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Big Brother 19 – Manic Monday Feed Updates


It’s time!  Jason has to finally either put up or shut up regarding the line in the sand that has been drawn between Raven and Kevin.  He has been telling a lot of people what they want to hear, but in just a few hours we will know exactly where he stands moving forward.

He has two moves he can make (well he has a bunch, but unless he completely throws everyone off and nominates the real brains behind the house, he has two moves he’s considering)

  1. Keep noms the same – This ensures Matt and Raven will be split up. Jason keeps his close and loyal friend in the house but puts a target on his back and potentially ruins a relationship with his other ally Alex. What Jason doesn’t realize is that there is already a target on his back regardless of this move.
  2. Nominate Kevin and save Raven – This keeps the peace for a few days and makes the house happy but Jason loses Kevin because the house will likely vote him out over Matt. He may regain some trust back with Alex, but seems some damage has already been done in that department.

To summarize, he can either keep a weak but loyal ally and hope to keep his stronger but less reliable one as well, or he can be the person to send his friend out and still be the target. The choice is pretty obvious to those watching, but this is a pretty bad cast.



  • 10:40 am – Kevin and Jason are doing their rounds in the back yard.
    • This is about 30 minutes after he was in the kitchen making Raven feel safe.
  • 10:55 am – Feeds down for veto meeting!
  • Shout out to Shannon R for the donation!  I really appreciate it!
  • 12:00 pm – Feeds are back
    • Early reaction from a yelling Raven is that Jason didn’t use the veto!
    • Raven goes into the storage room and tells Jason not to piss on her and tell her it’s raining!
    • Paul gets her out of the storage room. Boo
    • Matt says he is not going to eat slop the rest of the week (he’s a HN). He says because he’s going home anyway he’s going to get penalty votes
    • Remember when Paul bashed Cody and others for not ‘respecting the game’?
    • Paul is telling Matt and Raven that Alex and Jason are arguing. They’re not. They were laughing after Raven yelled at him
    • Not happy.. guess what she is about to say…
    • Paul is telling Raven how upset he is right now but they can’t show it.
    • Raven and Matt don’t think they (A & J) are fighting
  • 12:10 pm – Matt is mad that Jason is hiding in the storage room like a pussy.  He’s actually in the kitchen listening haha
    • Matt comes inside and tells him not to hide. He hid in the storage room for 5 minutes.
    • Jason tells Raven it’s a game and Raven isn’t having any of that.
    • Matt starts freaking out at Jason over his veto speech while Raven is screeching next to him
    • Raven is upset because Jason told her he was going to pull one of them down after noms
    • He doesn’t remember saying that but she insists he did
    • Matt keeps saying that Jason is a bitch over and over and over
    • Matt tells Kevin that Jason has been talking shit about him all week.
    • He also can’t believe that Jason went into the storage room to hide for 15 minutes (up from 5)
    • Matt – “I never expected a cowboy like you to be a pussy”… “you stayed in there for 20 minutes” (up from 15)
    • Matt has no problem with any of the game move but he is REALLY upset that Jason hid from a girl. Jason points out he’s not hiding but Matt is still hung up on the storage room
    • Matt – “It’s embarrassing”  .. .Jason tells him he had to take the box back to the storage.   Matt says that is Mark and Cody bitch shit
  • 12:15 pm – Jason says “you’re right. Actions speak louder than words”
    • Matt comes out to yell some more at Jason.  He’s so angry you’d think someone ate all the cereal in the house.  Oh wait, that was Alex who got that angry.  This house is nuts
    • Jason asks when either of them came to him and asked what the plan is.  Raven pulls her “Are you kidding me?? Are you kidding me??”. She says that a LOT
    • Jason once again says he doesn’t remember promising to pull them down. Matt runs away screaming “OH MY GOD  YOU’RE A PUNK BITCH YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF” … Yes, Jason is the one embarrassing himself haha
    • Matt asks him once more if he said he was going to pull down one of them and does this crazy freakout. Yes, Jason is the guy embarrassing himself lol
    • He’s so pissed his vein is popping
    • Raven keeps bringing up how it’s going to air on national TV.  Nobody cares, Raven.
    • Matt is back on the storage room thing.  It was only 10 minutes tops and he was talking privately with Alex
    • Matt can’t wait until Jason’s wife sees him acting like a bitch!
    • Josh the “personal vs game” referee jumps in and tells him not to make it personal.  Damn, dare I say other than his annoying ass DR sessions, Josh is kind of growing on me. Between refusing to harrass Kevin and remaining consistent on his personal vs game thing. He’s earning back my respect
    • Jason says that Matt and Raven didn’t have any questions for him so he went into the storage room until they can settle down (sounds reasonable).  Matt says EXACTLY!  Ok
  • 12:20 pm – Alex jumps in to sort of defend him?
    • She says that Jason wasn’t hiding, he was arguing with her because she didn’t agree with it. Way to back up your partner
    • Matt is still really pissed about hiding for 20 minutes.
    • Matt is giving Jason a bunch of yes/no questions that don’t really make sense. They’re just proving what a sap he is. Like “did I volunteer to be a pawn?”  … yes you did, idiot.
  • 12:30 pm – Matt keeps calling Jason ‘homie’. It sounds so weird hearing him say anything
    • Now for 2 minutes of awkward silence
  • Note – My wife asked me if I was going to drive for Uber today. I said no way. Not when Raven is about to lose her shit haha.  This is why I blog!
    • Jason has been sitting in silence for 5 minutes now
    • Matt says “well now that it’s all in the open, we can be honest. Jason and Kevin, you were the votes for me right?”  Kevin says no
    • Kevin says “No, on my fucking children.  Whoever did it is in this room. Ask around”
    • “And you know what? You’re going to see it on the TV and you’re going to say ‘this motherfucker was telling the truth the whole time'” while Matt is kind of taken back by Kevin’s sudden aggressiveness
    • Matt asks “anyone else?”  Everyone says no before he gets to Jason. Jason starts to say “what does it matter” before Matt freaks out again
    • Jason asks Raven if she was the one who voted for Matt to stir the pot
    • Raven says “on my pacemaker which I need to live, I didn’t vote Matt out”  lol
  • 12:40 pm – Raven is starting to bust out the tears. This time unprovoked by Paul!
  • 1:10 pm – Things have calmed down. Christmas is outside working jury votes from Raven
    • Alex jokes how Matt’s voice gets even higher than hers when he yells
  • 1:20 pm – The Kevin shittalking has resumed now that he’s in the DR
    • Kevin comes out of the DR and Alex starts on him about the shuffle of his feet. She says he sounds like an old man.
  • 1:35 pm – Meanwhile, I’m anxious to see if Matt is really going to basically self-evict by breaking all the havenot rules.
    • He is basically throwing his game away for Raven yet made fun of Cody for doing the same with Jess
  • 1:40 pm – Kevin is in the HoH room with Jason talking about the game
    • Kevin is telling him that when he’s in the jury, he’s going to push for Jason to win
    • He says he is going to trash the rest of the house. Point out how awful Alex treated her best friend (Jason) this season
    • Kevin points out how it’s no biggie if Raven hates Jason.  They hate Alex more.  He says if he’s in the final 2 are they really going to vote against a father who has been nice to everyone (Jason)?  After 2 weeks they’re going to calm down and think straight
    • Kevin says Christmas and Josh are puppets
    • He says it’s crazy they’re all talking about final 2 votes with 8 people remaining
  • 1:55 pm – Raven is talking to Christmas in the living room
    • Matt comes out with a box of triscuits and Sprite and she asks if he got a penalty vote. He said “No he’s trying to talk me out of it…” then feeds cut
    • Matt is acting like a baby over this while saying Jason is going to be embarrassed on national TV.  Even Paulie sucked it up and did his punishment.
  • 2:05 pm – Matt tells Paul a little more that he’s still going to eat despite trying to be talked out of it
  • 2:15 pm – Josh and Paul think they hear Christmas yelling at Kevin
    • So they go into storage and start dancing
    • Cameras finally get off these two clowns and focus on the kitchen
    • Paul comes into the kitchen and Christmas tells her she was yelling at Kevin for asking if she’s going to sit by the pool
    • Christmas is back to her old form….
    • I can’t believe I am listening to her freak out about this. This is about as bad as her freaking out because Mark voted for her to stay
    • Josh jumps in and starts on Kevin saying he heard him ask her.  Kevin says that she asked him first and he was just asking her back
    • He then makes Josh admit that he was wrong for jumping in because he didn’t hear the whole conversation haha.  Josh tries to spin it that he’s upset because Kevin yelled
    • Things stop briefly before Josh starts it back up again to bring up some old conversation.  Kevin says he doesn’t want to argue and is trying to walk away
    • Kevin tells Josh to not let people set him up to do this
    • Josh says “you thitnk I’m the goofy, stupid one” Kevin says “No, other people say that”
    • Josh calls him a liar and Kevin starts going off saying “you better be cool I’ll tell you that I don’t give a fuck about no motherfucking game, I’m telling you now you’ll be in the DR pouting like a fucking baby”  well then
    • Josh asks who won the $25k. Kevin says Josh did lol
    • Josh tells him to swear on his kids and Kevin loses it “Don’t bring my kids into this you motherfucker”
    • I guess Josh is not the “personal vs game” referee when he’s fighting
    • Feeds cut
  • 2:56 pm – Feeds return for a second and we see Kevin at the kitchen island talking to Paul.  So I guess he didn’t get kicked out. Good
    • I’m going to have to wrap this up soon and do a recap then possibly another thread.  This has been a busy afternoon!

