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Big Brother 19 – Post Eviction Feed Updates


Another eviction is in the books, and now the murder watch begins.

Throughout the season, Jessica has been holding Cody back from just laying into Josh, but now that she is gone, will he be able to contain himself for a week?  I’m sure he will, but it should be interesting to see him do it.  Shortly after the feeds returned, Cody went into the kitchen to get some food and Josh began taunting him with the circus song and then talking loud about Jessica’s speech and how she threw away money for Cody.

Anyway, I’m going to jump into the feeds….

  • 7:20 pm – Paul is in the side room preparing the HoH (Alex) for what to do this week
    • Christmas is talking Josh up for the Forrest Gump comment from Jessica
    • The people in the kitchen think Jessica is going to get trashed for her speech
    • Josh then says he is no longer talking about Jessica from here on it…. keeps talking about Jessica
  • 7:30 pm – Josh is still talking about Jess
    • Meanwhile, Christmas asks how Paul is the bigger target. These newbies can’t be this stupid, can they?
    • Christmas asks Raven why Cody voted for her.  She then says it shows that Cody goes against what he says again (??)
  • 8:00 pm – Cody is in the havenot room where he will likely be all week – alone.
    • Matt and Raven are in the kitchen probably talking about Raven while the rest are hanging out in the bedroom
  • 8:45 pm – Everyone minus Cody
    • One big happy family… until Cody leaves and they realize not all of them can win

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I honestly felt a little pity for Cody. The man might just have some PTSD going on behind the scenes. Would explain a lot and he was working really hard to keep it together in that final interview.

    He might actually survive this week – maybe.

    If he puts away the war face and starts being a little more social. Open up and talk about his military experiences. And try to actually work with some of the strong players.

    Failing this his only chance will be to win POV I am afraid.

    Ironically everyone was saying he was bad for Jessica’s game but not in my humble. She was some sort of a professional escort, no? This would mean she has a great deal of experience making men feel special around and with her. Cody falling for her was too easy – for her that is. He wasn’t able to think about the game while she was there because of how she took up all of his attention.

    I get it folks – take two to tango. But which one of them probably has the most experience with members of the opposite sex making them feel really awesome, special, and loved?

    Way out there, I know. But like I said I saw some real pain there at the end of the show. And like him or not he’s an American hero. (Everyone who serves is/was) Don’t like seeing our heroes hurt.

    • Avatar

      While I was growing tired of the constant love story, I have to say that I believe Cody and Jess really do have feelings for each other. Cody is a hot head, but I don’t think he’s someone who cries easily. I thought his comments about Jess after the HOH were sincere and he was clearly in pain. It was kind of heartbreaking because I think he’s a lone wolf in life. He doesn’t seem like one to fall easily. I think he genuinely cares about Jess and, more importantly, he seems to respect her immensely.

    • Avatar

      Cody was one of my favorites when game began. Then week of his hoh he did some things that turned me off and I wanted him gone. But I think him putting up Paul was a fantastic move and I think everyone else would have felt the same way and voted Paul out EXCEPT for that damn temptation that made him safe. That gave him so much power that everyone went over to his side. I actually started liking Cody when he came back although I was rooting against him coming back. Now Cody is my fav again. I guess I like the underdog. I have never seen so much bullying as I have seen this year. Bullying is a killer and everyone in the house has done it. And if you let bullying go on and just watch and don’t try and stop it or even say anything about it-YOU ARE ALSO A BULLY!! I would say what Cody said in the first week has been more than matched by everyone else in the house since and lead by Paul. They are all guilty. A few said to others they didn’t like some of it but they didn’t have the balls to say something to the people responsible for doing it or instigating it. If any of these people were related to me, I would be embarrassed by their behavior. The drama is ok but when it gets to bullying, that goes too far.

      • Avatar

        Agreed 100%. These people should be ashamed of themselves, including the ones who egg it on (Paul and Christmas) and the ones who watch it with disdain, but don’t say anything (Matt, Jason and Kevin). I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t be able to stand idly by and watch that and I wouldn’t care if it cost me $500k. At the end of the day, you have to be able to live with yourself. Plus, how many middle school kids watch this and think “if adults can bully each other on national tv, what’s the big deal if we do it?” Kind of disappointed that Julie or CBS hasn’t spoken out about it to tell you the truth.

      • Avatar

        So true. Those who stand back and watch (and laugh and celebrate) while it all happens, they are worse than the bullies themselves. These people are sickening. My 3 year old toddler knows how to behave better than these adults.

