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Big Brother 19 – Live Eviction Thread!


Good evening, everyone! It’s everyone’s favorite time of the week – eviction night!  Tonight on the block is Dominique the Dominator versus Jess. Just Jess.

In one corner you have Dominique who made the terrible mistake of entertaining the house by hosting a talk show and actually making it interesting for viewers to watch by asking questions worth listening to. In the other corner, you have Jess who is on the block because she remained loyal to the guy who tried to get out the likely winner of Big Brother 19 should he make the finals.

It’s a classic case of two people being nominated by an HoH who was under the control of the veteran in the house. You know, a typical week in the Big Brother house lately.  It’s something I expect to continue unless someone returns to the house after winning the ‘Battle Back’ competition and goes after that veteran again….


Speaking of the competition, that is causing the feeds to be down for the next 24+ hours so they don’t spoil Cody’s return… errr, I mean the winner of the Battle Back’s return.

And with that, it’s time for my weekly plugs!

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Also, thanks to everyone who has donated to the site so far. I don’t feel like I really deserve it this week because I was on vacation early in the week and now the feeds are down for a day, but I appreciate it nonetheless. If you’re wondering how to donate, click on this link!

  • Julie Chen is wearing jeans with a ponytail. She is all casual on us now. Love it
  • Now showing the aftermath of the PoV ceremony.
  • Dom overheard Elena’s dumb comment about going home on Friday then backed down when called out
  • Now it’s time for the Josh and Mark fight
    • For the record, every billiards rule book I found says if you foul and get the 8-ball in, you lose.  Double hitting is a foul.  If Josh didn’t get the 8-ball in, I am pretty sure it would have been ball in hand
  • Commercial Break!
  • They return to show more of the Josh/Mark thing and then Jess randomly getting involved
  • Den of Temptation ends tonight.  We finally get to find out who won. I still say Kevin
    • And I’m wrong….
    • Not Alex, either
    • Jessica wins!  I knew she had this relieved look to her after.
    • To redeem myself, in my earlier post I did say it was either Kevin, Alex, or Jess.  I only thought Alex and Kevin because of the polls but Jess certainly acted different.
  • Commercial break
    • Votes, maybe. Let’s see if Jess uses it
    • She gives a speech without using it…..
    • Dominique begins with a poem then has a long speech about how thankful she is
  • Votes
    • Josh – Dom
    • Kevin – Dom
    • Mark – Dom
    • Christmas – Dom
    • Jason – Dom
    • Raven – Dom
    • Matt – Dom
    • Elena – Dom
    • Paul – Dom
    • Ramses – Dom
  • Dominique talks to Julie and says she isn’t sure if she can be friends with Paul outside of the house
  • Julie brings out Cameron, Jill, Cody, and Dom to talk about the battle back

Check back for updates!



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  1. Mel

    Steve, all I can hear in my head is that famous grey haired boxing announcers voice now! Lol

  2. Wendy

    Oh will they decide to turn on Dom!

  3. g8trgirl

    Ann..they showed her talking in tongues again and I immediately thought of you. Lol
    Julie is wearing jeans. How cool is that? Or, is she not greeting anyone tonight?

  4. g8trgirl

    America voted and got it wrong…again.

  5. Colby

    I really didn’t think Jess got it. Shows how much I know. LOL

    • Ann

      Is she back to being that snotty b**ch yet? I’m so pissed.
      Watch out Paul, I’m sure your days are numbered.

    • Shivani33

      I really thought that Jessica won. She was the only one who looked happy yesterday after the Den sequence. I saw her give a grin and a thumb’s up to the camera and mentioned it here. Jokers had her winning it, too. Lots of people who don’t like Cody still voted for Jess to get the temptation because they want him back in the house as a strong competitor who might outplay Paul and thought maybe giving the temptation to her would help it happen. I was still hoping for Kevin to get it, but reading the faces of the houseguests really showed that Jessica had it. She looked turned on just like one of our cats does when anybody at our house is eating cheese.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        Can you imagine how pissed the housepets are gonna be at Jessica for taking that temptation if the consequence is that El Fit Vic is unleashed on the house this coming Thursday?

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Helen- That would be awesome!

      • Avatar

        Helen…I thought the same thing. I would love for Victor to come back.

  6. Avatar

    Hope it’s a quick hoh comp !

  7. Alda

    Why America why???

  8. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    I cannot believe that America gave this to Jess. I ask so cannot believe Jess didn’t use the temptation. I really wish they had voted out Jess! Ugh!

    • monkicorn

      i remember feeling this way last november….smh….i think some votes are missing…

    • LindsayB

      I think it was given to Jess because people are sure Cody will win the battleback. While they are disgusting to watch, they definitely bring drama to the house. Cody having an automatic partner in the house helps to stir up the drama we are all wanting.

      • Avatar

        My thoughts exactly!

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Cody just has the personality and social game of a plankton, so I just don’t want to see him and Grody again, yuck.

