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Big Brother 19 – Recap Of The Tuesday Madness


Good afternoon, everyone! Sorry for the late start today, I had an appointment.  Also, before I begin there is a programming note. Feeds are going to be down again from Thursday night until Friday night due to some special that is airing on Friday. I believe it is another concert that happened last year around this time, so it probably won’t be anything important. The sucky part is we won’t know what happens after the live show ends tomorrow night until late Friday.

Tensions are at an all-time high in the house as yesterday there were a few random sparks of arguments. Short version… Cody asked for Alex’s cereal. She said yes. He ate the entire box (not sure how much was left in it when he asked).  She freaked out on him and started saying a bunch of mean things like asking if his daughter was real and if his relationship with Jessica was real. Christmas naturally chimed in because that’s what she does and she tried to ‘trap’ Cody by asking him about his alliance with Mark. She brought up an early statement that Cody said when he referred to Mark as his ‘ride or die’, but Cody said obviously that’s not the case anymore (since Mark turned his back on him).  Kind of an absurd point to bring up, but this is the house that brought up Cody’s week 2 conversation with Matt to try to break up him and Jessica.

Cody went outside and Elena and Josh started going back and forth in some argument I can’t even explain. She’s sick of Josh and he has a crush on her but he’s sick of her not being loyal to the alliance she doesn’t even have. Alex jumped in and started slamming Elena for taking the money during the veto competition after promising not to give Alex a punishment should she won. That was pretty much the only valid point anyone made all night out of all the arguments. It was a shitty thing for Elena to do, and Alex should be upset. It was also stupid considering Alex is HoH. Christmas again jumped into this one despite not being involved in any way just to get her point in whatever the hell that was. She really didn’t have a point which is why I didn’t write it down.


The biggest thing from that was Paul and Christmas both trying to get Raven to confront Cody about voting for her. They were egging her on because Raven was pissed he voted to evict her when he said he’d never vote her out. I would say Raven had a point if she did, but she is failing to realize she was sitting against Elena and Jessica. The only two girls who have been consistently nice to him all season long. Raven seems to think Cody’s promise was a lifetime guarantee no matter what she did to him throughout the season, like….

Meanwhile, Alex and Paul have been plotting to make Kevin a target for a few days now as they need to start looking beyond Cody and Mark.  Paul dropped the secret to Alex and Jason that Kevin was the actual winner of the $25k. Jason didn’t believe it and I’m not sure if he actually does believe it, but Alex said she’s going to store that information in her pocket for when she decides to blow up on Kevin like she did on Cody and Elena yesterday. Be prepared – within a week or two, the entire house is going to give Kevin the ‘Cody’ and ‘Mark’ treatment by ganging up on him and shitting all over his game. The biggest question will be whether or not Jason or Christmas jump in. Christmas has been a close friend to him, but she is a closer friend to drama and getting into fights. Maybe she’ll realize it’s best not to shit all over the biggest fan favorite since Donny. Even the cast of 16 was smart enough to know that wouldn’t be a good idea. Kevin may not quite be on the ‘good guy’ level as Donny, but he’s pretty easy to like overall.

Once again I started this thread as a Wednesday feed thread but my recap of yesterday ran far too long so I’m going to be starting a feed thread within the hour.


TL;DR version of this post – The house is still shitting on current and future targets and Kevin will likely be next in line


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  1. Avatar

    I said it before and will say it again, I’m so over this “gang up” strategy. Now that they have decided to target Kevin I am even more annoyed with it than ever. In my opinion Kevin has done nothing to warrant them suddenly shitting on him the way they are. Alex and Paul are on a serious power trip and I don’t like it at all. BBAD was hard to watch last night…like 3/4 of the 3 hours was them trashing Kevin for anything they could come up with. They have now thrown it out there that he probably doesn’t even have 7 kids. Like wtf?!? They are just pulling stuff out of their asses now. I really like Jason and I so wish he would wake the hell up and stop believing everything that comes out of Paul and Alex’s mouth. He always has a hard time believing them at first but they end up convincing him. I just want him to open his eyes. I want the house to flip ASAP!! I’m not a big fan of Mark but I so hope he gets HOH Thursday!!

    • ShoeLover

      Ugggggh!! I just finished watching BBAD and it truly was brutal to see them talking about Kevin the way they were. Since when did he become so annoying and an evil conniving guy ( at least that is how Alex sees him )? Then Christmas and her whole “I knew it all along he can’t fool me” attitude! It’s weird how something so little turn into something so negative??? I haven’t been on much and have tried catching up on BBAD, but what was Paul meaning that so far Kevin has managed to make $40,000 so far?? What did I miss or am I dreaming while on pain meds?? He even told Alex to hold on to that nice piece of Intel and put in her back pocket???