        And anyone who thinks Cody is a hot head for standing up for himself and Jess?! I’m no hot head and let me tell you what, I’d lose my shit way worse if I had idiots like Paul and Josh to live with. Who WOULDNT respond the way Jess/Cody have responded to these people

        Ok, maybe Jesus…? :/

      • Avatar

        Stemmie!! Right on I agree 100%!! Qustion though after watching the episode I never say Raven get into the conflict with Cody and Josh…..where did she hurt her wrist??? Seriously!!

  2. Avatar

    I feel like everyone in the house thinks that “everyones gonna hate Jessica, she’s trash, her speech was trash” yadayadayada, or “Paul’s a racist bully awful person snake” yadayadayada (not saying anyone is either way) but in realiy we all hate all of them lol

    • AIO_7

      I don’t hate all of them. I don’t even hate Jess; I thought she gave a Hella’ good speech going out.

      • Avatar

        Plus Paul did not like that she called him out by look on his face which was a plus for her. And I didn’t hear hg’s mention it but she got a big reception when she exited. The people who say their playing this game to promote themselves like Christmas and Paul should realize if people love her then who are being seen as villains on feeds? Josh’s handlers maybe?? Perception is reality on these shows.

  3. hogwild

    Yes these newbies can be this stupid they might try some basic math if Paul is in the finals against any of them there is only one vote that you can count on that won’t be Paul’s Cody’s and two possibles Mark and Elena’s anyone who can’t figure this out deserves what’s heading their way.

  4. Avatar

    I think Cody has deep seated issues. He seems very antisocial. Who knows what he’s been through after being in the military. At times I actually feel bad for him. Maybe he’ll be better now that Jessica is gone. He’ll either get better or he’ll completely crack up.
    This season has just been weird to me.
    I have tried to log in to comment but haven’t been able as I have in years past. Not sure what’s showing as my user name but I’m still franko from years past for those who remember me. YEP……I’m still above ground!! Had another bad scare in February and it weakened me even more for those of you who have been so kind to me in the past!

  5. Mel

    Alex has a plan, Paul says fine but he has another plan.

    Rsven is offended that Cody voted for her and she can’t beleive he did it. She says he can’t have her food this week.

    I don’t even know if I can hang in there for more of the same for another entire week.

    • Avatar

      Raven is clueless and delusional. I give it 20 minutes before she says he voted against her in retaliation because she turned down his advances. He wanted her first, you know. LMAO

    • Mello_One

      After Raven’s Comment about Cody Voting for her, & he can’t have any of her Food…I’m sorry, by I’m on the Bandwagon also with STFU RAVEN! Ugh, can’t stand that Painted Lady.

    • ElaineB

      Well I hope Paul got some snacks he likes in the HOH basket. I think it will be time for another ‘BB timeout’ for me this week, as Paul says ‘fine’ to Alex, and she does what he wants anyway. *Yawn*

    • Avatar

      My thoughts exactly Mel!
      I’ve been a bit our of the loop for a few days due to a migraine that hung on for 4 days. I had just finished watching the episode where Christmas uses her power to replace Cody as a veto player and….when Cody was alone with Jessica and started to cry like he did, I was beside myself with tears! It was just such true and raw emotion and I genuinely felt so bad for him as a human being, not as a contestant on Big Brother.
      Fast forward to last night’s show, and my heart sank again when Julie asked him those questions after Jess was evicted.
      My point is (I think) is that if I were in the Big Brother house or anywhere in life for that matter and saw someone who was an outcast and alone like Cody is right now, I could never antagonize that person while they are already so down! It’s sort of like that one kid who sits by their self at lunch in 4th grade and people make fun of. (Josh singing the circus song after Jess’ eviction/running his mouth etc.)
      These houseguests are acting like a bunch of 4th graders although Raven’s words and actions are more like kindergarten and with that being said I too don’t think I can watch another week of this.
      What I can’t wait to watch and read about is when the houseguests get back out in the real world and realize that America and/or BB fans did not like anything about them or their season of BB!

      • Avatar

        Shan64, I keep thinking of how I would feel if I were in codys position. In the house all alone with everyone against him and no one having anything to do with him. All alone. I don’t know that I could handle it. Put yourself in his position, it’s not as if he can lock himself away and read a book,or text or talk to a friend. He’s being shunned or bullied or being made fun of. People have committed suicide for less. These people are monsters. Surely they can put themselves in his place and know how they would feel?

