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Big Brother 19 – Monday Night Feeds. Attack On Mark – Again


Before I post about tonight, I just want to say that I finally got around to watching the nomination episode and wow did they shave a lot of crazy from Christmas during that Mark scene. Talk about a favorable edit. She came away almost looking like she had a point rather than a lunatic like she came off on the feeds. I think it’s just time to cut her out of the show. Like no more DR sessions, no more clips of her unless absolutely needed.  She got injured, left the house a few times – once overnight. In most reality shows that’s an exit from the game. Not only that, it is widely implied that she heard Julie say the vote before heading to commercial break which allowed her to potentially pin how the two people before her voted.

As someone who has watched reality game shows like this since the first episode of Survivor, she’s almost putting an asterisk on this season. Completely changed the outcome of the game when she was allowed to stay.

Sorry, a random rant. She has been grinding on my nerves lately with the random fights she has been picking with Mark who has pretty much been bullied by the house all season long. What you’ve seen you CBS is a fraction of what the guy has gone through.


Alright, here are some updates for tonight….

  • 5:49 pm – Alex goes into the HN room and finds her pillows on Mark’s bed.
    • She decides to flip out and scream at Mark for taking all her stuff
    • Once again, Mark is in disbelief over a fight this petty but tries to defend himself anyway.  She follows him around for awhile yelling at him before she says “end scene” and walks away to celebrate her fake fight with Mark (it was fake for her, not for Mark)
    • Christmas decides she wants some air time this week, so she hobbles down from the HoH room and heads into the bedroom
    • (note – this was after Paul pretended like he was going to say something but he didn’t have to with his minions doing his dirty work)
    • Mark keeps trying to shut it down by apologizing right off the bat
    • Christmas continues by saying it’s a ‘constant theme’ and an ‘afterwards apology doesn’t matter’
    • She brings in the cringe-worthy reaction of saying “If I was kidding, I’d be laughing” before giving a horrid fake laugh
  • Mark leaves
    • Josh said “that’s what he gets. He’s such a bully”  (wtfffff)
  • 6:00 pm – I have to jump ahead to live so I’m putting this timestamp on where I was…
  • 8:35 pm – Cody is in the HoH room with Alex and Jason
    • Cody asks how Raven did so good on the true/false. He says she’s a damn airhead
    • Jason says she’s playing everyone then asks if she really has that disease. Alex says “jesus Jason” but Cody said ‘yea yea she definitely has it’
    • Jason continues about how she eats non-stop. Alex mentions how she never sees her eat healthy
    • Cody says he’s been extremely nice to her but she’s been nothing but a bitch. Her and Matt are out of their minds.
    • Cody tells the story how he was the last person in the house so he asked if he could sleep in Raven’s bed with her
    • He said after he won HoH, she started coming upstairs to sleep with him but then he got close with Jess so Jess booted her
    • Alex tells Cody that Raven has made it sound like Cody was hitting on her and she turned him down (Raven has said this). This is Cody’s reaction
    • Cody said he didn’t cuddle with her even once
    • Cody says he hopes that Raven and Matt have the loudest kids (weird)
    • He says Matt is going to go back to his frat life taking body shots off of girls
    • Alex tells him how Raven also mentioned Cody turned her down because she can’t have kids.   He is absolutely blown away
    • Cody says he would like sit there and listen to Raven for 2 hours while she talked about herself.  This is true. I saw him be the last person sitting around when everyone left the hottub after she began talking
  • 8:41 pm – Josh, Paul, and Christmas are in the living room when Elena walks in and asks where Cody is
    • Josh says they were just talking about that. He says Cody is sketch as fuck
  • Huge thank you to Susan for the donation!  I really appreciate it!
    • Josh says Cody has one more slipup before he ‘calls him the fuck out’.. ok Josh
  • Josh goes upstairs into the HoH room
    • Cody sees Christmas and Paul coming up so he leaves.
    • Josh comes into the room and asks if he left because of Paul. Alex says yes. Josh calls him a coward, but Alex shockingly said Cody was being nice and just chatting
    • Paul asks if Cody said shit about him. They tell him no
    • Paul says he’s going to put Kevin in check tonight
  • 9:15 pm – Alex, Jason, and Josh are bashing Kevin in the HoH room
  • 9:45 pm – Paul isn’t ‘putting Kevin in check’ tonight (at least I don’t think) so I’m going to bed.  I don’t think he actually will, but we’ll see. He is in serious jury management mode

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    I am getting so sick of all these phony hypocrite assholes since it’s clear Cody is going out Thursday I hope he unloads and calls all of them out on there bullshit I want to see him give everyone both barrels then reload and give it to them again.