Check back for updates


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  1. Renee

    Either option will make him a target by RATT. Even if he takes Raven down, they will target him for ever putting the two up together. Hopefully, he splits them up.

  2. HappyHippo

    The first in a very long time this season that I’m actually anxious! Come on Jason don’t do it! Feels weird that I’m cheering for a completely useless couple be broken up. I just don’t want the dictator getting his way for once!

    • AIO_7

      The CBS shows sure makes the Dictator look sooooo sweet.

    • LynnD

      I feel the same exact way. I have my fingers crossed that he keeps noms the same. This will infuriate Paul and maybe let the house start to see the light. On another note, I thought that Alex & Jason and pulled a quick one with the votes for Mark. Let me just share my devastation about the fact that Paul indeed know about the “sympathy/blame Kevin” vote. I’m back to being disgusted that NO ONE (except Kevin) shit’s without Paul’s permission!

  3. Avatar

    Damn! the Raven thread is already over???

  4. strwar1

    Anybody feel like Alex is going to go home at some point? Cause I think it’s gonna happen and I have lost some fan in me to see Alex act very very crazy and (I’m a HUGE fan of Paul)I just hate her now and don’t care about her anymore and I hope she goes next after hopefully Raven or Matt! Not Kevin Pls!!

  5. Helen

    Oh please Cowboy!! Make the right decision!! I’m going to be on pins and needles for the next hour!!
    Prayer to BB gods….
    Please have Cowboy keep the noms the same

  6. AIO_7

    Kennel for the feeds now. Perhaps the Veto meeting?

    If Cowpoke keeps the noms. the same it’s going to be fun watching Raven.

  7. Avatar

    Hey…you missed one…

  8. Helen

    Cowboy and Kool Papa for F2!!!!!!!

  9. AIO_7

    If Cowpoke keeps the noms. the same and Raven has a shitfit, keep in mind that he never promised her that he would use the veto. Only in her mind has she concocted that.

  10. Avatar

    Would love to see Wiggle Your Toes Day and the Flying Monkey go up on the block. Let’s see how production handles that one for a veto comp.