    • monkicorn

      Agreed Mell….i didnt even watch last nights episode and have just been popping in and out of the live feeds, i just cant even with this idiotic cast anymore….you guys are keeping me up to date so thank you all!!! And Mell you are spot on with your commentary….i always thumbs up!!!!

  6. Avatar

    I just realized there are 4 women and 7 men left! Alex needs to nominate Matt and Mark and get out some meatballs!

  7. Avatar

    If/when Cody gets evicted, what if he says he’d rather be with Jess and he’s going home? It’s not like they could keep him there. I know he probably signed a contract, blah, blah and he won’t get paid, blah, blah but I really don’t think he cares. It’s not like he’d be quitting. How can you quit something after you’ve already lost? There is no one in the house he wants to hang with in Big Brother Paradise.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5158 comments)

      He will be trying to make a deal with Alex in the next day or so…..I would place bets on it

    • Ann

      Never Cared!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I posted this on the last thread before I realized that a new one had started:

      I strongly disliked Messi. And I hated her and Grody together….HATED IT! Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m going to say something I never thought I’d hear myself say… Now that Grody’s alone (and keep in mind that I still don’t like him and am glad that he’s no longer part of a duo), I think they should leave him alone. I almost feel sorry for him…almost. But I still don’t want them to bother him…no taunting, no teasing, no pushing his buttons. Just leave him the hell alone, just like he wants. With the acception(sp) of winning Comps, he’s virtually helpless and all by himself. I still don’t want him to win, but I don’t want them hassling or torturing him either. He said he was going to turn the house upside down when Messi left, which I don’t believe he will do spit either, so just let him be and get him out of the house as soon as possible.

    • ElaineB

      ‘Big Brother Paradise’….don’t give them any ideas. Lol.

    • ElaineB

      Cody can stay or go. Won’t be long before Jessica is involved in her esc…ooops ‘VIP concierge’ work again and she will say ‘Cody who??!!’

    • Cindy

      I’m actually shocked Cody didn’t just turn around and punch Josh or Paul in the face right after eviction so he could leave with Jess.

  8. danmtruth

    This group take EVERY THING personal
    Josh don’t pick a fight get knocked down than blame the other person and claim your a winner
    Paul is getting bored having to pull his dog’s back
    Raven will be mad that Alex did not throw the HOH to her Seeing that it’s GP month

  9. Avatar
    Helen (5158 comments)

    New BB Rule!!!

    Microphones must be removed when eating!!

  10. danmtruth

    Helen you enjoy listing to Cody or Jason High School sexcapades

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  12. Alda

    EMERGENCY!!! DMW just cut her finger!! PARAMEDICS!!!PARAMEDICS!!

  13. AIO_7

    Cody, alone, munching loud into the mic..


  14. AIO_7

    I don’t like listening to munching so I switch the feeds to the fun bunch where they are talking about dildos and vibrators, Lips and Chipmunk Cheeks Scooter leading the parade.


  15. Shivani33

    Raven saying that Cody won’t be getting any food that she makes because he went back on a promise never to vote against her. Oh, and she hates him. From what I’ve seen, Cody makes his own food, and we know that he often eats slop, too. Her point is moot, since he tends not tomeat what she cooks. And her cooking habits are dreadful and unclean, as she licks utensils and continues to use them for her communal cooking. Many have mentioned that she prepares and serves meat too raw. Furthermore who else would Cody give an eviction vote? Jessica or the one woman who kept connecting with Jessica throughout the game, Elena? STFU, Raven.

    Josh continues to talk big about wanting to torment Cody and said that he wants to be a have-not with him for the week. It would be wise to ignore Cody rather than work at initiating more hostility. Cody is Paul’s obsession as THE target, so it looks like a predictable week is starting of the same old song and dance of “we have to get rid of Cody, and then it’ll be a whole new game.” At least there’s a double eviction waiting in the wings.

    • Mel

      I thought that was funny too especially because Cody and Jessica were making jokes this week about spitting out Ravens food in front of her and saying it was disgusting. They were only joking but they were talking about how many of her dishes are horrible.

  16. Avatar

    Predictions for the rest of the season:

    Josh does sleeep in the HN room with Cody. Josh is suffocated by one of Elena’s bras in his sleep. Mark bludgeons him with a pot because he’s pissed that Josh died with Elena’s bra in his mouth. Mark does not get evicted for thiis because there is no rule in the BB house that states you can’t hit a dead guy.

    Cody is framed and goes to prison. Marries Jess to ensure conjugal visits. Places his jury vote via a prison interview with Nancy Grace.

