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Big Brother 19 – Overnight Recap


Mark will be out the door tonight and I’ve heard rumblings of an endurance comp (Steve’s note – It’s true. Endurance competition tonight). Speaking of comps I’m still a little miffed they turned the slip and slide into a veto comp that we didn’t get to watch on the feeds. That’s always an hoh comp. Sometimes, I think they stick with tradition on things many of us don’t care about (going to see the hoh room every week) but switch things up that I want left alone. It’s possible that I’m just complaining a lot this season! Being a BB fan and complaining is also a tradition. I’m still seeing stuff pop up about James and/or Caleb making an appearance too. I can’t imagine needing a guest host for an endurance comp. We’ll have to wait and see. Here’s a few highlights from last night.

After Alex and Paul’s conversation with Mark, things seem pretty chill overnight. I thought it was dumb last night to even have an argument with Mark and I still do. It looks like Mark will leave with his head held high and getting a couple of digs in at Paul and Alex as well. They completely dismissed him but I’m glad someone finally pointed out that it seemed mean and personal to bash people who are no longer in the game. I like that Mark has campaigned all week and continued to do it a little bit last night with Alex.

Alex and Mark talked about Elena, the game and where things went wrong for him. She took pleasure in telling Mark the times Elena threw Mark under the bus and it reminded me of Nicole last summer. Remember when Nicole twisted some information and unnecessarily hurt James’ feelings about Natalie?  It felt a little bit like that. There wasn’t a reason for it. Mark wished Alex and Jason well in the game and he seemed very sincere.


Christmas has kept her spirits up but got a little depressed last night, she even cried a little in the hoh room alone. She snapped out of it and started studying the days. She’s really getting frustrated with her foot injury and how limited she is. She made a comment about thinking that she would be walking on it by now. She’s kept her spirits up better than I could have, maintained enough spunk to be mean to people and has a really positive attitude towards the whole thing. I have some complaints with Christmas but her attitude towards her injury and recovery aren’t one of them. (I’m sure the meds have helped her positive attitude as much as her determination) she is mad because she thinks Elena took a couple pair of expensive pants the belong to Christmas to the jury house. Josh and Christmas also talked about how Matt probably won’t want a relationship with Raven when the show’s over and how Josh thinks they really need Paul and Raven with them in the final four.

Raven had to lay down with a stomach ache which made the rest of the house quieter for a while. She had a little talk with the camera about other people with GP and what she was going through. She was saying things like “who would I be if I wasn’t sick?” The camera switched off of her at some point so she didn’t have an audience for some of her monologue. Later, Alex asked Matt if Raven was feeling okay and Matt said she was faking. (He was joking but he says things like that all the time and it’s funny)

Paul talked about the cast of season 18 and what they were up to now. He said most of them went back to their regular lives and  talked about the experiences some people have once the show is over. He said he’s never met Dick or Daniele and knows that people who had a bad experience like to put it behind them and not think about BB again. He mentioned how others are still trying to milk their 15 minutes of fame years later. I thought this conversation was funny timing because of the James rumor. Paul also talked about being on Bold & Beautiful and another show he said he couldn’t talk about. He must not realize Candy Crush has already aired not that anyone cares. (that’s actually a slam at Candy Crush rather than Paul this time)

We’ve seen Kevin feeling a shift in the house lately and he and Jason talked about it last night. Kevin is upset that Alex and Paul have been questioning him & he doesn’t understand why.  Jason told Kevin that maybe they’re trying to get him to crack. Kevin questioned it further and Jason decided maybe they’re not.  Of everything going on in the house, I’m most curious about this situation. Jason goes along with Paul and Alex and in moments where they get him really fired up, he seems to buy into it and believe them. Once he’s alone, he always reverts back to wanting Kevin to stay and trusting him. They also talked about Matt and Raven being the next targets but those two always talk about that. Kevin also talked about someone he knows who spent 35 years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit. I know that’s not related to anything else I’m updating but we’ve already established how obsessed I am with this subject.