  11. Avatar

    It sucks because this would be the week to take out Paul. If Jason was smart he would take down Matt and put up Paul in his place. Matt wouldn’t vote against Raven. The only thing is is that I don’t think Alex would go for it and would ruin everything even though getting Paul out of the house would really only benefit everybody. This has to be the dumbest house ever. I feel like Paul still being there goes against the foundation a big brother. If this was any other season Paul would have been a huge Target and would have been affected right after his three weeks of safety was up. The only thing that I can possibly give Jason is a fact that at least he’s not playing the houses game he seems to be making his own moves. Taking out Kevin this week and only hurt Jason. Kevin is the only one that would surely keep them safe if he was to win HOH next week.

    • Avatar

      Not the week….. there are not enough votes to do that…. If Jason’s wishes were to get Matt out then yes throw Paul up there, Matt would be a guaranteed eviction. The time to attempt getting Paul out is when the votes are split and the HOH breaks the tie. I want the noms to stay the same just for the impending Raven meltdown…

    • AIO_7

      Yep: Alex would probably screw that up.

      • Avatar

        If Alex screwed it up then Jason would know his ride or die hopped into another car. Of course if someone picked the apple that cancel’s 2 eviction votes that would work and they could get Paul out. Unless that apple is in a closet in the studio somewhere.

  12. caRyn

    I am watching BBAD now and to see Matt and Raven having a food fight isn’t even entertaining because it isn’t a fun food fight. It is “pretending” to be pissed and calling names. So immature. I have heard comments that people want Matt to get evicted so that Raven has a meltdown. I feel like she already is a true meltdown in real life and I don’t want to see more. If she got up in my face the way she did Josh I would win every comp and get her evicted. She wouldn’t be worthy of my words. Just a look of disgust. Josh said Matt and Raven start their bs before 9 am. Before BB wakes them. Unreal. Kevin mentioned that because zingbot said the only thing Matt does is Raven that Matt and Raven are trying to do more to get airtime.
    Matt, at times, comes across as Raven’s overprotective dad. Wanting Jason or Alex to hurry and throw the comp because Raven is wet and cold. Matt wanted to know why Jason and Alex are even competing. Because it is BB Matt and playing in comps is BB. Jason and Alex were “pretending” to negotiate during the game. That wasn’t ok with Matt but “pretending” to be pissed in a food fight is more important to Matt than the game.
    Matt also not wanting Raven OTB ever as a pawn. Matt you’re playing yourself.
    Raven’s – “Are you kidding me” is D U triple N.

  13. AIO_7


  14. LynnD

    Doesn’t it look like the Noms stayed the same? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  15. LynnD

    I’m at work and can’t turn the volume on 🙁

  16. Helen

    Lmao. Keep going with your mouth Raven. Alex and josh were already talking last night about voting Raven out instead of Matt

  17. Painter1

    Wish Jason could see his ,”ride or die” is a fake. Alex is so wanting to please Paul she constantly interferes on any idea Jason has that Paul did not sanction.if he would talk to Kevin and Matt about Paul’s idea he would have a chance to get the votes. After hearing Matt saying how Paul told us this and that he may be able to wake up Alex or even Josh. That could make the rest a more even playing field. Jason doesn’t have anything else to lose.

  18. Avatar

    In the spirit of the Grinch… Jason’ nads grew three sizes today… YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Renee

    Move over Cody, there is a new person in contention for AFP!

  20. Helen

    Oh. Cowboy should be scared!! Raven is gonna put him OTB. Lmao. In her dreams

    • Avatar

      And if she does win the lottery and get HOH, Jason will just win POV and then she’ll be up shit’s creek because they will have to start eating there own… But this is all predicated on her still being around. She might just batshit crazy her way out of the house Thursday.

      BTW…. it took her all of 30 seconds to go nuclear in the house…

    • Avatar

      Jason doesn’t need Raven to put him up, he can’t play for HOH so when he’s sitting next to Kevin OTB he’ll wonder, “what went wrong” and “no one saw that coming”. Paul, Xmas, Josh OR Raven win HOH Jason is going up with Kevin. The other 3 vote out Jason since Kevin is a competition dud. Alex’s vote means nothing even if she want’s to be Jason’s little buddy again. Paul can get him out without getting his hands dirty so Jason will go to jury mad at Xmas, Josh or Raven for putting him up and out. God help us if Xmas gets HOH and puts Jason out. We’ll have to hear about how it’s justice that he “broke her foot” and she still got him out all by herself. Cue the Wonder Woman theme song…..

      • Avatar

        Not necessarily. Josh and xmas are questioning. their loyalty to Paul.

        With Jason’s move here, if Josh gets hoh, he can have 3 votes to take Paul out.

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Right?! Raggety Ann has to actually win HOH before she can nominate anyone for eviction, and she hasn’t made that happen yet. And if ol’ Matty boy gets the boot on Thursday, she’s gonna lose her shit and I don’t see her winning anything to avenge him now.

  21. Wendy

    Finally, I think the Game has started!

  22. Wendy

    Marta argument is Jason hid out in the storage room for the last 20 mins and not face anyone.

  23. Helen

    He never told Raven he was going to pull her down…..He said. Don’t worry..it will be all right

  24. Helen

    Okay. She can STFU now

  25. Avatar

    Can’t wait to see how Kevin responds to them saying that they were all bashing Kevin all week. And Raven needs to assume they were all lying to her, not just Jason. So she can spread that crazy all around the house. I would like to see her piss everyone off enough that she gets sent home instead of Matt. I would be interested to see what Matt is like without her.

    • Avatar

      I think Matt would be a weather vane vote, wherever the wind blows him, I mean since they’re won’t be anyone in the house to blow him.

    • Avatar

      And I love how last night when they felt safe they were saying they were going to send Jason home but they can sit there today now that they aren’t and call him a liar.

      • HappyHippo

        Just got home from picking the kid up and all I see on my iPad is a very pissed off raven yelling! Woooooo hooooo!!