    Meanwhile, we learn that Cody is innocent. Apparently, Paul had convinced Kevin to camtalk to get Big Cheese or one of the other guys from the neighborhood to sneak into the house and do the deed. Easy enough to get Elena’s bra because she doesn’t wear it if she’s on the block.

    Raven declares to Matt that she doesn’t understand why Cody didn’t kill her first because he tried to kiss her once and he promised if he ever murdered anyone, she would be first on his list. Raven then realizes that all the crime scene people are paying attention to Josh’s corpse, so she steals Christmas’s scooter, goes into the yard and “accidentally” nearly drowns when the scooter plunges her into the pool. Matt, distraught, licks his mustache and eats a mixing bowl full of Cap’n Crunch.

    Without her scooter, Christmas is forced to ride around on Jason’s back for the rest of the season. Every time she hops on, she says “my turn!” Jason realizes that Christmas makes a better bull than Oke and offers her a job in his rodeo show. She accepts because NASCAR fired her.

    Alex od’s on coke and is sent to Betty Ford. She places her jury vote via satellite to Dr. Drew.

    There is no winner this season.

  17. Avatar

    Is this the most hg’s getting bad press since BB15? Josh and Latin Times. People including DrWill calling Jessica’s butt hole poking assault. Paul Getting called out for handing out bullying assignments. If Cody gets plagued this week and things turn violent CBS could be in trouble.

    • Sassy

      This week could get really interesting if Cody wins the temptation. I bet Paul orders them all to play in hopes someone can beat him. Who will Alex (Paul) put up if Cody is not an option? Mark and Elena or two women?

    • LindsayB

      CBS is just fine. Drama and press gets people to watch. CBS would be worried if there wasn’t drama. How many people here keep saying they are gonna stop watching but are still keeping up on every second?

  18. Mel

    Matt announced that if Alex keeps it up she will be considered one of the best players of all time and Raven admitted to Matt that she’s the one who’s been hiding the eggs. She said she let Mark and Cody take the blame.

  19. Russell James Yost

    I was enjoying an interesting conversation between Paul and Kevin and then it goes to Christmas chowing down on cereal and Raven just talking. Paul, Kevin, and Josh just gone…

    What the hell!?

    • AIO_7

      Paul and Kevin were talking about Production. Production doesn’t want their own cat being let out of the bag.

      • Ann

        Speaking of cats, I just woke up at 2:47 am because I had a bad dream & I won’t be able to go back to sleep. I dreamed about cats & I am terrified of cats. There was a big white one in my bed room & a bunch of others running around, I woke up screaming.

    • NKogNeeTow

      IKR! I was yelling at the TV that certain cameramen should be FIRED! Then the cams went from those tramps at the counter to DryHumps and HandJob in the Rose Room. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE FIRED I TELLS YA!

  20. danmtruth

    Going back I say to help drive up the live feeds Have a contest Rate the HG Live feeders can vote up to 5 times a day CBS people can vote once a day Than for double eviction have the HG rank themselves compared to the viewers Split it 4-4-4-5 Have them go round by round How are the top 4 score 1 point for each person they get right 2 points if you put them in the proper rank 4 points if they place themselves in the right spot Do this for each round Winner gets HOH loser go to jury Old HOH gets to play and might lose
    Just think how they will feel when they see where they rank Josh guaranteed that Jess and Cody were not loved outside the house Paul said he would be mad if he was made to look like a villain

  21. Avatar

    I’m stoked that next week is a double eviction. This will be the final week of the predictable lets gang up on the most obvious house target (Cody) and the bashing that will come along with it (its real old at this point). But next week starts the rat infestation where they finally after 7+ weeks have to turn on each other.

    Raven didn’t have a care in the world sitting on that block and neither did Elena, but with Cody out next week on the first half of the show, the circus can really start. Boss Paul should continue to run things this week dictating to Alex how things will go, but the next time Elena or Ravens a$$ is on the block, I’m almost sure they will have more than just a casual care in the World.

  22. Avatar

    You guys remember the controversy about a year ago about what color that dress was? This summer’s equivalent is “what color is Elena’s hair?” I realize she has her own hair, unlike Raven and Jess, but the color isn’t something normally found in nature. Is it gray? Platinum blonde? Lavender? I am both perplexed and mesmerized.

  23. danmtruth

    i call Lavender with gray

  24. Avatar

    Who runs Christmas more, Kevin with their mutual attraction and trust towards each other, or Boss Paul who is still regulating the house right now?