  2. Avatar

    This has been bugging me for a minute…

    Christmas used her ROR temptation to pull Cody’s name from playing OTEV last week when Jessica was about to be booted, but then I just realized she didn’t play in that comp at all. Christmas was not allowed to compete by BB production.

    She should not have been able to use the ROR in a comp that she could not play in. How is this even allowed when the ROR rules dictated as follows?…

    The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw.

    Is this BB rigging to the core or what?

    • hogwild

      There have been other comments like your’s about this I doubt we will ever get an explantion from BB over this but it seems like they either dropped the ball big time on this or are trying to rig the game to keep the people they want.

    • Avatar

      They dropped by ball by letting Christmas stay in the house in the first place…..as for the ROR Christmas did play….she just forfeited outright…..she is a player but automatically loses by forfeit….idk but it’s all bad that she stayed……

    • Avatar

      It doesn’t seem that the producers are playing by the rules that were made. They are making their own rules up as they go and looks to be made to benefit a select few!!! Christmas should of never been allowed to continue this game!! Has anyone emailed big brother about this certain temptation that was used by Christmas ? This show really disgusts me this year!!!!

  3. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    LMAO at that Cody reaction pic. I’m glad even the HGs are all starting to catch on to what a lunatic and a fraud Raven is now.

    Also, come on Mark, win HOH on Thursday!


  4. Avatar

    I am not a fan of Mark but the bullying is getting ridiculous.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I don’t love him either but the way they gang up on him for stupid shit is getting out of hand. And they only do it because they know he doesn’t really fight back.

  5. Mel

    The pic of Cody…fantastic!

    If I was Jason’s wife, I’d punch Alex in the face right after the finale just for the hell of it. I almost cringe listening to how she talks to him. She’s a bitch to everyone but he really gets the brunt of it.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      You know, Alex has been getting on my nerves for a while now because she’s annoying as hell and is always such a b*tch to Jason. But I really only realized these past couple of weeks what a b*tch she is to everyone else as well. I will be sooooo ecstatic if somehow Mark pulls out this HOH win on Thursday and sends her ass packing!

      • Shivani33

        Paul will get rid of her, unless he’s terribly out of tune. Alex is kind of the ultimate sacrificial Spam (not lamb), and I think Paul is snowing her nasty, hypnotized ass when he tells her she’s coming to the end. It’s the same thing he’s doing when he claims that he’s playing for second place or AFP. He’s got Alex in his corner until finally he decides to get her out of the way. He doesn’t want another Nicole situation, at least I hope not. Alex is the closest thing to that equation. Why would Paul be noble and take a strong competitor to F2 when he has several schmucks to choose instead?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think it was maybe night before last, at about 3 in the morning (BB time), Lips and WIR were in the bathroom talking and she was bitching about Alex (because Alex was mad at her for taking the money). Lips had been going on and on to who ever would listen to her, about Alex being mad. Once everyone had gone to bed and she and WIR were alone, she told him how she was worried about going up on the block again. He promised her that for her birthday next week, he was going to win HOH so she would be safe. She that she was really sick of the shit that had been going on in the house and thought it was time she shook some shit up. She told him that if he really wanted to make her happy, he could do one thing for her…backdoor Alex. He promised her that if he’s HOH he will put her up. She said NO, she wanted Alex backdoored! Since Alex is mad at her about the money, she has a real hard on for Alex and has said that she’s the only one she cares about getting out the game right now.

        After teasing WIR with a little touchy feely, she convinced him to act like they are mad and not talking. She doesn’t want the house to think they are still together. She also had Paul on her radar now and said she sees now that he’s full of shit, but for now, she just wants Alex out and will worry about Paul later.

      • Sassy

        NK – I would love for Elena to shake up the house, unfortunately, I don’t think she is enough in the know to spill real secrets. I’m really not sure what they accomplish by acting like they are mad at each other… The only thing that does is isolate both of them as individuals instead of having each other.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sass, Lips can’t shake up anything but WIR. She needs to take those 2 sizes to small outfits and go sit on that purple couch in the bathroom and wait for those lip injections to deflate.