      • Avatar

        Oh snap – this was on Joker’s Update: Alex tries to interject, and Matt tells her “Alex, 2 grown men trying to have a conversation, honey”. PLEASE let this go downhill from here!!! LOL

      • Sassy

        Matt also said, You don’t have to stick up for him Bro (talking to Alex).

      • Wendy

        It’s like Matt may have a little gangster in him… I heard him say homie a few times… kinda funny. Have not heard him say much all season!!! And now homie and Bro are the words he uses!!

    • Avatar

      Paul will make sure she’s the target if she is continues to mention private conversations during her freak outs this week. She will become a liability. It would be awesome if these are her final days!!!

  26. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)


  27. Avatar

    Oh the hypocrisy Matt and Raven… how quickly they forget telling everyone else how they should act when on the block, and that it’s just a game blah blah blah. It’s all fun and games until it’s your turn hahahahahahaha.

  28. Helen

    Cowboy….just tell them. Deal with it and walk away

  29. Avatar

    Paul has got to be loving this! More shade being thrown away from him….. I think he will realize this was even good for his game. Now the targets will be Jason and Kevin and one will go home next week. That’s if Kevin doesn’t win HOH in which case Paul will be in jeopardy. Split vote possibility with Kevin as the tiebreaker. If Kevin wins HOH, I see Raven (if she’s still in house) and Paul go up. Paul will win Veto and Kevin puts National Take Your Daughter to work Day and then the cat fights start!!!

  30. Helen

    Christmas and Paul sitting at the table staring…..I pray Kool Papa wins HOH next week……keep them squirming

  31. Helen

    Paul needs to be careful. He is choosing sides here blowing his smoke up RATTs ass

  32. Avatar

    Isn’t Ol PAUL the one who told these two idiots that the plan was to backdoor Kevin? Did Jason ever have that convo with dumb and dumber? Can someone in that house PLEASE decipher where all the sketchy info ACTUALLY comes from before I get taken away in a white hug-me jacket for yelling at my phone!!

  33. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Uh oh, Kevin is going off now! Matt’s bitch ass just tried to confront Kevin about the stupid “rogue vote” and Kevin was not having it today baby! I’m loving this so much!!!


  34. AIO_7

    Raven just swore on her pacemaker.

  35. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    What a wonderful Monday this is!!!

    #RavenSTFU everyone! #RavenSTFU to us all!!!

  36. LynnD

    BWAHAHA she starts with: “I have nothing to say to you Jason” Then does not shut the F up! Ask’s him 30 questions in a 20 second span. Poor Jason can’t even form a sentence but in his defense he really doesn’t need to bc she won’t shut up long enough to even let him speak.

  37. caRyn

    I thought Matt was fine with going to jury. Does Kevin know he was the target this week?

    • HappyHippo

      I so hope it comes out! He’s gotta wonder if he doesn’t who they are so mad about no being put up if he had used it….

    • Sassy

      Raven has said it multiple times already. She said the house’s target was Kevin and she said everyone in the house was talking shit about Kevin all week.

      • LindsayB

        It could easily be justified by saying they only went along with it so they could “blindside” Ratt.

      • Avatar

        But if they say that then Raven can’t just be mad at Jason. It’s worse that it was all of her “friends”. I just saw that Kevin said to Matt that he thinks they did the Matt vote to pin on him.

      • AIO_7

        ” I just saw that Kevin said to Matt that he thinks they did the Matt vote to pin on him.”

        That’s exactly why Alex did it.

      • Avatar

        @aio_7 – YES, but the fact that KEVIN said that means he’s not clueless (not that I thought he was).

        Also, I thought Jason and Alex agreed to vote for Matt. Today I’ve seen a couple of people comment that the rest of the house DID know they were (or Alex was) going to vote that way. Do you know which is correct?

      • AIO_7

        Hilary: I’m not sure. It’s probable that Alex and Cowpoke got their wires crossed and both of the voted for Mark. It’s turned into a boondoggle. But Alex’s intention was to smear Kevin.

      • Sassy

        They planned it with Paul for ONE of them to vote for Matt. It was suppose to be Jason that through the rogue vote but Alex had a brain cramp and voted that way too. At first, they tried to blame the votes on Kevin and Joy To The World, but Joy To the World was HoH and didn’t vote.

      • caRyn

        What Sassy said is what happened. Alex got caught up in the moment when voting and said Matt when she should have said Mark. And here she calls Jason the screw-up.

    • caRyn

      Thanks. I do not have the feeds so your comments are really painting the picture for me.

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      I personally don’t think Matty Boy is fine with going to the jury house. I mean, who is going to take care of “lil’ Matt” every night?

  38. LindsayB

    Arkanskank looks like a bobble head. She’s doing the exaggerated sniffle hiccup thing and keeps nodding like she’s talking a bunch of shit in her head before saying it out loud.

  39. Helen

    Take a good long look around that kitchen and dining room Cowboy…..see who is supporting you and keep that in your head for future reference

  40. Avatar

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus !

    After all these weeks, FINALLY a game move !!!

  41. AIO_7

    The scene right now….friendly conversation.


  42. Sassy

    Josh is ready to go off on Kevin. If Kevin says anything, he is going to let him have it.

  43. LindsayB

    Matt is pissed that jason hid from a girl yet matt has hidden inside a girl all season. Hmmmmm….

  44. Sassy

    Happy Birthday is comforting Raven telling her she doesn’t ugly cry. She is sexy when she cries, her cheeks and lips turn pink (PUKE!). Looked like Happy Birthday wanted to kiss her.

  45. AIO_7

    One thing is still for sure…Kevin better win HOH next week or he is gone.

  46. Shivani33

    Even before Mark was evicted, repeatedly, Paul maintained that he wanted MattRess gone next. Kevin has been being used as a scapegoat, a focal point for all of the minions to blame, disrespect and to shun. Kevin has the role, without his comprehension of it, of being a distraction which all of the remaining twosomes can focus upon, while naively, they feel safe in having a “common enemy.”