      • Avatar

        The $25,000 plus apparently the $15,000 stipend is how they came up with $40K. I don’t think it’s all earned yet, just since he’ll be in jury until the end that’s the minimum amount he will leave with. Incidentally, they said that’s almost as much as second place ($50K) but that person will also get the $15K stipend so 2nd will earn $65K.

      • ShoeLover

        Crap, I didn’t realize they got THAT much just for being on the show all the way through jury to end. Puts a little bad taste in my mouth knowing this little piece of information. Of course $15,000 is a lot of money but still, I would be fighting tooth and nail to get to $500,000!!!! Why freaking settle????

      • Tinkerbell

        @shoelover I apologize if someone already responded. The $40,000 is a total of the $25,000 Kevin received in the beginning of the season, and what he will receive for being in the BB house, and the jury house. I wonder if these people think about the high taxes that will be taken before they receive their checks. Elena keeps talking about her $5,000. It isn’t going to be much once taxes are removed.

    • Avatar

      Jason may be liked by some, but for he me is weak minded game-wise, and his personality is just there with a funny moment here and there. Once he gave his Whistle-nut shirt to Mark for the eviction episode a few weeks ago (his personal stamp of personality on this BB season), and took it on the chin when Alex told him she’s all in with Paul final 2, and he did nothing about it, I lost interest in him doing something meaningful.

      He was approached by Cody and Jess on more than one occasion to make moves, Kevin had morning walks and talk with him about the truth of where the power lies (Paul n Company) and what did he do, went and ratted out the scenarios of game moves that Kevin along with Cody had suggested.

      Jason is who he is, and a player in this game he is not.

  2. Avatar

    I hope they don’t shit on Pappa Kevin….but that seems to be the course of the house. Vanessa would do that. She would find something against someone and the whole house would join along. UGH! I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. I actually feel sorry for Mark and next…Kevin. I hope Mark wins HOH and follows through with what he promised Elena…to get out Alex. Now, overall, I am TeamPaul all the way! Just the same, getting rid of Alex wouldn’t hurt his game too much!
    This harassing Mark has really gotten out of hand, though. And Christmas chiming in every chance she gets is annoying. I really liked her at the beginning, now, not so much. Think she needs to go. Even before Kevin. But doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.
    All I can say is that I am ready for Thursday. Double eviction…and let’s see who is left standing! Should be a show!

    • Avatar

      I was team Paul for a while too (last season and most of this one) but I can’t do it anymore. He is the one fueling all these gang up. He is the one planting the seeds and then encouraging his crew to go gang up on someone while he walks away looks innocent. And then after they do that, he turns on the victim stuff and gets them all believing they are victim and will walk away looking like heroes for standing up to the “bad guys”. I get it’s a game and it is working great for him so far and will likely get him to the end because his crew doesn’t seem to notice he is pulling the strings. However it’s a strategy I don’t respect at all and can’t pull for. I don’t like how freely the word “bully” is thrown around in this game because that is something very serious. I won’t call them bullies at this point but their gang up behavior is bordering there. I’m not a fan!

      • Avatar

        I would also like to add that I didn’t see the shitty side of Paul until I started watching BBAD (I don’t have the feeds). I was basing my opinions of him off of the CBS episodes and everything I read here. Seeing him doing his thing live REALLY turned me off to him. I thought people who were complaining about his CBS edits were just people that didn’t really like him or something but there is a lot of truth to that. If you only see the episodes he doesn’t seem too bad but there is so much more and BBAD made me see it.

      • AIO_7

        Also, Dani, Paul was teamed up with Victor, who I liked more than Paul. Paul was also final 4 against SNakole, Corey and Lames; so naturally most people pulled for Paul against those three. But yeah, Paul has blown most respect that I might have had for him.

      • Sassy

        Dani – I agree the live feeds put a new perspective on things. I wonder if I went back and watched live feeds of other seasons if I would feel the same about characters I liked and didn’t like.

    • Tinkerbell

      @tangotango I wish live feeds weren’t going to be down after Thursday night’s show. The aftermath will probably be the best BB viewing of the season. Darn!

  3. Avatar

    Just tuned back in ~ Are they practicing for a competition now on the feeds?

