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Big Brother 19 – Monday Updates, Veto Meeting Results


Happy eclipse day, everyone!  Remember, all the cool people look directly at the sun!  (note – this is a joke, so please don’t sue me if you do and go blind)

It’s been a pretty slow weekend in the house, but I do have a little story that is good for your Monday morning.  Last night around 7:00 pm, Josh, Alex, and Paul were sitting around the kitchen table talking about various things. The topic of Kevin came up and Paul immediately tells Josh he should ‘call him out’ (like Josh did with Cody and Mark). Josh tells Paul that he’s never going to do that to Kevin because he respects him too much.  Paul tells Josh that Kevin doesn’t respect him so it shouldn’t matter. While I’m not even sure it’s true, even if so, that still doesn’t give an excuse to scream at an old man.  Alex chimes in that Josh is going to disappoint his fans if he doesn’t do it. She tells him to call him an old man and make fun of his weight.  Josh says he already calls him grandpa.  Josh tells Paul to call him out, and Paul says “when the time is right, I’ll call him out”. To Paul, the ‘right time’ is when Kevin is out of the house and can’t defend himself.

I should note that Jason was in the room for this conversation but didn’t say anything nor did he encourage Josh like Paul and Alex did.  I mention all of this because these are little things that won’t be shown on the CBS episodes. As annoying as Josh has been this season, it’s clear he has been doing it to impress Paul but guilt is starting to kick in. I think he realizes that and actually stood up for himself and the peer pressure from Paul and Alex. People may not like Josh, but he gets some points in my book for standing his ground on this issue. We already knew that Paul and Alex are pretty terrible people so that part isn’t really newsworthy, but Josh showing a bit of a spine is. So, kudos to him!



  • 8:45 am – People are starting to wake up. They’re likely going to bang out the veto meeting early today and be done for the week. Yay?
    • Looks like the house told them about the eclipse today
    • The house is outside watching the sun.  Josh says it’s hot today because of the eclipse.
    • Kevin tells the house that the sun is 93m miles away.  How does he know this stuff?  I google almost every fact he says and he almost always right
  • 12:30 pm – The house basically just watched the eclipse all morning. I looked outside and saw the sun was partially covered so I fell asleep
    • I’m up now and the PoV meeting just happened.
    • Feeds come back and Christmas is telling Mark that it was a very hard decision for her (sure)
    • Christmas thanks him for taking it so great. It makes it harder than fighting.  I guess being condescending and mean comes easy to her so being forced to be polite is hard haha (I kid, kind of)
    • Now they reflect on the summer.  It was certainly a bold move by Christmas that will be talked about for generations to come.
    • They talk about her foot briefly (shocker) and Mark tells her she gets the boot in a couple of days. Ironic because so does he!
  • Shout out to Karla for the donation!  You are the best!
  • 12:50 pm – The group is outside
    • Paul is telling the house how shady Mark was for talking about getting Paul out. Paul still doesn’t understand the logic behind it (No, Paul. What you don’t understand is the piss poor excuse Mark gave you rather than telling you straight up you’re a threat)
    • Paul randomly points out to Josh that Mark didn’t use the veto on Elena, so he would have never used it on Josh (wtf?  When did using the veto on yourself become a weird thing? This house is weird)
    • Christmas retells the Mark campaign how he said Alex was the bigger threat.
    • Paul asks how it feels to be berated two weeks in a row by people (Let’s ask Mark and Cody?)
    • Now they’re talking about how some places have like months straight of night
    • Christmas says Alaska has 24 hour days, 24 hour nights.  What does that even mean?  Does she think there are places on the planet that have sun in shifts like a factory?  4 days on, 3 days off!
    • There are indeed places in the polar regions that have 24 hour nights while the opposite side of the planet has days, but that is a slow occurrence and they’ll eventually have 24 hour days and so forth (this is from my very limited knowledge of life).
    • Christmas corrects herself and says the correct way it works (day/night changes based on seasons)
  • 1:10 pm – Kevin and Jason are outside talking
    • Kevin says if by some miracle he wins HoH, he’s going after Raven and Matt this week. Another bold move
  • 1:20 pm – Kevin and Jason moved to the bedroom to talk
    • Kevin talks about the game and how he’s never backstabbed anyone.
    • They continue to talk a bit, then Kevin leaves. Jason starts repeating ‘You’ve never backstabbed anyone’… ‘have you?’
    • It looks like all the shit talking of Kevin is starting to get to Jason and he’s believing it
    • Jason doesn’t put a lot of thought into it which is his motto for the season. He says “Alright, I don’t care” and resumes eating.
  • Shout out to Lynne T for the donation!  I’m glad you love the site!
  • 2:00 pm – Paul tells Josh he has to bring it out (I’m going to assume he’s talking about Kevin)
    • The talk ends and everyone is in the kitchen now minus Jason and Alex who are studying days
  • 2:25 pm – Josh is doing some camtalking. Let’s listen in to see if he says anything interesting
    • He says he’s in the best position he’s been in all game – this is true
    • He wants to go to final 3 with Paul and Christmas – lol
    • His final 5 wants to be with them plus Matt and Raven because he knows they’re easy
    • Meanwhile, the owl is listening intently
    • Mark played the shit out of himself, and such a disloyal game – weird, but okay
    • Next week he wants Jason or Alex gone
    • The camera gets bored of Josh and changes to Paul and Christmas. I guess they’re talking about Jason now.
  • 2:35 pm – Sirens start blaring and they call an indoor lockdown.  Kind of weird.
    • The lockdown message kept repeating.  My guess is something happened in LA or the more likely situation is they saw someone with a megaphone and their new way to prevent people from hearing anything is to play the sirens
  • 5:40 pm – Finally got around to watching the HoH episode. Meh Couple thoughts
    • Hilarious that Christmas only won HoH because it was thrown to her
    • It’s still crazy how nobody considers Paul a threat
    • Watching the slow gangup of Kevin is sad
    • That’s about it…
  • Meanwhile in the house
    • Kevin is outside sleeping while Paul is playing pool with Mark
  • 6:50 pm – Super slow in the house as the guys are outside playing pool and hanging out.
    • Here is Jason measuring the distance to the towel. If only they were as competitive with Big Brother as they are with yard darts

Check back for updates


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  1. Tinkerbell

    The herd of simpletons are already blind, I wonder if they will let them watch the eclipse.

  2. Cindy

    I totally believe that Josh wouldn’t have been confronting people so harshly had he not been provoked to do so by the puppetmaster. I’m proud of him for standing up to Paul and saying he wouldn’t do that the Kevin. These people are nuts if they don’t get Paul and Alex out asap.

  3. Avatar

    That’s a very good point Steve. And Josh is an x factor to me if he is kept until final 3 like Paul is suggesting. We know Xmas and Alex would not get rid of Paul (they have secret final 2 deals), but if Josh wins that pov when three people remain in the house (Him, Paul, and Alex/Xmas), he is the only remaining person who has shown real backbone (out of the paul clan) when he emotionally believes strongly in something. He doesn’t go quietly.

