No, it’s not puppymonkeybaby although I’m sure it would make a much better HoH than anyone remaining in the house minus say Mark. Then again, dogs are pretty loyal to their alpha as we’ve witnessed far too often this season.

The real spoiler is that the new HoH appears to be ……


Ready for it?

One last chance!….



A pretty reliable source inside the house has leaked this information and I see no reason to believe it’s not true. Even with a broken foot, she is still smarter and stronger than most people in the house and her foot is the only reason it took her this long to win the first.  As we watched last night, she almost won HoH during the live show but looked like she threw it once Mark was eliminated. As I tweeted, I’m surprised she didn’t self-evict when she was forced to go against Paul but managed to win that round regardless.

So what does this mean for the house?  Nothing. We already know what is going to happen and that is Mark is going to be the target.  The biggest question will be what happens if he wins veto because there is nobody left to sacrifice. That said, I’m pretty sure Paul can easily convince Matt to ‘take one for the team’ and get evicted so he will probably be the backup plan.  I wish I was kidding with that statement, but I really think they can nominate Matt and he’d be okay with the real possibility of leaving.  Or as I should phrase that like Alex or Jason would….. I literally think that Matt would literally go on the block and literally allow himself to be evicted… literally.

As far as the episode tonight, it sounds like Derrick probably hosted the HoH competition and tonight’s episode won’t be anything special other than to fill an empty slot on a Friday night. They will probably show the HoH comp, or they’ll just show highlights of everyone following around Paul.

Speaking of Paul, congrats to him on winning his 7th HoH this season!  Quite an accomplishment to be able to pull that off in one season, but when you have a bunch of bad players who are eager to hand you half a million dollars, anything is possible!  Let’s all just now hope that Mark wins the PoV and Matt shows a bit of life so this week isn’t a complete dud. We already know Christmas is going to be horribly insufferable now that she has a bit of power, but the bright spot is it puts a target on her back right alongside Alex. This win all but guarantees her exit from the house before the final 2 which will be funny to watch as she’s one of the many people who think Paul is taking to the end.

All snark aside – If she and Alex do not see that they now have 0 chance of Paul taking them to the final 2 and turn on him before he gets them out, they deserve to lose the money.  Alex ‘won’ two HoH’s and a PoV when her ass was on the line. Christmas survived a broken foot with surgery and now very well could pull together a string of comp wins the healthier she gets. Both have a valid argument against Paul in the finals and he isn’t going to take that chance again. Even though he’d still probably beat them both, he’s going to take someone he knows he can beat because he has been using that person as a meatshield all season long and getting each jury member to hate him before they leave (Josh).   I’ve said it before about different people but this week it’s Christmas’ turn to see if she has a spine.  Do you think she does?