      • ElaineB

        I think there are a lot that want Cody back in, if for nothing else, drama. Some have hopes of him taking on Paul, yet I am not convinced of that. Anyway, Jessica was good to go with staying, so it wasn’t as much a ‘yes’ for Jessica, as it is a ‘yes’ for Cody if he gets back in.

    • Shivani33

      Even if you don’t like her, Jessica took a gamble and won by deciding that Dominique was being evicted. Good for Jessica for not wasting her temptation.

  9. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Seriously, did robots give that vote to Jess?!?!? I guess Jess will use it when Cody is on the block next week. Sigh.

  10. Avatar

    Wow!!! Dominque so much for friendship…. you didn’t even secure a sympathy vote. And you were up against former public enemy #2…

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  12. Avatar

    Dom chilly you weren’t friends with Paul inside so surely you won’t be outside the house. And from the looks you were blind and actually didn’t have any friends in the house. Kind of sad….

  13. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    I hope the Den of Temptation being used means it’s a double eviction tomorrow. Then Jess uses the power tomorrow when Cody is back on the block, and Cody gets sent home as the second eviction in the double eviction… A gal can dream right?!?!?

  14. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Have the first 4 house guests been kept in sequester?

  15. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Yeah Dominque. While you were speaking in tongues did you hear that one of the few people you will talk to after the show could have saved you and your game tonight? While your off running around looking for snakes you got bit by the black widow!

  16. Avatar

    I didnt like Jess at 1st (or Cody) but loved the way Cody went after the true threat (didn’t work out) -!: the way Jess stayed loyal. And oh my goodness am I so so happy Jess won the temptation!!

    • Lynn

      Same. I like’d that too! I also like nice, (although there ain’t much of that in there) lol. I hate how they (hg) are acting as a pack. I hope more than Cody can grow a pair and start making this a real game.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      My problem with Cody is his lack of common sense, lack of social game, and his all around DBery.

  17. Colby

    Sounds like next Thursday may be double eviction.

  18. Avatar

    I think that people are using the thumbs down to keep track of what they have read so far.

  19. Avatar

    what did the 4 evicted houseguests say??? I know they talked a little strategy because they mention it on twitter, but my tv blacked out with storm, and that whole segment got cut off, the last thing I saw was somewhat emotion from Cody’s face for Dom, they whispered a little and then bloop screen went black

    • Avatar

      They really didn’t say anything note worthy just that they are going to try their best to win.

      • Avatar

        ok thank you! I just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything important, during bb16, the one week my power went out during the live eviction, so I had to wait 10 more minutes or so just to find out who was evicted. to say I was on the edge of my toes is an understatement lol

      • Mel

        If you have access, wait till they load the episode and you can forward to that part. Their correct tho, you didn’t really miss anything.

      • Avatar

        will do mell!! thank you

      • NKogNeeTow

        We may not have heard anything, but you can be your sweet you know what that Dom warned Cody about Paul and all his shenanigans. He will walk back into that house fully loaded. Now as to whether or not he stays, depends on whether or not Paul still has his human wall of protection in tact.

    • monkicorn

      where do you live where its storming? i am jelly! we’ve been running our ac for weeks!!!

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Miss Cleo got a personal phone call from Jesus to let her know she’s totes the one coming back into the game because he loved her serpent talk so much.

    • Shivani33

      Specific things that the 4 evicted people said: If Cameron wins Battle Back, he joked that he’d try to stay in the house longer this time. Jillian said that she’d try to align herself with Raven and Elena. Cody said he would listen to Jessica or else she’d punch him, so-to-speak. He was really very much all about Jessica and didn’t reveal his plans if he comes back. You could tell that his mind was blown over Dominique’s eviction, and he tried whispering to her. Julie put a stop to it and told them that they’d have time to chat later. Dom was very happy to have a chance to play some more.

      • Avatar

        thank you! its interesting they got to chat a little but, but if what Julie said was true, maybe they could give each other an idea of where people are in the game and who to go after, could be very interesting

      • Mel

        Alex was wrong about that too. She said yesterday that she knew Dom wouldn’t want to participate in a battle back.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paul was wrong too. Last night he told them there wasn’t going to be a battle back..lol

  20. g8trgirl

    Did you hear as the credits were rolling, Paul whispering that he figured out Jessica got the temptation? Then Alex said something like, you want me to go beat her up? Lol

  21. Avatar

    but I will say I’m slightly upset that jess got temptation, obviously I would’ve loved my girl Dom to get it, but I guess jess is ok since she’s likely to be evicted soon, but if Cody gets back in, she better not waste that precious gift to save his dumb ass. between her Kevin and Dom, they were most likely not to use it to save Paul, or anyone else in the house for that matter(unless Cody comes back in), but I would say it would’ve been amazing for it to be used, then have the shock in the house…oh well, there will at least be some shock when the battle back winner comes in though. But I do foresee a possible double eviction being a consequence, someone mentioned a triple eviction? Now THAT would be crazy

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      I think she will definitely use it to save Cody next week. I hope he then goes in the second eviction of the night, assuming it’s a double eviction on Thursday.

