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Big Brother 19 – Round 2 Of The Final HoH Results


Good afternoon, everyone.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been taking some time off and that’s likely to happen the rest of the way. Why?  There is nothing going on in the house so there is really nothing to talk about.  I’ll post with any updates, theories, speculation, etc but it’s doubtful I’ll be doing any more live update threads this season.  That doesn’t mean this is my last post by any means, I’m just letting you guys know not to expect the live update threads for the remainder of the season.

Alright, on to the game. If you’re new to the show, let me quickly explain how the final HoH competition works.  It happens in three rounds. The first round has all three players competing.  The winner of round 1 moves on to round 3 while the two losers of round 1 player against each other in round 2. The winner of round 2 players the winner of round 1 in a competition that happens live on finale night. The winner of round 3 wins the final HoH and has all the power to decide who they want to take to the final 2.

To recap, Paul won round 1 which was completely expected. The only surprise is that he had to beat Christmas rather than Josh. It was an endurance style competition which Josh fell first so Paul just had to outlast the one-legged lunatic. The biggest surprise from round 2 is that Christmas lost to Josh by only 5-7 minutes in whatever competition they played. There was apparently a lot of running involved which means a healthy Christmas would have certainly beat Josh in round 2 with ease. But, she knew when she broke her foot that it was an uphill battle for her and most people (myself included) feel she should be grateful to have remained in the game after that injury. Basically, I won’t be shedding any tears for Christmas because she lost a comp she should have been home watching.


This means on Wednesday night, Paul will face off against Josh in the final round of the HoH competition. Paul plans to take Josh if he wins, while Josh is thinking of taking Christmas (spoiler alert, he’ll likely take Paul because he’s all talk). It’s pretty irrelevant what Josh is thinking because round 3 is Paul’s competition to lose. While Josh is certainly smarter than people think, he is not nearly as smart as Paul. He’s also not nearly as good at reading people which is the key to that competition. If history repeats itself, the competition should be the one where Julie shows a clip of a jury member talking about a houseguest. She will cut off the last sentence and give two possible answers. Whoever gets the real answer gets a point. Most points win.

Now, Josh can win this competition, but he won’t. If Vegas had odds on Big Brother comps and results, Paul would be a huge favorite to win round 3 and to win the season. If you are betting on the finals with your friends, the safe money is on Paul.

Again, Josh can win, but my guess is Paul will win by at least 3 points.

There is nothing else going on for the next few days. Now it’s just the four day circle jerk on how much they love each other (if you include Sunday). We’ll keep an eye on Josh and his waffling but for now I believe he’s all talk and if a miracle happens and he wins HoH, he’ll still sit next to Paul.


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  1. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    If Josh wins and takes Cbristmas to final 2, he may actually have a chance at wink no because he’ll get some votes for being the one who finally took out Paul.

  2. Avatar

    I wonder if Paul will tell Xmas ahead of time, or Josh will start the emotional inner turmoil which will Alert Xmas that she is not included the boys plans of F2? Wouldn’t Paul have a better chance to take Xmas to final 2 for a slam dunk win?

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Josh is planning to take The Nightmare to the end if he wins HOH, so there’s no need for him to feel any emotional turmoil at this point. If Paul wants The Nightmare out he’s finally going to have to do his own dirty work.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Do you think Josh will really do it though? Hasn’t Paul gotten into his head enough that they will both lose to Nightmare?

      • Gerardo for AFP

        I think Josh has always been aware that he could lose to Nightmare, but he KNOWS he will lose to Paul. And I think Josh has been onto Paul’s BS for a while now, so he probably expected Paul to campaign against Nightmare at this point. But Josh knows he needs to get rid of Paul in order to have any shot at the $500K, he just hasn’t been in a position to do anything about it (even if he had nominated Paul when he was HOH a couple weeks ago, he wouldn’t have had to votes to evict him). If Josh wins HOH on finale night, it will be his one shot to take Paul out and I think he’ll go for it.

      • AIO_7

        ” If Josh wins HOH on finale night, it will be his one shot to take Paul out and I think he’ll go for it.”

        He better (if he gets the chance).

      • LO1004

        I’m not convinced Josh will take Nightmare and this is why. Last week Josh was very direct with her and asked her to promise F2 with him. She turned around and said she couldn’t make that promise right now. I think Josh was testing her and that may have put the nail in the coffin for him to say, she doesn’t deserve to go to F2. I could be off, but like Stevebeans said – Josh is smarter than people think.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        LO1004, that’s certainly possible. The other possibility is that it could have been a much needed reality check for Josh that he needs to play the game for himself and not worry about his “team” or even the person he thought was his “ride or die” anymore. I’m hoping it was the latter.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hey G! I miss a few days and come back to find out that both you and Mel have gone “n-kog-nee-tow”…lol. This will take some getting use to 🙂 .

        I agree with you though. Josh HAS been onto Paul for quite a while and knows how he works and has been saying for these last few weeks that if he has any chance at the money, he has to take Paul out. With victory being so close he can smell it, all he has to do is remember why he’s there and that Jury is not an option for him as it was his previous contenders.

        Josh would be a fool NOT to take Xmas. If he took Paul, Paul’s argument to Jury would be how he controlled the house, outsmarted everyone, and stayed at least 2 steps ahead of everyone in the game and Josh just acted like a fool and tormented everybody.

        Josh’s argument would be simply be, he got Paul out, which was something that no one else could do. What has Xmas done? Nothing. If he takes Paul, he will be making the same mistake Paul made last year.

        Steve: “one-legged lunatic”? RRROOOFFFLLL

      • LO1004

        I know – it’s sad b/c Josh is playing w his heart and the other two are cut throat. I think he is realizing there’s a high probability he’ll lose to either of them, but I’m praying he realizes that Nightmare in NO WAY deserves to be in final 2.

      • LO1004

        NK – Josh is concerned about taking Nightmare b/c he thinks she has all jury votes b/c she didn’t piss anyone off (or not nearly enough as he has). He’s said this multiple times. In his head, he’s screwed either way.

  3. Alda

    I want Paul and Josh in the final two.The Nightmare Before Christmas needs to go home with nothing.I have been a Paul supporter since last season.But,Josh deserves the $50k.He has taken quite a few hits in this game for Paul.So,I’m OK with this scenario.

  4. hogwild

    I wish there was a way all three of them could lose.

  5. AIO_7

    “Paul plans to take Josh if he wins,”….

    I could have sworn that just last week you said it was 70-30% that Paul would take 12/25. Either way, I’m cool with Slosh taking home some money, and 12/25 going F3 with nothing but her stipend.

    P.S., Folks, don’t forget to vote for your AFP today.

  6. Shivani33

    Somewhere around one in the morning, I was awakened by a voice shouting something like “YOU NEED to be rubbing my ASS!” It was Holiday Beelzebub, who was unsatisfied by a neck rub from Paul. Why be so ladylike, Beelzebub? Somehow this kind of sums up the F3 for me. Each one left wants and doesn’t want something different from one another.

    Dingo’s Hamsterwatch said that a jury roundtable was already held by Dr. Will, who has had enough work done to his face to look authentically frightening. Indications have come from Ms. Grodner that this is a very bitter jury, with the exception of (no surprises here) Matt and Raven. One diplomatic understatement was given about how no one in the jury house can stand these two anymore.

    There are some complaining remarks about how Cody refuses, from time to time, to attend the ritual jury discussions. Hahaha! No doubt he is sick of listening to the endless babble, as everyone else runs around and around, turning into fruitless, rancid melted butter. And Wednesday is a long way off.

  7. AIO_7

    Slosh wakes up; the other two still cuddled in bed.


