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Big Brother 19 – One More Day Until Eviction Live Updates


To continue the theme of a boring week, once again I give you Matt and now Raven as the header image. They are this year’s Nicole and Corey if Corey was about 10x more boring and Nicole turned into a complete opposite of her persona and added a laugh that could haunt your dreams. Needless to say, no matter how much I bashed Corey and Nicole for being boring as hell last year, Corey was at least funny at times and Nicole actually wanted to win the game.

I almost feel like I insulted Corey and Nicole by comparing them to Matt and Raven, and that’s probably because the only comparison is they are both super boring together.  So if you’re reading this, Nicole, don’t worry, you are literally the polar opposite of Raven. Even your ‘Corrrreeeyyyyyyyy’ isn’t close to as annoying as Raven’s laugh.

Now that I’ve done my daily shitting on Matt and Raven, let’s move on – to the house doing the same thing!  Pretty much everyone inside the house has had enough of Raven’s antics and Matt is simply guilty by association.  Around 8pm last night, Paul and Christmas had a long discussion of the weird things Raven says and does which isn’t even counting her physical issues which appear to increase by the day. And this is pure bitterness as Paul isn’t even using this as a strategy to turn the house against them. As far as he’s concerned, those two are barely blips on the radar next to the more powerful duo of Jason and Alex. Maybe he’s just making up for the fact he won’t be able to shit on them to really anyone else because they’ll likely make the final 5 and be obvious targets at that point. Does that make sense? Probably not. Oh well.



  • 10:20 am – The music went off and the house is slowly getting up.  I just realized how weird this house feels without Elena around. I was really waiting for her to go off on a few other people but never had the chance.
  • 4:30 pm – I was out all day taking advantage of the slow period to try Uber. Pretty fun
    • Right now, Jason is sleeping with Alex, Mark, and Kevin are chatting nearby.
    • It appears Josh found Raven and Matt’s stash of condoms
    • So the house runs in to check it out
  • 4:45 pm – Josh and Christmas are studying.  One thing worse than studying is watching others study
    • Meanwhile, Mark is saying that Elena wanted publicity so she should have stuck with him for the showmance because they tend to get more airtime
  • 5:05 pm – Matt and Raven join.  Wonderful
    • They’re all talking about Cody.  Paul is still crying because Cody put him on the block and tried to make a big move
    • Paul is telling Mark that he knew Cody was going to nominate him (P).  Mark insists he didn’t know
    • Raven once again carries on the lie that she rejected Cody and he didn’t want her because she can’t have kids
    • Alex says she doesn’t hate Cody but she’s confused.  Paul jumps in “you’re confused??  I’m confused!!”  – Keep playing dumb, Paul
  • 6:00 pm – Paul and ranting to Mark about Cody
    • He is doing serious victim noises because Mark isn’t sitting there trashing the guy who is out of the house
    • Alex says Cody made a personal attack on her by eating her cereal. Oh come the fuck on. These people are absurd
  • 6:30 pm – Paul is done complaining about Cody to Mark
    • The group heads upstairs to retell it all to Christmas
    • They are bashing how Raven came in randomly and jumped in saying stupid stuff
    • Christmas has the Christmasface on while listening
  • 7:00 pm – Kevin pulled Jason aside to ask him why people keep questioning him
    • Little does he realize that he can do everything right but he’s still going to be the target
    • Time to watch the veto!

Check back for updates


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  1. HappyHippo

    On a side note how crazy that Nicole and Victor are together now?! I never would have pictured them together….
    As always you are spot on. Completely boring week(s).

    • Renee

      I didn’t know they were together. He could do better, but I could see why she would want to be with him.

      • Tinkerbell

        Victor is smart…….she still has lots of money left, and a nursing career if she ever goes back. :)))

      • feltso gudinya

        “he could do better” makes it sound like looks r the most important thing in a relationship….nicole may possess many fine qualities that we r unaware of. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. my wife was voted the most beautiful girl at her college. if she picked a husband based only on looks i might still be sitting on the express bus to manhattan. your comment is a dig and says more about the you than u might realize……not nice or adult…..

      • feltso gudinya

        here’s a question for the people who thumbs downed my comment (and u all know i usually love shaking things up), but, how would u feel if someone walked up to your spouse or lover and said, “i think u could have done much better”?….think about it….it is a thoughtless, classless and hurtful thing to say….if anyone ever said that to a guest in my home they would never see the inside of my house again…only a vile, ill mannered fool would say such a thing……if u don’t believe me say it to an acquaintance of yours and see what happens…..

      • Mel

        I understand your point Felts but “could do better” may be about the whiny, childish, boy crazy behavior we’ve seen out of Nicole for 2 summers. She seemd like an asshole. Victor came off as a big sweetheart who was super genuine. These observations could be wrong but I could see myself saying that he could do better and it having nothing to do with their looks. I think they make a cute couple in the looks department.