  25. Avatar


    Posh… Paul/Josh, obviously.

  26. Avatar

    36 to 41+ minutes into BBAD, Paul with his court gestures of Matt and Raven and Kevin passively looking on, enjoying the fruits of their labor. Breaking off Jessica’s taunts to Paul doing live eviction, and his version of fact checking. For me, the excessive of Matt and Raven just guffawing and laughing hysterically should be captured in time. One day soon they will be marked for eviction and I wonder where the hysterical laughter be then.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    I love Paul to death but it pisses me off that he kept trying to find someone to volunteer to throw the next Comp. Then when no one volunteers, he calls Josh in and ask him to do it. Josh being a team player says he doesn’t want to do it but will take one for the team. For once I wanted someone to ask him “Why don’t you do it Paul”.

    MattRess and DMW sitting there fake laughing uncontrollably at everything he says. Yes HG, PLEASE get these two braying asses out of the house.

    And why the hell is he wearing his Mama’s shirt?!?!?

    • Avatar

      Can somebody explain to me the advantage in throwing the temptation comp? If Cody is in it and they throw it, then he is safe for the week yes?

      • Avatar
        Helen (5158 comments)

        Only if he wins it

      • LindsayB

        Ritchie, if he doesn’t win or lose then he can be backdoor’d. A lot of stars would have to align. He would have to not win temp comp and not get picked to play and win the veto comp. Its a lot of over thinking because of their fear of his ability to win comps.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5158 comments)

      There are a plethora of candidates for Alex to choose from this week for the Meet Julie Chen trophy……..
      Who will the lucky contestants be? With a double eviction on the card for Eviction Night Thursday choose wisely grasshopper!!

  29. danmtruth

    It hurts my soul to listen to this vile coming from Paul Raven and Matt This game used to be fun This is just disgusting

    • Mello_One

      WORD, & Truth Be Told Dan! After BB 10 its been all down hill with Big Brother, remember when they use to have Food Competitions??? I wish Big Brother would get back to it true Roots, & when it was Pure.

      Instead the Fans of BB have been Subjected to Seasons of Racism, Misogyny, and Bullying. Barf!!!

  30. Avatar

    I get this show is for the houseguests, but it also for the fans such as us. But America’s involvement in this years BB since the granting of temptations early on is non-existent. That’s what frustrates me about people like Matt and Raven who just float right on day lazy bar river (minus some menial tasks from the Boss at times).

    I wish I could get a mole in their to nominate a couple, and spread rumors and lies to the house about Matt and Raven just to create drama, and light their game play a**es up some!

    Penalties should be assessed by America for floaters who refuse to actually play, and decide to kust be dictated to over and over and over again.

  31. AIO_7

    While Paul is yakking, these two can’t get enough of each other.


  32. Avatar

    1hour 23,24 minutes in and Matt and Raven have it so good that their plan this HOH..

    – We are safe this week.
    – Lets get some sun.
    – Lets make ice cream.
    – Nap time to get rid of the emotional stress of Live Evictions.

    What a $500K plan this is!
    Ravatt living the life, the surreal life, the BB19 Boss Paul life!

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Sitting here watching Alex and Co. in her HOH. DMW looks like she just sucked a rotten lemon. Wax Lips doesn’t look all that enthused either. Heck, even Grody looks more interested than DMW, which tickles the hell out of me, and he’s talking more than DMW too. She is SO damn jealous. Not sure if its because there is no attention on her or she’s just bummed that she lost to Alex. Either way, it makes me a very, VERY happy girl!

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Wax Lips looks like that doll Annabelle with that bow in her hair…lol

  35. NKogNeeTow

    And where the hell is my partner in crime Gerardo?

    • Avatar

      With such a predictable and easy vote with live eviction last night, and the one upcoming (target cody, with mark and elena as backups, while Josh takes one for the team – 5 min of discussion), I’m suprised some of us are actually still up chiming away tonight lol.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Like a fool, I’m here every night. That’s why I didn’t want to get the doggone Feeds in the first place. I lose sleep then have to get in naps during the day and try to get my work done all at the same time. It’s 3 months of my life I can never get back..lol

    • Ann

      Elena looked like one of those plastic blow up dolls with the big red lips & mouth open, ready to go. I’m not sure the girl knows what a bra is or how to wear one. She looked like a hot MESS sitting up there during eviction ceremony.
      Raven started in on GP. I muted my tv for that reason & because I HATE her voice.
      All this time Jess had that hair, she should have been using it all along, instead she waits until she’s being evicted to put in 45 bags of hair.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    DWM looks like she wants to kill herself. Can I help?

