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Big Brother 19 – Potential HoH Spoiler


No, it’s not puppymonkeybaby although I’m sure it would make a much better HoH than anyone remaining in the house minus say Mark. Then again, dogs are pretty loyal to their alpha as we’ve witnessed far too often this season.

The real spoiler is that the new HoH appears to be ……

Ready for it?


One last chance!….



A pretty reliable source inside the house has leaked this information and I see no reason to believe it’s not true. Even with a broken foot, she is still smarter and stronger than most people in the house and her foot is the only reason it took her this long to win the first.  As we watched last night, she almost won HoH during the live show but looked like she threw it once Mark was eliminated. As I tweeted, I’m surprised she didn’t self-evict when she was forced to go against Paul but managed to win that round regardless.


So what does this mean for the house?  Nothing. We already know what is going to happen and that is Mark is going to be the target.  The biggest question will be what happens if he wins veto because there is nobody left to sacrifice. That said, I’m pretty sure Paul can easily convince Matt to ‘take one for the team’ and get evicted so he will probably be the backup plan.  I wish I was kidding with that statement, but I really think they can nominate Matt and he’d be okay with the real possibility of leaving.  Or as I should phrase that like Alex or Jason would….. I literally think that Matt would literally go on the block and literally allow himself to be evicted… literally.

As far as the episode tonight, it sounds like Derrick probably hosted the HoH competition and tonight’s episode won’t be anything special other than to fill an empty slot on a Friday night. They will probably show the HoH comp, or they’ll just show highlights of everyone following around Paul.

Speaking of Paul, congrats to him on winning his 7th HoH this season!  Quite an accomplishment to be able to pull that off in one season, but when you have a bunch of bad players who are eager to hand you half a million dollars, anything is possible!  Let’s all just now hope that Mark wins the PoV and Matt shows a bit of life so this week isn’t a complete dud. We already know Christmas is going to be horribly insufferable now that she has a bit of power, but the bright spot is it puts a target on her back right alongside Alex. This win all but guarantees her exit from the house before the final 2 which will be funny to watch as she’s one of the many people who think Paul is taking to the end.

All snark aside – If she and Alex do not see that they now have 0 chance of Paul taking them to the final 2 and turn on him before he gets them out, they deserve to lose the money.  Alex ‘won’ two HoH’s and a PoV when her ass was on the line. Christmas survived a broken foot with surgery and now very well could pull together a string of comp wins the healthier she gets. Both have a valid argument against Paul in the finals and he isn’t going to take that chance again. Even though he’d still probably beat them both, he’s going to take someone he knows he can beat because he has been using that person as a meatshield all season long and getting each jury member to hate him before they leave (Josh).   I’ve said it before about different people but this week it’s Christmas’ turn to see if she has a spine.  Do you think she does?


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  1. Avatar

    If this is true then it’s the equivalent of letting the equipment manager play the last few minutes of the last game of the season. Did Production have to come up with some sort of HOH competition that was so completely easy to allow her to win once?

    I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I firmly believe that Paul tanked on the last HOH competition against Christmas. His facial expression and his effort were clear giveaways. Heck, I also believe that Christmas threw it to Jason as well. Her first three shots were almost perfect, her last show was clearly a tank job.

    Thoughts anyone?

    • Avatar

      I agree with you that Paul threw it and that Christmas threw her last shot. She knew exactly how much strength to give it to win and her last shot wasn’t even close. There is NO WAY that was an accident.

      I wonder if she’ll put up Kevin?

      • Avatar

        Who knows with her, she’s a wildcard… She could make the move to backdoor Paul… Depends on how much Kevin can manipulate her. She does have daddy issues..

    • stevebeans

      Either she threw it to Jason or she under-compensated because she nearly pushed it off the ledge vs Paul. I just re-watched and it really could have been either. Looked like she wanted to lighten up the push a little but lightened up way too much.

      Either way, doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

      • KelBel

        I thought the same, possibly lightened the push since the previous almost went off. Regardless, she knew she was safe so it didn’t matter

    • Alda

      I totally agree with you.They both threw it.