      • feltso gudinya

        i thought that also, but it is still not applicable….what we see as obnoxious and whiny might be the very same things victor fell in love with. love is’t u acquainted with all kinds of people? i am human. in life u meet people you don’t like, yet these people have loved ones. intelligent people who have experienced life don’t say such crass things. …i am not a reality tv star. i cannot behave that way. i enjoy keeping friends since preschool. gossips and negative people make bad friends……

      • Renee

        Thank you @Mell You understood exactly what I was intending. I will not waste any more breath trying to justify something that was taken so far out of context.

    • Avatar

      I heard that they got together and watched a YouTube moments of them of those two last summer someone made from feeds. I thought Nicole was annoying w hero worship of Cody. But seeing her w Victor she seemed more likeable and he was sooo sweet to her. He is really attractive. Did not see much of that behavior showed on CBS episodes.

    • Jenny

      I wonder if Victor is still pursuing an acting career. He was hilarious last year especially with that eagle.

    • stevebeans

      Doesn’t shock me. He was clearly into her last season

      • feltso gudinya

        y is everyone equating love with beauty? when did this blog become tiger beat magazine?… extremely shallow thinking…no wonder one half of marriages end in divorce?

  2. AIO_7

    A scene from a few moments ago.

    Those boxes have been on the kitchen table for a few days now….I wonder what they are.

    • Cindy

      I noticed those the other day also. If I’m not mistaken they appeared right after the veto comp. I kinda thought they could possibly be ace bandages or maybe heat and ice packs because everyone was complaining about how sore they were after that veto comp. Mainly Raven

  3. Avatar

    There should be live feeds at the jury house because at this point all of the entertainment will be there and not in the the BB house.

  4. Tinkerbell


      • Tinkerbell

        Yaaaayyyy, my day is now complete!

      • Tinkerbell

        Rapunzel has swollen eyes this morning. I can’t wait to hear the name of the new disease, even though it hasn’t been named yet. It’s actually from playing house last night, with their heads completely covered up like they always do. They were quite “active” last night, sound effects included at no extra cost. Unbelievable! They do know they are on TV. Morons! She is putting on her 20 strips of beautiful red hair right now. I didn’t think it was possible, but she is even more incorrigible with her fake threads.

    • Ann

      @hobie, click your heels, spin around 3 times & say that & maybe it will work. Lol

      I turned off BBAD last night because I couldn’t take watching her & Matt running around the house playing like 4yr olds. Not to mention I can’t stand her.

      • AIO_7

        BBAD also showed the humping under the sheets. They cover their heads with the sheet when they are doing it.

      • Tinkerbell

        @Ann Hahaha, so funny! Their playing house last night was the most graphic yet! Wipes my mind out…….if I even have one left from watching too much BB. Who is the real knucklehead….ME ;))). Yes, they were even more than usual ridiculous last night. I was hollering at my screen – kick their butts out!! I wanted to go over there, put Munchausen back on her broom, and blast her off to the moon. Cereal Shower Man…..I wanted to put him in a 200 pound bag of cereal, and sit it on a curb for trash pick-ip.

      • feltso gudinya

        and, she was so loud i had to turn the volume down………….

  5. AIO_7

    Bastille Day’s foot sans the cast.

  6. ShoeLover

    Don’t hate me, but I am actually missing those odd moments of Rachel in her bikini shaving her legs in the HOH bathtub and her nonstop plotting schemes of what could, should happen next….. You have to admit at least it was entertaining when she had some super valid points. But these people…. Oh my goodness!!!

    CLUELESS HOUSEGUESTS: “Oh Paul, you have a really good chance of winning”

    PAUL: “There’s no way in hell with all of y’all”

    CLUELESS HOUSEGUESTS: “Don’t even say that, sure you do buddy ”

    PAUL: “I don’t see that happening”

    CLUELESS HOUSEGUESTS: “We got back 100%”


  7. Helen

    Could someone from production please go out and throat punch Matt please and tell him to get his filthy feet off the counter and keep them off!! What the hell is wrong with these people?

  8. LindsayB

    Disclaimer: this is completely for fun. No snarkiness at all. I know a lot of people here dislike me and what I have to say. Five people have been taken the time to go to my profile to anonymously dislike me. Thank you for stoping by to visit. Lol. It’s no secret that I love me some Paul. Most think I’m crazy for that and that’s ok. My question is this:

    What’s worse?
    A) a Paul fan
    B) a Raven fan

    Again, I am not trying to be snarky. I’m just curious to see what you all think would be worse. Let’s keep this fun.

    • Avatar

      LindsayB, it’s a trick question…. There’s no such thing as a Raven fan… You’d have better luck winning the Powerball jackpot then finding a Raven fan.

    • Alda

      Still #Team Paul

      • AIO_7

        “Five people have been taken the time to go to my profile to anonymously dislike me.”

        Can you tell if it’s actually 5 different people? Or could it be 1 person who has opened 5 different accounts.

      • LindsayB

        AI, if someone was inspired to take the time to log into five different accounts to dislike me then I am even more flattered. I’m almost inspired to draft an acceptance speech. Lol

      • AIO_7

        I’d still wager that only 1 person is behind the mischief. Otherwise 5 different people would have to waste time in the same way.

