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Big Brother 19 – Monday Updates; Veto Meeting


I need to talk about the HoH episode last night because while I knew what happened, actually watching it play out is different. The debate rages whether Paul is a fantastic player or the house is just so damn bad, and last night added tons of fuel to both arguments. On one hand, you have Paul who was able to find out what each person wanted in order to drop, on the other hand, you had people willingly throwing the HoH competition with only 7 players remaining.

Paul has been able to completely convince Alex (who is letting her ego cloud her judgment) that Kevin of all people is the target. Kevin. The 55 (or 56) year old guy who can’t win a competition to save his life and is currently completely alone in the house is a bigger threat than the duo that has won 8 total competitions (4 hoh / 4 pov)?  Alex really believes this? She believes that Christmas nominated Alex and Jason with the extremely remote chance of backdooring Kevin with 3 people being picked from the final 4 available? Or does she believe that Christmas just wanted to keep the peace for 3 days before nominating her real target?  Ok, the last one could actually be a possibility seeing as that’s basically what they’re doing now to only surprise Jason and Alex on Thursday night when he’s evicted. On the bright side of this, we get to see Alex’s face drop when she realizes she’s been duped. On the negative side, she’ll blame Raven, Josh, Christmas, and probably Kevin before she blames Paul.

And that is what has been concerning Josh as he has suddenly realized (*cough* production likely hinted) that Paul is doing all of this without getting a drop of blood on his hands.  He has used the entire house all season – Josh especially – to do his dirty work, and he’s doing it again today.  Paul plans to use the veto to save Alex like he promised which makes the rest of the house look like the bad ones when they vote out Jason.


On another note – CBS really has to stop editing Alex out to be some fun, likable prankster. That is some bullshit. Even if you ignore the fact that she’s clearly copying James to try to win something like AFP, she’s a completely awful person which makes her pranks not fun to watch by any stretch of the imagination. James was a boring player, but likable guy. Alex is a terrible player, and completely unlikable. Stop showing her pranks because it makes the CBS-only audience think that she’s some fun person in the house. They did a good job making her look stupid with her DR clips making fun of Kevin for throwing the comp, but they need to expose some of her hatred.


  • 10:30 am – Josh and Jason are the only people up and outside talking.
    • I was listening until Josh kept doing some gross sounding thing with his nose so I had to mute it for a bit
  • 12:00 pm – Veto meeting done. Alex down, Kevin up.
    • Thank you, Jason, for actually providing us a little drama last week. Good job Paul for keeping a boring season boring!
    • I wonder when these dummies will realize that Paul is officially the last person to not be nominated?  That can be his argument….
    • “Look, noobs.  I came in this house with a huge target. Cody saw it and tried to get me out. Props to him (btw, please vote for me, Cody). The rest of you sat around as I controlled the house and managed every HoH while never sniffing the block. Derrick is widely considered a great player for something similar, yet I was able to do it with a massive target on my back.  If you don’t vote for me, social media will mock you relentlessly for being bitter because I am far and away a better player than anyone in this house.  Thank you”
    • Anyway, back to the game….
    • Raven comes into the HoH room to talk to Josh and Christmas.  She tells them how Paul told her that Jason said “fuck Raven” regarding her vote. Jason probably said that, but hilarious how it instantly went back to Raven and these people don’t realize Paul is behind it all
  • 12:40 pm – Raven leaves, Paul comes in and they begin to talk shit about Raven
    • Alex comes up to tell them lunch is ready and the talk breaks up
  • 3:10 pm – I decided to not go driving today because I hoped for another post-veto blow up. Did not happen
    • Maybe I’ll head out now since Raven is up Paul’s ass while he plays chess with Christmas while the rest are outside

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I just saw on BBJ FB page, someone listed all of Raven’s lies. From having to get a new pacemaker every year, to having salmonella in her finger.

    One things for sure….she’ll be sporting a double chin by season’s end.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      She is such a compulsive liar, I can’t even take it anymore. Yesterday she was telling the HGs how she has literally been sick from the moment she came out of the womb (“I was born vomiting” were her exact words). She then goes on to describe the misery of her childhood– kidney problems, stomach issues, stints in ICU, getting catheterized every 6 months, and a “full colectomy” at age 13 (wouldn’t that mean she’d still be wearing a bag today?)…

      However, Raven did a CNN interview when she was 15 in which she described her experience with her then newly diagnosed gastroparesis condition as “different”, because growing up she had always watched her mother suffer through various ailments, but now it was Raven that was ill. Well which was it? Was she always sick from birth, or did she start getting sick as a teen?

      The one thing I am glad for is that CBS has begun playing these montages of Raven’s tall tales weekly now. Hopefully that makes up for the damage they caused by giving this con artist a platform to shakedown millions of viewers for money.

      • AIO_7

        I think that Raven has said that her fore-fathers came over to America on the Titanic. No joke; the other people (a few days ago) in the HOH were talking about the movie Titanic, and she came out with that.

      • Tinkerbell

        @gerardo @aio_7 Sometime within the past week Miss Delusions of Grandeur,
        shared her heartbreaking story that one of her aunts died on the Titanic. Someone asked if she has documentation. She said her aunt’s shoe is in the museum, but she doesn’t remember her aunt’s name. Dumb ass……most talked about shipwreck in history. I will forever be frustrated by every one of those morons for NEVER calling her out on her two billion lies. If her mouth is open, its a lie.

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Hobie; I wasn’t listening that close.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “but she doesn’t remember her aunt’s name”

        Of course she doesn’t, how convenient… I mean, the Titanic disaster was such a minor historical event, why would she remember the name of her relative who was on board that rowboat??

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh yes, thank you AI! Let me correct that: “I cereal-ly cracked up at that one!”

        P.S. I’m so happy to know I’m not the only South Park fanatic on the board 🙂

      • Ann

        @Gerardo, Yaaaaaaaay, Thank you, it worked, I did it, I did it!!!
        Learning new social media stuff is so exciting to me because it’s a complete foreign language to me. Did I say that right?

      • kneeless

        @aio_7 I heard her talking about her ancestors coming over on the Titanic & she, all the sudden, became an expert on the Titanic & pretty much everyone on the ship!!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        @kneeless Raven is lying! Everyone knows it was actually MY ancestors who landed in the Dominican Republic aboard the Titanic, along with Christopher Columbus back in 1492!!!

      • Avatar

        Yep, Hobie, that was “cereal-ously” hilarious! Man, I needed that laugh this morning! Cheers!

      • Ann

        That throwback idiot needs to realize just how she’s making such an ass of herself talking crazy. I have never met anyone who wants to be sick.
        Didn’t she say she weighed 4 pounds & some odd ounces at birth? Well you dumbass, I have 6 children & 5 of those 6 babies were born from 6 weeks to 3 months early. My oldest son was born on his due date weighing 5lbs & 4oz, my 2nd son weighed 3lbs at 6 weeks early, my 3rd baby girl weighed 1 pound 14 oz at 3 months early,, my 4th baby girl was 3lbs at 2 months early, 5th was 5 pounds at 6 wks early & my 6th was 5 lbs 2oz at 6 wks early. They didn’t have any illnesses or life threatening diseases except for my 1 pounder has the sickle cell trait not the disease. They all spent 6wks to months in the hospital after birth but Thank God they are all healthy. They were so tiny but you can’t you tell today they were all tiny babies. Half of them are married with families of their own.
        To be so young & have your entire life ahead of you & you can do & be anything you want but instead you would rather pretend to have terminal diseases & scam hard working honest people out of their money.
        Did you guys see the video of Raven & the kids at her dance studio do a commercial asking Ellen Degeneres to dance with her? Ellen didn’t fall for that shit. Obviously Ellen & her team did their homework & found out Raven is a fraud.

  2. jimbo

    I might nominate the Paul/Alex/Xmas trio as maybe the slimiest in BB history, playing the game of Big Bully like, well, bullies. Targeting and ostracizing, and then bullying them. That’s their method. No likability at all. You just wish a Dr Will or Derrick, or any other top players who didn’t play that way, were there to destroy them, and mostly Paul. The only other winner (and, yes, I think Paul will win) who was as jerky was Evil Dick. I hated Evil Dick, but Paul is right there with him, probably surpassing him. Atleast Evil Dick played like, well, and EVIL dick…Paul is a dick but acts like he’s the greatest, and smartest, dude in the world.

