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Big Brother 19 – More Of The Same?


As I said on Twitter last night, when the unexpected is expected, can you really keep saying “expect the unexpected”?  Judging from my twitter feed during the show, having yet another season where they bring back a vet is just getting old on people. Sure it’s great the vet is someone as entertaining as Paul, but enough already. A good chunk of the show revolved around Paul and newbies kissing his ass rather than us getting to know the newbies.

With that said, it’s great to see the show back on TV and I’ll take it regardless if a player is returning or not.

I’m going to analyze the cast a bit later hopefully, but I have a few random comments from what I saw last night…..

  • I don’t know what to think about Cody. I get a serious ‘Monty’ vibe from him who I also still don’t know if I like or not.
  • Cameron got the shaft, and it’s hard not to feel bad for him. The game is about how you play socially, and it’s unfair to evict anyone in the first day.
  • I love Paul, but I am not a huge fan of his act when he knows the cameras are on. You know he would have rather just entered the house like a normal person, but he needed to be this high profile figure and yell random catch phrases.
  • The dislike for Jillian is weird. I haven’t really seen a whole lot of her to get an opinion one way or another, but people really feel strong about her already.
  • Kevin would have been stupid to pass up that money. He only has a 6% chance of winning it all and that is not factoring in other variables like his age which greatly hurts players in this game. Regardless how the season goes, he’s already a winner because of that.
  • What is up with Josh?  His DR session was completely creepy as hell.
  • Ladies REALLY love Matt and the gray hair look. Who knew?
  • The wife and I were having a debate.  Jessica claims they’re real, and I say they are, but wife says fake.  What do you think?

Alright, so the feeds are going live tonight just after the west coast episode. You can get a free week of the feeds by clicking on this link. Yay!

I am going to try to rank the houseguests this afternoon, but I have something to go to at 6:30. It is unlikely I will be home by 9, though it will be close. If not, I hope Amy can cover the episode, but if she can’t do it (she just had surgery, wish her well!), I will do it when I get home.  After that, I will live blog as late as I can tonight but that may not be too late because I’ve been getting tired early. Perhaps I need to start a coffee fund.

Enough rambling. Tell me what you thought of the premiere and this cast.


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  1. Avatar

    I think the dislike for Jillian is that, out of the three people on the block, both Cameron and Christmas seemed like they would have a more aggressive and interesting strategy to watch in the game. Jillian’s pitch to Paul for friendship (that we saw) was that she is “sunshine and rainbows all the time.” Boring, also, immediately untrue after not getting the friendship bracelet.

    But, can we talk about Cody thinking he deserved a friendship bracelet? Seriously? And his reason for not liking Paul, “all he did his season was scheme his way all the way to the end.” What game is this again? At least there’s should be some good fights in the future.

    • BBBonbon62

      I could not agree more on your Cody assessment. The whole conversation, or lack thereof, between him and Paul was so uncomfortable.

      I am also not feeling Jillian but not quite sure why. She seems the type to get under my skin like a fungus. Again not sure why….time will tell.

      • NKogNeeTow

        BB! Hello! Yep, Cody is going to be quite a piece of work. He is SO like Monte (no sense of humor, think he runs the place, looks down on people). I also think it’s just a matter of time before he turns the house against him. He reminds me of this saying “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”. And the fool declared straight off that he didn’t like Paul, they was pissed because he didn’t get a bracelet. He’s such an idiot.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep Bri, The first thing Cody declared was his dislike for Paul, then got pissed when he didn’t get a bracelet. What an idiot. He reminds me of that saying “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself”. I can see him easily making the others turn against him. He’s to aggressive.

  2. AIO_7

    As much as I like Paul, I would rather have seen the original 16 battle it out. I didn’t look close enough at Jessica to determine if they are fake or not, but chances are they are fake. If there is going to be a showmance this year my guess is she will be the other half. (her and/or Elana)

    A bit off topic but I remember the early days of BB and the contestants NEVER saw any one from the outside world (only Julie from remote). Last night we had 3 or 4 models holding the apples. They could have just left the apples sitting on a table. I’d like to see BB go back to a more sequestered house.

  3. Avatar

    Unfortunately for Jillian, the social game is two way. She may attempt to be social, but the others may not appreciate her in general. She will be alienated from the major pack, because people are naturally mean to someone who isn’t accepted.

    I think Cody is a natural leader in regular life. But it seems he is going out of his way to prove to everyone that he’s a leader. His attitude wont be good for a social game.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to verify in person, but that looks like a natural jiggle to me.

  4. LindsayB

    Cody is a douchebag so far. For his sake, I’m hoping he’s just trying to be “tough” to start and will relax a bit. Not gonna hold my breath. He probably thinks he was bred for this.
    Jillian is just annoying. I see her being a major floater who has no idea that she’s floating.
    Real or fake? That seems to be the main topic of conversation unfortunately. She shows them off enough that I doubt she’ll be too offended by the attention. I’ll be shocked if she’s able to get through the summer without a serious wardrobe malfunction cuz she doesn’t seem to be too concerned about coverage. She’s gonna bounce right out of that bikini top.

  5. Avatar

    Jessica’s are for sure fake. Kevin looks like Sean Penn from 20 years ago incase anyone missed that… Cody looks the bad guy from the movie “Deja Vu” starring Denzel Washington.. and the same guy in the movie ” Frequency” ..

  6. Avatar

    Those are 100% real! From personal knowledge, that jiggle is the real deal! Haha!
    I see Jillian floating for sure. Matt seems really cool, but Cody seems like a cold-blooded kinda guy. I was surprised that Cody voted to evict Jillian, because not only did that show that he was truly unaffected by her sob story (thus making me assume that the emotional route is not the way to win him over in any kind of alliance way) but also, because it makes me question why he wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to take out a real threat, either in Cameron or Christmas. Maybe he is one of those people that would rather win the game against strong people? Whatever the reason, I’m unsure if his method will be successful, seeing as his attitude has a big chance of killing his social game.

  7. Avatar

    Looking forward to Paul going home. That is when the game will begin.

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