    This idea that Paul is the only one playing right now, a case could be made for that. But he is not playing a stellar game by any means, mediocre at best. Constantly trying the hitman tactic, or trashing on people who may actually be liked within the house, is a move that can come back to bite Paul in the a$$.

    Anything short of $500K for Paul this year is a total failure. He has already come in second place once, and he was given unprecedented advantages never before seen to other vets, let alone just one vet. He even got a bonus of having a very weak cast of characters overall this year.

    Hot tub machine parties like last night, getting some sleep at night (no Cody and Jess around), and constantly sticking to the standard MO, may not get it done if he wants to cash that $500K check.

  4. AIO_7

    “Alex chimes in that Josh is going to disappoint his fans if he doesn’t do it. She tells him to call him an old man and make fun of his weight.”

    I’m starting to really dislike Paul’s deputized Deputy Dog runt.


  5. AIO_7

    I wonder if CBS All Access is down for some reason. I was catching last night’s show and that quit 30 minutes in; now the live feeds won’t come on at all…not even fish.

    • AIO_7

      O.K. Things back up and working now.

    • Tinkerbell

      My live feeds are up. I hope your’s will come back really soon. I’m watching the eclipse on the Weather Channel, and the peeps who could care less about this event, in the backyard. I never thought I would say anything positive about Halloween, but her and Kevin are the only two people enjoying the eclipse. When they got their glasses the Dictator was clearly not interested. In the backyard Kevin kept commenting on what a great event this is, and Manson was pretty well non responsive…..and finally moved himself away. Simple people!

      • AIO_7

        Paul wants to show disinterest in the eclipse because it pulls attention away from him.
        And thanks, hobie, everything is back up and working fine.

      • Tinkerbell

        Munchausen and cereal head don’t have their glasses on. Discussing Maunchausen’s newest debilitating injury-terminal illness……her right knee. “Hear it cracking??” Please let us all pray for healing.

      • Renee

        @hobie if she doesn’t wear her glasses, she has a chance to have another medical condition. She can sue CBS for allowing them to put themselves in “danger” of looking at the eclipse and damaging her eyes.

      • Tinkerbell

        What is my problem……I can’t stop talking. I blame it on the eclipse. Cereal head and Munch in the house now to change sheets. I don’t think they were even aware of the eclipse. Air Heads, and not the good candy kind. Goodness only knows those nasty sheets need to be changed. Munch has put on weight since being in the house. Amazing because she can’t eat anything, and vomits at least 10 times a day. She will need new daily dukes with elastic waist bands when she gets out of prison. Earlier in the backyard – Raven as she is putting tie on her head – “Rosie Riveter.” Matt, who is that, what’s a riveter? Munch doesn’t answer because she doesn’t know, then says – Rosie Riveter, hard to handle. What?!?! Two ignorant numb nuts sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

      • Tinkerbell

        @renee I’m laughing so hard!

  6. Renee

    I have been a fan of Paul’s from last year. But, I am very happy to see Josh not following his suggestion of bullying Kevin. I hope he keeps that attitude.

    On another note, since when did 57 years old become an old man? He may be older than the other people in the house, but old man? I know many men younger than him that wish they were in the shape he is in. 🙂

  7. AIO_7

    “Kevin tells the house that the sun is 93m miles away. How does he know this stuff?”

    Steve, seriously; are you just learning that? Or am I missing your snark?

  8. LindsayB

    People can only be led if they let it happen. I can be told to do something but it’s ultimately my choice whether or not to do it. Since when is “so and so told me to” an acceptable defense?

    • Ann

      @Lindsay, you know you’re my girl & I usually agree with 99.9% of the things you say but I just can’t go along with Paul & Wallykazam (Alex) trying to get Josh to bully Kevin. True enough he doesn’t have to do what they tell him but I hate that Paul would tell Josh to do that after he said his sister was bullied. I’m glad Josh said he wouldn’t do it.
      True enough I did laugh my fool head off when Josh banged the pots at Mark, Jess & Cody but look at what they did to him. If he buckles & decides to bully Kevin, I won’t be able to watch.

      • Avatar

        Maybe Josh has figured out that if he does what he’s told, he stays longer in the house. Maybe they are all waiting for the F3 chance of winning the lottery and taking Paul out. Paul beautifully manipulated Josh into doing what needed to be done on many occasions. Josh has a glaring weakness and Paul has learned to exploit it.

      • LindsayB

        I think the word bully is being overused. Are they being dicks to each other? Yes. agree to disagree on the use of the word bully. I don’t have an issue with any of it because they are all adults and can do what they want, including standing up for themselves or simply leaving the room. I hold the person doing the undesirable action accountable, not the person who eggs it on. By trying to show off for Paul, Josh is the reason behind the “bullying”.

      • Avatar

        Exactly…. Like a little child trying to please… He may have initially said no, but we’ll see what he does over the coming few days…

      • feltso gudinya

        u just absolved dictators from any responsibility for their their actions. your hitler candygram and mussolini incredible edible basket will be arriving tomorrow morning, hand delivered by stalin. please stop rationalizing to support your viewpoint. are parents who teach their children to steal blameless because the children had a choice to rebel? i really like u lindsay but your argument is starting to take on water fast, like titanic fast……and god bless evelyn wood…….

      • LindsayB

        We are talking about big brother. Not world peace.

    • feltso gudinya

      lindsay…yeah, but u r not thinking with cabin fever brain. the hg’s r extremely vulnerable and paul is cruelly manipulating them for personal gain……his machiavellian game play is a win at any cost strategy and it displays a complete lack of character. i know it is a game, but he is still being inhumane. #team common decency………

      • LindsayB

        They put themselves in this position. If they don’t have a strong enough mindset to be their own person that’s not my problem. In a game where all your weaknesses are exposed you need to expect them to be used against you.

    • feltso gudinya

      that’s exactly what jim jones said……

    • feltso gudinya

      “the devil made me do it”……….geraldine (the late, great flip wilson)……….


  9. Tinkerbell

    I’m cringing as I post this link because I think I already posted it. However, it’s too good….so just in case –


    • Cindy

      That was awesome! If you’ve shared that before i didn’t see it so thanks for sharing it. I’m shocked the other HG’s haven’t evicted her already. Just the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

      • Tinkerbell

        @Cindy 2,000 fingernails – all at the same time. There are a bunch of great videos of her out there. She won’t think they’re great, but they are true. Haha. I would love to see her face when she watches them. I would buy a ticket for that. Raven is in a room with Paul – “My Mom’s okay that I can’t have kids.” Now she’s on to another tear jerking story. Switching to a diferent room. Munchausen.Go.Away!

    • Avatar

      How about this one… her wanna-be Britney Spears persona is not working for her.

      • Tinkerbell

        Oh my gosh, barf!!! Along with being Miss Munchausen USA, she couldn’t dance her way out of a gunney sack! Sheeesh!! As if she isn’t unfortunate looking enough, she has her mother’s face and bod to look forward to. Lucky Mr. Cereal Head.