      • LindsayB

        Are you saying I’m not inspiring enough to motivate five different people? Maybe I should try harder

      • AIO_7


      • LindsayB

        AI, did you just create your sixth profile?

      • AIO_7

        One account only. And I don’t even like to fool around with the “friends” thing or the private messages thing. I only go off the main page to occasionally change my avatar.

      • LindsayB

        I know it’s not you. Just having fun with ya.

      • feltso gudinya

        AIO 7 i think steve can see where the posts originate from. NK said they can boot people so there might be some kind of reference. i first noticed it when i wanted a closer look at lindsays dog and i saw it on her page……talk about hurtful and ill mannered… if it’s your mother or your spouse or your best friend u should worry. otherwise not so much……………on a lighter note, i went to lindsays page because up until today i thought it was a picture of lindsay kissing darth vader when she went to lucas production studios…..she lives in nocal….it could have happened……

      • LindsayB

        Omg Feltso. I legit laughed out loud at that!!!! I should consider Darth Vader as a backup plan if the fireman doesn’t work out.

        I’m not gonna lose any sleep over anyone here or in my every day life disliking me. I find it flattering that I inspired some people to be so cowardly and petty. I’ve always considered myself inspirational.

      • feltso gudinya

        if u go to my page i have 3 likes and zero dislikes what does that tell u. even my best friends and family want to strangle me sometimes… has to be the paul issue and i am sure non-posters r doing it because people who disagree with u here have already got it off their chests….i have a post floating around somewhere here where i call them cowards… the best part of this is that i reminded people they have not attacked me yet. i should have 20 dislikes by the timne i get up in the morning…..and i’m smart and well spoken…people hate that….lol…..from your from your occuvite needing buddy, good night, school tomorrow…………..

      • LindsayB

        Good night dear Feltso. Those kids are lucky to have such a fun, witty person to help shape their futures.

      • feltso gudinya

        i’m so tired my brain is stuttering…. from your, from your, from your, from your frumunda cheese………………u know what frumunda cheese is? ask ann or look it up………..

      • LindsayB

        You kill me.

    • Tinkerbell

      @lindsayb Hey, No fair. We need options for – None of the above, All of the above, Don’t like anyone on BB19. Hahaha

    • Avatar

      LindsayB…been a #teampaul since last season. So I support you 100%…and most of your comments! lol With that…Would anybody actually admit to being a Raven fan. I mean..seriously! 🙂 I think not! I really hope he does go to the end! #TEAMPAUL!

    • Renee

      Does she have any fans, other than the ones she created in her own mind?

    • kneeless

      By far a Raven fan, but are there any? I’m not a Paul hater but I don’t like him as much as I did last year. What I dislike more is the way the rest of the house bows down to him & are such sheep. He’s readthem well and has adjusted his gameplay accordingly. Not sure how he would have done with stronger players. If would have been much more interesting.

      • HappyHippo

        I agree completely….I “cheered” for him more last season being on the block so much and surviving….I think in a house with stronger real players he would have gotten the boot pretty early on after of course his completely staged 3 week safety expired….

      • Avatar

        I hope you meant by far “not” a Raven fan. If not than it would make you the fabled unicorn and I’d ask you to pick my lottery numbers for me tonight.

    • Tinkerbell

      Chicken S*** knuckleheads to thumbs down on profiles!

    • Avatar

      I’m not a Paul fan (but I’m also not stalking your profile to give you a thumb’s down because of it – really people??) but I’m with Wayne. No way there are Raven fans (except her mama). In the event of the exception that proves the rule, a Raven fan is way worse than a Paul fan. At least most Paul fans have a history with him. He annoys me, comes off as a pseudo-intellectual and is just all around tiresome to me BUT he at least he appears to have a brain in his head, he is CLEARLY strategizing, is several steps ahead of these yahoos and has successfully hypnotized them into thinking he’s their boss. Like him or not, that is not something many people (myself included) could pull off. And add to that the discussion earlier about how most of these other HG are quite a bit older than him, it makes it all the more impressive to me. So Paul’s personality doesn’t click with mine but that doesn’t have anything to do with how he’s playing the game.

    • Tinkerbell

      @lindsayb Isn’t that the truth about Raven!! Hahaha. Oh my goodness I just noticed your beautiful baby on your picture. She is so precious!!

    • Ann

      @Lindsay, as I’ve told you before, you know you’re my girl, my road dawg, my homie but your ass is skating on thin ice talking about a raven fan. Don’t make me cut you loose. Lol

    • Avatar

      Definitely a Raven fan is wayyyy worse. I am not a Paul fan at all but I can understand why some people are. On the other hand, with the exception of Kevin, and maybe Jason-someone who is a fan of the others is cray cray-they are mean and nasty people (but Raven is definitely the worst!) #TeamJessCodyandMark!!