  3. Tinkerbell

    Thanks so much, Steve.

    Buying a new tv remote today. Fast forward and mute are worn out.

    I’ve gone through about 14 bottles of Tums watching Dead Girl Walking pick everything on her body, head to toe……and munch on it. The one “real” issue she does have is Excoriation Disorder…..Dermatillomania. Take it home, Sweetheart. We are sick, seriously sick, of watching you devour yourself.

    The players are offered psychiatric care after the season. What about the fans?

  4. jimbo

    One more thing. I think that the reason people are soooo afraid to challenge Paul, and get him upset in any way (like Xmas recently) is that the bullying has had an effect — nobody wants to risk being the next bullied by Paul and his cult. They’ve seen the ugliness in action. They all strive, therefore, to keep the peace, and are shell-shocked to upset the status quo.

  5. Avatar

    JOSH! I swear his buildup to his huge reveal to Jason that he is a “fan” of BB — I thought for once he was going to make a move and tell Jason how the real plan is to vote him out! SHOCKER! Josh is a huge BB fan!

  6. Apopkedave

    So, is Paul going to use the Power of Veto or not?

  7. strwar1

    Omg Alex needs to REALLY go home!!! God,i hate her soooo very much. But on the other hand her losing g her shit when Jason going home will be a sight to behold. Lol She will paranoid and angry!

    • Avatar

      One would hope but Paul can probably convince her Jason was holding back her game. Then she will realize her mistake when she is the one getting feeling left out or picked on before her eviction.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I thoroughly enjoyed watching Deputy Dumbass (Alex) completely humiliate herself in every single one of her DR sessions last night. She emphasized how stupid it was for Kevin to trust Paul enough to throw the HOH…then proceeded to trust Paul enough to throw the HOH comp, which sealed either her or her closest ally’s fate. She also discussed how she refused to drop from the comp until Kevin was out, because “you can never be too safe”… Umm, dumbass you wanna know what would have REALLY made you safe this week? WINNING the HOH comp!

      And let’s not even discuss how she VOLUNTEERED to go on the block this week and then even brought up the idea to St. Patrick’s Day about placing two “pawns” on the block (which of course gave Cinco de Drinko an excuse to nominate Alex and Jason). Then she reprimands Jason after nominations for “freaking out”. Has Deputy Dumbass even been watching this game play out this season? What an IDIOT!

      • strwar1

        Lol Alex by far the most annoying little pain in the ass ever in Big Brother history!! She is like a little child going around doing stupid shit over and over and she is soooo bad in her social game.

        Like i can’t wait for her to go home hopefully soon.

  8. AIO_7

    * ” Even if you ignore the fact that she’s clearly copying James to try to win something like AFP”,

    Funny that you would mention this, because just just night I was thinking that the Deputy and Lames might make a “nice” couple. Both are sawed off pranksters and irritating. On second thought I don’t think I’d wish her on even Lames.

  9. danmtruth

    I think Paul’s end game is to be standing next t one each from the last 3 couples Raven lost he Matt check Alex will lose her Jason check Next will be Josh (?) to much sudden independent thinking This way no matter who he is standing next too First in the unlikely event he does not control the final 2 pick The other HG will be more loyal to him
    So even tho logic says to take the other player for a better chance of winning They have been condition all season to do and say as Paul says Free will be damed ( tongue firmly in cheek ) Yet he has convince all remaining HG they owe him to getting to that point This also gets back to Paul reminding the HG how popular he is How many personal appearances he does How EVERYONE says he was robbed and should have won last season (you be your own judge ) How America loves him Stick with him he will be able to set them up to make money ( with him getting a cut ) off of there BB fame He has sold this line to most in the jury

  10. Avatar

    Sums up Raven

    Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves. Munchausen syndrome fits within the subclass of factitious disorder with predominantly physical signs and symptoms, but patients also have a history of recurrent hospitalization, travelling, and dramatic, extremely improbable tales of their past experiences.

  11. Alda

    It will be interesting to see who goes on this double eviction. If Alex wins I think she’ll put up Christmas and Kevin.Josh would put up Alex and Raven.Raven would put up Kevin and Alex.Paul won’t want it.Kevin can’t win anything.What do you guys think?

  12. Avatar

    NEWSFLASH house pets only ONE person can win this game and not a TEAM! Doing everything for the good of the team over yourself is absolute stupidity at its finest… oh wait not a single person (minus maybe Kevin) can make a decision without running it by the Gnome first..

  13. AIO_7

    What a great HOH competition we had last night, huh. Paul is really earning that 500k that CBS apparently promised him by producing these great results.

  14. g8trgirl

    Any chance these idiots will get it wrong and vote out Kevin? That would suck.

    • AIO_7

      It would be stupid too. That would still leave a strong duo with Deputy and Cowpoke, and Cowpoke back in the HOH contests. With Kevin staying then you have two alienated floating participles.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Doubt it. The only thing that’s up in the air (but not really) is how Paul will vote. He wants to vote to evict Kevin to force a tie, in which case Palm Sunday will break the tie– and based on the way she’s been lambasting Josh for the past few days for expressing his doubts in Paul, I doubt she would do anything other than cast her vote to evict Paul’s target (Jason). All they need is 2 votes plus the tiebreaker this week, and Paul has complete control over Raven and New Year’s Rockin Eve (the tiebreaker), so the only thing that could potentially spoil his plans would be if Josh decided to break from the group and make a move this week (which I highly doubt).

  15. AIO_7

    Raven…mourning lost relatives from the Titanic disaster.


    • Tinkerbell


    • Avatar


      Should she be laying on it like that? I know she fallen on it and Lord knows what else, I’m just sayin. BTW..I’ve got a new name for her. LVD. I LOVE Rob Zombie. I heard his song “Living Dead Girl” over the weekend and I can’t believe I haven’t tied it to her before. So, when you see LVD, you know it’s about her. HA!

  16. AIO_7

    A few minutes ago the Deputy (in the kitchen with Slosh, Cowpoke ans Xmas) was gloating about Kevin going on the block and recommending that people not talk to him. I just wonder if anytime before Thursday it will dawn on her that Jason is the obvious choice to get out this week.

  17. Tinkerbell

    @ann1 Heeeeyyyyy Annie, Where are you? How are you getting along? We need to hear from you, Sweetie. Prayers and (((hugs)))

    • Ann

      I’m here reading off & on. Thank you for your prayers, I really need them.
      I don’t know if it’s me or if there really is something with the meat here in town now since Harvey came barreling through. It seems like everything has a bad taste. I might have to become a vegetarian.

      • Avatar

        You can always resort to my old standby canned chicken. I use it for chicken pot pie, chicken and dumplings, chicken casserole and chicken salad.

      • Ann

        @Mindyboo, I’ve tried chicken salad & I made it from the can, chicken enchiladas from canned chicken but i normally use real chichen. My son-in-law barbecued ribs & sausage & I took one bite of that sausage & it tasted like funky armpit smells. Even bacon smells sour when its cooked but it smells good in the package. I’ve been eating carrots & potatoes. Do you think this will take a while forthe meat to return to normal?

      • Avatar

        It may take some time. It may simply be your senses still being on high alert. We had some tornadoes come thru my area a couple of years ago and we lost power for a week so I ended up throwing out a refrigerator full of food. I caught myself checking the food weeks later and it was all new stuff. I didn’t even realize I had been doing it until my husband started teasing me about it.

  18. Newbie2017

    I’ve read this BB site (and others) for a few years. First time commenting, though. I just wanted to throw this out there. I think Kevin is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – in a good way! He pretends to not know much about BB but he has said a few things (that have been commented on) that makes me think he knows more about the game than he says he does. Plus how would he have been picked to play unless he is a fan? He’s not a wannabe reality star waiting to be discovered like most of the rest of the cast. Also, how does a stay at home Dad of 7 not know how to cook. I don’t believe it. I think he as sly as a fox. I think he figured out Paul (and how BB has fixed it for Paul to win) in a hurry and has been playing the meek, can’t win a thing, underdog the whole time. I don’t think he likes to play that way, but it has gotten him far in this game. He’s followed Paul, the alpha dog, by shutting up, staying in a room by himself, not winning when he’s told to, etc. He saw that anybody that questioned Paul got ousted in a hurry (Dominique, Cody, Jessica) I think he will win the competitions he needs to towards the end. I don’t know if I respect or understand playing that way, but again, it has gotten him far in this game. If he makes it to final 2, the jury is bitter, and he can explain how he got there and why he played the way he did, he could win. Thoughts?

