To continue the theme of a boring week, once again I give you Matt and now Raven as the header image. They are this year’s Nicole and Corey if Corey was about 10x more boring and Nicole turned into a complete opposite of her persona and added a laugh that could haunt your dreams. Needless to say, no matter how much I bashed Corey and Nicole for being boring as hell last year, Corey was at least funny at times and Nicole actually wanted to win the game.

I almost feel like I insulted Corey and Nicole by comparing them to Matt and Raven, and that’s probably because the only comparison is they are both super boring together.  So if you’re reading this, Nicole, don’t worry, you are literally the polar opposite of Raven. Even your ‘Corrrreeeyyyyyyyy’ isn’t close to as annoying as Raven’s laugh.


Now that I’ve done my daily shitting on Matt and Raven, let’s move on – to the house doing the same thing!  Pretty much everyone inside the house has had enough of Raven’s antics and Matt is simply guilty by association.  Around 8pm last night, Paul and Christmas had a long discussion of the weird things Raven says and does which isn’t even counting her physical issues which appear to increase by the day. And this is pure bitterness as Paul isn’t even using this as a strategy to turn the house against them. As far as he’s concerned, those two are barely blips on the radar next to the more powerful duo of Jason and Alex. Maybe he’s just making up for the fact he won’t be able to shit on them to really anyone else because they’ll likely make the final 5 and be obvious targets at that point. Does that make sense? Probably not. Oh well.


  • 10:20 am – The music went off and the house is slowly getting up.  I just realized how weird this house feels without Elena around. I was really waiting for her to go off on a few other people but never had the chance.
  • 4:30 pm – I was out all day taking advantage of the slow period to try Uber. Pretty fun
    • Right now, Jason is sleeping with Alex, Mark, and Kevin are chatting nearby.
    • It appears Josh found Raven and Matt’s stash of condoms
    • So the house runs in to check it out
  • 4:45 pm – Josh and Christmas are studying.  One thing worse than studying is watching others study
    • Meanwhile, Mark is saying that Elena wanted publicity so she should have stuck with him for the showmance because they tend to get more airtime
  • 5:05 pm – Matt and Raven join.  Wonderful
    • They’re all talking about Cody.  Paul is still crying because Cody put him on the block and tried to make a big move
    • Paul is telling Mark that he knew Cody was going to nominate him (P).  Mark insists he didn’t know
    • Raven once again carries on the lie that she rejected Cody and he didn’t want her because she can’t have kids
    • Alex says she doesn’t hate Cody but she’s confused.  Paul jumps in “you’re confused??  I’m confused!!”  – Keep playing dumb, Paul
  • 6:00 pm – Paul and ranting to Mark about Cody
    • He is doing serious victim noises because Mark isn’t sitting there trashing the guy who is out of the house
    • Alex says Cody made a personal attack on her by eating her cereal. Oh come the fuck on. These people are absurd
  • 6:30 pm – Paul is done complaining about Cody to Mark
    • The group heads upstairs to retell it all to Christmas
    • They are bashing how Raven came in randomly and jumped in saying stupid stuff
    • Christmas has the Christmasface on while listening
  • 7:00 pm – Kevin pulled Jason aside to ask him why people keep questioning him
    • Little does he realize that he can do everything right but he’s still going to be the target
    • Time to watch the veto!

Check back for updates