  22. Avatar

    Cody speaks from the BB grave… or BB purgatory in this case…Although it seems that Paul is responsible for Dom’s eviction, this was actually the work of none other than Cody. Simply brilliant…. he put a worm on the hook and Paul bit the bait. It would have been Mark or Dom because of that. Not only did Cody’s plan to create new targets to keep Jess safe work seamlessly, somehow he managed to make America like her. Paul is the puppet because Cody was the mastermind behind this eviction.

    • Mel

      That’s true. I have been so irritated at Paul that I lost focus on that. Paul said himself when he was cam talking that there really was no target and what Cody did along with Dom’s talk show gave him the opportunity. He also said that’s why he started in on Jess yesterday. He’s already laying the groundwork. His line of thinking is smart. He said that there has to be a target in place every week, otherwise he knows he will be the target. It explained to me why he didn’t just chill since he had the safety. It also means he’s going to do something similar to this week…every week.

      • Avatar

        Right…. great point!

      • LindsayB

        This is what I have been saying all along!!! And Mell, thank you for saying you’d root for me if I was ever lucky enough to end up in the BB house…. now I just can’t quite figure it why you think I would be outspoken….. lol

      • Avatar

        id root for anyone on here. Idk if I could personally be able to, I try and keep calm on precise with my words…but then agin sometimes I wouldn’t have it in me to shut up in intense fights lol

      • Mel

        Lindsay, it was just a wild crazy guess… and oh yeah, we’d be blowing up the Web for you! You’d be in the house doing those annoying shout outs for BBJ except this time, they wouldn’t be nearly as annoying!

      • Mel

        Ike, I think I have great strategies…from my computer. Im sure I would end up being Josh. I’d cry, yell, lose my mind and throw ketchup. I’d end up in a corner, in the fetal position giving sobbing and choked up shout outs to all you guys by name. I would NOT rub or discuss my body parts or go looking for a boyfriend! That’s at least something.

      • Avatar

        lol ill still root for you when you are sob yelling mell lol

      • Avatar

        but if I was in the house, id be Matt eating cereal lol jk…but I really do like cereal…
        but anyways I feel like id want to be sneaky, but I wouldn’t succeed as well as Kevin keeping up wraps, so maybe like Vanessa in the sense of trying to work people (I would not be anywhere as successful as she was at it though lol), but id want to win more vetos than hoh’s. I don’t think a lot of newbies get that the veto is actually more important than the hot, especially later in the summer where if any nom gets it, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it. Plus who wouldn’t want to be like donny the veto king? lol

      • LindsayB

        I would have my nice sweet face on but would be a master manipulator. It’s one of my strengths. You all would totally get shout outs and my DRs would be hilarious. I would consider it a personal challenge to keep my cool and I’d probably find some weak man to make my bitch and use him until I drop him at the end in place of the Josh like floater that I made feel pretty.

    • monkicorn

      you know what? i have to agree… damn this game…buuuwaaahaaahaaaa…ok….cody comes back in battle back, jess and idk…mark…go home in double eviction and cody wins hoh?

    • g8trgirl

      Good point, Angel. Very good point.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Angel, I can go along with pretty much every thing you say except the part about him making America like Messi. She may have been given that temptation, but not out of love. It was meant to get Cody back into the house to create havoc and excitement between him and Paul. Alpha vs. Alpha. Other than that, America could care less about Mess.

  23. Mel

    I wish I had been wrong but I called that one yesterday. Yes people, America just gave the best temptation of the season to a girl who tries to stick her fingers in everyone’s butts and revealed that she had sex on the shower floor the first week they were in the house. It happened before the feeds came on so that means she was giving it up the first week these people were together.

    • ShoeLover

      Ewwww !! If I was her momma, damn……

      • monkicorn

        exactly! who raises these kids? oh right… technology….

      • Mel

        Exactly. My daughter is close to her age and if she had the nerve to do that then talk about that, then get on the live show and give me a shout out like Jess did tonight, I’d beat her ass when she came out of that house. I’d be saying, move over Raven cuz my kid needs
        an ass pacemaker!

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        I’d be mortified if that was my child, but I can’t say I’d blame her parents. Almost all of us have done stupid, mortifying, and dangerous things in the past that would upset and embarrass our parents.

        I actually think he speaks more about Cody because he is a single dad. His daughter could have seen that or heard about it. Even if she’s not old enough to completely understand it, it isn’t setting a great example to her or for her to know how men should value and respect women and not sleep with them 3 days after meeting.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      While I think Jessica did get a lot of votes the past 2 days there is no way it was more than Alex and Kevin were getting the whole week prior…..I saw this happen 2x in BBOTT…..the one that really stands out was the vote for Krusty Kritter to be have not…..it’s like all the votes for her just disappeared!

    • monkicorn

      what???? wtf? all kinda cootie all over…and the way the boys dig up in their noses all the time (bleh, i just dry heaved)… if i was in the house i would be like um, production? check please-i am OUT. i would touch NOTHING. disgusting.