    • AIO_7

      I’d say you’re being a bit optimistic, but hey, a thumbs up for you and a welcome to BBJ.

    • caRyn

      I’m not sure. Kevin said he was killing tie – a couple of hours – waiting for his daughter and decided to get in line and try out for BB. Maybe it was that random. If Kevin did know about BB coming into the house, which he could have with 7 children maybe they are a BB watching family, he is playing his own game. A social game and this is a social experiment.

    • Alda

      I thought the same thing about Kevin being a stay at home dad,and not knowing how to cook anything

      • Ann

        @Alda, I said from day 1there is more to Kevin than he’s told us. I’m not saying it’s anything bad because he seems to be a good man. There’s something there about Kevin that he didn’t tell in the beginning & I don’t think it’s bad, I think he’s trying to lay low. He’s biting his tongue around those fools trying not to make himself look like the ASSHOLES THE REST OF THEM ARE. I do think he’s trying with everything in his heart & soul not to kick someone’s ass (Crybaby Josh) mainly. If I were him, everytime anyone one those SOB’s tried to come for me, it would be on & popping & I’d rat all of them out.

  19. hogwild

    Wow such excitment I better to go take a sedative.

  20. Avatar

    Alex is a terrible player and person. CBS won’t edit her bad side because of her ethnicity. She is copy cating James. She’s trying to look like she has a personality and she really doesn’t. Also, she’s trying her best to show that she’s a part of the decision making that is going on and she is clueless. Xmas has no business being left in this game. Winning that foot race was so pathetic. CBS should not have allowed any of that to occur. Paul is not a great player. He is a manipulator in a house full of idiots. I am so glad Survivor is around the corner. That show is played with more dignity and class than BB! So sad but true!

  21. Avatar

    If Raven could sell herself for what she though she was worth, she would be rich.
    Don’t like Paul and hope he doesn’t win but he probably will due to the other houseguest
    not playing the game.
    Don’t really care for Kevin either. He also has not played the game.
    I don’t have a winner picked since none of them are worthy of half a million dollars.

  22. Avatar

    If these dead beats that CBS rounded up for a “Season of Paul” in order to GIVE Paul the win were actually awake… they’d start trouble for Paul by pointing out that he saved Alex (so he must be with her) and he allowed Kevin to go up when that wasn’t even necessary this week given the supposed target was already on the block (so he must not be with him). It’s time to wake up Kevin!

  23. Yael Sara

    I think Don Wollman’s voice over is broken. It keeps saying, “Paul, please go to the diary room.” When they mean to say, “Paul, come quick we got more shit to tell you.”

  24. Tinkerbell

    Munchausen is on LSD again…… her and Fidel have final two locked down.

  25. AIO_7

    Paul just said to Jason (while alone outside) “One bozo down this week, another next week.’ Jason says, “Yep.”

    • Avatar

      Paul is going to set it up to look like HE was bamboozled and that HE voted for Jason and the others turned on him.

    • hogwild

      This weeks bozo has no clue he is the bozo sad and funny. These people think they are playing such a brilliant game but have no clue how many people think they are total jokes.

      • Avatar

        Is it too late to cancel this season for the lack of interest (on the part of the actual “players”)??? Redo? Anything?

      • AIO_7

        “This weeks bozo has no clue he is the bozo sad and funny.”

        That’s why I posted that, Hog. Paul really put the emphasis on BOZO, and he actually said it twice, more like…”One bozo going out this week, another bozo next week.” It was really kind of cruel.

      • hogwild

        I don’t like Paul but it’s hard to feel sorry for this weeks bozo or next weeks or the one that follows they all put themselves in the position they are in so we might as well continue to shake our heads and laugh at them.

    • Avatar

      What the heck?!?! Idk how Jason doesn’t see that he was the “only” one left in the BB House that could actually have won over Paul?! I have said this comment far too many times this Season, but I will say it again…This is what you get when you Recruit House Guest to Play the Game of Big Brother, especially against a Veteran!

      The 1st time Jason “ever” viewed Big Brother was when he was in Sequester. Before that he didn’t know how the game Existed, or how YOU PLAY the Game of BB….But what Paul saw was the Gamer, Competitor, & Jason’s great story as a Family Man, so therefore Jason had to be Eliminated/Evicted.

    • Avatar

      Bozo was a clown. Jason is a rodeo clown. Jason=Bozo. Maybe Paul is warning him so Jason shouldn’t be surprised when he’s the bozo.

      • AIO_7

        Anstal, for better context, before Paul said that he bad mouthed Raven to Cowpoke. He was throwing Jason off guard to keep him placated. It’s classic, it was an enthusiastic “YEP!” from Cowpoke. It’s just a shame that Deputy Alex isn’t leaving this week.

  26. LindsayB

    Not sure what the big deal is about Christmas playing in the hoh comp. It wasn’t a foot race because nobody actually raced. The comp could technically be won by just standing there holding down two buttons which is something she can obviously do. I know it’s easier to be mad at the situation but the proof that she could technically participate in the comp is that she participated in the comp. The uproar over the season not going the way people want it to is almost more entertaining than the show itself.

    • Helen

      Were they not supposed to run to get to the button?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        She couldn’t run to the buzzers but she could “hop” on her good leg (which she demonstrated after she “won” the comp). She definitely would not have been about to hop fast enough to win the comp if anyone had actually been trying to win, but I’m assuming the doctor cleared her to compete only under the condition that she not put any weight on her foot (i.e. hop don’t run).

      • Helen

        So…what stopped her from playing hide the veto?

      • LindsayB

        In hide the veto the house is destroyed which would make her not able to safely navigate it. She wouldn’t be able to get to all the areas of the house. Again, this comp literally required noting more than holding down two buttons and hopping to the end.
        If you take away the emotions triggered by everything and everyone you hate in the house it becomes pretty black and white.

      • Avatar

        Exactly Helen.!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yael Sara

      I agree with you there @lindsayb – It has never been a stamina competition. I was more amazed that they cleared Raven with her rough knee syndrome! That position could not have possibly been could for the horrific pain she is going through.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Lol I’ve been saying all along that Christmas owes her game to Raven, because Raven is probably why she was allowed to stay in the game. I feel like there were 2 reasons Christmas was allowed to stay in the BB house after her foot injury: (1) they’d already had one voluntary self-eviction and couldn’t afford to keep losing players, and (2) they couldn’t justify sending someone home with a foot injury while they allowed the sickest woman (barely) alive to stay.

      • LindsayB

        I’m sure ravens knees have been through worse. No wonder she developed this horrific knee disease!!

    • LynnD

      COME ON! SERIOUSLY! Clearly production knew in advance that everybody was throwing this competition to Christmas. That was the only reason they allowed her to play in it considering way easier competitions she had to sit out. Not to mention not once, once did anybody do any running at all. All they did was throw words on a screen. could that whole thing be anymore obvious?

      • LindsayB

        Well, there’s the whole point that there was nothing about that comp that would prevent her from trying to play. Of course it’s more popular to say everything is rigged so that’s cool too.

      • Jay H

        100% agree Lynn. They would never allow her to compete in a competition that could cause her more harm and them be held responsible. That was clearly a competition that needs all extremities functioning properly to be successful.

      • LindsayB

        Except it didn’t. All she had to do is hold down two buttons and then hop to the end once everyone else won their Emmy awards with their false starts. Also, it wasn’t decided until the very end who was gonna take the win. It was getting thrown to xmas or Josh which at this point is the exact same outcome. Paul won that comp by getting everyone to throw it. Regardless of whether or not xmas was in it, the result was going to be the same.
        Not sure why everyone is so upset. The evil Paul is directing things to keep the beloved kevin while sending home the guy who makes rape jokes.

    • Avatar

      This season isn’t entertaining at all, unless you’re a Paul fan, and if you are you prolly know he wouldn’t be cruising like this if the other HG weren’t so effing stupid. He’d already be out in other seasons….. B please

  27. Yael Sara

    Why does Paul keep calling The Desert Trip, Dadchella? Maybe, heard people call it once or twice ‘Oldchella’
    I wish they were doing The Desert Trip again this year 🙁

  28. Avatar

    Question for you all. My apologies up front if someone else already asked this question or brought this issue up.