      • LindsayB

        Momma doesn’t look like she has any problems eating. Also, didn’t Raven say she got diagnosed earlier in her hot tub conversation? Maybe I’m mistaken cuz my whole body rejects the sound of her voice. In this clip she says 14. I can’t bear to rewatch the other one to cross reference.

      • Avatar

        Hey Raven’s mom… you lost all your finger nails? Pictures or it didn’t happen!

        And Raven’s Britney Spears wanna be accent… OMG. Ew. (Said in Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Ew girl’ voice.)

      • NKogNeeTow

        What was with that makeup? She had so much blush on it looked like someone threw dirt in her face.

      • Alda

        I just saw on YouTube that Raven’s brother was a registered sex offender.

  10. AIO_7

    Looks like Cowpoke got to lose the Extreme-a-tard. These two are the only ones left in the house that I care about.


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  12. Mel

    Last night wasn’t the first time Josh told Paul no about going after people. Paul and Alex tried several times last week to get him to start in on Cody again and he kept saying no to them. Josh said that Cody was already out the door and he didn’t see the point. Paul, Alex and Xmas weren’t pleased when he stood his ground. I’m not saying Josh is a saint by any means but he does have a heart. Josh is also the one who wanted to make peace with Cody aND Paul told him not to until jury….if course Paul thought he should do it while Cody was still in the house. I’m not sure how much it paid off since Paul had a million topics to pick from but told Cody they could talk about motorcycles if he wanted. That wasn’t the best topic imo considering Cody’s brothers death.

  13. caRyn

    When Paul says “call him out” that is game play. Alex mentions age and weight and that isn’t game. Josh probably didn’t and does”t respect Jessica, Cody and Mark and had (and has) no problems calling them out. Josh said he won’t do the same with Kevin because he respects Kevin. I believe that.

  14. JadedMage

    I have to say, I didnt really like Josh at first either with the way that he harassed that blue haired chick in the first week, but I think since then, he got the Christmas spirit and is a different person. (total pun intended)

    I think that Christmas’s compassion towards him actually made him play the game differently than he thought he wanted to when he first got into the house.

    I’m glad she got to him. He’s really not that bad and he’s funnier than shit.

    Very happy he stuck up for himself.

    I swear I would love to punch Alex right in the face she is such a mean girl really.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Groundhog’s Day didn’t take him under her wing out of the kindness of her heart. He is the most gullible and the easiest to control and she couldn’t stand the thought of Paul having complete control over him. I’ve been saying all along that she and Paul are in a power struggle over Josh, it’s just that Paul and Josh don’t know it. Between the two of them (National Flag Day and Paul) Josh is the best one for either of them to take to the F2, and the easiest to beat (next to DMW). Josh envisions himself, her and Paul in the F3. If that comes to pass, and he was the one who got to choose F2, it would be interesting to see who he would choose….Paul, who he instantly bonded with from the beginning, or Palm Sunday, who has been gently trying to pry him away from Paul.

  15. Shivani33

    Paul was blunt when the temptation tree appeared that he didn’t like it at all and thought of it as a disruption to smooth sailing. It could be, if any of the nematodes decide to pick an apple, which is an entirely voluntary action. So Paul is urging that no one touch a single hanging chad. Soon even glancing at the tree apparatus will be subversive behavior and grounds for eviction. No one touch that damn tree!

    Another thing is coming up more often as the horde is forced to divide into smaller increments and to choose who needs to be evicted the most. That is that no one notices Josh much as a possible nominee or threat. Could Josh be everyone’s blind spot, including Paul’s blind spot? I realize that sounds like a joke. Josh said that he’d lie, cheat and steal to win Big Brother in pre-game interviews, and right now, he is not in anyone’s crosshairs or on anyone’s eviction list. He seems to be the only minion with that status.

    • Alda

      I was thinking the same thing about Josh.He’s not been making waves lately.The houseguests seem to be liking him a lot more.They look at him as a big kid.That big kid just might end up in the final two! Then who really knows!!

  16. danmtruth

    I do like that Josh finally had an independence thought
    Question was Marks move of giving Paul the save a friend Just as dumb or dumber than when Jessica nominated Ramses to try to make nice with the “house”
    Marks only hope was to get Paul on the block He had to convince Aprils (Paul’s ) Fool that Paul has final 3 with all the power couples Her best bet to win is to take Paul out Explain the math to her In a final 3 her and Josh do not beat Paul in the comp Question if Josh will even bring her to final over Paul
    So Marks play should be put Paul up you have Mark , Kevin Alex and Jason and that is enough to oust Paul Yet foolish Mark saved the only one who he need to sacrifice to save himself

  17. feltso gudinya

    what’s with all the thumbs up to my comments? obviously there r people just getting off on giving the thumbs up salute… i will not be intimidated by all this approval…..where is kari b when u need her?……..the rest of my comment has been censored by the gestapo….can’t be too careful y know…”the marseilles quietly plays in the background)………

  18. Avatar

    Way to go, Christmas and Co.! Your HoH was so strategic with this bold move of backdoiring Mark! Seriously, she was so strategic I don’t know how to handle all her boldness.

  19. feltso gudinya

    1st day of school and it was great. one kid was very quiet in class and after the dismissal bell rang i asked him what he thought about the class. he looked at me and said, “i heard u were a real prick as far as grades go, but u r hilarious so i guess it will be ok”…..ladies and gentleman, i love teaching…….

    • Zach

      Since when did they start offering custodial 101 to elementary school kids? I kid I kid. I’ll admit some of the things you say are funny. Some.

    • AIO_7

      They let you blog BBJ while teaching? You’ve been here all day. I detect some sketch.

      • feltso gudinya

        i was not here all day. i came on at 2 when my gig was done. there was an assembly orientation and i mentally checked out….then school was done for the day at 3:20 pm……and who in their right mind would lie about being a teacher? is it that glamorous? my previous career was much more impressive but it doesn’t reflect my life today. i retired at 50, moved to boca raton. got stir crazy at 55 and became a teacher because having a dual mba makes you automatically eligible and i love kids…….also went out to dinner to celebrate the new term……please feel free to ask me anything u need to know…..

      • feltso gudinya

        and, u should see what some of these “teachers” do all day, your head would spin…..

      • feltso gudinya

        aio 7 – i don’t know why but when i post the time shows up i hour earlier. it is no 9:30 pm in florida. it is hard to prove your integrity in this situation without revealing too much personal info….the school board even recommends no facebook or social media using real names……don’t call people sketchy if u r not positively sure. once before i was accused of some nonsense regarding the threads and i do not appreciate it. don’t be so flippant with innuendo and gossip. rumors r disgusting and hurtful…….

      • NKogNeeTow

        AI, I hope you meant that as a joke, because if you didn’t, it was a bit uncalled for. We’re not going to start questioning people’s occupations here. Okay, it there is a mass murderer or homicidal maniac on the board, I’d want to know about it, but other than that…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Felts, you owe no explanation. Your private life and occupation is your business and yours alone.