    • caRyn

      Dislike your profile?! Never knew that was a possibility. Honestly I don’t think it should be. I also don’t like the thumbs down on comments. If it wasn’t an option maybe it would prompt more people to comment. I don’t look at my profile. Never cared.

    • BBBonbon62

      @LindsayB team Paul all day, everyday. Let the haters hate. Lol

    • g8trgirl

      Love, love, love, the pic of your rottie. What’s his/her name?

    • Avatar

      Is that even possible that Raven has a fan? Mothers and brothers don’t count

    • feltso gudinya

      a kraven paul fan………

    • Avatar

      I’m not a fan of either.

      Paul is playing a great game.

      Raven has no game, andis pretty annoying.

      Based on that, I have to go with Paul – even though I hope someone in the house somehow gets inspired, and throws him on the block.

  9. Tinkerbell

    Live feeds, oh my gosh!! Right now Cereal Head Shower Man has both feet on the counter. White socks on. The bottom of the socks are completely black. Disgusting!

  10. Alda

    They have no class.What bothers me just as much is how they are constantly picking or rubbing their noses.I mean constantly! They act like a bunch of preschoolers!

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  12. kneeless

    Matt & Raven, in bathroom, getting ready for the day. They are talking about Australia. Raven says she could have gone to college there, she got a scholarship. But, then she got sick and she also could not leave her momma. If anything would have happened to Momma…
    Then comes the best quote: “I’m not even that selfish.”

    • LindsayB

      But then she got sick? I thought this bitch has been sick since age 8. Or 14. It depends on the day when she tells her diagnosis story. So she got offered a scholarship at 8? 14? This girl is delusional.


      • Ann

        That says a whole lot about Matt’s ignorant ass for listening to all of her bullshit & then believing it.


      • Renee

        @Ann Matt isn’t listening to a single thing she says. He is getting his knob polished all the time. She could have 2 heads and 6 eyes and it wouldn’t matter as long as she continues that.

      • Ann

        @Renee, I totally love you. I laughed my fool head off.


        Hey KNOB POLISHER’s mom,, your daughter ain’t no damn virgin, she’s a SKANK!!!

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Ha ha ha!!! And on her bio thingie and her Go Fund Me page it says she was diagnosed at age 16. What the actual eff??

    • Tinkerbell

      Split a gut laughin’. Bwahaha

    • kneeless

      Oh, also, when Raven was born, she was born throwing up. She had to be rushed to NICU. Her momma couldn’t hold her or touch her for 7 days. Boo, effin, hoo.

      • LindsayB

        All the genetic defects in this family is the very reason why inbreeding is wrong.

      • Ann

        They need to all gather in the living room & sit deaths door down & have her tell them ALL of her ailments, illnesses & diseases right then & there so they can hear it all now so she won’t have to bring the shit up ever again to them….Then again, is there enough time in this season to hear it all?

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        I agree Ann. Problem is, I bet Raggedy Ann can’t remember all the lies she’s told and in what order. As much as Josh claims to hate liars, I can’t believe he hasn’t put two and two together yet with her and her WTF stories.

    • Avatar

      But she left her momma for 3 months to come on this show?
      oh yeah– it was part of the family scheme. #grifters #stfuraven

  13. Renee

    I think it would be really cool if production would start putting random statements from people up on the tv where they get all their notifications. They wouldn’t have to know if the statements were made from other houseguests, jury members, or fans. Wouldn’t even have to put the houseguest that the statement refers to. Watch the paranoia set in when they start seeing statements like “She thinks she is running something but doesn’t know who I am aligned with”; “If they only knew he was also aligned with them”, “She/he annoys me”

  14. ShoeLover

    I do not hate Paul!! He has turned me off slightly with how things are churning in his mind. The charismatic almost silly innocence from last year has turned into an egotistical entitled returning player…. with that being said….


  15. Avatar


    Devalls Bluff, Arkansas has just declared 28 August Raven Day

    There will be a parade running down Main street. All attendees are asked to park their mules and Donkeys on the outskirts of town and walk the 100 feet to line the street for the parade. People visiting from outside of town will find the street easily. It’s the only paved street in town.

    Scheduled events:

    8:00 AM – Community breakfast: Cereal will be served if any is left from the factory (seems there was a large shipment sent to California a few weeks ago).

    9:00 AM – Beauty secrets presentation: Ravens mom will demonstrate the proper techniques in achieving the flawless Raven look.

    10:0 AM – Virginity round table discussion: Raven will hold a discussion on the proper ways of maintaining one’s virtues. Demonstrations will be provided by Raven (guess subject Matt)

    11:00 AM – Screaming Contest: This is an open contest, anyone can enter. First one to make a glass shatter wins.

    Noon – Lunch: Cereal if any is left from breakfast, probably not. Matt was invited as the virginity round table demonstration subject. If Raven’s mom didn’t suck his eyes out through his ass, he’ll be hungry.

    1:00 PM – Parade down Main Street.

    1:15 PM – Raven look alike contest: You may not enter if your are related.