  8. Leah-Ann

    In a perfect world I’d like all 3 to lose. Lol! In a realistic world, Paul deserves the win. In a fairytale world, Josh would realize eliminating Paul almost guarantees his win.
    Now my dilemma, I can NOT stand Christmas!! I don’t have feeds myself, (but have been following this blog for many years), and even her tv edit makes my skin crawl! While I’d like to see Josh pull out the upset, I’d rather Christmas walk away “empty handed”.

  9. Shivani33

    What’s happening in the jury is that Paul has the exact 2 wrong people going to bat for him. Raven has been claiming to be the mastermind and Paul’s number one ally. She has gone so far afield as to say that, in actuality, she is the genius who has sustained Paul to triumph. Matt, the headless horse’s ass, agrees with all of the nonsense from Raven’s mouth. Virtually everyone else, at last including even Alex and Kevin, has complete scorn for Raven’s & Matt’s viewpoint. Kevin can’t stand either of them and seems to be hearing what everyone else is thinking, feeling and saying. This groupthink disgust with Raven & Matt has added another prevalent factor which works against Paul. No one else in the jury wants to agree with the off base odd couple or to let them get what they want. Ironically, Paul doesn’t realize any of this, and it’s out of his control.

    Dr. Will is likely to have let jurors know that they can give themselves permission to feel and to validate their own resentments of Paul, who has not owned his game at all during his good-bye messages or otherwise, with the exception of some frankness with Alex. Instead, he’s kept blaming his moves and decisions to evict or even to shun the others upon anyone and everyone else but himself. Once again, it looks as though Paul’s jury management is hurting his chance to win, regardless of whether he could be up against Josh or Christmas. When the game is over, people might end up talking the most about why Paul lost and paying little or no attention to why someone (else) won.

    Once again, Wednesday is still far away, leaving plenty of time for speculation and changes of circumstance, as well as changes of heart and mind. My dad used to tell me that there’s no perfection within any realm of physics, except for in what is theoretical.

    • Helen

      Word is that Dr Will did the round table and when it was over Paul had 2 votes going into Wednesday finale…..Matt and Raven

      • Avatar

        Well he would also get Kevin and josh/Christmas who ever goes out!! That’s 4 sure votes. He only needs one more and I bet it would be Alex. Who knows what Cody would do? He hates them all. I think he said one time Paul was playing best game (maybe when he got evicted with Julie). I think odds prey high for Paul winning, but I sure hope I am wrong. Another post today said fans don’t like to see bitter juries, but I believe maybe more than half of fans want to see bitter jury this year!!!

      • Avatar

        I am surprised about Alex and Elena not giving Paul their vote. I can see Cody voting Paul but not willing to even tell the rest of them who he is really voting for because he wants as little interaction as possible w them.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      But even with a bitter jury, it sounds like Paul already has 4 votes locked up (Raven, Matt, Kevin, and Alex) and he only needs 5 to win. That means if Paul’s (not so) secret admirer The Nightmare votes for him in the end, he would still win the $500K even if everyone else on the jury is feeling salty. So the big question is– will The Nightmare vote like a woman scorned or will she vote based on merit? I have a feeling that more than anything The Nightmare wants to see Paul win, and I think she’s so obsessed with him that she’ll forgive him for evicting her and throw her vote in his direction.

      • Helen

        He does not have Alex anymore. Or he didn’t per that source….things could change. You never know

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Helen, that’s an interesting development with Alex. What do you think about Cody? Do you think he would seriously vote for Josh? It’s hard for me to imagine Cody voting to hand Josh $500K, even if his only other option is Paul.

      • Helen

        @Gerardo…..I guess I’m not looking at it so much as a bitter jury….just a group of people that now have the ultimate ability to make the final game move against a person who manipulated them all
        Paul held the power all summer……now they have the power and somehow I think they have a target in sight…

      • Gerardo for AFP

        I could see that Helen, except that Cody really really hates Josh and has no respect for him. I think he would have to be VERY bitter to be willing to give Josh the grand prize over Paul. Otherwise, I think he’ll just suck it up and vote for Paul.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        I’d be surprised if Alex didn’t vote for Paul to win. Alex has been a fan forever; she should understand the gameplay involved in all of this.

        I don’t think Nightmare is voting for Josh; she’ll give Paul the money in some crazed version of reality where she and Paul have some romantic future outside of the house, so she’ll be sharing his $500K prize.

      • AIO_7

        ….” she’ll (12/25) give Paul the money in some crazed version of reality where she and Paul have some romantic future outside of the house, so she’ll be sharing his $500K prize.”


      • Avatar

        Gerardo. Not sure he had Alex for sure but she did say that Paul’s playing was all game. Hopefully maybe Jason or someone will change her mind. Sure hope so!!

      • Shivani33

        One thing about Alex is that consistently, she’s been a follower more than an originator of her strategy or thought. She followed Paul as if he were her seeing-eye dog, all the way out the door. She came out of the game into the jury expressing remorse that she should’ve listened to Cowpoke, and she blamed herself for not only his demise but for trusting Paul. We heard her quasi-philosophic, “it’s a game,” when she entered the jury house still intending to vote for Paul. However, she’s had the time and the chance to listen to Jason and the others, to comprehend a different way to look at things and to readapt herself, as the follower that she is, to a new concensus. Let’s not discount her desire to be part of the “in crowd.” Dr. Will might have become her new hero. That’s probably how her short attention span theater of a mind rolls, like a 6 year old 28 year old.

        I can see how Kevin could make a similar transition much more easily than Alex, since he’s not only older and wiser, but more thoughtful than Alex. He’s a dad to seven. The jurors are his kids in many ways, and the last thing that a dad or a mama wants to see is that someone has hurt their children. He’d have personal reasons too, for finally allowing himself to see that Paul treated him like dirt in a dustbin, disposable and unworthy of respect.

        If, as Mel speculates, all of this juror anti-Paul sentiment is a dramatic device to build up suspense at the end of a non-suspenseful Season, that’s cool, so be it. Like many of us, I’m unattached to the possible outcomes between the F3, as long as everyone leaves the game in one piece. But I love surprises!

      • AIO_7

        “He’d have personal reasons too, for finally allowing himself to see that Paul treated him like dirt in a dustbin, disposable and unworthy of respect.”

        POS !

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        I remember at one point Cody saying that even though he disliked Paul, if he was in the final 2, he’d vote for him because he was the only one playing the game, and Jessica even said he should on her live Instagram chat the other night. Alex said she was still going to vote for him before she left, and when she first got into the house. As far as Kevin, has the jury had time to get him to change his mind yet? Because as of the last eviction he was all for Paul.

        As for the jury, like it or not, these people need to accept it for what it is and put person feelings aside and remember that they signed up for a GAME. What they are voting for at the end is who played the best GAME. Anyone sitting beside Paul at this point didn’t really play their own game. Josh tried to play his own, but not until the end when it was too late. They may be bitter towards Paul now, but who they should really be pissed at is themselves for allowing them to be played like they were. Contrary to everyone’s/their beliefs, Paul did not brain wash them, veteran with experience or not.

      • LindsayB

        What?? Misty, you dare to say that the HGs are actually responsible for their thoughts and actions inside the house??? But that goes against the whole idea that they were brainwashed. Everything is Paul’s fault remember? Hell, I was late sending in a report this morning for work but when I told my boss it was Paul’s fault he said he completely understood and all was forgiven.