    So Kevin got called out for eating like a minute too early according to Production, right?

    Now he’s on the block. Could this be yet another ploy for Production to control the outcome because that will give Kevin one penalty vote?

    Granted Raven will vote for Jason – he sent her cereal killer packing.
    Paul wants Jason out.
    Josh should vote with Paul.
    Alex will vote for Kevin.
    Depending on the penalty they assess it could lead to a tie vote, no?

    I really hope that CBS sees the error of their ways after this season and that they bring back a better version of BB next year with a better cast, more accountability and more audience participation in the way of voting people out. I can dream, right?

  29. LO1004

    Let me preface this by saying Raven annoys me just as much as the next person. That being said, everyone is so offended by the bullying going on in this house, but you all are just as guilty bc I’m sure her family, friends, and eventually SHE will read these comments when she’s out and will surely be very hurt. I’m sure she’s exaggerating the truth in most aspects, but she has a pacemaker inside that you can see, so clearly something is wrong w her. I have many medical issues and I look perfectly healthy just like her. Maybe we should show a little grace and lay off a bit. Geesh

    • LO1004

      You trolls w your ‘dislikes’ are cowards and assholes. Just sayin’.

      • Tinkerbell

        @jessica Cowards and assholes ?! Nice, Jessica.

      • Avatar

        I normally don’t do thumbs down but for you I will make an exception.

      • Ann

        That girl has said she has just about every illness & disease known to man & some that she’s even made up. She lies about everything that comes out of her mouth whether it’s about an illness, titanic, what she can & eat but the girl eats anything that won’t eat her first not to mention she scarfs down everything but the kitchen sink. Raven is a compulsive liar & 99.9% of the words out of her mouth is a lie. Who in the hell has a GPA of dance? Last I checked, GPA is abbreviation for GRADE POINT AVERAGE. She was in Mensa & don’t know what GPA is? Has an inverted spine, endometriosis which that idiot says is a rash on her organs (that is not what endometriosis is) & countless other lies. She has even said doctors have told her & her crazy ass mother that this stuff is all in their heads. “COOCOO COOCOO”. There is no way I’ll ease up on her bull-shit. She’s making herself look like a COMPLETE FOOL on national tv. Raven is a fraud, con artist & a liar.

    • Avatar

      If Raven stuck to just 1, 2 or even only 8 diseases maybe no one would make fun of her. It’s the lies and inconsistencies regarding her health that has become the joke. Not just her health, all the crap about her mom, her relative on the titanic, her genius IQ (GPA dance)…. It just goes on and on. The easiest way for a person to keep their story straight is not to lie. With all of her versions, it’s difficult to have much empathy or sympathy for her.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I respect your opinion (and I wasn’t one of the downvotes), however I want to explain why Raven will be getting no mercy or grace from me (I can’t speak for others, but I’m sure many feel the same way I do).

      Raven’s family are scam artists and bullies themselves, so I personally could not care less if they read the multitudes of nasty comments about her. Someone posted a video on YouTube recently exposing Raven’s mother and other family members for harassing and “doxing” people (i.e. spreading their private info online) who made negative comments about her on Facebook. And although I do believe that Raven has some type of medical issue, I also believe that she is seriously exaggerating about her prognosis. I also believe that she constantly and blatantly LIES about other medical conditions she does not have in order to gain sympathy and ultimately gain financially from it. That’s what I find most reprehensible about her and her POS family, and nothing anyone says on this board even comes close to what she deserves for being such a piece of human excrement.


      • Avatar

        Hey everyone!
        I was wondering about once the show is over..will these nimrods of BB19 immediately start hearing about how disliked they all were?
        And how will they find out? Just from reading stuff on the internet etc?

        As I have mentioned before, my disdain for this group is like that of no other and I feel like about 98% of BB fans and alumni feel the same way.
        So I guess I’m just dreaming er, I mean wondering will _______ (enter houseguest’s name) just be sitting in their living room one afternoon and start scrolling thru all of the blogs etc..and (hopefully) read what we and the rest of the world actually thought about them?

        WHAT…I would do…to SEE their faces when the proverbial shit hits the fan!!!
        Anyway..I’ve always wondered if they find out how unpopular/hated they are.
        I mean, good luck setting up any meet and greets with these people right?

      • LindsayB

        Even jason Roy has fans and he’s one of the most vile human beings to ever be part of the game. They will probably be shielded from a lot of it by the people who love them. They will see some but will choose the emotionally healthy option of focusing on the people who love and support them instead of the people who hate them.

    • Newbie2017

      She clearly has issues mentally, the attention seeking, the lies, the copying other’s tales, etc. I don’t know how she passed the psych evaluation to even be on the show. But reading some of these nasty comments and name calling is a bit much, in my opinion. Yes, she asked for it by being on the show and she and her family may be scammers but if it is a mental health issue, I wouldn’t want to be the one to send her over the edge. I won’t cross the line to be like them, or some of you, in their/your nastiness.

      • Newbie2017

        I personally don’t care if I get thumbs down. It’s a free country with freedom of speech which is why it’s great to live here! Secondly, it’s mind over matter – I don’t mind, because you don’t matter. That’s something I heard drill sergeants say a lot in boot camp in the Army. The only people that I care what they think of me are my friends and family. Anonymous people on the internet – not so much. But I’m strong that way. Some people are not. So thumbs down away! 🙂 I just laugh.

      • NKogNeeTow

        As you stated, this IS a free country. And other people have as much right to express their opinion as you have yours. I personally don’t believe anything she reads on the internet will send her over the edge. I’m sure she’s heard worse or if some of the things that she and her family have said and done, should expect to hear.

        Pay no attention to the thumbs down. They only mean someone doesn’t agree with you, nothing more. We all get them. As I’ve stated repeatedly, when I don’t get at least 1, I don’t feel loved. There are trolls on every website. I just chalk it up to “Trolls need love too.” 🙂

    • Avatar

      If Raven is that sick she shouldn’t be there for her own good. But taking allllll of the diseases and sicknesses out of the equation, I suspect she would still be greatly disliked on this website and others. Her level of bullshittery and idiotic statements are second to none. Her 1st appt. when she gets out of the house should be to a psychiatrist and not some crackpot that her family has been taking her to her whole life.

    • Avatar

      She is NOT exaggerating the truth.for crying out loud.. she is telling BOLD FACED LIES one right after the other. Not just one or two lies which could possibly be overlooked as this IS Big Brother..no, her lies are in the high double digits!
      I was going to finish with “her biggest lie being_______” but I honestly couldn’t pick out which one and it just makes my brain start to feel like scrambled eggs!
      I’m sorry but “exaggerated the truth”??? That is truly comical! She flat out lies and THEN exaggerates her lies!

    • caRyn

      Jessica, I understand where you are coming from. I do know that people can look perfectly healthy yet have medical issues. You mentioned you have medical issues. This topic is ‘close to home’ with you. Even if Raven has one major medical issue, it is one too many. And it appears she does.

  30. Avatar

    Hadn’t you heard..”…chuckles. ….”Paul knows all, He’s pracially God..He’s so smart,great player,great friend,great looking,,” Gag”, so handsome, Gee , he’s almost 4 ft. Tall……..he’s boys,gumpy,pissed and never cared.He’s a legend in his own mind and maybe a couple other people. ……..Talk about selling Raven for what she thinks she is worth, and her being rich………Sell Paul for what heTHINKS he’s worth and there could be know more world hunger and maybe even WORLD PEACE, because I’m pretty sure he thinks he could be Miss America too,the way he looks in the mirror and constantly pats his Abraham Lincoln beard.
    OK I’m finished 🙂

    • Avatar

      Abraham Lincoln beard! I laughed to tears on that one! I’m not a fan of facial hair, Thanks Gigi!

      • Ann

        I don’t like a lot of facial hair either, but I am a sucker for a 5 o’clock shadow & a man in a uniform. I can’t stand a lot of facial hair like Paul has especially when food or anything gets dripped or dropped in it. Uuuugg so gross!

  31. Avatar

    I know that everyone has basically named Paul the winner and with the way he is playing he seems to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else, however I don’t think he can do this the entire game. I believe the jig is up this week. Paul pulled Alex off the block and Kevin was the renom. Everything this week has went according to his plan, but he runs the risk of exposing himself.

