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Big Brother 19 – Paul Regains Control Of His Minions


Do you know that feeling you get when you’re watching a movie and the underdog gets beat up all movie long but in the end comes out and does something awesome?

If so, hold on to that feeling because you’re probably not going to see it this season in Big Brother 19.

This week Josh won the HoH and the obvious was that it was going to be another puppet HoH week with Paul behind the controls.  Josh showed symptoms of the disorder known as “own thoughts” when he said he wanted Elena out and even went as far as telling Christmas not to use her temptation power should Cody be picked to play in the veto. Paul noticed the symptoms from Josh and realized they may be spreading to Christmas, so he rushed to get treatment for his minions. After a successful purging of things called “independent thoughts” from Christmas a major containment in Josh, things were back on track when the PoV ceremony played out and Christmas indeed used her power when Cody was picked to play.


Was it a waste for Christmas to use her power in a week that none of her allies were at risk of going home?  That’s hard to say because if Cody won the veto, that keeps two fairly strong competitors inside the house for the next HoH challenge in exchange for voting out someone like Mark who has pretended to have his own independent thoughts, but the reality is he’s under the control of Elena who is currently under the control of Paul. Sure, Josh could have had his way and got Elena out, but I could also win the lottery tomorrow. Neither is going to happen, though.

The day went according to plan as Christmas stomped all over Cody and Jessica (which likely lost her a jury vote and risked two if Jess makes it that far somehow). Mark won the veto and Jessica will almost certainly be voted out this Thursday unless she can pull off a minor miracle with the house and get Elena out instead.

One early theme of the week appeared to be Paul’s minions trying to convince Mark to not use the veto and remain on the block for ‘trust’.  It’s a fairly ridiculous and pointless suggestion that was brought up just to see how much control they actually have over Mark. Surprisingly, Paul of all people was the guy to tell them that Mark should certainly use the veto on himself and it’s basically a dumb suggestion. Again, this makes Paul look like the ‘good guy’ to Mark and it costs absolutely nothing because they don’t need Mark on the block. The only thing that did was make it seem like the house wanted to backdoor Mark which is a great way to get the guy to flip further down the line.

Love him or hate him, you can’t take away from the fact that Paul is completely manipulating any aspect of the newbies as he can to further his game.


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  1. Avatar

    Elena’s campaign strategy this week: show Josh her nipples

  2. Avatar

    It’s not Pail’s fault that the minions don’t have the brains God gave lemons, you’d take advantage of that for the game and 500k too.

    • ElaineB

      I agree Khawk. If any of those nimrods had any long term focus, and could get ‘in synch’ with each other as newbies, this would have been a perfect week to put Paul on the block and vote him out. And wheeeee, he wouldn’t have even made it to jury. I am not blaming Paul anymore. These newbies are waiting for that mythical day in the future to take out Paul. It won’t happen. Paul has this locked until F2.

    • LindsayB

      Seriously!! Also, it’s not like they pulled these people from various basement closets. They’ve all had the ability to watch previous seasons to know how to play the game. If someone is stupid enough to be led, let them be led to their own demise.

  3. Avatar

    Hey everyone! I’ve been watching this site for a while now, but I’ve never left a comment before. I love reading the comments and opinions of all of the people on this site, so I was wondering if any of you could answer my question:

    At the end of this game, if Paul wins (as he is likely to do), do you think that his victory would be more because he played a great game or more because all of the other houseguests are so dumb? I know that it is definetly a mix of both, but which would it be attributed to more?

    • ElaineB

      Glad you have joined us Grant!

    • g8trgirl

      Welcome to the funny farm, Grant!
      I’ve said before I don’t think Paul can win even if he’s in the final 2. Once all those minions get to the jury house and figure out how they’ve been duped by Paul, I believe they will vote for whoever is sitting beside him. They don’t strike me as the type of people that will reward him for playing a great game. This group, more than others in the past, I think, play by their emotions. And come finale night, they will be pissed and vengeful. We’ve seen that behavior already.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t even think about Paul not winning in the final two, but this group is definetly likely to vote emotionally and be vengeful. They’ll probably end up being a VERY bitter jury

      • LindsayB

        All that being said, he is thinking about jury management (manipulation). He realizes the importance of being the nice guy like he did to mark with the veto. I think it’s an even 50/50 chance.

      • Sassy

        I think Cody and Jess would be the only ones to vote by game play even though they despise him, he would get their vote. Jess has even told Cody she would vote for Paul. Weirdly, although he doesn’t know it, keeping Jess in the game until jury would be a bonus for him. The rest will talk it out in jury and realize their mistake in blindly following Paul.