      • Avatar

        Misty. Nobody disagrees with you that Paul played the best game. Actually, he’s the only one who played the game. The problem I think people have with Paul. Is how he played the game. He instigated all the bullying, which I think is reprehensible, and had the others carry it out, acting as if, and telling the victim he had nothing to do with it. I think bullying is morally wrong and uncalled for in this case, because it did not further Paul’s game at all. In my opinion, he found amusement in how he could get these people to do anything he wanted, no matter how bad. So I have no respect for how Paul played the game. I couldn’t vote for someone that I had no respect for and went beyond my morality borders.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        I understand all of that Trudy, I really do. Still, none of these people acted like doing ANY of that stuff bothered them the slightest little bit until they got the boot themselves. Plus, pretty much all of these people with the exception of Kevin claimed to BB super fans, so if that were true, they should know (as should all of us) that BB has NEVER claimed to be/nor never could be a game played on or with morals or values. It’s pretty a cut throat game not really for the weak or faint/tender hearted for $500,000. And, being super fans, they most likely watched Paul’s season and saw that he wasn’t always the most loyal player. Yet, they still were so much in awe of him that they chose to follow him and chose to do what he said. That’s the key word here. Chose. Now they’re pissed and bitter because they realize they got played. What did they expect to happen though? Once all of the targets that they wanted out as a group were evicted, how did they possible think that all of them could stay and he could be working with them all? A smart group would have worked together and got Paul out. That’s why I said instead of being a bitter jury and giving to whoever is beside Paul is he’s in the F2, they should be put the bitterness/anger aside and think about who played the game, not just who played them.

      • Avatar

        Misty. Actually, I was talking about the viewers, not the hg, when I was talking about the morality and respect. The hg had a choice not to do what Paul said as far as the bullying went. They are all just as guilty of it. Actually, I didn’t like Paul last year either, but the one thing I did admire about him was his loyalty. He was completely different this year. I think that’s why, although Paul had many fans last year, he’s lost them this year. I have watched bb since season 1, and never seen bullying like this. It was down right cruel. Amanda did it some with Elissa, but Elissa was hoh, and went to her room and locked the door. Evil dick was also completely different. The little bullying in the past was usually by one person to one person. This year it was a crowd mobbing against one person, and it was all based on lies, and I think to get the person to self evict, or cause physical confrontations, which almost occurred several times, with Paul egging it on.. And to get back to hg, many many played with moral and values intact. You have to lie and be evasive in bb. Make promises and break them etc. but you don’t have to do what most of hg did this year. Several of them didn’t take part, but not saying anything was just as bad. You could tell it bothered mark, Elena, Kevin and to some extent Jason. But none of it furthered anyone’s game play, that’s why I and many others don’t respect Paul’s game and don’t want him to win.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      I agree with you on your Matt & Raven points.

      I don’t think Kevin or even Cody will vote because they got their feelings hurt.

    • kneeless

      Shiv, I had the exact same thoughts about Matt & Raven hurting Paul’said chances. Raven, his #1 groupie, might actually be his downfall.

  10. Mimi Ryan

    Matt(ress) – The Friday Episode, where Matt betrayed Kevin’s trust and smiled at him, and said he could do what ever he wanted with any information he got wind of. Kevin was badly hurt by this betrayal and Josh is the douche who just had to rub it in. Who will have the last laugh? Raven is raving crazy and I’m good with the damage she is bring to Paul’s game play.

    • Avatar

      Mimi. Kevin will go with Paul all the way. He had no hard feeling and said so. And he won’t be in jury to hear all the arguments and pros and cons

      • AIO_7

        Sag but true, Trudy; Paul was Kevin’s worst enemy.

      • Avatar

        A10. If Kevin was in jury he would find out that Paul instigated all the bullying toward him and I bet that would change his vote. Unfortunately I guess he won’t find that out until game is over

      • AIO_7

        “A10. If Kevin was in jury he would find out that Paul instigated all the bullying toward him”….

        I bemoaned that myself, Trudy, as soon as I found out that F4 stayed sequestered.

        P.S. My commend should read *Sad* but true….

      • NKogNeeTow

        What I find sad where Kevin is concerned, is that he won’t learn until after the Finale, all the terrible things that were said about and against him by Paul, Josh, Xmas, Alex, Jason, Matt and Raven. He was the most docile in the house yet the worst things were said about him and done to him. I hate that he even has to vote for any of the last 3, knowing what we know. 🙁

      • AIO_7

        NiK, his daughters are going to open his eyes.

      • Avatar

        I saw a couple of post game interviews with Kevin where he seemed to be very aware of what was going on and wrote it off as game play. He didn’t seem to be holding a grudge.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hil, that’s probably because he doesn’t know the extent of what was being said. I’m sure when he hears everything, he might not be so forgiving. If nothing else, that remark about his wife and daughters will surely push him over the edge.

      • Mel

        I agree Nk. He won’t find out anything that will change his vote I don’t think but after the backyard interviews and he has some family time, I think Ramses is the only one who gets to come for Thanksgiving. According to things Ramses has said recently, he still wants to go.

      • Avatar

        A10. I read today online where someone said Kevin should be in jury now and learning everything that really happened. So now wondering about what ppl said about # 4 not going to jury. I know third doesn’t go because they go out same night as voting but I never realized about #4. I can’t remember who 4 was last year. But we will know if Kevin there for dr wills interview with jury. Seems we could find out before then anybody remember who went out forth to last last year? Was it Cody? If so, I think he was in jury???

    • Avatar

      @nkogneetow and @addy08 That’s probably true. What I find so bizarre is listening to people like Alex, Josh and Christmas talk about how mean Kevin was to them. I read earlier that Paul admitted to Josh that he had turned everyone against everyone else. I wonder if Josh will give that any thought.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paul did admit it to Josh, either earlier last night or night before last (it’s been so exciting to watch, I can hardly keep up with the days….not!). What I’m wondering is whether or not Josh will use that info and tell the Jury. And if he does, will it help him (Jurors might get pissed at Paul just enough to not want to give him their vote) or hurt him (Jurors are so impressed with Paul that they give him their vote).

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow if he uses it with the jury, he better be prepared to give solid examples of when it happened if he wants it to help. He can’t just throw that out there and have them believe him or get much traction out of it. And even then, I’m not sure it helps him.

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  12. Gerardo for AFP

    I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers or be controversial here, but I’m seriously just curious: what (if anything) makes Christmas’ comments about “murdering people’s families” less offensive than Jason’s comments about sleeping with Kevin’s wife and making his children watch? Is it because they weren’t directed at any specific person?

    I’m not saying I was personally offended or horrified by Christmas’ comments (because I wasn’t), but in my mind, I would think that comments about rape and comments about murder should at least be on the same level, right? However, I haven’t really seen any media and online outrage as I saw with Jason’s comments. So I’m just curious what makes her comments less outrageous.

    • hogwild

      This is the first i have heard about the comments from Christmas to me it’s no less disturbing than what Jason said why the lack of reaction for one over the other I don’t get. It’s like when a female teacher gets caught having sex with a male student there is usually not the same outrage as when it’s a male teacher having sex with a female student even though it’s the same crime.

    • Avatar

      I think Jason’s comments were much more descriptive and made them more horrific. If Xmas went into detail on how she was going to kill members of Kevin’s family i would say it would be on Jason’s level.

    • Avatar

      I can’t comment on Christmas statement because I did not see clip. But in general “I wanted to murder so and so” is a phrase people might say when frustrated. Raping someone is not normally joked about (at least by people I know) and makes most uncomfortable. Plus his descriptions were specific…holding Raven down so two other hg’s could back door her and Kevin’s daughters being tied down to watch. Don’t believe he intended to do either but would not get my AFP vote.

      • AIO_7

        Also, some people might hear what 12/25 said as a figure of speech. Just something to rev. team spirit.

      • AIO_7

        However, it’s still crude and I wouldn’t say it in a hundred years.