      • Avatar

        I’m a teacher and drink coffee all day long. That’s probably more negligent than bbj’ing. :p

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Ok fine, I confess– I’m a VIP Concierge…

      • Avatar

        Hey feltso, I’ve heard that some school systems demand their teachers share there online media pages as well as the passwords. Teachers have been fired and even not hired for questionable content on their pages.

  20. Avatar

    This is really turning into the worst BB season ever. Mark, Jason, and Kevin will be the next three evictees.

    At least we’ll finally get some real drama when the final six (Christmas, Alex, Paul, Josh, Matt, Raven) have to start turning on one another. Of course, not one of them is even remotely likeable.

  21. Helen

    I am officially no longer team Paul……
    If the only way he feels he can win this game is to take players such as Raven to a final two then he deserves to lose….
    Sorry Paul. You have lost my respect…….

    • Zach

      Take Paul out of the equation.. Since when has anyone chose to take strong players with them to the finals? Steve chose a blunder twin over Vanessa. Derrick didn’t take any strong competitor with him to the final. It’s been at least 5 seasons or more since someone made that mistake and lost because of it.

      • AIO_7

        “Derrick didn’t take any strong competitor with him to the final.”

        Derrick didn’t have that choice.

      • Zach

        @aio_7 because he took out all the strong competition early in the game.

      • Zach

        And also if you think Derrick didn’t have that choice you aren’t giving him enough credit. He had his own alliance so fooled that they didn’t even realize how good of a player he was.

      • AIO_7

        …. “because he took out all the strong competition early in the game.”

        But still, when bark got down to bite, Derrick was helpless.

      • Helen

        He took Nicole over James last year….his reasoning was James was a floater throughout the season….

      • AIO_7

        “He [Paul] took Nicole over James last year….his reasoning was James was a floater throughout the season”….

        There is that rationale, but also the probability that Lames would have beat him too.

      • feltso gudinya

        derrick had an original alliance of 5 and all 5 made it to the end. paul has made 5 alliances with 8 different people. this is y paul is 2nd place material. if there was no jury house paul could win…..i think he will always be a bridesmaid……………………..

    • LindsayB

      Helen!! Come back!! Since when is it a good idea to take someone strong to the end? Cody did that with Derrick and lost. So many people have pointed out that it was stupid to take him vs Victoria cuz that’s exactly what it was. Stupid. The point of the whole thing is to win.

      • AIO_7

        That’s one check that Cody should have bounced. I wonder how many times he has kicked himself since his $50k ran out. That move even made even Marcellus laugh out loud.

      • AIO_7

        Sorry…one too many *even*.

      • Zach

        @aio_7 it’s more a testament to how great of a player Derrick was. He even had his ride or die number 1 believing that they had a chance against him in the final two.

      • AIO_7

        Yea, I can see that.

      • Avatar

        Then somebody should have told Paul that last year when he cast the sole vote to evict James (who had no chance in hell of winning) compared to Nicole who was the strongest remaining opponent in the seat next to Paul.

        It was foolish of him to take Nicole over James, just gave away $500K.

      • Helen

        But Raven ? Dear Lord….I just can’t!!! The sound of her voice makes me nauseated…..
        I guess I am just an old stick in the mud….I want to see 2 players actually compete to win the money….

      • LindsayB

        Helen, Raven competes against the odds all day every day. The world keeps trying to kill her day in and day out and she manages to survive it. She gives mattress a celebratory bj every night to show her appreciation to the earth. She’s a fighter.

      • LindsayB

        Ritchie, Paul is definitely doing it differently this time. I doubt you see him making the same mistake this year. That’s why he puts the target on anyone else in the house who would have some claim to making a game move.

      • feltso gudinya

        he still talks way too much…………

  22. hogwild

    I can’t wait to see what the response from whoever is in the final two with Paul will be when they are asked what big moves did you make this season. Uh I rode Paul’s coatails and did whatever he told me to do.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think they’re bright enough to recognize they rode his coat tails. They’re all such egocentric millennials that they think they are awesome at this game.

      I want to see Matt in the F2. Bahaha! He’s such an idiot, Paul will slay him in the speeches and it would be hilarious to watch.

      • hogwild

        When they go back and see this season after they leave the house and see how they and I use the word played loosely it will be one major reality check for them. Matt or Raven in the final two would be hilarious to watch.

  23. Shivani33

    Why not take this chance to blow up the complacent lemmings? Mark has nothing to lose. Even though he hasn’t been articulate, how about going out like a lion instead of a like a big veal cutlet?

    He has several days to try speaking up to every individual in the game. Players have turned around worse situations than his. He can point out the obvious, that he “deserves to stay” way beyond Matt. He can provoke people about Paul’s apparent stranglehold on the win and bust each one for favoring Paul beyond any self-interest in half a million dollars, which can change someone’s life. He could say, “wake up! The only way anyone but Paul will win is if we get together and vote him out now, and I promise to help make sure that happens. Matt is useless. I’ve won comps and that’s the ONLY reason Paul has everybody gunning for me. Get off of your asses. See that Paul has multiple alliances and that none of them are going to come true. Do you really want to hand him the win, or are you here for yourself!?”

    Why act like Mr. Unworthiness? Tail between legs isn’t meant to be the only move in anyone’s playbook. Wreck it, Wreck it Ralph. Wreck it!

    On another note, the houseguests were herded indoors very abruptly today, maybe due to a megaphone visit. It looked like someone from production saw the interference coming before anything could be shouted, because it appeared that nobody heard a peep. This batch of housepets wouldn’t care anyhow. They might even scream at a message shouter. “Go away, you meatball! Paul told us all about you. You don’t get it. We’ve got friendship! We’re all on the same team, you dumbass!”

    • LindsayB

      Bottom line: Mark is weak. He has shown that from day one. Now he’s just reduced to making victim noises. I wish he would blow things up. It would make for some excitement. Not gonna hold my breath though.

      Very accurate assessment of how the minions would respond to a megaphone. Pathetic little souls.

    • Avatar

      I wish he would do that and show some backbone in this game, shake things up. But he won’t. However that very argument you just nicely alluded to can very much be applied once in Jury house with his old flame, and the guy who will never vote for Paul in Cody.

    • Avatar

      Mark doesn’t have that gear. He has mentioned that he was bullied… and it has clearly taken its toll on him. He just hit the gym as a defense mechanism, but it’s very obvious that deep inside that big body is that timid bullied boy. He has no fight in him whatsoever sadly.