    Paul wants Matt out so that he can break up two people voting as one and so that he can control Raven, as the bigger Paul fan. He is getting exactly what he has wanted all along from Jason: the eviction of Matt. The dramas, disagreements and nonstop yapping are Paul’s toolkit used for his adroit and complete misting of the masses.

    The best that could happen here for the other houseguests WOULD BE to vote out Raven instead. Paul does not want a pissed off (and less knowable) Matt kept in the game when he thinks that he can continue to use Raven more easily to get rid of his next target, who is Cowpoke. Kevin is merely a convenience to eject if bigger plans can’t be accomplished, i.e., in case Jason or Alex control the next week of the game via comp wins.

    On another note, I hope that the Cowboy sees Alex for the stinking ally that she is and that he acts accordingly. Her first thought and action after he left the noms the same was to stage a fake fight with him to distance herself from his decision. Not even Raven or MattRess bought her charade. Alex is a poisoned apple at least 75% of the time, as far as being supportive or having good intentions for anyone except Paul. She hallucinates that she understands BB and how to strategize but is one of the densest players I’ve seen. Ironically, with this batch of houseguests, still she could go far, even though Raven and she are America’s Most Wanted to get the hell out of the game.

    • LindsayB

      Matt says he’s gonna collect a record number of penalty votes so they may not have a choice of who they vote out.

    • caRyn

      Totally agree, Shivani33.

    • Avatar

      At this point I’m actually hoping they send her home instead of Matt. Raven won’t have any impact on the jury members who are already there and I think without Raven there, Matt will calm down. If he and Kevin continue talking, Matt will see that Kevin was a pawn and so was he and it might push Matt toward Jason. While this move by Jason helped Paul, Jason’s back was already against the wall. He doesn’t have the votes to get Paul out and if he put Kevin up, he loses his friend and ally. By leaving them up, he loses his friend and ally. That’s the beauty of what Paul has done. By the time they each realize what Paul has done, it’s too late. Depending on what happens next though, some people might start to figure it out and if they begin talking with each other a little more (and not through Paul), it could fall apart.

  47. caRyn

    Alex says that Jason wasn’t hiding, he was arguing with her because she didn’t agree with Jason. Alex didn’t vote for Mark’s eviction and Mark knows it and now Matt will leave knowing Alex didn’t agree with Jason not using the veto and put Kevin OTB. Jason has to know that Alex is working her jury votes.

  48. Avatar

    To Jason, you & Alex were our targets how dare you get rid of one of us before we got you. signed Matt

  49. Helen

    Matt says he is sleeping in the rose room tonight and not eating slop

  50. g8trgirl

    @stevebeans in reference to new found feelings for Josh, I want to feel warm and fuzzy that he is able to separate personal from game. Until he has to differentiate the 2 for his game. Then let’s see what happens. Lol.

  51. caRyn

    As of last night Kevin thought he was playing BB with Paul, Jason and Alex.

  52. caRyn

    That tree may light up and Matt and/or Raven may pick an apple.

  53. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Kevin just told Paul that he would never turn against him or Jason. God I hope Kevin was just blowing smoke…

  54. Sassy

    Matt said production tried to talk him out of getting penalty votes, but he is going to do it anyway! I hope they tell him it is a breach of contract and he forfeits the game, jury house, and money…

  55. Helen

    Paul is doing everything he can to ensure next on the block are Kevin and Jason…..that way after veto he can start dogging Jason…..I can hear it now. This may be the only chance we have to get him out. Kevin is irritating but not a comp threat yada yada yada

  56. Helen

    Josh better STFU.

  57. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    DAMNNNN Kevin is on the warpath today! The next idiot to volunteer to feel Kevin’s wrath– Josh. Christmas started some stupid argument with Kevin because he asked her if she was going swimming (I guess she thought he was trying to be snarky since she can’t swim given her broken foot). Josh somehow interjected himself into the argument, calling Kevin a liar. Christmas confirms that Kevin actually was not lying about her bringing up the topic first–she did.

    Josh then apologizes, but then starts another argument with Kevin because he feels Kevin was trying to call Josh a follower earlier (well Josh, if the shoe fits…). Then somehow the conversation escalates to how Josh knows Kevin talks sh*t about him all the time behind his back, calling him dumb and a follower. Kevin tells him it’s everyone else who says that behind his back. At some point Kevin threatens to knock Josh the f*ck out. Then Josh asks Kevin repeatedly who took the $25K, Kevin denies it was him, and Josh tells him to swear on his kids he didn’t take it. Kevin says don’t ever bring up my kids motherf****r and then all hell breaks loose.

  58. Sassy

    Josh may be getting his ass kicked right now! Kevin is NOT putting up with his crap! Feeds are down, I hope Kevin is still there when they return.

    • Helen

      If they pulled Kevin they have to pull josh too…he started it

      • LindsayB

        Josh was having a conversation Kevin didn’t like. If Kevin chose to lay hands on him then he should be the only person booted. Key word is “if”. I think Kevin has more self control than that but he’s over the whole situation so his self control might be long gone.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I disagree Helen. As annoying and childish as Josh may be, he is free to SAY whatever he wants to Kevin. We may not like it, but it’s not against the rules. But if Kevin were to get physical with Josh, that would be another story. As much as I might like to see Kevin (or anyone for that matter) smack Josh one good time, it is against the rules. Talking sh*t is not.

        However, I agree with Lindsay– I’d be surprised if Kevin lost control to that point. He was getting pretty heated before they cut the feeds though.

      • Helen

        Not when Paul and josh did the happy dance in the storage room about doing just this….it was all preplanned and I’m just over Paul’s bullshit.

      • Sassy

        If production has footage of Josh and Paul plotting to get Kevin to hit him, they could all be pulled, but I think that is unlikely. With Cody, it was intentional and they were open about trying to provoke him into hitting Josh. I don’t think either of them thought Kevin would go to this level.

