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Big Brother 19 – Live Non Eviction Party!


Good evening, everyone! It’s time for an evic…. Oh wait, there won’t be one tonight. Well, there shouldn’t be. If there is, then consider Jessica to be the worst player in BB history because she absolutely has to use her hex power tonight.  That said, it would be kind of hilarious if she gives some emotional speech on how she needs to put Cody down for the sake of his own sanity, uses it, and the house votes her out instead.  That would be a moment we wouldn’t forget anytime soon!

If we went from Sunday to Thursday, there is a chance of that actually happening, though it still wouldn’t be as dramatic because the drama in the house is what caused Paul and The Pound to want to vote Jessica out instead.  If she used it before the drama, they probably would evict Cody, but now? It’s hard to say who would go home.  Getting someone to make a move that completely goes against their own gameplay is a challenge, so I’m not sure if Paul is really upset that his plan didn’t work, or if he’s just pretending. I mean he couldn’t have really expected her to not play it, right?  … right?  Well, with this crew, I guess the obvious isn’t a sure thing. I’m pretty sure Paul can get Josh to drown himself in the pool if he really wanted, so I guess it isn’t that far of a stretch to convince someone to not use their power for a week.

Anyway, I keep talking about it mostly because that should be all there is to talk about, unless production is going to throw us a twist.  I expect the episode to feature a lot of highlights of the week then Jessica stand up and stop the eviction. Week ends, nobody goes home, Paul can not compete in HoH.


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Here goes…

  • Time to see how they edit the fight this week
  • Jessica is wearing her cat ears. She said she was the first in the house to wear it and Alex copied her. I guess she’s making a stand?
    • Paul tells the DR that this would be the biggest move he made in this game ever. I knew this was more about bragging rights than strategy
    • Jessica’s PoV speech – World Peace…  Cody has none.  Wtf?
  • Commercial time
    • Now they’re showing the fight of the week and Raven’s terrible lies
    • Cody asks why Raven is against him
    • They talk a bit, it was all recapped earlier in the week.
    • Paul leaves and says it’s game on
  • Commercial time
    • Now they’re showing the fight
    • They didn’t show the truth behind the cat ears
    • Didn’t show Paul telling Raven to cry
    • So basically they showed everyone showing terrible things but really sugar coated Paul. Not exactly a surprise.  They definitely could have edited it to make it look like he was the puppet master more than they did
    • Needless to say, the Twitter world agrees that Paul got off easy on his edit
  • We’re done with the highlights
    • Jessica uses the hex
    • Some crazy voice comes over the speakers
    • They talk for a bit, and Julie says the HoH competition is next.
  • HoH time.  Zombie golf. Highest score wins.  Tie = shootout
  • Scores
    • Matt – 6
    • Alex – 2
    • Mark – 15
    • Jason – 15
    • Cody – 21
    • Christmas – 21
    • Elena – 13
    • Jessica – 2
    • Josh – 23
    • Raven – 13
    • Kevin – 6
    • Josh wins HoH!

Check back for updates


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  1. danmtruth

    Last week it seemed Paul was mad at production He kept on going in to ask what Jess power was Even after Jess told him EXACTLY what it was But Paul kept going back to ask for clarification He must not had gotten it because Paul is still makes wrong assumptions

  2. I want to see Jessica or Cody get hoh, I want to see how production will try to give Paul the uper hand….

  3. Why is Jessica allowed to peg those nobs are Josh without penalty? Production lets her do whatever she wants with ZERO consequences.

    • Notice how she pulled #RavenSTFU into a room by herself to confront her? She didn’t say anything to #teamjason or #coolcatkevin. That was a bully tactic.

      • Mel

        Raven is the one who pretended to be in an alliance with Jessica. Jason and Kevin didn’t. Raven is the only person I saw grabbing someone’s arm. Is everything a bully tactic this season?

      • Is the situation were reversed, the offending male player would be sent packing.

      • She also ignores productions requests to go to the DR. She didn’t wear the frog suit & didn’t sit on the lily pads. So it’s not just that.

      • Sassy

        I don’t see a one on one conversation as bullying…

      • If Jess was ticked by what she saw Jason do, she should have confronted him, or everyone involved. I’m not sticking up for Raven, can’t stand her, but, why just call her out on it?

  4. strwar1

    My prediction is no matter what happens Jessica and Cody will be nominated again this week!

  5. danmtruth

    please remove tinfoil hats to get a better view of the show Production does not care

  6. I don’t understand how anyone can stand Jessica. I think she is trying to make her own porno half the time. She wants to drown Alex in the hot tub and give all the HG cookies with poison in them and wants to twist Christmas neck and keep twisting. She is just a vile person. That’s not game play that’s just thinking she is so Superior…just disgusting. I couldn’t handle being around her or Cody. Watching them make their porno would make me want to walk out.