    • Avatar

      Ohhh my… that site can’t be unseen in my brain… GAAROSS!! The shower floor? Have no clue as to what is up with her finger and others butts.. I can’t even let my mind go there.. Evah!

      And I’m sorry for all the Dom supporters but she just totally freaks me out and I did a Snoopy dance when she walked out that door. Somebody definitely needs to let her know that this…is a game, not vacation bible school!
      Don’t want to see her walk back in the door, no jury for her….nothing!
      The end Amen!

  24. Ann

    I usually watch each episode a couple of times but I can’t do it with this one. DELETE……..

    • Mel

      Ann, I posted some info on the Raven stuff near the bottom of the last thread in case you hadn’t seen it. You can also Google Raven Walton Scammer and all kinds of stuff will pop up. I’m going to assume she isn’t related to the mega rich Wal-Mart Waltons. She is from Arkansas too ya’ll so you never know.

      • Ann

        Thanks Mell….

      • monkicorn

        @Mell i just watched a raven exposev video on youtube…. it showed a pic of raven and paul outside the house before bb….. all hugged up….c’mooooon cbs…really????? tnx for the info, this is all sad news, especially if true about her fam being scammers 🙁

  25. danmtruth

    So has this group figured out yet that something is up No HOH comp after the eviction ?
    Sorry still no love for Josh Just a big baby If he was smart after the hot sauce nickel juice was thrown Go to production say you dont feel safe Out goes Mark Instead he got the condiments for a food fight Than he went defcon 5 when he saw how people were reacting
    Could get interesting if the “house” try’s to put Jes and Cody OTB Jes pulls out the halting hex
    Cheer on Cameron just to get a new face in

  26. pkcable

    How the HECK did Jess win the temptation? Seriously! Lol

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  28. Lynn

    I think that maybe America voted for Jess as a proxy for Cody. It was pretty crappy for him to have to nominate 5 people while the little mean guy was given freebies. Maybe? Maybe not? Hey, don’t blame me… I voted for Whistlenut.

  29. Zach

    It’s times like these I wonder if BB is rigged to a certain extent. I have heard or seen no one talking about Jessica favorably yet she wins America’s vote.. I smell something fishy, and it isn’t one the slooty sloots on BB either.

    • Shivani33

      But Zach, so many viewers don’t want Season 19 to be the Paul show and to just have to sit back and watch him win unopposed. Whether Cody was liked or not, he is seen as genuine competition, not a floater, not a parrot on Paul’s shoulder, either. Jessica got tons of votes from people exactly because of her close association with Cody. It happened early on in the poll voting and kept picking up steam. It was done to help Cody back in and to make it more of an exciting game. And another thing about Jessica is that lots of guys find her a pleasure to watch, even if she’s lying on a hammock. She got their votes, too! Jessica scolded Cody plenty about his HoH decisions, even though she stuck by him, to her own detriment as a player. If Cody comes back, he’d be smart to listen to her more instead of going off on his half-assed rampages.

  30. Lynn

    Well Julie said at the end of the episode “will one of them re-enter the house” which implies maybe no one will.

  31. danmtruth

    The vote just fell to perfectly for production
    I just hope the Battle Back is not some crap shoot luck game One year they did a spinning table and try to get it closes Or launch bean bags to get high points

    • Avatar

      I remember that dan, it was the bb16 jury buyback when Nicole won(it was super close with her and Jocasta), but yeah I liked last years where it took skill and stagey, like the throwing balls(or shooting them I don’t remember exactly), and then there was the wall picture thing with Tiffany and victor they had to do. Now THAT is an awesome buyback, using skill, strategy, and muscle

  32. Mel

    I’m a HUGE fan of believing in production meddling but I think the voting was legit. Remember, this vote drug on forever. Several things started going on in the house one right after the other. It appeared Alex was in the lead in the beginning. That makes sense because she was winning, impressive with her spunkiness, had recently mouthed off to Cody and cam talked about busting up the couples and making a big move. This gave her an early lead. Many people also didn’t realize it was the last temptation at first so Kevin fans, for example, were waiting to give him a later one. About this time we get Jessica going on a rampage about going after everyone who back stabbed Cody. (couples-people will vote for that) This is also when some people started thinking the new had worn off Paul’s constant blabbering and even some fans of his started wanting him to be targeted. ( fans start thinking Jess might do it) Jessica was against Paul simply because of the Cody situation. Next, we start seeing how Alex operates as hoh. She went after Paul’s target and overnight became his biggest minion. Jess starts getting alot more votes at this point. She was already probably running 2nd because of Cody leaving and her being on her own. ( I was hearing this alot) This is also when Kevin starts to get more because his fans realize “oh shit, this is the last one.” He has too far to go to catch up to Jess and Alex by this time tho. Finally, snakegate arrives, the Internet blows up and people start rallying for Dom. She does very well, passes Kevin but alas, Paul was an ass too late into the voting and there wasn’t enough time to catch Jessica and Alex. Around this time, Alex continues to become more of a dumbass as the week goes by and unfortunately for her, they live in a house that has live feeds and we hear every stupid comment and game strategy she utters. She also starts to show us that she’s kind of petty and may play personal, instead of the tought game we originally thought. When Jason points out that Jess could be a number for them, Alex says “I dont care, I want that bitch out because I dont like her.” (We hear A LOT from Alex along those lines about Jess, Kevin, Xmas and Ramses) We start seeing comments from many sources similar to “I really thought she was going to be good but what a let down” and “I thought this girl was smart but the more she talks, the dumber she sounds.” Jessica surges ahead even further at this point because some of the Kevin and past Alex voters switch to Jess. They know Kevin will never catch up, don’t want their votes to be wasted and with the new opinions of Alexs’ game, why not give it to Alex and Paul’s next target…who is Jessica. Jess isn’t buying Paul’s BS, she was very nice to Dom this week when others weren’t and even defended her in a conversation with Xmas. (People took notice) That’s how I think Messica just became the most powerful person in the house.