      • Mel

        The ironic thing is that Jessica is the main person in the house who wouldn’t vote emotionally and give Paul the money. He doesn’t know that but it’s true. Elena may be very petty.

      • Mel

        Sassy, we said that at the same time. Lol

      • Avatar

        This game is really different from Survivor. Jury members seem to vote for the best player even if the got voted out by that player. These guys don’t seem to know the game that well, Kevin really is clueless about past BBs.

      • Sassy

        Mell – Great minds think alike!

    • Mel

      Both. It may be remembered somewhat like season 16 and Derrick. He played a great game but many, including myself arn’t as impressed because it was taking candy from a baby. It isn’t the players fault but the players who play the newer BB style that includes so many twists, care pkgs, temptations and 15 chances can’t be considered as good as the ones who did it on their own. With this idiot cast, I won’t be as impressed if he makes it to the Final 2 this year as I was last year. He had many obstacles last year and new almost nothing about the game. That was very impressive. That’s my opinion anyway.

      • ElaineB

        The nice thing about BB16 is they were all newbies. I am tired of this ‘token returning player(s)’ concept. There are enough folks out there that would like to play the game. Just be ‘one and done’.

      • Mel

        Knew almost nothing. Lol

      • Mel

        That’s true Elaine and it’s the one thing I liked about 16. That’s about the only thing tho. Putting an undercover cop in a house with mostly stupid children, Frankie, battle of the block and Victorias mere existence in the house…yuk!

      • ElaineB

        I liked Season 16 as a whole. There were characters, but they were all new to me and it was more interesting to watch.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Welcome Grant!

      I thought Paul played a great game last year and was robbed the money by a bitter, hateful, lame jury, but I digress.

      Paul’s game last year was better than this year I think, mainly because this year’s cast all seem to be sharing a handful of brain cells between them. Paul is still playing a great game, but I think the answer to your question lies with both options.

  4. Avatar

    Are they even smart enough to know they need to get him out before,say, final 6? I don’t think so. Damn, just over cooked my eggs try to write this. Shouldn’t do two things at once. This week is gonna be interesting to see how Cody acts without Jess around. We’ve already seen Jess alone and I think she did a pretty good mod wither social game. She’s been such a shield for him, how’s he gonna handle it.

  5. Avatar

    I ment to say trying to write this.

  6. AIO_7

    Helen August 6, 2017 at 10:49 am
    Comments (2368)
    5 1
    Last night I made a comment on why I thought Christmas was so focused and intent on getting Elana evicted….
    Then I read this this morning and it confirmed my theory..

    “A Virginia Commonwealth University student named Christmas Joye Abbott then stepped to the microphone and spoke about being beaten up on campus because she was a lesbian, choking back tears at the end.”

    I found this an interesting comment and hate to see it wither on the last thread.
    Two things: It confirms what I’ve suspected about Scooter’s sexual preference. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

    And second: This is for Helen; Why would this revelation give understanding as to why Peg Leg wants Lips out?

    • Sassy

      I may not be Helen but if I had to guess, Scooter had/has feelings for Elena that were either not returned or maybe mixed messages were sent and Scooter feels slighted. This is a season of emotional playing. None of them put strategy over emotion.

      • AIO_7

        Ahhhh, that could be it, Sassy. Scooter was dry humping Elena earlier in the season.

      • Sassy

        Thanks AI, not an image I wanted in my head today LOL…

      • Mel

        I really just think that Xmas is a free spirit and very comfortable expressing herself with anyone, men and women. Most of the women are this year. She and Elena spent alot of time together in the beginning doing things that at times were for the shock factor, like showering together. They made sure everyone knew. Christmas ended up otb, the house sort of split and she broke her foot. Elena was also very tight with Jessica and when Cody put Xmas otb, Elena distanced herself somewhat so she wasn’t too much of a focus on either side. The divide continued when Xmas was trying to be Paul’s #1 and she could see Elena trying to do the same. (They haven’t picked up on Alex being in that mix yet) Mark and Elena are together and Mark doesn’t like Xmas. There are many factors for them going different direction in the game. Imo

      • AIO_7

        Sassy, you must have missed the early feeds before Scooter broke her foot.

      • Sassy

        AI – unfortunately I don’t get the feeds (yet)… I spend enough time reading the blogs and twitter, if I was watching too, I would not have time for anything else.

