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Big Brother 19 – Monday Updates, Veto Meeting Results

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Happy eclipse day, everyone!  Remember, all the cool people look directly at the sun!  (note – this is a joke, so please don’t sue me if you do and go blind)

It’s been a pretty slow weekend in the house, but I do have a little story that is good for your Monday morning.  Last night around 7:00 pm, Josh, Alex, and Paul were sitting around the kitchen table talking about various things. The topic of Kevin came up and Paul immediately tells Josh he should ‘call him out’ (like Josh did with Cody and Mark). Josh tells Paul that he’s never going to do that to Kevin because he respects him too much.  Paul tells Josh that Kevin doesn’t respect him so it shouldn’t matter. While I’m not even sure it’s true, even if so, that still doesn’t give an excuse to scream at an old man.  Alex chimes in that Josh is going to disappoint his fans if he doesn’t do it. She tells him to call him an old man and make fun of his weight.  Josh says he already calls him grandpa.  Josh tells Paul to call him out, and Paul says “when the time is right, I’ll call him out”. To Paul, the ‘right time’ is when Kevin is out of the house and can’t defend himself.

I should note that Jason was in the room for this conversation but didn’t say anything nor did he encourage Josh like Paul and Alex did.  I mention all of this because these are little things that won’t be shown on the CBS episodes. As annoying as Josh has been this season, it’s clear he has been doing it to impress Paul but guilt is starting to kick in. I think he realizes that and actually stood up for himself and the peer pressure from Paul and Alex. People may not like Josh, but he gets some points in my book for standing his ground on this issue. We already knew that Paul and Alex are pretty terrible people so that part isn’t really newsworthy, but Josh showing a bit of a spine is. So, kudos to him!


  • 8:45 am – People are starting to wake up. They’re likely going to bang out the veto meeting early today and be done for the week. Yay?
    • Looks like the house told them about the eclipse today
    • The house is outside watching the sun.  Josh says it’s hot today because of the eclipse.
    • Kevin tells the house that the sun is 93m miles away.  How does he know this stuff?  I google almost every fact he says and he almost always right
  • 12:30 pm – The house basically just watched the eclipse all morning. I looked outside and saw the sun was partially covered so I fell asleep
    • I’m up now and the PoV meeting just happened.
    • Feeds come back and Christmas is telling Mark that it was a very hard decision for her (sure)
    • Christmas thanks him for taking it so great. It makes it harder than fighting.  I guess being condescending and mean comes easy to her so being forced to be polite is hard haha (I kid, kind of)
    • Now they reflect on the summer.  It was certainly a bold move by Christmas that will be talked about for generations to come.
    • They talk about her foot briefly (shocker) and Mark tells her she gets the boot in a couple of days. Ironic because so does he!
  • Shout out to Karla for the donation!  You are the best!
  • 12:50 pm – The group is outside
    • Paul is telling the house how shady Mark was for talking about getting Paul out. Paul still doesn’t understand the logic behind it (No, Paul. What you don’t understand is the piss poor excuse Mark gave you rather than telling you straight up you’re a threat)
    • Paul randomly points out to Josh that Mark didn’t use the veto on Elena, so he would have never used it on Josh (wtf?  When did using the veto on yourself become a weird thing? This house is weird)
    • Christmas retells the Mark campaign how he said Alex was the bigger threat.
    • Paul asks how it feels to be berated two weeks in a row by people (Let’s ask Mark and Cody?)
    • Now they’re talking about how some places have like months straight of night
    • Christmas says Alaska has 24 hour days, 24 hour nights.  What does that even mean?  Does she think there are places on the planet that have sun in shifts like a factory?  4 days on, 3 days off!
    • There are indeed places in the polar regions that have 24 hour nights while the opposite side of the planet has days, but that is a slow occurrence and they’ll eventually have 24 hour days and so forth (this is from my very limited knowledge of life).
    • Christmas corrects herself and says the correct way it works (day/night changes based on seasons)
  • 1:10 pm – Kevin and Jason are outside talking
    • Kevin says if by some miracle he wins HoH, he’s going after Raven and Matt this week. Another bold move
  • 1:20 pm – Kevin and Jason moved to the bedroom to talk
    • Kevin talks about the game and how he’s never backstabbed anyone.
    • They continue to talk a bit, then Kevin leaves. Jason starts repeating ‘You’ve never backstabbed anyone’… ‘have you?’
    • It looks like all the shit talking of Kevin is starting to get to Jason and he’s believing it
    • Jason doesn’t put a lot of thought into it which is his motto for the season. He says “Alright, I don’t care” and resumes eating.
  • Shout out to Lynne T for the donation!  I’m glad you love the site!
  • 2:00 pm – Paul tells Josh he has to bring it out (I’m going to assume he’s talking about Kevin)
    • The talk ends and everyone is in the kitchen now minus Jason and Alex who are studying days
  • 2:25 pm – Josh is doing some camtalking. Let’s listen in to see if he says anything interesting
    • He says he’s in the best position he’s been in all game – this is true
    • He wants to go to final 3 with Paul and Christmas – lol
    • His final 5 wants to be with them plus Matt and Raven because he knows they’re easy
    • Meanwhile, the owl is listening intently
    • Mark played the shit out of himself, and such a disloyal game – weird, but okay
    • Next week he wants Jason or Alex gone
    • The camera gets bored of Josh and changes to Paul and Christmas. I guess they’re talking about Jason now.
  • 2:35 pm – Sirens start blaring and they call an indoor lockdown.  Kind of weird.
    • The lockdown message kept repeating.  My guess is something happened in LA or the more likely situation is they saw someone with a megaphone and their new way to prevent people from hearing anything is to play the sirens
  • 5:40 pm – Finally got around to watching the HoH episode. Meh Couple thoughts
    • Hilarious that Christmas only won HoH because it was thrown to her
    • It’s still crazy how nobody considers Paul a threat
    • Watching the slow gangup of Kevin is sad
    • That’s about it…
  • Meanwhile in the house
    • Kevin is outside sleeping while Paul is playing pool with Mark
  • 6:50 pm – Super slow in the house as the guys are outside playing pool and hanging out.
    • Here is Jason measuring the distance to the towel. If only they were as competitive with Big Brother as they are with yard darts

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