  33. danmtruth

    This temptation is basically giving a player a chance to rewind the week at the vote stand up and save both players
    It was interesting Cody ignored Julie He just wanted as much info from Dom as he could get
    We still are being teased that the Battle back winner might not get back in the game Highly unlikely Production has spent to much in setting this up

  34. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I miss BBOTT……there was only one couple on there,Shane and Danielle…..Shane was out fairly quick so it was a lot more strategy and game talk going on…..this season is probably my least favorite cast wise…..but yeah,that’s just me…..

    • Mel

      Helen, I really like the cast. I’ll be glad when they stop letting Paul control things but he’s been safe all this time. Kevin is great, Ramses is adorable, Josh is nuts, Whorlena is a mess but her game is pretty good so far, Raven is a walking train wreck, Xmas was a bad ass whose now broken, Jason says very funny stuff and Cody was so original to any personality we’ve ever seen play. I don’t know but I’ve stayed entertained. Maybe that says more about my bizarre choice of entertainment than the quality of the cast. Lol

  35. Mel

    As far as battle back goes, it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be anyway so I wish the curse was that they all had to wear actual clothing for a week.

  36. Avatar

    The Dom haters… Dom you played with integrity, honesty and kept your faith despite most of your haters mocking your spiritual relationship w/ God. Your intelligent well spoken career driven God fearing had nothing in common with none of those people. So Im not surprised none of them could even give a sympathy vote.

    May as well call BB “The Paul Show” and I’m not interested.

    Peace out y’all!!

    • Mel

      I thought her speech was very good. She could have went in and got nasty but she kept it classy. She got a couple deserved digs in but she kept it classy.

      • Avatar

        true, I can say I would love to go out with a bang, like in this case its good since there’s a buy back, but otherwise i’s throw shade left and right, but thats just me

    • Ann

      Sorry Cyn but Miss Cleo was not so hones & well spoken unless you like playing Riddle Me This & answer 20 questions all the while she never answered yours & she was a lyer. That girl lied on Elana & had that knife buried so deep in her back that it was coming out the front. Even if she gets lucky enough to make it back in the game, she’ll get evicted again.
      True enough, she is God fearing but she’s far from the perfect angel she tried to pretend to be. It just so happened that Paul caught on to her & he got her out before she got him. It’s a cut throat game.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Weren’t some of Dom’s questions in her talk show out of line too? Like her questions to Ramses?

  37. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Quite the interesting concept on jokers……does the person who holds the battle back title belt get to defend his title? Oh my…who could that be?
    Could it be ……Victor?…..,,,,,

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      Per jokers……

      Julie said they are changing up the way they do the battle back this season. VICTOR holds the title belt…..could it be true!? Victor back to defend his title to re-enter the game?

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      I love Victor! I’d be happy to see him back!

    • Avatar

      Not even funny about Victor returning. I said it on here before when I thought what else could they do to make the path easier for Paul, since we all know Victor being there would be advantageous to Paul. Why else would they do it? Nothing against Victor, I would love Victor back, but after Paul is eliminated. I don’t think we need another couple in the house and I’d hate to be an I told you so person to so many people who think that Victor coming back would be “unexpected”. Can you imagine Cody’s face if he sees he has to battle someone who wasn’t even in the house for the right to go back into the house? I’m still waiting for Paul’s round trip ticket to resurface from last year and be activated for this season.

      • Jenny

        I would like to see Victor come back only because he is hilarious. But yeah it would be totally unfair because it would put Paul in place to win. Maybe they meant there will be multiple battle backs this season, too, so Victor’s record could be broken?

      • Mel

        Victor was my fave but I don’t ever want to see anyone back…EVER unless they did an actual all stars like in BB7. They, played, they won or lost, now it’s time to move on and let some other attention seeking victims have their chance. I’m also a fuddydud who hates every returnee even when I love them.
        Vic is on twitter daily which means he isn’t in sequester and on top of that he has said he isn’t hosting, entering as a player or even in LA at the moment. He’s in NY. Sorry guys…not happening.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        @Mell……..Jillian has been on twitter every day since she was evicted…..said she and Cameron are in sequester

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Victor is hilarious and good eye candy!