  6. Avatar

    Ok I really wanted to like Alex at the beginning of the season because she seemed like a kick ass girl who had her own opinions and would not just fall in line with doing whatever the boys told her to. WHERE DID THAT ALEX GO? Cody has not been a saint but had I so wish Alex would have taken his deal (or some version of it) and shaken up the house. I like Paul and I do think he is playing the game well (although I don’t always agree with his methods) but it is just getting so lame watching everyone do what Paul wants.

    • Avatar

      And this whole thing of them flipping on Kevin is on my last nerve!!!

      • jimbo

        Paul will flip on everyone….but they just don’t/won’t see it. Well, Mark and Cody do, but everyone thinks they have the plague.

    • Avatar

      From the beginning Cody wanted to work with Alex. She always refused him and said she didn’t need him, basically. I thought she was a strong individual who needed no one, especially a man to get ahead in the game. Very quickly, she climbed right under Paul’s thumb and is doing whatever he says. It’s obvious that Paul wants to be left with probably Josh and a few girls cat fighting amongst themselves for survival while all believing they are Paul’s favorite. They are setting independent women back 50 years with their submissive ways.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Make no mistake Hun, Josh will be right in there cat fighting with them. At one point, he was the only one defending Kevin. Now, he’s taken up Paul’s cause and is trashing or semi-trashing Kevin, along with the rest of Paul’s Posse. I’m so disappointed in him. :-/

  7. Yael Sara


    Oh my god everyone.
    Granted it doesn’t make sense those who have been put on the block this week, but with who we have – they would show some kind of intellect if they voted out Elana.

    It is mind baffling, how Alex explains they will talk to Mark and Elana and tell how it is then see what side Kevin is on. Then what. You have everyone left on the same side. Final seven?

    Please come to senses and keep Cody. I don’t care if Elana or Matt goes, what happened to showmance killer Alex – but hey keep the one person, not in a showmance.

    They know these people going into jury are voting for the winner right?!?!

    &*$# this house is full of morons!

    • Avatar

      Yeah every DR session where Josh tries to steal every line that was someone else’s in any season ever…..”yoo boy” is tired of listening to the idiot……I love that he started using meatball as an attack on Cody but then it’s turned into his nickname….what a maroon…..

  8. Avatar

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this…

    I really hope these HGs have a change of heart and boot Elena or Matt over Cody on Thursday.

    Now, I’ve been anti-Cody & Messica from the start, but seeing Cody socialize and have real conversation with others has weakened my position exponentially. Top it with all the shadiness happening with Kevin and my recent annoyance with Christmas literally doing nothing but talking shit all day, and you can kinda see why keeping Cody seems ok to me now. The only drawback would be that him and Paul can’t seem to get along, and Paul is my main squeeze. (Tbh, I’m biased with Paul because he’s a tattooed treat to stare at)

    Anyways, that is my random wishful thinking.

    • Jenny

      You had me right up to the part about Paul being a tattooed treat. gag! I am not a fan of tattoos or beards or loud obnoxious guys so he’s not the least bit attractive to me. But hey, everybody has their own type!

    • Avatar

      I totally agree with what you said…even the Paul part! I want Cody gone….but the others are so much worse than him right now. However, with that said, he would go after Paul…and I DO NOT want that. So, Cody must go! 🙂

  9. kneeless

    If I hear any one of them talking about putting someone in “check” I am going to throw things at the TV!

  10. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Oh god, Mark and Josh would you two just get a room already?

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  12. danmtruth

    There is not a snowball chance in hell that Cody is not evicted Thur Not with a cast made up of Jason Looking for more YouTube followers Along with more rodeo shows Perhaps he can have a contest where a women can come down from the crowed kick , slap, hit, and insult him for an hour That’s all he has done during the season
    Next are Josh & Xmas the Ambiguous Gay Supper Hero wannabes (not that there is anything wrong with that ) In there way of thinking they have done no wrong Anyone looking for Xmas to be your spoke person or motivational speaker Take a close look and ask do you want your company associated with some one filled with that much hate
    Tank you Alex for breaking the glass wall to prove that you don’t need to be white rich and blond to be a mean girl Thanks for champing that other women can be just as big of a bit#h
    Raven showing that necrophilia can be a sexy turn on to some men That sanitation rules for food preperation are just a silly waste of time That you can turn any task into a near death experience
    Matt for proving that as long as the little head is taken care of there is very little else you care
    To Paul congratulation for being the leader of this bunch of broken miss guided ship of fools

  13. Avatar

    OMG this season can’t get over with soon enough!!! There is not one likable person in this remaining cast. I hate them all. Is there a way to make that house implode and just end the season?