    1:16 PM – Hog calling contest: This was moved up because the Raven look alike contest was cancelled due to no contestants. Matt couldn’t compete because Raven’s mom did suck his eyes out through his ass. BTW, there is cereal now available.

    1:17 PM – Memorial for Matt…….. self explanatory. This was also moved up because during the hog calling contest the first contestant called the only hog (Raven’s mom) and she answered. No need to continue.

    1:30 PM – Festival was cancelled because state troopers broke it up. Seems an argument broke out between Raven and a few relatives about who had the most terminal diseases. This led to an altercation with multiple family members. Many were rushed to the hospital for emergency insertion of “insert name here” pacemakers. Not to worry, there was a family member with a laptop setting up gofundme pages as they were being admitted.

    Next years Raven’s Day celebration will be held in Hawaii, or Australia. Depending on how much the Gofundme pages bring in.

  16. Mel

    James and Caleb may be in the house soon possibly to host something.

  17. kneeless

    The 3 things I wish BB would incorporate: production giving them hints or actual popularity rankings. I would like to see these hg’s reactions, next, like everyone else would like, show more feeds from jury house and lastly have a “reunion” show like Survivor. I’d like them to get called ouf on some of their shit or explain why they did some of the things they did. I’d really love to see some of their reactions (Raven) when they get out.

  18. kneeless

    What is their rationale for getting Jason/Alex out before Matt/Raven? They’d have more food if they took Matt& Raven out 1st. I don’t know how they can stand living with those 2? I think I can safely say I dislike those 2 more than ANY houseguest, EVER!

    • HappyHippo

      Just saw on live feeds them complaining about how salty her chicken is right now… gross

      • Avatar

        Deathbed Barbie prefers things salty……………. wait for it…………………Zing!

      • Avatar

        Sounds like she used some of Matt’s “secret sauce” for seasoning!

      • Avatar

        Ugh! I can’t unthink that.

      • Ann

        Why don’t they stop complaining behind her back & tell her not to cook for them because she’s fucking up all of the food. I would tell her I will cook my own food.
        Salmonella & starvation might be her game play. Get everyone sick by cooking up all of the food & half cooking it at that causing them to eventually get sick or starve because they don’t want her nasty food. That’s why Mark eats only cereal.
        Just saying!!!


      • Ann

        @Hobie Doyle, how could you do that to us???

        Awawawawawawwaawawawwawa, help me unsee that vision!!!!!!!


  19. HappyHippo

    Do you think they will have a whole cast of returnees for 20? seems like I had heard that mentioned before….

  20. kneeless

    Raven is feeding Matt.

  21. kneeless

    Raven to Christmas: “I’ve probably had every test (medical, of course) you can have. Christmas was ask I ng Raven for medical advice! Raven’s friends call her & ask her all kinds if medical questions!

  22. Tinkerbell

    What.The.Frick.Frack!!! Raupunzel has some sort of necklace wrapped tight around her tubby leg. What?!?!

  23. Helen

    Here’s a nice thought for Thursday….

    This bunch of idiots throw the HOH comp to either Matt or Raven…
    Alex and Jason go OTB
    Kevin goes in and takes an apple and wins the second veto
    Alex or Jason win POV. …..Kevin uses the second veto to save whoever is remaining
    That leaves the trio of Christmas,josh or Paul to go OTB
    Christmas and josh ?
    Or Paul and either Christmas or josh to sit beside him?

  24. Tinkerbell

    I’m watching Mark make slop. Far better than watching that herd of nincompoops in the wave room.

  25. Tinkerbell

    I want to hug Kevin and Mark. My heart is sad watching them.

    • caRyn

      I feel for Kevin. I hope he gets AFP. He deserves it. The minute he talks to a hg that hg will go and repeat what he said in a negative way. I want Kevin to get every dime he can from the show so that this summer was worth him being away from his family.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        That’s exactly what they did to Cody too. I remember once Little Miss Munchausen offered Cody some of her world famous salmonella chicken tacos, and Cody very politely replied “no thank you”. Munchie then went upstairs and went on a rampage about how rude he was to her.

      • caRyn

        Munchausen – is that Raven? I know when Raven mentioned to other hg about a conversation she had with Jessica, Raven said Jessica yanked her by the arm. That didn’t happen.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Yes, Little Miss Munchausen = Raven. I think all the HGs are now aware of the fact that she’s a compulsive liar (well, except maybe Matt– I don’t think he cares). Alex, Christmakwanzakah, Kevin, and Jason were comparing notes the other day, and it’s very clear that they’ve all noted countless inconsistencies in her stories and none of them are buying her tall tales anymore.

  26. Avatar

    MattRess is going to watch this season back and realize that he has a habit of CONSTANTLY petting his beard and mustache. I’m wondering if he grew the facial hair just for the show.

    Also, this was the most interesting comment I could come up with on Matt.

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  28. AIO_7

    Raven popping Matt’s zits. She got one and said, “OOOHHH, that was a good one.”