  38. Ann

    Goodnight all, I’ve got to be up at the ass-crack of dawn so I’ll be back to raise hell tomorrow.

  39. danmtruth

    It was a nice speech i’m sure Dom knew her fate was sealed I still say she wanted to keep her viewers for her youtube channel Religion and BB just don’t mix Look how Paul was able to with a straight face tell her he did not know anyone targeting her

  40. Shivani33

    I just watched a long podcast with BB winner Steve Moses, all about this eviction, the Halting Hex and what it could be, plus Steve’s take on the houseguests. He likens Ramses to himself and said that if people don’t care about Ramses and keep nominating bigger threats or troublemakers, Ramses could come on strong from about the final 6 and really might pull off winning this Season. Steve sees Kevin as a good bet for winning the whole game, too. He said that he doesn’t see Paul as being like Survivor’s Boston Rob but thinks that Paul plays like Survivor’s Coach. Steve said Coach was big on spouting off about integrity, friendship and loyalty. So true. Then when Coach had to start voting off his loyal troops, the remaining players turned on him and his game was over. That’s what Steve thinks could happen to Paul.

    Steve also talked about how essential it is to be able to keep separating gameplay from getting personal. He said that he really had to keep that in mind and discipline himself not to mix those two aspects up in his mind. He said that he was good friends with Becky all during their game but didn’t let their friendship stop him when the time came to evict her.

    • jimbo

      I don’t see Paul playing now with “integrity, friendship and loyalty” at all. The snake actually was a dead on reference by Dom — he’s sneaky. Yes, he spouts off about friendship and all that, but then totally does something else behind people’s backs, or big-time manipulates. And Boston Rob, don’t get me started on him. He had a bunch of starry-eyed girls following him and he rode that big-time to his win. More bad gameplay by them than great gameplay by Rob. And his other season with Amber? For some reason NOBODY ever thought to break up their rock solid romance/alliance, and Amber won. In a sense, Paul does have starry eyed followers, too, so there’s at least that comparison.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Paul has the same girl fan base in the house that Boston Rob had. He’ll use those girls as his personal shield.

  41. Alda

    I just read on Jokers BB update that Victor flew out of town yesterday.Hmm.

  42. Avatar

    CBS owes me $0.233 for this 24hour disruption/ lack of #Access…. CBS… I want my refund lol

  43. Avatar

    @Angel Ducati Kerry summary of how Cody’s seed planting before exiting was so effective in the recent weeks of BB play is spot on and a must read!

    Unless Price Water house is allowed to randomly audit America’s Vote Count (which we all know to not be true), there is no need to re-count the votes. The 8 or 10 people in the BB production room is all the votes you need to count and congrats for them spicing things up with Jess winning Halting X temptation this week. Gotta be honest, I’m loving this bit of rigging votes talk coming from Team Paul groupies after America’s decision last night. First time this season I’ve heard of rigging, but as we take a closer look, could you guys and gals be onto something? Was it rigged???….

    An example
    https://www.bustle.com/p/whats-the-halting-hex-on-big-brother-19-this-temptation-is-a-game-changer-71091 (competition picture).

    This picture is worth a 1000 words because similar to the stature and height of James BB18, this game is never intended for a high center of gravity, only people like Alex and such can have the upper hand on a game like this. The platforms are not adjusted to take shoe size, and height of each individual player into consideration. Is this rigging by BB production to favor the contestant they want to win? Of course not Team Paul groupies, since Alex won, or more importantly team crodi, Dom and company didn’t win.

  44. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Well….the one thing we know for sure is that whatever the consequence is from Jessica taking this temptation,it won’t happen until next Thursday ……..which leads me to believe it may be a double eviction

  45. Avatar

    I wish they would stop referring to Cody as a Marine. He is NOT a Marine he WAS a Marine. I was in the Navy during Vietnam, does that mean I’m still a sailor? Kudos to all that serve but I wish people would stop using the “Marine” card as a civilian.

    • Zach

      While he may not be active military, he is a veteran as are you. I have always respected anyone who gave up time and risked their life to defend my freedom. He’s an arrogant jackass but I still appreciate his service.

  46. Shivani33

    @jacs Do you remember what Cody said about him flying to hang around at the Ferguson riots? His whole spiel about this is available to see on Youtube. As a civilian, he went, saying that he just wanted to see “if he could survive.” I found what he said to be strange. And misleading. It indicated to me that Cody could be paramilitary and while now unofficial, still drawn into his own “action” fantasies and attractions.

  47. Avatar

    @angelDucatiKerry summary of how Cody’s seed planting before exiting was so effective in the recent weeks of BB play is spot on and a must read!

    For drama and plotting purposes, his return to the game is most paramount. The natural built in animosity towards team Paul (regardless of a potential fake temporary alliance), the ill feeling and lack of trust between him and Josh would be a huge powder keg waiting to explode.