  37. Seattle Kari

    Someone about mentioned how much you can tell Cody deeply cares for Jessica and thought that Jessica because of her experience being an escort is good at ” making men feel good and important.”

    Remember When Cody left and in the exit interview he talked about how much he loved Jessica? Tonight when Jessica left it seemed to me almost like Julie was letting her know “he truly cares about you…” * don’t hurt him* (Subtle message?)

    Maybe I’m way out there but it was just a weird thought that crossed my mind. I’ve seen Julie talk about relationships and they’re obviously but I’ve never seen her literally tell one of the house guests that the other person truly cares about them…

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Guess what time it is Boys and Girls?……IT’S BJ TIMMMMMMME! *smdh*

  39. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Alex/Paul/Jason/Xmas/Josh

    They are talking about how Kevin never studies.

    Josh says he’s 56 years old, give him a break.

    Alex says well we’re a team and if he’s to tired to study then he needs to take his ass home. This is a team and he’s either part of it or he isn’t.

    Paul says he keeps telling him how it looks shady how every time they turn around he has his head together with Grody. Why does he humor him?

    Alex says he needs to know that if he’s getting info from Grody then he needs to relay it to the team.

    Jason is saying how Kevin over reacts to everything.

    Xmas says that Kevin got upset because she didn’t tell him about her ring temptation.

    Jason says that’s why he doesn’t like to tell him certain things.

    Josh keeps defending Kevin and telling them that when all is said and done, he knows Kevin will protect them.

    They say yes, but they think he can be easily swayed.

    Josh was telling them again about how pissed DMW was when she and MattRess were asked if needed, would they mind either throwing or going up as pawns. He noted how she kept pushing for Josh to go OTB.

    The group wants to talk to Kevin and tell him to “chill the f*ck out” and to see where his head is. They send Josh to get him.

    Alex is saying how Kevin pestered her all day.

    Josh goes to get Kevin. Kevin refuses to come.

    Josh keeps telling him to come up. Kevin keeps shaking his head and saying no.

    Kevin ask what they want to talk to him about.

    Kevin gets pissed and gets up to go, but tells Josh he doesn’t understand this bullsh*t.

    In the meantime, Wax Lips comes BACK up to the HOH and the conversation changes.

    With Lips sitting there, they can’t really talk to Kevin about what they want to talk about.

    She parks her ass on the bench and stalls about leaving. She keeps bringing up small talk that they really don’t want to talk about. They want her to LEAVE, but she won’t.

    She finally stands up like she’s going to leave but then just starts talking about random stupid sh*t again.

    Kevin starts pacing the floor like a lost old man again. He is clearly annoyed. He wants to go to sleep.

    Lips is still stalling, now thanking them for keeping her and rambling. *I’m ready to slam her head in the toilet myself*

    She keeps inching towards the door but still won’t leave.

    They finally start to talk about different stuff and ignore her.

    She finally leaves.

    Paul tells Kevin to be careful with the things he says to Grody because he’ll use it against him.

    Kevin says he doesn’t give a f*ck about Grody and he was just eating cereal and Grody walked up and started talking to him.

    Jason tells Kevin that he overheard Grody saying that they have to get rid of Paul.

    Kevin keeps defending himself and telling them that Grody hasn’t said anything to him.

    Jason tell him that he needs to be the same way with MattRess and DMW.

    Kevin says he doesn’t talk to them and to f*ck him.

    They ask Kevin who does he think they can get rid of if they can’t get rid of Grody.

    Kevin is telling them how when he, Paul, MattRess and DMW were in the Wave Room and Paul was talking, DMW was fake laughing her ass off and rubbing Paul’s leg and what Paul was saying wasn’t even that funny.

    He told Paul if she stays around she’ll be all over him. They all laugh.

    Kevin tells them they need to get Grody out first then breaks down the odds of who should go and in what order.

    Xmas says that DMW doesn’t want MattRess to go because he protects her and if he leaves who will protect her.

    Kevin holds up one hand and points to Paul with the other. They all laugh.

    Kevin says that he tells Grody to get the f*ck out of his face. He was in the Air Force and has no f*cking tattoos and maybe they should check his ass.

    They start to talk about how smart MattRess might be.

    Kevin tells them he was kidding when he called him the professor. He said the only place he’s the professor of is Gilligan’s Island. He’s cracking them up. He says they’re giving MattRess to much credit.