    He has two choices this week.

    1. He can vote Jason off, which will expose him to Alex right before a double eviction.

    2. He can tie the vote and make Christmas break the tie by voting out Jason. However, he runs the risk of Kevin blowing up since Kevin will know that Paul voted to evict him. This would also expose him to Christmas, Josh, and Raven since they would be the ones blindsided.

    I predict Jason goes him this week and then Kevin is sent home in the double eviction because he is a floater at this point, can’t win a comp, and runs the risk of blowing up someones game with his paranoia. A double eviction is the perfect way to safely eliminate him. I can only see Kevin staying if he wins HOH and at that point I think Raven or Alex would be the targets.

    I think Paul will struggle the next couple weeks, but I need to catch up on the live feeds before I can make a prediction on that.

    • LO1004

      Exposing his game to Alex isn’t a big deal bc she’ll essentially be alone in the game and will have to keep herself aligned w him. He’s playing a good game no matter how you slice it.

      • Avatar

        Paul is playing about as good of a game I’ve ever seen.

        I am just suggesting that there could be some possibilities where he could get knocked out.

        I’m just looking for something

      • NKogNeeTow

        You’re both right:

        Jessica: He is banking on her being alone and gravitating toward him or the Ice Queen. That’s part of his plan.

        Russell: He is playing the best game, but as you said, the move this week could prove kind of tricky for him.

      • jimbo

        His game isn’t so good….even SMART stevebeans has pointed out a zillion times that these players are jokes. I’m with stevebeans. Unless you convince me Paul is a master hypnotist, this season he will win is a JOKE. When your competition sucks, sorry, it reflects on the winner’s game, too. In ANY sport or contest. Does a MENSA member defeating a jr high dropout dopehead impress you? Of course not — these players BULOWWWWWWWW!

      • LindsayB

        Another way to look at it is that he was good enough to manipulate all these people into playing his game which makes them all suck. It’s also been said that if he didn’t come back this season would’ve been great which completely negates the idea that they are all idiots. Which is it? The game of blaming everything you hate about this season on Paul gets a little sticky when the different arguments start to contradict each other.

    • Avatar

      I think you could let the remaining players watch the entire season up to this point and some how Paul would still convince them he’s only trying to help them. They seem to be that dumb.

    • Avatar

      Nee suggested that Christmas could be the darkhorse that is Paul’s undoing with a backstab around final 4 or final 3.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Russell, the plan is to have The Ice Queen cast the tie breaker. This has been the plan for the past few days. She knows about it and agrees with it. The only one NOT comfortable with it is BitchBaby. He’s been trying to tell them for days why it might not work, but the 2 of them keep shutting him down.

      • LindsayB

        Even Josh is on board now that he’s had a chance to have Paul explain it all. Paul has been able to make it look like this helps their whole alliance. On that topic, there’s been a lot of complaints about this not being a team game. The word team is being used instead of alliance in the house for some reason. It’s the same thing. Alliances have been needed and used since the dawn of competition reality shows. Not sure why all of a sudden people are confused as to why people are making their game decisions with the good of their alliance in mind. Of course, Paul is smarter than all of them and has an alliance when all of them but they don’t know that.

  32. LO1004

    I want another Team America. That was fun!

  33. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    So I’ve been thinking about all of the possible scenarios from this point forward, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is really only one plausible scenario where Paul doesn’t make F2. I think the only person left in the house who could possibly take Paul out is… JOSH. Okay okay, I know this may sound a little crazy, but hear me out (I’ve been thinking a lot about this). For whatever reason, Josh is the only one at this point who seems to have ANY doubts in Paul whatsoever (side note: I know a lot of people think this is due to Production giving him “hints”, but Josh has actually always been one of the more perceptive HGs this season… he just sucks at actually playing the game and is a follower with no backbone). Additionally, with Jason leaving this week, Josh will be the only person left in the house who actually has an ally he’s more loyal to than Paul (i.e. Christmas).

    So, pretty much after this week it will be smooth sailing to F2 for Paul, unless… Josh is ever the sole vote to evict. Let’s say, for instance, we get down to F4 and Paul loses both the HOH and veto comps that week, then that means whoever wins veto decides Paul’s fate. In this case, I think Josh might be the only person left who would actually vote to evict Paul (especially if Josh ended up having to choose between Paul and his “ride or die” Christmas). So if Josh somehow (miraculously) wins the F4 veto comp, I think Paul would be a goner. Other than that, I think Paul has F2 (and the $500K) locked.

    I know that’s a long shot, so chances are Paul will take the grand prize home in the end. Still, it’s fun to think about any plot twists at this point (especially since there is absolutely nothing interesting going on in the house). What do you guys think? Any other scenarios you can see that could spoil Paul’s march to the $500K?

    • Helen

      Josh flips Thursday and keeps jason

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        You think so Helen? Although I would love to see Paul’s reaction if Josh openly defied him like that, I also think it might be a bit too early for Josh to turn on him this week. Especially since Jason and Alex are both in Paul’s back pocket, and would happily help take Josh out at Paul’s request if Jason stayed. Paul isn’t after Josh at the moment so F4 might be a better time for Josh to strike.

      • Helen

        Just a wild speculation……josh is torn….I think he genuinely likes Jason….

    • NKogNeeTow

      I agree G. I think it will either be The Ice Queen or BitchBaby who takes him out. Those are the only 2 I can see.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I don’t know about Icy Hot anymore NK, she’s sounding more and more #TeamPaul each passing day. She was telling Josh earlier that Paul would never win in F2 because no one wants to see the vet win (clearly she didn’t watch the show last season…). She’s also been snapping at Josh every time he questions Paul’s intentions and has been confiding her frustrations about Josh to Paul. That’s why I said that of all the remaining HGs, Josh is the only one who doesn’t appear to see himself sitting next to Paul at the end.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Oh he (BitchBaby) clearly doesn’t see himself in the F2. It might have been last night (?), when he was talking to Icy, he said something about when he’s (himself) is in the JH. I laughed when he said it because my first thought was, he’s let the 2 of them mess with his minds so much, he already knows he’s going by the F3. I guess I’m just thinking that since there is something about Icy that I’ve never trusted, I think she can be sneaky enough to string them all until the end, then pull the plug.

      • caRyn

        That could happen, Gerardo. I also agree with NKogNeeTow. I think Christmas knows what Josh is telling her is correct only she won’t openly admit it. I think she would try to take Paul out. It seems she shuts Josh down because of her own game – not so much for the team. I think she wants to do it and wants to take all the credit for it. She was onto Paul and was warning Josh weeks ago when Josh was HOH. What is best for Christmas is for Josh to stick with their plan. Maybe because she can only do such much comp wise she needs Josh. She doesn’t want Josh to blow her chances by him talking.

    • Avatar

      If Alex loses her sh!t over Jason getting evicted and starts in on Kevin, Josh, or Xmas and in a heated argument it is revealed that Paul was everyone’s Secret Santa. Then there is the possibility that Xmas wakes up and her Josh and Alex make a move against him. I just don’t have high hopes of Xmas waking up. I can see them all admitting that Paul has been working with them, then just sitting around the kitchen, blinking, staring, each still thinking that Paul is with them, while Paul hides outside.

      • LindsayB

        Except they all know Paul has to “pretend” to be working with everyone else. He is very vocal with whichever alliance he is talking to that he “has to talk” to the other people to keep them from targeting them. Any kind of cross team chatter would just make each party think the other side is so dumb for thinking they are the chosen ones.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    A big annoyance for me is that they act like they’ve only ever lived outside like animals. When they found the food in the SR, they dropped half the onions on the floor. Instead of someone cleaning them up, everyone just walked over them or kicked them around. Then BitchBaby goes in to get more food off the counter, he takes off his tennis shoe and puts it back on, puts his foot up on the counter to tie it, then picks up the food and carries it to the kitchen island. When he sat the food down, some tomatoes fell off the plate. He picked them up and piled them back on the plate…NO hand washing whatsoever. Then outside, Icy says she’s going to cook….again, no hand washing.

    This drives me NUTZ!

  35. Tinkerbell

    Just want to be sure I understand clearly. If we don’t agree with a post on the threads, we turn into cowards and assholes.
    Just checking. Night peeps.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Did anyone notice that The Corpse Bride CHUGGED a beer (in all her frail health) AND did it on ONE knee! Wonder if that was the knee with the Rough Syndrome?