  29. hogwild

    I heard zingbot will be making it’s apperance tonight maybe it’s zings will jump start some peoples brain.

  30. AIO_7

    Slosh finds RATT’s (Raven & Matt) used condoms.

  31. danmtruth

    I have not commented in a while Why ? The only question is Was it Paul or was it such a poor group of HG ? I know all of #TeamPaul will go on and on about the great game play of Paul Yawn This was like an Amway convention Everyone was working for the top dog
    Big Brother is at it’s best when there are multiple people or sides fighting / working to WIN This season no one beside Paul is looking to win Everyone else wants to make it to finale 3
    Congrats Paul was smart enough to get Dom out before she could do any damage Was that his one big move ? Getting Cody and Jessica out ? How hard was that with how poorly they played
    We like to simplify early in the season The split is normally the cool beautiful kids and the geeks & freeks This year instead of bonding they all thought they were the cool kids Alex , Jason, Ramses,and Josh were left out of the cool kid club That ended with in the first Two weeks First Cody wanted to work with Alex Than Paul wanted to work with Alex
    Starting Paul’s isolation of one or two players with th help of all the other players Normaly the ” house vote” happens the first few eviction because no one wants to be seen as on the wrong side Yet this year the house vote never ended
    Funny now Kevin is being accused of some hinky votes Yet it was always done per Pauls direction Now Paul is mum

    • Zach

      Being the VP of the Paul fan club, I can tell you that not many people think he is playing amazing, however he is the only one playing smart and because of that he is running the house.

      • danmtruth

        Saying your playing smarter than these people like saying your the worlds tallest midget Ok ?? hard to prove and when you do your still shorter than most Not that that is a bad thing

    • feltso gudinya

      y isn’t mark desperate to remain in the house? if i knew i was the next one out the door i would be as frantic as a caged dog….go for the jugular…mark should tell paul that if he gets voted out this week he will vote for whomever is sitting next to paul in the final 2 and that his friends cody and jessica will do the same and he will make it his business for the next four weeks in jury to campaign against paul with every new jury member. that would put the fear of god in paul…..matt would be out the door on thursday so fast our heads would spin. i usually refrain from commenting on the hg’s game because i don’t know how i would behave under these circumstances, but, having no instinctual survival reflex is just strange….why be an eloi marching into the cave?

      • danmtruth

        Fletso you usually have a keen eye for the passing scean for whats going on in the house What makes you think Mark can convince people in this house of any thing. Paul is looking at the jury makeup but who does he fear ? No one because everyone is happy to lose to him Because they don’t want to admit to being made a fool of all summer They for some odd reason they feel honored to have been out played by Paul Mark could not convince Jason to try to get Paul out How will he convince them not to vote for Paul

      • Avatar

        I was just thinking about the fact that the second nominee all summer has not had to campaign at all. That’s how in line all of these people are.

      • Avatar

        I think he just wants to get to jury so he can be with Elena

      • Sassy

        Campaigning is useless, but he should be spreading doubt throughout the house. Lie, lie, lie! Lie about everyone and everything! Since he really doesn’t know anything, he should just start making shit up! Start the paranoia!

  32. Tinkerbell

    I don’t want to hurt anyone feelings, but I have never made taco meat with huge chunks of yellow bell pepper in it. Thanks for the great cooking tip Rapunzel.

  33. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Remember the Alamo and Josh are strategizing in the HOH room. According to them, the current eviction order (after Mark) is: Jason, Matt, then Alex. They still think Kevin is acting sketch and has a side deal with Matt, but it sounds like Kevin is safe for now (unless Paul has other plans they’re not aware of).

  34. danmtruth

    All these plans and Paul is still safe ?? So of Josh & April Fool who thinks they can beat Paul in a mental comp or Physical comp ? So they are planing on Paul choosing who out of those two We all know it will be Josh because no one in jury respects or likes him
    The only two who might be able to beat Paul in a physical and or mental comp are Alex & Jason Gee who will be the next “sketch couple Both Matt &Raven and Xmas & Josh have them next

  35. hogwild

    Holy shit Matt is not wearing the orange University of Texas shirt got to mark this down on the calander.

  36. Tinkerbell

    They are holding court again. Defendants,, Jessica and Cody. Raven is the biggest contributor. Bunch of wussy-pants piss ants. My Wish Upon A Star for today – Production, please grant my wish. At around 10:45 tonight please announce…..”Matt and Raven, the lights must remain on while you’re having sex. Houseguests, videotaping in progress, do not enter the rose room.” Come production…….Nike, Just Do It.

  37. ingodog

    Just watching the CBS show, (with Zing Bolt) how fake are those laughs.

    • Avatar

      I didn’t, couldn’t watch tonight.

    • Avatar

      It was funny when Raven was in the DR talking about Zingbot’s arrival and said, “Dingbot is here”. I think she got confused which accent she was using and called it “Dingbot”, one letter off of dingbat. Zingbot’s arrival and Raven’s subsequent reaction was the most excited the hg’s have gotten since they all realized they “made jury”, AKA won Big Brother.

