How was that for an eviction??

That was really one of the most surprised reactions I’ve seen from a houseguest (short of a double eviction night) in awhile. Jillian was still completely convinced that she was staying through a tiebreaker and her reaction was great.  I hate to say it because as I’ve said numerous times here, I have nothing against Jillian. For everything I’ve seen of her, she is a nice person. But her reaction was great TV.


Then you had Jessica and Christmas almost getting into a physical fight after which got so heated that production had to remind them not to go nose-to-nose through the speaker.  Michelle from BB18 tweeted that her cast was never told anything close to that.  If you’re wondering when it happened, it was about 3 minutes after Paul won HoH.  The feeds were supposed to go to fish, but only the video did. We still heard all the conversations going on including production speaking to the cast.

Anyway, I need to get feeding because they are apparently lit right now…./

  • 8:00 pm – Kevin and Jason are talking in the bedroom…
    • Jason is explaining the situation to Kevin.
    • Also Jason says that Ramses called Kevin a snake to Cody.  This is due to Kevin’s vote
    • Kevin said Josh and Ramses voted for Jillian.
    • This is crazy, Kevin is sitting there playing all innocent but made one power move by voting out Jillian.  I don’t know what to think about this.
  • 8:10 pm That conversation breaks up and the feeds go to Cody and Jessica
    • Jessica is crying and Cody is trying to make her feel better
    • Jason comes in and says that everyone thinks Jessica voted to keep Christmas. Cody and Jess laugh about it because it’s obviously not true
    • Jason leaves as Josh comes in…
    • Cody tells him to get his stuff and leave because he doesn’t want to talk to Josh right now
    • Cody gives the look like he wants to murder Josh
    • Josh keeps talking and Cody replies “Will you shut .. the.. fuck.. up”.  Woah
    • Josh tells him that’s immature but wants to be in peace
    • Cody is doing all types of crazy coping techniques to not kill Josh right then
    • Josh is very slowly getting his clothes from the room. Crazy
  • 8:30 pm – Paul goes into the bathroom to coach his alliance. He is saying Cody needs to go first because Jessica flusters under pressure like she did tonight
    • In the other room Alex was talking to Cody and Jessica about the vote.  Cody says this shows how much of a snake Ramses is.
    • Back in the bathroom they are talking about how Christmas is not in the house. Not sure where she is. DR?  Injured again?
  • 8:55 pm – Feeds have slowed down for the time being as people make dinner and Jess/Cody sulk alone
  • 10:25 pm – Back from a small break. Given enough time for people to go from shock to anger, and it appears Josh is still in one of those stages
    • He is sitting in the bathroom crying with Mark trying to encourage him
    • While gone it seems like Josh was slammed again by Cody and Jessica.  Josh is feeling real bad about the situation
  • 10:17 pm – Doing some flashing back
    • Josh comes out of the HN room carrying his stuff and Jessica jumps all over him yelling
    • Josh keeps trying to keep things cool but Cody and Jess are acting terrible about this situation
  • 10:45 pm – Back to live. Josh is alone in the apple room trying to keep himself calm and focused.
    • He is explaining how he had anxiety the first few days
    • Kevin comes in and asks if he’s alright.

Off to bed.  Noms tomorrow, PoV saturday!

I g uess no bed for me…

  • 11:09 pm – Jessica can’t take any more. She takes off her mic and is pacing around the room
    • She heads to the DR after Paul comes out to show his room
  • 11:20 pm – She comes out of the DR finally and heads to the HoH room
    • The happy couple are in the HoH room now….
    • I don’t know how they do it. I would be sleeping with one eye open thinking Cody was going to murder me in my sleep

Speaking of sleep, time to try again