  24. Avatar

    Is Survivor on yet? The “Season of Paul” can’t get over with soon enough. It just sucks that I waited all this time for BB19 only to have this product be what I waited for ugh! I never thought on day 1 that i’d look back and Dominique and Ramses and Kevin would be the most “likable” characters of the season by a land slide. I absolutely look at Paul, Christmas, Alex, Raven, Matt, and Josh with disgust. And, the rest of the cast… all I can do is shake my head. I kept hoping that someone would realize this is a numbers game… and in the end, you can’t take out big targets with no numbers. So the fact that they wanted to all go along with getting out “bigger targets” than themselves… leaving them all vulnerable with no numbers to support big moves later… is just mind-boggling to me. Cody, Jess, Elena and Mark… were always going to be targets that could be expendable… but when you get rid of all of those type targets… ya know the ones with a bigger target on their backs than you… only you are left… oops! I guess Matt and Raven thought in the 11th hour they could start playing and cull together the numbers necessary to take them to top 2 hahahaha. Do cast members even watch this show?

    • hogwild

      This season reminds of when survivor has there merge and one tribe has a two or three person advantage and they decide to just pick off the other tribe one at a time and no one on the tribe with the numbers gets that someone is on the bottom and they do nothing. Paul has everyone convinced he’s taking them to the finals and none of them question him as a fan it’s frustering to watch but I can’t blame Paul it’s not his fault the rest of this cast is so dumb game wise if they are determined to hand him $500k on a silver platter he would be a fool not to let them.

  25. Avatar

    It was mentioned earlier, and I would like to add that I think Josh is growing into a potential darkhorse to be on the inside track to $500K as the game moves along.
    1) Jury’s are fickle, and many times the person who has played the best overall (Paul so far, but his particular remains mediocre at best), just don’t seem to win.
    2) As of right now, there are three people in Jury house (Cody, Elena, and Mark will be on thursday) that are in no way slam dunk votes for Paul to win, not by a longshot.

    Josh’s case to plead to the jury as of right now…

    – he was not fortunate to receive one of the friendship rings in week one, thus he was alone and had to kick, scratch and claw his way to stay in the game (apple of immunity).
    – Although Megan sef-evicted, Josh never trusted her and made it known publicly as such. His efforts played a major role in her leaving the show.
    – His nominating of Elena did not see her leave that week, but his constant bickering and stirring of the pot with her helped solidify that target on her back, and now she sits in the Jury house.
    – The house vs Jody is legendary now, but it was Josh once again turning it up to 60 on a consistent basis that played its part in helping to ouster her from the game (on Josh’s HOH by the way).
    – Josh called out Mark many weeks ago, and similar to Jessica, kept the flames going with the constant verbal battles and disputes that didn’t help Marks image in the least. He is in the Jury House.
    – He has shown a human side with attempts at apologies for the visciousness of this season in which some have accepted the apology (possible jury votes); while Paul has done nothing of the sort.

    The number one hitman (95% of the dirty work), the kid who is remorseful often for his behavior towards other houseguests, and the guy who is growing in confidence by actually telling the Paulfather no to doing his dirtywork in regards to other targets in the house…, I could be wrong with all of this, but for now I believe that taking Josh to the final 3 or Finale night for that matter will be an absolute mistake if Paul wants to cash that $500K check.

    Paul was never my horse in this race, nor last year for that matter.

    • Russell James Yost

      Good points Ritchie…

      The problem is that in Jury is douchebag Cody who won’t vote for him, Elena who is up Paul’s ass, and Mark who threw Pickle juice on him and almost got into an altercation. That is already 3 votes that will not consider Josh regardless of his argument.

      Paul is playing about as perfect of a game you could play with this group. Sure it is frustrating to see this group act. Hell, even Mark who was going to the block because of Paul gave him safety for the week instead of calling him out when Paul was coming at him. Haha…what a joke that was. Paul can’t pick the HGs that is productions fault. Jeez, I can’t believe how easy this has been for him. I thought I may see something different when Cody left, but not only is Paul controlling them he is so comfortable that he is actually throwing HOHs to others.

    • Sassy

      Josh may loose his foot hold with Paul by standing his ground. I think right now Paul wants Josh in final 2 because he has made sure that Josh is the face of the turmoil. He thinks everyone evicted hates Josh more than Paul. If he (Josh) decides he is no longer going to play that game, Paul will quickly make him dispensable. Shame on him for following orders in the first place! Worst cast EVER!!!

  26. jimbo

    This season of Big Bully has become like fingernails on a chalkboard. I’m reduced to just looking here for updates, and even they are hard to take. Paul is truly a d-bag, and, sorry, his game isn’t that great, these HGs are truly that bad. Xmas touting her “big move” is one of the lamest ever, and I’ve watched since season 2 (Yeah!, Dr Will).

    • Avatar

      Same here Jimbo. I only check the updates. No need to be disappointed by watching the show and all of the editing. Except for the season 2 part. I didn’t start watching until season 6…..I worked the night shift back then.

    • Kayla88

      Me too I can barely stand to watch it. This is the first season ever I’ve been not at all excited to watch. And there have been some shitty seasons

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  28. Cat Lady

    Anyone else having problems watching the live feeds? Just happened. 7:13pm Monday

  29. Avatar

    The one thing that’s been annoying me lately is Christmas. In the DR when she’s about to win HOH she’s saying she came to make big moves and blah blah blah, yet she’s trying to get Mark out like the rest of the house wants her to do. They really are just getting all the safe people out so they don’t have to turn on each other. And if they don’t get Paul out soon, he’s gonna win the whole thing.

  30. Russell James Yost

    Out of curiosity does anyone know how much longer Christmas won’t be able to compete in physical comps? Is it all season or will she manage to compete if she were to make it to final 3?

    I’ve been a bit disappointed in Christmas this week. I thought this would be a perfect time to throw Jason and Alex up on the block and make a big move. Instead she is went after Mark which makes no sense for her game. Mark is loyal, stupid…yes, but definitely loyal. He could have been an excellent asset to Christmas who needs to shield herself with physical threats due to her leg. Why are floaters a bad thing?

    At some point this house has got to make Paul a target. Paul is not Derrick. He is a returning vet who made it to final 2 after surviving the first few weeks when he was a big target. Perhaps the time isn’t right and Paul will become a target in the future, but after he gave his strategy the last episode I can’t see anyone stopping him.

    With all this being said I saw Christmas on Shark Tank this past week. My wife asked me why she wasn’t wearing a boot…I told her because it was recorded about two years ago. LOL

    • Sassy

      I heard someone say she was moving into a boot this week. She will start to get a little more freedom, but I’m not sure they will completely release her. According to her, she broke several bones and they had to put pins in, she should have been released from the game and brought back next year.

      I agree that Mark would have been loyal to Xmas and Josh, just as Cody would have been loyal to Alex and Jason. The problem both groups had with keeping either of them, they were gunning for Paul, the Messiah, the untouchable lord of the bullies. They can not imagine playing the game without their leader and they say it all the time… Each of them believes they are Paul’s ride or die.

    • Avatar

      I expect holiday barbie to return next season.

  31. Sassy

    Was there a favorite player poll this week?