      • Mel

        Xmas has said she will murder families, rape people’s souls and has referred to herself as C*ntmas. She’s said some extremely vile things. She hasn’t said anything worse than some of the others though. I’ve never dissected every single comment any of the hg’s make because they’re stuck in a house for 3 months with people they hate under stressful circumstances. Some of them use foul language in their normal lives and it’s amplified in the house because they feed off of each other. I’ve seen people in the past who didn’t cuss at all the first month, talk like a sailor by the end of the summer. They also become part of this group mentality of trying to sound tougher and more of a badass than the last person who spoke. Other times people join in because they feel they need to prove they’re loyal to their group. Remember last summer when Paul said he hoped Tiffany would die? He said it more than once and most of us still got on team Paul anyway because a few days later, someone else said something just as bad or worse. Most of the hg’s have said things that are tasteless, vulgar, crude and taboo. Unlike most people, they’ll be called out on it soon and have a chance to learn from it or not. It will be hard on them at first but most people don’t get the opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of others and in that way, they are being given a gift. I’m sure they won’t look at it like that tho.

    • LO1004

      I’m sure they sometimes simply forget their every word is being recorded and they have moments of “crap I shouldn’t have said that”, so we have to take these things w a grain of salt. I know if I was recorded 24/7 for the past 3 months there’d be MANY things that would fly out of my mouth that would piss people off. No one is perfect.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        That’s true LO1004 and I’m not necessarily judging either of their characters based on making those statements. I’m more curious about the difference in public perception/reaction to the two comments.

        I think everyone has brought up some interesting points regarding the specificity of Jason’s comments vs Christmas’ comments, as well as the fact that Jason made similar comments multiple times. I also agree with Susan’s point that Jason’s comments were more shocking since it’s more common to hear someone make a statement like the one Christmas made (i.e. I’m gonna kill “so and so”) than make a joke about rape (although Christmas’ remark did come off a bit more crude than the usual “I’m gonna kill so and so” comments, as AI pointed out). I appreciate everyone sharing your thoughts.

      • LO1004

        Oh yes, Jason needs to be more aware. Was it him or Cody that called Audrey “it”? That was a cringe-worthy moment.

        At the same time I wonder if this has anything to do w being from a small town. Does he not know better? Or am I giving him the benefit of the doubt?

      • NKogNeeTow

        LO: “I’m sure they sometimes simply forget their every word is being recorded and they have moments of “crap I shouldn’t have said that”

        Jason is a prime example. He did it all the time.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Not to mention that both Xmas and that little spider monkey Alex have said repeatedly that they’d like to bash Kevin’s face in. Personally, I found that horrific. That such delicate little “flowers” could even verbalize something like that, much less think of it….

      • LO1004

        UGH – they’re so awful. I feel like b/c Jason is likable he can be forgiven for spouting stupid, inappropriate things. But Xmas and Alex are horrible all the time, so it’s completely inexcusable.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I said at the beginning of the season that these were some of the strongest women we’ve ever had in the house all at one time. I made that statement because in the beginning, they were strong willed and didn’t let the men lead them around. As time went on and they started to reveal their true selves, I also stated that for the first time, I disliked ALL of the women in the house more than the men. These are some of the nastiest, most vicious, vile women I’ve ever seen in the house at one time.


      • Avatar

        NK. Plus what they said about Kevin was serious. We have to admit, that Jason was not serious, he really was joking, it just wasn’t funny..a joke in poor taste.

    • Avatar

      I’ll be honest, @gerardo, I find Xmas’ comments more offensive than Jason’s. While her comments weren’t directed at any individual(s), I feel like they were more representative of her true self. I also find them more offensive because she’s a hypocrite. Her whole “brand” is supposed to be all about building people up and she really stands for anything but. Even her “mothering” of Josh is more about controlling him. It’s going to be confusing for him because she gave him a lot of solid advice but it was wrapped up in manipulation and control. Any time he tried to implement her advice against her (or Paul), she completely lost her shit.

      Alex’s comments bothered me for the same reason (it seemed to mirror her true self, not the hypocrisy – other than when she made comments like “I’m a nice person outside of here”).

      It’s no excuse but Jason seems harmless to me. He just seems like an idiot who speaks carelessly. His actions in the house – about being loyal to Alex and refusing to put Kevin up and helping him make slop, etc. seemed to me to reflect his true personality. Plus, he wasn’t on there pretending to be something different than what he is. He freely admits he wasn’t as smart as the other players and I really think he’ll regret the impact of his words. Hopefully it will lead to him thinking about the things he says. I actually hope he and Kevin have a private conversation and Jason apologizes to Kevin and his family and that they can get past it.

      If I were to give Xmas the benefit of the doubt, I would say that she seems to have overcome a lot in her life and being in the house peeled back a lot of the work she had previously done and she resorted to familiar territory, that her resistance was down because of the injury and pain medication and being isolated like that and that she may have some remorse and soul searching to do once she gets out. But it still bothers me that all it took was just a little scratching the surface to have her devolve into such a horrible person. But I also hope she will use it as a journey of self discovery and change what is in her heart. She strikes me as pretty tone deaf though.

      I really wish more people who know them in real life were giving interviews about how they really are.

  13. Mel

    Love the name Gerardo. Lol
    Does anyone else think the leak about the bitter jury could simply be planted to pacify feed watchers so we spend a few days thinking the end isn’t obvious?
    Sorry about saying that Dr. Will probably wasn’t doing the jury discussion the other day. He really did post it on his Twitter and I was passing it on.

    • Helen

      A little of both Mel….I think Alex seeing Joshs’ GBM made quite the impact on her…..no one likes it rubbed in that they have been stupid…..
      Having Matt and Raven in the house has not helped matters either….we all know how she likes to run her mouth…..
      For sure votes for Paul are matt Raven and Kevin. Christmas is a wildcard…..if Paul does not choose her at the end she may feel like a woman scorned and she has always had a soft spot for josh….

      • Avatar

        Christmas let josh know she would pick Paul over him in final three so she’s a sure vote for Paul!!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        She didn’t actually say she wouldn’t take him. When he asked her, she hesitated then said she couldn’t or didn’t want to make that decision until the time came. We all know that she would pick Paul though. I think Josh realized that too.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Thanks Mel! Just wanted to make it clear that I stand in solidarity with you in your quest to rid the board of “L”s!


      • Avatar

        NK. True. She didn’t say she would take him and all of us plus josh knew since she wouldn’t commit, she would take Paul. Josh was really upset and shocked. He even said he would still take her.

  14. danmtruth

    Has anyone heard from G8trGirl lately Or is she still celebrating the thrilling last sec win of her Gators over the Vol’s If any state or person deserves some good things to happen it’s Florida
    It would be interesting for them to announce AFP before the BB19 finally Maybe Cody getting it wont make him so bitter Don’t think so It will be funny to watch Cody try to sit next to Jessica Even tho she is not in jury
    If Kevin wins again he might feel he owes Paul for sticking around so long Is it true that who ever wins AFP that money will be deducted from their stipend So you are really not making that much extra

  15. Mel

    They gave them fidget spinners. Hahaha ha
    No cards or Jenga?
    Morgan Willett will be taking over the backyard interviews on finale night for Jeff. I really didn’t like her and the only big brother I think she’s ever watched is some video footage of herself from OTT. Oh well, it’s not like Jeff was some interview Guru either.

  16. danmtruth

    Mell thanks for the clarification
    Just what the world needs another barbie doll talking head interviewer Dominique to close to the situation ? Or just can’t fit the show into all her new speaking /preaching commitments Keep an eye out for her at a tent revival or mega church near you soon
    True no matter how the vote goes Paul will come out as the most memorable and marketable Friendship!! Gumpy!! Yet I must admit I would so enjoy seeing the soul crushing moment if he was not to win

  17. Helen

    Best comment I have seen lately and fits the way I feel:

    If Paul wins,he deserves to win
    If Paul loses,he deserves to lose

  18. kneeless

    Did anyone read the interview Alison G gave? She is surprised Raven still thinks she’said the puppet master. She also confirmed that all the jury members get to see good bye messages, once they get to jury. And yes, Josh told each one about the alliance. AG said she would be interested to hear what Paul thinks about Raven being the self-proclaimed puppet master. It also sounds like Matt & Raven are causing tension at the JH.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Thanks @kneeless! I always wondered if evicted HGs got to see all of the goodbye messages after the fact, so it’s good to know that they do. I wish CBS would post the goodbye messages that don’t make air on the website or something so could view them (or maybe they already do and I just never knew where to find them?). Finally, to reiterate what many of us keep saying– WE WANT JURY HOUSE FEEDS!!!!!