  14. kneeless

    Cody could do the biggest & best thing & these idiots would turn it into something bad.

    • kneeless

      And, I am NOT a Cody fan. But, then I’m not a fan of anyone. Although, I really don’t find Mark offensive. Emotional & pussy whipped, yes but compared to the rest he’s not too bad. I guess we may have to look at these hg’s from a different perspective.

  15. danmtruth

    just turned the feeds on to Raven cackling and snorting like the wicked witch she is and popping Matt’s zits Lord help me

    • Avatar

      Every time I see one cast member on camera–I think ugh I dislike you so much. Then another one pops up on screen and reminds me ugh I dislike you even more… and then another and another and another. It’s never ending.

  16. kneeless

    So they don’t believe a word Cody says buy after Josh & Mark’s blow-up, Josh is complaining because Mark says he never had an alliance with Cody. Christmas Eve says he (Cody) told me yesterday he had an alliance with Mark. If Cody had said he never had an alliance with Mark, they wouldn’t have believed that either.
    Everything is such a double standard. At some point they have ALL flip-flopped on something.

    • Avatar

      It’s a house full of reporters who are trying to get the scoop to report back to Paul but no matter the answer, as @kneeless eluded to, they will spin it to seem like it was “sketchy”. It’s like they have “the answer” before they ask the question so Cody was right all along not to talk to some of these dogs.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” …Eleanor Roosevelt

    I start off with this, pertaining to Mark, Josh and Cody.

    He has been constantly verbally attacked by Idiot Josh, Spider Monkey Alex and Big Dick Xmas. He has been ridiculed by Paul (never to his face, Paul only works behind the scenes). He has been sexually frustrated, emasculated and humiliated by Cock Tease Wax Lips. He has been lied on by the Walking Death Trap Ravenous Raven. He spends over half his time defending himself against things that he hasn’t even done. They attack him first singularly, then slowly add more people while the other house members gather around until you have what looks like a mob mentality. They love this. They live for this. I don’t like Mark. I like nothing about him. Not that stupid look he always has on his face. Not the big dumb oaf demeanor which he carries himself. Not the way he begs Elena for even a sniff…the worse kind of man on earth is a begging one. When they’re chewing on his ass, I’m almost happy about it because he just lets it happen. What I’d like to see, more than him winning HOH, is for him to stand up for himself. With this lench mob he lives with, the best way for that to happen is not to argue with them or go on the defense. It’s when Josh is swishing (and YES, I finally said it, so bombard me with thumbs down, I’m so pissed I don’t give a damn)…when Josh is swishing around twisting his wrist while spewing insults and accusations to Mark, Mark should just give him a look and walk out on him, as well as the rest of them. I wouldn’t even entertain their ignorant asses. By doing so he’s “giving them his consent to make him feel inferior”.

    He is the house guard dog, the number one foot soldier, the class clown, the town fool, the court jester, the laughing stock of the house. He is the surf board on which the house guest will use for paddle practice and Paul will use to ride the wave right on into the winner’s circle. He is the center of Paul and Xmas’s tug of war. He is the punchline to Kevin’s jokes. He is the punching bag for Jason, because he is easier to beat up on than Alex is. He is a weapon, a vessel…nothing more. They use him and he lets them. He will always be inferior because to fit in, he will always give his consent.