  38. Tinkerbell

    You know what? I didn’t think it was humanly possible, but these people are losing more major brain cells by the minute. They don’t have cells to spare. The situation is dire. Hahaha. These people are bonkers. It’s unanimous, they hate Cereal Monster and Rapunzel. Kick their r-e-a-r-s out. Put us our of our misery. Please let Pip Squeak Motor Mouth go with them. BB first, triple elimination. Yaaaayyyyy!

  39. hogwild

    In just over 24 hours the last scapegoat will be gone and the knuckleheads will have nowhere to hide anymore. I wonder if that has dawned on any of them yet?

    • Avatar

      Waiting for a power surge in Cali.

    • Ann

      Those assholes will just go after Kevin next. Instead they need to go after that little garden gnome Alex. I’ve hated that gnome since the beginning & she now thinks she’s big shit. Please BB let Kevin win the next HOH & flip some shit upside down. I want him to tell Alex he doesn’t want to talk to her because her fast talking ass gets on his nerves just like got on her & then send her to jury.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        According to Dia de los Muertos and Josh, the next target is Jason, followed by Matt and then Alex. Paul seems to be on board with that plan, but you can never be sure with him. But if Josh and Independence Day have their way, Kevin should be safe for at least a couple more weeks.

    • Sassy

      Paul has already started his Kevin campaign, I think he will be the target. Paul will wait to make his alternate choice, after he sees who is in power for the week. If Alex/Jason are in power – target will me New Years, if Josh/New Years are in power – it will be Alex or Jason. Maven won’t win, they are idiots! Paul won’t win, because he would have to openly make decisions. Kevin has said he would target Maven, but he hasn’t done well with comps, so I don’t expect him to win either.

  40. hogwild

    Paul and Alex still bitching about Cody can we do a #STFUPAUL and #STFUALEX? If someone has already started those never mind.

  41. feltso gudinya

    google “angela lansbury sweeney todd photos” and u will see the perfect job for ravenous when bb is done…….too bad she is not baking pies all summer……..but she will be come the fall………..

  42. Avatar

    I’m not a fan of Raven but I feel bad for her after the show is over.

    Its clear Mom never gave her a chance to be normal, and Matt is taking every bit of play action he can get. . Zingbot ‘clowned’ on her so bad tonight and Matt in true form laughed the loudest, offering no comfort whatsoever; he has not helped become a better person in any way shape or form.

    I hope she can handle the shame and embarrassment one day if she ever wakes up and realizes she has always been the butt-end of the joke.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Having listened to Raven’s mother in several interviews, I definitely agree with you that her mother is the root cause of the issue. Maybe seeing herself on television will cause Raven to do some reflection and realize how treacherous she and her family have been all these years using illness to exploit people’s sympathy and milk them for cash. However, until then…

      • Sassy

        I don’t think Raven with do any self-reflection. Rather, she will think America is ganging up on the sick girl and use it for sympathy.

    • Renee

      @Ritchie I see your point. Sadly though it would take a good bit for her to understand why people feel this way. She could have used her time on BB constructively and really brought awareness to the disease. Instead it feels like mockery and has people upset. This is unfortunately who she was raised to be. Josh started the season allowing himself to be made into the loud, obnoxious bully. But, after he took his time and realized it, he is now showing his own personality and the others are enjoying being around him.

  43. Mel

    More trash talking of Cody….Paul said Cody didn’t have the balls to say shit to his face and then said that Cody got in his face an confronted him. ???
    Alex called Cody a child and went off again about the cereal. Why in the hell are they arguing with Mark about Cody? Hes leaving tomorrow. Paul wants Mark to admit Cody attacked him and Mark said he didn’t. He asked Paul “how did he attack you?” “He called you a character on a TV show.” Mark also pointed out these people have been gone from the house for a while and he doesn’t feel the need to shit talk them since they’re not even there. He also says that maybe he’s just a bigger person. Paul’s trying to convince Mark the stuff he says isn’t personal. Isn’t it personal if they aren’t even in the game anymore? What the hell kind of jury management is this? They still want Cody to be hated by Mark, even in the jury house. That’s a bigger priority to them the making Mark feel as good as he can considering he’s being evicted so he won’t be a bitter juror. This reminds me when Paul couldn’t stand the fact that Mark saw him as a flop flopper. Paul says he wants to be seen as someone who’s just bouncing around but his ego won’t allow it to happen. Now, he wants to be right more than he’s worried about the way he sends Mark to jury.

    I cracked up when Jason said that if he finds out Ravens disease is a lie it will be the first time in history he punches a girl. Lol

  44. Tinkerbell

    # RAVENSTFU GIVE.IT.UP!! You cannot dance. Dancing in the HOH, trying to impress. Broad, you just do not get it! Dense wad!!