        Tensions are high in the house today. I thought Matt looked and acted like he wanted to hit Jason. It was the first time I have seen a real reaction from him.

  59. Avatar

    Holy crap…sounds like Josh and hohoho are attacking Kevin now. Thank goodness Kevin isn’t just backing down and taking it. Mob mentality round ??? Can’t keep track. F’ing jerks!

  60. Avatar

    Many, many weeks ago (when Paul ousted Cody for the 2nd time instead of keeping public enemy #1 around), I said that cracks in his game started to show. That crack just got a whole lot bigger with comp beast lately Jason keeping the noms the same, defying Paul for the second time, and this time an outright defiance (he showed resistance with his first ever pov win way back when).

    Half of those sure votes Paul has had is walking out that door on Thursday, and if Josh shows any passive hugging, kisses on the cheek, attention to Raven, she’ll be all in with him, and not so much Paul.

    The PKC (Paul Koolaid Company) members may want to start selling some of their stocks, the BB market is getting volatile now.

  61. Avatar

    What happened to not making it personal Josh? He is so dumb. Hate that always brings up that since he went to college that means he is very smart. No it means your parents could pay for it and your were just smart enough not to fail out. If Paul and Kevin were middle school drop outs they would still be much smarter then his college grad ass.

  62. Avatar

    Message to Matt and Raven,

    Boss Paul told you weeks ago that the free ride was over and that you needed to earn your keep; which you did. But the free rides, the cruise ship ports of calls (because they were beyond floating), and the quick 5 minute briefs of who the next target was after each eviction on Thursday’s did come with a price….

    One of you will be walking out the door on Thursday and it’s called the cost of doing business!!

  63. Avatar

    Hey Matt, all this fussing is a waste of time…

    You got to get as much 1 on 1 Raven action, and job city before seeing Julie on thursday; c’mon bud stay focused.

  64. Helen

    2:56:15 Brief feeds. Paul says “I don’t know if”… BACK TO FISH. Saw Kevin, Cmas, Paul, Jason, Alex, Raven, Matt in KIT (most eating)

    Josh must be in DR crying. But but…he’s so aggressive…..why does he have to make it personal? Boo boo
    Christmas will coddle him and tell him he is right and Kevin is a bully

  65. Shivani33

    Josh got all riled up by Paul, who did this with deliberation. Paul told Josh that Kevin has said that Josh is stupid. Right before the fight, Paul told this twice to Josh, who obviously is really sensitive about being considered not too bright. Josh ran with it fast, not pausing to cool down or to think. National Woodcock Day was all over the drama, screaming at Kevin with all of her bogus integrity like a banshee in her worst performance of the summer. Irrational minions. Swollen red monkey asses.

  66. Tinkerbell

    I think Kevin will be gone, but he should not be. It should be that big baffoon of a gorilla without a brain. I had already canceled feeds, and not watching regular tv……only getting info here. I don’t know what it takes for CBS to pay attention. This season is a horrific calamity. CBS could have put a stop to the terrible things this season. However, they did not. I blame them. Tension was escalating every day. I realize it is a game, a reality show, but none of this should have happened. Only speaking for myself – I can’t ever remember a tv show ever having such an impact on me personally. Such mean-mean people. It has been a devastating season, such unnessary happenings. I hope people cancel their feeds so at least production can see how upset people are. I don’t know what to say any longer. Very tragic and damaging chain of events. I do not care what happens to any of them, including Jason now. He is NOT a man. At this point in time I only care about Kevin, and his well being. The rest of those vicious animals…..may karma hit them where it does the most damage.

    • Tinkerbell

      Very heavy heart………

      • LindsayB

        You are taking this all waaaaaay to seriously to be this upset about it. Once they are back out in the real world, most will be forgiven and forgotten. It seems like every season that there’s no way any of these people would ever have anything to do with each other but most of them end up being fine once they’re outside the house. Seriously. Don’t let this silly little show affect you so much. None of them are worth it.

      • feltso gudinya

        and a bit of indigestion…….

      • Helen

        True Lindsay but I still can’t stand Jason Roy because of all the shitty things he did on BBOTT

      • LindsayB

        Helen, Jason Roy is a complete waste of oxygen. The difference between him and his peeps vs this season is that things were physically done. Chocolate in Krusti’s shows, armpit sweat and boogers on pillows, gross!! To me, when things go beyond verbal to physical my line gets crossed. We all have our own thresholds, you’ve reached your one with Paul and I respect that. Now if you said you liked J Roy we would never be friends again. Lol

    • Tinkerbell

      @lindsayb Hey Linds, I understand what you are saying, I sincerely do. I have watched BB from the first season, as probably most of us have. This is only my opinion, but for me, there wasn’t another season so loaded with just downright mean people. It’s one thing to play a game, but to so blatantly antagonize people and then emotionally crush them, is unacceptable for me. That’s why the I cancelled feeds, and not watching prime time. But I do want to join in here with this great group of people that we are a part of. I’ve endured some things in life, so this season has just hit me especially hard. :)))

    • Tinkerbell

      @feltso-gudinya Hey Feltsie, This afternoon I responded to one of your posts from yesterday. What planet, ect? It’s in the shuffle on yesterday’s thread. I would tell you the exact time frame, but I don’t want to. Just kidding. Paging isn’t good for my vertigo. That’s my story.

  67. hogwild

    Way to go Whistlenuts finally and HOH not named Cody or Jessica did what they wanted instead of what paul wanted I don’t think he will make it to the finals but I have a lot more respect for him for breaking free of the Paul mind control.

  68. Avatar

    This year’s cast is like a bunch of hostage victims… they all know they’re going to die… they just want to be the last to die so anyone else getting shot first is fine in their book. They don’t think about bum rushing the hostage taker (Paul) or keeping numbers to make attacks on the hostage taker’s power or question anything… this cast has never watched this game before, and I am starting to think that BB wanted it that way so that Paul could run roughshod over them all year–all in an effort to placate all of his fans from last year who all went psycho when he lost. Let’s hope he’s a two-time loser!!!!!