I’m sure I’m leaving out some minor conversations from last night but I have a crazy day at work today and have to take off soon. Steve will be giving you the eviction day post later today anyway and that’s the important one. The upcoming week could be another boring one but depending on what happens, this could also be the week that a couple of people have to show their cards. I’ll be here this evening to see if there’s any excitement and as usual, give you my weekly thumbs up or down regarding Julie’s outfit.


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  1. Renee

    Good morning @Mell Thanks for the daily opener. Great read!

  2. LindsayB

    I’m finally watching last night’s episode. I thought zingbot was actually pretty good. He zinged a lot of things we’ve joked about on here so I don’t understand all the haters.
    Ravens clown make up
    Mattress doing nothing but Raven
    Xmas’s injury
    Jason letting Alex carry him
    Alex being a bleep (fill in the bleep with anything)
    Paul throwing away last season
    Mark being pathetic with Elena
    The only ones I thought were lame were the ones about Kevin being old and Josh being fat.

    Sounds to me like zingbot nailed it as best as he could without giving away anyone’s game. So why all disappointment?

  3. Avatar

    I love this website! Thank you so much for your updates and clever comments, of all the BB blogs this one is the best and I follow it faithfully. 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Just an observation…… but when Paul was talking about how previous BB players were trying to milk their 15 minutes of fame, I had to chuckle because wasn’t it Paul who earlier said he wanted to be on the The Amazing Race? Two seasons of BB and he wants to be on another reality show? Kinda sounds like someone looking to milk his 15 minutes as well… The same with Cody and Jessica talking about trying to get on that show.

  5. Avatar

    Zing Bot needs to read this forum for some better material. Wasn’t too impressed with the Zings…

  6. Avatar

    Hot Damn! Another dislike this morning…

  7. Avatar

    I agree Wayne, Paul is trying to milk his 15 min. Like a dairy farmer. He just gets on my last nerve. Everything about him is just so annoying. Too much to list.
    Back to why I got on her this morning.Great recap Mel……… Better than being there, all this info and don’t even have to watch or hear #RAVENSTFU. .Too good to be true!!!!!! Good day to ya…

  8. Helen

    So which one will it be tonight? The hang on and swing in circles? Or the hang on and get slammed into a wall ?

    • Renee

      @Helen Are you referring to the endurance comp or Maven in the rose room? LOL

      • Helen

        LOL. Not much endurance going on in the rose room…more like slam bam thank you ma’am

      • Shivani33

        Hahahahaha! I could give a rat’s ass if people decide to spend their BB summer having sex on tv. Grasshoppers do it all the time on Animal Planet. It might be interesting to see what happens to Maven when their collusion gets cut in half, though. As deplorable as it has been to watch Ms.STFU, from merely a clinical standpoint, I’d be curious to watch her cope w/o her BB twin. What would she escalate? What would she sink? Matt is the singularly most boring disappointment in the house. But, as noted, the interest level about Raven is clinical. So, on second thought, never mind. It’s been a barforama to meet her.

      • Avatar

        @renee had to LOL at that one and now I have to go bleach my eyes.

      • Renee

        You’re welcome @hilaryl LOL

  9. Helen

    I am praying for either Alex,Jason or Kevin for the win……throw a wrench into the grandiose plan to get Jason or Kevin out and send either Matt or Raven to jury……Hopefully Raven so I don’t have to listen to her anymore

  10. Shivani33

    Last night while I kind of ignored BBAD, one of their poll questions showed up on the bottom of the screen asking “who would you rather see evicted this week: Mark or Matt?” The voters in the poll preferred Matt. However, one of the hallmarks of a certain dullness this Season is a repetitive and complete lack of any surprises. Always we watchers know who is being evicted. So do the chain gang of rats heading for their headlong rush over the cliff. So much of the artfulness of the game has dissipated consistently during the this Season and, in many ways, ever since Season 16. I do feel that it’s time for production to rework the structure of the game here and there to create more unpredictability or at least to increase the possibility for adventurous surprise.