      • Ann

        Anybody notice the look on Paul’s face when Derrick was there & Alex said Jason is her ride or die? Better watch out Alex, Paul just might put you otb & send you right on out to the jury house. I mean, it is still his HOH right????

        The look on Paul’s face when Derrick walked in the door with that move-in bag on his shoulder was priceless. I’ll bet he was sick to his stomach. I could see his devious little mind racing thinking “How the fuck am I going to get him out of the house now?”

    • caRyn

      I thought Christmas said to Jason your good – meaning she was going to give him the HOH. I don’t think she meant your good as in I won’t put you OTB.

    • Sassy

      I will laugh, if it was a competition you had to do standing on one leg.

    • Avatar

      On live feeds it was 100% true on both
      Wish Josh would do a Big Move. I can tell he wants to! Man has the only morals in the house.
      Pull Matt down — put Paul up !! Matt would keep Raven , pretty sure Alex would do what Jason asked and Kevin. 3 votes and out goes the biggest deceiver of all. Honestly he lies so much.
      The way they follow his lead, on everything—- sickens me!!

  2. Avatar

    No one knows what Paul is really thinking, he could have a plan he has not even shared with the DR…..he may decide to take Josh and Kevin to final 3…that gives him a sure thing to take it all…Josh because he has made sure everyonen is annoyed with him……Kevin because he has won no comps and took the 25K so he could use those against him….when it come to winning the final HOH ….he wants that one, so his best bet to have an easy win would be to take Kevin to final 3….Just a thought.

    • Avatar

      Based on everything I’ve seen, I believe he has a legitimate F2 with Alex. Based on everything I’ve seen, I have no faith he’ll honor it. But it is the only alliance I think *really* exists.

      • Avatar

        Remember what Steve did to Vanessa in s17… do any of you think that is what Alex maybe setting Paul up for… I’d like to think she is.

    • Sassy

      I definitely think he wants to take Josh to the final 3, probably final 2. But he has been throwing shade on Kevin lately. Kevin is nearing the end of his time in the house, he has been to friendly with the weekly enemies, and Paul probably thinks that gives Kevin an edge. I expect him to protect Raven, by continuing to create new enemies.

  3. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Please Christmas put Matt and Raven OTB
    Please mark get picked for veto…win it and leave noms the same
    Who would you vote to evict? Matt? Raven?

    • Avatar

      That would require Christmas to think for herself and to not allow Paul to be the HoH… and no one in that house is ready to play and actually think for themselves. They are all picking Paul up and carrying him to the finish line and handing him the money.

    • Sassy

      I think she will do something similar. They will not put Mark OTB, the MO is to back door, and not give the target that last shot at safety. I would like to see it backfire!

  4. Wendy

    Great read! Thanks! Wild card for sure. Would love for her to team up with Kevin and put Paul and Alex up and take Jason out if one of them wins POV. It would be great. She seems pretty close to Josh also, but, I don’t think josh would do anything to hurt Paul. Well, this should be interesting. But, at this point I don’t know how I like. Maybe Kevin still and if not kevin maybe Jason at times. But Alex and Jason have to go also. . It’s hard to say. They are not my favorite cast at all.

    • Avatar

      Wendy, I agree, at this point in the game, everyone who wins HOH should be taking a shot at getting Paul out. If he wins Veto and takes himself off, then fine someone else goes home, they were going home anyway. It’s time for everyone to start playing hard and use the risk/reward mentality. It’s that or they should just give him the money now and CBS needs to put reruns of Big Bang Theory on instead.

    • Sassy

      Halloween has already had a couple confrontations (although completely fabricated and unnecessary)with Mark. He WILL be her target.

  5. Renee

    I think he safest bet would be to take Josh and Raven in the end. Josh has ticked everyone off and Raven irritates all of them as much as she does us. Plus, they know Raven has not done anything at all to deserve to be there.

    • Avatar

      I would think Josh and Kevin. Raven has come close to winning before and Paul would not risk her beating him in the final HOH…plus I am sure Cody, Mark and Matt in jury house would pick her over Paul…he has to take Josh to the end, because Mark, and Cody both hate Josh and would give the win to Paul….he is thinking jury house now. But in a comp he would figure he is more likely to beat Kevin than Raven….because she has done better in comps than Kevin.