  69. Zach

    I don’t know who is whining and bitching more today, Raven and Matt or the people here still butt hurt that Paul is still running the show. News flash, it’s been that way the whole summer and unlikely to change… #WhySoSerious?

    • Avatar

      If Paul doesn’t win this year… will all the Paul-loving Cult go psycho again until BB gives in and sets him up for another season where only a boob could lose?

      • Zach

        Paul’s only an average to slightly above average player. I’ve never said otherwise, but in comparison to all these idiots he is Albert fucking Einstein. I mainly stay on the Paul train because everyone here is so sensitive and gets so upset that he continues to run the show. I don’t invest much personal worth into the game like some, I like it and it’s a fun game to watch but if Paul were voted out today, I wouldn’t waste energy or time being upset. It’s a damn reality tv show, not life and death.

      • Avatar

        Can’t disagree with any of that.

      • feltso gudinya

        please don’t say cult…here it comes….i’m going to hide in the storage room….

    • LindsayB

      Why don’t you keep your opinions solely about people in the house. Not the people who are fans of them.

      This is a fucking tv show. No matter who we like or who we don’t like, none of us are getting a cut of the money. We aren’t going to all agree and for the most part we can banter back and forth with differing opinions with no issue. Let’s keep it that way. It’s been really nice the last few days.

      I’m not NK. I’m not a moderator so what I said just now has no bearing in the grand scheme of things but for fucks sake can we just get back to enjoying the fact that we actually had some action in the house today?

      Sorry to go off like this. I guess today is the day to do that in and out of the house. My rant is over unless anyone feels like they need to personally attack me for wanting us to get back to having a fun day.

      • Avatar

        My apologies for lumping everyone who likes Paul into the Paul-loving Cult. Paul is such a vile creature that it would take some serious Kool Aid to like the guy… I think he’s a weasel who is too chicken shit to do his own dirty work so he has others attack “old men” and girls and anyone he’s too big a pussy to attack himself. While some of it is game of course to keep blood off of his hands… it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a pussy and a vile, despicable human being.to.

      • LindsayB

        You need to realize that it’s not ok to insinuate there is something wrong with me or anyone else because of who we like in the game. It’s a personal attack. You see what you see with Paul. That’s fine. I see someone who is smart enough to not get the blood on his hands and who is letting everyone else be the cause of all the drama in the house. He can ask or tell people to do stuff all day long but it’s up to them to do it or not. He’s playing them like the idiots they are. Just because we see the same thing differently doesn’t make it ok to do the passive agressive personal attack .

      • g8trgirl

        ….did you ever know that you’re my hero….

      • Avatar

        I agree w you Lindsay. Everyone has there own threshold of what they consider too far in game play short of unwanted physical contact which is always wrong. People on this site insinuating there something is wrong with a fan for cheering on their favorite player is crossing the line. This house always has assholes, some seasons more than others. If any of the players can’t handle it they should leave, I would. If they did not watch previous seasons and realize they could be living w a bunch of Evel Dick’s before signing up it is their fault. I sympathize with some of them but it is a game they can end at any time.

      • feltso gudinya

        i will now polish my crystal ball…….

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Gerardo, I’m with you 100%. #TeamLinday all day, every day.

        Man, every time we’re all having a great day in here, all getting along all peachy keen, someone just has to go and fuck up the rotation. Why? For the love of God, WHY?! Can’t we all just agree to fucking disagree and like who the hell we want to like without being attacked or called members of a cult? I get SO sick of that shit and that is THE reason I almost didn’t even join. I’m glad I did because I’ve met some kickass people on here, and they totally out number the dick heads that drop in to shit on us from time to time. Jeez.

      • LindsayB

        Aww shucks guys!! I honestly didn’t think I’d get that much support. I really appreciate it.

        I am very happy that I was reminded that despite a lot of our differences that people on here had my back.

      • Avatar

        I’m a wee bit late to the party, but. Team Lindsay !

      • NKogNeeTow

        Instead of completely removing certain comments from this thread, I’ve edited them to make them more reader friendly. 🙂

  70. Sassy

    Kevin apologizes to Josh – Josh accepts the apology then goes on to explain why he’s still mad from weeks past. Never does Josh apologize…

    Paul tells Kevin not to worry about this. He says its like a game of monopoly.

    Paul says it did not get like this last year, they did not get under everyone’s skin like this.

  71. Shivani33

    Has anyone else noticed that Kevin takes a pill each morning? Josh has a choice about how he behaves, and Christmas purposefully jumped in and made the Josh and Kevin fight escalate. Though Paul knows that he can set people off against each other, there’s a risk and an unknown factor if anyone carries things too far and gets physically violent or injured. I think Paul is playing with fire and doesn’t have the experience or wisdom to handle it.

    If Kevin is taking meds for high blood pressure, this degree of encounter and agitation is dangerous.

    • Zach

      Having a clinical background, having been a nurse for nearly 8yrs I can without hesitation say that anyone with CAD, HTN, DM or a family history of MIs/Stroke should not be in this type of environment. I believe BB has to clear anyone medically before entering the game

      • Shivani33

        Thanks, Zach. Hopefully you’re right. Also, I don’t know what Kevin is taking in the mornings. I just want him and everybody else to be safe.♡♡♡

        Paulie Califiore admitted on air that he didn’t disclose medical info during the BB admission process, because he thought it could prevent his clearance to play. However, it was nondisclosure about psychological counselling. He even said that his mental health professional advised Paulie not to play BB. Megan left BB19 very quickly, citing pre-existing PTSD. Raven got on the show, a mystery in itself. Mental health situations could be much easier to conceal than physical conditions. Again, than you for being reassuring.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Given that they have one HG with a broken foot and another with 18 terminal illnesses, I don’t see how they could justify excluding a 56 year old man just for hypertension (unless it’s uncontrolled even with medication).