    Not everyone is interesting to watch, trying to emulate Derrick. One of the only times we’ve seen anyone shocked about their eviction in a long time was Season 18 when Austin got the boot…and left without his shoes. BB Canada has not had this problem. Maybe it is worthwhile studying what, who, why, how about Canada’s BB structure has kept implicit in the game that engaging element of confronting the UNKNOWN. In my experience, that’s what adventure and risk is, daring to take a gamble with the odds of uncertainty. Extraordinary gaming, kindly come back!

  11. Avatar

    Every single day we at S.J.Williams Construction in Laurel, Delaware log in to read our daily dose of Big Brother. This is like our cup of Joe, every morning. So thank YOU for doing what you do!

  12. Avatar

    I think if anyone will turn the tides, it will be Kevin. The tiny stone that triggers the landslide.
    First of all, I do not see anyone attacking him face to face….he is a shoot from the hip guy who, if he thinks he is next on the block will ask Paul face to face publicly about the deals. If Kevin shines a light on some facts, I think it could well pull Jason, Josh and even Christmas over to him.
    Christmas may get a wake up call once she is no longer HOH. It was Christmas who told Josh during his HOH that he shouldn’t let Paul hi-jack his HOH. (even though she wouldn’t pull the trigger herself she is clearly aware what is going on.) So if she gets wind she is not number 2…but number 3 or 4, she could jump ship.
    As Cody wisely pointed out…there is no difference between number 3 and 11….number three just means you are the last loser….So all it would take is one or two to jump against Paul for her to join in. And Josh and Jason genuinely do not want to turn against Kevin (that is my sense anyway).
    If Jason goes to Kevin…Alex could follow. I think ticking off Kevin could well be that tiny stone that starts the avalanche against Paul. There is no way to nominate Kevin…even as a backdoor without him calling them out as soon as his butt hits the chair. Even a backdoor can fail if the nominee gets people against the HOH/Paul. Once Veto is over the HOH has no power.
    That is why my gut says that IF someone starts the turn against Paul….it will be Kevin.

    • Renee

      I found it very funny when Kevin looked at the others as they were bowing down to Zingbot. He said “I’m not bowing down to no robot.” He has admitted that he never watched BB and that has been clear as he has had to been told who every returning player was when they have come back so far. It was nice to see someone not just sheepishly follow along or do what they think is expected of them.

      • Zach

        I thought it was pretty pathetic and demoralizing for them to bow to zingbot. I’m not bowing to anyone short of my wife before our dance during the reception. I might not even bow then. I respected Kevin for not falling in line, they all looked like complete idiots bowing.

      • Avatar

        It was funny as well that he flipped Zingbot the bird.

    • Avatar

      Alex will never follow Jason against Paul. If she even gets a whiff that something is leaning against Paul, she will rat them all out.

      • Avatar

        If Josh and Christmas jump ship and tell Alex she and Jason were slated to go next, she might. Once Mark is gone….someone is going to clue in and realize they are not final 3. He is only one person….if the others get wise he has mentioned them all, he could be screwed…just takes the tiny pebble and Kevin cares about how his outside friends see him,

      • AIO_7

        That might be what Palm Sunday is doing here…calculating down to three.


      • Avatar

        F5 is the defining moment for the house in my opinion. Paul gets past F5 and he’s going to F2.

      • Renee

        Alex, Josh, Christmas and Raven are all star-struck when it comes to Paul. He has successfully convinced all 3 that he will come in 2nd to their great game play.

      • Avatar

        Up until now, Paul has sent to jury only those he was openly against. He never made deals with Cody or Mark. The folks who are left all think they have a final 5 with Paul. Starting now he has to openly vote out someone he has a deal with….if the one who is the nom begins to make deals to save himself, Paul could be found out. All it takes is for the nom to tell the others that the others including Paul is lying and has no intention of taking them to final five…it could blow up. It will be hard to put up Kevin, Jason, Josh or Alex or Christmas and have them not fight to stay. They all think Paul is with them to final 3.