    Kevin says if they could write a petition to get MattRess to stop licking his moustache, he’d do it. And he eats 8 hours a day and showers 6. Kevin says he touches himself to much.

    Kevin says to just put the 3 of them up and have a triple eviction.

    Kevin says that if MattRess leaves his packing will be easy because he only brought 37 pairs of underwear and 1 tee shirt. He says they won’t even let that motherf*cker on the plane. They are crying with laughter.

    Paul ask Kevin what is #12. Kevin says its a drum that I’m going to beat those motherf*ckers with.

    They start to leave and go downstairs.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Paul goes into the Rose Room to get underwear….Blowjob Interuptitis….

    MattRess and DMW sit up.

    Paul starts telling them how Grody, WIR and Lips are trying to turn the house.

    Paul leaves and DMW say they need to get her out of the house.

    They start laughing and Scoots rolls in and says it’s cold in there.

    Meanwhile, the party has moved to the bedroom next door.

    Kevin/Jason/Paul/WIR/Lips/Josh are all talking and laughing.

    Scoots rolls in and tells them it’s cold in the Rose Room and gets another blanket then goes back in there.

    Josh starts clowning around and we get fish.

    Back from the aquarium…..

    Jason is in bed; Paul sitting on Alex’s bed; WIR giving Lips a shoulder massage at the foot of Alex’s bed; Josh fighting with WIR over pillows; Xmas standing in the door between that bedroom and the Rose Room (scared she’s going to miss something….as are Lips and WIR).

    Scoots finally rolls into the Rose Room.

    Lips start to talk about women’s periods (*she will get into a conversation about sex no matter what the content*)

    She starts to tell them about her periods and she also talks about Dom’s periods. She says she hasn’t had a period since 2014. (*Is this something ANYBODY really needs to know?*)

    Josh and Paul start to wrestle to change the subject. (*THANK THE GOOD JESUS!*)

    Kevin is in the DR.

    WIR is now massaging Lips’ temples.

    Paul calls Josh over to the bed. He grabs him and starts to beat him up. They all laugh. They get “NO HORSING AROUND”.

    Now Jason jumps on Josh on the other bed…..Cut to fish.

    In the Rose Room, MattRess and DMW keep trying to get it on again but Scoots won’t go to bed and just keeps rolling around the room being annoying.

    Kevin comes back and Paul starts to tell him how they beat Josh up and put him in headlocks and gave him wedgies.

    Paul gets in bed and Lips starts to fluff his pillows and make him comfortable.

    WIR comes over and tries to stop her. She tells him to stop and he walks away.

    Josh threatens to get Paul again.

    Paul tells him that if he does, he’s going to take his pants off and wave his d*ck in Josh’s face.

    Josh says if he does, he’s going to tell the DR.

    Josh ask Lips if she’ll cuddle with him.

    Kevin tells him that’s not cool and he shouldn’t have asked her in front of everyone.

    She climbs in bed with Paul and starts stroking his arm.

    He starts to talk about what to make for breakfast. He says maybe candied bacon.

    She says she’s like a greasy, cheesy c*ck in her face. (*This b!tch is T-H-I-R-S-T-Y!*)

    Josh has gone to take a shower.

    Jason is trying to sleep and Kevin wants to go to sleep but is talking with Paul.

    Wax Lips is just laying there listening and running her fingers up and down Paul’s arm.

    She’s just laying there stroking the palm of his hand and he’s just staring at his hand like he wish she’d stop.

    She says she hope she wins the next HOH because then she’ll be HOH for her birthday. *Nobody cares*

    Kevin and Paul start to talk about music (Wiz Kalifa).

    She says he was interviewed by her station he was the worst interview ever.

    She said after his interview, he tweeted that it was the worst interview ever.

    Kevin ask if that’s his real name and was he born with the name Wiz.(*funny*)

    She starts talking about Kendrick Lamar’s interview. (*She’s name dropping her azz off tonight…trying to make herself sound interesting….It’s not working*)

    They start talking about concerts.

    WIR comes back in (*his bed warmer is missing*). He and Paul talk about Kanye West concert.

    WIR whispers something to Paul about Grody (*he was talking to low to hear what he said*). Whatever it was, Paul seemed surprised.

    WIR announces that he’s going to bed.

    Lips starts talking about the Rihanna concert. (*some people just don’t know when to leave*).

    Kevin is trying to go to sleep and is no longer interested.

    Paul humors her and continues to talk about concerts and his band touring.