    He is in quite a pickle and he knows it. He tried to make a last ditch effort to save himself, but as Mell and G have pointed out…to little to late. Even Alex told him last night that he should have shown them this side of him 50 days ago. Paul, Jason, Matt, Raven, Alex, Xmas all talk shit about him…behind his back. Oh they talk big and bad but NONE of them have the guts, balls, stones, nuts, gall, nerve to say any of that crap to his face. They just scurry from room to room and repeat the same old smack over and over. The only one who has half a nerve to say anything to him is the house imbecile, Josh…and that’s because they pump him up to do it so when/if Cody blows a gasket, he will do it on Josh and not them. I do not like Cody either. Not at all. Not his game play or his social skills, or lack thereof. What I do have for Cody is a newfound respect. When Josh tried to talk to him tonight and pull him into that bogus bullshit, he was having none of it. He politely and quietly told Josh that he didn’t want to get into it, he didn’t want to hear it, he was going home so there was no need. When the “crowd” came out and gathered around the hammock and Josh was “confronting” (attacking) Mark, Josh tried to pull Cody’s name into it and Cody said QUITE clear and concise, he was NOT in it and do not say that he said anything because he didn’t. IMO, this made Josh look like an even bigger fool. He had been trash talking Cody, then doing it to Mark, in front of everyone and he actually expected Cody to back him up? In Josh’s own words “MANNN, GET THA FUCK OUTTA HERE”! To me, Cody is the least inferior one in the house because, he does NOT give his consent.

    Rant over…..Carry on 🙂

    • kneeless

      Maybe tomorrow night can be ‘girl’s night’ & you can give us your insights on them.
      I agree one hundo p, as the kids say!

    • ShoeLover

      Real Talk!

      I’ve missed your thoughts and updates NK, hope all is well!

    • Avatar

      All Josh is doing when he acts like an immature fool is solidifying his final 2 spot. I think no matter who he is next to, there are no votes going Josh’s way in the finale. As I’ve said before no one wants to lose this game to an idiot but even worse an idiot, who acts like a baby and only kicks people when they are down. The sad is that I don’t think the Josh outside the house is like this, but he has to be in this house to remain part of the cool crowd. They should give him a dunce hat to wear at the finale sitting next to Paul. At least Mark KNOWS he is being bullied, Josh is being used and bullied into looking like a fool for someone else’s gain.

    • Avatar

      Yes to all of this. I really worry about Mark when he leaves the house. I hope he has a good strong support system on the outside because he’s going to need it.

      Josh is going to be in so much trouble with his family and community and then he’s going to see what all of these ass clowns said to him and about him and he’s going to really be confused. It’s going to stunt whatever personal growth he started to have inside the house. That is even if he has any self-awareness, which honestly, he may not.

      Being a soldier prepared Cody for the mental warfare going on inside the house but not to be a contestant on Big Brother. He will be the least affected.

      For Mark’s sake, I hope he goes out on the double elimination. I think it would do him good to be at the jury house for a week without all of the mob group. I think he and Cody would chill and regroup.

      I’m conflicted about whether I think Cody will vote for Paul or not in a F2 with Paul and any other house guest and I guess I don’t care whether he does either way. I hope Mark does not.

      My husband has always been a big brother fan and I never have watched. I picked a bad season to start with. For me, all that’s left is analyzing how they will all reintroduce to real life, who will be the most or least affected and how they can make the most of their post BB experience. Without a twist added by production, there’s really nothing left to decide about the game other than who will or will not vote for Paul.

      Xmas really disgusted me last night when she was talking about Elena with food. I don’t know if Elena has an issue or not and I don’t really care but for Xmas to be all about health and fitness and empowerment and overcoming obstacles I am embarrassed for her that she had that conversation with the other house guests. Very off brand for her and I really hope she loses a lot of engagements from it. Who would have any faith in her message after that?

      I don’t care enough about the others to even have a post game opinion on them.

      • Sassy

        I agree. Scooter claims her brand is about empowerment. She said the other night when you train with her, you get more than fitness, she also shapes your mind. If this is her shaping minds, everyone that has ever paid to train with her deserves their money back!

      • danmtruth

        @ht820 / Hilary what a great point on Mark As much as this is a game I personally hate to think a nice person like him might get hurt From what i have read each contestant has a producer assigned to them To act as a guardian angel / advocate /friend Also there is some sort of counselors for them Still it seems extreme to be put thru this

      • Avatar

        I missed it, what did Christmas say about Elana and food?

      • Avatar

        @danmtruth I’m actually really happy to hear that. More than anyone, I think he will need it.

        Unrelated, but I have sort of decided that Raven has been exploited by her mom and was under fairly tight control and probably thinks that she does have all of those ailments because that’s what she’s been conditioned to believe. I also think that this may be the first time she’s been away from all of that control and that’s why she’s a human vacuum cleaner eating everything. She’s probably never had that kind of access to food. I think she’s 100% all in on the scams but because that’s all she knows. Does not absolve her of her hand in it and I think she’s a garbage person but just an observation that she probably never had a chance. I also think that’s why she’s been so good at sneaking stuff and blaming it on others. That’s a skill she has honed over time.

