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Jason's face when transgender discussion comes in.

Big Brother 19 – Monday Updates – PoV Ceremony

Jason’s face when Audrey discussion comes in.

Alright, where to begin?  Should we talk about the Starks, Lannisters, or the Targaryens?


Oh wait, wrong blog.  Just kidding, I don’t have a GoT blog although I wish I had one. If there wasn’t only a handful of episodes left I would probably start one.

Big Brother!  That’s where we are. We may not have dragons flying over our head but we have plenty of backstabbing, sex, and drama! So it’s Game of Thrones light?  Maybe not.  I’m rambling, but seriously what a great episode last night. Big Brother was also pretty good because we got to see the temptation comp and Elena’s weird confrontation with Josh where he simply either didn’t understand her point or was deliberately ignoring it. I watched the conversation play out over the feeds and Elena kept trying to get her point across that Josh was bullshit. He kept saying “I want to put two good competitors up” and Elena called him on it saying there are better competitors in the house. That’s a fact. At that point, you need to just admit defeat and tell her the real reason you’re nominating her  (you’re still bitter about the vote).

You can’t tell someone you’re putting them up as a pawn because you want them to win the PoV when there is a guy who was unanimously selected to play against Cody in the battle back competition (excluding his own vote of course).


I will say when Cody is gone, I am going to miss him in competitions.  I love the ‘no bullshit’ approach where he doesn’t hype it up for dramatics. Goes in and gets the job done. People wonder why they couldn’t beat his time, but they had a chance if they didn’t screw around and play scared (to be fair, some actually did seem freaked out).  At least we’ll have that fun personality for another week if not longer! Whether he has his partner near his side is the question of the week.  Josh continues to try to push for Elena out, and at this point, it’s hard to blame him. This week officially torched that bridge moving forward and he can mark her down as a ‘no’ vote if he ever makes the final 2.  What is the term? If you’re going to shoot, don’t miss?  Josh missed.

PoV ceremony today.  People oddly kept suggesting that Mark shouldn’t use it. Some told Mark that it would be a sign of faith if he didn’t, but it’s more of a sign of stupidity. He is expected to use it, though he has joked about using it on Elena. Chances are it will be used on himself and Raven put up as the renom.

Let’s get into the feeds……

  • 10:45 am – Jason and Kevin are doing their walk while Cody is with Jessica outside
  • 12:24 pm – Veto meeting is over.
    • Waiting to find out
    • Mark took himself off and Raven is the re-nom
  • 12:55 pm – Christmas is in the kitchen wondering why Cody still dislikes her
    • Hmmm, I wonder. Even if you exclude the fact that you questioned his military experience last minute during the house’s assault on the couple, but you needless used the temptation to prevent him from having a chance to save Jessica in a week you or an ally aren’t even remotely in danger!  Obviously the first one is personal and the second one is game (poor game, but game), but you can’t be shocked the guy doesn’t want to be best friends with you after all that lol
    • Matt and Christmas are still discussing how it was weird for Mark to use the veto to save himself (??????) I don’t understand how hard it is for them to get this.
  • 1:15 pm – Christmas, Matt, and Raven whispering about Cody/Jess
    • Matt wonders what will happen when Jess brings Cody around her clients if this many people in the BB house don’t like him
    • Christmas once again says that Jessica gave up half a million for Cody. She didn’t. She wasn’t winning.
    • Raven talking about how shallow Jess is. I guess Jess wants personality second.
    • Raven claims she turned Cody down early in the season. She says he tried to kiss her.  I’m no psychological expert but her tone sounded extremely uncomfortable when she said that. Clearly looked like she was lying.
    • Raven claims Cody said “It’s ok because you can’t have kids anyway”. Matt gets angry about that
  • 5:00 pm – Sorry for delay between updates. Not feeling well today. Health isn’t in top shape hence the random naps, etc.
  • 7:00 pm – The house has been playing sound effects over the speakers most likely in preparation for the HoH competition.
    • Kind of weird they put the super luck crapshoot competition the week Paul can’t play but memory comps the weeks he can
    • If that is indeed a trivia HoH, early congrats to Paul!
  • 7:15 pm – Paul is with Raven in the pantry. He tells her he’s already making a song out of the sounds he heard
    • He starts singing it “babydogjackdrum… babtdogjackdrum”.  Yup, he’s totally going to win.  Btw, Puppymonkeybaby approves of his song
    • Also, Happy Birthday to Kevin!
  • 7:30 pm – Kevin is sitting alone in the bedroom which is odd for him. I’m sure being there on his birthday is hitting him a little
    • The evil Cody walks by and notices Kevin all alone so he stops and asks him if everything is ok.  Jess comes in and the three talk a little.
    • It’s normally not newsworthy to post when someone talks to someone else, but when people in there act like Cody is a lunatic who wants to fight everyone, I like showing the ‘other side’

