I need to talk about the HoH episode last night because while I knew what happened, actually watching it play out is different. The debate rages whether Paul is a fantastic player or the house is just so damn bad, and last night added tons of fuel to both arguments. On one hand, you have Paul who was able to find out what each person wanted in order to drop, on the other hand, you had people willingly throwing the HoH competition with only 7 players remaining.

Paul has been able to completely convince Alex (who is letting her ego cloud her judgment) that Kevin of all people is the target. Kevin. The 55 (or 56) year old guy who can’t win a competition to save his life and is currently completely alone in the house is a bigger threat than the duo that has won 8 total competitions (4 hoh / 4 pov)?  Alex really believes this? She believes that Christmas nominated Alex and Jason with the extremely remote chance of backdooring Kevin with 3 people being picked from the final 4 available? Or does she believe that Christmas just wanted to keep the peace for 3 days before nominating her real target?  Ok, the last one could actually be a possibility seeing as that’s basically what they’re doing now to only surprise Jason and Alex on Thursday night when he’s evicted. On the bright side of this, we get to see Alex’s face drop when she realizes she’s been duped. On the negative side, she’ll blame Raven, Josh, Christmas, and probably Kevin before she blames Paul.


And that is what has been concerning Josh as he has suddenly realized (*cough* production likely hinted) that Paul is doing all of this without getting a drop of blood on his hands.  He has used the entire house all season – Josh especially – to do his dirty work, and he’s doing it again today.  Paul plans to use the veto to save Alex like he promised which makes the rest of the house look like the bad ones when they vote out Jason.

On another note – CBS really has to stop editing Alex out to be some fun, likable prankster. That is some bullshit. Even if you ignore the fact that she’s clearly copying James to try to win something like AFP, she’s a completely awful person which makes her pranks not fun to watch by any stretch of the imagination. James was a boring player, but likable guy. Alex is a terrible player, and completely unlikable. Stop showing her pranks because it makes the CBS-only audience think that she’s some fun person in the house. They did a good job making her look stupid with her DR clips making fun of Kevin for throwing the comp, but they need to expose some of her hatred.


  • 10:30 am – Josh and Jason are the only people up and outside talking.
    • I was listening until Josh kept doing some gross sounding thing with his nose so I had to mute it for a bit
  • 12:00 pm – Veto meeting done. Alex down, Kevin up.
    • Thank you, Jason, for actually providing us a little drama last week. Good job Paul for keeping a boring season boring!
    • I wonder when these dummies will realize that Paul is officially the last person to not be nominated?  That can be his argument….
    • “Look, noobs.  I came in this house with a huge target. Cody saw it and tried to get me out. Props to him (btw, please vote for me, Cody). The rest of you sat around as I controlled the house and managed every HoH while never sniffing the block. Derrick is widely considered a great player for something similar, yet I was able to do it with a massive target on my back.  If you don’t vote for me, social media will mock you relentlessly for being bitter because I am far and away a better player than anyone in this house.  Thank you”
    • Anyway, back to the game….
    • Raven comes into the HoH room to talk to Josh and Christmas.  She tells them how Paul told her that Jason said “fuck Raven” regarding her vote. Jason probably said that, but hilarious how it instantly went back to Raven and these people don’t realize Paul is behind it all
  • 12:40 pm – Raven leaves, Paul comes in and they begin to talk shit about Raven
    • Alex comes up to tell them lunch is ready and the talk breaks up
  • 3:10 pm – I decided to not go driving today because I hoped for another post-veto blow up. Did not happen
    • Maybe I’ll head out now since Raven is up Paul’s ass while he plays chess with Christmas while the rest are outside

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