  7. I wish Jessica had never told them about the hex. That was so anti-climactic. Tonight would’ve been epic if she had sprung this on the other HGs as a surprise. First Kevin ruined our blindside last week, now Jessica stole her own temptation thunder. These HGs need to learn how to keep a damn secret!!!

  8. danmtruth

    Everyone so HAPPY
    #RavenSTFU enjoy

  9. Mel

    That hex voice was annoying…my opinion. Paul’s smile was so fake and everyone else looked like they realized they’ve wasted days trying to figure it out when Jess had already said what it was. To borrow words from a hg I can’t stand…dumb dumb.

  10. Mel

    Have I mentioned how I hate editing?

  11. I hate these “luck” HOH comps.

  12. Seattle Kari

    Jessica vs Alex and vast ears.

    I may be wrong but I could have sworn that Alex wore the cat ears the night they first went into the house…

  13. I can see Paul’s heart beating out of his chest right now. This HOH comp has everyone on edge!

  14. Well Paul is HOH for another week

  15. What the eff?!? We have to deal with that meatball puppet all week? This will be the most annoying or most boring week ever. Maybe both!

  16. My dream has come true!! Yeah Josh!! Give them hell week!!!!!! Let’s see Jody grovel….and mark…and Raven. Lol

  17. Now Josh is wearing the shirt

  18. g8trgirl

    Oh yeah! Now the fun REALLY starts. Lol.

  19. OMG, Cody just high fived Josh!! He probably didn’t know what he was doing, there for a couple seconds.

  20. Zach

    Hahhahahaha frack all you meatball hatin’, anyone but Paul MFers. Suck it!

  21. Damn, Cody almost had it! With Josh winning, Cody or Jess is going home. I was rooting for those two but it looks like they’re going to be eliminated just as the messiah predicted. Because we all know this is Josh aka Paul’s HOH.

    • Well it’s not over just yet Cyn. They still have that temptation safety comp– one of them could win the safety comp and the other could win POV. It’s a long shot and they’re backs are against the wall, but it’s still possible that Grossica could survive the week.

      • Not if they use the plan of no one playing the temptation except one person that has a chance of winning. Blocks Jody from winning and garuntees no safety.

      • I hope so! They play well, can compete. Maybe the only two not up Paul’s azz! That’s why I like them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Okay G, now you’ve just taken my home away 🙁

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paul’s Pound has already agreed that they will all play for the Safety to reduce Messi and Grody’s chances of winning. Also, if Josh puts them both OTB, Xmas can keep one of them from playing in the POV, which would also reduce their chances and could still send one of them home.

      • LOL, sorry NK. Pretend you never read this… you are getting very sleepy…

      • Sassy

        In a perfect world, one wins the temptation and Mark win the Veto taking the other off the block. The pound would freak and HAVE to turn on each other! That would be hilarious!!!

        Kevin – I believe if only one person plays they have safety. Either way, both J and C would be better off playing.

        NK – I thought Xmas couldn’t block a nominee from playing. I’m still confused about her temptation.

    • Mel

      Yes, another week of Paul being hoh.

  22. You watch how Paul and his posse make sure they keep Jody away from Josh all week.

  23. Josh won the HoH so looks like another week of CBS sanctioned bullying to come from everyone in the house toward Cody and Jess.

  24. I only despise paul, cause he is a complete hypocrite, its okay to lie to someone else, but if its you, oh everyone fucking attack them

  25. Now, the Paulbots have to keep Jess or Cody from winning the Temptation Challenge. I really don’t like that Temptation Challenge.

  26. Josh may “Surprise” us this week, I won’t assume anything, until he does it.

  27. danmtruth

    how mad is Alex that Jess brought out her ears
    how mad was Paul when Cody was in the lead
    How Happy was Paul when Xmas tied him
    who jump higher when Josh won Paul or our Helen
    How little did Kevin care about winning

  28. They send Jessica packing, Cody might just walk out with her and not risk loosing her to her old stomping grounds.

  29. Maybe just maybe Kevin can get in Josh’s head. I would be perfect no blood on Kevin and Josh the casualty. He can get Elena in on it too. He is young and …(inpressionable)

  30. Jenny

    Yay Josh! Woooohooooooo!!!!! Now that I think about it, it would be so much funnier if they sent Jessica home and left Cody in the house alone. THAT would drive the guy nuts. I predict Jessica and Cody get nominated. Long shot, I know, but it could happen.

  31. OMG I’ve never been more nervous and theres been some nail biter HoHs. Josh is such a wild card. Maybe I’m a fool for hoping Josh isn’t going to play Paul’s game.

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