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    First thing in the morning, Scooter in Uncle Papa’s bed.


  2. Avatar

    Steve, it was one of the best Game of Thrones episodes ever. That dragon was on fire!

  3. Avatar

    I hope Josh sticks to his word about getting Elena out and keeping Jessica! It’s hilarious watching Paul being scared of Jessica!

  4. Avatar

    I’m anxious to see how Raven will act this week if they put her up as a renom, will she freak out or be calm cool and collective?

    • Avatar

      She will probably not freak too much unless she thinks she and her multiple terminal illnesses re at risk……they may need to evict her soon because the way she eats has more than likely worn out her gastric stimulator…..
      She is certainly gaining weight in the BB house….her face is much fuller and not as gaunt in appearance

      • Jenny

        I was thinking she has gained weight, too – that girl is always eating!

      • ShoeLover

        Makes ya wonder if momma kept her diet super low to keep her sickly looking? Or could be she isn’t with her dance students five days a week at least 4 hours a day. But I am waiting for the gastric attacks, the violent vomiting she has spoken of in the past… nope nada…

      • Avatar

        Her face is for sure fuller….usually where you really first notice weight gain
        I am not convinced Raven does not suffer from munchausens by proxy….BB may be the best thing that’s ever happened to her

      • ShoeLover

        Definitely not munchausens by proxy, but limiting her diet so it falls under her debilitating side effects of her disease is a possibility . Just like the pale (ghostly) foundation she uses on her face. Another possible attempt to show she is suffering from low iron, because her diet is so hard to keep her at normal healthy levels. That’s what got me thinking because Young ladies her age, are in the huge trend that has blown up over social media of cosmetics and all the hugely popular make up color pallets, highlighter and the dramatic cut creases and wings that I am surprised she doesn’t have a foundation that is numbers matched to get the perfect skin color. Suitable for her. Oh Lord, I think I just became my son’s girlfriend!!! Hahaha!!

        Anyhoo, back to the topic.. she has gained weight and not one crazy side effect has happened yet !!! Hahaha I think I rambled enough I am starting to sound like #STFU RAVEN!!



      • NKogNeeTow

        @Helen….But the worst thing that ever happened to US.

      • kneeless

        I too, thought it looked like Raven had gained weight. I’m sure she’s getting closer to her deathbed so she’s decided to ear herself to death.

    • Avatar

      She’s gonna freak for sure.

    • Jenny

      I see her suddenly feeling very sick and telling everyone the stress of being OTB is causing her internal organs to shut down, and she’ll probably die before they can even evict her.

    • Jenny

      all while stuffing her face with whatever is left of Josh’s HOH basket.

  5. Avatar

    What if this scenario happen, Mark uses the Veto and Josh rallies enough of the house to get on board of BACKDOORING PAUL. That would be an extreme move.

  6. Avatar

    Earlier 9:29 BBT Josh telling Christmas the dr kept asking him is Raven disposable to you. And Elena used that word two days ago Also. And how Jody were hanging with Paul and Elena last night in apsr -L

  7. Avatar

    Raven’s campaign strategy: “But I can die tomorrow!”