      • Sassy

        18? G, I think you need to go back and read Mell’s blog again. I think your number may be a little low.

    • Helen

      Do you really think Paul cares?

    • Mello_One

      Christmas excuse to Argue was PISS POOR! Just because Kevin asked her to go to the Pool, she made a Big Brouhaha Out of it?!

      And of Course Paul is at the Root of ALL of the Arguments…Paul was egging on Josh to get into a fight with Kevin, then Alex Complains about Kevin walking in his Slippers!

      But the Wild Hare is Matt & Raven?! All they have done all Summer is Bang each other, Play Childishly with each other, Eat Cereal, Shower, & lay Around watching the HOH TV?! And was it not Paul who kept telling Raven that Jason was going to take her off the Block??? All Jason had to say is, “This is MY HOH, & I’m Doing What Is Best For MY GAME!”

      Gawd these people SUCK!!!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “Christmas excuse to Argue was PISS POOR! Just because Kevin asked her to go to the Pool, she made a Big Brouhaha Out of it?!”

        That was the stupidest thing I’ve heard all season, and that’s saying A LOT. I still have no idea what the hell she was talking about. She clearly just wanted to pick a fight with Kevin.

      • caRyn

        Before Josh had said he wasn’t going to say anything to Kevin. Today Matt, Josh, Christmas and Alex came at Kevin. I don’t know if anyone else did – Raven or Jason. I don’t believe Paul did but Paul of course wanted it to happen for days.

      • Mello_One

        Caryn this Argument has been on the Stove Simmering for days…They have all been Bashing Kevin for days! So finally on Monday it exploded!

        But what is surprising is that Josh “FINALLY’ realized that Paul was using him for his own purposes to start Outburst with other HG?! Josh told Christmas that he was not going to get into a Argument for Paul, because it makes “HIM LOOK BAD!”

      • Mello_One

        Gerado….EXACTLY!!! Christmas just wanted to get her 2 bits in, & for what??? Her Argument was Stupid?! Then a little later Christmas is out in the backyard Kissing Up to Kevin…Smdh. I guess for Jury Votes, Ugh?!

        Kevin ought to claim “elder abuse’ against all of them…lol

      • caRyn

        Correct that it has been simmering for days. I thought Josh wasn’t going to say anything to Kevin because he said he respected Kevin. Then today once Matt said something to Kevin the other three decided today was the day to come at Kevin. I don’t know if Raven or Jason said anything to Kevin’s face because I do not have the live feeds.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Caryn, ironically Josh was upset with Kevin for calling him a “follower”… Way to prove him wrong Josh, smh.

        @mello_one LMAO at “elder abuse”

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Hey, Kevin may have some anger issues or some type of mental illness that he has to take the pill(s) for every morning. Even more reason that Josh shouldn’t be smacking the hornets nest. (And no, I’m not picking on/making fun of mental illness. I mentioned it because that’s the first thing that popped in my head when taking a pill every morning was mentioned and how mad he got today after holding it in so long because I take meds every day for mental illness, so I was just saying)

  72. hogwild

    I think it’s funny to see Matt who has basically been the invisible man all season suddenly flip out now that he’s likely getting voted out. Maybe if he had been acting more like a player trying to $500k and less like an overaged frat boy trying to nail Raven all the time he would have seen this coming.

  73. Helen

    A few minutes ago, Jason about Kevin “I will fu$& your wife, tie up your daughters & make them watch

    Wow!! Just Wow…….not much leaves me speechless but that just did

    • LindsayB

      Ooooohhhhh…… this may form a divide between the folks that are team cowpoke and team Kevin. Just goes to show that nobody in this house is an angel.

    • Avatar

      Yeah what’s up with that comment? Is Jason now against Kevin? I’m confused, but that comment was just beyond necessary

    • Avatar

      Did he really say that? I’m sorry, that’s over the line. If I was married with daughters and someone said that, they’d be on their way to the emergency room.

      • Avatar

        They have clarified and said that what he said is what would be the worse thing he could think of to say to him. His family has already apologized on twitter for the comment even though it was taken out of context but he’s lost a lot of people over this. Twitter is blowing up with people saying even out of context it wasn’t okay to say and he crossed the line.

      • Avatar

        Doesn’t be matter. Whether he said it as a hypothetical thought, it was still said out loud. Disgusting.

      • Alda

        i just saw the video of Jason saying that from another site.People are blowing up! That is way over the line.Shame on Jason.The only one not laughing was Josh.

      • Avatar

        Yes, it’s disgusting. And everyone laughed. 🙁

    • Avatar

      That has to be the most heiness thing that has ever been said in BB history. Coming from a husband and father who earlier was hoping for a newborn girl. I hope his wife heard that.

      • Avatar

        She did, Wayne. His family has already apologized on Jason’s behalf for what he said. (At least whoever is running his twitter account).

      • Tinkerbell

        Wayne, That’s the exact type of hostile/filthy clip that needs to be on prime time TV, but CBS won’t do it. Chicken S*** production. Fans are worshipping him like an idol. All American cowboy, family, new family. They need to know the truth.

    • Avatar

      His wife must be proud to hear him speak like that. What a sick twisted thing to say.

  74. Helen

    On a happier note…..I hope production Chimas Matt…..

  75. Avatar

    Kevin apologized, Josh didn’t , just shows who the man is & who the little boy is.

  76. Avatar

    You stated that you are glad “he” didn’t get kicked out. Who were you referring to and what was done that could have resulted in a hg being kicked out?

  77. Avatar

    Sorry Matt, but you are embarrassment to a fellow Texan, your cry baby girlfriend holds your balls and you squeals like a bitch like her, grow-up that is the game, and back-dooring and blindsiding is a big part it, Matt was a pawn several times for that very reason

  78. Avatar

    I am glad he did not make that joke in front of Kevin, wouldn’t want Kevin in jail.

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