Jason’s face when Audrey discussion comes in.

Alright, where to begin?  Should we talk about the Starks, Lannisters, or the Targaryens?

Oh wait, wrong blog.  Just kidding, I don’t have a GoT blog although I wish I had one. If there wasn’t only a handful of episodes left I would probably start one.


Big Brother!  That’s where we are. We may not have dragons flying over our head but we have plenty of backstabbing, sex, and drama! So it’s Game of Thrones light?  Maybe not.  I’m rambling, but seriously what a great episode last night. Big Brother was also pretty good because we got to see the temptation comp and Elena’s weird confrontation with Josh where he simply either didn’t understand her point or was deliberately ignoring it. I watched the conversation play out over the feeds and Elena kept trying to get her point across that Josh was bullshit. He kept saying “I want to put two good competitors up” and Elena called him on it saying there are better competitors in the house. That’s a fact. At that point, you need to just admit defeat and tell her the real reason you’re nominating her  (you’re still bitter about the vote).

You can’t tell someone you’re putting them up as a pawn because you want them to win the PoV when there is a guy who was unanimously selected to play against Cody in the battle back competition (excluding his own vote of course).

I will say when Cody is gone, I am going to miss him in competitions.  I love the ‘no bullshit’ approach where he doesn’t hype it up for dramatics. Goes in and gets the job done. People wonder why they couldn’t beat his time, but they had a chance if they didn’t screw around and play scared (to be fair, some actually did seem freaked out).  At least we’ll have that fun personality for another week if not longer! Whether he has his partner near his side is the question of the week.  Josh continues to try to push for Elena out, and at this point, it’s hard to blame him. This week officially torched that bridge moving forward and he can mark her down as a ‘no’ vote if he ever makes the final 2.  What is the term? If you’re going to shoot, don’t miss?  Josh missed.

PoV ceremony today.  People oddly kept suggesting that Mark shouldn’t use it. Some told Mark that it would be a sign of faith if he didn’t, but it’s more of a sign of stupidity. He is expected to use it, though he has joked about using it on Elena. Chances are it will be used on himself and Raven put up as the renom.

Let’s get into the feeds……

  • 10:45 am – Jason and Kevin are doing their walk while Cody is with Jessica outside
  • 12:24 pm – Veto meeting is over.
    • Waiting to find out
    • Mark took himself off and Raven is the re-nom
  • 12:55 pm – Christmas is in the kitchen wondering why Cody still dislikes her
    • Hmmm, I wonder. Even if you exclude the fact that you questioned his military experience last minute during the house’s assault on the couple, but you needless used the temptation to prevent him from having a chance to save Jessica in a week you or an ally aren’t even remotely in danger!  Obviously the first one is personal and the second one is game (poor game, but game), but you can’t be shocked the guy doesn’t want to be best friends with you after all that lol
    • Matt and Christmas are still discussing how it was weird for Mark to use the veto to save himself (??????) I don’t understand how hard it is for them to get this.
  • 1:15 pm – Christmas, Matt, and Raven whispering about Cody/Jess
    • Matt wonders what will happen when Jess brings Cody around her clients if this many people in the BB house don’t like him
    • Christmas once again says that Jessica gave up half a million for Cody. She didn’t. She wasn’t winning.
    • Raven talking about how shallow Jess is. I guess Jess wants personality second.
    • Raven claims she turned Cody down early in the season. She says he tried to kiss her.  I’m no psychological expert but her tone sounded extremely uncomfortable when she said that. Clearly looked like she was lying.
    • Raven claims Cody said “It’s ok because you can’t have kids anyway”. Matt gets angry about that
  • 5:00 pm – Sorry for delay between updates. Not feeling well today. Health isn’t in top shape hence the random naps, etc.
  • 7:00 pm – The house has been playing sound effects over the speakers most likely in preparation for the HoH competition.
    • Kind of weird they put the super luck crapshoot competition the week Paul can’t play but memory comps the weeks he can
    • If that is indeed a trivia HoH, early congrats to Paul!
  • 7:15 pm – Paul is with Raven in the pantry. He tells her he’s already making a song out of the sounds he heard
    • He starts singing it “babydogjackdrum… babtdogjackdrum”.  Yup, he’s totally going to win.  Btw, Puppymonkeybaby approves of his song
    • Also, Happy Birthday to Kevin!
  • 7:30 pm – Kevin is sitting alone in the bedroom which is odd for him. I’m sure being there on his birthday is hitting him a little
    • The evil Cody walks by and notices Kevin all alone so he stops and asks him if everything is ok.  Jess comes in and the three talk a little.
    • It’s normally not newsworthy to post when someone talks to someone else, but when people in there act like Cody is a lunatic who wants to fight everyone, I like showing the ‘other side’

Check back for updates