  8. Shivani33

    Remember the things found stashed around Big Meech’es bed when she was evicted? Things belonging to other houseguests which had disappeared? Plus weird food stashes? Raven makes off with things a lot, especially Jessica’s stuff. Josh complained that Raven has her stuff all over the HoH room, too. The bird ravens do the same thing – steal and stash, especially anything shiny. Watches and jewelry, tinfoil and colorful textured paper are among those birds’ favorite things to collect and hide. Her name fits.

    Yesterday, Raven acquired a headache, since 2 other players had them. Then she went on and on about her spider phobia. Even Matt was apologetic about how Raven over-dramatizes. She is afraid of the stairs now, too. Although almost no one else goes in & out of the HoH room as often as Raven. As for her going on the block, she’s pretty sure that she’s very, very popular. Like what me worry.

  9. Avatar

    Wasn’t it you that slammed mark because you felt he was disloyal to Dominque when he stopped talking to her when she was OTB?
    And were you not the one that has bragged constantly how no matter what the house wanted you still talked to her?
    You pride yourself on loyalty yet you yourself have been plotting and scheming since you turned the key in the HOH door
    Go back to Miami dude

  10. danmtruth

    Sorry must clean up a few things
    #aoi7my sincere apologize I ment no disrespect no bullying here As for the run on sentences An unfortunate by product of an over zealous English teacher Too many long frustrating hours spent diagrammed sentences
    # Josh does not have the votes to get out Elena
    # we can only hope to see Raven crack and get pulled out on a stretcher into the waiting arms of the police
    # being able to hear ALL the DR sessions would help but production needs to guide the HG to keep a story line going

  11. Avatar

    Everyone is freaking out about a baby crying over the loud speakers and Gilbert godfreys voice saying can someone shut that baby up and gunshots…oh my god…what can it mean? Are we being punked?
    Ummm they do realize they are living on a CBS television set don’t they?

    • Shivani33

      Also, barking dog sounds on the loudspeakers. Gilbert Gottfried’s voice after the baby crying noise saying, “will you shut that baby up!” Raven playing it both ways since being nominated. Matt, too. She told him that she’s good, she’s fine. But to the house at large, they’ve been acting up as if offended. Raven said if she gets even 2 eviction votes, she’ll murder Mark. There’s a tower of dirty dishes, and she said that she doesn’t live there. Matt said the pile of crap in the sink can go to the ceiling. When the baby noises came over the loudspeakers, Raven manufactured a panic attack, with MatrRess devotedly comforting her.

      Alex has got to be thrilled that one showmance will meet its end this week. At last! Paul is telling everyone to pay close attention to the loudspeaker stuff, anticipating that they’ll need to remember it for a comp. Jessica thinks the baby noises are being used because she’s talked about maybe being pregnant. They are getting spoofed based on viewers’ comments (Paul’s dogs, i,e. minions) and Jessica/Cody chatter about having a BB baby. Maybe it’s to prepare them for contests at a halfway-through-the Season fair or event with prizes.

  12. Avatar

    Raven was just running her hands/fingers through that mess she calls “hair” then immediately begins patting and pinching the top of the cake! WTF?!? GROSS! Do any of these people have any concept of personal hygiene and what is and isn’t acceptable in a modern society?!? And this is knowing they are being filmed 24/7… what are they like when they don’t think anyone is watching?!?

  13. Shivani33

    Raven and Matt have HoneyBoo-boo hygiene.

  14. g8trgirl

    Raven claiming that Cody tried to kiss her? I think she has a tumor coming on.

    • Avatar

      I was just coming to ask whether that really happened or not. I wasn’t paying that close of attention at the beginning so I wasn’t sure if it was true or not.

      • Mel

        No, people in the house have made fun of the fact that Raven threw herself at him the first week and was very pushy about sleeping in his bed. She went after Paul next and settled on Matt by the time the feeds came on.