      • LindsayB

        Paul has all of alliances 100% trusting that they are “the ones”. He has successfully set everyone up to be the target of the other F3s. When it comes time for him to vote he’ll have to “go with the house” and the victim will understand and not want Paul to hurt his own game. That’s how well he has laid the ground work. It’s pretty impressive. It’ll be more impressive if someone is able to figure it out and blow it up. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none based on what the HGs have shown us thus far.

      • Avatar

        It will all depend who the final 3 is, and who gets that hoh, Linds.

        Do you want to be sitting beside Paul after floating all seadon, and take your $50k ?

        Or do you want to make the only bold move all season, eliminate Paul, & have a 50/50 chance at a lifechanging $500k less applicable taxes ?

      • LindsayB

        It’s not about what you or I want. These people have been content handing it to him.

      • Avatar

        So far, yes, you are right.

        I still have hope that they wake up before he splits all the paies apart.

      • Avatar

        I think Lindsey is right about groundwork. I can only see Paul getting crap from evictee if it’s Josh or Christmas.

    • LindsayB

      Kevin has done some complaining behind people’s backs but, unless I missed it, I haven’t really seen him stand up to or confront anyone. He hasn’t gotten involved in any of the gang up stuff and has expressed that it’s not his thing but that’s about it. It would definitely be interesting to watch if he did start blowing things up but I have yet to see anything that makes me think he will.

      • Avatar

        Excellent observation. I think he’s just waiting and hoping someone else makes the overt act and waits for the outcome. I think he’s slowly transitioning into a swing vote.

      • LindsayB

        I think there’s been some overly optimistic faith put into HGs like Cody, Jess, Kevin, and Mark that they would somehow pull some game play out of their asses. None of them really showed the ability to do anything strategic in the house. Not one. Sure, they showed a glimmer here and there with a comp win or DR statement but that’s the extent of it. Even fresh dog shit will shine when the sun hits it right.

      • Avatar

        He hasn’t had to…..there has always been a common enemy in the big targets…they are all convinced they are going to final 5…this week someone is going to get their eyes opened. When they make deals while on the block, the person in the nom chair just has to say…you know Paul is gunning for you next…soon two and two are not going to add up to five….when they begin to compare notes, the smartest will clue in….my guess is it will be Kevin and Jason, because I think they already suspect.

      • Avatar

        @Browning Cody and Mark have both told several of the house guests that they are going to be targeted next and no one has been motivated by that argument so far. The way it is shaking out is that by the time they realize their numbers up, it’s too late. None of these HG have built relationships with anyone other than their other half and Paul so no one is going to have the ability to close that gap once their eyes are open. At least that’s how it’s been so far because every week I think okay, now that so and so is out, it will happen and so far, it hasn’t. 🙁

      • caRyn

        I don’t know if a nom would say anything because they would never think they were the actual target. Matt for example or even Jason would think they were a pawn and Paul would tell them they are safe and lay low. Once a hg believes they are a target or go if they against the house they are evicted as soon as possible. It is almost best this season to be silent. If Kevin didn’t ask so many questions they would talk about him less because there wouldn’t be anything to talk about.
        BB is a job/business for Paul. He works 24/7 in the house. I don’t think he could shut his mind off if he wanted to in regards to the game.

      • Sassy

        I just don’t think any of them really care about the 500K. Their job is to get Paul to the final and if that happens, they all win. Great casting CBS!! I could win the 100m dash is every else intentionally ran behind me cheering me on and never tried to pass.

    • caRyn

      My two favorite hg in the house this season are Paul and Kevin. I am not sure why Paul is putting such a large target on Kevin unless it is because Paul doesn’t believe he has a chance against Kevin in F2. The only other reason I can think of is Kevin is playing on his own and why not put targets on all hg, not just couples. I do not think Kevin will go before Jason or Matt. Can Kevin win a comp?! I think so. I don’t know if he is throwing them but I feel like he is.
      I enjoy Kevin’s conversations but late at night – all of his questions – my brain checks out when I am tired. I would have to tell him I really want to hear what you have to say but after 9 pm just fluff talk.