      • caRyn

        If Kevin is F2 he could win. Kevin risked and stayed on good terms with everyone for that reason even though it has ruffled feathers.

    • Alda

      Two good choices! They’d never get the notes.

  6. Avatar

    The fact that she threw it when Mark was out clearly shows that she is on board with operation Marvin. Even before being latched to Paul for 48 hours, she was showing obvious signs of shunning Kevin, with standoffish cold shoulder treatment.

    Her delusional fights with Mark obviously solidifies him being picked for nomination.

    Matt and Raven have long understood their duties they would have to perform in exchange for the Cruises (not floating) they have been on all this summer.

    Menial tasks such as being two solid votes for the team, being an emotional or arguementive hitman from time to time, and an occasional pawn, which always runs the risks of you being evicted from the house.

    But many weeks ago Paul told them that the free ride was over and they would have to start earning their keep. If one of them goes home, simple cost of doing business.

    • Avatar

      I said on the previous thread that Paul likely wants to get to the final 5 of himself, Josh, Xmas, Alex and Cowboy. Matt and Raven are a cost of doing business and will go into the jury house pleading for everyone to give Paul the money. He would love to see his 2 cheerleaders in there waving the Friendship Flag. It will be sold that Paul carried Alex who carried Cowboy. Josh would have been gone long ago if Paul didn’t protect him and Xmas was given a break (literally and figuratively) in comps and every day BB stuff by not being 100% and shouldn’t be able to get money over people who had to “fight every week” to stay alive in the house. Raven has contributed zero at least Matt can say he was the pawn a few times.

      • Avatar

        I disagree–I think that Raven and Matt will be absolutely pissed when they are cut from the herd. They are both so oblivious that they actually think that they are riding with Paul to the end. This is exactly why they’re in lazy, no worries here mode. They think Paul is carrying them to the end so they can lay low… and when they learn that they didn’t raise a finger to play the game and got cut from the herd… they will be angry as hell. And then when they (along with others) get to the Jury House… they are going to learn how things really went down… and that jury house is going to turn on Paul.

      • caRyn

        Matt and Raven may be pissed if they are cut from the herd but after spending time in the jury house they may give it to the BB player that made the most moves. The hurt may dissipate.

      • Avatar

        @Kenn I hope you are right. We’ll have to see who the hoh is that gets them out. Paul may have “nothing to do with it” and they’ll blame the hoh that put them up.

      • Mel

        Paul wants someone else to take them out so they won’t be upset with him.

  7. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    I don’t think St. Patrick’s Day threw the HOH comp last night. I think she just choked on that last shot. She even said something to Jason before the shot (“Jason, you’re good”) to try to get him to throw it to her. I think she also said a bad word when she saw how short her shot was.

  8. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Hard to believe we lost pretty much two days of feeds for a clip show!!

  9. Avatar

    Someone – ANYONE – PLEASE – make a move!!!
    Happy Friday everyone!! 🙂

  10. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Here is some more info for everyone to complain about….

    Paul threw the HOH comp to Christmas for the win

    • Cindy

      The only reason he would do that is to have no blood on his hands. I am sick and tired of everyone doing his bidding. He is the leader of all the drama and keeps everyone fired up “especially Josh” to do the dirty work

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  12. Avatar

    My guess for the reason the feeds are down is that this season’s ratings are absolutely horrible, no one is getting the feeds… and the few that are getting them are giving away the information that make an already unbearable season even more unbearable. So, they needed to protect the new HoH in hopes of getting an audience to watch tonight. If the HoH is anyone other than Mark… then Paul won the HoH… and everyone (minus those in Paul’s Cult) is sick of the storyline of “The Season of Paul.” Everyone is over watching a house full of “players” not play the game they signed up for–and instead admittedly be quite okay “just to make jury.” This season is a disaster for everyone who is not a fan of Paul. If Mark didn’t win the HoH or doesn’t win the PoV, then this week is yet another in a long line of predictable weeks… and it will likely push away even more viewers. This season is ruining the BB brand in my opinion.

    • LindsayB

      Except that the ratings are actually really high…

      • Avatar

        Well, I wouldn’t go that far. As the season progresses that average will come down in my opinion just as it did last year.