      • kneeless

        This year, the jury feeds would have been worth the money. Certainly more entertaining than the BB house. I, like many of us would love if they would show jury feeds & a reunion show. If they would implement those 2 things I would love it!

      • Mimi Ryan

        YES Jury House Feeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please…

    • hogwild

      Matt and Raven could cause tension in a Buddhist monastery.

    • Avatar

      If the hg’s hear all of their goodbye messages, then, after all season of hoping for a flip, but saying that Paul should win, I am now asking myself should Josh win ?

      Think about it:

      Although after a while Paul had everyone believing that he was working with each of them respectively, Josh & Xmas also believed that they were final 3 together. It may have just worked out this way, but they believed it, and here they are in the final 3.

      So, if the jury members hear all of the goodbye messages to them, then: Both Paul and Josh have continued to play the game all the way to the goodbye messages, and, assuming that they are final 2, will have to continue to play it out.

      But the difference is: Paul in his messages has been saying: ‘so sorry, I couldn’t protect you, somebody else wanted you out. No matter how I tried etc….’

      Josh on the other hand has blatantly said: ‘ I’m in a final 3 with Paul & Christmas, and we decided that you had to go’

      The difference in those messages is now huge. If Paul is telling everyone that he couldn’t save them ( even if it’s bs), and Josh is saying that they were targeted, then they could possibly believe that Josh was the stronger player. Paul couldn’t save the hg because Josh wouldn’t let him. Josh is calling the shots. He is running the show. And although we thought we were in an alliance with Paul, it turns out that there was a three person alliance, just like Josh said. They might be convinced that it was Josh that has beaten them, not Paul.

      Additionally, Paul knew going in that he had to play better than last year to win. He had all year to strategize. But if Josh is a fan of the game, he would have brought strategy in as well. Maybe to lay on the emotions really thick. Maybe he can cry at the snap of a finger, and use those emotions in his favor. Maybe he wanted to go in there being a bit of loud mouth bully. Maybe he played it better than we have given him credit for, even if all along things were going the way Paul has called it.

      So when they go to jury, Paul is going t have to convince them that he was really in control, after telling them in the goodbye messages that it wasn’t his fault that they were evicted. While Josh will be able to provide facts of what has happened in the house, and to be able to point to the 3 person alliance that he has warned them about. They might just be more receptive to his version of his perceived truth, than to Paul’s continued lies.

      • Avatar


        Also, week 1, Josh had no problem whatsoever of going after that little immunity for the week, and had to face the anger of his other three teammates. That took guts to do that, and potentially put a target on his back.

        Here he is in the final 3…

      • LindsayB

        I’ve always thought Josh’s tears were fishy. He’s able to go from fine to out of control, body shaking sobs instantaneously. I still think he’s an emotional basket case, but I also think he played it up. While Josh definitely has a case to win, I still don’t see him being able to successfully articulate everything. I don’t think he’s capable of speaking without snot and saliva flying everywhere. It’ll all turn into an emotional rant about la familia.

      • Avatar

        No question Paul is sharper & better spoken than Josh, assuming they are f2.
        It will be a fun debate to watch.

        Thanks for the visual of Josh….while I am eating lunch !

      • NKogNeeTow

        Linds, I think his emotional outburst are real, but I agree with you on his articulation. Paul is a much smoother talker. Even if Josh can plead a good case, Paul will be able to make his sound better. Once they get in front of the Jurors, tears won’t help Josh.

  19. hogwild

    I wonder how the AFP voting is going? I just voted my 20 for the day.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      One of my favorite moments from recent BB history was seeing Frankie’s face drop when Julie announced the top 3 AFP nominees for BB16. I’m hoping for a similar moment this year!

      • AIO_7

        I wish that they would award the AFP before counting the final vote. It always seems like just an after thought.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        There’s so much jam packed into the finale episodes now that almost everything feels like an afterthought. I think they either need to make the season finale 2 hours, or they need to go back to the old format where they complete the final HOH comp and evict the third place HG BEFORE the finale episode.

        I used to love back in the day when they’d have the jury cast their votes first, then start revealing “secrets” to them once the votes were locked. Now, they barely even have time to say hi to the jury members, and the pre-jury people might as well not even show up.

      • Sunny

        Gerardo – here in the Midwest, it is a 2 hour show on Wednesday. Just an FYI – not sure if it is everywhere.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Oh thanks Newbie! That’s good to know. I think the past few years it’s been 1.5 hours and it has felt so rushed. Hopefully that extra half an hour will help!

      • Mel

        It has been shorter in the past. I just read that and got on here to post that I heard it would be a two-hour finale. Lol

      • Shivani33

        Newbie2017 Wednesday’s finale will be a 2 hour show everywhere. Things could get tense, too. Will the whole BB world see Raven’s dreadful behemoth of a mother sitting in the audience? How gracious will Cowpoke’s and Kevin’s families be with one another? Who will show up for MattRess? Will Dominique declare “I told you so” and what about Josh, his family and Irma? Will there be stretchers backstage with restraints and tranquilizer injections at the ready? If so, for whom!? Will Alex put her boobs away for the sake of her family?

        And What About Bob? So many questions. Oh, wait. There is no Bob.

      • Mel

        That would be a good idea and it would be saving the biggest prize for last. It could also make Paul sperm a little bit.

      • NKogNeeTow

        “sperm a little bit”? AHAHAHAHA. I spit out my ice tea on that one…lol

      • Mel

        Holy crap! I honestly meant “squirm”

      • Jenny

        Mell, I gotta say, your autocorrect totally made my day! Every time I think about it I crack up all over again.

  20. Mel

    I think no matter who wins AFP, we’ll still win because Cody and Kevin should take spots 1 and 2. No matter which one wins, Paul and Alex should both be surprised. I also wanted to mention the leaked information we’ve been seeing about the jury discussion. I think there are two separate stories being combined. Allison Grodner did give an interview saying that at the moment the jury seemed bitter, the entire house appeared irritated with Ravens delusions and that Alex got to see her goodbye messages. She gave this interview before they even had the jury discussion with Dr. Will. It was a completely different source that said as of now, Matt and Raven we’re the only two people wanting to vote for Paul to win. First, we don’t even know if the source is legit but I do think it came from someone who leaked credible information before. Second, if it is legit, they’ll have days to go back and forth so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  21. Avatar

    I think Cody would like nothing more than seeing Paul lose first place again. I think his dislike of Paul would be stronger than giving first place to Josh….he would love to twist the knife by having Paul lose to Josh. In Cody’s eyes it would the best revenge.

    • kneeless

      It’seems hard to know with Cody. Before leaving the house he said he’d vote for Paul if he was in the final 2. Not sure if he will waiver or not. It doesn’t appear he is participating, much at the JH, so I don’t know if he will give much credence to what the others say. I guess we will find out Wednesday.

      • Shivani33

        I have heard that Cody is the chairman of the jury as well as the chairman of the bored.

      • Mel

        Isn’t there only one jury discussion that’s filmed that tthey have to participate in? if they’re just sitting around talking about it on their own, I could see him not wanting anything to do with that.