    She feigns interest.

    WIR comes back in and says it’s 3 AM.

    She finally drags her ass out of bed and leaves with WIR.

    Paul and Kevin start to talk about the wrestling that went on earlier with Josh and they laugh about it.

    Kevin says Josh better not come back in there f*cking around.

    Josh come back and gets ready for bed.

    WIR and Lips have moved to the bathroom. They’re horsing around and he’s kissing her.

    She tells him to quit but only stops to go to the bathroom.

    In the bedroom, Kevin puts on his blindfold and starts saying his Rosary. (*He looks like he’s about to face a firing squad*)

    In the bathroom, Lips has left WIR and tells him on her way out “See you around”.

    On his way to the HN Room, WIR stops to say goodnight to Josh and ask him if he took his pillow.

    In the HN Room, Grody is already asleep and Lips is in bed.

    WIR has a hard time getting his bed adjusted, then when he does, he tells her goodnight.

    He can’t get situated in the bed and she ask him if he needs help.

    He finally gets it adjusted and tells her goodnight again. (*Looks like there will be no dry humps and jerk offs tonight….company’s in the house*)

    All the children are nestled snug in their beds. With visions of Jury dancing in their heads.

    And with that, I bid you all a goodnight. Have a GREAT day everyone! 🙂

  41. jimbo

    Yes, stevebeans, these HGs are really that stupid. You got a threat like Paul that nobody even seems to notice, and all their attention is on Jes, and now Cody? Jess and Cody had zero chance of winning the game. Zero. Zilch. Yet that’s all they can focus on — getting rid of two people they all would beat at the end, and EVERYONE has their target on them. Wouldn’t it be wise to cut someone who might actually win or is a threat!?!

  42. KelBel

    Coming out of the BBJunkies stalking shadows to make my very first post…that i’m sure most will not like!

    I’ve been team Cody since day 1…I can say it started because he’s not too shabby to look at…and after winning HOH he immediately made the big move to evict Paul. Granted he maybe didn’t do it in the smartest way, but he had his reasoning. The point is, at least he tried, unlike all the groupies. When the groupies all watch this season, they may just kick themselves for not seeing what Cody did from the second PuppetMasterPaul walked in the front door (which was your fault, Kevin!…I’d have taken the money too, just sayin’…) From then on, Cody was a villain because Poor Paul said so. How dare anyone do something against his wishes. I’m disgusted at the HGs for blindly following him around, doing his dirty work, and not having any balls. IF Cody some how makes it thru to the finals (which there’s a very slim chance, since Paul is essentially HOH every week unless Cody wins HOH), I hope the groupies see that Paul used them and Cody actually had to fight to be in the house. Every damn week. Repeatedly. But, as many have said…everyone in that house is stupid.

    In other news…I just have to say THANK YOU to the people who post about the live feeds…because I don’t have them, and without your posts, I don’t know what I’d do all day at work. ha ha. It’s so interesting because I read all the spoilers and the feed comments, but my honey only watches the show when it’s on tv…he doesn’t understand why I can’t stand Raven or Matt. Or why I want to vomit every time Elena’s face is shown. Truly is interesting the way the network decides to edit the show…..

  43. Avatar

    Comes out swinging for the fences! welcome!

  44. Avatar

    Never posted before….. I just had to tell everyone on this board that this is my favorite part of BB. Reading this!

  45. Avatar

    I created an account and logged in just to say……..I CANT STAND Josh!
    He seems to be a vile human being. Seriously.

  46. Avatar

    I wish these people would play their own game and not Paul’s. I have never seen a season where so many idiots were following one person. It’s getting boring watching Paul trying to evict Cody week after week. I hope to God Cody can save himself this week and win hoh next so we can see some real big brother. These people are mindless minions that are following Paul’s hateful bullying

  47. Avatar

    I’ve said this before on this site, if you asked the houseguests to go into the diary room and vote right now for the $500,000 winner it would be Paul. Even with the ability to vote for themselves you know a few of the Knuckleheads would actually still vote for Paul. With 11 people left in the house they understand that Paul is the winner I don’t think they care. I think these dopes actually believe that Paul’s friendship after the game and outside the house is worth millions so why worry about a measly 500K. It looks like a snoozefest the rest of the way. Let me know when Dr. Will is in the jury house trying to explain how Paul played everyone of them because they are stupid and very little skill is necessary when you are picking on the less fortunate.

  48. Avatar

    Why are they not visiting the jury house on and off like they’ve done in the past?

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