    The potential of team Paul trying to vote out Jess and Cody only to be potentially blindsided with a Veto of the whole eviction would be priceless.

    That kind of must watch TV viewing would be epic indeed!

  48. Avatar

    For drama and plotting purposes, Cody’s return to the game is most paramount. The natural built in animosity towards team Paul (regardless of a potential fake temporary alliance), the ill feeling and lack of trust between him and Josh would be a huge powder keg waiting to explode.

    The potential of team Paul trying to vote out Jess and Cody (with huge amounts of trash talking from both teams) only to be potentially blindsided with a Veto of the whole eviction process if Cody and/ or Jess on the block would be priceless.

    That kind of must watch TV viewing would be epic indeed!

  49. Ann

    Omg, you guys I am so freakin embarrassed that I’m beginning to think I just might need to get my damn head checked. Here goes. I never got to sleep last night after Miss Cleo creeped me the hell out, I still haven’t been to sleep yet. I had a 9am Dr. appt so I was going to get up at 7 to get ready. I couldn’t sleep so I piddled around in the house, got my clothes ready, took a BATH not a shower at 7 with the door wide open, brushed my teeth, put my hair up in a bun & layed across my bed in my drawers & bra. At 8:15 my son was at the door telling me we needed to get going a little early because he had to take his girlfriend to work. I jump up & put my pants on & grabbed my shirt, put on my shoes, grabbed my purse & out the door I go. I get to the Dr., sign in & sat down. A little girl said “I like your shirt, ” I said Thank you & she said “you have donuts with sprinkles, chocolate donuts, pink donuts & yellow donuts.” I looked down & dammit I had on my pajama shirt. My stomach got tight & I felt like a complete idiot. I sat there with my purse in front of me trying to cover it up. I WORE A PAJAMA SHIRT TO THE DOCTOR. I wanted to pass the hell out. I think my cheese done slid off my cracker.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      Lmbo……no Ann…..your cheese hasn’t slid…….not unless you responded in parable…..
      Seriously….do you know how many people “run” to the store in their Jammie’s?…….seems to be quite fashionable these days….

      • Ann

        I know the younger generation does it but I was so shocked. I guess I’m so flippin tired that I didn’t pay attention plus I thought it was probably payback for making fun of Miss Cleo. Then again wasn’t not being able to go to sleep punishment enough? Lol

      • Zach

        @ann1 Go to the website people of Walmart. That will make you feel better

      • Mel

        Zach, Went to that site once. Scarred for life!

    • ShoeLover

      Oh my gawd!!!! This has totally made my day! Holy smokes, I have been so down the past couple of days and your wardrobe malfunction sparked me up!! I love you Ann !!!! Thank You!!!

      • Shivani33

        @shoelover One time…at band camp. Not really, but being your fellow shoe lover, one day when I was in 8th grade, before school I tried on 2 different shoes to see which one looked better with my clothes. Then I forgot about it and went to school wearing one beige shoe and one black shoe. I called my mama!

      • ShoeLover


      • Ann

        You’re welcome ShoeLover, I’m glad I could help.
        I have one more idiotic story to you. One day I was going to get groceries & I got my cart & was really shopping. I was wondering why so many people were speaking to me, people I didn’t even know & I had the feeling people were looking at me crazy. I looked down & I had on one brown flip flop with a 1 & 1/2 in wedge heel & one flat red sandal. I was so embarrassed I tried to hide behind my cart. Well my youngest daughter & her friends were in the store & they immediately fixated their eyes on my feet & busted out laughing & pointing at my feet. I begged my daughter for her shoes then I begged her to hide me so no one would see & that all the reason that heffa needed to point out my feet to people & laugh. I abandoned that cart full of groceries, took those shoes & ran to my car. Do you know later that night I went back to shop again & the people who worked there were looking at my feet because they remembered me from earlier in the day.

    • Alda

      Ann,that was hilarious! A couple of years ago after Thanksgiving dinner,I went to Penney’s for a pre-Black Friday sale.It was packed! After about an hour of shopping my little granddaughter says”Gram,why do you have two different sneakers on?” I looked down,sure enough! I was so embarrassed.I wonder what people thought of me.They weren’t even close in color or style.Lol

      • Ann

        I’ll bet I don’t let my kids know about the pajama shirt because I would never hear the end of it. Lol

      • Avatar

        I was grocery shopping one day and stopped to grab a couple of tomatoes. I put then in the bag and started walking to the register with my cart. A man ran up behind me and said
        ‘What are you doing?”
        I had accidentally grabbed his cart and was taking off with it. I was mortified and he was mad!

    • g8trgirl

      Did Dom put a hex on you? It’s all good. You’re among friends here. Lol

      • Ann

        @g8, don’t you dare do that to me because hear me when I say this (hahaha whose famous phrase is that) I am a big ass chicken & I will have every light on in my house running my electric bill sky high while I sit up on my couch all night calling any & everybody who will stay on the phone with me til daylight. People will be turning their ringers off & blocking my number. You’re lucky I don’t know your number. Lol

    • monkicorn

      Did u head on over to Walmart after? Walk in like a boss? :p you just made my day! Lol u r awesome!!! If it makes u feel any better I rock my pjs in public on my days off, yup, I’m one of THOSE ppl…cause it MY day off.