      • LO1004

        Cody will vote Paul over Josh. Cody can’t stand Josh and couldn’t respect his game. Where Cody has come out and said a few time that although he dislikes Paul, he respects his game.

        Cody just doesn’t want any part of the petty bs going on in he house which is why he seems disinterested. And honestly, I can’t say I’d act much different. I couldn’t imagine being stuck around every single one of them in that house. Raven alone is enough to drive anyone insane.

      • Mel

        I don’t think CBS minds it either because it plays right into the way they want to edit him, not that I think much of that is editing in his particular case.

      • LO1004

        Cody maybe flashing back to how stupid Paulie looked in his fight w momma day in jury, and is just making sure none of them sucker him in. Matt was doing just that as soon as he walked in the door, so Cody split. I’m w Cody on this. If I’m in jury to decompress and you’re all up in my face, id shut it down too.

    • NKogNeeTow

      The only problem with that Brown, is that Cody HATES Josh a little bit more than he hates Paul. He at least thinks that Paul was playing the game. He thinks Josh is just an idiot, period.

      • Mel

        I also thought Cody would give it to Paul but was basing it on the fact that he said it himself. Granted, this was many weeks ago he said it so that May mean nothing by now.

      • Avatar

        If Cody appreciates Josh making goodbye messages that try to blow up Paul’s good guy friendship image I guess there is a slim chance he would pick Josh.

      • Mel

        I hadn’t looked at it that way but you never know. Could be

      • Avatar

        NK. I think Cody and Jessica were well aware that Paul was the one instigating everything josh did to them. I think that’s one reason Cody hated him and had no respect for him- because he followed everything Paul told him to do. So maybe in the end, Cody will not let how he felt for josh keep him from voting for him, realizing that Paul was behind it all. Cody didn’t like josh, because he did everything Paul said, then felt bad about it and cried and wanted to then apologize. Cody did not respect the puppets, and all of them were puppets.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trudy: “Cody did not respect the puppets, and all of them were puppets.”

        That’s why I believe Cody will vote for Paul. Cody is a strict military man. Even though he doesn’t like either of them, he’ll respect Paul’s game over Josh’s shenanigans. As a military man, he’ll also respect honor. Josh took the apple on their first Comp. That went strictly against their team. Cody has never gotten over that and has hated Josh because of it every since. I don’t even think Josh could pull a rabbit out of his butt to convince Cody to vote for him now. I could be wrong about Cody’s vote, but I doubt it.

      • Avatar

        NK. I don’t see Cody voting for josh either. I’m just trying to come up with reasons why he might. Far fetched, I know, but there is always hope!!

  22. Avatar

    I personally would like to know if Kevin’s family will be there and when he will be finding out what was said.

    • LO1004

      I’m hoping everyone keeps their mouths shut until after the party. He deserves to enjoy that party in a bit of ignorant bliss.

    • Mel

      I don’t think he’ll get to talk to his family until after the backyard interviews are done which happens right after the show ends. I believe the first and second place winners stay with a handler until they do additional interviews the next day but I think everyone else can go wherever they want.

      • LO1004

        Is the backyard party the ‘wrap party’ they keep referring to? Bc I’m hoping he’ll be able to enjoy that.

      • Mel

        Yes but I don’t think the families have access until the interviews are over.

      • Mel

        No, I’m sorry. The one the hg’s talk about is a bigger event and it’s at a different location. They have the little backyard party but that isn’t the one you hear houseguest talking about.

  23. LO1004

    Anyone catch this? All 3 in kitchen talking smack about Raven.

    Paul: ‘if someone in my family was on the Titanic I’d know everything about that homie. You know what, fuck it, my great-grandfather was the ice burg. I’m part ice burg’. Hahahaha

    Rare funny moment in the house.

    • LO1004

      Let me clarify on why I think this is so funny. Not only is he calling out her ridiculousness, but he was able to overlook so much of her other crap and keep quiet about it, but for some reason he can’t let this one go. He’s got his panties all twisted about it. Hahaha

      • Mel

        It’s true. He’s been obsessed with that Titanic story since she told it and he is really funny about it. They can forget about Mensa and the Olympics but not the Titanic. Lol

      • LO1004

        Lol @mel I’m so happy I’m not the only person who’s picked up on this. He’s really pissed about the damn Titanic. Pure entertainment.

      • NKogNeeTow

        And don’t forget about that “inverted spine” thing. I crack up everytime Paul talks about it. He always has this astonishing look on his face and says “WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN???”. lol

      • Mel

        That’s right Nk, he’s been very fascinated with that inverted spine!

      • LO1004

        lol yes! I forgot about the inverted spine. He’s like ‘that can’t be real’! And I googled it and couldn’t find anything, so I’m pretty sure it’s a load of crap.

  24. Mel

    I think Morgan was trying to make her gig sound bigger than what it was initially. She will be doing backyard interviews for AfterBuzz and not CBS. RHAP, HR and a few others will get access to do interviews and AfterBuzz is one of them.

  25. Mel

    I read something about the hg’s answering questions from fans on BBAD tonight. I don’t know anything about it and I’m just passing it on. I’ve been 0 for 2 with my information this week some trying to be careful.

  26. Mel

    Paul has been working on his speech, Xmas is hoping her book is selling well and Josh has just realized Raven used two packs of taco seasoning for one pound of ground turkey. Xmas said “don’t be a Raven” regarding the dinner preparation. they’re stealing our phrases and don’t even know it!

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve had 12 hours of sleep today and I’m ready for tonight. Now watch, nothing good happens 🙁 I’m at least hoping that Josh will break away and talk to us. I don’t mind Paul talking to us, and telling us what he’s thinking, until he starts over doing it and bragging. As for what X thinks….NEVER CARED!

    • Mel

      If he has alone time maybe you’ll catch him rehearsing his speech again. I’ve had little to no sleep so I’ll have to check in with you tomorrow girly! I wonder if they really will answer fans questions or if it’s just some shit production through together like “what was your favorite comp?” You’ll know if it’s that stuff. If it’s theOrwell crew they’ll sound more like “so could you really hear Matt and Raven banging at night?”

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Fidget Spinners? Really? What are those damn things all about anyway? The best fidget spinner I’ve ever seen was on a FB tee shirt. It had a picture of a wine bottle opener and said “Mommy’s Fidget Spinner”.

  30. NKogNeeTow


    Has anyone else ever wondered why they have to punch in a code to go into the SR or DR? Especially since they all have access? I was thinking that maybe each of them has their own code and it’s a way to log how many times each of them have accessed the rooms.

    Just a random thought. Carry on….

    • Mel

      It could be because sometimes production goes into those two rooms to do things or drop something off. That could eliminate them running into each other. It could also be a way to keep the pain in the ass ones out when they don’t want to deal with him yet. Lol

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Was bored so I decided to check out Paul’s Dead Skull site. They’ve added a few items referencing snakes and friendship bracelets.

    POP just told them to pick a card and answer questions. This ought to be interesting…

  32. NKogNeeTow

    X is such a biotch. One of the questions was what they would be taking from the BB house. Josh said Orwell and Theodore (the other owl). X said, no, she was taking home Orwell (now keep in mind, Josh has been saying he’s going to take Orwell for the longest time and she knows it). The other night, she said she had packed her floaty and asked Josh if he was going to take his frog floaty. He told her no and she asked if she could have it because she had 2 nephews. He told her sure, no problem. Now she wants Orwell too.