        BB19: 6.1 million viewers
        BB18: 5.81 million viewers
        BB17: 6.04 million viewers
        BB16: 6.22 million viewers

      • LindsayB

        So what part of that justifies your assessment of the ratings being horrible?

        And please, can you come up with something a little more creative than Paul’s cult? I’m a fan. I’m not in a cult. The very idea of saying that is just stupid.

    • Cindy

      I agree the feeds must be horrible because i am actually getting them for free for the next month. I’m sorry but CBS screwed the pooch this season.lol

    • Avatar

      I am one of the viewers you are talking about. If someone doesn’t start playing this week, I am GONE!

  13. KelBel

    I wonder what this last(?) mystery temptation will be. The snarky B in me thinks it’s just more insurance to keep puppet master Paul in the house, but I’m hoping it will be something to help anyone anti-Paul in the house. Wait, is anyone in the house anti-Paul?

    • Avatar

      I wonder when they decided to bring Derrick back? I’m sure it had to be planned way in advance but it works out well for bb to have a respected former winner in a house full of duds to add class to the house. “House guests, this is Derrick, a respected bb winner, something none of you will ever be.”

    • Avatar

      It could be an express pass to the final two for one lucky player. Housegueat get to vote who to give it to. By a vote of 6 to 2, Paul you can coast for the next 4 weeks.

  14. caRyn

    Cody’s exit from the BB house was X-treme. Smh. No respect.

    • Avatar

      I loved Cody’s exit! I wish more players would do that instead of the fake hugs and kisses like you actually love being kicked out by a bunch of weak players riding the coattails of others. Cody did it exactly the right way–I may have knocked Paul and Josh out on the way to the door–but otherwise I 100% loved it.

      • Wendy

        I loved it too. Especially the meme for leaving for on Friday like… Cody left BB 19 house!

      • caRyn

        Cody walked on the table. He could have just said everyone out of my way and walked on the carpet.

      • Avatar

        Wendy– I saw that… loved it!!!!

      • Avatar

        Loved it too. Not because I love Cody but because hg’s didn’t like it. Alex even called him a tool. Did she really need a fake hug from someone she didn’t like?

      • caRyn

        Alex might have called him a tool for walking on the table.

      • Avatar

        Alex needs to shut up and make me a hotdog… she’s still angry that Elena was playing a game–how dare Alex take it personal–it’s a game Alex, remember?

      • caRyn

        I laughed when Elena said she has’t lied in the game when the entire house knows that she did during the comp. Either Elena was caught up in the moment or she doesn’t think she actually lied.

      • Mel

        I did too. I thought it was one of the best exits I’ve ever seen instead of the fake hugs that are painful to watch sometimes. They don’t like him and he doesn’t like them so it was honest. The speed was also hilarious.

      • Avatar

        Agreed. Hands down best exit.

        That said, Cody for AFP.

  15. Shivani33

    I’m watching to see if anyone takes down the miniaturized government in our BB summertime funhouse. Anyone! Or at least “die” trying to end the hallucination that Paul, my beloved mofo, is in charge. C’mon. He’d love it. The bushido code is in thenbackground, breathing deeply. It cannot be all pea-brains in the house.

  16. Shivani33

    ‘Scuse da typo. TGIF.

  17. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    All hail Cody…..the great BB 19 hero….
    The man who goes on live feeds to
    1. Make transphobic and bigoted statements….
    2. The man who goes on live feeds and tells us he joined the military not because he loves our country but he joined because he wanted to kill people.
    3. The man who went to Ferguson because he wanted to take selfies of himself there.
    4. The man who sat on live feeds yesterday and told Mark he has a blow up bed and a coffee table….that’s all he needs until he settles down and has a family….(guess that little girl of his does not need a stable home for her summers)
    Yeah….sorry….you can keep him and his two bit bottle girl…..they deserve each other

  18. caRyn

    I am not a fan of Mark and would like for him to go to the jury house. I would like for Alex, Jason, Paul and Kevin to make it to F4. I would like Jason, Paul or Kevin to win this season.

    • Avatar

      That would certainly cap off the worst season ever of BB for me.