      • Renee

        @Caryn I think we see Kevin’s late night conversation change to accessing the entire day because he is so overly bored by the end of the day. Last evening he asked Jason what time is was and Jason responded it was 7:30 p.m. The look of shock on his face was very telling, he was just waiting for them to be allowed to sleep. He was tired. It dawned on me then that he is from Boston, so in his real everyday world it was 10:30 p.m. (same time zone I live in). I believe he is listed as a stay-at-home dad (I could be wrong), but if that is the case, he probably isn’t accustomed to staying up overly late at night. By the time they all start going to bed it would be the middle of the night in Boston.

      • caRyn

        Agree. I am in Florida. It would be late for me as well in the BB house. I stay up late watching trash TV but my brain checks out around 9 pm.

      • Avatar

        I think by now he is used to the time change.
        He might be tired because it’s boring in the house for him.

      • HappyHippo

        Florida here too! I miss so much of the stuff that happens at night

      • feltso gudinya

        i’m from florida too, but my mommy lets me stay up late sometimes…..

    • Avatar

      I would love to see Kevin put Paul and Alex on the block.

      • Avatar

        That would definitely be a shocker. And to stay up on the block after Veto would be sweet.

        But does he have the numbers to work with to make sure he’s not nominated the following week ?

      • Sassy

        I would love to see that too, but it won’t happen. He will put up whoever Paul tells him to OTB because he is trying to get back in good graces with him. He knows he is going to be the target soon, because everyone has started to ignore him. He will not make waves, he has even started to bash people while talking to Paul. I guess that is his way of fitting in with this crew.

      • LindsayB

        Also, he’s been pretty vocal about wanting Raven gone right? I know you all want Paul gone but wouldn’t it be better to rid ourselves of that cum dumpster?

    • Avatar

      Thanks for talking game ! This is a good thread you’ve got going.

      • HappyHippo

        If they would all just compare notes things could shift! What’s crazy is everyone believes they are going to the end. It’s nuts. They are all so confident it blows my mind

      • Sassy

        Wishful thinking HappyHippo. Real game talk is not allowed this year, unless you are agreeing with Paul. They can’t compare notes, because they will all run back to Paul with the updates. If they say good morning to someone, they have to go tell him what they said and the tone of the response.

      • Avatar

        Paul hss everone convinced that the loyalty in one on one.

        If they start talking game with someone else, they might mess up the strategy they think is in place for them to get to the final 2.

  13. Shivani33

    I understand the frustration Christmas has been feeling. Two more weeks of not being able to put stress on her foot, and she thought things would be better than that so she could compete more. It sucks. And it’s also (again) indicative of some kind of mutual investment in her having stayed in the game at all, jmo. She just talked about wanting to have a movie made about her NASCAR experience, which was minimal, to say the least. Try and try again, Sadie Hawkins Day. Even Andy Warhol would’ve turned down this sagging blimp of a movie idea.

  14. Helen

    Why is it every time I look at Matt I think of a skunk? I am going to call him skunk man from now on

    • Tinkerbell

      Frosted Flakes needs to have that leech excised from his back asap.

      • Tinkerbell

        I cannot tolerate that useless airhead, or his kissy face walking dead chick. I could not stand her from the very beginning, even before I knew she was the biggest douche. She was so desperate to get his attention and hanging all over him like a horse fly on cow dung. That very first week I could clearly see this was going to be Frosted Flakes “luckiest’ summer ever. Free love, yaaayyyyv. Watching the feeds. Just now Halloween discovered that Munchausen took some of her make-up. She found it in the drawer downstairs by the love bed. Halloween is not happy. Ahahaha. I wish Pip Squeak Motor Mouth would find out that Munch used her brand new blush. Both of those girls confronting Munch would be worth the price of a front row seat at a boxing match. These are people all wuss pants. None of them can stand Mr. And Miss Simpleton, yet they never call them out on anything.

      • Tinkerbell

        @Mell Thank you so much for the excellent update. Always great!! :))

    • Ann

      Does he even ever wash those things?