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Two observations:

    1. I haven’t seen anyone mention about the treatment of Kevin the other night. When the entire house was in the kitchen laughing and talking, Kevin kept trying to join the conversation and the whole house basically ignored him. You could see by the look on his face that he could feel something was up. I think he knows he’s about to be targeted. Paul was the one who ignored him the most. It was kind of painful to watch.

    2. I haven’t had the chance to watch the feeds today so I just checked them out and clicked on something at the bottom of the screen, which landed me on a cam talk by Josh. It was pretty interesting. He was talking about his game play and why and how he’s been playing the way he has. 7:20 PM PT in the Wave Room.

    • Tinkerbell

      I got to watch Josh in the wave room, and I’m so glad I did. I thought most of his points were good, and I’m enjoying his sense of humor. I think he has come a long way in the past several weeks. I’m with you about Kevin. They have been excluding him, and it hurts to watch. I don’t know what took place this evening, but Alex is really miffed about something, and I’m loving it. She is quiet. It’s much more peaceful without her motor mouth full speed ahead. I’ve noticed lately that so many of them have to ask her to repeat things. It’s becoming worse, and I didnt think that was possible. Tonight Jason had to ask her four times to repeat. He still didn’t get it, I didn’t either. She didn’t like that he couldn’t understand. Maybe that’s why she’s ticked. Too bad little mean bully girl. I can’t tolerate her.

    • Tinkerbell

      Another Josh note. They were in the backyard waiting to eat dinner. I didn’t catch who fixed dinner. When they started to go inside Paul said he was going to spit the food out in front of them. Several others said similar things, but I didn’t catch who, or what they said. Paul was the Director of Mean, as always. Josh spoke up twice and said – “No, that’s just mean.” Bless your heart, Jason. Oh my gosh, Munchausen is in the HOH dancing in front of the mirror with her bikini on. Matt in shower. Wow! I can’t dance, but I can dance better than her. Geeeezz, she is so out of breathe. Dangling earrings clanking around. I wish I felt as good about myself as she feels about herself. I wish Christmas would walk in, she would go bonkers.

  33. Mel

    Early on when Paul couldn’t be put otb is when it should have happened. (Getting him out) By the time he was available, most people felt they were with him. We’ve past the point of people not making a move on Paul being seen as weak game play. That was a good observation a couple of weeks ago. Why would anyone go after someone in their final 3? Why would they wipe out their own alliance? Yes, he’s a threat at the end but they want to get to the end and feel having Paul on their team gives them the best odds to get there. Paul’s played a sleazy game but not a stupid one. Everyone in that house (minus Mark) truly believes they are in a final 3 with Paul. Raven actually thinks Paul’s going to throw it for her because of her *cough* disease. The only way I see Paul being a target at this point is if he can’t find a way to cover voting out Alex or Jason and the remaining one is pissed. He can explain it away to everyone else and maybe even to Alex. Jason is the only one who might give him a problem….it’s also why he’s leaving next unless he or Alex wins the next hoh.
    *Paul needs to stop saying he want to go all season without being nominated. He already was. He lost that week 1.

  34. Shivani33

    This evening Alex told Jason that there’s no way that they can beat Paul, and Jason answered that therefore they will have to get rid of him. Too little too late? It would take one of them winning HoH right away, nominating Paul and having to take risks – the risk of Paul being saved by POV and the risk of not getting enough votes, if by some miracle Paul wasn’t saved. Besides Paul, who is left in the house who has taken any risks at all?

    There were players who would’ve taken chances, but it looks like they’re already gone. Each time anyone has said that it’s time for a big move recently, it’s been hot air. Raven adds a disease to her medical road map. Christmas tries a two point turn on her scooter. Matt offers to dry dishes or to be a pawn. Mark sulks. Alex kicks Jason. Josh hollers at the owl. Kevin looks for more alone time. Jason gets confused by strategy talk.

    It’s not easy to imagine Alex being capable of formulating a plan with anyone. She’s only about a quarter mile away from being as dense as a Kardashian. Cowpoke can never keep his mouth shut about any schemes. Even when he tries!

  35. Avatar

    @ the 30-32 minute mark of the 3 hour BBAD…

    According to Matt, they must make final 5. If they do, Matt’s pecking order rank wise is…
    1. Paul
    2. Himself (Matt)
    3. Raven (with a long pause as he had to spin the wheels)
    4. Josh
    5. Xmas

  36. NKogNeeTow


    I’m sorry to post this so late, but I’ve been busy all day, so I’ll post it now then try to copy it and put it under Steve’s new blog tomorrow, for all those that don’t see it here tonight. And hold onto your hats because it might get kind of lengthy. I’m about to vent and it may either cost me some friends or win me some new ones. I don’t have the ability to write like Steve or Mell, or have the humor like Gerardo, so I’ll just have to go with layman’s terms.

    It has come to my attention that for the past few days (Saturday night through Sunday), all hell broke loose on this board. Now I don’t know whether it was the effects of the impending eclipse or what and I really don’t care, but it’s going to be addressed here and now.

    I’ve noticed a dissension between a few board members (I’ll not call any names but you know who you are). Constant bickering back and forth, name calling, borderline racial slurs, etc. I usually try to stay out of it because everyone here are adults and most of the time after someone has made a comment and gotten it out of their system, it’s over and they move on. When or if it continues, I step in with warnings then removing post. Sunday night I had a 1 day record. I removed almost 40 (39 to be exact) comments. That’s more than I’ve had to remove all season.

    I know some of us get passionate about the game and /or players, but some of you are taking this thing way to seriously and it turns personal. People are getting tired of the fighting and the ones involved in it. While I was busy removing comments, my inbox was blowing up with messages from board members who were complaining about the nastiness and how they were so sick and tired of it that they may either no longer comment because of fear of being attacked or they are thinking of leaving this site.

    You guys have no idea how much traffic this site attracts. The members who comment are only a small fraction of the amount of people who read Steve’s Blog, as well as our comments everyday (hint…it’s in the thousands). When some of them read some of the fuckery that goes on here, it either stops some of them from joining or halts some of the registered members from commenting. Because of that alone, I’ll be damned if I let this site be turned into your own personal boxing ring.

    This is suppose to be fun. We all have enough problems in real life, that we should use a TV show only as a temporary escape and not turn it into another life hurdle. What makes matters worse, while all the personal insults are flying, the rest of us are sitting here being held hostage to witness it. That’s not friendship.

    Playful bantering is one thing. Personal attacks on someone because you either don’t like their comment or the player they like, is another. We all like different players for different reasons and negative comments shouldn’t be directed to anyone because of it. In fact, certain comments should only be directed at the game or the houseguest. If you want to start or engage in a war of words, either take it private or take it somewhere else.

    I will admit, I have a soft spot for all of our Regs because we’ve been together the longest and know each other (figuratively speaking). I also have respect for the Newbies too, because after this year, they become our new Regs. Because of this, I have been walking a fine line so that I’m not perceived as being biased or showing favoritism. I do try to be fair to everyone. But make no mistake about it, I will and have also removed comments made by Regs too.