      • Mimi Ryan

        Damn, I missed all of this stuff about Christmas. Mell, thank you for the clarification too.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Have you never heard the old saying….hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?
      Don’t get me wrong,I personally could care less about the sexual preference of anyone…Christmas and elana were pretty much a couple at the beginning of season…something happened between the two (a spat maybe) and elana began turning her attention toward Jessica…
      If I’m not wrong in my theory Elana has no
      real interest in any man…that’s why she flaunts herself and tries to seduce them all..she knows they will never get anywhere with her….not gonna happen….

  7. AIO_7

    I’m sorry folks, but I just don’t get two guys sleeping in the same bed (not that there is anything wrong with that). I’d sleep on a spiked bed in the HN room before I did that.


  8. Avatar

    I wonder if it will have any impact on Paul, Josh and/or Xmas if they find out about Elena and Mark’s hook up last night?

    • AIO_7

      No, they already know about those two. Paul wants Jess out yesterday.

      • Avatar

        Oh, I know they all know about those two but she’s been pretending that’s over for a while and things seemed to go further last night than they had been so I was wondering/hoping if the others found out she went *there* at this point in time that they might lean toward voting her out. I am still holding out hope that Jessica will be saved and Jody will start playing the game. I need this to get more interesting than follow the leader.

    • Sassy

      I wonder what they are all going to say when WIR uses the veto on Lips. It may not have been a moral strategy, but it was DEFINITELY a strategy… YUCK!!!!

  9. Avatar

    After Cody and Jess get the boot, the next to go are Mark and Elena. Nobody trusts Elena and nobody can handle Mark’s pouty face. Can’t wait til it’s just the minions. I can just picture them running around the house in all directions with their hair on fire.

  10. Alda

    Did anyone catch this past week when Cody called Christmas a dude?

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  12. Avatar

    This season just drags on and on and on… How in the world can we be at day 50+ of this season and still have the same 12 damn houseguests?

  13. Avatar

    For next week I think it would be fun if Paul was HOH and Cody won temptation comp. Minions would need to push each other out the way for his attention. Get some non Jody centered arguing going. My only concern is Paul would target Kevin or Jason who I would like to see go further in game.

  14. Avatar

    I am assuming Jessica is going home this week since that is what Paul wants.

  15. Mel

    Here’s a question? What bothers people the most? Shomances or minions? I hate both and I’m asking because in this case, the only 2 people who arn’t Paul’s minions are in a shomance. We can’t have everything so which are you more willing to put up with? (Not that we get to vote and decide but if we did)

    I would personally rather keep Jessica because if Elena left, we get rid of 1 minion, a hg who is there for her show biz future and a shomance. It’s the trifecta.

    • Avatar

      I think it’s all in the execution. While Jody are gross, there’s potential there, they are not afraid to fight and stand their ground so I’m okay with their showmance. My issue with them is more that they take 2+2 and end up with 3. On the opposite end, Matt and Raven do nothing. Can’t stand them. Their showmance and them being minions bother me equally. Mark and Elena being minions bothers me more than their showmance because their character seems weak – Mark is just weak period and not loyal and Elena is playing all sides against the middle with the men, which is lazy.

      • Sassy

        Good point Hilaryl. I agree it is all in the execution, and the only ones that seem to be executing are Paul, C & J. Josh tried a little this week, but failed.

        The only reason I would put Mark and Elena above Mattress and #RavenSTFU is because they are playing both sides of the house. Still floating but at least they are weighing their options. The other two do absolutely NOTHING!! I may not like Elena’s strategy of using her body and sexual favors, but at least it is a strategy (still hoping it does not work.).

      • Mel

        Haha. I forgot about Mattress and his hoover. I was only thinking Jess vs Elena this week.

    • Sassy

      I also dislike both. I typically want the showmances broken up from the beginning. This year, I think my dislike for Paul clouds my opinion at times. I am not a fan of J & C but I root for them over the minions. I am a big enough person to admit Paul is playing a good game and the minions are idiots.

      • Mel

        I’m with you but I consider Xmas and Josh minions too. They’re proving it this week. I also don’t blame Paul but he’s on my last nerve.

      • Sassy

        Sorry, I was referring to Jess and Cody, not Slosh and Scooter…

  16. g8trgirl

    I agree that he should talk to Ms. Thang as she is definitely a potential vote.
    But I’m not sure how far being Mr. Nice Guy is going to take him. For sure, he will have the best argument against anyone he’s sitting next to.

