Before I post about tonight, I just want to say that I finally got around to watching the nomination episode and wow did they shave a lot of crazy from Christmas during that Mark scene. Talk about a favorable edit. She came away almost looking like she had a point rather than a lunatic like she came off on the feeds. I think it’s just time to cut her out of the show. Like no more DR sessions, no more clips of her unless absolutely needed.  She got injured, left the house a few times – once overnight. In most reality shows that’s an exit from the game. Not only that, it is widely implied that she heard Julie say the vote before heading to commercial break which allowed her to potentially pin how the two people before her voted.

As someone who has watched reality game shows like this since the first episode of Survivor, she’s almost putting an asterisk on this season. Completely changed the outcome of the game when she was allowed to stay.


Sorry, a random rant. She has been grinding on my nerves lately with the random fights she has been picking with Mark who has pretty much been bullied by the house all season long. What you’ve seen you CBS is a fraction of what the guy has gone through.

Alright, here are some updates for tonight….

  • 5:49 pm – Alex goes into the HN room and finds her pillows on Mark’s bed.
    • She decides to flip out and scream at Mark for taking all her stuff
    • Once again, Mark is in disbelief over a fight this petty but tries to defend himself anyway.  She follows him around for awhile yelling at him before she says “end scene” and walks away to celebrate her fake fight with Mark (it was fake for her, not for Mark)
    • Christmas decides she wants some air time this week, so she hobbles down from the HoH room and heads into the bedroom
    • (note – this was after Paul pretended like he was going to say something but he didn’t have to with his minions doing his dirty work)
    • Mark keeps trying to shut it down by apologizing right off the bat
    • Christmas continues by saying it’s a ‘constant theme’ and an ‘afterwards apology doesn’t matter’
    • She brings in the cringe-worthy reaction of saying “If I was kidding, I’d be laughing” before giving a horrid fake laugh
  • Mark leaves
    • Josh said “that’s what he gets. He’s such a bully”  (wtfffff)
  • 6:00 pm – I have to jump ahead to live so I’m putting this timestamp on where I was…
  • 8:35 pm – Cody is in the HoH room with Alex and Jason
    • Cody asks how Raven did so good on the true/false. He says she’s a damn airhead
    • Jason says she’s playing everyone then asks if she really has that disease. Alex says “jesus Jason” but Cody said ‘yea yea she definitely has it’
    • Jason continues about how she eats non-stop. Alex mentions how she never sees her eat healthy
    • Cody says he’s been extremely nice to her but she’s been nothing but a bitch. Her and Matt are out of their minds.
    • Cody tells the story how he was the last person in the house so he asked if he could sleep in Raven’s bed with her
    • He said after he won HoH, she started coming upstairs to sleep with him but then he got close with Jess so Jess booted her
    • Alex tells Cody that Raven has made it sound like Cody was hitting on her and she turned him down (Raven has said this). This is Cody’s reaction
    • Cody said he didn’t cuddle with her even once
    • Cody says he hopes that Raven and Matt have the loudest kids (weird)
    • He says Matt is going to go back to his frat life taking body shots off of girls
    • Alex tells him how Raven also mentioned Cody turned her down because she can’t have kids.   He is absolutely blown away
    • Cody says he would like sit there and listen to Raven for 2 hours while she talked about herself.  This is true. I saw him be the last person sitting around when everyone left the hottub after she began talking
  • 8:41 pm – Josh, Paul, and Christmas are in the living room when Elena walks in and asks where Cody is
    • Josh says they were just talking about that. He says Cody is sketch as fuck
  • Huge thank you to Susan for the donation!  I really appreciate it!
    • Josh says Cody has one more slipup before he ‘calls him the fuck out’.. ok Josh
  • Josh goes upstairs into the HoH room
    • Cody sees Christmas and Paul coming up so he leaves.
    • Josh comes into the room and asks if he left because of Paul. Alex says yes. Josh calls him a coward, but Alex shockingly said Cody was being nice and just chatting
    • Paul asks if Cody said shit about him. They tell him no
    • Paul says he’s going to put Kevin in check tonight
  • 9:15 pm – Alex, Jason, and Josh are bashing Kevin in the HoH room
  • 9:45 pm – Paul isn’t ‘putting Kevin in check’ tonight (at least I don’t think) so I’m going to bed.  I don’t think he actually will, but we’ll see. He is in serious jury management mode

Check back for updates