      • Avatar

        Although I do like Kevin and at this point–based on who is left in the house–I want him to win.

      • caRyn

        I am a Paul (& Pablo & Baldwin) fan as a BB player. He is able to keep track of who said what and when and he doesn’t get tripped up in his conversations when quoting what he has heard. He knows when to listen and when to speak. It’s as if he knows what the hg want to hear and his timing is on point. When he was the only vet brought back into the game and was given the “friendship” bracelets to give to hg I knew then he had a large BB fan base not just with viewers but with production also.

      • caRyn

        I do like Kevin. If he doesn’t win I would like for him to get the AVP.

      • LindsayB


      • KelBel

        Paul knows what people say because he’s telling them what to say, what to do & if you don’t do it, you’re his target. Unfortunately it’s worked for him and his groupies. He’s also spread plenty of untrue statements. Not a fan.

  19. Avatar

    If Paul is able to evict the core members of his team and get them to still be ‘team Paul’ when voting that will be impressive. They all think they deserve F2 and could easily feel slighted once it is revealed that who he takes to F2 was his true ride or die during Jury question and answer session. He will truly be a master manipulator and deserve the win. But it may be win and be hated as Janelle warned.

    • Avatar

      This entire cast takes things very personally and they all get very salty very easily… which is funny because Paul’s Cult all have said how dare Jess and Cody take this game personally. THEY ALL TAKE IT PERSONALLY. I mean Alex has been mad all week b/c of the move Elena made to take the $5k and give her camp out duty–it’s just a game Alex–remember? So having said that, there is no way this group of minions is going to be very happy as the season plays out and they each, one by one, realize they’ve been played. SALTY JURY COMING UP!!!

      • Tinkerbell

        @kenn I agree completely. Only my opinion, but I feel CBS bringing back the Cult leader was one of the worst decisions in the history of BB. I have watched since July 2000, and live feeds when they became available. Last night I the canceled the feeds, and I’m not watching the rest of the season. It will only be a continuation of Abrahamian and His Imbeciles. Hopefully BB20 will return as the “true” game it was intended to be……….entertaining. I’m sure going to miss the summer show I looked forward to every year. However, when TV and/or feeds aren’t fun, and cause anxiety, it’s time to go.

        CBS, please listen to your faithful BB fans. The majority are not happy with this season.

        Side note, I so wish CBS would please stop calling former players “Veterans”. That is the worst type of insult to our “real Veterans” – the courageous Defenders of our Freedom. I have many brave Veterans in my family, I work on a Marine base, was married to a Marine, and volunteer with several organizations that support and serve our Veterans and our active military and their families. They are the true definition of what a Veteran is. Everytime Abrahamian is called a Veteran, I feel my blood pressure rising.

        I apologize to everyone for my rambling. I hold our Military so very closely in my heart.

  20. hogwild

    If they show an HOH competiton tonight won’t that throw off the weeks schedule? They do this over three days so if HOH is shown tonight POV would be Sunday and eviction on Wednesday I guess it doesn’t matter what three days they air stuff it just seems a little strange they would change it at this point.

  21. Wendy

    For me to hate this cast so much why am I clock watching waiting on feeds again!!

  22. hogwild

    Well if they do have an HOH comp tonight and Christmas does in fact win we can only hold onto that very, very slight hope she will actually do something other than what Paul tells her to. Nothing to date suggest than happen though.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      (NL) Clip being shown of Ramses in the apple room describing his perfect man. He says Marks personality with Pauls tattoos. Hethen says “Matt, is Matt my match?”. Montage of Ramses and Matt together. -NoleJP
      5:20 PM (NL) Clip being shown of Jessica confronting Cody on the BY hammock about Cody’s original alliance. Cody gets up and walks away. -NoleJP
      5:17 PM (NL) Derrick asks for the HG’s opinion on Jess & Cody’s showmance. All HG’s give thumbs down sign. -NoleJP

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        (NL) Montage going of various times where Matt is eating cereal. -NoleJP
        5:40 PM (NL) Derrick asks Matt how he keeps his abs with all the cereal he eats? -NoleJP