  15. Avatar

    I’m really hoping at the end of the season, they disclose that there was a key in the house that opened those lockers in the HOH room and that no one found them BUT IF THEY HAD… and the prizes will have been really awesome! Otherwise, what’s their purpose?

    • Renee

      I think there will be too @hilaryl I would be twisting all the apples on the wall and looking everywhere possible like the cast of survivor does when they look for idols.

      • Avatar

        That’s what this game needs!…. I hidden POV in the house. One that doesn’t look like the normal one. One that can override a played Veto and put someone back on the block or nominate someone else… Even better, it can be played right up before the vote. One where it would be against the rules to disclose it to anyone. Now that would be a backdoor/blindside… Hey Production!!! you reading this?

  16. LynnD

    I seriously have to SMH on a daily basis. If I was in that house and watching Paul constantly egg on Josh to kick a nominee (usually the one you already know is going home) while they are down and on there way out of the house I sure would not gravitate to him. I would be more like Kevin and stand back and have to question your integrity as a person and your poor moral judgement. You can also bet if I was voted out and sitting in the jury Paul & Josh (and Alex a lot of the time) would NEVER receive my vote on some simple reasons. It is NOT game play to kick someone when they are down. It is NOT game play to bully a person when they are most vulnerable. It is NOT game play to egg on a meatball to be mean to others for your pure enjoyment. It is NOT game play to be Paul’s bitch! I feel Paul’s game would have been much better (and I would respect him a lot more) if he was not sending others to bully and isolate people. I did not like him last year & I dislike him even more this year. Their Parents & Family must be so proud of their poor judgement and despicable actions.

    On another note……… WHY??????? Is it that NO ONE out side of their little twosomes figures out that Paul is playing this whole house. I have seen it sais more than 1,000 times on this blog and comments but this is truly the DUMBEST cast they have ever had!

  17. Avatar

    Kevin was cracking me up last night talking about the New Kids on the Block. He knows all of them and was just saying what good kids they all are. I love Kevin.

    I wonder how long Raven and Matt will last outside of the house. Has anyone heard them talk about it? Like are they bf/gf? They just seem like an old married couple or something. I dont know. They are just so strange to me. This is why they need to have reunion shows for bb 2 to 3 months after they get out.

  18. Tinkerbell

    I wonder if Miss Munchausen USA will magically turn into Rapunzel before the show tonight. She always looks so ravishing and irresistible. P.S. I can’t stand that stupid robot. I refuse to say the name. Thank goodness for fast forward. I dislike that piece of tin as much as the leftovers in the house, except for Tender Heart and Prison Yard Boss.

  19. Tinkerbell

    News Bulletin – Mr. 25 Showers A Day Man just said he is wearing his t-shirt inside out because it’s dirty on the other side. What a guy.

  20. Ann

    If I cut out for a while & you guys don’t hear from me its because we have a huge category 3 hurricane . I’ve decided I’m not going anywhere. I’ll just ride it out. I’ll let you all know what happens.

  21. Tinkerbell

    If that loud foul mouth Motor Mouth doesn’t stop hollering “Damn it, my F***n’ God” , while she’s doing rosary beads. She’s a terrible-horrible-evil-mean person!

    • Tinkerbell

      Thumbs down does not concern me (above.). Never will. We are all entitled to our opinions and convictions. HOWEVER, what normal human being would approve of the foul language of that no-count loser. Feel good – Thumbs Down Ghost. You were acknoledged – one time only.

  22. Zach

    If I won HOH I’d have candied bacon and star fruit in my basket. What would you guys/gals have?

  23. Tinkerbell

    Live feeds – Munch to Cereal…….we used to own lots of land, boats, etc. We and my Grandpa had to sell everything so I could stay alive. When I was eight years old I had to fold my own clothes. I didn’t get to play. And on and on and on to infinity…..with that beautiful hillbilly accent.

    • feltso gudinya

      i think my family would have wished me well but kept the money. when my grandfather died i suggested “don’t touch the principle” for his tombstone…..