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Now, the Gnome King is having anxiety attacks. Of course The Ice Queen is there to comfort him. The more I watch these two together, the more I’ve convinced they are BSing each other. I am more than sure they are BOTH devious. I think she’s just a little more low key about it.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Now he’s giving her the “I’m depressed” act, sprinkled in with a little “I’m convinced I’m going to lose”. And she’s giving him a pep talk.

    Now he’s saying he’s just ready to get out. I know there is medication you can take for diarreah (sp) and constipation, but is there anything on the market for bullsh!t?

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Now she’s playing armchair psychiatrist AND mother earth. They are both playing “Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly”. Only thing is they both think they’re the spider.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    He’s fake crying and she’s wiping away his tears as she tell his some silly story about her Mom and an ice cream cone.

    I’d just like to send out a special #FU to Casting and Production.

  41. jimbo

    Raven is annoying, but a harmless piece of fluff, waiting to be flicked off Cult Leader Paul’s shoulder at any moment, or perhaps he takes her to the end and wins in a landslide. These people are so sorry, Paul can choose what he wants.

    • jimbo

      All I can say is, to probably a chorus of boos, is that Cody must win Americas Favorite Player because Paul will lose his mind over that. Its all we HATERS of this season of Big Bully has got. Plus, Cody did point out the Cult Leader Paul day one — but the cult had already begun, and “the couples” ran stupidly to Paul’s side, and Jess slammed Cody, too. (sigh)

      • jimbo

        Btw, the couples are GONE, except for piece of fluff Raven. So, was going ape-shit on Cody a good idea, you stupid “couples?” Read my blogs on this site in the first week…I said this then, and got blasted for it!!! “The Couples” were damn dummies. You really think Cody struck you as someone who would be un-loyal?? He was loyal to a fault.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Alex is in the kitchen on an ant and fly safari. Maybe if they cleaned up the kitchen and the rest of the house, that wouldn’t be a problem.

  43. Shivani33

    I got the impression that Paul is upset about something DR told him. He told Christmas that he got some news from home, and she asked him if it’s something he needs to leave to handle. He kind of gave a non-answer and kept being depressed and anxious. Also, he mentioned his girlfriend today and straight away was called to DR. Approximately at the time he dressed up to get back at Dominique for the snake remark, Paul got bad publicity, as we remember. I read and commented here about reading, that his GF rescinded permission for Paul to refer to her. I think when he mentioned her again today, DR had to speak with him about the situation again. He knows that he can’t do anything about this until his BB time is complete. This could very well be the source of what’s bothering him tonight.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Jason and Josh are in the hot tub. Kevin just went inside. Jason was saying that he feels bad that Kevin is leaving before Raven.

    Josh starts crying. (*Could it be that his conscience is bothering him because he knows what he’s about to do to Jason?*)

    Jason ask Josh why he’s crying. Josh tells him that he’d rather not say because Alex tells him all the time he’s to emotional and shouldn’t cry so much.

    Jason tells him that he can talk to him and he’ll keep it between the two of them. He tells Josh that he love Alex to death but the one thing he doesn’t like about her is she is emotionless. He says that he believes that it’s not an act and he believes she’s like that in real life too.

    Josh says he’s grown so attached to people in this house that it’s hard. He then ask Jason not to tell anyone that he had a moment.

    Jason ask him what he’s thinking about (he knows something is up). Josh tells him he can’t say.

    Jason tells him he thinks that it’s the badgering that getting Josh down. He says that everybody’s trying to boss everybody around and it gets old but you can’t say anything because then they accuse you of being paranoid.

    Jason says that’s why he ignores Alex when she does it. He says it’s no call for it. He said people are tired of listening to it.

    Alex comes out and sits down next to the hot tub. They stop talking. The first thing out of the bitch’s mouth is “I can’t stand Kevin”. Josh ask what has he done. She says, she thinks he was eavesdropping about Paul. Josh ask what’s wrong with Paul. She says Paul was feeling down and she thinks Kevin overheard…(*WTF?*)

    She says she wants to go to sleep but Kevin’s in the room. Jason ask her why can’t she go to sleep with him in there. She says because he was saying things like “The mood was pretty tonight”….(*again…WTF?*)

    • jimbo

      What a bitch…Alex is in line for an awakening this week. The only good thing about Cult Leader Paul is that he is going to destroy some real jerk-wads. It would be nice if the jerk-wads pay for it, THEN Paul gets evicted afterwards — but that’s a fairytale too good to be true.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Alex is such a vile piece of garbage. I know Jason has said some awful, inexcusable things in the house, but to be honest I was really rooting for him to somehow save himself this week. I detest Alex and her hateful, arrogant ways so much more. But at least we’ll get the pleasure of seeing Alex sh*t herself on Thursday when Kevin survives the first eviction.

      Josh gets on my last damn nerve most of the time, but I have a feeling that of all the HGs there may actually be some hope for him to grow from this experience and become a better person. He’s young, extremely immature, and a follower, but he also seems to have at least somewhat of a moral compass. He’s made many mistakes in the house but he almost always shows remorse later– the others make mistakes and never own them and just explain their actions away by blaming others. I hope he gets his act together.

      • Avatar

        My impression of Jason is that he was going for shock humor when he made those comments about Kevin’s wife and holding down Raven. It doesn’t excuse them, and I haven’t watched the feeds but through the show I get the impression he does genuinely like Kevin and isn’t an awful person. Alex clearly is, as you say, vile garbage.. But Josh’s apologies come off as really fake to me, like he can get a pass for being an a$$hole as long as he says sorry afterwards. Especially bc he keeps throwing in the same line “I really respect you.”

      • NKogNeeTow

        G, about Josh: “He’s young, extremely immature, and a follower, but he also seems to have at least somewhat of a moral compass. He’s made many mistakes in the house but he almost always shows remorse later–”

        See that’s where I disagree. I could feel more empathy for him if he stayed remorseful once he’s done something. But he keeps doing the same thing over and over again to the same people, then runs and cries crocodile tears followed by reading the Bible, then he’s off to the same old crap the next day. Kind of makes it hard for me to feel anything for him other than annoyance. If they bounced his azz out of the house tomorrow, I wouldn’t miss him either.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I feel empathy for him. Every time he’s run off crying because someone bit his head off, I’ve laughed at his silly ass because he brought it upon himself. But I don’t think the reason he does that is because he’s mean spirited or malicious. I think he’s immature and a follower, and he allows himself to get gassed up by people who he thinks are his friends and have his best interest in mind. He’s too foolish to realize that none of these people care about him and are just using him for their own purposes. I’m just saying that based on his age and the fact that he seems to have a conscience, I think there may be some hope that he might actually mature and change his ways later in life (especially after he sees the fool he’s made of himself in the BB house).

  45. jimbo

    Look, the harmless piece of lying fluff Raven has one redeeming quality that BB relishes in its contestants (women hide your eyes) — she looks damn good in shorty shorts. No chance of winning, a screeching banshee, trailer trash to the core, and somehow pulls together HOTNESS in a medically riddled, inverted spine sorta way. God bless America.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Josh is saying to Alex that everyone needs to give Paul some space. He says that Raven is always on him and she should give him space.

    Josh, Jason and Alex change the subject to who in their families they think will be at the finale. Alex wants to keep a hula hoop.

    Scoots rolls out and Alex says she’s going to go to bed…then she gets up and eats some more.

    Josh says he hopes The Corpse Bride goes to bed. (She just came back downstairs from taking a shower).

    Jason is pissed because they won’t turn up the heat in the hot tub. Josh looks at him and ask him what he’s thinking. Jason tells him he can’t tell him (exactly what Josh had said to him earlier). (*You can tell by the look on Jason’s face that he’s worried too*).

    TCB comes outside and tried to do the hula hoop with her foot, while Gremlin goes into the house and tries hers in the kitchen, then goes into the bedroom.

    Alex goes into the SR, looks at the onions all over the floor, walks over it, opens a potato salad, sticks her fingers in it and taste it, then puts it into the refrigerator. Kevin walks in, says something to her then walks out. She gives him the finger behind his back. She goes over to the wall, throws fruit away.