  45. Mel

    I’ve seen at least 10 videos of Raven dancing prior to BB. She dances like someone who knows the basics and remembers routines from cheerleading and dance competitions in high school. Maybe that’s what she teaches but it isn’t nearly as impressive as Jackie from BB17. The funniest one I saw is Raven dancing to Cherry Pie by Warrant. At the end of it, she does a split and someone off camera slides a plastic cherry pie to her and she grabs it and holds it up between her legs. It was so bizarre, I’m not even certain it was funny!

  46. Avatar

    Did anyone else catch Christmas’ comment to Mark as she was making him the replacement nominee on tonights episode?!? She said (not word for word) “When I was on the block week 1 you said you would vote to keep me if I would return the favor down the road. Last night I listened to your argument as you campaigned to stay in the house so I now feel I have returned you that favor. I’m sorry but you are the replacement nominee”. Does she really think that “listening to him campaign” is a returned favor for him not voting her out???? Is she delusional? What is wrong with these people?!? I’m really starting to believe that Paul has them all so much in a trance that they really don’t even know why they are targeting certain people, other than that Paul told them to! It seemed like she had no valid reason to put him up and that is the best speech/explanation she could come up with. It made no sense because even she wasn’t really sure why he was the replacement and she certainly couldn’t/wouldn’t say “well this is what Paul wants so hop on the block”.

  47. Ann

    Christmas was high when she chose the hospice patient to play instead of the garden gnome.

  48. danmtruth

    HBO had a documentary called Mommy Dearest and Dead in a lot of ways it reminds me of Raven I read people saying how they feel bad for Raven How this was how she was brought up To scam and cheat people At some point in your life . You know what you are doing is wrong Sorry she is old enough and should take the fallout for being the low life she is

  49. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Mardi Gras is upstairs alone in the HOH room crying her eyes out about something. She starts studying events/days in order to distract herself from whatever is upsetting her. Is she upset about Mark leaving tomorrow?

  50. Ann

    Exactly, she knows right from wrong & can stop & should have stopped scamming people a long time ago. I’m sure her mother was telling her what would get them the most money for saying & doing certain things. At the same time, she knew they weren’t out working at a job & earning that money. That’s why she tried to get on Ellen so she ccould get that exposure & more people, famous people maybe would send large amounts of money.
    I’ll bet Raven & her mother are just salivating & making plans for that $500k from Big Brother. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,,,,,,,, Oooh Raven, you & your mom are so silly!!!

  51. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Ramadan and Josh are having a long strategy/pep talk session in the HOH room. Long story short– Jason is the target for the week, Alex will be the pawn. Josh says he will fight to win HOH at all costs, he will cut deals left and right to get everyone else to drop from the comp (I guess they’re assuming it will be an endurance comp). If Jason wins veto, they will probably just send Alex out instead (my mouth is watering at that possibility).

    In other discussion, they still find Kevin “sketch” as ever. They plan to play some mind games with Kevin next week by selecting a key word (something uncommon like “meticulous”) and having multiple people mention the word to Kevin throughout the week (ex. Kevin, you’re so meticulous…That’s so meticulous of you, Kevin… etc). They think this will make Kevin super paranoid and make him think everyone is discussing him behind his back (which they actually are, so…).

    Ramadan broke down yet again about not being able to compete in all the comps, and Josh gave her a pep talk telling her that she’s a “bad bitch” and one of the top competitors in the house. After all, she’s won or almost won virtually every comp she’s actually competed in (true). Josh then tells her he would’ve been gone a long time ago if it weren’t for her and Paul (also true). They then discuss how they (including Paul) are f*cking killing it in the game. Paul got rid of Cody, Josh got rid of Jessica, and now Ramadan is getting rid of Mark– the three biggest threats in the game. They can’t believe how perfectly things are going for them, but they agree that they can’t let their guard down until they actually make it to the end.

  52. Renee

    It’s Predictable Eviction Day…..but at least we get to see what the tone of the jury house has been.

  53. Avatar

    I’ve been on this site for a while now but never actually commented. I love reading everyone’s posts – you’re all hilarious!
    Does anyone else think it’s weird that Raven kisses everyone hello, goodbye, goodnight, etc. It annoys me almost more than the sound of her voice (or that ratty hair, or her makeup, etc.)!

  54. Helen

    Runout………..Hanging on endurance comp is tonight’s HOH

  55. Avatar

    You know I haven’t really been on here in a couple of years but the whole thing about the Paul hating and I just had too. In Darrick’s season I wasn’t a fan. However, that said I was the one on here that would say look Derrick deserves the win. He earned it. I wasn’t a fan because he wouldn’t get his hands dirty. Paul yes has basically played that a lot too. Now wait don’t start hollering at me yet, I’m not done. Paul is, I think the only one who’s played hard every second of everyday since he arrived. I’ve read on and on about the three week grace period he had but what you don’t seem to realize is that in that three weeks he was working his butt off to just get to the equal footing that everyone else started with. Being a vet I think, is a much bigger disadvantage in any normal season Not his fault that he’s surrounded by sheep and madmen ( Cody). So give him his due, hate him or love him he deserves to be where he is. Okay my two cents is done now.

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