    • Mel

      Her grandparents must have the ability to generate income fairly well because Raven and her mother claim that her grandparents had to sell everything they owned to take care of the surgeries for Raven’s mom when she got sick years ago. Years later they sold everything for Ravens surgeries. If I had sold my cars and had to take the f*cking Greyhound while Ravens driving around in a brand new car I’d be a little pissed if I were her grandparents.

  24. Mel

    *Alex told Jason that Raven appeared to be going easy on the makeup today even though she claims to not understand what zing bot was referring to.
    * I was complaining about the slip and slide being turned into a veto comp but I found out it was because they had two choices this year-make it a veto comp or don’t have it at all.
    *Heath Lumen (guy in charge of creating and building comps) wishes Bebe had some kind of interactive competition theme park for the offseason. He said it would have been cool to have a place fans could go try out the competitions and see how hard some of them really are while simultaneously having a place to test out new comps.
    * I understand how we know in advance what the comps are going to be but how do the hg’s? The beginning of the week they make random guesses but as it gets closer they always magically guess correctly.

  25. Avatar

    Hi, I am fairly new to the site 2 or 3 weeks ( lost track) but its fun to read most of the time, thanks for all the effort you put in. I get bbad but still miss things. I am,curious what anybody thought about Josh’s whole convo about his family not wanting him to embarrass them.

  26. AIO_7

    Holiday Inn and Slosh, alone and talking strategy again. Should they be considered a power couple now?


  27. Mel

    Since we know tonight’s comp is for sure endurance, it’s looking less and less like I’ll get what I want. Paul won’t win it anyway because he doesn’t want it. I suppose it depends on the type of endurance but if it’s like the one where they’re in the air spinning around and this is about the point in the season where they do that one, I’m thinking that Alex, Raven and Jason have the best chance. Normally I wouldn’t put a guy Jasons size on that list but he’s ridden bulls, did very well in the wall comp and Victor won it last year who’s also a large guy.

  28. Helen


    James is hosting the HOH endurance comp tonight

  29. Avatar

    ESPN is reporting:

    The NFL has announced that the Baltimore Ravens are changing their franchise name. It seems that the fan base is threatening to boycott the next season if they do not change their name from the Ravens to anything. The Ravens marketing department has been floating new team names to the general public:

    The Baltimore –

    Corn Holers
    Mattress riders
    Dumb Bitches
    Screaming Scrotum Ticklers
    Horizontal Hags
    Bitches be Cray Cray’s

    The local Indian tribes have also offered up an derogatory Indian name ever used if Baltimore will change the team’s name as well.

    On another side story, the Walton family has sued the NFL for franchise infringement due to using Raven’s name without permission. Also they have filed suit for all royalties involved in the works of Edgar Allen Poe. A representative for the Walton family responded to questions regarding any future use of the name Raven for anything other than their their so to be deceased daughter, “nevermore, nevermore”

  30. Avatar

    Smell, thanks that was very funny

  31. Avatar

    Sorry Mell damn auto correct

  32. Zach

    Paul, Paul, Paul… Paul, Paul…. Paul, Paul, Paul, hahahahahahhahahahhahahah Paul… Paul… Paul, Paul… Paul Paul Paul Paul. The end.

  33. Zach

    There once was a Wayne from Nantucket.

  34. Zach

    There once was a skank named Raven
    Whose gastroparesis caused an ulceration
    She spent all her time in the house
    Screwing and squeaking like a mouse
    And on the off chance she wins BB
    She will end up in prison for tax evasion.

    Side note. I was going to make one up about Wayne but this was much more fun.

  35. caRyn

    Unless I know you and like you I don’t want you touching me. These hg don’t care if you are married. I couldn’t make it in the BB house without my bubble. And all of this punching and poking and hitting and throwing stuff. I’m not into pain either. I don’t know if it is just me, but this season there seems to be more physical contact. I need my personal space. Your bed in the BB house is public property so I would be in the toilet room to find peace or the storage room.

  36. Avatar

    Only problem I have with Thursdays lately in the BB house…, it just reminds me how many more Thursdays I have to go before finale night and final 3 where a potential move on Paul could not be avoided any longer.

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