    Anyway, Josh just jumped up and ran in the bedroom to get Orwell and Theodore. When he got back to the sofa, she grabbed Orwell and placed him on the seat next to her. He said again that he was taking them both. She gave him this look stern look and said to him in a condescending tone “Do you want to say that with conviction”? He didn’t say anything. I have a feeling that he would let her have it because he’s kind of scared of her. But if it was me, I would have looked her in the eye and said “YES bitch. I Can say that with conviction”! *rolling eyes*

  33. Gerardo for AFP

    Paul and Josh rehashing once again why they hate Cody and Jessica so much. Although they haven’t said much of anything new, one highlight is when Josh just called Jessica a “bottle-popping, THOT’ing bitch”. I must admit, I LOL’ed pretty hard at that one.

  34. Gerardo for AFP

    Paul and Josh are now reassuring themselves that The Nightmare is 100 percent getting the AFP prize. Paul says everyone knows she’s getting evicted so all of Paul’s and Josh’s votes are going to her instead…


  35. NKogNeeTow

    What else did I miss? One minute I was watching Josh/Paul on the hammock talking about Xmas and how Paul DOESN’t want a romantic relationship with her, the next minute I was waking up and BBAD was going off.

    Now X, Josh and Paul are back in the hammock again.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      “What else did I miss?”

      Nothing. They’re still in the hammock where you left them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Just think, this will be our lives for the next 2 days. How ever shall we entertain ourselves as we await the Winter Games known as Celebrity Big Brother. Where we can look forward to the cutthroat antics of the ghost of Elvis and Tupac, the F List of celebrities of 1 housewife from each franchise, 1 basketball wife from each franchise, Flava Flav and his clock, Scott Baio,a porn star, David Hasselhoff and his hamburger, a movie star, professor and Mary Ann. On second thought, I might just sleep that season out.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    2 more words I hope to never hear again: gwhy and chocha

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Another term: gassed

  38. NKogNeeTow

    I wish she would go to bed so they can talk about her some more. That is the highlight of my day.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Earlier Paul was telling Josh that the things he looks for in a woman are her smell, touch and voice. X was listening very intently. How much do you want to bet that tonight she’ll come to bed drenched in perfume and climbs into bed behind him and whispers softly in his ear, asking him if he’d like a massage. Such an opportunist.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Did you hear Paul finally confess to Josh that he was the cause of everyone turning against each other. He told him how he kept going back and forth lying to each of them about each other, to get them to turn on each other.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Did you hear The Nightmare tell the live feeders that she’s planning on telling the guys that whoever wins should take the other one to F2, and she will take 3rd place? She says she feels that she got carried through the season and her performance in this past HOH comp really made her question whether she actually deserves to make it to the end.

      • NKogNeeTow

        GET OUTTA TOWN!!! That must have been while I was asleep. Do you think she meant it?

      • NKogNeeTow

        CBS must have promised her she can come back next year.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        “CBS must have promised her she can come back next year.”


        She sounded serious, and neither Josh nor Paul were around when she said it. But then again, you never know with Nightmare. It may have been just one of her many personalities speaking out of turn…

      • Avatar

        That was a total AFP pitch if anything…. She’s doing damage control to her brand… Someone must have leaked to her that the vibe outside the house is going extremely negative towards her…

      • Avatar

        Hell yeah! same post as everyone around me and some tool thumbed me down.. I can now officially start my week.. Thank you!

      • Alda

        Let’s see if The Nightmare goes through with this.Maybe she’ll shed some tears,and choke and get hiccups.Then,Josh will start crying and decide she should be in the final two.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    That or she’s trying to convince America to vote for her as AFP because she knows we’re watching.

  42. Gerardo for AFP

    I think Josh just took a shower and put back on the same boxers he was wearing before he took the shower. I’m not sure he quite understands exactly what the purpose of a shower is…

  43. NKogNeeTow

    He did. Then went into his bag and got out a dirty shirt.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Did he just stand there and literally pull 2 long boogers from his nose up close in the mirror? Where is my damn UNSEE button on this computer..

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Paul put on 9 different kinds of cologne. Is he trying to not get rid of the python tonight?

  46. NKogNeeTow

    He has stopped at every mirror in the house. Even Josh told him to stay away from the mirrors.

    They all went into the bedroom and Nightmare jumped in the bed and arranged the covers, quicker than hurry up. She can’t wait….lololol

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Paul almost got away with sleeping on his back untouched….until she rolled over and squeezed under him..lol

  48. NKogNeeTow

    She’s rolled over on her back now, looking kind of sad. Guess since her snuggles weren’t reciprocated….

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Looks like they might be out for the night. Paul says they’re not getting up until 2 in the afternoon today.

    Guess that’s my que.

    Night G. See you the same time, same place tomorrow. Night all you other Night Owls.

    Have a great day everyone! 🙂

  50. Houseguest Doug

    If Josh wins and takes Christmas to the end instead of Paul that would be the best moment of this bad season!

    Now we all know that A) Josh doesn’t have the stones to do that. B) CBS wouldn’t allow it the final Comp will be geared for Paul to win.

    I know it is wishful thinking that if Paul is in the final 2 which I know he will be the Jury gives the Win to Josh or Christmas whoever is in the Final 2 with Paul. That would be AWESOME!

  51. Houseguest Doug

    Who of any of the BB19 Cast would you like to see back for BB20 (I guess since they are doing a Celeb version this Winter it will be BB21).

    For me I would hope whoever was the Casting Director is casting for his/her next production called “The Unemployment Line”.

    I wouldn’t want to see any of these people back for another summer. That is if I opt to watch the show at all. I have zero desire to watch Celeb BB. Not interested in a bunch of has beens and “D” listers competing.

  52. Houseguest Doug

    I am curious who would be in the Final 3 if Paul was not given the 3 week free pass by CBS oops I am the voting public (Wink Wink).

    That is was the key turning point in the downfall of Cody was putting up Paul having it nixed by his “Get out of Jail Free” Card. When he put up Christmas that was the time all of his alliance turned on him.

    Paul goes on the block I am not so sure he doesn’t go home.

    I guess we will never know.

    Funny how all the temptations worked out perfectly.

    Paul gets the 3 week free pass to allow him to spread his influence over the entire house.
    Jessica gets the Hex the week Cody is back on the show.
    Christmas has the power of switching out a Veto Player just when Cody wins a spot to compete and save Jessica and keep them both safe another week.

  53. Houseguest Doug

    A few of the House Guest namely Alex mentioned more than a couple of times she is expecting some fame and fortune out making this far on the show.

    In all seriousness name the Corporation that would want any of these people to endorse their product. I can only think of a couple that may have interest. Ashley Madison and maybe the makers of Prozac or Ritalin.

    No one remembers any of these people 3 days after the game ends except those that really stood out and made an impression. Like Jeff & Jordan, Mike Boogie, Dr. Will Kerby, Janelle, Evil Dick, Danielle, Dan, Derrick, and perhaps Rachel & Brandon. Apart from that I forgot all about James, Nicole, Mr. Pectacular, et al until the BB Comic comp. They were all out of sight out of mind.

    Certainly know one will give a rats ass about Alex.

  54. Avatar

    Josh should tell Christmas that Paul is taking him to the final two. Sit back and watch Christmas go off on Paul. Maybe throw him off his game a bit.

    • Avatar

      Paul needs to make sure she truly thinks he is interested in staying close after show ends if he plans on sending her to jury. Unless she is pretending that means more to her than the money.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Susan: “Paul needs to make sure she truly thinks he is interested in staying close after show ends if he plans on sending her to jury.”

        That’s why he continues to sleep in the bed with her. He’s already told Josh that he find it annoying that she gets into bed and right under him every night. He doesn’t like it but doesn’t want to push her away because he needs her vote.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Josh and Paul have already discussed telling X ahead of time that they are not taking her. They got their stories together and decided that they should have the same story (that if either took her, they wouldn’t win against her). They finally decided to tell her only if she ask. So far, she hasn’t.

  55. caRyn

    Just checking in…I have missed out here, with BBAD and the CBS episodes due to hurricane and no power. I hope to read what is written here and catch up later today. I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Glad you’re okay Ryn!