      • Avatar

        @juli she told all of the people not at the outback dinner that Elena didn’t eat any of the food and that when they were leaving she looked back and Elena was eating the ice cream with her hands. I read this somewhere, didn’t see it, so I don’t even know if it’s true but obviously that’s disturbing behavior and if Xmas was “on brand” she should have discussed it with Elena and not the other house guests. Telling them that doesn’t further any of their game so it’s just more of the same shit talking for no end purpose. I haven’t been a fan of Xmas but I haven’t really thought much about her period before that but there was something about her, in particular, telling people that about Elena that just seemed really disgusting.

    • Avatar

      Very much agree NK!!!

  18. danmtruth

    Now Josh is is talking big that him and Cody had a good talk shook hands Told each other the did not like each other and wanted them out of the house Josh goes on how he can respect Cody for coming to him as a man Xmas said so you apologized to Cody Josh oh no i never did that But he goes on how Cody confirmed Mark and Cody had an alliance Um didn’t Xmas have a alliance with Cody That’s why she got mad he put her up Same with Matt & Raven What a bunch of low lifes

    • kneeless

      Yup, they all gang up on the person deemed worthy of their attacks but forget they’ve done the exact same, shady thing at some point. I did like it when Cody & Josh had their meeting of the minds & Cody told Josh that basically they have all lied, flip-flopped & you can’t trust anyone. Hello…wake up people!

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Josh is so f**king exhausting. He just repeats the same lines over and over again. How many times is he going to confront Mark about him being a flip-flopper, being disloyal, and disrespecting him on national TV? How many times is he going to try to have some man-to-man conversation with Cody about how they both dislike each other and want each other out, but he can respect that Cody is upfront about it?

      Yes, Mark and Cody have both been rude to Josh in the past but his own allies treat him like sh*t and he doesn’t even bat an eye. Jason kicks his ass everyday (which, as NK pointed out, is Jason taking out his frustrations from Alex on a weaker target). Paul talks to Josh like he’s a toddler and has told him numerous times to shut up and leave his own room. Kevin calls Josh fat and dumb every single day and makes Josh the butt of almost every joke. Aren’t they humiliating Josh on national TV in front of his family too? Why doesn’t he feel the need to “stand up” to them??

      Josh needs to have a tall, cold glass of what? That’s right… #STFU!!!

      • Avatar

        Agree! Hhhh. So let’s say Paul takes this very non-worthy clown Josh to F2. Now all the house pets direct their pettiness towards Paul in jury and crown Meatball is crowned BB 19 winner. It might be what they all deserve.

  19. danmtruth

    Back to food prep Alex “cooking” the hot dogs Puts them on the grill set on high burner for 2 min Scorches some lines on them and hands them out Mmm raw baloney is what they basically eating

    • Yael Sara

      Calm down… packaged hot dogs are fully cooked, and just recommended to reheat to avoid listeriosis. No one is eating raw baloney. Alex’s hot dogs are safer to eat than anything Raven gives ya.

  20. kneeless

    I know I am old but I have NEVER considered myself a prude but I am so, extremely tired of hearing fuck, all day everyday. It’s used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and whatever else. Not saying I never use the word but good Lord, get a vocabulary! Old lady rant over! And I’m out, goodnight.

    • Sassy

      I’m glad I am not the only crabby old lady. After watching the live feeds, I thought, productions biggest obstacle is editing out all the F words.

    • Jenny

      I am appalled at how much they use that word, too. Do I use it? Sure, when I’m really frustrated or angry. Or you know, when I hit my knee on something and it hurts. I don’t remember prior years having so many moments on the CBS show where they had to edit it out, though. It’s one thing when a 20 year old guy says it all the time, but most people grow up and learn to express themselves without throwing f-bombs left and right.

  21. Seattle Kari

    Again finding myself mind-numbing Lee watching Big Brother after Dark. About 5 minutes left and I only have to say one thing.