    In the hot tub, Jason tells Josh, he’s outside looking for him so he won’t have to go into the room and bother with anybody. Josh tells Jason that he needs to leave Kevin alone and not even look at him. He says everyone needs to leave Kevin alone and not even look at him or talk to him. (This coming from a crying ass BitchBaby who was just crying a few minutes ago because he said the house was getting to him. How does he think Kevin feels?)

    They decide to get out of the hot tub and Josh starts to gather the leftover food from outside and take it inside.

    Alex is in bed with her eyemask on, chewing her nails, while Kevin is getting ready for bed. He gets in bed, thanks Alex then starts to read his Bible. (*Guess she’ll be telling them next, is that he reads to loud*). As soon as he starts to read, he gets called to the DR.

    Jason rinses off in the shower outside then goes into the bathroom where TCB is sitting on the sofa digging in her ears with a Q-Tip (*Guess she’s looking for dessert*). Paul comes in and she announces she thinks she’s going to bed. She gets up behind him and hugs him and tells him she’s always there “Just a loner, being lonely”. He thanks her and she leaves.

    Now he’s cleaning out HIS ears….(*Dessert for 2?*)

    Save-The-Wildlife-Federation is outside on the hammock when TCB wheezles her way out there. STWF us looking sad so TCB gives her a hug and tells her goodnight and thanks for being her. She then goes in the kitchen where Paul and Alex are and just stands there (*apparently she has lost her way to the bedroom*). Alex leaves and TCB is STILL hanging around.

    Josh is now outside with STWF and she’s asking him if he’s grumpy and why. All cams change to the kitchen.

    Paul and Alex start to put the food away, then Useless decides she will help…a little. Paul goes outside and she ask Alex what’s wrong with him. Alex says the house just makes you get upset. Useless tells her that she just thinks about her mom and how sick she is.

    BTW, the onions are still on the SR floor.

    For everything Alex puts away, she eats something…while Useless just keeps rambling on about nothing…as usual.

    Paul comes in and announces “Fuck my ass”, then leaves.

    Alex has 2 water jugs and she’s doing lunges all the way to the SR. Let’s see if she’ll clean up the onions on the floor. Nooope, walked right past the SR.

    All cams are on 1 place at a time. Now it’s in the bedroom with TCB and Gremlin talking. (*Wish they would go outside so we could listen in on Paul, Josh and Icy*).

    Alex and TCB are talking about their siblings. TCB says she’s not close to her brother and they only talk about once or twice a month. She says they are polar opposites and when he moved out she threw a party.

    At the hammock, Josh is telling Icy that someone (Jason?) thinks he has his vote. She tells him that it’s Jason’s arrogance that’s going to get him out of the house. She ask him if Jason ask him for his vote. Josh says no. She says that’s because he’s arrogant. She tells him not to worry about anybody else and ask him if he wants to give Jason $500K. He says no. She says then don’t worry about him.

    Paul is outside playing with one of the games. She tells Josh to go inside and do damage control and keep TCB away from Paul. She says she’s going to handle Paul. (who seems to be in a much better mood). Josh hugs her and tells her that he’s go crazy without her and Paul.

    Icy goes over to Paul and they start to play the cornhole game. He tells her “See, that’s why I don’t like to show how I feel because my mood affects everyone else’s in the house and it makes me feel bad” (*Oh Brother!*)

    He says he doesn’t put anybody at a disadvantage. He says that when he has an advantage, he makes sure everyone else does too.

    In the HOH, Josh (Is this National Ear Cleaning Day too?) is cleaning his ears, while Jason is in the bathroom. Jason leaves and Josh tells him that he’ll be down in a minute.

    The cam changes to the bedroom where TCB is still telling Alex about her disease. Jason walks in and Alex puts on her eyemask and gets under the covers. Kevin continues to read his Bible.

    Outside, Paul and Icy are still playing Cornhole and he tells her he hopes that they leave it out there and he’s just play it 8 hours a day then go to bed.

    Josh is still hiding out in the HOH room to avoid Jason (he was ordered to by Icy…and he feels guilty).

  47. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin is in the HOH talking to Icy about “the 5 of them”….(HA!). She is telling Icy and Paul about her convo with The Corpse Bride. They are comparing notes about the lying again.

    Alex is telling them that she was talking to TCB, trying to get some sort of clarification about her life. Xmas says that she was telling her that she didn’t know whether her dance studio is still open or not. Paul says she told him the same thing. (*At least they’re not bashing Kevin ….for the moment*).

    They are talking about TCB telling her BB apparently told her that she would make $18,000 for 3 months there so that’s why she decided to go on the show. (*Guess that answers our question, they get around $6,000 a month*).

    Now they’re talking about how much MattRess makes. They say he’s a government contractor who took a leave of absence. (*I thought he was a private contractor, which if he is, he works on a signed contract so he could negotiate his leave of absence*).

    They talk about whether MattRess really loves her. Alex thinks he will spend a little time with TCB after the show but she doesn’t think it will amount to more than that. The 3 of them say they hope he doesn’t break her heart.

    Josh is on the hammock, looking like he’s suicidal. (*Conscience is the price you pay for being duplicitous and deceitful*). He’s talking to himself and saying that betraying Jason isn’t going to be easy. He says he doesn’t know how he’s going to do it and he feels bad about it. He apologizes to Holly.

    Josh says it’s easier when you have a house full of enemies. He says that when you have a house full of people who don’t like you, it’s not hard to get rid of them. But it’s harder when you have to betray someone who’s been a good friend to you. He says he’ll have to be more direct, straightforward about it but he doesn’t want to upset Paul and Xmas. He said he started to just go ahead and tell Jason today but it would have just f*cked everything up.

    In the HOH, Paul is telling Xmas/Alex how he’s responsible for other people in the house and how he has to win things and look out for them. (They are still talking about TCB). Paul says she just parrots everything everyone else says. He and Alex both say, at least Kevin has an opinion (*I almost fell out of the chair when they actually gave him a backhanded compliment…don’t get use to it*).

    On the hammock, (I’m on suicide prevention watch), Josh is saying that everyday in the house for him is emotional. He says he doesn’t even know if we’re listening to him right now. He says it’s emotional for him because this (BB) is one of his dreams. (*It always amazes me when someone who is so mean and nasty to others, can get so humble when THEY feel down*)

    He says he doesn’t want to change his game or who he is for money…unless HE is crossed (*So is he telling us that the pot wielding, loud screaming idiot is who he is in real life?*). He says that he knew that if he stayed faithful and strong he’d get through it, and he just wants to win for his family and he can’t express it to anyone because he doesn’t want anyone to judge his game based on that and he doesn’t want sympathy.

    He says he hasn’t talked about the adversity he and his family had to go through and he hopes that shows the right people why he should stay and should go to the end. He says at least he and Xmas (go to the end).

    He says that as bad as he wants and needs the money, he hopes if he loses, it to either Paul or Xmas.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Josh is still alone on the hammock and said if he makes it to the end, he hopes it doesn’t turn Jason and Alex against him. (*I think he’d better hope for something else*)

    He tells him mother he misses her and he appreciates his family so much more. He says he thinks he’s been a pain in the ass. He says 75 days in that house will make you reflect on your life big time.

    He says he’s in a funk but he doesn’t want to get Paul and Xmas in a funk. He says all he wants to do is talk to them but doesn’t want to make them feel bad. He says he thinks he feels so bad right now because for a few hours tonight, the game was off and they just had a good time. Then afterwards, he started to realize, “What the fuck am I doing. Why am I lying to this guy” (talking about Jason).

    He gets up and goes inside and into the Wave Room, closes the door and assumes the position.

    Just checked in on the HOH Gang…..Still talking about TCB. Paul says she told him that her dog knows 23 tricks. Paul says he told her to name the tricks. She named 5 and he told her there are still 18 left.

    In the Wave Room, Sad Sack has wrapped himself in a blanket (Audrey style) and turned his back to the cameras.

    Back in the HOH, Manny, Moe and Jack (The Pep Boys), don’t feel like they’re calling her (TCB) out, they’re just trying to get some viable information out of her.

    Paul says TCB said she has pet racoons. He says unless you’re Snow White, why would you be inviting racoons to your house when you have pets, they will f*ck your pets up.

    Ice Queen (X), says she’s afraid to say anything in front of her because she’ll tell her that she did it too.