  17. Shivani33

    Salt ‘N Pepa- Let’s Talk about Sex, baby. Christmas is well- represented by the word multisexual. In other words, bisexual. She enjoys the whole pond. Her engagement(s) have been with men. And she appears attracted, just as her actions reveal, to both men and women. It’s likely that she’s attracted to individuality, regardless of gender. So what! It’s not unusual. Plus, she has masculine and feminine qualities. She’s capable of being her. The return of pain meds and opiates is her more severe danger zone. It is taking a toll, very tough luck for a former addict to get seriously injured and to need to open that goddamn door again. It is exactly what caused my beloved mother-in-law to die too soon …and too late.

    As for Elena, she claims to have had one boyfriend who was her longest romance, from 7th grade through sometime in college. No doubt, there’s more to her story because she consistently shows the hallmarks of early sexual abuse. To me, her sexuality looks like a mass of confusion and not in her control. Also, and sadly, not unusual. More like welcome to at least half of the human race. She is trapped between trying to portray her concepts of seductiveness and a kind of cold anger and deep fear. No healthy or self-respectful center has been reached yet. One can see that, while she can be hurtful and give very mixed messages to others, she is most hurtful, harmful to herself. I both laugh and cry for her.

    Today is Hiroshima Day, the first use of an atomic bomb in warfare. Tomorrow is the full moon and coincidentally, Kevin’s 56th birthday. Whether it’s explosive or anti-climactic, I’ll be watching. Our little guys are gone for an overnight and later this week, it’s back to school and being busy juggling four different schedules at our house. Thank heaven for our Junkies to keep up to speed. You all are the best!

    • Sassy

      Good post Shiv! I have thought that about Elena for awhile. When someone posted about her father asking her if she watched porn, early sexual abuse was what I thought of.

      I vaguely remember reading something about scooter and addiction, but didn’t remember details.

  18. Mel

    Floating around the Web if anyone wants to know or see:

    Elena’s dr clip leak. This is eye opening for anyone who still thinks dr’s are real.

    Stacey’s facebook msgs to a recent former friend claiming Ravens a virgin were leaked. The best one I saw showed them beside the clip of Raven giving Matt his nightly BJ.

    I’m not interested but a short clip of Paul servicing himself. (He should know better by now)

    Clip of Paul using Matt’s dish towel (you know the one) to clean his nose ring the next morning.

    I tried to put this on between lunch and dinner so as not to catch anyone eating.

  19. Shivani33

    Kevin is continuing to work his angle about keeping Cody around for awhile and decimating Matt, Raven, Elena, Mark -followed by Christmas and Josh. Then Alex, but first Paul, Kevin, Jason and Alex evict Cody. He seems to be voting Jessica out on Thursday, but it depends on who Kevin is talking to moment-to-moment.

    Paul isn’t receptive to keeping Cody, but Kevin can’t be reported by anybody for this kind of talk since he’s already told the supreme commander his idea. Kevin and Jason have another hidden chapter together, which includes the intention to kiss Paul goodbye whenever there’s a realistic opportunity. At the same time, Kevin and Paul have alternate, nebulous ideas about when to pull the plug on Jason. How much luck and circumstance affects any and all plans is best imagined by the ever adaptive Paul. He continues to give each single player the idea and hope that Paul wants wants to take “them” to the end, except for Cody. Those two guys as F2 would be stunning, but Paul has built relationships far above what Cody managed. Even a bitter jury would see Cody as an isolationist.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Kevin goes on the block. He’s both a threat and a dude who hasn’t won a challenge yet. So far, he is $25,027 richer. It was great fun listening to him headhunting Raven earlier today. He is a great member of the STFU Raven world and at too close range for relief. I hope he at least gets a HoH sometime soon.

  20. danmtruth

    So much to chose from
    # Dd i see and hear correctly When Elena was inviting Paul to Texas She inscribed her dad as a free thinker Skinny guy with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other She talks about her dad being a big time party guy with booze women weed and country & western music good ol’boy Might be explaing a lot
    #Paul keeps telling people the importance of the people in jury house and why the people who did not vote for him last year were dumb More importantly how America did not agree with them
    # with Jessica going of the remain HG my uninformed guess would be : Elena Paul in hopes of being invited to Pauls meet and greet to get some side cash along with some radio or TV time some where :Matt Paul so he can get more cereal Raven Paul Con artiest love other con artiest Alex a bit harder depends on who he is up against Josh Paul unless Paul humiliates him

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