  22. jimbo

    I piped up and said the same thing about Xmas weeks ago. She should be gone, and not given special treatment…unheard of in Survivor or Survivor-like (BB) shows. And, she’s a real bitch…..I know she was “against” Jessica, but her phony baloney I’m-there-to-help-you crap was annoying….glad that Jess finally saw thru the fakeness. And, I know a lot hate Cody, but who was the one that was smart enough to put up the two jerks — Paul (he tried) and Xmas — the very first week. That’d be Cody — and the WHOLE house and BB blogosphere went koo-koo for cocopuffs over him doing it! Well, it appears, they should have listened to Cody. Who did they get out instead? USELESS Jillian! Thank god they removed that smooth danger-of-winning Jillian from the game. Cody, you naughty boy, you tried to get out our Cult Leader Paul.

    • Avatar

      I hate when I hear that Cody and Jess wasted their HOH’s. They weren’t the ones who voted out Jillian and Ramses, it was the hg’s who had the numbers. There are always going to be bigger targets left in the house. Hell, technically on Cody’s HOH week he got two people out in Jillian and Megan(self evict). If Paul had done that they would have erected a statue on Julie Chen’s lawn! A wasted HOH were both of Paul’s. Cody left and came back during Paul’s first HOH and his second HOH was cancelled due to the hex. So here we are at day 56 and NO ONE has gone home on Paul’s 2 HoH’s.

  23. Avatar

    See, I told you everyone would miss me. I wasn’t annoying but now you all stick with josh for the summer

  24. Avatar

    On another note, Raven was a perfect 5 for 5 in evictions going into last week. She was nominated and couldn’t vote and has never been HOH so her vote always “counted”. She is the only one who has voted “right” each week she was eligible. She might get the minion of the year award. There is no cash prize but she’ll get an atta girl when she is sitting in jury.

  25. Avatar

    How is it that there are 11 people left in the house and 7 of them have never even had a single vote to evict against them. I understand some haven’t been on the block but it shows how one sided this season has been. Set target for the week, attack!

    • Colby

      Set target for the week, attack!

      As I remember, this was Vanessa’s strategy.
      She would go scream at people over things that made no more sense than Christmas did the other night, or the whole pillow ridiculousness. And then they were out the door.

  26. Colby

    Earlier hilaryl said Josh would ‘see what all of these ass clowns said to him and about him’.
    It made me question how much they do actually see later.
    I know they can see the televised season (which CBS spins, not always like it really was), the blogs and comments, the clips on You Tube, etc,.
    But do they really get tapes of the 24/7 feeds? I doubt it. It would take months to watch them.
    But that is the only way they would actually be able to see/know all the stuff that was said or done behind their backs, or see all the behavior they should be ashamed of.
    Does anyone know?

    • Avatar

      Not sure. But they should just be told to read the Big Brother Junkies site if they want to be filled in on what was said and how things went down. It would save them a lot of time figuring things out for themselves, everyone on here has already done the work for them!!

    • Sassy

      I think they can watch the BBAD feeds and see what we see on the live feeds.

    • Avatar

      @colby I don’t know whether they can see the feeds or not but I have read that fans put together video montages and post them on youtube. I haven’t gone to see what anyone has or hasn’t made about Josh but my guess is there are some. I do know that some newspaper for the Latino community wrote some article about being embarrassed by him. I also have no idea if it’s a respected publication or not but either way, I would think that article will cut him deep since he appears to take pride in his heritage and cares very much what his family thinks.

      • Colby

        Yes, I keep thinking he needs to go read the letter from his Mother over again every day. When he got that he actually talked like he had a little bit of sense there for a minute.

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  28. Avatar

    Maybe CBS will let America’s favorite player be granted the $500k and the jury vote winner awarded $1. Although Lord knows none of them in there even deserve $1.

  29. Shivani33

    Mark’s idea to protect Elena for her birthday week hinges upon him winning HoH. I understand that he and Elena are are acting “broken up” so that they have less showmance vibe for others use against them for the time being, as plans are being made for next week by Paul, et al. But what do these two do if he doesn’t pull an HoH out of the air? He’s all about protecting Elena when it’s his ass thar’s on the line. She wants him to dedicate his potential HoH to backdooring Alex. Most likely, Elena continues to value Paul over Mark, when it’s much more rational to try to evict Paul and change the entire face of the game than to have the major goal to get revenge on Alex. Blockheads. Paul wants Mark gone. Mark wins comps and isn’t malleable enough for Paul’s liking. Elena isn’t as high on the hitlist as she thinks and is just more of a sitting duck. If a duck had huge thighs!