    They talk about Xmas’ time overseas then the convo switches to her name.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Josh has joined the HOH Gang. As soon as he gets in, the convo turns to Kevin.

    And we’re offffff……..

    Paul says that when Kevin is looking at him, it feels like how a dog looks at you while you’re shitting.

    Alex tells how Kevin keeps trying to tell the story about the Ougi (sp) board…….Fish

    All cams change to Kevin sleeping, then back to the HOH…..she’s still telling he Ouji story.

    Why does Josh feel bad about talking bad about everybody but Kevin? (*Don’t bother to answer, it’s not rhetorical*)

    Talk calms down…until the Gremlin brings up his name again. (*Goddamn you Paul, for taking the WRONG one off the block! Goddamn you!*)

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Alex just told Josh and Paul that if she wins the next HOH, she going to put up Josh and Raven, but for him not to worry because they’re not voting him out. She said she’s going to tell TCB to stop crying, she’ll still get her stipend (hope SHE feels the same way next week).

    She is asking Paul how to explain the end of the game (F3?). He explains it to her and Josh. Josh is just laying on the bed still looking like he wants to cry.

    Alex ask Josh if he’s sleeping in the HOH. He says no, he’s trying to wait until TCB goes to bed. (He’s really waiting for X more than likely).

    She goes downstairs and Paul slithers out of the HOH bathroom and starts to whine to Josh how it’s getting harder for him because he’s protecting some people more than others and he doesn’t like seeing people sad and unprotected.

    He starts to talk about Raven again and says she’s done nothing and she complains while he pretty much has to bust his d*ck to keep his group together. He says she echoes everything he says then she makes fun of him.

    He says if he doesn’t like someone it’s hard not to show it. He says he’s straight forward. He said he can’t tell her anything (because he needs her for now). He says she screamed so loud in his ear tonight that he can’t hear. Then in the next sentence, he changes his rant to Kevin. Josh the ass-licker, joins in (Sorry G, I still ain’t buying it 😉 )

    Paul says he hopes Jason wins AFP over Kevin.

    The King says as they’re getting closer, he feels all the pressure on him for all the people he’s responsible for (*Give me a freaking break!*). He tells Josh that if something happens to Josh’s game, he’s going to feel really bad.

    They then turn their tea party on Alex. They brag about how after Jason is gone, Alex is going to be after Kevin.

    Josh tells him that he(Paul) needs to turn off the game at least an hour. That he needs to back away because he has been and is working every single day and needs a break. Paul tells him that he feels if he does, he’ll let the “team” down. (*I wonder will CBS make the check out to all of them or just one?*)

    Josh is telling him that if he doesn’t win, that he wants either Paul or Xmas to win. He says he doesn’t care what he has to do, whether its blow up on somebody, act a fool or whatever. (*Aww, ain’t he precious. And he wonders if his family is proud of him..*)

  51. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul is telling Josh about why Raven is really starting to get under his skin. He says that it pisses him off that he’s had to work his d*ck off every minute in the BB house and has never had a moment of peace in the game, yet Raven gets to sit around doing nothing and is still in the game. He’s also grown tired of her attention-seeking behavior, particularly tonight when they announced the POP network BBQ party and Raven screamed in his ear.

    Paul uses this point about Raven as an opportunity to segue into more Kevin bashing. He says that’s also the reason he’s getting disenchanted with Kevin– he feels Kevin is constantly playing to the cameras to try to win AFP. Josh says he doesn’t care about being loved, but if he gets out of the house and find out he’s hated, it will be a hard pill to swallow (oh boy Josh, you’d better pop a few anti-depressants on finale night then…).

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry about that. Computer locked up again. That’s how I can tell when it’s tired of hearing all this BS.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, just got my feed back.

    Xmas has rejoined the Get-Along-Gang.

    Paul is telling Josh how he’s so sad that he’s got to get rid of Jason because he likes him but he is loyal to him and Xmas and he has to do what he has to, to get them to the end.

    He says when Raven and Kevin gets put up, he’s going to tell her that she has to win to pull herself off.

    Josh says Alex will be lethal if she gets past F5. He says that’s why she has to go next week.

    Paul says that’s why he can’t just put her up on the block (he’s wants to put Raven and Kevin up then backdoor Alex, to render her harmless). He says that if Alex wins HOH, there is no way she won’t put Kevin on the block, that’s why if she does, they have to make sure they win Veto instead of Kevin.

    They say that if that happens, then the next week, she can’t compete and she goes home then. He says either way, they have to beat Alex during a Veto because if not, one of them goes.

    Paul says that they just might have to ramp it up if Alex winds up staying. He tells Josh he might have to bring out the pots and pans and do whatever he has to do. He also told Josh to start in on Kevin again to make him lose it. Josh agrees (*again….See G, that’s why I wasn’t buying the tears*)

    They get together every night to talk about the same old sh!t. Why can’t they find something new to discuss?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      “He also told Josh to start in on Kevin again to make him lose it. Josh agrees (*again….See G, that’s why I wasn’t buying the tears*)”

      But see, this is exactly my point NK. It’s not like Josh came up with that idea himself. This came after Paul spending half an hour telling Josh how much he cares about him, and how everything Paul does is to protect him and Christmas. Again, it does not excuse Josh’s behavior. But it does support what I was saying about Josh’s behavior being more the result of him being a dim-witted, overemotional, follower with bad judgment than malice. I think when Josh gets out of the house and finds out how badly he was played by his so-called friends, he’s going to feel extremely foolish for behaving this way.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Josh is telling them that Kevin needs to spaz. He says that they need to start tomorrow. (*Feeling this Azzhole less and less…..Sorry G :-p )

    Paul and Xmas says that they need to get Raven to do it because he can’t stand her.

    Paul is telling them that he’s told Kevin not to talk to him and that if he f*cks his game up, he can kiss his ass goodbye because he’s out of there. Paul says that BB18 Rambo Paul is about to come out.

    He is still bragging about how many times he was on the block last year. (*They still say nothing about how he’s not been on once this year*)

    Xmas says she can’t understand why nobody fought this year, they just lay down and say nothing. Paul says it’s because they want to blame everything on him.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Josh says it was fun seeing them leave.

    They start talking about TCB eating again.

    Paul says if anyone ask what were they doing in the HOH tonight, to tell them that he had an emotional day (*Still trying to garner sympathy for himself*)

    Josh gives X a hug and she tells him they are going to have a walking ceremony tomorrow (for her boot). He says goodnight to Paul, then leaves.

    Paul is in the shower, while his Fishwife gets ready for bed. He yells from the shower that if she wants to cut off the light that she can because he likes showering in the dark.

    She gets into bed and changes her clothes in the dark, while he showers. She gets up and brushes her teeth by the nightlight. (*I feel like I’m writing a romance novel*)

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Icy is hopping all around, readjusting pillows and moving things in the dark. While The King is STILL in the shower. (*Doesn’t Cali have a water shortage? Because you’d never know it as long as Paul and Josh takes showers…And why was she taking so much time to straighten the room in the dark? Think it’s been a long time since she’s had a man in her room?*)

    She’s now in bed listening to music in the dark. He is still in the shower.

    Okay now somebody needs to check on his azz to make sure he’s not dead.

  57. NKogNeeTow

    Okay now that’s one mean pose. 9/5/17 3:01 AM PT Cam1

    …And he’s STILL in the shower….

  58. NKogNeeTow

    He just blew his nose in the shower, so he’s not dead.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Grooming his beard in the mirror. (*What I’d give for a lawn mower. I’d run over his chin in his sleep….mean, I know*). Why doesn’t he just put a hairnet on it?

    Another one with the Q-Tips in the ears. As much as these people clean out their ears, you should be able to look in one and see clear through to the other.

    He’s out of the bathroom and walking around the bedroom. She sat up and said goodnight to him and he left.

    He stops off in the hallway to check his beard in the mirror, then peeps outside to see if anyone is out there.

    He got something to drink and is off to bed. He made so much noise putting his glass on the night stand, that TCB woke up, turned over and went back to sleep.

    Now everyone is snug in their beds. I’m about to be too.

    G’night G and whoever else is left here. Make sure you turn off the lights on your way out.

    Have a great day! TTTL

  60. Tinkerbell

    RAVEN……STFU about your bills, your Mama’s bills, how both of you will die very soon….and on and on to infinity, and beyond. Karma is waiting for you on the outside, Chick.

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