      We need the rest of our BB family in disaster areas to check in and let us know they are okay also. G8, Felts, Annie, who else am I missing? ROLL CALL!

    • Shivani33

      Caryn (Ryn) I’ve been waiting for word from you. So relieved that you’ve made contact, and my home and family, south of you, are okay, too. But some of Irma has been a rough go, for sure. Most of us still feel tired, and I’m glad that our 2 little guys have no school for another week. love to you and your family. And strength!

      We’re waiting still to hear from our friend, Feltso!

      • caRyn

        Thank you so much. Glad to hear you are well. All I can say is I am thankful. I pray that we hear from everyone and that they are able to say the same.

  56. Avatar

    I just read online, I think from big brother network about bitter jury etc. it quoted Allison interview and another source. Anyway, at the end it said Kevin was in the jury house now and it would be interesting how he felt after hearing everything.esp hor Raven and Matt were so pro Paul. How he didn’t like them at all. Wondering if jury would change how he felt. Now does Kevin go to jury or not? I always thought everyone but third place went????

  57. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    What I worry about and am really sad for is that regardless of what happens, Josh is going to be so happy and excited to see his family because he’s clearly missed them so badly all season, and then they’re going to have to tell them about that bitch Irma. I hope he has some part of his home to go back to, or some of his belongings were able to be saved. Bless his heart. That would suck so bad, and be so damn sad.

    • Avatar

      I agree, and not to mention Hurricane Maria that is heading on the same path as Irma. It would be devastating to know that your family was in crisis and there was nothing you could do to help them. Prayers to all of the people that have been and will be affected by mother nature.

  58. LO1004

    I feel like I never see Paul shower. Is it just me?

  59. Alda

    Paul said he wants to sleep alone tonight.He said it gets too hot with Christmas sleeping right up on him.Josh says he gets cold at night.LOL.

    • NKogNeeTow

      He has been telling that to Josh for the last few days. He always says it when he’s in bed and she’s out of the room. Then she hobbles into the room and pops right in the bed and squirms under him. Cracks me up every time…lol

  60. caRyn

    Has Josh lost weight? His crying seems real but I think he then exaggerates and extends his sadness. The same way a small child would for attention. Kevin lost his spark (spirit) a few weeks ago and it is understandable. Alex didn’t make sense to me. The conversation she had in the backyard by herself with the hula hoop was bizarre and I wasn’t understanding her line of thinking. Raven lied and exaggerated but Alex was confusing her last few days in the BB house. Paul can act. Crying on demand and playing the role of victim. Even Josh was shocked and Josh was in on Paul’s plan. I don’t want Christmas in F2.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Regarding Alex’s backyard hula hoop conversation. She was super pissed and hurt because she was on the block with Kevin and Paul had the POV. She thought he was going to use it on her and he told her he couldn’t because it would mess up his game. She was LIVID because she said she had done things for him in the game and protected him and he told her they had friendship. She said that if they truly had friendship, he would take her to the end. When he refused to take her OTB, that’s when she realized that she was going to be voted out and Kevin was staying. For someone who was always saying “It’s just a game” when others were evicted, she didn’t seem to remember THAT.

      • LO1004

        I remember him saving her from being evicted more than once, so she’s just fooling herself if she thinks it was only a one way street. I’m so happy I don’t have to see her real life bobble head everyday anymore.

    • Avatar

      Yes! Josh has lost a lot of weight. I keep saying that to my husband. But you can really tell in his face and his arms.

  61. Shivani33

    Has anyone been listening to Paul rehearse his speech? What can be said about its tone and contents? Hoo boy. Here he goes again as in BB18, imo doing himself the very opposite of a favor. This is no time to be a klutz, but he’s never been in the jury. His inexperience and lack of perception about how to represent himself and to influence the jurors to favor him is showing. Aside from that, he’s doing his thing again with verbatim over-rehearsal, and it saps the life out of speaking, flattening communication. My main concern for his speech, however, is his chosen content. Sometimes jurors have decided their votes already, and speeches don’t matter much. But other times, being able to win even one or two votes transforms the outcome. I think his concepts are way off and out of tune.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think it was Mel that asked me the other night, whether or not I’d heard him rehearse. I didn’t then but I did tonight. He waited until X and Josh were out on the hammock and he used the timer on the microwave to time his speech. It kept going off before he could finish and he kept saying he had to cut his time out. He said he might have to cut out the part about the friendship bracelets.

  62. Helen

    Well that was interesting…clicked on my cbs app and went to live feeds (first time in several days)…
    At the bottom of the page under thumbnails is a statement saying “teach your kids about bullying” yada yada yada
    Ya think CBS has taken some heat over this season?

  63. LindsayB

    As much as I think Paul has earned the win, I would be happy if Josh won it too. With his family home being in the path of Irma, the $500k would be amazing to help them rebuild.

  64. LO1004

    Agreed. Josh grew on me like mold this season and I’d be happy seeing either of them win.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Sunday night Gerardo said that X told the Live Feeders that she was going to tell the guys to take each other. I didn’t see it, but apparently tonight she told them each separately. She has been in the DR for about 2 hours. While in the bedroom, Paul called Josh over to his bed and whispered and asked him if he had mentioned anything to X about F2 (remember I told you last night that they had come up with a story to tell her about why each of them were taking the other instead of her). Josh said no and asked why. Paul said because when Josh wasn’t around, X told him that she thought if he wins the final HOH, he should consider taking Josh. Josh told him that she told him the same thing in the hammock. They both agreed that it couldn’t have worked out any better for the 2 of them.

    They heard a noise and Josh jumped out of his bed and into bed with Paul. They talked about her and Josh whispered something in Paul’s ear and he kept saying no way and they started laughing again. Paul told Josh to go back to his bed and Josh said no, he was sleeping there because he was scared. They talked for a bit then X came in (I was hoping she would, and that Josh would be asleep, just to see if she grabbed him by the feet and toss him across the room). When she saw Josh in her space next to Paul, she said “No fucking way!” Josh got up and went back to his bed (DAMMIT MAN! I was hoping you would stand your ground!). She quickly jumped into bed and went right for Paul. He screamed and told her to take her cold fucking feet off of him. She kept laughing and telling him in a coy voice “But you’re so warm”. He just kept screaming and repeating to take her feet off of him. The more he screamed, the more she laughed. He finally gave up. She has now balled herself in his arms like a baby.

    I think it was Annie who mentioned on another thread, that he’d better have a running car ready after the Finale. I think she’s right.

  66. NKogNeeTow

    Okay my little Night Owls, the HG are snug as bugs in the rug. Time for me to do the same.

    Have a great day everyone! 🙂

  67. NKogNeeTow

    One last thing, before I forget. I didn’t get on until very late last night and noticed there was a little bru-haha going on (not going to mention any names), not to mention a few messages about it. It started off as opinions and got a little personal. Because of this, I removed the thread in question (please don’t take it personal, no one person was targeted).

    I won’t be on until late tonight, so in the meantime, may I ask a favor? Please keep it light and just have fun. And if you find yourself getting a little heated in a situation, I’ll ask as I always do, PLEASE take it PRIVATE. Maybe you’ll stand a better chance of working things out there, without anyone else taking sides. PLEASE. With sugar, peppermint sprinkle, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, coconut shreds, chocolate curls and gum drops on it? PLEASE? Okay, count the pleases. How many other comments have you ever seen with that many in there?

    P.S…..Thank you. I love you. And goodnight. 🙂

  68. Houseguest Doug

    Is it Wednesday yet so we can just end this Season already.

  69. Helen

    Houseguests get warned by production about controversy surrounding them before interviews tomorrow……what I would not give to be a little mouse in the corner when they talk to Raven!!!

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