    From today forward, anyone making personal attacks or insults towards any board member, will have their comments removed as soon as I see them, without any warning. I can only delete, but Steve can ban and if I have to continually delete insults/attacks from the same people, I will request that he ban you. This is not a threat, it’s a promise. I’m not saying that you can’t have fun with each other. I’m just asking that you respect each other, whether you agree with them or not. If this is a problem for you, then as that old airline commercial says “You are now free to move about the country”.

    Steve works very hard on this Blog. He’s given us a place to come and enjoy the game and each other. He’s even given us Mell as an added bonus. The least we can do is show him the respect and appreciation that he deserves by not wrecking his Board.

    To all those that messaged me, Thank You for your concerns. I’m sorry if anyone is insulted or offended for the content of this post, but things have gone just a tad bit to far. With that being said, I would also like to compliment the Board Members. Of all the years I’ve been reading and participating, this has been one of the best group of commenters we have ever had (with the exception of when people get a little hot under the collar). I have been both impressed and amazed at how insightful, strategic and analytical everyone is….thought provoking. Each and everyone of you brings something special to the Board. This is hands down, one of the best groups on the internet. I think we just lose sight of that sometimes. That’s why it breaks my heart when I see people go full-moon crazy in here. Heck, when you’re not fighting, you guys rock!

    Alright, rant over and thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

  37. Tinkerbell

    Paul is going outside to lay on the hammock. He needs a mental break. Waa waa waa

  38. Tinkerbell

    Alex just told Jason she is going to strangle Kevin while he is sleeping. I’ve lost count of how many people she has said she wants to take out……and she means it. I think they recruited her right out of a women’s prison. She’s like the hardcore mean girls you see on the prison TV shows. Completely ruthless, and mentally unstable. I would not be locked up in that house with that psycho. She’s seriously scary.

    • Tinkerbell

      Paul and Halloween in HOH over-talking each other. They are over-the-moon excited. They, plus Josh, ARE final three, 100% final three. They might have to f*** someone up, but that’s okay. $500,000, $50,000, AFP. Win Win. It’s in the bag. Hooray, Yay, Hoorah. Their arms waving wildly in the air. 1:15, everyone sleeping, Paul gets called from HOH with Halloween to go to the diary room. Everything with production and Paul is like the aquarium in the HOH, fishy. Why do I care, I don’t. P.S. When Paul went into the rose room an hour or so ago to tell Munchausen and Cereal Head what to do next, he “caught” them. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Munchausen was the most loud and outspoken about Cody and his Escort playing house.

  39. Seattle Kari

    Watching bbad it’s almost 2 a.m. in Seattle. Anyone catch where Raven was talking about her eye and how production asked her if she was okay? Another STFU Raven moment for sure..

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry I haven’t been updating. The past few nights have been so boring I keep falling asleep on them. I did so tonight too. It’s 5:48 here and 3:48 in the BB house. I dozed off and woke up around 1:30 AM PT (BB time) to Paul in the Wave room cam talking. He talks from around 1:30 to 2:46 AM.

    – He explains why he changed his playing tactics from last year.

    – He said he was rambuncious (sp) last year and was going to come in as his old Pablo wearing self, until he met the cast members and decided to size them up first. *I just realized that Josh is last years Paul.*

    – He talked about his girlfriend, his band and and sized up all of the houseguest.

    – He admits to being the puppet master. He said it wasn’t his intention, but he started telling everyone what to do and to his surprise, they did it so he figured, why not.

    – He wants to go on the Amazing Race and wants people to put in a good word with CBS for him.

    – He warns people (fans) to never pay for autographs or pay to take pictures with cast members. He said the cast members should be happy to take pictures and sign autographs for free because fans are the people who supported them.

    – Talks about how many showers MattRess takes and wonders what’s wrong with him.

    – He says the his fans sent him the socks in his HOH basket and have been sending him gifts since last year. He ask them to stop and use the money on themselves. He says he doesn’t need it and he’s grateful but it makes him feel uncomfortable.

    – He talks about all the things he’s missed for the last 2 summers by being in the BB house.

    – He says he was surprised to get the call to come back this year but he doesn’t expect to be asked back next year and that’s fine with him.

    – He says that when he gets out of the BB house, he’s suppose to be moving to NY this year.

    – He said he came back to make people happy, mainly his family and friends and because he loves the game.

    – He said that he’s really like to win but if he doesn’t, he really will be okay with 2nd place because he honestly didn’t think he’d get this far being the Vet in the house.

    – He said a bunch of other stuff too, but I’m tired.

    Have a great day everyone…..TTYL 🙂

    • Renee

      Mattress takes so many showers because that is the only way he has to do the walk of shame from his activities with DMW. Glad to hear him discouraging people from paying for autographs or sending him gifts.

      • Avatar

        Me too but he spent a lot of the beginning of the season (with Christmas) telling the House Guests not to do anything for free. That they can get paid for everything. It seems like his camera talk is his way of warming his fanbase back up and possibly trying to aim for AF.

      • Renee

        I was afraid that was going to be the case. Guess he is banking on people only watch BBAD and not the 24/7.

      • Avatar

        @renee I just checked out Jessica’s twitter feed and she has set up a PO Box for her and Cody. It sounds like people are starting to send stuff to them. She mentioned a GC to a restaurant. LOL.

    • Sassy

      Production probably “suggested” to him, his popularity was taking a nose dive, so he is reworking his image. I will never be a fan.

      He was telling a bunch of them (a week or so ago) that they may not get offers to go on tour or to make appearances. They were bewildered, and did not believe him. Scoots says she already has a team working on her schedule for when she gets out of the house. Raven thinks she will definitely get offers to speak on GP. And they were all telling Josh that he will get the most offers because he’s crazy… Paul told them, it was only him and Victor from his season that got paid speaking fees. I think they are in for a rude awakening when they get out and they may look at Paul differently when (if) they watch the season back.

  41. Renee

    I took a little time last evening (that I will never get back) to try to watch the live feeds. Let me just say I do not know how anyone watches it for long periods of time with this crew. I got to see DMW picking pimples on her face, lots of very close up action and then a little while later, watched her dancing in the HOH. Too bad Abby Lee Miller is in jail right now, she could be a guest in the house and yell at Raven about her poor technique, especially considering she claims to be a dance instructor. Now that would be entertaining.

    • LindsayB

      Based on some of the you tube videos of her, it looks like she is an “instructor” for very young pageant girls. Toddlers n tiera style. That basically is just flailing your arms and making stupid kissy faces. Is it possible that our dear Raven exaggerated her dance instructing skills? That seems so out of character….


      • kneeless

        I think you hit the nail on the head with that statement Lindsay! I know little to nothing about dance but even I can tell she’s not a good dancer. I could do what she does & I have ‘2 left feet.’

    • Sassy

      Ahhh… Pageant dancing makes sense! I have seen videos of her dancing and she is AWFUL!!! The other day she was dancing in the back yard in black lingerie, not cute, not cute at ALL… She said she also brought a red suit, but production would not let her bring it into the house.