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        (NL) Derrick calls out Jessica for not know what a Heisman is vs. a hymen. Clip of Jessica telling Cody that Julie will have to give her the hymen when she goes on stage. Jessica confused and doesn’t know what it is. Cody tells her to go ask Elena after Mark doesn’t give her the right answer. Jessica goes over to Elena and Paul in the hammock and asks what it is. No live description, but Jessica walks away with new knowledge. -NoleJP
        5:43 PM (NL) Derrick says Donny was the early riser on his season, and calls out Kevin for all the laps he takes around the BY eachmorning. Kevin gives praises to his buddy Jason for going with him each day. -NoleJP

  23. Wendy

    I feel like they punked us with this episode.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      (NL) Derrick confirmed to the HG he is there to host the HOH and to win it they will have to remember what happened so far in the season. Concerned looks on Matt & Raven’s face. Alex with a smirk (ed. Alex rehearses days frequently) -NoleJP
      5:53 PM (NL) BB calls out “Where’s my holla at?” HG’s say “Holla!” -NoleJP
      5:47 PM (NL) Repeat clips of Josh & Mark with the hot sauce fight over the pool table incident with the double hit. -NoleJP

    • hogwild

      Didn’t take long to see it was just a clip show. That said does anyone think the new HOH whoever it is will really do anything to shake the house up?

    • Ann

      I wouldn’t have watched had I known they were going to be wasting my time with clips & Cody & Jess movie.

  24. kneeless

    That episode was as exciting as this season. I wish Derek could have thrown so jabs.

  25. KelBel

    So much for CBS saying tonight’s episode would be worth watching.

  26. g8trgirl

    One word: yawn.

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  28. hogwild

    Am I the only one who wonders if they added all these temptations this season because they knew how bad this cast was going to be.

  29. danmtruth

    we lost 24 hours of feeds for this ??? On a side note it was nice to see the FEAR on Paul’s face when Derrick walked in with a overnight bag
    ## Some ideas to make the game better
    Open veto to everyone No more back dooring Non person on the block end-up last you go on the block also
    ## at the start of the game baseline the HG each Fri show if they went up or down in the poll Not what place just if they went up or down Do a running track They can see themselves sinking in the polls or going up or just staying the same

    • ChiKelz

      I like your ideas Dan! It would keep it interesting! Most of the house guests; past and present, are attention seeking, self absorbed, narcissists…they would freak if they saw themselves sinking in the polls. That would be funny. They would forget they were playing Big Brother!

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      Add in penalty for throwing comps

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Yes, I like the idea of having some kind of penalty for throwing comps (isn’t that what Have Nots used to be?) and also the idea of allowing everyone to play in Veto. I’m not sure I like the idea about telling them about their popularity outside the house though. I think a big part of the problem right now is that the cast is composed of a bunch of attention whores who are already desperate for fame as it is, so making them aware of their popularity (or lack thereof) each week would probably only make things worse. I think that’s sort of what went wrong with the BBOTT season, although for a different reason– the HGs got way too preoccupied with pandering to America because they needed our votes. I think for BB to work well, you’ve got to cast HGs who are willing to be unpopular with America if it means advancing themselves in the game and winning the $500K.

    • Colby

      I don’t think they would do the poll info. They aren’t supposed to have any info or contact from the outside. Christmas is the only one that gets that privilege.
      I kind of like people like Raven thinking everyone loves them and finding out later that they were hated.
      I’d like to see them tell them at the finale their rating that week, or even the ending week of each quarter, just to be able to see their faces. But they won’t.
      Besides, whose poll would they use? If they put a poll on the CBS website, they would just make the numbers whatever they wanted them to be.

  30. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Will Christmas put Jason OTB? She does not like him and has never gotten over him lying to her about keeping her when she was OTB.

  31. Avatar

    ok Christmas is HOH if she is smart she backdoors Paul he never sees it coming and newbie players can start playing their own game … because hello u are alowed to lie in this game as long as you don’t get caught. But the first order of business you get rid of the last showmance couple standing that is Matt & Raven then u back door Paul into Jury…

    • Avatar

      Good choices for the block. If either those two or raven wins POV, this is the time to strike and get either Paul or Kevin out. They’ll have the votes. Just hope Holiday Barbie has the balls to do it.

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