  4. Avatar

    Sorry – Live Feeds….

  5. ingodog

    If they gang up on Kevin, I don’t think he will let them off like Mark does. This bashing of Mark has got to stop, spoiled rotten brats.

    • Avatar

      Agreed! I don’t think they will gang up on Kevin to his face but they have already flipped on him behind his back. They sat in the HOH room last nighr bashing him for hours and critiquing every little thing he has ever said. Paul was really pushing “can you believe he said this” or “did you see how sketch he was when he said that” and they were all just buying right into it. By the time I quit watching he had gotten them so hyped about Kevin that they were reporting everything Kevin said to them back to Paul. At one point Kevin asked Josh in the backyard “how are you feeling about this week, relieved we are finally getting Cody out of here?”, you know, just making conversation. Josh ran straight inside and told Paul “can you believe he said that to me” and within minutes he had them all believe it was some super sketchy, stragetic thing Kevin had said.

  6. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Random observation: Josh really brushes the hell out of his teeth. I’m surprised his gums aren’t raw from all that scrubbing.

  7. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Paul has figured out that this week is Double Eviction based on the quick HOH game they have them practicing for.

  8. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    News-trash (err, I mean newsflash): Matt just slapped Raven’s ass twice with the spatula they’re cooking with. And they wonder why no one wants to eat that bullsh*t…

    And of course this was followed by a loud screechy “MATT-HEWWWW!” from Little Miss Raven.


  9. Avatar

    As I look forward to next years run of CBS’s trash hit Big Brother 20, and it is definitely trash but popular (which is on the decline – nielsen ratings last 4 years), I wonder what player(s) this season they will bring back next season? Cody, Jessica, Xmas (foot completely heals), Kevin, Cameron, who on Earth can we hold ou hats on if they stick with the returning vets theme.

    • Colby

      I wouldn’t mind Cameron getting a chance since he had none this year.
      They may bring back Christmas, but shouldn’t since they allowed her to stay with special privileges this year.

  10. Avatar

    That picture of Raven is perfect! Why would Cody do anything for her?!?

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  12. Avatar

    new thread up!

  13. Tinkerbell

    I think Jason is close to imploding. His face does not look healthy, and he is hanging on the edge. No pity for him. He has done it to himself. I liked him in the beginning, but not now. Alex cast her spell on him and he is is useless. Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow, he does not have a brain. Of course, Scarecrow could easily apply to most of the guests. Maybe the giant pink X is getting to Jason

  14. Shivani33

    Christmas said last night that it took her 12 years to overcome anger and explosive communication habits. She said that being in the BB house, she’s finding herself regressing. This was part of one of her psyched-up pep talks to Josh after they exchanged a few pithy words. She talked about how she used to throw things, break things and fight a lot, regardless of whether circumstances were working to her disadvantage or were in her favor. She said that she’s worried about how her fanbase could be or will be perceiving her, even though she emphasized that “it’s just a game.” This isn’t how she acts in the outside world yada yada yada. Slippery slope for her, the “bodybuilder of souls” out of one side of her mouth and the destroyer of souls out of the other side of her mouth.

    Her injury radically increased her drug intake, and addiction is a tricky bastard, always changing disguises. Whatever her grasp is on her reality at the moment, I wish that she was doing her thing somewhere else, not on tv and certainly not on Big Brother anymore. If she gets dragged to the end as someone to defeat who had a debilitating injury and can’t win, I feel badly to witness her relapse. This isn’t D list “Celebrity” Rehab.

    Some entity working on the show might have a lot of investment in Christmas as a character for BB. She’s been cut a lot of slack, including when she (obviously) overheard game info during her chance to vote from the hospital. Really, enough is enough. JMO, wasn’t at first, but is by now.

    • Tinkerbell

      @shivani33 Well said. I could not agree more. Only my opinion, but I feel she should have been sent home when she was first injured. Her own horsing around caused her injury. It is completely unfair to the other houseguests that she is being babied and coddled. If she can’t participate in every aspect of the game, she should not be there. She is obnoxious. I know BB isn’t Survivor, but those contestants are sent home if they cannot play. Raven should not be there either. If she isnt able to eat slop, or anything else she is exempt from, do not sign her Munchausen body up. I guess she has some sort of stomach problem……but you certainly can’t tell by amount of garbage she wolfs down – incuding the special treats of the HOHs. Even if I had not read the facts about her and her many made up illnesses, it’s so very easy to tell she is an attention seeking knucklehead.

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