  42. Avatar

    Is Paul the ‘son of perdition’ making a preview to the world on BB

  43. Avatar

    It seems like a lot of people don’t like the cast, but the drama has been fantastic isn’t that what we watch for? I mean say what want about people making predictable moves, but if any of us were part of the cast would we really make the ‘big’ move? I mean we’re all commenting from a perspective of not actually playing for 500K. I think if any of us were in that position maybe our ‘gameplay’ would be more of the predictable / conservative side of things.

    • LindsayB

      I agree. It’s easy for all of us to judge from the sidelines.

    • Avatar

      I think that drama from this season has really been in the editing more than the game play. I have no doubt though that I wouldn’t last a day. I’d be dead from all of their personal habits (as I’m sure they would be dead from mine).

      • LindsayB

        I think the editing has downplayed a lot of the drama. They have had to clean it up for tv. They’ve scrubbed everyone’s behavior.

      • Avatar

        @lindsayb I agree. I might not have used “drama” correctly. I meant that the editing has made it seem like there are more game moves being made than there are. Like when Alex pretended that she was considering what Cody said in her DR session that was aired. Truth is she never considered it. But it builds up the suspense and the “possibility” of a big move. That’s just one example that I can think of off the top of my head but I’ve noticed it a lot as I’ve watched the show. The show makes it really seem like moves are being made and that it is all very suspenseful leading up to the nominations and/or vote but truth is there really hasn’t been much, if any, question about who is going when.

        For me the personal drama is really confusing. Part of me thinks that so much of it is just for air time on the feeds and/or show so that they can establish their personality outside of the house. They seem pretty unanimous that they did not like Cody but everyone else they seem to think they will be friends outside of the house. So that makes me think a lot of it is just manufactured filler.

      • LindsayB

        Gotcha. Yes. They definitely have to create potential nail biters to create suspense for the tv only peeps. It’s always interesting when I discuss the show with my cousin cuz she only watches the cbs episodes. It’s this way every season.

        The personal drama happens every season in some way, shape, or form. For some reason every season we react in a way that suggests we don’t expect it to happen. Love it or hate it, the personal drama is often what fuels the big game moves we are all jonesing for. I guess that’s why this season is a dud for so many… the drama is there but it’s not shaking things up. Whoever is on the chopping block just lays down to die instead of shaking things up. Some blame Paul for this, and yes, he has set the tone in the house. I still blame the rest of the HGs for letting the tone be set for them.

      • Avatar

        Yes, I agree that the HGs are to blame for being sheep. It’s been interesting to see people who seemed to have strong personalities, like Christmas and Alex, just completely roll over. The biggest shock to me has been listening to 2 HGs talk without Paul being present and how they talk about Paul being #1 and everything going back through Paul as if that’s normal when you’re playing a game to win $500,000.00. And it’s all of them. That is some deep denial.

    • Avatar

      I just get the sense that everyone is anti the cast, which is why I said I expected the thumbs down. I personally think the cast is ok this season. What I hate is how production puts little birdies in their ears, guides the game down a certain path. I mean we all know that it happens yr in and yr out, and that with them doing that it adds to the drama.

    • kneeless

      I would be terrible in there but I also didn’t sign up to do it. I’m sure that if I met any of them outside the house I would think they’re ok people, except Raven. I have no use for that girl.

    • Avatar

      True, they also don’t see what we see.

  44. caRyn

    When Christmas asked Matt or Raven to go OTB Matt said no way is Raven going OTB. Isn’t Raven playing BB?!
    I loved the letter Jason received in his basket. What a moment he will forever remember. So happy for him and his growing family.

    • Avatar

      Who didn’t tear up when the saw his reaction to the letter???!! Come on now lol…

    • LindsayB

      I know!! Why is it that some of these people are so willing to throw themselves on their sword for someone they just met??

      I guess in this case it’s because she practices her sword swallowing techniques every night. The man acts like he’s never been on the receiving end of regular BJs.

      • Avatar

        Maybe he’s never been on the receiving end…He is busy eating all the cereal… you tell me when he has the time lol

      • kneeless

        I’m sure getting a bj from a person so near death, is like no other bj. And who knows each one he gets may be his last one…from her!

  45. kneeless

    Matt is up for the morning. I’m sure his 1st thing will be to eat his 610-620th bowls of cereal, then shower. If only he would change shirts as often!

  46. Shivani33

    Christmas was up early getting ready for her appointment to get a new boot for her foot. Since she was alone, she talked to the camera. She thinks that she’s winning the game because Paul is content knowing that he won’t come in first. She talked ( sincerely!) about what a magnificent person she is and what a tremendous Big Brother player she is. She said that everyone who has “come at” her gets evicted, with Mark and Jason being the next two who’ve “come at” her who are about to meet their fate. Cody was the first. You see, his fatal error was making her his target. You don’t need to make up any stories about her predominately made up world. Just sit back and listen to her do it. Everyone is a planet circling her star. This was truly a Jack Benny monologue, comic gold.

    Except that from Jack Benny came satire, and his audiences laughed WITH him. Evidently unnoted by the self-professed crusher of souls is her case of HoH-itis. Alex gets the same condition when she’s HoH. This week, Alex is back to fear and jonesing. Paul is not at her hip. However, there’s no reason to watch BB19 anymore, ladies and gentlemen. Christmas, the Valentine’s Day Massacre, has strategized her way to the win. It’s in the bag, or is that the boot? She isn’t taking nerve pills anymore, she said. Then she broke out into the the chorus from “I Can See Clearly Now.”

  47. Avatar

    Why do they believe everything Pauldog says, I just don’t get it, Paul is not playing for second , no matter what he says to the camera. Production had clearly warned him about somethings. By the way I never understand those dumb comentaries during comps, because clearly they are done afterwards

  48. Cat Lady

    I don’t understand people.. What do they think the game of BIG Brother is about? I’m glad Josh didn’t go off on Kevin because that is how he felt but I don’t blame Paul and Alex either. This is the game. And let me say I’m 61.. If someone went off on me because of my age I’d say “No shit, Sherlock” Personally to judge someone’s character by how they play the game says more about those that judge them. Now judging their game play is different and the proof will be how far each person goes and wins. Good Luck to All of Them.

  49. Tinkerbell

    I wish production would stay out it it. Stop warning Paul, or any of them, about what people are saying about them. They should be on their own. They already know people are watching. All of them refer to it frequently…..wondering what people are saying about their ignorant behavior. They play to the cameras, and are always looking in the mirrors to be sure they are “bold and beautiful” for their big summer debut, and their “adoring” fans. Production – even though BB isn’t truly reality as it is supposed to be, at least stop giving them “heads up” – all the time. They do not deserve the opportunity to change their image. They made their own beds…….let them pay the price. You have been tilting the scales fron the beginning. I don’t even enjoy the DR sessions. They are so clearly scripted. Stop!

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