    Kevin said that he has a daughter like Elena. “She never moves.” How about if Elena tries hard to win an HoH, too? Does that even occur to her? Pathetically, it’s most likely that players would evict Alex over Paul if they’re together on the block. These people act sooo content to be Paul’s tribe. Mark, however, would do himself a favor to stop being a martyr for Elena, her birthday and her agenda. So far, the only moves Elena has made are to give away her better options twice to Alex, both times during comp bargaining sessions. Other than that, her primary motivation is just self-gratification. She stuffs her face, slathers on the makeup and shows up every couple of days in tramp vamp outfits trying to be a seductress, usually to other men than Mark. She acts mainly like Mark is her personal turn-off and gives him a little piece only when it’s to her mercenary advantage.

    Thank goodness double eviction will thin the herd, one way or another. Something had better generate some more interesting game-work soon. Maybe these players could use a week of each one being paired up with a vet for guidance only. (?) It has happened before. Perhaps it would shake up the overall passivity about being Paul’s loudmouthed robot squad. As it stands now, the coming week will see Paul pull another HoH out of his chest. Subsequently, more viewers could drop out, losing their final shreds of enthusiasm.

    • Sassy

      Shiv – Every time I hear them talk about Mark winning, I think, why aren’t you going to try to win? I do hope he does win to see if maybe they can shake the group loose. If Alex and Paul are on the block, I am not sure Alex would campaign against Paul. She may be content to let him stay in the house, since this is HIS season. If Alex goes, I think Jason will be thrown to the wolves to fend for himself after Mark and Elena are evicted.

  30. Jenny

    I can’t believe Alex shut down Cody’s offer! I watched it on BBAD and he had really thought it through, how to get Paul out and shake up everybody else, even offering himself to be the scapegoat! He was making great points but she was too busy being smug to listen to him. I thought Alex was going to be great at the beginning but I’m no longer impressed by her. Also I hated Cody with a passion but now that I have seen this other side to him I have a lot more respect for the guy. Still don’t like him but it’s nice to see there’s more to him than just that angry stare.

  31. danmtruth

    I would also think friends and family members might be getting the live feeds Did Josh not talk about his brother being a bigger fan of the show I and others have said how interesting it would be to have reunion shows To see what the HG thought of each other after seeing and hearing what went on behind there backs
    Many times hometown newspaper’s will do a story on a HG after the show It would be interesting to see the one on Josh

    • Avatar

      If Josh gets to the finale and wins the $50K runner up prize the article might turn into, “he did what he had to” and “it must have worked he got 2nd place”. He may come out looking like a genius (in some peoples eyes). He made more on the show than all but one person.

  32. Avatar

    I don’t know if I would always be this way or if this cast has made me focus more on it than I otherwise would have but I am DEFINITELY more interested in the after effect of being in the house. All I could think of for Cody and Jess was how together they will be able to monetize this experience so much more than individually. I think a lot depends on whether he is willing to move for Jess as to whether they will stay together. I do not think she will agree to move to Dallas/Plano. Elena will definitely get a job out of this. She’s in radio and her embarrassing behavior in the house might be an asset more than not. Raven should get arrested. Matt should get fired, etc. I’m really stumped about Xmas because I think she has the most to lose. If I were a company or an investor, I would not want my name/money linked with hers but I’m also not familiar with the supplement/fitness industry and they may not have the same threshold/standards. Jason will get some endorsements. I don’t care about Alex or Paul. I can’t figure out why Kevin would have wanted to do this. Don’t really know enough about Mark to say what will happen to him.

  33. Zach

    I’ve been saying it for days. But Cody isn’t going home in the first eviction. I don’t think he will go home in the 2nd either but I’m calling it. Elena first and then Mark second.

    • Avatar

      @zach I would actually enjoy that and I also would interested to see how that goes with Elena and Mark being in a house by themselves for a week. I need something unpredictable to happen in this game but so far I’ve been disappointed.

  34. Avatar

    @Zach that would be unexpected. They’ll have to dust off the old BB slogan.

  35. Avatar

    I wish Josh would stop talking about people disrespecting him, when he has done a fine job of doing that to himself by being such a asshat

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