      • Avatar

        That makes so much more sense. Of course she did! I really hope someone will hatch the plan to get her out instead of Jessica and then actually execute it.

  15. Avatar

    Someone help me here…
    Was it last season or BBOTT where they did morning random announcements every morning that people were trying to remember and it went on for what seems like weeks?

  16. Avatar

    This will be there Best time to vote Raven out Matt would be the only one upset if she is gone

  17. hogwild

    I liked Raven pretty good when this first started but the more I hear from her the more put off with her I’m getting starting to feel the same way about Christmas as well if by some miracle Cody was to win next HOH Iwouldn’t mind seeing him put them on the block

  18. Zach

    Steve, I don’t think you can speculate that Jessica wouldn’t win if Cody wasn’t involved. No one can say what would have happened if Cody didn’t go rogue and try to take out the best player in the house. I really don’t think Cody understood the game enough early on and now he just doesn’t care. Jessica played very well without Cody I. The house for a week and a half and even survived a week where she was on the block and could have easily been voted out. I don’t like the sloot but I think it’s a little short sighted of you to adamantly profess that she would not win the game if circumstances were different.

    • Avatar

      it was a great move if it weren’t for the temptation. Without the temp, Paul didn’t have enough time to get too much game p socially. Cody should’ve told his alliance beforehand what his plans were for it to be better, but that wasn’t a bad move (except when the tempt saved him) and jess could definitely go far in the game and she could possibly win without Cody there, its a long shot, but was still possible

    • Mel

      Taking out the vet 1st was an excellent game move. It didn’t work but it was the smartest play. Besides, I’m giving him that because it’s about the only right decision he’s made.

      • Avatar

        exactly mell. like I said, if he talked to his alliance beforehand, this all could’ve played out verrryyyyy differently, but yeah that was a huge power move

      • Avatar

        If Cody would have spoken to his team, then he would have quickly realized that they were not going to vote out Paul at that point.

        It is only a good move if you are able to execute it, if you can’t execute it, then it is a bad move. If Paul would have went up, then most likely Jillian still goes home and Cody is in the same position. Part of the game isn’t just making the right move, but knowing when to make it.

      • Avatar

        Well let’s just say it was a good idea…..it didn’t work but that was productions way to keep him safe…..

    • Avatar

      Nice try Zach Jessica’s play without Cody was smoke a mirrors they wanted to get her out but someone larger showed up named Dom who openly defied Paul…..Cody and Jess defy Paul and since there are so many minions in there Paul would have targeted Jess without Cody the same way

  19. Mel

    If they had to bring back a past hg to host another comp before deathbed leaves, I would pay good money for it to be BB 14 Danielle. It would be interesting to see them trying to outdo the each other with their fake ailments and lies. Remember,she also had a close call kidnapping story of her own and ironically Danielle’s had something to do with gypsies in Paris or somewhere trying to take her.

    I wish someone would forbid Paul to talk to Elena since she’s one of their targets the way he does.

    Today’s around the 10th time Alex has tried to put a target on Kevins back.

  20. Avatar

    Can we vote to evict Christmas?
    Josh seems to be the only one that likes her

  21. Avatar

    Anyone notice the housepets using their internet nicknames suddenly today? Christmas….Jody
    Some one else called Mark by one of his BB social media nicknames
    Does the DR tell them what people are calling them?

  22. Mel

    We’ve had zero stupid alliance names this year unless I’ve missed them. Has that ever happened?

  23. Avatar

    I’m going to HIPPO all the comments and most of the thread because I started reading GoT names and got so excited! Please, please, please blog about GoT and TWD, pretty please! That’s all I have (:

  24. jimbo

    “Showing Cody’s other side.” Yeah, stevebeans, I was kinda surprised how the BIG FIGHT between Paul and Cody last week in the HOH room actually went down. Paul played it to the whole house, and in DR, like Cody was crazed and overboard, and Jessica kinda did too. Really….it was nothing. Cody and Paul swore a few times at each other…then it was over. I don’t think Cody even yelled. Big woop.

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