  When I heard the rumor that Jess won HoH, the last person I expected to be walking out the door tonight would be Ramses.  I didn’t even think of Josh despite him acting crazy towards Cody/Jess… but here we are. With their backs against the wall, Jessica and Cody decided to just turn and shoot the innocent bystander rather than the people attacking them. It’s typically not the strategy I’d go for, but I’m not them.

To be fair, Ramses wasn’t supposed to be their target, but that’s not going to matter when he walks out the door and Josh is still there yelling ‘meatball’ during HoH competitions.  At this point, I don’t know who had the bigger failure of an HoH between the couple. Cody managed to get Jillian out, and Jess got Ramses. Power moves left and right!  Jessica had an entire house full of targets, HoH, and PoV.. and Ramses will be the one to go.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Even the fun part of the week which was the surprise flip got watered down last night when Kevin ratted out his alliance to Jessica in private. He told her he thinks they’re flipping the vote which sent Jessica into full blown panic mode.  Now, assuming this doesn’t blow up on Kevin (it probably will), that’s not a bad move on his part to stay neutral, but it certainly took a lot of steam out of the upcoming eviction reaction.  Oh well.

The HoH competition tonight should be a true/false style trivia game as the house was given an image to study as that’s what they’ve been mostly doing the past day.  This means everyone will be competing (Christmas) and pretty much everyone has a shot to win. This could be a week of Cody making (probably dumb) moves, or Raven boring us.  We’ll find out soon!


  • Some highlights of post veto when Jessica screwed her game further
  • It’s becoming more and more clear that Josh is just playing everything up for airtime on CBS.  It’s not funny if it’s intentional.
  • More highlights of Paul playing the house for the fools they are
  • Julie says she’ll reveal the punishment for the house this hour (at least to us)
  • Highlights of the week continue
    • Jason acts all tough to the DR after the Cody interaction
    • A highlight from that is Kevin pulled Jess into the private bathroom to tell her about the flip. This makes me think that he is paranoid about production spilling secrets because he was asking a lot of questions about the camera. He was a bit surprised to hear there was one in there watching all day.
  • Time for the vote
    • Ramses’ statement – he doesn’t deserve to be in that spot and plays the ‘I’m a floater and I’ll help you’ card
    • Josh’s statement – Says he loves the house except two meatballs (camera goes on Jess/Cody)
  • Votes
    • Cody – Josh
    • Jason – Ramses
    • Alex – Ramses
    • Mark – Josh
    • Elena – Josh
    • Kevin – Ramses
    • Matt – Ramses
    • Raven – Ramses
    • Christmas – Ramses
    • Paul – Ramses
    • Ramses is eliminated
  • Commercial then Julie will announce eviction
    • Josh plays along and pretends he’s ready to go. He’s really trying for that emmy
    • Pretty boring eviction overall.  Kevin really sucked the fun out of this week. Boo.
    • Ramses starts breaking down with Kevin’s goodbye message saying he’s a good kid and he’s still coming up for Thanksgiving
  • HoH time
    • It’s knockout trivia where you get an answer wrong and you’re out.
    • Round 1 – Elena out
    • Round 2 – Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, Josh out
    • Round 3 – Nobody
    • Round 4 – Nobody
    • Round 5 – Christmas, Jason out
    • Round 6 – Paul wins HoH
  • Looks like they’re going to flush out that Hexing Halt from Jessica this week
  • Temptation competition
    • Next 3 weeks there will be a competition before noms.
    • Winner gets safety for the week, last place is auto nominated
    • Players can choose to participate or sit out
  • Note – Jessica revealed to the house that she and Cody have safety for the next 3 weeks as part of the temptation. You’re probably wondering why. This is because she is bluffing. She only has safety for one week and said 3 to prevent being nominated during that time.

Check back for updates



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