      • Ann

        Really? I just might be walking around in Walmart all night tonight because g8 just scared the crap out of me.

    • g8trgirl

      Ann, I remove the hex. If you lived in Florida I would have come and say up with you tonight.
      Miss Cleo is gone. She can’t hurt you anymore. Lol

    • Mel

      Been there Ann so I feel for ya. Shorty after having one of my kids, I went to work with my house slippers on. I completely forgot to put on shoes…not once but twice in a year. This was years before I was self employed and worked in an office. The first time I bought shoes on my lunch break. The second, I just said screw it.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      You are awesome, and you made that little girl’s day! When my kids were still in daycare, we got all the way to daycare before one of them told me they forgot to put on shoes! Shoes!

  50. Zach

    With it being the season of temptations.. I’m wondering if someone will be tempted with blocking the battle back winner from returning to the game. With the consequence being, if they choose to do that they are automatically put on the block and cannot compete in the POV. Would be an interesting twist.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      That would be an interesting twist Zach. Unfortunately, it seems the producers are against making the HGs accept consequences for themselves along with the temptations (instead, the consequences go to someone else). I guess the producers want to make sure that all of the temptations are accepted, but it would be great if there was a game-changing temptation (like the one you mentioned) but at a very steep cost.

    • danmtruth

      @zach once more the fan’s have better ideas than production Why cant they trust fans will enjoy watching without structured poor lines

    • Avatar

      that’s my only problem with the temptations, like this last one is said to effect all of the house, but I feel like it should effect more on the winner, like 3 weeks immunity= 3 weeks ineligible for the hot, so you’d have to throw it, or something that effects everyone like using it causes an automatic double eviction after it’s use

      • Avatar

        In theory yes, but Paul’s temptation of 3 weeks safety has set the pecedent, so it would unfair to switch up at this point.

  51. Shivani33

    There are so many rumors hitting social media. When the feeds get shut down, this happens. There are Victor rumors and Victor denying that he is having any part of BB19. Still, Victor would be a great choice to host Battle Back. Gimme candy!

    The worst/best rumor and hopefully a Joker’s joke came from someone who claims to have attended the show and says that the Battle Back evictees played as 2 teams – one team was Cody and Jillian, the other, Cameron and Dom. Then Cody lost to Jillian in the final contest. The same rumor continued and said that then Matt won HoH.

    Somebody responded to this rumor and said: thanks for the least likely scenario. So the HoH comp is over? And you’re saying Matt ate the most cereal for the win.

  52. Avatar

    Hi everyone!
    Just wanted to say HAPPY FRIDAY and yippeee!! Only 4 more hours until the show (and hopefully to any of those rumors being false!)

  53. Wendy

    Counting down!

  54. Avatar

    Was this vote rigged, or are fans of team Paul just disappointed that someone on team Cody won?

    America loves friendship and as such they awarded Paul three additional weeks of safety with the Pendant of Protection (didn’t seem rigged to me). Xmas early on was well liked, and America gave her the Ring of Replacement which is good for the entire summer (no funny biz there). Why all of a sudden is there speculation of rigging of votes just because America voted the Halting Hex to Jessica?

  55. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Big Brother 19: Halting Hex (Poll Closed)
    Alex Ow 25.06%

    Kevin Schlehuber 11.42%

    Jessica Graf 11.03%

    Dominique Cooper 9.85%

    Mark Jansen 7.59%

    Matthew Clines 7.31%

    Raven Walton 6.47%

    Cody Nickson 5.86%

    Ramses Soto 4.58%

    Elena Davies 3.99%

    Josh Martinez 3.3%

    Jason Dent 3.28%

    Jillian Parker 0.26%

  56. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    She and dominque were at like 5 % until final 2 to 3 days of vote…….with a limited amount of votes per day it seems impossible to catch up to such a big lead over Alex and kevin

    • Avatar

      Impossible under normal circumstances, but they did extend the voting time of this temptation to Wednesday Noon EST, and these extra days occurred after Sunday’s showing of the huge fight, so that may explain the rush of votes at the last second.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        The voting was always open till the 19th…….Jessica and Dominque did start getting votes after Sunday…..but like I said…there were only so many votes per person that could be cast in one 24 hour period….so a climb in votes last 72 hours but I also don’t eliebe that people who had been voting Alex or Kevin all along before that changed their minds and suddenly started voting for jessica

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)


    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      It was impossible. The cote was totes rigged.

  57. Avatar

    Unless Price Water house does an internal audit of America’s BB vote, its safe to assume that voting polls can be bombarded with mass amounts of votes for one candidate at the Eleventh hour, this seems to be the case. All star votes for favorite players in the major pro sports have also seen a player lead pretty comfortably and then be second in the voting once the last minute votes came in.

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